Big Brother 18: Does Victor Deserve To Win Less Than The Others? [Op-Ed]

We’ve seen a lot of debate over whether or not Victor Arroyo should even still be on Big Brother 18, much less win the season. So does he deserve to win or not?

Victor lets his Veto hopes be known

Let’s take a look at Victor’s journey before we arrive at a decision. Victor started the game as a total newbie. He knew very little about the game and it showed. I mean wasn’t he the one who told Nicole, who was Head of Household, that he wanted her out? Of course Jozea took the fall that first week, but Victor followed the week after when he was evicted 9-1.

So a second boot (we aren’t counting Glenn here) almost unanimously evicted. Strike 1.

Of course we know what happens next. Victor went into sequester and was able to prepare mentally, and I presume physically, for the Battle Back competition. Being the second person evicted, Victor would have to face off against either Glenn or Jozea to stay in the battle. And he beat Jozea and then the others evicted one by one until he re-enterd the game.

After entering the house from the Battle Back, he went from No. 1 target, to No.2 target, to Head of Household back to back with only Corey’s fast double eviction HOH in between.  And then he was again evicted, but only because Paul won the Power of Veto and Victor was the collateral damage.

But of course Victor wasn’t gone as long this time. The same night of his second eviction he again won his way back in the house, beating out the four jurors evicted before him. That was Big Brother history made right there. Victor holds a Big Brother record and has a lot of competition wins under his belt. So he gets A LOT of respect. But does he deserve to win Big Brother 18?

A lot of people are saying no, including some people in the Big Brother house, like Corey. Social media is, of course, split down the middle. For every “No, Victor shouldn’t win” tweet, there’s one that says he absolutely should.

OK, I’ve skirted the answer long enough. But hold on. Let me say something else first. I’ve never even been a fan of a player coming back period. Even the players I like. I mean I like watching them on my TV, but once you’re evicted you’re evicted. I think that’s the way any Big Brother purist should think.


Yeah, there’s a but. This current era of Big Brother is so full of ridiculous twists and production favoritism that it’s hard to remain a Big Brother purist. I mean production gave these houseguests this season three chances at the game. And Victor fought his way back in two of those times. That other time flopped of course as no one evicted had the Round Trip ticket.

So, I’m going against everything I stand for, but I have decided that yes, Victor does deserve to win Big Brother 18. Does he deserve to win it more than anyone else? Well, no. But I can’t say he doesn’t deserve to  win at all.

And I haven’t come to this conclusion only because he fought his way back in and production as already soured this season. Victor has actually upped his game all around. He’s shown that he’s not stupid like I once thought and he actually has everyone in the house liking him. Nicole was even talking about how she feels bad for him because he seems like he could really use the money. Victor has come a long way indeed. So yes, if he were to win BB18, I’d be totally fine with it.

That being said, I would place Victor in about third or fourth of the deserving line because there are a few other people who have played a better game all season. I’m not going to get into my exact rankings here, but Paul and Natalie are definitely above Victor as far as who should win the season. And since I can’t bring myself to say either James or Nicole are the third-most deserving, I’ll go ahead and say Victor is.

What do you think? Is Victor deserving of the Big Brother 18 crown?


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