Big Brother 17 Recap: Episode 27 — Who Is Running The House This Week?

Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother 17 found Austin in power, but once again he turned to someone else to call the shots. Am I talking about Judas or Vanessa?

Austin makes an interesting nomination speech – Source: CBS

The episode jumps off in the middle of the Head of Household competition. Meg had already been eliminated during Thursday’s episode. Julia is the next person eliminated after moving her hand, causing a false start. Vanessa is the next person out, also by a false start.

Finally an actual race happens and John is the last one to make it to the finish line, so he is eliminated. Austin, James and Steve remain. And then Steve lets go and is eliminated. So it’s down to Austin and James. So Austin can throw this to James like he said.

But wait. He would rather have another week in the HOH room with Liz. So Austin works for it, and in a close race, he beats James to become the new Head of Household. Or is Judas the new HOH? Or will this be another week that VANESSA runs the HOH from the backseat? We shall see.

After the competition, everyone is feeling good that Austin won HOH because Austin has a deal with everyone. So what exactly is Austin going to do? He chooses to be true to Meg and James. So his only options for nominees this week are Vanessa, James and Johnny Mac.

Austin tells Liz and Julia that he’s going with Steve and John or Vanessa and John. But wait, Vanessa comes in with HER idea. She wants to set up a situation so John will throw the veto so that he can’t be saved this week.

Vanessa also thinks that Steve needs to go up next to John because they have a final two. And it backfires on her. Austin thinks since she’s just now telling him this could mean she’s lying or keeping things from him.


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      • And it’s due, too. It’s been two weeks of Austin’s Angels in power. The Goblins are bound to get their crack at it soon – most likely James finally getting his third HOH, though the returning nominee would definitely go after that alliance, too.

    • Liz loves when he talks like that she thinks he is intelligent. They will be busy tonight!!! She’s so disgusting and so is he. Wait until this is over how will she show her face after all she’s done. It’s never so bad for the guy but for the girl she will always be known as the ho from big brother 18. Her kids can goggle her.

      • Production must be behind the REASON why everyone is afraid to go after Vanessa! She is playing the best game but everyone of them sees it and does absolutely NOTHING about it! Go figure! Do they want her to win????

    • Don’t get impatient Vanessa’s demise is coming and it will be awe-
      some… like I’ve said she’ll go down a one of best player that didn’t win.

    • Much better than the last two seasons. It’s just the best casting choices were all eviscerated by now. (Imagine Da’Vonne, Jace, Jason, Audrey, Jackie, Becky, John, and James being the final eight instead this season!)

  1. Vanessa is running the house again this week. Austin is a wimp. The twins are flaky and dim-witted, not to mention catty and spoiled. They are all perfect together.

    • Austin is just a big slug and a terrible show-off, a legend in his own mind otherwise he’s not a bad guy. LOL

  2. Imagine an All-Stars Season with Vanessa, Amanda Zuckerman and Rachel Reilly in the house all at the same time.

  3. Just finishing the West Coast show – Vanessa is an amazing liar! Phenomenal! Doesn’t Austin realize they’re not playing as teams – she’s out to outmaneuver, outplay and outlast him (sorry, Survivor!) – she’s not now, and never will be, looking out for his best interests. Austin’s nomination speech is such a bunch of B/S! Does he think he’s standing in the wrestling ring playing a part? Speaking of that, can’t you just see Liz sitting in the first row, watching Austin wrestle, and yelling out, “Austin-ah, Austin-ah, hiiiiiiiiiiiit him-ah!” She’d be the perfect wrestling bimbo girlfriend.

    • The thing is Austin and the twins know she’s liar — so she’s not a good liar. People just refuse to make a move, so far, on a person they dont trust. Weird

    • Ok ok I’m laughing so hard!! That’s too perfect the way that you entered the liz/Julia comments! Omg so freakin funny!!

    • Austwins disgust me. Austin walks around like he’s the greatest thing ever talking about getting a contract when he gets out. How he makes great TV. Puke. The twins are always saying nasty remarks about JMac who has done nothing to them. They are the nastiest bitches ever to play BB. I never thought I would say this but I want those three gone more now then Vanessa.

