‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: Sitting Ducks Plan Final Three

Despite repeated evictions the Big Brother 18 alliance duo of the Sitting Ducks is not only still in the game but they’re in power this week. With just a few rounds left to go the pair is plotting their final moves to make it to the end.

Sitting Ducks alliance with Victor and Paul on BB18

Last night after the Veto competition was over we saw Victor Arroyo and Paul Abrahamian sit down in the HoH room to discuss this week’s target along with how they want their F3 arrangement to work out.

Both of the guys sound committed to keeping Nicole and Corey in the game until Final Four while James and Natalie would go before them but after that they’ll need to be ready to make a choice if they have the chance.

Flashback to 10:50 as Victor and Paul wrap up their debate about keeping James or Natalie. Paul is making a strong case for sending Natalie out the door and Victor agrees that James will be too broken and alone to perform at the top of his game while Natalie would be better prepared for the challenge.

With that decision seemingly finalized they look ahead at what to do if they get to make the elimination choice between Nicole and Corey. Paul says during this next comp if it looks like either Nicole or Corey are throwing the comp to keep themselves open to compete later then he’ll put that person up against James.

As for the cut during the F4 round the guys agree that Corey should be the one to go. Victor says he won’t feel bad cutting Corey because he won a trip to Atlanta during Saturday’s Veto comp. Heh. Yeah, that’s quite a consolation prize compared to a half million dollars!

The guys agree that Corey would think they’re crazy to keep him over Nicole heading in to the Final 3 round. Paul says Corey has even admitted it to him that they should keep Nicole and it’s an obvious choice just as they wouldn’t expect Corey to take them to F2 over Nicole.

Victor and Paul are worried about getting picked off at F4 and the other falling at F3 but those worries don’t appear to be strong enough to adapt their current plans of going on to the F4 with their new foursome. Looks like they’ll honor the group deal, at least at this point though you never know what might happen along the way.

What do you think of the guys looking to keep Nicole over Corey? He’s been winning a lot of comps recently compared to Nicole but does that still make it a better choice for them getting to the end and ultimately winning should he end up there with one of them? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. Smart thinking. These guys impress me. I first thought they were such meaheads when they were with Josea. They’ve proven to be smart competitors. I think both would beat Nicole (and Corey) in F2. If they wind up in F2 together, I think Vic takes it.

  2. As a fan of Victor, I really hope Corey wins this next HOH. He’d stay loyal to the F4 alliance and then the final four HOH would be between the Sitting Ducks and Nicole. Victor has a better shot at staying in that scenario.

    • Agreed. Since Vic will be vulnerable next week, I think his best bet is either Paul or Corey winning that HOH. Nicole worries me a bit b/c of the rumored alliance with James.

    • I’m hoping that there is no chance of Nicole not going to jury if she has to be up against Cory and he wins Veto.

      • If Nicole was Smart she’d want Paul out, not Victor. As long as Paul is in the game Victor will be loyal to him. I actually think Nicole has great individual relationships with Corey, Victor and James. If Paul is out she’s in a pretty good spot. I think all three of them would take her to F2.

      • You are so right! She does have good relationships with Corey James and Vic! If Paul was not with Vic she would have no friendship with him. He is definitely at the bottom of her list. Nice to see someone else watching the after dark feeds and knows what is going on!

  3. #SittingDucks are looking pretty good this week, but I hope this eviction does not come back and hurt Victor b/c for his *personal* game, keeping Natalie might be in his best interest b/c she would align herself to him. I just hope Nicole doesn’t betray Vic and try & form a F3 with James if/when Natalie goes home. I will be so so so angry at her if she does this!

    • i can’t see James aligning himself with Nichole going forward if he stays. I don’t think he trusts her anymore. Vic and Paul may use James to get out Nicorey and it could still be Vic/Paul F2.

      • He told Nat he was going to try and align himself with them if he stays but he told Nat to join Victor if she stayed.

    • I think she will go F3 with James and Corey if she had the opportunity. That pretty much guarantees her a spot in F2.

