Big Brother 17: Steve Catches On To Austin’s Target Change

Steve Moses has been playing along the sidelines of Big Brother 17 so far this season but now he’s been making moves and trying new deals, but it might be too late.

Steve Moses wonders about Austin's plans
Steve Moses wonders about Austin’s plans – Source: CBS

In the past few weeks we’ve seen Steve start to align with Johnny Mac while separating from Vanessa, moves that have caught the attention of the Austwins. Steve has been catching on to them too though and he called Austin out on his shifting.

Last night on the Feeds, Flashback to 7:21 PM BBT 8/21, Steve talks to Feedsters in the Lounge saying there may be a real deal alliance between Austwins, Vanessa, James, and Meg. We know there is with the five of Austwins & Goblins, but Vanessa also believes she’s part of a 6-HG deal with them.

Steve’s biggest fear is that this group would leave out just him and John. This leads Steve to believe John is the target this week and he could follow him out the door next week. Time to investiage.

Austin and Liz had just been camtalking their own plans when Steve arrives to talk. Flashback to 7:25PM BBT to hear the full talk or jump ahead a bit more for the meaty core.

As soon as Steve arrived Austin starts telling him how Vanessa is back on their side and all is good. That probably wasn’t what Steve wanted to hear and will just reinforce his worries from minutes ago downstairs.

Move ahead to 7:34 PM BBT as Austin continues to discuss scenarios for this week that don’t convincingly include Vanessa. Austin has been telling Steve the targets are either James or Vanessa when they are actually Johnny Mac or maybe now also Steve as an option. As we just heard between Austin and Liz, they’re getting more nervous about Steve, but back to last night.

Steve asks Austin if he trusts Vanessa then says she must have really “worked her magic” on his just before the Nominations Ceremony. Austin deflects saying it’s still 50-50 between her and James as the renom. Steve denies that response and says it sounds more like 100-0 in favor of keeping Vanessa.

Now downstairs we know that Steve is suspicious of Austin so while he tells Austin he doesn’t think the target is Vanessa but rather James what he’s really saying is the target is probably JMac.

As the talk with Austin and Steve continued we did hear one more zinger from Steve. He tells Austin that it doesn’t sound like Vanessa is a target anymore. Steve says Vanessa did a “brilliant job” on him. Ouch! Steve did a really good job here of holding his ground and talking tough without letting it get rough. He needs to play like that more often.

Move ahead to Saturday as I waited to see if when Steve would warn John. After so much time I thought maybe Steve was keeping this info to himself so John didn’t try as hard in the Veto comp and let Steve have a better chance. Finally at 3:42 PM BBT they talk in private.

Steve warns John about the Austwins, Vanessa, Meg, and James alliance fears. He tells John they need to get that Veto for themselves at this competition to hopefully force a James or Vanessa renom.

The Power of Veto competition is now underway as of about 6:30PM BBT. Vanessa, Julia, and Meg join Austin, John, and Steve. John could be in serious trouble if he doesn’t get the Veto win in this. Stick with us for the spoilers and results soon.


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  1. People don’t realize that big brother is a fixed show because they keep putting players who never seen big brother before

  2. I am starting to like him too. Whats not to like really. He as much as told Jmac there is no more throwing comps. If Jmac throws a comp then his dumb ass ought to be gone….

  3. I just read on Jokers that Austin told Liz when they were alone in the HOH room that the DR told Austin that someone was lying to him and now they now suspect it’s Steve. This might be Steve’s swan song…

    • Steve knows whats going on for sure….he’s no dumb ass…..JMAC is just as bad as MEG…..both are dumb asses…..everyone left is a dumbs except Steve and Vanessa

    • Steve gets a lot of praised from veteran players(social media)…Cornell University?..he’s no dummy.

