Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Week 2: Thursday Night Highlights

It’s officially a new week in the Big Brother 18 house and we’ve got a new Head of Household so it’s time for the HGs to start panicking and making new deals. Jozea Flores is gone, at least for now, so who is going to provide us with the most entertainment? We’ll soon find out.


If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes that you might have missed. Hope you enjoy these again this year!

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, June 29, 2016:

7:48 PM BBT – Feeds are back and we have a new HoH. Paulie won with Team Frank. They’re all safe this week.

7:49 PM BBT – James admits to the camera that he threw the comp. His teammates suspect this as well.

7:55 PM BBT – Victor and Paul expect to be targets.

8:00 PM BBT – Tiffany and Frank try to smooth things over from their argument the night before. Tiffany apologizes. Frank says she didn’t do anything wrong. They seem to be okay now.

8:05 PM BBT – Paulie says the noms will be a group decision, but his target is Victor.

8:10 PM BBT – Natalie tells Bronte they have to switch to the other side. Bronte doesn’t want to but agrees they need to. They know they have maybe two evictions to figure out a new plan as the four who voted to keep Jozea will be picked off.

8:20 PM BBT – Day and Zakiyah thought James was playing for real and trying to win. They were getting worried then he threw it and crashed his team.

8:25 PM BBT – Paul is surprised to hear they’ll do the “who wants to see my HoH room?!” every week.

8:30 PM BBT – Victor wishes he had pushed James off at the start of the comp. Bronte says that wasn’t allowed. She hopes they end the teams soon because it isn’t fair that James can tank their chances.

8:35 PM BBT – Nicole asks Victor how he’s feeling. He says he’s gotta “go Rambo.” He knows that he could be in trouble.

8:45 PM BBT – Paul begins to hit himself in the head with a cucumber because… I have no idea.

9:10 PM BBT – Frank tells James they should do a Backdoor to get Victor out. James isn’t thrilled then decides it’s a great idea.

9:35 PM BBT – Victor and Paul sit down to figure out what to do. One idea is to pitch targeting James since they think he’s running the house. Other idea is to say they need to keep the guys number higher and get out a girl. Paul is worried that if they use the James idea and Paulie is working with James then they’re in trouble. (They have no idea.)

9:40 AM BBT – Paulie comes by which gives Victor and Paul the chance to pitch their guys vs girls idea. Paul eventually even tries the James idea and warns Paulie that Corey might be working with James too. They’re trying everything. Bronte joins and tells Paulie they just want to make jury so they can keep getting paid.

10:04 PM BBT – Day and Zak are still concerned about Nicole getting too close to Corey.

10:10 PM BBT – Paul hit his head pretty hard, has a bump, and believes it could be a concussion. The house nurses check it out and he’s given the all-clear.

10:12 PM BBT – Day and Zak say they’d love to win HOH but they don’t really need to right now.

10:33 PM BBT – Natalie is curious how Have-nots will be decided and when. James thinks it’ll be up to Paulie to decide.

10:48 PM BBT – Victor gets called to the DR and Nicole tells Paul to go in so he can get checked out by the medic. He says he’ll go later. The guys start teasing Paul, trying to scare him.

10:56 PM BBT – The girls are getting ready at almost 11 PM because they were told they’d all be doing DRs all night.

11:00 PM BBT – Nicole asks Zakiyah if he’s going to sleep in the Head of Household room with Paulie and she says no she doesn’t want people to look at her like she’s crazy. Nicole tells her and Day that Paul asked Paulie if he was sleeping up there with “Z Baby.” Zakiyah rolls her eyes.

11:04 PM BBT – Bronte talking to Natalie about how loyal they were to Jozea and how they can use that to their advantage with Paulie. She says she’s shocked so many people flat-out lied. “Lesson learned,” Natalie says.

11:07 PM BBT – Bronte says James is the smartest person in the house and if Paulie has an ounce of intelligence he will use this week to get him out.

11:10 PM BBT – Natalie reminds Bronte that James can keep them safe instead of them trying to go after James.

