Big Brother 17: Will Liz Turn Operation Mongoose On Austin?

Operation Mongoose is my nickname for the latest scheme on Big Brother 17 where the Austwins have decided to keep a Houseguest around specifically for the purpose of targeting Vanessa next week. But what happens when that mission is over?

Will Johnny Mac become the Austwins mongoose?
Will Johnny Mac become the Austwins’ mongoose? – Source: CBS All Access

Originally the idea by the Austwins was to keep Becky this week to have her take on Vanessa, but Becky was soon replaced with John when it was decided he’d be a better choice for the mission. Now we’ve heard that mission might be expanded to an internal target.

Soon after Austwins decided to keep John we heard Julia warn Liz that Austin might be motivated by personal interests for keeping John over Becky. We have seen John starting to bro it up with Austin in their afternoon work outs but that might be more strategy on John’s part than Austin’s. It does seem like Austin has more potential to team up with John than Becky, but not if Liz gets her way.

Speaking with Julia in private on Friday night, Flashback to 8:27PM BBT 8/14, I was surprised to hear Liz tell her she liked the idea of John staying because once he’s done with Vanessa John was “unfortunately” more likely to go after Austin than Becky and she’s “okay” with that. Now it’s not surprising that Liz knows Austin will need to go, but I’m just surprised to hear her verbalizing it already.

Liz and Julia are clearly F2 through and through. I don’t see them ever betraying the other to get to the end unless they both end up on the Block and are forced to campaign against the other. So yes, they’ll need Austin out and seem to think John might be their best chance.

Gotta love the Austwins creating their own Frankenstein monster that they think will do their bidding and then just poof. There’s no easy recipe for making it to the end but I like the entertainment potential here for us when them keeping John to take out Vanessa while the twins secretly plotting to use John for eliminating Austin as well.

What do you think of the Austwins plan with John and Liz’s secondary target of Austin? Do you think John would be more likely to target Austin or the twins if they made it to a F4 scenario?


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  1. What they do not even consider is the Steve and John combo. That could be a very strong alliance because they would be loyal to each other. Just do not include Goblins, James and Meg in the plans. Better to move to evict James so that, he does not muck things up yet, again. He is just as likely to snitch on them to Vanessa and expose their plans. If John stays long enough, he might win an HOH and with Steve covering his back, a back to back HOH can really turn the Big Brother House upside down. That I am rooting for. And if Becky can come back into the Big Brother House and be an ally to Steve and John then, that makes it an even stronger trio! Just keep it on the down low though, and “do not trust” Austin, Liz, Julia, James, Meg and most especially, Vanessa. Keep them all in the dark and strike when you win HOH!

    • Totally agree Steve and John could be a strong combo. Unfortunately, Steve seems to be most loyal to Austin at the moment. Need to get rid of him to make it work.

      • If they were smart, and I know they are not, I would send Vanessa and Steve out with the next two evictions.

        The Goblins are not the least bit dangerous. Meg can’t win anything so she can be cut loose almost at will. James will not turn on Austin until there is no one left to target. He may be useful getting out Steve and JMac.

        As for the rest of the house, once Vanessa is out of the house, they must realize they have to take at least one Austwin out and I think it should be Liz. Unfortunately, once that happens, Julia and Austin have to go too or they will seek revenge.

        A JMac, Steve, Meg, James final 4 is ideal for JMac and Steve. Not only are Meg and James easy to beat, but their BB resumes are thin to non-existent. James’ move on Clay was actually a misfire. And he blew up Becky’s game getting her and Jackie evicted when they were working with him! Meg has done nothing at all except sleep.

        If JMac and Steve think long term, they want James and Meg with them at the end.

    • From watching after dark, Steve and John are allot closer than we think. Their whole plan is to make it to the final 2 together. John is the house favorite by 53% with the rest spread out over the rest of the HG. James is on second this week.

      • Oh really??? I am so confused. I watched them just thus morning talking about it. I see them from time to time discussing things. I just assumed they were keeping each other backs… very low key to throw everyone off???

      • I think Steve has an alliance with John and also, he has one with Vanessa. Steve I believe is playing low key but, may make his move sometime. He seems to be good at competitions so, would a big threat in the game but, he is flying below the radar for now.