    • But Nicole and Corey control the votes, and keeping James is better for them. She would and should (even though I don’t like her) form an F3 with James and Corey, that pretty much guarantees her F2.

      • Well, it looks as if you were right RSA… Nicole told Corey last night that she wants a F3 with her, Corey & James. #TotallyBummed . Please don’t say I told ya so… Alright go ahead, guess I deserve it for believing she’d keep her word. ;) LOL!

      • I was just reading this ‘flip’ scenario on BBN’s latest write-up. I’m not happy about being right, there is just something about Nicole I haven’t trusted all season.

      • The one thing that really sucks about it is this is going to be the THIRD time Vic has been betrayed and blindsided in this game. Plus, he really likes Nicole… Ugh! I do not want to see his face if this happens. #SoSad
        Yikes! This BB summer could scar the poor guy for life! ;)

    • They have to make it to final four first. With James still in play, there i a good chance he could win HOH this week. Then again, if Nicole won HOH we really don’t know where her head will be at.

    • I still think Nicole and James have a pre game alliance so Nicole will make sure James remains untouchable.

  4. Off topic, but…. Am I the only one that thinks Victor may have a small thing for Nicole? I know he’s a genuine nice guy to all the ladies but it definitely seems to me that he feels A little closer to Nicole in some way…

      • They’re quite hilarious! As are Zaulie vids too. Look for James and Natalie as well, though they aren’t nearly as funny or exciting as the others..LOL

      • The Victor/Nicole videos were so adorable especially with the hilarious music and lyrics.
        Have you been too busy for BB this summer Joni? Haven’t seen you around much.

      • Not really. Been a little down. We had to lay our last dog to rest. She stopped walking altogether when a mass on her abdomen ruptured and she started to hemorrhage, causing her kidneys to shut down. It was all quite unexpected as she was playing outdoors a few days ago. She’d turned 13 this last June. Doc said that she may have had the mass for awhile but didn’t show visible signs until it had ruptured. This was our third pet we’ve lost in a three month time span, but she was the hardest as we’d had her longer. Sensory overload you might say caught up to me. I’ve been commenting a little today. Doesn’t seem like the BB house has really done anything unexpected. I’ll get back in the swing of things soon! My two cats will see to it! LOL

      • I’m so sorry Joni, so awful you lost all 3 faithful pets this summer. I knew about the one that got lost in the rain but not about the 2nd one.
        Are you interested in buying a new puppy? That might help you get over your loss.
        We lost our 18 year old cat a year ago due to the same thing. Her hind leg kept swelling up so bad we had to take her to the vet. He said a mass was cutting off circulation to her leg and she needed to be put down. It was almost like losing a family member after having her for so long.
        Do you have a favorite BB player you want to win? I know there hasn’t been a lot of them to root for this season lol. :D

      • No more dogs, thank you! I have my two cats and they’re very entertaining. They pampered me after Tula passed, instead of the other way around. It was quite welcomed. My favorite player right now is Vic. Paul comes a close second. Of the whole season, Josea, no I mean Frank was my favorite player. hehehe Didn’t much care for him during his season, but really liked how he worked things this season…much more mellower too! :-) I know he said some rather colorful remarks, but he really is a great guy, unlike Paulie is.

      • Obviously you are not watching the after dark feeds as watching the 3 shows during the week tells you little except obvious stuff.

      • Yes, if you haven’t checked them out yet…Jokers has a link to the new Vicole video. It’s Pretty cute

    • Vic IS crushing on Nic, especially after Corey said he does NOT want a relationship with Nicole after the show… Perhaps Vic would! He does look at her adoringly! ❤️

  5. I don’t think it’s an accident that Nicole and James bounded in through crates, linked up immediately with a newb showmance, kept a low-ish profile and wound up the two least nominated contestants. It’s no surprise that Nicole is adamant about evicting Natalie; it’s the same as being adamant about keeping James. P & V are en route to making a terrible mistake.

    • Victor already made the mistake, letting the voting power lie with Nicorey, he just doesn’t know it yet.