  4. Yeah. That’s basically all that’s been happening this week. Next episode should be boring – oh, wait, I forgot. Zingbot shows up, which right now is the only thing I’m looking forward to seeing this week.

  5. Many people across the various sites I have visited seem very confused as to what Austins true final five wishes are. I think Austins game plan is fairly obvious (prior to Vanessa’s POV victory). Clearly, I’m only speculating but I believe that Austin thinks that he has a better chance beating Meg and James at the final five than Steve and Jmac. In addition, Meg and James have been fooled, lied to, and completely blindsided several times all season and Austin is aware of this, matter of fact everyone left in the house is aware of this. He has to think that even if he and the twins were to lose the final five HOH, they would still have a chance to talk Meg or James into only putting up one of the three up for eviction. Austin desperately wants to (or at least should want to) get Steve out this week and then hopefully wish for Jmac to win the next HOH and put up Vanessa and a twin (they would have the votes and a valid excuse to get rid of Vanessa and all three would be able to play HOH). As we the viewers know, Steve is very clever and if he and/or Vanessa/Jmac make it to final five with the Austwins they could be in deep trouble. I write this not as a fan of the Austwins, I can’t stand them honestly, but I love analyzing game play and wanted to share my two cents. Tell me what you think!

  6. I generally prefer to stay out of the personal stuff regarding these house-guests, but after seeing the letter that Austin left for his girlfriend before going on the show, I feel that I can confidently say that I don’t think that I’ve ever truly been quite so disgusted with an individual as I have with him.

    I don’t know, the guy is just sleazy and seeing him succeeding in the BB house is kind of upsetting to me.

    • I also read his “alleged” letter, and I have to agree.
      Since there is no proof that he is the author, I used the word alleged, but it sounds just like his babble.

  7. I wish I had DVR’ed the show tonight, because I would really like to “re-listen” to what Austin had to say in his nomination speech.
    Yes, I watched the show, but it was so weird & convoluted, I guess my comprehension skills are lacking, because it made no sense to me,

    • It didn’t make sense to anyone. Austin thinks he’s Judas, has his hair like Sampson, and wants to give a speech like Salomon. All fails! Well, maybe not. Like Sampson, he will be outsmarted by Vanessa /Delilah, whimp like Judas, smart he is, but wise like Salomon he is not!

  8. Vanessa is RUNNING THE HOUSE! I’m all for her winning, in case anyone didn’t notice. I’m one of her biggest supporters on this board.

  9. People always want to find something wrong with the cast when things don’t go the way they want it to.
    “This is the worst cast ever!”
    “BB sucks for making these people the cast!”
    There is nothing wrong with the cast. I think it’s a good group of people.
    Even the ones I don’t like, I appreciate that they are there. They all make the show.
    If it’s the worst cast, STOP WATCHING.

    • I think most watch in case any of the HGs happen to grow a pair. Not happening so far… There are a few highlights in the cast, but overall, yeah, they suck.

  10. its like there all intimidated by vanessa. what gives.i didnt even watch it, i jumped to the end, thats how predictable its become. boring

  11. I can’t stand the way he talks, especially when he ends a sentence with the words . . . “you know”! He sounds like his spit is in the way and he just slurs out his words and they sound slimy and nasty! I hate the way he walks (he looks like his butt stinks), I hate his hair, his beard, his tatoos, . . . . . I can’t smell him, but he looks like he stanks! I don’t like to use the word “hate”, but I hate him!

  12. I believe Vanessa is up to her old tricks and I want to believe that her and Austin have a final 2 and nobody knows that either

  13. I loved the editing in this episode! They totally showed how much Van controlled the noms, that she dominated Aus, that Aus was aware of all this and still chose to keep her. Van comes off as a mastermind in complete control and Aus looks like a weak follower. Take that “king of the house”!

  14. I loved the editing in this episode! They totally showed how much Van controlled the noms, that she dominated Aus, that Aus was aware of all this and still chose to keep her. Van comes off as a mastermind in complete control and Aus looks like a weak follower. Take that “king of the house”!

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