Big Brother 17 Recap: Episode 34 — It’s Double Trouble In Paradise

Wednesday night’s Big Brother 17 was hilarious. I found myself laughing more than I ever have. From bad gameplay to crazy egos to complete delusions, I just couldn’t contain my laughter.

The twins aren’t happy with this week – Source: CBS

Oh, and with only a couple of weeks left this season, someone has finally decided to put the twins up against each other (I may or may not have laughed at that as well).

The episode picks up right after Steve nominated Austin and Liz for eviction. Liz went right to bed in tears. She tells us in the Diary Room that being on the block with her “boyfriend” is just too tough to handle right now.

Austin and Julia go to comfort Liz and she tells Austin that she didn’t think that Steve would be the one to betray them. She says she would never do that to him ever and adds that “this means war.”

Steve continues to keep Austin comfortable about the week, leaving him to believe that Liz is the target when it’s actually Austin. Steve reminds us that he is now playing a different game than he was at first (even though I’m not completely sure he is, meaning he’s still playing Vanessa’s game).

And this week they waste no time for the veto competition. The plan is for Austin and Liz to try and throw the competition to Julia so she can use the veto on one of them and force Steve to renominate John or Vanessa. So let’s see how this goes.

I guess I should add that Jessie, aka “Mr. Spectacular” was the veto host. And also worth mentioning is that this was the competition — “Bowlerina” — from season 15 that split up Amanda and McCrae. Up first in the competition is Liz vs. Steve. Liz wins the match and Steve is out.

Up next is Julia vs. Austin. Vanessa actually convinced Vanessa to challenge Austin. Hold on while I insert some laughter here (HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA). Wow. Just wow. So now Austin thinks that everyone is out to get him and he’s no longer interested in throwing the competition to Julia. And Austin beats Julia, knocking her out of the competition.

It’s John vs. Liz next and John knocks Liz out in one try. So then it’s Vanessa vs. Austin. And he’s not happy she picked him. He’s so angry. But lucky for Austin he beats Vanessa and is left to challenge Johnny Mac. And Austin easily wins it and proclaims that “Judas is here” and tells everyone to watch out. So Austin is again pretending like 1. Judas is a thing and 2. Judas is some badass.


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  1. Well at least one of the twins will be leaving. I hope it’s Liz but it will probably be Julia. Unless JMac wins the HOH Vanessa is safe for another week. Ugh!

    • Watching Vanessa work, convincing the twins that Austin was never going to throw the comp to Julia – speechless.

      • We have to give Vanessa credit where credit is due..she deserves to win the game. But, I think keeping Liz this week is not a good thing for her..but, we will see. She is a “game strategy expert” after all. I have enjoyed watching her play.

      • She deserves to win b/c they pitted her against stupid people? Sorry lost it there… “Julia go against Austin, trust me” come on. Next time ask Sigmund Freud.

      • I agree, there are some really dumb people in the house this year. In fact, some of the dumbest I can recall. Julia makes Jordan look like a brain surgeon.

        But honestly, Austin is no prize either. His idea that splitting up the twins is a good thing at this point is equally dumb. Yes, its true they will not take him to final 2 if one of them wins the final HoH but thinking Vanessa will, or Steve, is even more dumb.

      • Two things… no one makes Jordan look like a brain surgeon but I love her anyway not so much Julia.

        Secondly, don’t underestimate Austin, he’s gang-busters on strategy for physical comps and is in great shape too.

      • Credit? For what? Playing with a stupid dumb? Julia didn´t even remember there are 3 votes… If she won the veto, she could take out Liz. Both could not be nominated, Vanessa or Jmac would go up. Both of them would send home the one they voted for… 2 votes against the other one. Austin can be a wrestler but it´s hundreds of times smarter than both twins joined together…

      • That Vanessa came out on top with every player after that antic is truly amazing. She is a great player–and all the greater for being the only player in the game this season. She is a Dan Gheesling in a house of Victorias.

      • Yes, and that is what I call “The Twin Twist!”
        She gets into their teeny-tiny-little brains and twists them into any configuration she chooses!

