Big Brother 18: Does Victor Deserve To Win Less Than The Others? [Op-Ed]

We’ve seen a lot of debate over whether or not Victor Arroyo should even still be on Big Brother 18, much less win the season. So does he deserve to win or not?

Victor lets his Veto hopes be known

Let’s take a look at Victor’s journey before we arrive at a decision. Victor started the game as a total newbie. He knew very little about the game and it showed. I mean wasn’t he the one who told Nicole, who was Head of Household, that he wanted her out? Of course Jozea took the fall that first week, but Victor followed the week after when he was evicted 9-1.

So a second boot (we aren’t counting Glenn here) almost unanimously evicted. Strike 1.

Of course we know what happens next. Victor went into sequester and was able to prepare mentally, and I presume physically, for the Battle Back competition. Being the second person evicted, Victor would have to face off against either Glenn or Jozea to stay in the battle. And he beat Jozea and then the others evicted one by one until he re-enterd the game.

After entering the house from the Battle Back, he went from No. 1 target, to No.2 target, to Head of Household back to back with only Corey’s fast double eviction HOH in between.  And then he was again evicted, but only because Paul won the Power of Veto and Victor was the collateral damage.

But of course Victor wasn’t gone as long this time. The same night of his second eviction he again won his way back in the house, beating out the four jurors evicted before him. That was Big Brother history made right there. Victor holds a Big Brother record and has a lot of competition wins under his belt. So he gets A LOT of respect. But does he deserve to win Big Brother 18?

A lot of people are saying no, including some people in the Big Brother house, like Corey. Social media is, of course, split down the middle. For every “No, Victor shouldn’t win” tweet, there’s one that says he absolutely should.

OK, I’ve skirted the answer long enough. But hold on. Let me say something else first. I’ve never even been a fan of a player coming back period. Even the players I like. I mean I like watching them on my TV, but once you’re evicted you’re evicted. I think that’s the way any Big Brother purist should think.


Yeah, there’s a but. This current era of Big Brother is so full of ridiculous twists and production favoritism that it’s hard to remain a Big Brother purist. I mean production gave these houseguests this season three chances at the game. And Victor fought his way back in two of those times. That other time flopped of course as no one evicted had the Round Trip ticket.

So, I’m going against everything I stand for, but I have decided that yes, Victor does deserve to win Big Brother 18. Does he deserve to win it more than anyone else? Well, no. But I can’t say he doesn’t deserve to  win at all.

And I haven’t come to this conclusion only because he fought his way back in and production as already soured this season. Victor has actually upped his game all around. He’s shown that he’s not stupid like I once thought and he actually has everyone in the house liking him. Nicole was even talking about how she feels bad for him because he seems like he could really use the money. Victor has come a long way indeed. So yes, if he were to win BB18, I’d be totally fine with it.

That being said, I would place Victor in about third or fourth of the deserving line because there are a few other people who have played a better game all season. I’m not going to get into my exact rankings here, but Paul and Natalie are definitely above Victor as far as who should win the season. And since I can’t bring myself to say either James or Nicole are the third-most deserving, I’ll go ahead and say Victor is.

What do you think? Is Victor deserving of the Big Brother 18 crown?


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    • Responding to update/post and question not person replying I almost fully agree with you’re rankings except I would rate victor 2nd and Natalie 3rd

  1. Victor deserves to win. Like you, I also dislike the new twists etc. BB has come up with, but I cant blame him for winning the comps hes offered to play in. If i were evicted and were given a shot back into the game I would take it in a heartbeat. Just like im sure the likes of Janelle, Britney etc would’ve taken a shot too if given the opportunity. Overall Victor has played a good game with what hes been dealt. Gotta give Kudos when its due.

  2. I feel like any player who avails themselves of opportunities offered deserves to win as much as anyone else. I think by virtue of making it to the end you deserve to win.
    Andy is a terrible person but he got to the end and played a more sellable game than GM so he deserved it.
    Rachel got to the end even though most of the house disliked her so she deserved to win.
    Ian got to the end and was less hated than Dan so he deserved to win.
    Same for Steve, etc.
    All of them played the game laid out in front of them. They were better or worse than others, sure, but the fact they ended up in F2 means they deserved it.

    • I was going to make the same type of comment, but you put it better than I could. Every person that has won has deserved it, regardless of whether or not they are like by BB fans and regardless of how they got there.

    • I have felt just this way. I don’t like it when people say some don’t deserve it when the fact remains that they did something right to get to the F2. Yes, one likely deserves it more than the other. But saying one of them doesn’t deserve it at all seems silly to me.