      • I’m basing that opinion on a statement made by Steve @ 2:19AM BBT. According to Jokers, he said,
        ” Johnny Mac thinks we have a F2…how cute!”

      • Steve has a final two with Vanessa also. And last night he was talking to the camera about making a final two with Austin. Which is stupid on his part thinking Austin would agree to a final two when you know he has every intention of going with Liz. Steve is for himself just like Andy.

    • I have a feeling that we haven’t seen what Vampire Dentist and Lil Stevie are capable of doing. If Vampire Dentist survives this week, he’s going to win that HoH for sure.

    • What did James muck up? Getting Shelli out was his wish when he was HOH and Vanessa had her two cent’s in it to evict Clay. The plan was to evict Shelli the following week and that was what happened. Becky tried to get Vanessa out but it blew up in her face

      • James nucked up his HoH when he did not secure the votes to get Shelli out. Then he mucked up Becky’s when he allowed Becky to stick her neck out after telling her he would support her then he flipped leaving Vanessa in the house to target Becky. That was just a really bad move and it resulted in Becky’s predicament this week and Jackie going home last week.

      • I agree leaving Vanessa in the house messed up plans and was the the reason two are either in jury or will be this week. Leaving Vanessa in the house was better for James than Shelli and he had the votes to evict Shelli until Vanessa forced people to vote out Clay. By leaving Shelli in the house and if her alliance had won HOH instead of Becky then James would be in jury right now. What is the difference had the latter happened.

      • Beside’s this is Big Brother. People will lie and flip votes for the betterment of their own game.

  2. If that impossibility were to ever happen (Thing 1 and Thing 2 making it to F2) it will be the end of Twin Twists forever in BB. (Any future twins will be evicted pretty early.) So if it happens and the world doesn’t end, at least there’s that silver lining.

    • I think if both twins make it to F2, which I hope doesn’t happen, that will make CBS think that the twin twist was a great success and they should do it more often. Maybe a double set of twins and/or triplets. Seems to me that if anything new happens, e.g. Derrick’s total manipulation last year, they try to duplicate it.

      • I hear what you’re saying, redroses, but Production can’t control the HGs. If twins or trips play from here on out they’re going to be targeted by the HGs immediately as dangerous voting blocks. As we’ve learned this season, all a twin set needs to do is find one ally and they’re a 3-vote block.

      • Production also thinks we loved Battle of the Block and that is was a huge success… so there’s that too.

      • Tell you what though…After this season and all of our reactions to the Twins it might be super fun to have 8 sets of twins competing. Some Identical, some Fraternal, but everyone knows they’re all twins. That could be AMAZING! (And no All-Stars or twins from other shows.)

      • Interesting Twist… what would be awesome would be if there were a few sets of identical and a few sets of fraternal twins… and we all know they’re all twins, but the ones in the house don’t know everyone is a twin. Just to see if some of the fraternal twins can play the identical twins.

        But either way, I like your comment about no All-Stars or twins from other shows. I don’t think I can stand another show featuring the Twinnies from TAR.

      • That’s what would make it so amazing! I can imagine myself saying: “WHICH F’ING ONE IS THAT?!?!” to the TV screen multiple times. – Maybe they go Retro 70s and make them wear T-Shirts with their names on them (but there’s no rule that says they have to wear the correct one so the Live Feeders and Show watchers will be thrown.)

      • Gosh, I’m having trouble w/just 1 set of twins… I know with BB and especially Survivor at first there are too many people, hard to even remember names or keep them straight.

      • That’s why I think having 8 sets of twins would be great. If two sets are fraternal, that’s fine. That means 6 sets of identical. I think it’d be a heck of a challenge for audience mems even with names on shirts. I think it’d be fun!

  3. I believe he’ll target one of the twins (specifically Liz) as one is better at comps than the other. Julia has yet to win a comp. Austin won’t be too happy, but as John would say, “whatever”!!!

    • Sorry to say this, it is not smart move at this moment and I do think they are acting to the camera. Considering all players in the house, Austwin is their best alliance. Next is Steve, who only costs one tiny good guesture from Julia. So they will need target other good players like V, James, John. Knocking out one more, they r in the deciding lead.