      • Not so much great gameplay on her part than it is that the twins are completely clueless and easy to short circuit. I mean, when Vanessa put Julia on the spot during the veto comp it wasn’t even hard to do. Just give Julia more than one thing to think about in short succession and she locks up and becomes easy to program. Anyone can do it to her, it is no special skill of Vannesa’s.

    • I’m hoping it’s Liz too.maybe Van is bluffing and is gonna vote Liz out anyway. I wouldn’t count this move out just yet.. Hopefully.

    • Maybe. But it seems Austin and Liz, and JMac and Steve are all onto Vanessa, and everyone knows she has final twos with everyone. So, I think she’s cooked eventually. Of course, they keep letting her hang around, but I’d be surprised if she wins it now.

      • I thought about this last night. IF Vanessa is not in the final 4, Liz and Austin could be the first showmance to make to the F2.

      • But they are still not going to get Vanessa out. Just watch. They will leave her in again this week and she will win the F4 HoH assuring her a spot in F3 which she will win.

        Vanessa knows she is playing with idiots. That’s why she could do that to Julia right in front of everyone and her explanation to the twins why she did it was even worse – and yet they believed her!

        BB needs to do a better job of finding people to play this game. Watching stupid people make mistake like Julia did is not entertaining. Its painful.

  2. Watching Steve after his 15 spins and falling off the platform caused some laughter at my house. He did evaluate the situation and did a little better on his next spins.. Austin also appeared to be jealous of Mr. Pectacular, the girls really enjoyed themselves at Austin’s expense!

    • It took me 14 times before I could make myself stop laughing long enough to continue. I had tears, my face was wet from laughing so hard. That was gold.

    • I am sure it never occurred to Austin that the twins were oggling Jesse not just for the size of his muscles but because he grooms like a civilized human being and hadnt covered himself with menacing and overwrought tatts that in no way make Austin attractive.

      Seeing the twins turn on Austin was great fun to watch, and makeup cuddling was just as repulsive.

    • You’re not kidding. The twins, especially Julia, are HILARIOUS!
      That Veto competition was hilarious! Steve spinning and subsequently falling…
      One of the funniest episodes I’ve ever seen!
      Seriously, as much as people hate the twins and Vanessa, I don’t hate them,
      I want Julia to stay over Liz, I like Julia more.
      I want Vanessa to win, and the best chance she has at winning is if Julia is in the final 2 with her.

  3. Vanessa is queen Austin is king and they will hopefully be final 2

    Vanessa with 7 votes to win and Austin with 2

  4. 7:26 PM Vanessa continues to Bible at Steve: “Better is someone who is poor and walks in his integrity than he who is a liar and a fool.”

    I’m surprised the lightning bolt didn’t come down and strike her right there. She should of added, do as I say, not as I do!

  5. Julia was not the smartest tool in the house and relatively easy to manipulate, but it’s still impressive Van got into her head so deeply she got her to do something so stupid.

    • I think Julia is just stupid. I mean seriously. Picking Austin in a comp that is perfect for their situation? with Austin going last? I takes a special kind of stupid to do what she did.

      I think Julia’s problem is she never trusted Austin since Austin made that stupid remark to Jason about not caring if Julia is evicted. She went to Vanessa thinking she could trust Vanessa more than Austin. Telling Jason he doesn’t care if Julia goes was not about game it was about his jealousy and his need to control Liz all the time.

      I think Austin would have played a better game had he not gotten involved with Liz.

  6. Do I have this correct. No matter which 2 of the 3 Austwins went on the block. The third one needed to win veto. This would have allowed the 3rd one to pull one of their allies of the block giving them 2 votes to 1 to save them during the eviction vote. The twin picking Austin in the bowlerina veto competition was so dumb. Well the twins are blonde what else can you expect from them. But then again so is Vanessa, maybe one of the few not-so-dumb blondes.

  7. Austin looks like a zombie with all those vein tattoos. Jayce was just an idiot who thought he was cool. So happy to see him go with such a humilating landslide to evict. Complete moron.

    • I agree so deeply!!! LOL Jace was too much. He was evicted for being annoying. That is HILARIOUS and I was relieved by it.

  8. Get played, get played, get played all day long by Vanessa. What ever she says, do the opposite at this point lol.

  9. steve could have guaranteed final 4 last week by voting julia out and partnering with meg, james and jmac. what an idiot

      • I think Steve neefs to breathe and push through and he could, possibly, steam roll Vanessa and Austin and the straggling twin left after tomorrow.