  3. I agree that he is as deserving to win as the others in that his return status shouldn’t count against him. I don’t think he is as aware of the social dynamics of the game as much as some of the others are and I tend to count that against him. IMHO Paul is the biggest reason for his success since he’s definitely been the puppet master.

    • But even that right there is strategy. He told Julie after his second eviction that his smartest move was aligning himself with Paul, and he’s said in the house that Paul is his social game. I’ve been noticing that the duos that work best in this game are when one’s the brawn and one’s the brain. That’s why Paul and Vic work so well together. One’s strengths balances out the other’s weaknesses. I don’t think Paul would’ve have made it as far as he did without Vic either.

  4. Victor deserves to win because he played and won by the rules that were given to him. (That said, I think Frank got screwed by being the only one with no battle back chances.) However, the question of whether he deserves to win over someone else just depends on who the the opponent is. I think Paul has played a masterful game, and has guided the Sitting Ducks strategy all along. I hope he wins if he’s in the F2, but if not, Vic all the way against any of these other goofy HG.

    • I ain’t mad at Vic for taking the opportunities allowed That’s on BB. If it’s within the rules, so be it. It obv is. So the social experiment will be how much it impacts the jurors’ votes.

    • I wouldn’t say Frank had no chances, he was eligible for the return ticket, but that didn’t work out for him.

    • exactly, the only person he should lose to in a F2 situation is Paul. Victor is a better player than everyone else in there

    • I think if an evicted HG had the round trip ticket, there wouldn’t have been a jury battle back, and Frank did have a chance at the RT so I wouldn’t necessarily say he was screwed completely. His second chance was just based more on luck than skill.

  5. Sadly, all of our opinions mean nothing if he cannot convince the jury that being evicted twice is not a big deal. A lot of the BB fans that are in jury (Da, Michelle, potentially Nicole and James) have been influenced by the “once you are evicted, you are done” mentality for many years

    • Why would a vet hold it against him if they’re getting another shot themselves?

      The newbs were gung ho early on that vets had “had their chance so get out and stay out”. Some of those newbs would no doubt like a second trip thru those doors if they could, so their mindset has surely changed (especially if they want to get asked back for All Stars – as delusional as that sounds. Paul was one of those newbs saying you had your chance so get out & stay out – but since then, he has been elated to see his boy return twice now so I don’t think Paul would hold it against him either.

      IMO, it’s relative at this point. If he is sitting next to someone Jury doesn’t like (if they’re bitter) or someone with a more impressive resume (if they’re voting game), then Victor’s fate swings in the balance.

      I don’t think his returns, in and of themselves, will totally cancel him out or win him the prize. That fact only matters if he is up against someone the Jury does not hate AND who has a good resume. At that point, then they probably use his evictions for or against him to justify the way they vote.

      • Personally I would NOT vote to have Victor win this season. Not because he was a double returnee but because he has played a mixed game and other than getting Paulie evicted on his watch he either played a lame HOH ie: getting Z evicted or has let Paul play his game for him. He is well liked and yes I like his style and love to see him win comps but at the moment his game play hasn’t impressed me at all.

      • truthfully, no one in the house this year deserves the win. I was one of the biggest Paulie basher’s on here but his game play was one for the records until his mental breakdown and taking things personal. I really thought he was gonna take it to the end. But if I HAD to choose between the players left, I would say a toss up between Natalie and Corey. The only reason is simple, they have laid low, played only when they had too and have successfully used a returning vet to further their game better than the other’s. Other than that Victor will win.

      • Haven’t all you folks figured out yet that I think outside the box? I look at the least likely possibility of who could win and then go and think about IF they can win, then how will it happen. Does Corey or Natalie have a shot at the win, every fiber of my being says no but there is always that chance that the plan that is laid out now can and will change.

        Remember that both Victor and Paul was right in that same group with Josea and Glenn that wanted the vets out. Paul even wanted James put up on the block this week but Nicole shut it down on him even though as James says, you can bounce checks in the BB house. That is gonna be Nicole down fall this year. Both Paul and Victor would love for Meech to go to F3 with them two but have both Natalie and Nicole in that order as a backup to Meech.

        Meech will go this week. If the plan goes the way they think, James will go next week and Nicole will leave in the FF week. I think Corey being NOT of sound mind and body, will follow Nicole afterwards leaving us with Paul, Victor and Natalie for F3. My best guess is Natalie will go to F2 over Victor or Paul depends on who wins that final HOH. Reverse that just in case those two decide to take Corey instead and yes either one of them tow would be in the running for the big prize and win BB.