  4. Does the house know that the ones they have sent to the jury house will get a chance to come back to the house.

  5. oooh..It’s getting hot in the house. Things might change. There’s a lot of time…I’m telling you, those DR sessions. lol

  6. Lol John again agreed to throw the comp because they told him he is a pawn like before. Looks like Vanessa is safe another week :)

  7. Honestly, Austin has underestimated Vanessa so much that I think I’m praying she takes him and Liz out. XD we might as well root for her since she’s undoubtably playing well and everyone else(particularly Austwins) are too dumb to go after her.

  8. well I thought one of my kids could apply to this show but like applying to Tim Hortons you must be inept so I guess they dont qualify

      • One thing that is interesting about recruits who don’t have much knowledge of the game going in is that they aren’t playing based on having studied previous seasons endlessly. There is something that becomes rather boring about watching players just apply the lessons learned over and over again, and we definitely are not seeing that this season. So we all complain about how “stupid” these guys are playing, but that’s because most of us have watched a lot of BB and know the game, probably much better than some of these players. There is something somewhat unpredictable to be said about a game being played by sort of newbies.

      • I, respectfully, disagree. What a better show it would have been this season if all the hg’s knew the game inside and out. Knowing all your competitors are as smart as you are about BB, would make for much more competition on everyone’s part. I say it’s time for an All Star BB next season.

      • Austin recurtied, the twins recurtied, becky recurtied, clay recurtied, john recurtied, jackie recurtied, jeff recurtied that’s 8 that I know about

      • I imagine they probably do a crash course and watch at least the last Season before the one they’re auditioning for once they make Finals. There’s some time between being notified that you’re in the Finals and going to them. People have to arrange flights out to L.A. and such so I bet recruits spend time watching before the interview just so they’ll have some familiarity. Then once they get notified that they’re in they probably watch some more and look stuff up online. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they asked for a former player name or something to use as an example in the DR room. You’ll notice they never pick names of not well known former players.

      • IKR I would love to meet the head of cbs and ask why all the recruited players suck and the applicant ones are good.

      • Then CBS is lying to us fans. Look at every single recruit over the past four seasons, they are either very attractive or very colorful characters. This season’s applicants are everyday folks. Every recruit (except Becky) are there for TV ratings. Ariana Grande’s brother? Breakout wrestler? Handsome blonde football player? Elite poker player? Please tell me you see a pattern here.

      • Meg is best friends with someone who was on 2 different seasons of Survivor (Andrea Boehlke) so I’m assuming based on her lack of game play she was also recruited as well.

      • That’s never going to happen. It’s a TV Show. They want attractive young people as HGs. (You’ll notice they’ve completely gotten rid of even casting ONE token “old” HG.)

      • So who’s the “old” one this year? Austin? Shelli? So sad – we need someone with a bit of wisdom.

      • There IS no “old” one this year. (That’s what I was referencing.) They usually have 1 person 40+. This year the oldest was 33. – Crazy.

      • I did realize what you meant – I should have put a bit more sarcasm in my first sentence. They definitely need a more varied cast – too many college frat/sorority types this year.

      • Instead of one “token” older person I’d love to see 8 HGs younger than 35 and 8 older than 45. With mental and physical comps I think it could be pretty cool.

      • That would make for a much more interesting season. With so many “older” people being in really good shape these days, I don’t think even the physical comps would be that much of a problem – the only thing is when the comp is stacked towards shorter or taller people.

      • I also think it’d be hilarious to see the younger people up all night until 5am and a few of the older ones making eggs and coffee at 7am. (If they were smart they could wear the younger players down that way a bit.)

      • I shelli applyed too be on big brother because I watched her interview before she went in the house she applyed and got a call back and had 2 Skype interviews and the more interviews in person then a screen test .

      • I read that somewhere else. I’m trying to find out who they all were. Jason and Shelli, at least, applied.

      • just curious why you say they were recruited? and what’s the difference between being recruited and applying? it’s a serious question lol I am curious. I do believe Vanessa was recruited because she is somewhat of a known person especially to those who watch poker and or play poker. but aside from that, what difference does it make if they were recruited or applied? Again I am NOT second guessing you or anything lol I really am curious.