    • True but he couldn’t have beat James; I mean, James only has confidence on him but lacking it seems to be Steve’s thorn.

  10. Austin wasn’t jealous of Jesse because the twins like Jesse better. He is jealous because Jesse has a successful wrestling career where Austin’s is the equivalent of a semi-pro football player.

      • Here’s more about Jessie: Big Brother Alumni Mr Pec-Tacular AKA Jessie Godderz is once again making his mark in the Professional Wrestling/ Bodybuilding world. Earlier in the month (March 2012) TMZ caught him at New York’s LaGuardia Airport after his win at FWE no limits and now we’re finding him all over the place. Jessie Wrestling trading cards, Jessie in Magazines, Jessie on OVW Television, Jessie everywhere..

        In the April edition of Planet Muscle Jessie talks about his early rise to pro bodybuilding at the young age of 20. Jessie states he’s the “most famous and recognizable reality show star in the country, having appeared for a record-breaking four consecutive years on the CBS mega-hit series, Big Brother”. (that would be BB10 to BB11 as a player and BB12 to BB13 as a Pandora’s Box Penalty)

        Jessie then goes into his Workout regime, diet and the difficulties of being a pro wrestler. Jessie also stresses how he always was and always will be 100% natural saying he’s never considered steroids.

        Google him at Online Big Brother for more.

      • Good on him with that 100% natural thing, he looks good with none of those ugly veins sticking out.
        Something that the Big Troll could have never achieved.

      • He annoys the eff out of me EVERY TIME he is on this show. He annoyed me when he competed and annoys me as a guest. Again, he has a goos agent. And I live ten minutes away from LaGuardia Airport and, if you have any kind of media presence, TMZ will cover it if your ppl call them. I really don’t know the backstory on Austin’s wrestling but I think he got in a WWE appearance. I really don’t care but I think they mentioned that.

      • I am not positive, but I believe I read that he was in training camps or minor leagues with the WWE which would mean he is attempting to have a WWE career. It is like someone who plays minor league baseball saying they are a pro baseball player. They are telling the truth, but they are not a major league player.

      • You never know, but he doesn’t look like one to me. Anyone can look like him if you want it just takes an extremely healthy life. Eating extremely carefully, working out like crazy, but it is his job so it makes since he looks like that. Too much sacrificing for me, but if you want you can.

    • As soon as my son saw him starts yelling “he’s a wrestler! I know him”.. And then he says “he’s probably a way better wrestler than Austin”.. Soo funny!!!

    • I think it was both, the twins were googly eyed over Jesse and 1 told Austin he had work to do (haha). Jesse looks way better than Austin. And Jesse has a better career. But mostly I think it was the twins and Austin wanted to be the most studly there and for a lil while he was certainly not.

  11. I watched the Veto comp since it is the only interesting thing to watch besides Thursday’s eviction and HOH. The funniest thing that made me cry laughing was Austin animal like behavior during the comp. Johnny making fun of him was funny as well.

  12. I’ve never been a fan of the twins or Austin, but that breing said, cbs has edited the last three days worth of material in such a way to make vanessa seem like a genius, when in reality she has overplayed her hand……..besides the fact she is a genuine c#n$. Yes, I said cu$t. I’ll never watch this show again due to the editing of this season.

    • She does overplay but your point was overshadowed by your using that word in that way. And it’s edited to be the way the producers want things to seem; that’s their JOB! Do you believe that reality tv is entirely real? This isn’t a documentary or a journalistic endeavor. It’s a game show!

    • They edited many parts this season. Shelli and Clay’s racism, Jeff’s nymphomania, Meg the cuddle slut, Austwins wanting to date the mirrors, Day and Jason laughing at anyone passing by like school children, Audrey and her terrible broadway act, but yeah V gets it easy with the edits, she is very emotional and not very calm nor collected, anyone can pout and cry til they get their way. kids do it all the time.

    • Really… Wow….you’re so ballsy and subversive for calling a woman that word. Are you just discovering punk rock, too? Way to go, you’ve disparaged a woman. Way to get in line with the past 10,000 years.

