Big Brother 17: Vanessa’s Paranoia Peaks Again Ahead Of Nominations

Saying Vanessa Rousso is stressed out on Big Brother is the understatement of the season. She’s constantly either actually paranoid or playing paranoid or talking about other people being paranoid (which of course causes more paranoia for her). Last night Vanessa was again on high alert.

Vanessa Rousso is exasperated with Steve Moses on Big Brother
Vanessa Rousso is exasperated with Steve Moses on Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

Upstairs in the HoH room Austin, John, Liz, and Steve debated the merits of targeting Vanessa this week with a Backdoor while she quietly slept downstairs below. Soon her Spidey sense was going off and her paranoia had her up and moving looking for a new target.

Flashback to 4:49 AM BBT 8/21 Cams 1/2 to find John returning to his bedroom and flipping on the lights. If you accidentally select Cams 3/4 you’ll find Austin mounted on Liz for yet another make-out session, so tread carefully. John’s choice to use the lights wasn’t a great idea as it woke Vanessa who sat up and wanted to know who was up, what he was doing, who was around, and where Steve was.

Vanessa grabs her trusty sidekick green beanie and heads out looking for Steve. She finds him near the Lounge and asks to talk with him. No thanks, says Steve. Heh. Steve explains he’s not in a good mental state to listen to her and give her the full attention she deserves. Vanessa then asks if she can just talk to Steve instead. Steve again tells Vanessa he’s not in the right state of mind. Cue the fake tears.

Vanessa begins her choked up voice and worried looks saying she just wanted to talk to Steve and have him listen. She doesn’t want to talk game. (Hah!) Steve apologizes and says he was trying to explain that he can’t listen to her in the way she deserves to be listened to. Steve is doing a good job of handling Vanessa’s standard behavior of freak out, play the victim, and guilt trip the Houseguests.

Next step in Vanessa’s MO? Hands to the beanie. Check. Vanessa says “I’m tired of being the bigger person in every scenario” as she turns and walks down to the bathroom. Steve calls out to her and she just walks away ignoring him and goes in the WC.

After a few mins Vanessa emerges and when Steve asks to talk with her she replies, “I, unlike other people in this house, will always hear other people out.” Now that refers back to earlier in the night when Vanessa wanted to extend her game talk with Austin by “3 more minutes.” Austin declined. Vanessa has been freaking out ever since. Well, that suggests she wasn’t before, but you know what I mean.

What was supposed to be an apology from Vanessa to Steve was instead Steve apologizing to Vanessa. Now she returns the favor and says he’s been receiving misdirected anger from her. Vanessa says she’s upset about Austin making a deal with the Goblins and that she’s still upset when he didn’t immediately promise her a vote the other week. Soon she’s back off and running on her game talk. Remember that whole “no game talk” promise from a few mins ago? Yeah.


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  1. I do not understand her extreme paranoia! Especially, when her alliance is in power. If she lays low while her side is in power her name would never come up as a target but she never stops!

      • Her alliance that she started targeting first by almost backdooring Austin. It’s all been because of her, lol. The person most paranoid is the one who’s the most guilty.

      • Jackie was backdooring Austin. When Vanessa tried to throw the HOH to Jackie and failed she had to come up with that elaborate smoke screen to save Austin’s bacon which blew up her own game. A credit to her brilliance she’s still around

      • So was Vanessa. She was still going to backdoor Austin until Liz and Shelli talked her out of it. She then went against an alliance she made, Dark Moon, and put Jason up. She did this all to herself. She has no one to blame for her excessive paranoia but herself. She knows that if she’s playing the way she is there’s a chance other people are even though they weren’t at that particular time.

      • Buybacks are usually endurance so I’d definitely take the chance now or else she’s winning it all. Why the houseguests haven’t tried sooner is blowing my mind!

      • Someone just reminded me that last year’s was luck so actually I’m probably wrong, lol. They’ve been copying last year’s layout almost exactly so they would be risking her coming back for revenge if they get her out!

      • It’s worth the risk b/c of the competition that’s already in the Jury House (Shelli, Jackie & Becky), it would be 3 against 1… not impossible but unlikely.

      • Last year was luck, so they could fit the whole comp in one show and start the HoH in the same episode.