      • What we actually agree this time. Lol. He wouldn’t of even got Paulie evicted if it wasn’t for Paul telling him you need to put up Paulie and Corey. Comps isn’t the only thing that impresses me either. Getting evicted twice shows you’re not that great of a player.

      • See I always though the opposite. Victor didn’t just happen to stroll back into the house, he won a total of four comps of all different types to get back in. He actually fought for it. I would respect that and vote for him, because he’s shown to be a very versatile competitor who has a better comp record than anyone in the house. But that’s just me. I’d be voting based on game, and I think Vic has played a good one.

    • That would be ridiculously hypocritical since none of the vets are on their first chance, either.

      • Hey… sometimes you just have to deal with a hypocritical jury. We fans do not always find the jury to be the fairest group of people

    • Considering Nicole got another chance on her first season, I don’t think she’ll hold it against him. But I don’t know.

    • It would be a damn shame if they hold that against him for many reasons. Hes been evicted not because hes an A-hole (like we’ve seen already this season through Paulie), or because he was involved in a showmance (James and Nicole both experienced first hand the cons and dangers of being too involved with someone on their season and yet proceeded to do just that, again, this season), or even a strong alliance for that matter (I think we can all agree his first alliance with Jozea was a MINIMAL THREAT!). He has been targeted because he is a beast! If jurors want to hold that over his head then they oughtta make sure to penalize Nicole for being too busy being a undercover h*e (lol) most of the season, James for being a puppy dog and being too flip floppy, and they both have had second chances in the game also.
      I like to look at it this way, the man has fought to be in that house and has overcome lots of obstacles doing so. Hes shown more heart and desire to be in that house, more than anyone left. He will always be considered one of the best to play this game IMO.

      • I completely agree with you. Couldn’t have said it better. Every time Vic re-enters the house I actually end up liking him even more.

    • How can Nicole have that mentality? She won the battle back in her first season. She wasn’t complaining about it then.

  6. Victor deserves to WIN!!!!!!!!! He’s the most likeable comp beast to ever play. He hasn’t been handed the comebacks he earned them.

  7. I’m pretty torn on this one. On one hand, he’s been evicted twice. That’s not good. But on the other hand, he’s actually overcome that. Twice. So it’s a major accomplishment but also a pretty serious damning of his game play.

    • I don’t think being evicted should be attributed to bad gameplay. Victor is a threat since he has battled his way back in the game. It wasn’t given to him.

      • Some might argue that it is poor game play because he should have talked his way out of that situation. But I do agree with you that he earned his way back and that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

  8. My order of most deserving to least deserving:


    Honestly, anyone after Natalie would just show how big of a joke this season truly was and in most seasons I wouldn’t vote for Victor no matter who he was sitting against. But at least he’s been playing the game and he’s shown to be a far more impressive social and strategic player than either of the returners. I don’t respect anyone who hope to coast to the end which is exactly what the final 4 on my list have been hoping for the entire time they’ve been in the house.

    At least Paul, Nat and Vic have been playing the game and better yet, they’ve been improving gradually over the season despite the fact that none of them had seen the show before they got on. Compare them to the “superfan” Michelle who’s nothing more than a petulant child, and two returnees who did very little of merit in their own seasons much less this season, and I have to give the recruits credit, they’ve done a lot of hard work and I’d be relatively satisfied with any of them being the winner.

    • We’re not going to be too happy about James or Nicole winning. But it’s hard to argue that neither of them deserve to win once they present the jury with the fact that they have not been nominated once, at least until f6. Even as an anti-James and anti-Nicole fan, I find a lot of strong cases that James and Nicole can make to the jury about their game.
      In the end, us thinking that they don’t deserve to win doesn’t really matter if they can make the jury buy their BS. Heck, if Victoria could sell her game to the jury as being smart gameplay we would have to deal with her being the winner. James’s and Nicole’s gameplays are far different from Victoria’s

    • I think Nicole has somewhat redeemed herself this week, really impressed by her forethought on what moves she has made so far (this week).
      Not sure that it excuses her for taking the first 2/3 of the season off, but maybe that was all strategy?

      • Nicole doesn’t get involved in the drama. Never has. She plays very smart and strategic and thinks out every move. She got her target out the first week she was HOH and did what she wanted. Just like this week she wants Michelle gone and Michelle will be going. She plays very laid back and observes. The only thing I didn’t like was her dragging Corey along. He’s done absolutely nothing for her game. Just like James protecting Natalie. Natalie has done nothing for James game. In fact she’s done nothing period. Except make everything about her. Sure hope she goes right after Michelle.