  4. I think John’s first order of business will be removing one of the three Austwins….he’s smart enough to realize there are 3 of them, only 2 Goblins (are they still called the Goblins?), one and a half Vanessas (Steve is the half)….he’s gonna hit the biggest set of numbers first. But I agree, the entertainment potential for the next one or two weeks is fabulous!

    • If they can be counted as smart player. So far only Austwin “played” or “were played” the best game for themselves. Everyone else was helping Austwin to win. I am not Austwin’ fun. This is just fact

      • John needs to get rid of Liz..then there is hope that Julia and Austin will go their seperate ways since she doesn’t care for him

      • I don’t know. If it was that easy, Vanessa would do it herself. I think V wants Jmac/James to do the knocking out of Liz as the first punch and then she gets out one of the other two, saving the one who would align with her afterward/be a “pawn” to take to F2, whatever.
        I see Austin/Julia maybe seeking revenge for Liz/running scared together. IDK.
        I’m not convinced they would go their separate ways at this point, with so few in the house and Vanessa there. I can see them running to mommy Vanessa.

      • I think the latest is the Twins are plotting w/JMac to get rid of V and Steve is saying “I don’t know” and then Austin drops in and like “What’s going on here?”, they explain it & he like ‘okay’ and Steve is like “I think we need to wait until after NEXT WEEK’s eviction when someone comes back in the House”.

    • No John is not smart enough to realize that. People give John way too much credit just because they like him. Once Vanessa goes, I can see John doing nothing and just waiting for his eviction OR I can see John going after a goblin which would be a HORRIBLE move. Based on previous actions in the game, I don’t see John going after the Austwins which is the right thing to do for his game.

      • I am not a John fan….I am still hoping somehow Jackie and James takeover the house….but come on, we are not talking rocket science here, he must be able to figure out it is a numbers game now….siding with the Austwins may buy him a week or two, that’s it.

      • I figured that’s what you were thinking but I was saying “what a dreamer she is”. LOL!!!

        While you’re at it throw in Meg for F3. LOL!!!

      • Not being a JMac fan is you’re lose, he’s the type that can grow on you… good sense of humor and I think some of his ‘act’ is to hide his smarts, which is working on you.

      • I like JMac, but somehow I became attached to the Goblins, if he became a Goblin, then I could root for him! I believe is his very smart & agree he is hiding it….my original post was his first order of business should be getting rid of the numbers, then comments were he wasn’t smart enough to figure that out….if he brings his smarts to the Goblins, they will take over the house!

      • It certainly looks like it on the feeds…pretty sure James is not “keeping his enemy close”…I don’t think he realizes Austin is the enemy…Meg has James convinced he is at summer camp! I had such high hopes for James!

      • Don’t see that happening plus the Goblins are down to James & Meg, right? But stranger things have happened in the BB House.

      • I don’t either and James right now seems to be a lost cause….he seems to be under the “Austwins Spell”….I may be flipping…JMAC may be the only one capable of saving this season of BB!!!

      • JMac or Becky (if she goes & comes back); crap James has been a lost cause from the get go, IMO… not a bad guy but not the sharpest crayon in the box. LOL!!! I did that on purpose.

      • You sounded like Vanessa who didn’t believe Vampire Dentist could think of something by himself. Never underestimate him. He’s a valedictorian (I think I have mentioned this like a dozen times already hahaha).

      • Yeah but I judge based on previous actions and he doesn’t seem smart enough to take out the Austwins.

      • Oh he is smart enough… Steve and John are plotting every step very closely. He even said his ONLY compitition, as far as smarts would be steve… to Steve face.

      • Deb… that is such a good point… after reading so many comments and see others points I totally agree with you. Thanks for helping me remove head from butt. Lol

        I still secretly wish and hope John and Steve are or end up working together. I also believe steve keeps everyone in the dark of his true feelings. HOPEFULLY we are bring tricked.

      • That’s easy… eliminate Liz… both Austin and Julia won’t know what to do next just b/c they’ll be confused & angry… if Vanessa’s not there for them they’re screwed.

      • His objective is to take out Van Van. That’s the main priority. He can’t just go out gun blazing aiming to take out everybody. Still like 5-6 weeks to go? One at a time.

      • I’m not saying that John is going to take out everyone. My point is once Vanessa goes I can see John making a bonehead move and taking out a goblin which would ruin his game or I can see John going back to sleeping and doing nothing.