    • I totally agree. I blame Paul for this horrible mistake because Victor trusts his opinions 100%. If Nat stays then she would align with Vic and Paul. If James stays, that’s just another number for Nicole and Corey, who can easily mend their relationship with him. This is a huge mistake, and they will be on the block together if J/N/Corey win HOH.

  6. Mentally, physically, emotionally, etc. Nicole and Corey are the same person/competitor, it really doesn’t matter who is in the top three with Paul and Vic. I’d prefer Corey just incase the remainder of Nicorey somehow won the final HOH, because Nicole is annoying AF and doesn’t deserve to win any money, plus I think Corey would take Victor. Fingers crossed it’s a Victor/Paul finale.

      • Did you watch BBAD last night? Paul was saying how he couldn’t stand how Meech would shove all of her fingers in her mouth when she would eat. I laughed so hard, because that’s exactly what she would do! She’d use all of her fingers to cram as much food in that mouth as possible. Blech. I’d have HAD to say something to her had I been there. I could NOT have let that go. LOL!

      • I think I would have puked…which is why I would have had to say something to her nasty nutritionist self.

      • Did you see when he was talking how she would eat and wipe her hands on her clothes. He’s like her pants were all stained. And she would use the blanket too. I was laughing so hard because Paul can be so dramatic in his descriptions. But it was true. She used to eat in bed all the time and throw things on the floor. She was pretty disgusting. Not very clean.

      • Yes! And then Victor said something about how gross her leggings were. I was dying laughing. It was funny because it was true—but, yeah, the way Paul describes things…he has a gift.

      • Paul does have a gift. He says things that would get anyone else in trouble, but his delivery is seeped in good natured tone. I think it’s why his nonstop profanity is so inoffensive.

      • Do you think meech has been poor and didn’t get enough food or did she not want the others to enjoy the food?

      • Do you think meech has been poor and didn’t get enough food or did she not want the others to enjoy the food?

      • Hmm…that’s a good question…I can totally see it from maybe being poor and not getting enough food…so she would gorge herself whenever she had any. As disgusting as I find her, somehow I don’t want to believe that she would spoil all of that food for other people. But then again, Meech isn’t quite normal. Wow. That’s a tough question, Banitap! What do you think?

      • Without a deeper analysis, it’s hard to say.. on the surface, hard to say. I do remember her saying that she wanted to be as annoying as possible in the house. I think she achieved this although I’m not sure what the end result of that strategy accomplished.

      • It accomplished a lot according to her, but to us viewers, not much at all. She looked pitiful in more ways than one! :-)

      • Yes I was watching on the feeds. He can be mean but it was funny. I was laughing so hard when he was doing it.

      • That was so funny, but he forgot to say how she stick her dirty fingers back in the peanut butter jar or the bag of chips or the salsa. I don’t think I ever saw her eating a real meal.

      • Yes and today Nicole was asking Gnat if she’d seen her makeup and Gnat got all defensive and snotty about it!
        I wouldn’t be surprised if Gnat had something to do with
        it going “missing” or was in on the plan with Mich to take it.

      • Natalie had nothing to do with Mich snagging Nic’s make-up. That was all Mich, just like she kidnapped Pablo from Paul. hahahaha

  7. Can someone please explain this whole sad and pitty routine that Natalie and James have been going through these last two days.

    Is James crying because he finally realized that his showmance with Natalie wasn’t real? And do you think it’s fair of him to keep on pushing her into having feelings for him when she obviously doesn’t?

    • I don’t think it’s black or white with James. He’s got an alliance — a very successful one — with Nicole, that the Producers cannot wait to spring on us. He’s also THIS CLOSE to a girl so far out of his league he has to pinch himself. As such he’s become a groveling simp.

    • Natalie has been pushing James away/distancing herself at her convenience for over a week now…..She tells him there is no relationship…she does not want him to touch her…then she will go crawl into bed with him or cozy up to him when she needs attention…She needs to stop running hot & cold.. Natalie needs to stop giving James hope… .Natalie is a user…The entire house knows shes using James…I do believe that shes staying close to him this week to get info on the upcoming eviction as to which one of them is going…Natalies experienced at using men I doubt James is her first victim..