    • I agree with you except I’d put Nicole over James just for this week alone. It’s not a big move but it is a smart one for her game (and maybe I’m a little biased because I can’t stand meech). Still, both vets have done nothing but chase tail all season and they did even less this year than on their own seasons.

      I don’t like Natalie as a person but I do respect her game play.

      Corey has one hoh and one veto, and he used them to evict Bridgette who was barely a threat.

      Meech hasn’t done squat. She won a crapshoot veto to send Frank home and is the only one left who hasn’t won an hoh comp. Zingbot was right about her. She’s a giant baby. She cries, pukes, and complains like one.

      That is why I feel Paul or Vic should win.

  9. It’s similar to Nicole, Day, Frank, James or any other vet having another chance at playing the game. To those saying Victor doesn’t deserve to win because he was evicted twice, then none of the vets deserve to win it either.

    • That’s completely different. The difference between Nicole, Day, Frank and James is that they were evicted in a different season. The gameplay and cast is different in their season than this one. In this season, Victor lost to the same people TWICE. This cast took him out twice. Compare to the others.

      • You could make the argument that Day shouldn’t have been brought back to begin with since she is absolutely horrendous at comps. Plus if the rumors of them getting at least 50 grand are true, just based on that, why send Nicole/James to the final 2 if they’ve already made 2nd place $?

      • Well why did he make himself such a threat? The point of Big Brother is to avoid being evicted and prevent yourself from giving other people a reason to target you. Obviously Victor failed at that since he was evicted TWICE.

  10. I have to agree 100% with the article. Discussing the rules of the game is another topic for another day and the rules are what the rules are. It’s a very different game from the first five or so seasons of Big Brother but under the current rules, Victor is absolutely playing the best game. You may not like the rules as they are but you can’t hold that against Victor. He’s playing an amazing and outstanding game under the current rules as they are. Punishing him for something that isn’t his fault would not be fair.

  11. I honestly think it would depend on his competition. I am not a believer usually in returning players wining but the player left:

    Nicole:Thinks its a dating show
    Corey: No idea whats going on
    James: only cares about afp and is very passive this season
    Nat: Liked her at first but she has gotten way too cocky and thinks she knows everything.
    Michelle: Crybaby who got manipulated as co-hoh.
    Paul: Played a good game but is too paranoid at times,

    Based on the players left, yes vic deserves to win.

  12. Has everyone forgotten that Nicole and james got caught on tape talking bribes. They should have been kicked out they should not be allowed in game still

    • AGREED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully, this kind of thing will not happen again. It takes away from the integrity of the show. Situations like this make me want to be a tv only person, but my love for BB is too strong to go a day without any updates!

    • No, but I’m sure production would like for us to and have been fervently working angles to help their agenda. Not gone nor forgotten.

    • Talking and acting on it is two different things. It happens every season. They got a warning just like previous seasons.

  13. James has been such a douche with his it’s not my first rodeo he’s been in the house 140(?)days. Who cares james everyone u open ur mouth u look more stupid then whatever last statement was. Boy is a fool. His guts never wrong bahahahahaha

    • He thinks to highly of his game play, that’s for sure!

      In reality luck has played a major factor in his success. Oh, and cant forget Natalie has also saved his ass.

      • A few days ago Jamesie let Nicole and Corey know that nat wanted to vote out corey instead of vic.

        A few weeks back he did something other than what nat wanted.

      • Oh ok, I thought thats what you meant but wanted to be sure. Its almost as if he is carefully letting them know he doesn’t mind her going. Which would add to my disliking of jamesie this season.

  14. Most seasons, I would say no, he does not deserve it, owing not only to his two evictions but lack of social game savvy. This season, the players are all so bad that it really would depend who he got to the end with.

    He would deserve the win against almost anyone but Paul right now.

  15. I have been torn between Vic and Paul for several weeks. I definitely believe one of them needs to win, but one week I say Paul, the next Vic. Honestly, I’m glad I don’t have to choose and will be very happy for either.

  16. As long as he is playing by the, ever changing rules of Production .. he has definitely earned his position with all his competition wins ..
    Having said that, on both occasions, if I recall, the remaining HG’s had supposedly agreed to send the returning Juror(s) back out the door and yet, chose not to, afterwards, for whatever reason …

    Some would say, spending about 1/3 of the game sequestered outside of the House to rest, eat, provided them (err, Victor) with added security from the antics of the House and perhaps, a physical advantage, as well ?
    He has played the best all round game, despite having been evicted twice, however, but for some reason, he is on nobody’s radar in the remaining HG’s now?