      • What????no way. This is so difficult to believe. No one will guess this when listening to her speak or trying to have conversation with others.

      • IKR?? Book smarts sometimes doesn’t equal common sense smarts! You wouldn’t be able to tell that my daughter graduated cum laude from an Honors College based on personal bad choices she’s made! LOLOL

      • … and who her mother is. LOL… Just Joking… I gave you an UP Vote. I definitely agree with book smarts don’t equate to common sense.

      • I wouldn’t have picked my daughter’s husband for her. They’re both always playing one-upmanship but there’s no race to be had by either when it comes to their personal relationship. I’ve told them both to find hobbies that don’t involve them together…..LOLOL My husband once complained about my reading hobby. I told him to find one of his own….he did. We now have his whole beer-bottle collection in our master bedroom (rather than in our unfinished basement). Luckily it goes with the decor! hahaha

      • OMGosh, that’s a joke right? Problem is she may soon be one, her paranoia has got her on the edge… she needs a ‘vacation’ bad.

      • Really? I am impressed. I always thought she’s better than Hickey Liz. Smart or not, that’s relative, she’ll still be there next week at Top 8. The objective is to win 500 grands in any way necessary. You can glide by or you can cheat, lie, cry or bully your way, it doesn’t really matter as long as you end up at the top.

      • Steve is also very book smart, but there is a difference of intelligence.
        Is like a person who is street smart, but not in school or vice versa. Steve and John are book geeks and BB idiots.

      • Well, I bet you are a gangsta in life! Wait a sec, gangsta watching and commenting on a show like Big Brother? Heck, .. we are all geeks and freaks (even some are BB idiots) … so there you go, luv.

      • Really? I think John’s biding his time before he surprises you and SPRINGS into action. Assuming Becky is out and back in, I would love to see the two of them take over.

      • Not really Meg can’t win a comp, it’s obvious unless they throw it to her or she lucks out… but were she to SPRING out it would surprise everyone, well at least me. JMac wins comps, he just has not made a BIG MOVE yet… that’s why I said he’s getting ready to SPRING, unless he decides he’d rather remain a GOOF-BALL.

  5. Does anyone agree with me that Julia is in the best place in the house right now? She is in good with Scamper Squad/Austin’s Angels, and is surely not the first to be targeted by the other side. The only thing is that she needs to win a competition!

    • No she don’t, if she is in a good spot than there is no need to win a competition to risk it. Steve was in a good spot last week and he ruined it by winning HOH in the DE. But I don’t really think that Julia is in a good spot, they label her and Liz as two people. So if they ever want to get rid of a twin, her or Liz is in trouble.

      • He said “I tried to throw it, I didn’t want to win it” was that part of the act… you know when you’re “50% acting” how would we know. How did he ruin anything he put up Jackie/Meg and in the end pissed off James/Meg… BIG DEAL!!!

        The purpose in winning is so you can make a BIG MOVE that equates to being a good player deserving of F1.

      • I believe that Steve was trying to win that HOH. If he was trying to throw it he would have threw it. It looked like he knew all the answers so I don’t know why he didn’t throw it. I think that Steve regrets his decision that why he said “I tried to throw it”.

      • I agree that he was trying to win the comp. But I don’t think he regrets it. He was doing exactly what his closest ally, Van, wanted him to do. Jackie was the one piece of the goblins really onto van before this week. Van wanted her out! I don’t think she “gave the order”, so to speak – but she was the one who set it up for Steve to make the play that he did.

        So, Steve then executes his careful plan in the “aww shucks… I didn’t mean to do that” way, and he has completely (at least so far) deflected any blame. It has played out great for Steve so far. I will agree that he has taken a risk and it might come back to haunt him, but so far I don’t think he has ruined his game – and unless James or Meg figure it out, it never will be the thing that does

      • Me too, I found his actions totally weird and awkward and he tried to cover his actions with crying & coming up with a lame excuse as to why he put up Becky. Here’s WHY he did it IMO, all the talk was to get Vanessa on the back-end of the DE, he prevented that and he put up 2 HGs that he thought would cause him the least amount of blow-back. It did cause blow-back but not for him or Vanessa. Pretty clever really.