      • You’re welcome! I noticed last year and this year that you and I are pretty much on the same page, so I figured you wouldn’t mind the friendly reminder. :)

      • I’d much prefer to be friendly reminded than to sit thinking I’m right when I’m totally wrong, aha :)

      • BD Vanessa if you have a chance, why let her slide & take the chance she gets HoH or Veto next week… get her now.

      • Right, but Austin’s reasoning for backing out is that the people coming back in will target her which isn’t necessarily the case. Jackie is mostly the only person who would. Shelli says she would but I highly doubt it and Becky said she’d work with her to get Liz out. If Vanessa stays any longer she’s 100% winning.

      • Can’t disagree, let see there are 8 HGs left (1 leaves & 1 returns this week) so V can stay 2 or 3 weeks more. Each coming week it would be best she leaves, as each week passes it gets scarier that she’s still there… really no excuses (except bad luck – HoH or POV) after this week for keeping her in the House.

      • And her winning POV this week just validated this. Austin had his chance and ruined it now all I’m waiting for is Vanessa to go after him because she now knows she was a choice as a target this week and we all know she’s not opposed to going after people in her alliance.

        Honestly, Vanessa is a fabulous player I just wish she’d own up to it in the DR instead of continuing to lie! That’s the only thing that bothers me.

      • It will be interesting if we get to find out her plans regarding Austin, her big problem how does she overcome his alliance/relationship w/the twins. I doubt she has enough time left to overcome that 3some plus all the others that are after her.

      • With the blowup that happened this morning she now has time to overcome the Austwins. If Steve gets evicted she can work with Meg/James/John and the returning juror (hopefully, it’s Jackie or Becky) and go after Austwins. It’s the other side’s best bet! Plus, Vanessa really needs to get away from a 3some any closer to the end to have any chance of winning!

      • Yeah maybe. But even Shelli is on to her now. I don’t think anyone likes Vanessa and how she’s still there is very mind boggling, you are right. She had so much control and now she’s about to lose it all. FINALLY!!

      • Bingo on get V now & not having a chance soon after but I not worried Shelli’s going to be Vanessa’s buddy if she returns, Shelli may target V (if in House) on return, she’d be smart to align w/HGs who want to target V.

      • Let’s hope that is still possible. But I have a strange feeling that once Shelli, Becky, Jackie or (JMac/Steve) return that they’ll target the Austwins instead. Yes, they need to go too now more so than Van as they are now numbers to everyone for voting than Van is considered being.

    • Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against unpleasant impulses by denying their existence in themselves, while attributing them to others. For example, a person who is rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude.

      According to some research, the projection of one’s negative qualities onto others is a common process in everyday life

      • In other words, if Vanessa was in Austin’s shoes, deep down (maybe even on a subconscious level) she knows she would evict herself.

      • I was going to say “you’re just being rude… ” yes, for sure… if you’re a kleptomaniac you can see the klepto in somebody else.

  2. Say what you want about Vanessa, but she certainly has the ability to read other people. Not only can she detect the pulse of the house, but also each individual. However, how she handles that information is what keeps her from being a better player.

    • I don’t know. How she handles that information has gotten her pretty far in this game. I mean, people don’t want to nom her because of how she handles information. And dollars to doughnuts say Austin won’t nominate her this week, because he’s afraid of a freak out. I’m not particular fond of Vanessa, but I think she’s going to win this whole damn thing.

      • I think you’re absolutely correct. If these people were serious BB players, wouldn’t they be on to this? Well, Steve is supposed to be a super fan. Are the rest left all recruits?

      • Note to self if you ever get on BB: 1st thing to do: Rip out your heart and put it in a jar. Reclaim it when you get back home. Write across your knuckles (Max Cady style or Uncle Leo if you’re a Seinfeld fan) the letters:
        S O U L S O L D.

      • If I ever did, not saying that’s a possibility, I’d demonstrate my powers of persuasion by pressing two fingers from each hand against my temples and say, “I know how to will someone to do anything I want! Watch and see!” hahahahaha

      • I can see JMac as a BB fan. And I would guess that Vanessa is too, but really don’t know for sure. I’d love to know if anyone knows who of the remaining HGs are recruits. If the majority of them are, then that seems weird. Like they are all getting through there on sheer, dumb luck.