  17. It might not be fair but it’s also not fair that James and Nicole got another opportunity. It’s also not fair that 5 players got an advantage gift wrapped for them without earning it, in the form of a care package. It’s also not fair that one player got a round trip ticket and also didn’t have to earn it. It’s also not fair that Nicole got the first HOH of the season even though Vic won the first comp. I like the twists, without them it would be a boring one dimensional game. If Vic never came back Paulie would’ve never left. Without battle back twists there would be no point in casting strong players because comp beasts are always the biggest targets. Without players returning to the game we’d either have an all floater final 7 or a Paulie dominated final 7.

  18. Purists will go with Paul. I would too. For a newbie, I think he’s the most strategic player in the house. He’s using all the elements/strategy to survive/win this game, that I always love seeing from a player…and yes, I know he’s obnoxious, but he’s still good. lol….my 2nd is Vic….the rest could just stay in bed.

      • So K, I read you’re good in Anatomy. Triceps is bigger than biceps?..I thought it was Tri-tip?

      • Each is actually a muscle group but the tricep has more muscle fiber and is capable of growing larger than the bicep group. I loved Anatomy. Much of mine is suffering today from a very strenuous 8.2 mile hike over two mountain peaks yesterday. :(
        I’m sure there is a hidden meaning with your Tri-tip comment. Why am I not getting it? It’s a type of steak, right?

  19. In my opinion, he doesn’t deserve to win the game. Yes he fought his way back into the game and I give Victor credit for that. But Big Brother isn’t about competitions. It’s about strategy and being able to maneuver through the game socially, both of which Victor fails at. He is a terrible player. He has no social or strategic game. Paul and Paulie made Victor’s move for him. Paul is the reason why Paulie didn’t target Victor when he came back. Paul was able to bridge the gap between Paulie and Victor. Also let’s not forget Paulie telling Victor to nominate Michelle and Zakiyah and Paul telling Victor to nominate Paulie and Corey (Victor wanted to put up Michelle and Natalie and was hesitant to put up Paulie). If Victor had a better game than maybe I would open up to the idea (maybe), but just because he won competitions doesn’t make him a deserving winner in my eyes. This isn’t MTV’s The Challenge. His gameplay sucks and it’s the reason why he was evicted twice.

    • This guy got evicted 9-1, faced 3 other contestants in a battle back, was a target the week he came back in and yet he still managed to adapt and blend in with everyone else for awhile there. How is that not strategy? Then he won the wall comp, was it his fault Day and Z quit? Was it his fault Paulie didn’t have enough arm strength? I feel like peeps are knocking him for getting evicted twice and coming back. It’s not his fault BB uses the return houseguest thing as a crutch. He’s played within the rules.

      • Big Brother isn’t about challenges. If it was than hell yeah, Victor deserves it. But Big Brother is about STRATEGY. The juries ask questions that has to to do with strategy, not competitions. Like I said, Victor has no strategy. All the moves he made in the game was because of Paul or Paulie. The reason why he didn’t get evicted when he came back was because of Paul. Paul was aligned with the person running the house (Paulie). Victor didn’t do anything to bridge the gap himself, Paul did it for him and Victor just followed along. He hasn’t done anything socially or strategically to set himself up. He maybe liked but he has no influence in the house. Victor isn’t a good player and that’s why he doesn’t deserve to win.

      • It’s not all about challenges, but winning comps IS a strategy. He also made the biggest move of the game by putting Paulie up and getting him out on his HOH. He didn’t have to do it, he had an all guys alliance but he shot first and won.

      • Winning comps isn’t a strategy. It’s just you choosing to become a physical player. Which doesn’t really benefit you. If you need to win competitions in order to survive than your game isn’t good. Also PAUL told Victor to put him up Paulie. Putting up Paulie never crossed Victor’s mind and when Paul told him to do it, Victor resisted because he thought it was too soon. If it wasn’t for Paul, Victor would have nominated Michelle and Natalie and Paulie probably could have still been in the game. I give Victor partial credit but it was mainly Paul’s idea, not Victor.

      • But Victor executed. Paul was HOH the week before, why couldn’t he put Paulie up? Paulie being put up wasn’t just out of the blue, that had been simmering all season for some players, and Paulie was kinda controlling Paul’s HOH that week. He had a shot and didn’t take it. And winning comps is absolutely a strategy, talking about stuff doesn’t get you HOH or veto. Winning comps does.