11:40 PM BBT – The guys are doing a dance for Nicole’s b-day, but they were singing “Happy Birthday to you” so it isn’t on the Feeds, so never mind.

1:50 AM BBT – Frank relaying what Victor said earlier about needing to get out a girl this week since it’s 8-6 already. The BD plan comes up until Victor walks in and ends their talk.

2:20 AM BBT – Paul is talking with the guys in the HoH room and Paulie explains that they made need to use Paul as a pawn but their target is Victor.

2:35 AM BBT – James is getting worried that Paulie is spending too much time with Paul and could be getting in his head to flip against the group.

2:45 AM BBT – Tiffany explains to Natalie that Jozea was just doing too much to go against the grain in the first week of Big Brother, which is a no no.

3:05 AM BBT – Natalie wanted people to come talk to her sooner about the Jozea vote, but Tiffany counters they needed a blindside.

3:25 AM BBT – Tiffany warns Natalie to stay away from Victor this week. Natalie agrees that Victor and Paul will be their own worst enemies this week.

4:10 AM BBT – Paul and Paulie talking plans in the HoH room. Paulie is trying to convince Paul that they can BD Victor. Paul doesn’t know what a Backdoor is so they explain and he’s shocked.

4:20 AM BBT – Paul is defending Bronte from becoming a target. He thinks she’s worth keeping in the game.

4:25 AM BBT – Paulie tells James he thinks he’s convinced Paul to think he’s just a pawn this week and not in danger. Paulie promises James he’s sticking to the plan this week to get out Victor or one of Vic’s allies.

5:15 AM BBT – Frank and Paulie still talking through their best options. Paulie wants to do the Backdoor and thinks he can get Victor up on the Block by the end of the week no matter what. Frank considers maybe they should just let Victor play in the Veto comp and see he lost on his own instead of a BD. They continue to loop around.

Noms are coming up on Friday and probably earlier than we’re used to seeing with the Roadkill comp not far behind it. We’ll see where Paulie decides to go but he does seem interested in this BD Victor plan which will potentially rely on his opponents agreeing to put up their own ally. Ugh. Let’s see what happens.

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  1. So … the plan is to nominate Paul and Bronte with Victor as BD. Hmm … as long as Victor is not picked or roadkilled for PoV and wins it.
    Actually I wouldn’t mind if Victor is somehow safe, that means Bronte gotta go.

    • I wouldn’t mind seeing Bronte going either – such a hateful girl.
      Paul is growing on me for some weird, unexplainable reason.

      • Me too. He’s actually learning how this game works and so far, he’s starting to play it like one who knows more! Unlike Jozea was willing to do.

      • I think Paul is really a good person at heart despite his foul mouth and bad temper. He seems to be a fast learner as well. Who knows what will happen with him.

      • I said something similar to what you wrote before about Paul and I got an earful from some commenters here. So be ready haha.

      • I admit, I was wanting to see the back of Paul this last week right off the bat! Until a couple days ago! LOLOL

      • It’s something about his kind eyes, plus he’s an artistic person so I think he has promise. He’s fun to watch as well so I’m hoping bratty Bronte goes up instead of Paul.

      • Yes thankfully! If he’d do something with that beard he could be quite handsome…I guess we’ll never know.

      • Judas he is NOT despite the tattoo and the beard. Still hate the beard tho and I can’t understand why people want to ruin their bodies with tattoo like that … #smh!!!

      • It’s becoming more and more prevalent now a days, so I’m slowly getting used to seeing these displayed lately. Doesn’t bother me like it did a couple years ago! hahaha I still told my son I’d kill him if he went and did this and talked my daughter out of having a tree placed on her back. She changed her mind after she got the tiny one done on her ankle because she said it was the most horrific pain ever. That was before she donated one of her healthy kidneys to my son five years ago. She says she has a high threshold for pain. Not so! :-)

      • She & your son should have the same tattoo of a kidney as a remembrance …. hehehehe.
        Just kidding what a great sis she is!