      • And Austin. He applied last year, too, but only made it to alternate. He missed watching the season because he was silently protesting not being selected (big baby.) He runs a podcast about BB.

      • Most don’t want to nom her b/c of the dirt she has on them or they know she can make up dirt on them, so basically they don’t want her as a enemy. If she’s on the Jury & you’ve got her vote you can bet she convincing or arguing for you.

    • Yeah, she really “read” the twin situation so well. She, because she was pulling the strings, let twins into the house and now they have a rock solid alliance with Austin. I’m tired of the props given to an average game player (Vanessa).

      • She’s below average. Average keeps an alliance and their emotions in check most of the time. She can’t do either.

      • Yep… I don’t get it, she has some good skills, like ‘reading a person’ and seems to have a 6th sense but those negative feeling/info make her paranoid and it makes her go & get confrontational with people.

        She wants you to accept what she says w/o question and wants to question everything you say.

    • You do know she’s a poker player and has learned to read tells but you are correct in that she has like a 6th sense, just like some talk of her having a spidey sense. How she handles it is what’s causing her problems, JMac says “I don’t like that you yell at me… ” and she’s like “I DON’T YELL AT YOU… “; gosh he’s giving constructive criticism why not listen and say “I yell at you? I’m sorry I didn’t even realize I was doing that”.

  3. Austin took the whole thing about him almost being backdoored in the bob stage way out of contexts. He was the one who told Jason that they could go after Julia if they saved liz. So it was his fault for reviling things about the alliance that almost got him ousted. Vanessa put her game on the line to save him. So he is wrong about the whole situation.

    • Yea but planning to back door someone and then not back dooring them isn’t saving them. Using veto on them is or convincing an HOH that is not yourself to not backdoor them is. She thinks everyone owes her something.

      • to be fair she is the reason why the Austwins are till all unnominated as of the twins coming in. She is the only one with manipulation power in the group so they need her.

      • And Austin talking to jason was a plan he made with Liz, so he never actually planned on getting rid of Julia. It was all miscommunication, blowing up a situation and Vanessa doing her usual emotional reaction. She’s way too impulsive. Austin never deserved to be up in the first place that week. They wounded their alliance that day.

      • Huh? The reason that Austwins haven’t been targeted is because Van is a bigger target. It is not her game play. They DO NOT need her. They didn’t need, use, seek her advise last week and they’re not doing it this week. Both proving that they’re fine without her.

    • That all happened AFTER the plan to BD Austin was in motion. It’s why Jason became the renom. Van was mad at Austin because he threw the dice rolling game to JMac and then lied about it to Van. The only reason he had to lie about it was to keep her from flipping out on him. Self preservation. If you’re going to blame Austin for something that was 99.9% Van’s fault, at least get your facts straight, please.

  4. I’ve said it before, Vanessa may come off as paranoid…but what she does is throw a bunch of crap out there and hopes some of it sticks….with this bunch it does…I would say she is preying on the paranoia of the others…every single time there is a new HOH, she unleashes an entire new set of craziness, and every single time they either change their noms, or if the noms stick, change their minds about who to vote out. Yah, she’s crazy……like a fox!

  5. If you read Van’s bio, at Duke she got her Bachelors in finance or economics, business but also excelled at a course in Game Theory Also as a poker player, she knows the “tells” and watches carefully for anything deceptive from the other HG. Google her. Interesting stuff!

    • Heard early this AM
      Steve:I’m the only one here could get into Ivy League school
      Van: I got into Ivy league school
      Steve How is Duke an IL school
      Van:I got a full ride to Wharton Business School at U Penn and Duke also got into Columbia
      Steve: well I guess that shoots me down
      Van: don’t play that game with me(in her poker voice)

    • She owns a mansion, won 4million in poker, and owns a school in Canada that teaches poker. She doesn’t deserve to be on BB, I Google’s her too. I heard her say that she was a lawyer and that’s why she understands how strategy works and game play. I didn’t read anything in her Bio that said she went to law school. I don’t like her, she is hateful, spiteful biatch, it’s no wonder she is paranoid, anyone with her personality should feel like all the HGs are out to get her, cause they are. They just don’t have the guts to do anything about it and because the game is rigged.