      • “Talking about Stuff” however can get you to do whatever you want even without a competition win. Look at Dan, Will, Derrick, Vanessa for an example. They were able to get things their way even without a competition win. They had influence in the game. Victor doesn’t. Victor is influenced by other players.

        Also Victor may have executed it, but who told him to put up Paulie? Paul did. Also who was hesitant about putting up Paulie? Victor was. Also if you want to say that Paul didn’t put up Paulie when he was HOH. Victor didn’t put up Paulie in Victor’s first HOH. He put up 2 girls that was after Paulie because Paulie told Victor to do so. Once again Victor isn’t a good player. He has no influence in the game, he has to be told what to do, and he has no strategy that he came up with himself instead of others telling him. He just follows with whatever Paul tells him to do.

      • Paul didn’t want the blood on his hands so he used to Victor to do what he knew needed done. This also would probably get him Paulie’s vote at the end if it came down to him and Victor in F2.

      • Competitions are there to give you the power to do something or to keep yourself safe. If you need to rely on competitions to keep yourself safe than your game isn’t good. That’s why competitions isn’t a good strategy because if you lose one your out. Compare to playing the game strategically or socially.

      • He did that because Paul told him to. It wasn’t his idea. He does whatever Paul tells him to do.

      • There are several components to win this game. If you have time to read it on Wikipedia. It’s not all about strategy either. It’s a combination of several things.This is a social experiment and competitions/Veto.. etc were placed there for a reason….Why do you think a finalist brag about how many HoH’s/Vetoes they won on their speech to the Jury…because they factor that in.

      • Winning comps is a small factor but if that is just your game instead of setting yourself up strategically or socially than your game isn’t good. Competitions are there to either save yourself or to use the power to accomplish something. Victor has to rely on it in order to survive, instead of preventing his own eviction by saving himself socially or by building trust with people. Also Victor has to be told what to do instead of making his own moves. All the moves Victor made was directed by Paul or Paulie.

      • Competitions are a small factor because it doesn’t necessarily benefit your game. The strategy and social aspect of Big Brother benefits your game. Building trust with houseguests, formulating a plan to get houseguests to do what you want, setting yourself up for future weeks socially. If you have a great social game or if you are set up strategically than you don’t even need to win competitions because you are safe. Winning competitions may guarantee yourself safety for that week, but you have to put in work to prevent from becoming a target for future weeks. You can’t just rely on winning competitions.

      • Believe me, Dan G is my fav player. I know a strategic player when I see one, and he’s not, but does he deserve to win if he gets to F2?..You bet!, and so as anyone that gets to the end.

      • Dan G is also my favorite player. I see where J_35 is coming from, but its hard for me to completely rule a player out b/c all he does is win comps. OK? That’s an argument/strategy in itself, he’s had to fight to stay in the house whereas half the house was coupled up.

      • I’m ruling out Victor because he is a terrible player (socially and strategically) and because he was evicted twice. If a player only wins comps and they wasn’t evicted than it could be a reason to give someone the win (depending on who they are sitting next to). But Victor only relies on comps instead of playing the game socially or strategically, and he was evicted twice. That’s why in my opinion he doesn’t deserve the win.

      • So are you telling me that Victoria deserves to win had she made it to the F2? No she doesn’t. I don’t like that argument because a deserving winner is someone who put in work to make it to the final 2 without being evicted. If you were just dragged to the end or if you was evicted, compare to the person next to you who wasn’t evicted, than in my opinion you don’t deserve the win.

      • lol I don’t really care about winning the argument. We are just having a debate as to why they are wrong.

      • Agreed. Victor more likable but Paul is the brains behind the operation. As aggravating as Paul can be he is definitely more deserving of the two

      • Moreover, in my mind, a person is eliminated because they perceive them as threats to their game.

      • It’s not his fault BB let him battle back but it is his fault he got evicted twice. That’s bad game play IMO.

  20. My two favorites are Paul and Victor, and just going by what I’ve seen, Paul isn’t hurting for money so I’d go with Vic. If I were a juror, I’d go by game play, how well that person did in physical and mental comps, social game, etc. If one is the overwhelming favorite, then I go with that person but if they were equal? Go with the person who might need it more.

    • How is Paul hurting for money. Just by looking at his family and that mansion they live in we can assume that they may be well off. It is possible that is not the case, I think they all could use the money. I said it before, just because their parents have money doesn’t mean that they do.