    • At the end of last Thursday’s eviction, after the sudden departure of Jackie .. I could have sworn I overheard James and Meg talking about going after Julia, if they had won the HOH ??
      Though, game-wise, she appears to have a more level-headed mind/thinking in the game than Liz, at this point, who has Austin buzzing in her ear …

    • Winning a competition would most likely help to garner her a jury vote or two if she happens to make it to F2. Without a win, according to who she would be up against, she would probably lose.

      • Totally agree and you are at a point or very near where you need to win, the numbers are dwindling and you need to have control over your own fate, at least to give you the best chance to win. At the very least an alliance member needs to win and even that is not a 100% sure free-pass.

    • If you mean “best place” as the ultimate floater, then yes. She reminds me of Victoria last season in terms of inability to compete well in comps and isn’t as likable as Meg (also has poor comp results), which makes her a prime candidate to take to the end, because everyone else in the house will beat her.

      • And look where that got Victoria… NOTHING, except honor of being last female standing at F3. Though was it Cody, he could have evicted Derrick and taken F1 ($550,000) and Victoria would have got F2 ($50,000). Cost Cody 1/2M.

      • It actually got her to jury and the last one evicted, which means she scored a few extra bucks, I believe, for lasting that long, all because she was thoroughly inept—can’t win comps, sucky social game and couldn’t strategize or put 2+2 together. Not bad for someone who doesn’t even know she’s playing in a game, like Julia, and think it’s “summer camp.” She should’ve scored $50k had Cody chosen her instead of Derrick, but Cody was just begging to place 2nd instead of 1st, but I suppose it’s poetic justice that the most deserving won, at least for last season.

      • I agree the most deserving won, everyone should have a bro like Cody. Didn’t know 3rd place would payoff.

        But it just goes to show a floater like a Victoria could cash in F2… maybe she’s Meg’s idol.

    • I think of Julia as a ‘camouflaged’ floater, hiding behind Austin/Liz.

      Who was it, Becky? That told Steve… “you need to win something”, I think she put him OTB. Well, someone needs to tell Julia… “win something”.

      Then there’s Meg. LOL. Put her OTB, she’s as safe there as anywhere.

  6. That’s exactly why it may be better off keeping Becky, as it may be tougher to get rid of John in the future, especially if there is a good possibility of a John, Steve, Austin and whomever Alliance …
    By keeping Becky, they would honour their agreement last week to the Goblins for not nominating/backdooring her this week …
    I have this suspicion that Becky may be more determined to go after Vanessa (should that still be the case) than John would be .. hard to say with these HG’s on what they actually want to do from day to day, let alone minute to minute … Ha !!!
    In the end, if they could get over their differences .. I could see a potential Austin, Steve, John and Vanessa Alliance forming …

    • Vampire Dentist and Van Van form an alliance? Seriously? From what I’ve seen so far, he’s quite determined and honest in his words, so I don’t think so. But anything can happen, right?

      • An unholy alliance, but has the potential … which is usually the best kinds, right? As nobody would be likely be aware of it… Ha !!
        Steve is somewhat aligned with John
        Steve is somewhat aligned with Vanessa
        Vanessa knows that she is, at best, 3rd/4th wheel with the Austwins …
        Austin knows that he is, at best 3rd/4th wheel with the Twins …

    • Austin’s ‘ugly stick’ will prevent that from happening… don’t know if JMac/Vanessa differences can be fixed. Plus if V makes F4 she’d want someone beside JMac she could control like she does Austin/Steve.

      So maybe if JMac pretends V can control you could see Vanessa, Steve, JMac and someone like Meg in F4. A lot depends on who comes back in the House, Becky or Shelli could make a big difference.

  7. Possibly. In order for Vampire Dentist to win he needs to take out everyone so why not start from taking out Evil Queen then Judas? Makes sense.

    • I’d go for a twin before Judas… but yeah, either way, he’s going to have to be a competition beast to roll to the end.

      • I prefer him to take Judas out for personal reason, coz I simply don’t like him haha, but yeah either Liz or even Julia is ok too, whatever (in Vampire Dentist’s voice)

      • I think Liz needs to be the first of the Austwins to go. That way you break up both sides of the threesome alliance. With Liz gone I don’t see Julia wanting to stick with Austin.

    • Austin was targetting going into the Jury house with Liz… So it would make sense (Shelli talked about that with Becky) to send Liz out and see Austin rolling over to get out on the week after.