  6. Van also went to UM Law school. So that was the lawyer part of the deal, at some point she started making large sums of money playing poker, met her husband Chad…she is estimated to be worth 4 million $$, so she is not doing this for the money. The flaw in her game is that game theory does not involve human emotions and/or human error, in other people as well, This is why she is dying when she is not in control, and we know she can try to influence others but they still have free will to change their minds. Hope they send her packing this week.

    • I think she is doing it for money. Poker Stars dropped her and Go Daddy and L’ancome apparently are over so BB is easier than getting her poker game back to where it was and finding backers

    • NO, she’s rumored to have made $4M, not be worth $4M. There is a HUGE difference. That $4M was over a few years. She hasn’t won anything big in a few years. I think the last big winnings was in 2011, although she has had smaller ones since then. She went from a high ranking poker player to Poker Stars dropping her. Her house has been on the market for over a year.

      She split from her husband after he found out he had cancer and didn’t even attend his funeral. They weren’t married that long. So, I suspect she didn’t get anything from his estate.

      She mostly likely spent like a millionaire when she and her successful husband were rolling in the dough & continued to spend like that. I suspect that one of the main reasons she is playing is because she views that $500K as a way to reduce debt. She is playing like she is desperate to win.

  7. I want to burn that stupid beanie she wears. She said she has “Gwen Stefani” style last night, don’t think so, but wanna beee…

  8. I wish in her confessionals she explained how much of it is strategy and why she does things because them people would see how genius her game really is.

    • I agree she’s smart, and a great strategist but some of this isn’t planned. She clearly has emotional issues, and lets the game get to her head. Paranoia etc. If you watch her expressions/body language it’s clear that some of this is just her, and her reactions- no game play in that.

    • She may be an intelligent person, but she’s delusional. Thank goodness she has toned it down some…for now. I hope the bully doesn’t rare it’s ugly head anymore, but I doubt she has enough self-control.

      • She isn’t delusional she is using game theory and manipulation tactics it just looks crazy with no confessionals backing it up.

      • I have to laugh every time you catch mistakes and point them out. I’m trying to cook, do laundry, and post at the same time, Joni. I feel like I’m being

      • My editor humor comes out sometimes. My personal humor is much more fun though! I love your comments a lot or I’d have never pointed anything out at all! hahaha

      • I love all of your humor, Joni, and you can spank me anytime. Should “anytime” be two words? hehe

      • Austin has a picture of himself and his gay friend in the HOH room and Vanessa literally said that it’s a sign to tell him not to backdoor her! I can’t stop laughing!!!

      • I just pictured group of men in white coats singing “we’re coming to take you away, oh my!” Marching through the house to find her.

      • The needle on my narcissist meter started to jump after the freakout with Jeff in the bathroom, I think it was. Ever since then I’ve been looking for supporting evidence for this hypothesis and this “going insane” characterization would seem to be the capstone for this theory. Narcissists are used to manipulating people and when they can’t they walk around like their head is exploding. BB is giving us a front row seat to the deconstruction of a person with NDP–Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

      • I can see it! If it’s not all about her she goes crazy. I saw it most intense with the Clay/James/John blow up when she inserted herself into when she didn’t need to and after Becky put her on the block she sat in bed crying for an entire day and was pissed when nobody checked up on her. She cries about being alone yet she isolates herself most of the time. Definitely a narcissist.

      • I’ve been a little busy with grandchildren and need to catch. I hope that convo is on Jokers. I go from one minute despising her ways to the next minute laughing at her idiotic statements. She’s one unusual gal.

    • She can’t do that. She believes her own crap. That’s what happens when you live in a world where every little thing is about you.

  9. I’m sooooo done with this women. She needs to get out of that house but their to chicken sh*t to do it. Ridiculous.

  10. I don’t have feeds so does anyone know what Austin has discussed for noms? If he’s considering a BD for Vanessa then he has to have some pawns. I know he told the Goblins they are safe but surely he has to put one of them up at least initially, right? There isn’t enough people to promise everyone their faces won’t be up there.

  11. Even though I don’t ger the feeds just reading about Vanessa’s paranoia is annoying and exhausting. I can’t wait for her to go.