      • lol. I did. I agree then, but I also said that just because their parents are rich doesn’t mean they are as well.

      • True that. Paul may have debt he’d like to eliminate in his businesd. Nothing wrong with that. Plus, this is a free country whereby I believe one is able to do whatever they want. That’s why it’s called freedom. Smile.

  21. I definitely think Paul is more deserving, but Victor is a much nicer guy and has also played a great game. I think Victor should win and other than those two, no one else is deserving. The remaining HGs with those two exceptions are all floaters.

  22. Also, remember that all the HG’s signed a waiver to abide by the Rules of this Game .. and, imo, are getting paid a pretty good stipend, all expensed paid 3-4 month summer vacation and opportunity that thousands, if not tens of thousands of others only hope for, and possibility the potential for a future opportunities, once they leave the house ….
    Though, unfortunately, some never “Got It” and have had their lives shattered for the events that have transpired during their tenure on BB and other reality type shows ???

  23. What are the rules of the game? If he makes it to final two, would he have been the one that did the best job to win it within the rules set forth.

    It’s not his fault that BB allows battle backs, that was part of the hand they all were dealt, and he’s done what he could to maximize his opportunities.

    Right now, I think Paul is ahead of Victor in the ‘deserves’ category. I do think Natalie and Nicole are not far behind him. It certainly depends on what moves take place going forward, but I do think he has a very strong case as to why he should win.

  24. Kinda off topic, but how true is the rumor of the returnees getting $25K to come back, and $25K if they make it to jury? If true, could you imagine if Cory/Paul/Natalie/Victor found out? They’ve made 50 grand plus stipend. It explains a lot about how James and Nicole don’t seem to be active participants in this game, they’ve already made more than the 2nd place winner.

    • Frank mentioned something like this but I didn’t catch it all I think he said they don’t get the stipend like the rest just the 25k and 25k for jury n maybe even more for finale if they make it that far not positive though

      • If it’s true, it would make sense from James’ perspective on why he’s so passive and just wants to shoot for AFP. That’s $75K plus the $25K he already made on the show.

    • Everyone makes stipends. I don’t think there should be an issue if a veteran is paid to return. Most of them get involved in TV or other media after that and they probably have agents. I wouldn’t go back either without some incentive.

  25. I don’t get how Natalie is more deserving. On a personal level I dislike her for always playing the victim and congratulating herself for being such a good person. On a game level where it really matters I still don’t think she is a very good player. She coasted through the entire first half of the season. By being a shitty player she didn’t even have to lift a finger to guarantee her safety. She did figure things out eventually and played well for a few weeks, with some help from production, but has now alienated herself to a certain extent from the rest of the house and only talks game with James and Meech. If your gameplay consists entirely of hoping and wishing that Meech doesn’t go home on Thursday then you don’t deserve to win.

      • It’s nothing they haven’t done before, the problem is the HGs take everything so literal this season. We’ve seen production trying to subtly suggest things to Jeff in BB11 and he couldn’t figure out what it is they were trying to tell him (though we knew it was about not trusting Natalie). But when these HGs hear something, they take it to be the absolute truth and run with it. And that’s where the difference lies.

      • I don’t know exactly when it happened but I trust what I read on this and other credible blogs. I can’t post links here but here are some quotes from BBN articles.
        “She (Natalie) revealed on the Live Feeds that production had been pressuring her to work with Nicole and Corey. ”
        During Natalie’s HOH – “Nicole and Corey “cuddled” and slept because they know they’ve got the right people (James and production) on their side this week.”
        I’m positive it happened if dedicated feed watchers say it happened.

    • You’ve got that right. But she is good at putting on 5# of makeup and kicking her leg up. Lol.

    • I thought she may have had potential with figuring Paulie out but I think after Paulie left she pretty much rolled over and gave up.

    • Okay wait. I know there are viewers (mainly other women) who really just can’t stand Natalie because she seems flirty and weak but remember, she tried at first to get a girls alliance started with Bronte and Brigitte. At the same time she paired up with a vet to get info for the girls she was tightly allied with. She has played a social game with other house guests, is in a showmance with a veteran who was able to protect her from being too big a target of the other guys he was semi allied with, and she won an HoH. Since then she has strongly been trying to influence James (she doesn’t buy that Michelle is safe this week) but James is the one who has literally dropped the ball and put them at risk. Does she deserve it more than Paul or Vic? Nope. But she does deserve it more than Nicole.

