Big Brother 17 Fauxmance: Austin Steals A Kiss From Liz [PICS]

Liz Nolan has fully admitted that she’s “whoring herself out” to get Austin to move her and her sister farther along in the game, but last night he got things farther along than she may have wanted.

Austin holds on to Liz on Big Brother Feeds
Austin holds on to Liz on Big Brother Feeds – Source: CBS All Access

Yes, Austin got the kiss from his fair maiden he had been long seeking and pawing at to make happen. It was a late night cuddle session that brought on the kiss and afterwards Liz didn’t seem too terribly thrilled about it.

Flashback to 1:56AM BBT 7/25. Don’t have the Live Feeds yet? No worries. You can use the Free Trial to get a week of Feeds with no obligation.

Liz and Austin are curled up in bed as he strokes her face and she tries to play dead. I kid. She’s rubbing his arm in return. Then Austin leans over and pulls her to him for a quick kiss. He later joked that it only lasted 3 secs but Big Brother could slow-mo it to 18 seconds for the show.

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Liz let the kiss happen but then pushes him away with a “Uhh, I haaaaate yooouuuuu. You’re so annoying.” He tries to wrap his arms around her as she fidgets and pushes him away. “That was such a sneak attack,” says Liz who doesn’t seem particularly angry at Austin over it.

“What am I going to do??” asks Liz who then complains to Austin, “you didn’t even do it under the covers” before rolling over to face the other way and scoot as close to the edge as she can. Austin rolls over on top of her and asks if she’s mad at him, which she denies.

At this point she’s keeping her hands to herself tucked away but he’s flailing around her body like he needs to grab a hold before falling off a wall. Oh Austin. He really likes this girl and we know she doesn’t necessarily feel the same way back. But is there anything wrong with a little fauxmancing to move your game along? Now if Austin goes home this week it’ll have been for nothing, but otherwise this isn’t the worst strategy we’ve seen this season.

You’ll have to rewind and watch it on the Feeds Flashback to see how it all went, but it’ll be interesting to see what comes of this. What do you think of Austin stealing a kiss from Liz?


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  1. That picture speaks a thousand words. You can actually see her skin crawling.

    • Because he’s trying to seduce her by singing: “Judas, Judas,
      Bo-ber-das. Bo-na-na-fanna, Fo-fer-das. Fee-fi-mo-mer-das…Judas!” real slow and creepily.

    • If you think that picture is saw another one of Austin and Liz hugging. Her face is turned to the mirror, and her eyes are if in Fear! Am not sure if it’s fear, or the smell of his armpits! Lol! Think I saw that one on Jokers.

  2. This guy is so creepy, he puts BMCowboy to shame. At least BM had some class with that Southern Gentleman Style. Austin just can’t keep his hands off of her, now that she has allowed that kiss, he continues to follow her everywhere. While in the Bathroom, Liz talking with JohnnyMac you could see the frustration which almost appeared as jealousy on Austin’s face.

    • Right BM cowboy may have been a stalker but Austin tops the list for complete and utter creep! Has this reached harrassment yet?

      • I don’t think it will reach that point unless he’s outright told by Liz or Big Brother to stop.

  3. @Matthew Boyer,

    +100 points for always capturing a picture that makes her look like she’s looking at a sonogram and seeing horns growing out of the baby’s head.

    Even if later images seem to totally contradict them, the few that you’ve posted over the last week have been brilliantly funny.

    Well done!

  4. Sorry, don’t feel sorry for her. She brought this on herself. She has admitted to flirting with him to further her game. Also, Vanessa told Austin that Liz and Julia both liked him along with Jackie. I don’t like Austin, but he’s being mislead.

  5. This is so repulsive, I want to be sick. Austin take a hint! I don’t understand why Liz would think this ‘fauxmance’-Good one Matthew-would help her game. Especially when it is so obvious how NOT into it she is! If only Austin could get a clue.

    • Look, Liz is “whoring it,” to use her own words, so everyone stop feeling bad for her. Who knows, maybe she even likes it. Caleb was rebuffed last season, and Liz could do the same but chooses to be pet, sleep with, and kiss him…so I don’t feel bad.

  6. Feel a little bad for her, she did bring it upon herself to a point, but Austin/Judas/Whomever is not taking the hint and she literally has no place to go. She just cannot escape him unless she pulls a twin switch or an Audrey (5 hour DR session).

  7. Could that be the “kiss of death”? If so, who’s? Liz may need to take measures to cleanse herself of that Judas juju.

    • Ha-ha it just might be the kiss of death or maybe betrayal since Liz’s twin Julia knows about the Austin back door and may just help stick the nail in his coffin ^__^

    • Lol I don’t even think Shakespeare would want to write a story over this sick story of a romance/(fauxmance)

  8. on one hand i feel bad for him because he is being given information that she is interested in him and she is flirtatious with him at times but on the other hand i don’t understand how he can’t read the cues and body language that says she’s clearly not interested!

  9. They both disgust me. Hope he goes this week and her following right behind. I think Juilia will be the better player.

  10. I would say I feel bad for him for being lied to, but only a delusional moron would miss all these neon signs that’s she isn’t into him. They kind of both deserve what they get.

  11. The bigger story is why in the world the HGs, knowingly, are allowing the twins into the house! The whole reason they HID the twin twist from everyone (as did CBS) is because it would be a bad thing for the rest of the house. Instead, they all know, and yet they welcome them with open arms! Dumb. We already see that they are willing to fake romances to win and lead horny guys along, and the house feels OK with this unbreakable alliance of two?!