    • James is pathetic. If he is crying then even more pathetic.
      Natalie and him never had a real boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. It is a partnership to play together in the house. She flirts with him and he treats her as if she is his girl, but she never has done anything to show him she wants anything serious with him.

      • He thinks that because she encourages him. She even told him he was the first Asian that she had dated….what else is he suppose to think?

      • I don’t know why she uses the word date when she has told him that he is her best fiend in the house. That’s the same thing Meg used to say about him. She also said that she is not mature enough to be in a relationship right now.

      • Natalie on many occasions has made leading statements to james such as , you are my soul mate, etc, what will I do without you, on and on and on

  8. This is me yelling at the screen: VICTOR!! YOUR TARGET IS JAMES!! – alternately quoting Adm. Akbar: ITS A TRAP!!

    • Keeping James over Natalie is a huge rookie mistake. James is going to latch onto Nicole and that’s it for Vic & Paul.
      Anyone that Nicole would like to keep should be a dead give away. Don’t ever side with Nicole. She has an ulterior motive for everything

      • Game is almost over, she’s back peddling big time. But I also think after observing James, he does not fit her criteria. Vic does because of his performance, witty character (loved the mafia skit) and manly personality . James was a house boy.

      • When she has the opportunity to evict Paul, If she can convience Vic that her evicting Paul is strategic and not a betrayal, i think she’d boot out Paul before Victor. Victor plays with emotion and honors loyalty. Paul is more business like. She could probably control Vic. Goodness knows if she knew what Corey’s been saying, he’d be the next person she’d want out after Paul.

      • I haven’t heard her say anything about it, but I am sure Corey has noticed all of Vic’s flirtations with Nic.

      • Nicole was all whiny and crying mad at Corey and he tuned her out. He also told her not to act out in front of everyone and the cameras. He told her to talk to him if she has a problem. He then went into the back yard and told the guys he dodged a bullet. The showmances are unraveling because reality is setting in. You have to turn on someone in the end because that is BB. It’s not betrayal, it’seems the game.

      • I’m sure he noticed, but doesn’t care. I was wondering if she is keeping somethings to herself, as an F2 strategy.

      • Corey was jealous when Victor first came back and was flirting hard with Nicole. But I agree, I think he’s done with it and trying, like Natalie with James, to break it off slowly.

      • And I think victor, being the gentleman that he is is trying, best as he knows how, to friend her to soften the blow so she won’t be totally crushed, imo.

      • I haven’t heard her say anything about it, but I am sure Corey has noticed all of Vic’s flirtations with Nic.

    • Has anyone seen on the feeds Paul and Nicole having a conversation about Victor and his possible crush on Nicole? The reason I ask is earlier today when Victor made the comment that “if Corey doesn’t marry Nicole he would” he left and Paul says that was funny. Then Nicole says, “see?” And it seem like they were alluding to a previous convo.

  9. I’m so dissapointed with the group going after Natalie! I like Natalie and wanted to see her fired up, win hoh and throw a monkey wrench in the final four’s plan. Nicole annoys me even more now because I see her as the main reason that Natalie is the target. Also the comment that Nicole made about wanting to be taken out by a guy not a girl, really annoyed me! I don’t like her this season.

  10. I’m so dissapointed with the group going after Natalie! I like Natalie and wanted to see her fired up, win hoh and throw a monkey wrench in the final four’s plan. Nicole annoys me even more now because I see her as the main reason that Natalie is the target. Also the comment that Nicole made about wanting to be taken out by a guy not a girl, really annoyed me! I don’t like her this season.

  11. If this is really what they’re planning, I don’t think they have thought it all the way through. I think both Paul and Victor would beat Corey in a final 2. Not so sure that’s the case against Nicole.

    • They would definitely beat Nicole in f2. She is not liked be most of jury. The only way for her to get votes from them is for her to evict James, because he is more hate by jury than her. They all see there is some alliance with the two of them .

