More Big Brother spoilers here thanks to the Live Feeds coming through again for us in the first night here with BB17 results rolling in and the drama keeping us busy.

Battle of the Block

Battle of the Block – Source: CBS

We already discovered who went up on the block for the first round of nominations which set us up to find out which pair of noms had escaped the danger and any chance of renom this week. Ready for some spoilers? Read on.

Becky and John, Jason’s nominees, won the first BotB this season so they’re off the block leaving Jackie and Steve behind in the danger zone. That also means Jason has been dethroned and could go up as a renom if that opportunity comes up. Sounds like he doesn’t need to worry about that though.

Current plan is to get some Backdoor going for us and I couldn’t be more pleased. Watch out, Jace. Yep, Jace is the target, but let’s see how that Power of Veto comp works out on Friday.

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