  8. I would say that if someone, anyone, doesn’t target the twins in the next 2 weeks, the entire house is full of a bunch of stupid morons.

    But yeah, I guess that might just be why the twins are still there to begin with…

    • I think anyone, except Steve or Meg will win the game if sitting next to either of the twins. They are floaters following Vanessa and Ausitin’s game.

      • I agree. But at the same time, I can’t believe they have let both of them get this deep into the game intact without so much as an uneasy week on the block.

      • I believe Steve was OTB when Becky put him up, her advice “you need to win something Steve” and he won Veto and it seems early in the game he was OTB and won Veto so Steve hasn’t been totally floating and he’s won 2 Vetoes & 1 HOH, actually Austin is more a floater than Steve. As far a Meg goes, as they sometimes say “her picture is next to ‘FLOATER’ in the dictionary”.

      • I love Meg… she won me over when she was drunk rubbing up on Clay. He should have said “Meg, I’m clay in your hand… mold me!!!”

      • I noticed that and he was grinning from ear to ear… I wonder if Meg realizes how ‘powerful’ she is? LOL!!!

        I wonder where Shelli was, he didn’t seem worried and he wasn’t pushing Meg away.

      • The fact that Clay was comfortable enough for that to happen, he had to know that Shelli was somewhere otherwise detained. I’m still waiting for when they get together after the show, if they even do. If I was a betting woman, I’d put money on that not lasting. Besides being self-centered, she seems like a very controlling woman. Clay needs to run and grow up a little.

      • 10 years old than him and my guess she’s HIGH Maintenance… but she’s pretty and seems like a nice lady.

      • I was actually referring to the twins not feeling any heat on the block. Yeah Liz was nommed early on too but I don’t think they’ve really been too uncomfortable.

      • “Floater” in BB means a house guest who floats from one side to the other, depending on who’s in power, NOT someone who doesn’t win comps. Austin is NOT a floater, nor is Meg.

      • You’re right that’s probably the true definition of ‘floater’ but it’s became popular with the players that won comps & got blood on their hands & were doing all the work to refer to those sitting on the sidelines NOT playing the game ‘floaters’, just waiting until the numbers got down to jump in and play, their main strategy is not make enemies & argue very little, just float along.

      • WHAT? After Steve made that BIG MOVE and took out Jackie… just joking. Seems I told that joke once before or stole it from someone.

    • I’d say the twins are still there b/c they’re ‘HOT BIATCHES’… anybody BOWL? Think of Liz is the 1-pin; Julia the 2-pin & Austin the 3-pin… you aim and take out the 1-pin, you’ll probably get the 2 & 3 also, at the least you take out 2 pins

  9. As a viewer, I think that the best choice for the HGs other than Julia or Austin of course. Put up Vanessa and LIz on the block, then Liz and Austin and Julia and whoever stays. Putting up Steve against any of them will be great if they want him out. Whoever decides to target Vanessa and Austin will be my new favorite HG. As in actually putting them up on the block and not using the Veto.

  10. i don’t know why james, john, meg and venessa and steve can’t ally to get rid of the austwins. vanessa won’t win if she F4 with austin and the evil twins. I like julia can’t stand liz.

    • bubba this post isn’t meant to pick on you, but more of a general observation about the game.

      We armchair quarterbacks aren’t playing “the game”. We have ZERO social interaction with the players. We have formed no bonds with anyone in the house. We only “think” we know these people.

      I’m sure it’s completely different in the house. For example it seems that most viewers expressing opinions on websites strongly dislike Austin. However, in the house he seems to be one of the most liked and sociable of the house guests.

      In life, we tend to like and trust people that seem interested in us. Why has Vanessa to a large extent been ostracized? Because the other guests think that she is only interested in herself.

      Ultimately John may choose to align with Austin simply because he LIKES him more than he likes the other house guests.

      Personally I think Austin is playing a brilliant social game. The most interesting question regarding Austin’s game; in the end, will he sacrifice his game for Liz? Out of the three Austwins, I believe that Liz will be the first one targeted.

      • thanks for your opinion. austin fell into the twin thing by accident. I have nothing against him. I want James to win, btw

      • I’m sorry, I certainly didn’t mean to imply that YOU dislike Austin. I was making a more general point about why the house guests don’t form what look like obvious alliances.