  12. Nomination Ceremony is about to begin! Puleeeze put Van up instead of backdooring her. That way she knows it’s possible she’ll be going to jury rather than having her speculating about being BDed over the next few days until Veto Ceremony!

  13. I’m not on board with the author’s view that she didn’t save Austin. The whole house wanted Austin out, not just Vanessa. Vanessa did in fact save him and took a massive hit in the process by backdooring Jason. In my mind at least, Austin does owe Vanessa.

    • The author says that because it was Vanessa who insisted he go in the first place. That entire thing could have been cleared up if someone just spoke with Austin but instead she got the whole house against him. He doesn’t owe her at all. Not opinion based.

      • I get that, but at the end of the day, it’s still Vanessa who saved him despite the fact that the entire house wanted Austin out. Regardless of what her role was in the planning, she did save him from the will of the house.

      • I’d argue Clay, Shelli AND Vanessa saved him. Vanessa was the HoH that week and had the final say.

      • If you remember correctly, it was Vanessa who sent Austin to them. Vanessa already had her mind made up. She sent Austin over to those two to cover her own butt in the event that the move blew up in her face. And it did. And her plan worked. Shelli and Clay took the fall.

      • She’s playing for the money. I can’t fault anyone for doing that. I’d rather fault the people not playing for the money.

      • I can’t fault anybody for disliking Vanessa :D
        But you’re right, she’s certainly playing the game in a more intense manner than any other HG. Unfortunately she has exhausted them and the TV audience by doing so.

      • I know. She played a very good game, with that one exception of that move. I wish she had never done that, because she’d be coasting to the end. As viewers though, maybe we should be glad she did it, because the game sure has been fun since she did it. :-D

  14. Its crazy to think that Danielle from bb3 and bb7 is the only female to play a purely logical strategic and dominate game in big brother.

  15. Is getting Vanessa out when the Austwins are in power really worth their game being blown up and every detail and secrete being reveled? I think they are going to pay to high of a game price if they put her on the block.

    • What secret? These folks cannot hold water. They keep talking about “blowing up their game”. What game? All game secrets went out the door when they BDed Jason; everything started to leak then…

      • Oh, I forget that some may catch on to things later than others. That should be apparent, Austin and Liz are in a showmance, Liz and Julia are twin sisters, Liz is the glue that holds this very obvious trio/alliance together.

      • Yeah people in this house are slow. Also she could tell people hey Austin has never been on the block and the twins have yet to touch the block after they came in. She also knows that the Austwins have a deal with steve/john and with the goblins.

    • I wouldn’t worry about any “secrets” at this point. Austin has “bonded” with James and Steve and Jmac (to a degree). Whatever she tells them about the Austwins was back when they had an SS alliance which is toast now. Besides, Vanessa has been discredited as a liar now. I don’t think that knowledge = power at this point.
      I do think Vanessa is the biggest target in the house which buys them another week, whether or not I like that.
      I would not fear her return as much as I would fear her sidling up to the returning juror. Miss a little, miss alot in BB house.
      But someone will have her on their resumé unless she wins. I think Austin might talk himself into it by Monday. A few times.
      (Austin will call Vanessa’s name in his sleep and Liz will be jealous. He’ll be fantasizing about getting rid of Vanessa in his dreams.)

      • I am not so sure. J/M & even JMac& Steve are not the sharpest knives in the drawer when it comes to game management & game info. A brain dump could be enough to have SOME damaging material for the Austwins.

        Remember when Audrey did her brain dump about SS. James & all discarded it initially, but James remembered and it helped him finally see the SS when later data supported it.

      • I agree about Audrey but that was early on in the game. At this point, with all 3 Austwins in tact and with Vanessa having been revealed, I just don’t think there’s anything that will be a game changer. Like you said, Audrey already spilled the goods before. And there just aren’t enough people.
        Once the riddle of What To Do With A Problem Like Vanessa” is over, I think we’ll know “sides” again, if not target order.
        May be wrong. Just think the only worry I’d have if I was an Austwin (about V) is her teaming up with a returning Juror and about being the biggest targets in the house if she left “too soon”, in case of power shift. :)

      • Totally. They’re all impressionable, and when word hits the house that Austin and Liz have been lying to everyone, the rest of the house will wake up and target them. It’s the same exact situation that brought down Clelli.