  13. I’ve been down and blown away by Vanessa’s play top to bottom but the way she treats Steve bugs me. Not because it’s mean or any of that crap but because it’s the kind of cruelty that transcends the game and may, if he is the guy who he appears to be, do REAL emotional damage to Steve. He doesn’t seem to have the strength of ego to support it as a human not his contestant identity. I mean, he puked in the sink from stress. Unless it’s a bit and he’s Dr. Evil or somebody like that, she may have lost me as a fan.

    • She is condescending and patronizing and talks down to everyone, and that’s one of the reasons I can’t stand her. If she wins, it’s like she’s getting away with and being applauded for the way she’s treated everyone all season, and that would be a real shame.

      • I mean, intimidation is kind of a game component. I’d think you’d want people to see you as a threat enough to keep and to hide behind. it’s that hate/respect thing. But, with Steve, it feels like she’s picking on the special needs (not that he is at all; I think he’s been a sheltered soul) in class. It’s just low, in my opinion, and my own threshold. I mean, hurt the person’s game and not the player.

      • Yeah but why I hate her bullying him is important. Lol. To me, anyway. I’ve been impressed by her the entire game but this one thing cancels everything else for me.

      • It’s like stealing from the poor. You know? I mean, I HATE when people interject too much moral judgement into their game talk and I don’t want to be hypocrite but I don’t think that my moral call oppresses anyone with it’s ideology like calling Liz a slut for benefitting from sexuality when Austin (and tons more players in the past) is doing the same thing.

      • If he’s too much of a puss to stand up for himself, than its his own fault.

        Everyone needs a little confrontation in their lives occasionally. Keeps things interesting.

      • She bullied James and he had the biggest balz in the entire lot for the tiniest man. Tells you alot about her comp in this lotm

      • I hope so. His anxiety attacks don’t seem contrived and, when they did the hometown visit, the impression was that he is not very well adjusted socially. And he did cry about missing his Mom… I mean, I’m sure they all do miss their family and I’ve cried over that as an adult but it was a bit…off, You know? Maybe it was just framed that way. I don’t know.

      • His mom is a big BB fan. He needs his mom to tell him what to do. But of course he now has a new mom in the house so less mommy talk.

  14. Apart from Lil Stevie falling so hard that made me laughing so hard … this episode was very painful to watch.
    Perhaps I am very biased but I can’t stand those three nominating my guilty pleasure watching with their whining, crying, tantrums and bras (no tiaras for you brats!), gloating, Judasing, kissing and whatever-uhhhh.
    Urghhhh, when they made up I literally tried to vomit twice and luckily I watched this by myself otherwise my households would think I was crazy.
    On serious note tho, how good is Van Van? Gosh, once upon a time I could kill her with my hotness but now I am really liking her.
    Hopefully those three weirdos can make it to F3.
    Time to exterminate a big troll and a leftover twin next!

  15. Let’s just call this The Vanessa Show !!! Barf!! I so want Johnny Mac to win HOH and get her a$$ out of there so sick of her fake crying

    • Vampire Dentist won’t put her up, I think. Didn’t you see how he hugged Van Van from the back and the surprise face she gave? Auwww so cute!

      • They edit everything so much it is hard to believe everything you see lol The more I watch this show the more I believe that it is so scripted guess I should stop putting myself through this every year lol

      • I don’t know that it’s scripted (moves and evictions are planned and competitions are targeted in favor of certain HGs), but absolutely it’s heavily edited, and Vanessa (especially) is getting exactly the edit the producers want you to see. The fact that it’s basically live and competitions are designed and scheduled before the season even begins makes it more difficult to “script”, but unless you see it live, I’d watch the edited antics with a bit of skepticism, at least.

      • Oh this show is SO contrived but the brilliance of it is that the title tells us that it, basically, will be completely controlled. That’s why we watch. Big Brother, in a way, controls us, whether we like it or not. Like in the book.

      • If the remaining players have any hope of winning 1st place then they must try to get Van out. She is playing most effective game and she would only loose 1st place if majority of jury is spiteful.

      • AGREE! But once the emotion dies down, they get home, and watch the season, he fan in them will be amazed by her. Steve even said it in DR.