        Even without the “twin thing”, I think Austin would have played a very social game. He had/has a very large target on his back because of how imposing he looks. He has done an excellent job of diffusing that issue.

      • no offense taken. promise.
        I think your analysis of austin is correct. who are you rooting for?

      • I know this will sound stupid, but I’m rooting for good game play!

        Right now if I had to pick a favorite, it would be Austin. Simply based on the fact that I think he has played the best game.

        Early on I liked Shelli’s game play, but obviously she blew herself up! If you remember the reason she really pushed for keeping Austin was because she was insufficiently impressed with the other house guests response to Clay’s veto win.

        Before the Jason eviction she was in a very good place in the house. JMac STILL thinks he was in an alliance with her!

        Quite honestly I originally thought “shirtgate” was going to be a fun way for her to reintegrate into the house. Shelli would have a little “caper” with Julia (for bonding purposes) and ultimately fess up to James and make a joke out of it!

        Unfortunately, for her chances of winning a half million dollars, she was actually being petty over a SHIRT!


      • clay with his temper blew up shelli’s game and shelli never should have trusted vanessa. yeah that shirt thing was ridiculous. I’m glad i’m not in the house playing that’s for sure

      • I think you are right – putting up & evicting Liz is the key to breaking up the power of 3.

        I can even see Van doing it next week, if she gets wind of the attacks that are being planned. The problem she has is that I don;t think she has the connections with the folks she needs to in order to make that happen. But she would be smart to try. The “power of 3” is becoming the elephant in the room.

  11. I know John wants Vanessa out since she wants his head on a stick – that’s fair. I just hope he is smart enough to realize, after that, that Liz should be the next target. Take out Liz and the entire alliance is dead. Julia and Austin would only continue to work with each other if they had no other choice. Have allies offer olive branches to each in private and they’ll throw each other in front of the *choo choo* train. (sorry Becky)

  12. This week was probably the worse week ever this season. I’m looking forward to next week and a switch in HoH power as this week was a wasted HoH if you ask me and as James would say, “boring as all get out!” J/S

  13. This is actually the other thing John and Steve were talking about last night was AFTER the elimination this week they needed to pull some in closer (but not let them know Steve and John are working together) to use as protection. They talked about vanessa, but know she will float to who ever is HOH. Then they decide austin would be a better choice. Hmmmm.

  14. However much I like John as a personality, I think Becky is more likely to win future HOHs and take out Vanessa if purely based on past HOH comps (the house just needs to follow through, though, on voting her out). It’d actually be smarter to keep Becky over John, too, because she’s also Vanessa’s biggest target—hence why she wants her out this week and tried teaming up with Johnny Mac. Here’s hoping he pulls out a long-deserved win for this upcoming HOH comp and takes out Vanessa or the Austwins!

  15. She’s got Operation Mongoose all wrong. If something like this happens, JMac isn’t going to target Austin, he’s going to target Liz. Oh, Liz. So pretty but so stupid.

    • I must disagree with Liz being pretty. Her snippy attitude takes any outer beauty she has completely away.

      • I wouldn’t say the twins are unattractive, but hot is pushing it. As long as we are rating contestants on their looks though, how about toss the guys in there too. They shouldn’t get away without the same critique.

      • I don’t think she, (or Julia) has outer beauty either- Becky is so much prettier even after the train..

      • Forget the snippy attitude. I’m not sure how anyone can get past how stupid she is. But credit given where credit is due in that she is a physically beautiful woman.

    • I think they are attractive but not as attractive as they think they are and if I have to watch the snooty head roll too many more times I may go insane.

      • Lets do it on a rating system, they are 7’s maybe 7.5 imo… I could be wrong but they both use minimal make-up so I’m sure glammed up & dressed sexy they could get to 8.5, we’re seeing them plain vanilla. LOL!!! That’s my scientific observation, purely from a clinical viewpoint.

  16. After watching Steve and John strategize on BBAD last night they both appear pretty stupid as well. I think Steve may have Aspergers syndrome for real……Please get Vanessa out soon then go after the twins

  17. I think a more appropriate “nickname” for this new scheme is “Operation Praying Mantis”. Think about it. :D

  18. Austin loves his airtime and even spoke about all the free airtime he/Judas was getting this summer. I would rather not see any of them on Amazing Race, but if Austiz is still a couple after the show, I think it would be hilarious if the twins were asked to be on the show. I think that was one of Austin’s objective with having a showmance.