  12. Nicole thinks that she is one of the guys and doesn’t want any other girl getting their attention.

      • Exactly. I remember the kitchen incident all to well where James told Corey and Nicole that Natalie was thinking about keeping Victor that week. Why would you be voting to keep Victor if you are planning to honour your final 4 deal with Corey and Nicole? That’s when Corey and Nicole flipped and made a new deal with Paul & Victor instead because they couldn’t trust James & Natalie anymore. Why James would be so stupid to actually say something so stupid right in front of Corey and James I will never know. ? But was hilarious though. ?

    • Actually no Corey and Nicole were honouring the final 4 deal with James and Natalie until the argument with Paul and Natalie in the kitchen. That’s when James was sitting in the kitchen and opened his big mouth and told Paul in from of everyone “Well Paul I am going to throw myself under the bus here, but actually Natalie was going to vote to keep Victor this week, but now that might change because of this. That’s the week that Corey and Victor were on the block. Why James would say something so stupid in front of Corey and Nicole blows my mind. If James & Natalie and Corey & Nicole are in a final 4 deal and James and Natalie are going to honour the final 4 deal why would Natalie be thinking about keeping Victor. James must of big time when he said that. That’s when Nicole thought that was very stetch and decided to make a final 4 with Victor & Paul instead. If it wasn’t for James comment Corey & Nicole would of stayed loyal to them. James sealed their own fate and I don’t blame Corey & Nicole flipping on them in the least. I would of too. James & Natalie tried to backstabbing them and James the tool outed themselves first.

  13. Nicole is in a power position here, with everybody in the house ignoring her and would easily allow her to come in at f3. I don’t know if Vic or Paul will ever think about Jury Votes the way they should, because if they did, they’d probably take Corey to the end with them. If Paul or Vic want a chance at that money they want to be sitting next to each other, Corey, or James. Nicole (even though we’ve never seen a woman win when sitting next to a man, yet) I believe has a VERY good shot.

    • I think she could win as well if she goes to the end. Especially with so many women in the jury and they may want a girl to win it.

      • I think Nicole has played a good game. She mostly lies, snitches and pretends that it wasn’t her, but Paul has been doing the same thing only better.

      • I think so too. While everyone didn’t like her flip flopping ways, she has been involved in a lot of the action. Which means she hasn’t slept the whole summer as many people suggest.

      • If they are bitter, but if they look at her as the last girl standing and outlasting everyone besides the person next to her she could get their votes. I honestly do not care to see her or Corey at the end. that’s why I will like Victor to persuade them to keep Natalie.

      • I definitely don’t want Corey to win. He’s not a bad person he’s just not very aware. His whole game has been to do whatever Paulie or Nicole tell him to do.

      • None of the women will vote for Nicole. She hasn’t been very friendly to any of them. So on the social front her social game with the women stinks. She’s loved the men, though.

      • The feeling is mutual. Nicole hasn’t liked any of the females both seasons. She latches onto a man as soon as she can.

    • Nicole’s been playing an excellent game, but I don’t think the jury understands or respects it, so I think she may be shooting for second place right now.

  14. The smart thing would be to keep Corey if Vic and Paul make F2 cuz he wouldn’t win a mental comp since he’s dumb as a box of rocks!! Vic deserves to win it all!

  15. I think production wants Vic to win this season. There were no plans if jury going to play to come back. From the beginning bb19 only talked about one game and that was first evicted people to play to come back. When Vic list and went to jury all of a sudden there was another game.
    Ok folks I can bet this game winner will be Vic and after cbs has something else planed for him. I bet we will see Vic again in some other series or so.
    What u guys think?

    • Production is working on james and nicole to make it to f2. It was obvious with the beginning of tonight televised show. Corey and nicole are pushing to keep james and have swayed paul towards james. Paul swayed victor to target natalie. Big mistake for paul and victor to let this happen because james is on side with nicole. Unless paul wins next hoh paul and victor will be on the block.

  16. The smarter game move would be to try and get a F3 with James or Natalie, and use them to go after Nicole & Corey….. But I get it, they are wanting to play with some semblance of integrity.

  17. I’m so disappointed in Natalie! I want her to be evicted. I think she played with James’s emotions in this game.

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