      • WELL, it’s tricky. I think Steve would beat her. She’d beat Austi (Julia will vote ith Liz & Liz is voting for Austin to keep up with the ‘love’ delusion, I mean, narrative…. Liz might win against her because she has two built in votes with Austin & Julia. I don’t know with Jmac. Meg votes with James (still empty space, that one). James will go Jmac and is clueless and stuck on this Red Blooded Southerner BS to vote for Austin because he’s a ‘dude’. So it’s tricky. She’s a gambler but not so great relationship aspect. There is no relationship component to poker.

      • It shouldn’t be hard to convince Steve and John or John alone that Vanessa needs to go because she will win in jury against him where austin won’t. Or at least tell John you have the best chance to win with Steve and vanessa gone first. Liz and I are 4th and 5th in favs and votes most lilely. I’d suggest if you want the 500k crush your bud while you can or Vanessa and lete and liz get some sun by the pool. It’s your best move. Then spit a bunch of bs stats, percentages like Vanessa. Lol

    • LOL I do think she is losing it a bit. She looks like she aged years in there from stress. She looks so exhausted and stressed out. I mean, she does use the crying to her advantage and that’s smart but that girl is working game 24/7.

  16. Please don’t hate me for this but after watching Austin play in the POV comp where he had no idea if the twins and everyone else had turned on him I was a little bit impressed that he managed to win the POV. He also had the presence of mind to make a deal with JMac for the win.
    It took a long time to see Austin in action but when it was necessary he was able to rise to the challenge.
    I almost felt sorry for him when the twins turned on him believing Vanessa instead. I’m hoping he’s angry enough to make evicting Vanessa his top priority.

    • Lol no, it was a needed win and he pulled it out. What makes him so objectionable to me is not lack of ability but the Liz slobbering and lack of personality. He would have been more interesting if he had smart convos and played his own game. He just locked in with Jace then Liz and it’s been hard to watch since then. If he rallied everyone and took out Vanessa, I could’ve forgiven the dumb dude/bro Jace thing and that obviousness of the Judas thing. And I’m a Vanessa fan! I mean, he’s, traditionally my type: educated, big, a little dirty, a pinch of a-hole, and flawed but he opened his mouth and nothing but bats and cobwebs. I even OWNED and wore a tophat like that asa teenager. He really killed my lady libido.

      • By watching Austin on this season of BB I think it’s pretty clear why Austin hasn’t had an exactly successful lifeso far. He seems basically lazy and lacks get up and go. He seems to be living in a dream world where he is Judas the wrestler but doesn’t seem to have the stamina to turn that dream into reality.

      • I don’t know anything about his career, to be honest. I thought a wrestler with a master’s in lit and tats and glasses was kind of hot, actually. But, he opened his mouth and KILLED it. I have a friend in professional wrestling and it is gruelling and her discipline amazes me; they do act alot(the outcomes are predetermined more the how to’s aren’t so they are beating the piss out of each other) so I get the point of what he does it’s just been poorly executed and he is no where NEAR cute enough to get away with his b.s.

      • Your off. He’s been successful at everything he’s wanted. Masters A grades barely went to class also teaches a class at request of one of his former professors. Wanted to wrestle got to wwe, wanted a body, was a stork at 18, built up a good physique while acing the hardest PT certification in 3 weeks. Wanted to big brother got there last season and bailed. Whatever he wants he does and gets there. Hate em all you will there’s a brilliant mind up beyond that social aquard look he’s exposeying (sp) I know all this from a sourcs.

      • He was injured in FL. The coach Bill Demot, was not a great influence. Austin protected all the wrestlers. It’s pub knowledge

      • He showed some umph, for once. Even though, he’s gotten everything he wants anyway except respect. He’s got the girl, played the 3 headed monster all summer, broke the record for 12 evictions without seeing the block l, held by Derrick and is close to the coin. This is why I’ve always said the guy is hyper intelligent. She others can’t get past the flaws.

    • I thought it was amazing myself. Austin stepped up and I was cheering him on. I just hope Julia realizes how badly she messed up and she is the one who ends up leaving tonight.

  17. Julia blew it for the Austwins. One of the three would have won the entire game if she didn’t screw this up. Austin would have thrown the POV to her and they would have had the to protect the one left on the block. I don’t get why they would believe Vanessa. Dumb!