      • The Spy Girls was a horrible failure of an alliance. She paired up with a vet who sucks at the game and always kept her in the dark. the best James ever did was protect her from being a pawn the week the got Da’ out. She was never going to be a target when there was at least 10 bigger threats in the house and those bigger threats had a ride or die which meant she wouldn’t even be considered as a pawn or backup target. She only started playing a good social game when Paulie lost control of the house, before that she was mostly isolating herself. Nicole by setting up a PV vs. Jatalie showdown has surpassed anything Natalie has ever done.

  26. Recently went back to watch episode 1. Right after Nicole jumped out of the suitcases, Victor said That’s not Right! She had her chance. Wait! She left and came back so this is her third Chance! I only got ONE chance! Hahaha. Little did he know. So yes of course he deserves to win if he can pull this off. And Nicole, also on her third chance, may be making it possible for him to win with her decisions this week if he and Paul are savvy enough to leverage it. Gotta love BB.

  27. At least Victor didn’t bribe anyone (Niocle/James) or not fulfill his veto punishment (Paulie ?). He’s not breaking rules, so I don’t see a problem with him winning.

    • We actually don’t know that there hasn’t been any other bribes. Nicole and James just got caught on camera.

      • Vanessa did it last year, and yes, she was also caught on camera. The difference is she wasn’t talking about the money she got from BB, but the money she got from playing poker, but it’s still against the rules.

  28. Yes, Victor deserves to win, and he is the person I want to see win if not Paul or Nat. No one else, James just annoys me this season throws comps all the time. Nicole this is the only week she made me happy by not putting Paul/Vic on the block and making a final four w/ them.

  29. Don’t care for Victor and still don’t. I also don’t care for the term “deserves to win “. If you make to the end and actually win, then you deserve it. Paul for the win??

    • I agree. All of her decisions have been purely out of spite because someone was “mean” to her.

      • Yeah I seriously can’t believe I just read that. The article was decent until that point, and then it pretty much lost all credibility.

  30. Well deserving to win depends on what you do not what happens to you. And Vic has played a lot better when he came back the first time. He went from being Jozea’s goon to being a strong and smarter player than last time. Atleast he wasn’t a kiss ass to Paulie or the vets and was willing to play his own game.

  31. Of course he deserves to win! If for no other reason than his drive and ability to win comps when he had to. Nobody other than Paul comes close to that. Most of them are soft as marshmallows with their game play.

  32. I think the only person who deserves to win more than Victor is Paul. Would love to see them I’m in f3 with Nat. I would hate to see any of the other 4 in f3 or f2.

  33. This article lost me when it said Natalie “absolutely deserves to win over Victor”. Luckily that was near the end of the article. But seriously, you absolutely have to be freaking kidding me.

  34. One problem with BB is that the best players are sometimes evicted because they are the best players. Often the worst players or the lesser players are the majority of the house. I see that as a problem. with the game because any game should end with the best player winning. Now you could argue that because a person wins, he/she is the best player. In most cases that would be true, but I don’t think so in BB.

    Right now, I would give Paul the nod for most deserving. He would be as good a Derrick if he was not so loud and aggressive in his game play. But he is manipulating things much like Derrick did.

    I hate to say it be I would give the next nod to Nicole. She has spent more time courting Corey than playing the game but she has played some game and made some bold moves – or big lies, whichever you prefer. I think her play this week has been excellent – realizing Michelle is the 3rd wheel with James and Nat making her a threat. Nicole has managed to keep things smooth with both other “couples” in the house.

    Then I give it to Victor on the basis of his comp wins. After than no one deserves to win. Natalie and James are clueless and Michelle is too.

  35. Every battle back was a physical comp. You fill the house with guys who are very physically fit and the guys are primarily going to win those physical comps. I don’t think that Victor had to go up against much competition in the first battle back. If they’d thrown a couple of puzzle type comps in there, maybe there would have been a different person return. In that way, they laid the groundwork for a guy to return to the house. I give Vic props for the second battle back because Paulie really wanted it so he was a tough competitor, but I still think Vic got advantages that no other player in the history of BB ever go. Is a physical game more worthy of respect than a social one? I don’t think Vic could have gotten very far after he returned if there hadn’t been some bigger targets in the house, and he would certainly be gone by now if he hadn’t been able to rely on Paul’s social game to protect them both.

  36. Yes Victor does deserve to win. Don’t know what the big deal is about James. America is certainly not voting him as AFP this time around.

    Natalie, Michelle and just about everyone else except for Paul have all soured in our eyes.

    So who deserves to win?

    Either Victor or Paul. They both have played a good game.

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