    • I don’t know if I’d call them “unbreakable.” They seem to be two very different personalities. (Any twins who read this please don’t explode…Of course they are, they’re two different people! What I mean is that they don’t at all seem to be “glued at the hip & thinking/acting together.”)

      Julia seems to be a lot more antagonistic and independent than Liz is so it won’t surprise me at all to see her taking a different path once she’s officially in.

      As for the HGs tolerating them…It’s a guaranteed (or so they think) extra vote to help them (Sixth Sense) keep controlling things.

      (A vote they might need if Clay gets evicted this week.)

      I hear what you’re saying but I’m really hoping Julia comes in and is sort of the “evil twin” from every bad TV show. Nothing would be more entertaining.

      • What I mean is, they will never turn on each other. Other alliances could split — but not sisterhood. That is why they are unbreakable, they will never side with anyone else over their own blood.

      • and they are an easy final 2, if the twins had to decide between another houseguest or their sister, they would obviously choose their sister to have the chance at 500k.

  12. He finally went for it, huh? Lol I don’t the feeds so I am not the bet judge on what’s going on in their relationship but it does seem to me that she’s having fun flirting/gaining a potential strong ally (if he didn’t already screw up his game). She is probably giving mixed signals but I don’t feel sorry for him because he’s kind of an idiot lol

    • From what I understand, she’s using his feelings for her to get herself further in the game. Austin’s feelings are completely one sided.

  13. I do think Austin is a mega-creep, but I have no sympathy for Liz … just say “No”

  14. I think it all started back when Jace was in the house. They only had the three of them. Because no one wanted to be associated with them. She was/is putting up with mixed feelings. We know what she is doing. But he doesn’t. Since her twin is coming in, Liz needs to set him straight. I don’t feel he is creepy. I think he has fallen for her. Every time I see them there is some type of touchy feely. Including hugging. I really hope he stays. I want to see him do a endurance comp.

    • All volunteers. Easier for her to do that instead of highlighting her enemies, even if it foolishly weakens her own allies when she’ll need them strong to fight for HoH since she can’t.

  15. Imagine if she shares with Shelli the sneaky kiss and then she is informed about what Austin said about getting rid of Julia…. I think Liz would be on board to getting him out.

  16. Look, Liz is “whoring it,” to use her own words, so everyone stop feeling bad for her. Who knows, maybe she even likes it. Caleb was rebuffed last season, and Liz could do the same but chooses to be pet, sleep with, and kiss him…so I don’t feel bad. Maybe she is more conniving than he is creepy.

  17. I don’t have time for the feeds but I watch the show (duh) and after dark…so I don’t have the info y’all have. Just by those two I can tell she (Liz) is naturally a flirtatious person but has little interest in Austin. My problem is the show is edited so I take that with a grain of salt and after dark is a few hours random nothing. Question for you guys, how does she (Liz) act around him on the live feeds, and how does Juila act around him?

    • Liz acts super flirty and fun and enticing in a way towards Austin, while Julia acts fake-flirty and tries not to be near Austin. When the twins enter, hopefully they don’t have to deal with Austin, since he wants to get rid of Julia and keep Liz for himself, which is unreasonable.

  18. I can’t wait for Austin to flip out, once he finds out about Liz simply playing him. I love drama, I’ll take that over any pathetic excuse of anyone throwing a comp, I must say this season is full of weak players. however I look forward to the house imploding on itself, once the pawns leave. then we shall see some interesting dynamics at play.

  19. It helped her game because she is still there and Julia and Liz will both be in the game thursday

  20. Austin is creepy and a little scary. He seems very jealous and possessive of Liz even to the point that he wants Julia evicted. Julia gets it but Liz is either lying about her feelings towards him or she is taking a huge risk

    I don’t think it is flattering for Liz to allow Austin to paw her if she doesn’t really like him and she is using him to get ahead in the game.

  21. I just don’t care for it as a strategy. Any time you say you are whoring yourself out just don’t. It’s just a game and your self respect is worth far more. Plus I don’t care much for girls leading guys on cause there is no reason to cause hurt feelings, and vice versa, I would not like it. Yes, I get its just a game so before you disagree, I do realize that, I just don’t care.

  22. Austin/ Judas is such a creep! Not to mention the BS story he’s telling about his girlfriend Jen back home. I can only imagine how Jen is feeling, because according to her sister’s twitter, Jen did not agree to Any of this and the BS Austin is telling about “where their relationship stood” when he went into the BBHouse is all a lie. I have read the letter from Austin to Jen, and how he “promised” to play the game in such a way as to Not cause her any embarrassment. Really? Saying he LOVES Liz in less than 5 weeks of her part-time being in the house isn’t hurtful or embarrassing? You can BET when Austin doesn’t end up with Liz, and he goes home, Jen will be kicking him to the curb too! Even his ex Chelsea is talking bad about his BB game on twitter! His wrestling name JUDAS is Very fitting for him! Along with the Tat that runs down his side “Fated To Pretend”. There is nothing real or trustworthy about this Dog, and he’s gross as heck on top of it all ! Out of the twins, obviously Julia is the one with the brains and common sense! She can’t stand Austin! It’s the reason Austin wants Julia out of the game as soon as she’s in, so she can’t influence and talk sense into Liz!

  23. Caleb and Amber all over again, but unlike them Liz is actually leading him on. Obsession.

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