  18. I seriously want Liz to go tomorrow. We’ll see. Glad I found hos message board. Goodnight, BB nerds! *wink*

  19. OMG! Not hos message board!LMAOOOOO!! THIS message board. THIS. My crap cell phone and wi-fi service screws me yet again; there’s a weird delay with typing.

  20. The way Austin looked at Mr pectacular was so funny. You could tell he was jealous. And when 1 of the twins told him he had work to do, hahaha. That episode was the best all season. If they can’t tell that Vanessa was pulling their strings I don’t know what to say.

    2 pet peeves. I hate it when people swear on the lives of their loved ones. And why don’t they ever shut drawers? They just leave hem open, not to mention they are such slobs in general.

  21. Why would Julia and Liz not believe Austin would throw the comp to Julia if they know Liz comes down Vanessa goes up and the twins have the vote to beat the house and save Austin anyway?!. It’s ascenine (sp) . These are the discussions we miss on the shows. They had to have had that talk later somewhere. The Austwins. Scratch…wait they had that talk before the comp. Poor Julia. She needs some study hours logged.

    • If Austin threw the round to Julia there was still Johnny Mac to compete with. If JM beat Julia the noms would stay the same. Since Julia foolishly listened to Vanessa and challenged Austin instead of JM would Austin be dumb enough to leave his fate in her hands? Not bloody likely.

      • I was rewinding before the Vanessa poisin. If Julia picked Jmac and won, then Vamessa picks Julia and Julia would have to win then Austin throws it. That was the thinking.

  22. You know that after all was said and done The girls told Austin Vanessa said she never trusted him and every thing else she said in the BR. So he is varying that Intel now.

  23. This has been not so much great gameplay on Vanessa’s part than it is that the twins are completely clueless and very easy to short circuit. Vanessa also knows and uses a manipulation technique that few people know about. Knowledge is power and since no other houseguest seems to know about this stuff, it is like shooting fish in a barrel for someone who does, I am going to explain this manipulatin technique a bit, in summary, now.

    When Vanessa put Julia on the spot during the veto comp it wasn’t even hard to do. It worked in this case with Vanessa giving Julia more than one thing to think about in short succession. This locked Julia up by overloading her mind. It literally puts her into a mild mental shock. Then she literally becomes open to suggestion and easy to program. Anyone can do it to her, it is no special skill of Vanessa. It is a learned manipulation technique.

    Here is how it is done (oh and the more emotionally charged the situation is when you do it, the better this works; timing is everything):

    1) Say a few things in very rapid succession that require some thought to process, make sure that the statements are conflicting as well. This will confuse the target(s).

    2) when they are confused, pigged them the answer to the conflicting statements. But give them YOUR answer. Since it resolves the conflict, they will accept it, especially if there is time pressure added to the induced confusion (and there was in the veto comp. But in the bathroom, she created time pressure artificially by doing the above and then by quickly changing the subject, while bombarding them with more information wrapped with intensity and emotion and even the threat of dumping still more on them– flashback and study it you will see the technique now).

    3) Since they are not given time to resolve the conflicting information themselves, they will more often than not just accept the Trojan Horse “solution” that you gave them without even realising it.

    Please, go back and watch the scenes and you will see exactly how this works now that I have explained it.

    This is not a talent, it is a skill that can be learned by anybody.

    • This is good analytical intel. I didn’t know it. I personally never needed to know it because I’m very agressive in nature and a memtal control type. No one can say anything to around or at me without me takin in thier body language, angle and facial expressions in .1 seconds. I can manipulate but do it differently. I use honesty. It’s harder but can be gain trust on much more solid terms.these houseguests are und er pressure so her strategy works

    • You’re such a Vanessa hater, that you have to find any reason to undermine how great of a game she’s playing.
      You never give her any credit. What Vanessa has done so far in the game is genius. Why are you hating so much?

      • If anyone with balz was in that house, none of her brilliance would work. A strong person would pin her ass to the wall with some strong words and call BS. It’s that splem NO, Vanessa NO. Stop. No Stop. Until she realizes I’m up against another wolf here.

      • I wouldn’t call it brilliance, Brian. Derrick would have had her looking like the maniac she is. The first time she tried those abusive bullying tactics on him would have been the last. Nessie the Monster would have drowned in a Loch Ness lake of her own tears.