      • She wanted my son to get a tattoo of an arrow covering his scar and at the bottom of it have it read, “used part”! haha

      • For his birthday this year, she bought him a model of a kidney he has to put together, a reminder of how great she is to have given him one of hers. I commented, “hope it doesn’t have small parts he can choke on”. She said she made sure it was for eight years older and above! hahaha

      • They have a great relationship! As for her and I? It’s still a work in progress! :-)

    • I have a feeling Victor will succeed to win PoV this week, so the BD may not work. He’ll only incite Victor even more to turning the tables on Paulie. It’s better to put Victor on the block and make him fight harder to come off of it. I’d put Bronte next to him…really starting to despise that mean girl, so I wouldn’t miss her if she were to leave for awhile. She’s ruining Bridgette and Natalie’s games! Natalie’s smart to get together with the opposing side. I predicted she’d be a flip-flopper and I was right! LOL Let’s hope Paulie comes to his senses about trying to BD Vic this week.

      • If Victor is to succeed in winning PoV but he’s a BD target it means he is picked to play in the Veto or a Roadkill pick.
        That’s a lot of coincidence but hey it’s BB a lot of coincidence can happen hehehe.
        Btw, can a Roadkill winner be nominated as a BD by the HoH or the Roadkill winner is automatically safe? Because the winner is anonymous so the HoH won’t really know, right?

      • I guess I better read up on the rules for the Roadkill winner. I didn’t think they’d be subjected to possibly being evicted that week if they won this comp.

      • Actually I think I agree with James, coz the Roadkill winner can be anonymous so the HoH wouldn’t know who he/she is.
        However I will post to ask Matt later.

      • Guess Frank just has a big mouth then! LOLOL He couldn’t wait to tell the 8 pack and Paulie! :-)

      • It’s going to be hard getting Victor out, regardless. He’s a strong competitor, at least physically.

      • I agree with you Joni, Frank and Paulie might be overthinking the whole thing. Just go ahead and put Victor on the block and if that doesn’t work keep trying until it does.
        I thought I would love Bronte, she seemed so sweet but looks are certainly deceiving in her case.

    • No, Victor needs to go! His obsession with Natalie is really getting on my nerves! It’s even worse than Caleb’s obsession with Amber in BB16!

  2. Paulie says both Frank and Corey are his ride or die. He better sticks with Corey coz from watching Frank Week 1, Frank would not even blink if he has to backstab Paulie to save himself while Corey seems more loyal.

    • Frank is a big mouth. He tries to intimidate the girls..he ruined the blindside by opening his mouth to Natalie. He can be aggressive and I wouldn’t like it either. I’m not liking this Frank as much as I did the Frank in season 14. Do Paulie and Tiff have a F2..I kinda hope they do.

      • Don’t pull Tiffany on Frank (screaming at him) … coz he’s gonna replace you with someone else!

      • Tiffany likes Natalie also but James finally finds his GrandMeg. Funny it’s not a Taylor Swift lookalike. Probably because Nicole has been dibs by Corey hehehe.

      • I think it’s James that really likes Natalie. But you’re right, Frank likes Bridgette and has been trying to keep her safe.

      • I suspect if Frank hadn’t spilled the beans the DR would have. They usually don’t want madness and mayhem during the live eviction, even though the audience certainly did – I know I was looking forward to Josea’s gigantic ego taking a hit on live TV.
        I noticed last year that somehow the intended target always found out before the live eviction and it seems to be the same this year so far.

      • I’m pretty sure DR also told Josea he had to put on some clothes for the live show too! He was wanting to go out in his skivvies if he were the one being evicted. LOLOL

      • Wasn’t that disgusting? I almost died laughing when Frank was complaining about Josea sitting on the couch in his 4 day old undies – how gross. You know it’s bad if farty Frank’s sensibilities are disturbed.

      • Riiiight?? Why does Frank have such a fascination with farts and mooning all the time? It has graduated in the live feeds to poopin on someone now! Geesh!

      • For some reason men find farts the funniest thing in the world. My husband was lying on the couch with our cat nestled against him under the blanket. He cruelly farted on her and then held the blanket so she couldn’t escape. Poor thing was frantic and fighting like a lion to escape the no doubt horrendous odor while hubby was screaming with laughter.
        Of course I didn’t find it funny one little bit.
        I don’t know what it is about men and farting; maybe one of our male commenters here can clue us in smh.