    • That’s what I said when the feeds came back and no nom! hahaha Put JMac and Van up. So what if Van wins Veto…but what if she doesn’t? I’m counting on her not winning Veto…point blank and period! Just get on with it.

      • If she does, then cry and pout and make your voice shake and touch your head and blather on to her about how she didn’t “trust” you to keep her safe when they assured her she was only a pawn and how they’ve stuck together in that house all this time and how. in. the. world. can she think for even a micro second that you’d ever ever ever do that to her??? And how to you, it makes you wonder if you should trust her going forward? If she doesn’t trust you, should you ever trust her again???
        Hee hee hee hee Flip her own script on her. Ha!
        “Thing about them tables…They turn” (not mine – I got that off Pinterest – lol)

      • lol – I’d like to see her reaction if someone held up a mirror to her like that (convincingly) – maybe Zingbot – ha!
        PS Joni – I did realize that the quote is grammatically incorrect. I just posted it as I found it on Pinterest. ;)

      • Prob-LEE…Vanessa may reply, “Oh no no no – I TOTALLY and COMPLETELY trust you – You know that. STEVE told me you guys decided to put me up over some BS that JAMES fed him. I didn’t wanna believe him. It hurt me to my soul but I was just shocked. I was afraid to come to you and get Steve in trouble when all he was doing was looking for me I THOUGHT!!! Apparently, Steve set me up! He has to go. He MUST!” …And then she’d take a breath. Lol

  16. Feeds back but no nominations. Just a smaller table and no more have-nots. Let’s get to the nominations.

  17. To be honest, it’s not in the best interest of Austins game to get Vanessa out despite everything. Simply because, clearly, she has no one. If they do take out Vanessa, they create the opportunity for the rest of the group to become a bigger group 4 or more….What I want to happen is for Vanessa to take the Austwins down..That should give them a lesson.

    • We are talking about Austin here, right? He just wants there to be peace, fun and happy horsh** to be in place the rest of the season. Having Van there will not insure this! hahaha

      • Jokers is saying that right now – she is a frontdoor nom. Very stupid of Austin to do this. BD would be fine, but frontdoor is not good idea.

        Too much time and too much can happen to screw it up. He has burned his bridge with her and if she stays – Austin has put a target on himself that he didn’t have to have.

      • Front dooring is the way to go with the players that are now left. That means Van would have to win VETO to save herself.

      • Lots of time and anything can happen. The twins seem to like Van over Jmac – although who really knows with them. The pushback on jokers now seems to show that Julia is really in Van’s court. And Liz has said multiple times she doesn’t trust Jmac.

        I could see scenarios when even IF she loses veto and noms stay the same, she could squeak thru against Jmac.

      • Hell hath no fury like a Vanessa scorned. If this is what happens and it’s Vanessa and Jmac on the block, Vanessa is going to come roaring back and take down the Austwins. This is going to be an epic battle of good versus evil. Or evil versus evil, or whatever you choose to call it.

      • If Austin & Liz continue their romance after the show – they will have so many double entendres to utilize.
        Well, he will (try). Liz will just use the Veto. Lol.

  18. I hope someone weak goes home this week so Becky can come back and exterminate everyone alongside Jmac

    • do you think another endurance challenge? I think Becky and James are playing for america’s favorite player.

  19. “I’m tired of being the bigger person in every scenario” Ughhhhhhhhhuh (in Liz voice). She is so delusional and annoying. The worst thing about her is that she really believes she is such a great, nice person. But if she makes it to the end, she totally deserves to win.

  20. Right now….is vanessa the ace, austin the king, liz the queen, and james the joker? Looking at it as a deck of cards…eh?

  21. Here’s who I believe were the recruits: Van, Liz/Julia, Austin, Clay, Becky, Meg, Jace and of course Jackie and Jeff!

    • 10???? What??? Wow.
      And like it or not, a recruit has a very good chance of winning it all this year – maybe taking both top spots.

      • Yes, they do, but it’s unfair when those recruits come on and say they don’t need the money or all they care about is how many t.v. spots they will make on the show…my heart breaks for a true BB fan like Jason who did need the money!

      • That’s true, but she was recruited to BB instead. She more than said this when Shelli was discussing past seasons with Van. Van watched the game but never actually applied.