      • I used the term brilliance because I was responding to a post above where they used her game play as brilliance. No Its UBSWORD. I crush her and get 7 house guests to back me easily. I’d expose her durring pot ball. Start by saying V, SIT DOWN.

      • Wish I’d seen that season. I never watched BB before this year. I have a vested interest in watching it or I wouldn’t but it’s a cool dynamical game

      • The season was OK. Derrick was masterful and very respectful( one time, I thought he went overboard with Nicole) and respected, unlike Vanessa who is maniacal,cruel, and feared(not in a good or respectful way). There is no comparison. If she was on last season, she would have been a quick Derrick casualty; no contest.

      • Last year was my least favorite season (boring) with Derrick but only because he glided so effortlessly through them. I had hope for Donnie who had him figured out but he couldn’t get anyone to work with him and then Derrick took him out.
        But Derrick was something to behold. He was masterful. Masterful. He earned it and deserved it.

        Only boring because he was never really in any danger. The minute Nicole figured him out, poof – she was gone. He was good! But no real competition so it was just lambs to slaughter. That’s all.

        He came. He played. He conquered.

      • It goes to something we talked about many times here, it is all about the way they cast BB these days. They are casting too many young immature people. A 21 yo won’t be as mature as a 35 yo. A bunch of 20 yo don’t understand how to play this game. They need to go back to a good mix of 20s, 30s, and 40s yo people. This year they had the oldest at 33, Vanessa. 4 of 16 were over 30 (30, 31,32,and 33).

      • Fun fact…Austin was cast and made it to the sequester last season before jumping bail and leaving the room. He didn’t want to commit, literally.

      • For drama there was none, just annoying Frankie. But a fan of manipulation and social skills to that end had to respect what Derrick was doing, It was quite fascinating for me, actually. I enjoyed watching it.

      • I’m going to have to get my Sherlock Holmes cloak out of the dry cleaners and try again. :-) My next best guess would be that you wrestle with Austin.

      • I’m wondering who he’s related to! :-) Jeez, I hope I haven’t offended him in previous comments about that person. I secretly hope he’s related to JMac or Steve.

      • You two could never offend. I’ve read enough of your posts to feel good about your sincerity as game projection, well thought out points and non agressive or nasty attacks.

      • Thanks! That’s really nice of you to say. Some people on here do get pretty nasty. I’ve even been called names! But I’m a tuffie. I can take it. :-)

      • Ha, yea people get passionate. It’s all good except the super mean nasty ugly comments. I thought it was clever how you told that girl who blew up the anti Vanessa sentiments up, that she was “adorable”

      • Great post! But I wouldn’t call it brilliance either. It is a tactic based upon technique that she didn’t invent. I have to agree with KSJB on that point.

      • Vanessa swore 3 imediately lies on her 3 closest a lies on the life of Mel and her Mother. With that logic, doing the math percentages, lack of incentives…blah blah blah ypu get the same manip attics she spouts every single time, those two people’s fates are kinda bleak. Yikes. I just want to onow why when she isn’tscheeming, blaming, denying, crying, saying she’s Not a bad person (uh why say that to anyone) unless you know you (like are) she stares with bug eyes into the pot ball dishes. It’s brutal

      • Vanessa has mentioned several books she read about reading people and of course her ‘game theory studies’, so while she might be a naturally devious and treacherous harpy she obviously sought help to develop her betrayal skills.

      • Jasmine, I know how much you love Vanessa and can appreciate that. I give her credit where credit is due, but I do think Occupy makes a good point in questioning if her game would be as strong against real competitors. If she were facing off against a Dan, would she fair as well. I mean, let’s be honest. A good majority of the players this season have been either very weak and flat out dumb. This is not to say that Vanessa is not a good player. I think she is. I would just like to see her with some real competition.

  24. Vanessa is in many ways doing exactly the kinds of things that Audrey did earlier this season…and no one’s moving to boot her. I can’t decide if she’s truly a good manipulator (I doubt it) or just happened into a house full of complete morons. I mean, so many of these people have said to the DR that they don’t trust Vanessa (or said it to each other). I’m curious if next week, once the Austwins are broken up and the heat is off them, more target crosshairs will start finding their way to Vanessa.