      • Applying means you had to earn your way on big brother but doing a 3 minute video and had to spend your time filling out the application and have multiple interviews

      • yeah that makes sense!
        I don’t really see how it matters in the long run if someone applied or if someone was recruited, unless BB favors the people who were recruited.
        I do believe that production somehow manipulates the house guests but I do not believe production cheats in any way …. I don’t know how they would get away with it without it being very obvious.
        I know all reality shows manipulate certain things, some shows more than others but aside from everything the houseguests have to sign in regards to confidentiality, I’m very surprised no one has ever spoken up and said they were told to do certain things. For example in Big Brother, I am surprised no one has ever said production encourage them in the diary room to not vote out a certain house guest or to nominate a certain house guests…. Stuff like that! I would think after all this time someone would have said something by now. maybe someone has and I just don’t know lol but shows like The Real Housewives and the Hills, I know people have spoken up & said they were told to do certain things and / or it was heavily scripted. a lot of fake relationships and what not! I do really enjoy reality shows, just some more than others now because some are so heavily scripted.I miss the days when reality shows were very raw!

      • sorry lol such a long reply! I think that irritates a lot of people. maybe that’s why I’m getting so many personal attacks on my character lol but anyways, I just wanted to also say is that big brother needs to maybe recruit the entire next season because they are failing with a lot of the people they have on the shows recently.

      • Well, Becky was recruited on Tinder and Clay was recruited at some sports event. When the producer (or whoever) asked him about “Big Brother” Clay thought they were talking about the “Big Brother/Big Sister” organization. For all the people who apply to BB and are truly fans of the show, I think it’s disgusting that they (BB/CBS) don’t choose 100% from the pool of applicants.

      • But just because your favorites are gone does not mean its the worst season. This is a game based off of strategy and the fact that there are 3 fighting alliances is gold in big brother.

      • do you mean predictable? This season has been very predictable and I agree boring! like I have said from the very beginning most of them have been playing like they are at summer camp! the other side of the house only started to kind of play once Jason left. There were like Hey, all our friends are leaving! Something’s up! Lol fools! Even Austin who is playing the game seems to just be happy he’s making it to Jury with Liz! Vanessa, clay and Shellie have really only been the ones playing the game since the very beginning! James (& the twins) have sort of been playing the game, James only plays when he is HOH! And as much as I love Johnny Mac because he is so funny, he has not been playing a strong game. He has been happy playing on the sidelines and has made no big moves thus far.

      • if all my favorites are gone, that makes it a bad season. the people in the house are unlikeable. what they need to do, is increase the AFP prize to $250K, and then we would have more likeable people.

  9. On a personal level I like JMac. I hope he listened to Steve and doesn’t throw it. At this point anyone on the block should fight….the throwing days are over IMO. Good job Steve with sharing information. Most would be selfish and let the other person on the block fend for themselves.

  10. CBS

    As a fan of survivor big brother and the amazing race can you please stop casting recrutes and recycling players from one show to the other. Please cast fans and applicants who cares if they are not the best quality cagayan was the best new player season of all the shows and it had practically no recrutes all fans.

    • I wasn’t a fan of BB16 (it got boring for me because it was so powerfully controlled by one non-stop alliance) but BB15 (with Insane Amanda, Pizza Boy, “Always Approaching Andy” and the crazy racists) was pretty entertaining.

    • Obviously it was a beat the time comp and these knuckleheads are all trying to throw it and taking the longest possible time…..

      • me too…they’ve probably completed it and are waiting for the others….or everyone finished but meg is on her third hour….LOL

      • We’re 3hrs and 45m in. (It started at 6:31pmBBT.) Last week’s was 5:35 so this could potentially go awhile more.

  11. 12:20 a.m. here on the West Coast and BBAD isn’t airing yet (was supposed to start at midnight) – says to wait until after competition. They’re re-running the last episode. What are they doing for POV that’s taking so long? Guess I’ll go to bed and wait until tomorrow to find out what’s happening.

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