      • Can’t help it! haha Twins said they watched a clip of last year’s game and thought they were an authority by doing so…but they didn’t know what Veto was all about! That made it very clear they weren’t fans before coming on! hahaha

      • She’s friends with Andrea from Survivor. I think it depends on how you define the term. The casting people ask for recommendations from previous contestants. Many of the “recruits” are big time fans who had a fast track to meet with producers.

      • Meg is a recruit! Van was a recruit…she told Shelli she was early on…that’s when Shelli said she’d applied in Vegas where Van was recruited from. Van said she was probably recruited at the same time as Shelli applied. Just going by what was revealed. Liz/Julia were counted as one of the 9 recruited! LOLOL

      • Do you know how Vanessa was recruited? i think they have a fast track option for those who auditioned for other CBS shows. That’s in stark contrast to finding Clay at a Lakers game, at least in my opinion. Those are the types of recruits I don’t like at all.

    • With Vanessa being a fan, that means 8 out of 17 were fans:
      Vanessa – Steve – James – Jason – Da – Audrey – Shelli – Jmac
      Recruits being:
      Liz – Julia – Austin – Clay – Becky – Meg – Jace – Jackie – Jeff

    • Not sure about Austin…he has a BB tattoo, and like it or not, he has yet to be nominated…I am not “Team Austwins”…but he seems to be playing a decent game so far…too much so to be a recruit….

  22. Van has to know, she’s fourth on the totem pole with the austwins. Hard to imagine everyone is playing for 4th and 5th place by siding with them. STUPIDITY abounds

  23. Pleeeaaase let Austin put up Vanessa! Let her run the show right up til she gets voted off!!

    I think even Steve at this point would send her to jury.

    Then so what if she comes back all ticked off? They can send her back again! Let the action begin!!

  24. I want to know if production is telling Vanessa when it’s time for the drama and waterworks, because they think thats what the fans want. Do they not k ow the fans are so tired of Vanessa we can’t stand the sight or sound of her any more. OMG put he out of her misery already, another week of this is going to be more than I can handle.

  25. I think Julia is looking at the end game. She knows at some point she has to separate Liz and Austin. Van will definitely vote Austin out to save herself. Her and Julia have a bond. The house was stupid to let the twins in in the first place. They have to start turning on each other at some point. Feelings are going to be hurt no matter when it happens. Everyone in the house and the jury is on to Van, so she is no big threat. They all tell on each other anyway. How long does Van think she can hold the “save” over Austin’s head. Van will get Austin and Liz out when she can. I think she’ll be ok with sitting next to Julia if that is her only option.

  26. Regrets flowing out of Austin’s mouth…Why didn’t we get rid of Vanessa last week? Liz to Julia…Austin was a F’n idiot for winning HOH!

  27. If Vanessa were to go now there’s no one in the house that would care. She has crazy eyes.
    Did production take the knives after the Outback dinner?
    Vanessa supposedly asked JMac why they couldn’t have nail clippers so are all the kitchen utensils teflon?

    • Trump did not. Surely he’s been too busy campaigning to take time to watch BB…but I can hear him say this! He knows who Van is from the casino world. hahaha

  28. I hope Vanessa’s big mouth and paranoia end up getting her evicted this week ! That would honestly make my week !

  29. Wow I would certainly hate to play poker w/her!!! But who knows, maybe it actually helps her win hands. I liked her game at first, but actually think Day was better at reading people much earlier on too. Do you guys think she is the most paranoid in all 17 seasons? I am beginning to think so!

  30. Damn, she us the most annoying HG EVER! Stop all the Damn drama and play the game. I’m tired poodle her ugly mug whining out on your big girl panties and play the game. No one in there has a set of b—- tosh there own game but Becky. Come back Becky!!!

  31. Does anyone but me think that Vanessa is the most annoying player in Big Brother history. I wish someone other than James would have the balls to get this paranoid freak out the door. The one question i have is why she is even in the game to begin with. Isn’t she the poker player who says she has won large sums of money. I hate when game shows put people like this on like when John the asshole Rocker was on survivor, Have people on these shows that the money could help change their lives, not to line the pockets of those that have already made millions

  32. I don’t want Vanessa to win because she has won 1.6 million being a professional poker player. What is she even doing there

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