    If not, then Van does deserve to win. She is the Queen of all of the loons in that house.

    • You know 1 thing we don’t consider always is the inbetween live feeds and live shows moments. For example in the veto show Vanessa says to both girls “I’ve never trusted Austin. Ever”. She blurted too much but had to she was scared and about to get sandblasted for that manipulative,perfect moment move on Julia. Well Austin isn’t in the room and life goes on rt…well what do you think happens between the sheets at night beside all the affection displays? Liz gets in his ear and says “She said she doesn’t trust you, never did.” “She’s the biggest liar in the world Austin.” And Austin replies “I know”. This goes on in all places at all times we miss and durring g FISH. Everyone knows she’s a clown. They, and don’t laugh people, have been using her as well. Now that there are 5 left it’s time to win and tell the hoh who the jury will give the $ to, to either save yourself or get someone else put up. Peace.

  25. I love how Vanessa said to the twins, “I’m a game theory expert,” so they
    have to listen to her. Taking a few underclasses classes does not make
    one an expert (that’s what PhDs are for), but if the twins were smart,
    they would be like, um, you’re a game theory expert so um, you’re
    playing to win your game, so um, what you’re doing to me, here, now,
    might not be for my game. But that’s a lot of thinking.

  26. I know everyone, excuse we allost think Vanessas getting away with murder playing all these fools but if you saw the Veto show, you saw Austin say “Julia she played you, go blow her up”. I think we all wanted someone to do that since week 5. Then he paused and said “No! Dont” Note:because he’s playing her also. He knows what she’s doing and wants them to keep playing dumb till after the HOH comp. If Vanessa wins, god forbid then he and Liz can still say ok Vanessa so who do we put up? Still showing her the trust/faith face in a chance she will decide to burn Steve and John. It was critical of him to pull the reigns back. Now he has options so to us he looks like a pus, pardon the word but it’s a move.

    • I do hope you are right. But if Austin was truly game smart one would think that he would have proactively warned Julia before the comp not to waver from the plan no matter what, especially if pressured by Vanessa.

      • Thing is, they didn’t know it was a you pick em comp. Remember them discussing that after. I’m sure they spoke forever about who needed to win and the vote angle. Also, sadly Julia isn’t the brightest drier cook in the kitchen. Wow.

      • What do you think will happen if John wins? If Vanessa wins? If I was Austin and Liz my hard pitch would be look “it’s about the money now.” “Steve has the jury hands down he’s got to go up. I know he’s your bud but you will loose to both he and V.

  27. Julia was so dumb… She doesn´t know how to count votes. Austin and Liz would be safe everytime if Julia won the Veto. The one that moved out, would vote for the one that Steve had to nominate… 2 votes. Vanesse knew she would be the one that goes up… and out, because Julia and the one she got out of the chair, would vote for Vanessa. And goodbye. Julia was so dumb. And does she says she is the smartest of the two???

  28. First I have to say, the POS is Vanessa. Remember when she tried to convince Shelli that Clay was lying and almost got Shelli against Clay? And now she tried to split Liz and Austin. I don’t care for either couple but that is just low. Imagine if anyone attempted to get in between Vanessa and Mel? You know Mel. Vanessa female partner because Vanessa is gay and Mel is gay and Vanessa and Mel are going to get married because they are both gay and they love each other.

    Having gotten that out of the way, Julia deserve to go home because she has to be the dumbest person to every play big brother and that is saying something. Because I could make a case for James and Meg being the dumbest people to ever play the game. Interesting how 3 of the dumbest people ever are on the same show and people wonder how the Austwins lasted this long and Vanessa too?

    But what’s with these two twins that they are mesmerized by everything Vanessa says? How many times do people have to tell them about her before they realize they cannot trust her? Telling Julia to pick Austin was like getting a bullhorn and yelling in her ear, “I am against you now” and yet Julia stupidly picks Austin – who was correct for beating her at the point in the game.

    Dumb, and dumber does not go far enough to explain the stupidity of the twins.

  29. I just got around to watching this episode. Did anyone else notice that during Julia’s turn, BB had the name Liz with her score? They did it a couple of times.

    This episode was hilarious indeed.

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