    • Yep, ironic even… that’s a no-brainer for Amazing Race… lets see 2 hot chicks, twins no less or 1 chick and a meat-head wrestler no one has heard of… DUH?

      • So I guess it is fair to assume that the twins could slay you with their hotness, G-Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan? hehe

      • Pretty much but I’d play hard to get, realizing if you act (100%) like you’re not interested, all of a sudden the tables are turned. LOL… either that or just let the both of them have their way with me.

      • Funny… on the lines of telling someone “I don’t care what others say about you, I still like you”. LOL.

        Did anyone check out “John & Becky – a little bit of your heart” on youtube? They definitely are my 2 favorites on BigBro this season. The looks they give each other and they laugh together… it’s very touching.

  19. In the HG bios, Steve stated that he was going into the game as a “child-like, less intelligent young virgin who sleeps with his teddy bear.” I haven’t heard him mention his teddy bear, but he has downplayed his intelligence and definitely has portrayed the child-like character at times. I am suspicious and skeptical of his whole act.

    • I think there are a growing number who are as well. The posts on here gained steam after the DE HOH. But for me, the edits in Sunday’s show started to give some real evidence that maybe he has been very stealthily playing a child-like character – not only for the other HGs, but for the live feeders as well. What better than a HUGE BB fan to make himself a legend with a play like that. When I first heard it – I thought “No way”. Now, I am also intrigued.

      If this is true, and production would know this – I think we will see continued exposure thru the edits of the “big” surprise.

      • I just went back and watched that meet the cast interview with Jeff S and it’s like watching a different person, and he pretty clearly lays out his strategy. Love it love it love it!!!!!

      • I think a lot of people have either never seen it or have forgotten about it. When I looked it up earlier, it re-enforced for me that my suspicions were warranted.

    • The guy went to Cornel!!! AND, he doesn’t sound even remotely like he comes across on the show. Steve is flippin’ brilliant!

      • He told Liz that he was a thesbian in HS. So, unless he is lying, which I don’t know what the purpose would be, we know he has some acting experience and must enjoy it.

  20. I’m no fan of the twins, but would love to see them go after Austin. And I would love to see Austin’s reaction to that. I don’t think he would handle it well.

  21. Then again the twins change targets every 15 seconds and have no clue what they are doing. Getting Austin out before final 3 is stupid for them. He is not great at comps so if they make final 3 one of them will almost certainly win the last HoH comp. That’s the time to evict him and he would even understand it.

    At some point soon the rest of this house is going to come out of their stupor and realize that there is an unbreakable 3 person alliance in the house. The twins need Austin when that happens.

    • Agree completely. The target needs to be the austwins if the rest of the house wants to actually win this thing. The particular target needs to be Liz as she is the glue that holds the austwins as a block of 3. If you can get her out, i.e. by nom’ing the 2 twins and keeping noms the same, then the house can take out Liz as I think only Austin would vote for Liz.

    • I’m hoping Van wins HoH this week and is smart enough to take out Austin. This way she’ll still have the twins with her. If she takes out 1 of the twins, Austin and the other twin will be pissed and will go after her.

      It’s okay that John wins HoH too. But if he does, hope he realises Austwins is the immediate biggest threat and break them up, instead of targeting Van.

      Please please don’t let James or Meg win, cuz they’d go after Steve… We all could stop watching already if that happened…

      • You really think they would? Why not Vanessa and Austin or Liz? How would it benefit them to get rid of Steve? He couldn’t be trusted as a potential ally.

      • By this point I have no trust in James/Meg to execute any plan. James is so easily emotionally manipulated. Meg will just do whatever James asks her to.

  22. If Steve really is putting on an act, when is he going to let the “True Steve” loose in the house? At this rate, he’ll be evicted before we know what his game is. I get that he’s playing it safe, trying to placate everyone, but I hope he doesn’t keep us in the dark too long. So far, I’m not seeing anything impressive.

    • At final prior to jury vote

      He’ll probably use 20 syllable words that no one will understand but him to explain his journey to the end.

  23. were austin and liz really going at it? lol i don’t watch live feeds, and I’m really glad i don’t…

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