Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother 17 found Austin in power, but once again he turned to someone else to call the shots. Am I talking about Judas or Vanessa?


Austin makes an interesting nomination speech – Source: CBS

The episode jumps off in the middle of the Head of Household competition. Meg had already been eliminated during Thursday’s episode. Julia is the next person eliminated after moving her hand, causing a false start. Vanessa is the next person out, also by a false start.

Finally an actual race happens and John is the last one to make it to the finish line, so he is eliminated. Austin, James and Steve remain. And then Steve lets go and is eliminated. So it’s down to Austin and James. So Austin can throw this to James like he said.

But wait. He would rather have another week in the HOH room with Liz. So Austin works for it, and in a close race, he beats James to become the new Head of Household. Or is Judas the new HOH? Or will this be another week that VANESSA runs the HOH from the backseat? We shall see.

After the competition, everyone is feeling good that Austin won HOH because Austin has a deal with everyone. So what exactly is Austin going to do? He chooses to be true to Meg and James. So his only options for nominees this week are Vanessa, James and Johnny Mac.

Austin tells Liz and Julia that he’s going with Steve and John or Vanessa and John. But wait, Vanessa comes in with HER idea. She wants to set up a situation so John will throw the veto so that he can’t be saved this week.

Vanessa also thinks that Steve needs to go up next to John because they have a final two. And it backfires on her. Austin thinks since she’s just now telling him this could mean she’s lying or keeping things from him.


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