      • Ewww dutch oven…yuck! I’ve grown up around lots of guys…and have resigned myself to believing it’s just a guy thing and nothing more. But when guys are in mixed company with lots of women, they should at least reign it in, especially women they don’t know that well.

      • Guys didn’t act this way around women back when I was young and I agree with you that Frank’s behavior borders on trashy…but I suppose he’s bored to death and what else is there to do maybe?

      • Guess you didn’t come from a very fartin family of guys like I did! But mother told my brothers that if they wanted to catch a girl, they’d best not be doing that until they’ve hooked, lined and sinkered them! hahaha

      • No brothers but my poor dad stayed bloated all the time and chugged Milk of magnesia straight out of the bottle which produced the loudest farts I’ve yet to hear. Turns out he had a twisted colon and after surgery his bloating problems mostly went away.
        I’m sure most mothers try to teach their sons a few manners when it comes to farting around girls. Not very romantic at all.

      • See? It’s definitely a guy thing so thanks for chiming in. My hubby still laughs about it 15 years later…

      • My hubby and son don’t do this to our animals or humans for that matter like yours does, but my brothers or father wouldn’t hesitate doing that!

      • “For some reason men find farts the funniest thing in the world.”

        For some reason women find Errol Flynn the sexiest man ever.

        No? Really?

        Quit making generalizations. Not all men are children.

      • Anybody who would do that to an animal is not a nice person and shouldn’t have pets. Or kids. Anybody who does that to one of my animals is not going to like what happens after.

      • The blanket fart move is known as a ‘Dutch Oven’. Commonly used by men in bed who are obviously looking for a divorce ;-)

      • I read an interview last year with one of the BB houseguests. They said the house usually tells the evicted person they are being evicted (when it is for sure) just so they are not blindsided live on TV. They generally tell them JUST before the live show. So there is no time to change the vote. It is sort of a ‘no hard feelings, it was just a game’ type of thing. That’s why most of them don’t look surprised to be evicted. Not sure how true it is.

        Apparently it is very common when it comes down to the final 3, the third place finisher is usually told they won’t be brought to top 2, before the live show.

      • Thanks for the info and I suspected as much. I haven’t seen an eviction in a long time where the evictee was truly shocked and surprised. Who knows, the DR might’ve told Frank to break the news gently to Jozea by telling Natalie; who would certainly spread the news in no time.
        I can see why they don’t want live freak outs even though I personally would love to see them once again.

  3. I was expecting fireworks after the blindside. I think Jozea knew or was heavily suspicious that he was leaving. Frank and his big ass mouth ruined it for us.

    • I know! The eviction was so anti-climatic. And I’m guessing from here on out we will have boring “lets vote with the house” evictions.

    • Actually, I think it was the opposite. He was so confident that he was staying that it took him by surprise that he was evicted. I think he didn’t even have time to think about the words to blow up because it happened so fast and he was so stunned. You saw he didn’t say one word when he left the house. And you can see he was visibly upset. He also tried to play it cool with Julie because he had to portray this image of him being the self proclaimed “Messiah”.

  4. It’s going to be a little too easy to get some of these morons out if they don’t even know about backdooring.
    I’d rather watch people who know how to play the game unless it was a whole group of new people who had no idea how to play. That might be interesting.
    The deck is kind of stacked against those newbies. I’m not sure why I care because they are such racist jerks.

  5. I’m starting to sense that Nicole doesn’t really like Day. She definitely doesn’t trust her according to a conversation she had with Corey. Hope Nicole doesn’t make the same mistake twice in getting wrapped up in Corey like she did with Hayden and Cody, only to get blindsided. I don’t think she’s a “girls'” girl.

    • Day is a bit vocal and seems to keep stirring problem among the 8 Pack by raising suspicion about Tiffany, Zakiyah (with Paulie), James (with Natalie), Frank (with Bridgette) and of course Nicole (with Corey). It should be tiring hearing Day worrying about Tiffany for the millionth time. I didn’t watch Season 16 so I can’t really say, but I think Corey is quite clueless and harmless and it’s not a cunning/conniving player like Frank or Day.

      • But everyone in the 8 pack alliance complains and is annoyed by Tiffany’s paranoid emotional game play. They’re even contemplating replacing Tiffany with Natalie (at least Frank and James are thinking about it). So, that logic doesn’t make any sense to me for Nicole to dislike Day. It could be just a difference in personality because Day certainly has a strong personality. I was really hoping Day and Nicole would work together to the end, but I foresee the fatal 5 alliance crumbling sooner rather than later.

      • If you read what I wrote, it’s not only about Tiffany. Day is suspicious or worries about almost everyone in the pack including Paulie with only Michelle is an exception. But I bet soon Day is gonna have something to say about Michelle hehe.
        However they do have a F2 deal I think (Daycole = Day + Nicole).

      • I’m gonna have to agree with Day when she said Tiffany was slithering around the house like a snake. I hope she won’t use the same tactics as Vanessa with the outbursts and tears.

      • UGH! I know! lol.
        Franks and Day both want her gone so I don’t see her lasting very long.

      • Yeah, she’s already got her hooks into poor paulie. If I were in the house with Tiffany I would want her gone ASAP. This gal is trouble but the newbies don’t know about Vanessa I suppose.

      • Some of the Vets will clue the newbies in eventually before she turns the whole house against them and becomes the Star of the show. I find it so difficult to watch her along with hateful Bronte.

      • Frank did! That’s why I said before that I’m glad Paulie kinda defended her in his Calafiore way.

      • Don’t you dare saying that about my precious Vannessa!!! Ooops I mean Tiffany, sorry hehehehe.
        Yeah I read that Day said that about Tiffany and I disliked it, it’s similar to what Jozea said basically, calling Tiffany a snake. Not a nice thing to say about your own alliance member!

      • Ok, I’ll respect your right to be a fan of Van and Tiff even though I don’t get it at all :D

      • No, I wasn’t a fan of Van Van last year. I hated her then loved her then hated her, similar with what I feel about Paul this year.
        Tiffany on the other hand tho, I like her, I dunno why hahaha.

      • At the start of last season I thought Vanessa was absolutely brilliant and would easily win the game. Then the tears and lies and tears started. The last straw was the nonstop talking day and night worrying about every little thing. She’s definitely prejudiced me against Tiffany.
        But that’s how it is sometimes, you start liking a certain HG after you see them in action for awhile even though you don’t understand it.
        I’ll be interested to see how long you can remain a Tiffany fan.

      • My memory isn’t the greatest right now, I just had surgery a couple of weeks ago. So your reference is ringing a bell but I can’t remember where I’ve heard that before.

      • I’m keeping an eye, though, on this dark horse. Quiet may end up working for him than the house is anticipating. I think Nicole is thinking twice again about getting too close to Corey and have a repeat of what happened between her and Hayden.

      • The dark horse that I’m keeping my eye on is Natalie. She’s observant, athletic and a lot smarter than the other houseguests give her credit for.

      • Ooops! hahaha I’ll get them straight eventually when I stop thinking of Nic instead of Natalie in the moment!

      • Yeah I agree. He’s smarter than he gives out I suspect.
        Nicole is quite guarded this time around. So I think she should be fine … hopefully, you know even a strong girl can fall, just ask Shelli.

      • Do you know if Shelli and Clay are still an item? Haven’t read anything about them after their season unless I missed something.

      • Not sure about being an item, but they recently shared drinks together before the live eviction yesterday!

      • I don’t have the feeds but I haven’t seen any evidence of a showmance between Nicole and Corey.

      • Me either…they just like each other for now. It hasn’t grown into a solidified romance.

      • I’m trying not to play matchmaker here but I think they’d make a great couple although time will tell in this case. Both seem to be nice people but it’s way too soon to start a showmance.
        I’ve noticed both Frank and James like Natalie – this could be interesting.

      • I am not a fan of Day at all. She tries to stir up too much trouble when she doesn’t need to. She hardly ever talks, unless it’s with Zakiyah..all she does is sit back and say “uh-huh,” always with her hand covering her mouth. I don’t like her..I didn’t in season 17 either.

      • I like her and she only says “uh-huh” when someone else who believes they’re above everyone speaks non-sense! LOL

      • I like Day this season, but not in her season. She has definitely stepped up her game play. As for stirring up trouble, haven’t seen her stir up anything so far.

      • I didn’t care for her last season either but now that she’s calmed down I’ve definitely changed my mind about her.

      • To her credit, Day is calmer, nicer and more social than last year, she learns her lesson. She just needs to not worry too much and spreads her suspicion or sooner or later other HGs would get tired of it, especially from Zakiyah, her closest ally. It’s only the beginning of Week 2 after all.

      • Day’s game has definitely improved I agree. She’s in a very good place right now and the outlook is good. Zakiyah is such a lovely girl, I hope the mean girls won’t let jealously become an issue. Z is wise to cool things off with Paulie too.

      • Not really. She will find a way to snuggle up with him while nobody’s looking hahaha. The holding hands upstairs after Paulie won the HoH was the proof.

      • Right, at their age nature will take its course I’m afraid and since Paulie seems popular with the ladies this could cause problems for Z.

    • Day’s definitely not playing as hard or as fast as she did her season. She’s teamed up with Z to keep it low-key for awhile. I think that’s why Nicole doesn’t trust Day just yet. Nic watched Day’s and James’ season!

  6. If and ever Paul and Victor leave in the next two weeks, this could make for an interesting pool of candidates for the Return Back challenges as these could all potentially be physical.

  7. Bronte keeps saying she wants to get to sequester so she can earn money … does it mean HGs leaving before the Jury earn nothing?

  8. Strange. The Happy Birthday Song had its copyright lifted last fall, so it’s fair game to use. Weird that they blocked it out anyway.

      • I still thinks he’s just shy around girls than he is g-ay! My husband was like that when I first met him! :-)

      • Tall, kinda handsome and with body like that, he shouldn’t be shy with girls. But I guess shy is better than super cocky like Victor.
        I don’t find Victor attractive too be honest,

      • Corey shouldn’t be shy I agree but maybe he’s one of those tall, handsome, quiet cowboys you see in the movies :D
        Victor’s hair is a mess, otherwise he might be more attractive. He needs to use some of those copious styling products in the bathroom.
        Do you think Paul is gay?

      • Well since you asked … he’s bi I think.
        Btw what he said in the HoH room hasn’t caused a backlash yet … he said about fingering a girl in high school or Spanish class and forced-fingering is great or cool or something.

      • Ugh! High School boys are so nasty aren’t they? I’m unsure about Paul although he does seem extremely masculine and I think he’s attracted to Nicole. Wouldn’t that be a match?

      • Haha not all gays are sassy like Jozea, some are quite masculine as well. Besides masculinity isn’t defined by body and looks only, but mostly from the behavior. I can’t pinpoint what he does that makes me think he’s bi but once I see it again I will tell ya hehe.
        The backlash I was talking about not about his fingering in high school (coz it’s consensual it seemed) but his comment afterward that forced-fingering can be cool or awesome or something. People on twitter (not many coz it’s like 3AM) called it rape.

      • Thanks, I really need help with this subject since I had a sheltered childhood lol. Let me know what it is you see, I saw something too but I can’t put my finger on it. Thank goodness he isn’t going the ‘Frankie’ touchy, feely route. Are you a Frankie fan?

      • I didn’t watch BB16 so I can’t really say altho I don’t really like over flamboyant guy, but Paulie and Cody seem to like him, so I give Frankie the benefit of the doubt. Don’t hate him if you don’t know him.

      • Frankie was extremely over flamboyant and hogged the cameras non stop.
        Very irritating for the audience to watch at times.

      • Frankie has fans? Who? Where? Too annoying for me. Could never understand him being considered a “fan favorite”.

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