Big Brother 17 Popularity Poll – Week 9

This week’s poll to vote for your favorite Big Brother Houseguest is open along with the results from last week’s voting as we continue our watch on readers’ support for HGs.

Big Brother 17 Memory Wall
Big Brother 17 Memory Wall – Source: CBS

We’re closing in on the season finale in less than a month and two players continue to dominate our polls: Johnny Mac and James. Readers must be like the game play styles they’re both using and that could translate in to an edge for the official $25K AFP vote.

Unfortunately for John he better keep those numbers strong because this could be the end of his run this week. It can be tough to keep your numbers at the top once you’re evicted but don’t forget that Donny was evicted in Week 9 last year too and he still pulled off the Favorite Player victory.

As for the movers and shakers this week, Meg, Steve, and Liz had the biggest climbs at 3 positions each. Meg moved up in to the Top 5, Steve got up to 7th, and Liz managed getting to 11th and out from under all the evicted players. Vanessa had a strong showing as well going up 2 spots to 3rd.

The biggest drop goes to Clay with 5 spots down to 14th, but it’s interesting to note that no active Houseguests went down in their positions as the evicted HGs are losing their footing. That’s not to say all the evictees are at the bottom.

Austin is now the least popular active HG in our poll now that Liz climbed a few spots above him. However that does still leave Julia, Liz, and Austin as the least popular active players. Again. So yes, the most unpopular HGs in our polls have now been in charge of the house for two weeks as they continue to target the most popular players. Sorry, folks. Well, that’s Big Brother!

Check out all the results below comparing last week’s results to the previous round and then scroll below to vote in this week’s “Who is your Favorite Houseguest?” poll.

Big Brother 17 – Popularity Results: Week 8 vs Week 7

  1. John McGuire 51.8% (+0)
  2. James Huling 19.8% (+0)
  3. Vanessa Rousso 6.5% (+2)
  4. Becky Burgess 5.1% (-1)
  5. Meg Maley 2.9% (+3)
  6. Jackie Ibarra 2.6% (-2)
  7. Steve Moses 2.3% (+3)
  8. Shelli Poole 1.7% (-2)
  9. Jason Roy 1.51% (-2)
  10. Julia Nolan 1.5% (+2)
  11. Liz Nolan 1.3% (+3)
  12. Da’Vonne Rogers 1.1% (-1)
  13. Austin Matelson 1.0% (+0)
  14. Clay Honeycutt 0.6% (-5)
  15. Audrey Middleton 0.2% (+0)
  16. Jeff Weldon 0.1% (+0)
  17. Jace Agolli 0.08% (+0)


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  1. I actually think Austin is playing a really good game right now. He has deals with almost every player in the house, yet is not on anyone’s radar. He’s got the Goblins believing he is in their corner, he’s got Vanessa believing he has her best interests at heart, and Steve and John trust him more than Vanessa. The only thing why I didn’t vote for him was because I believe he would fall on his sword to protect Liz. And that is why I think Liz is my favorite right now. She wins comps, has a minion in Austin to do her dirty work, and isn’t anyone’s target. Personality aside, she is playing the best game right now.

    • People are kissing his ass because he is HOH this week. Will it be the same next week if there is a power shift? my quess is NO.

    • After turning on the feeds last night and seeing Liz Ho giving Austwuss a BJ I almost broke my computer trying to turn it OFF! Liz Ho has her own dirty work to do so that Austwuss will do the other dirty work.

      • Wow, I’m glad I don’t get the feeds-nasty!! If Van wins HOH will someone give her a BJ? I swear it has one!!

      • Omg she didn’t. . I don’t get the feeds thank god. I can’t believe she did that knowing cams are on them..then again I suppose I can believe it…lol her poor parents

      • Maybe this is old hat (pardon the pun) for Liz; just more of the same. If Julia isn’t surprised by Liz’s behavior, why should the rest of us be? This is what happens when you solicit complete unknowns.

      • Why don’t they get spoken to about this…I’m not signed up to watch porn. They disgust me. Seriously, think of her parents and grandparents.

      • I absolutely agree. Thanks a lot, CBS. Great casting choices this season. Nothing like prime time porn.

      • Nothing indirect about it. Remember on the show when the twinkies were switching, Liz Ho told Julia she had whored herself to Austwuss. She got paid so now she has to perform.

    • I guess you weren’t watching the feeds yesterday. James said if he wins HOH, he’s putting Austin and Liz on the block. That doesn’t sound like they’re under the radar and safe to me.

    • His mouth and attitude I believe Are why he’s so low on the polls. His head is so big there’s no room in the house.

    • He’s just not many’s cup of tea and will take a lot longer than just this week to come up the ranks since he’s basically done nothing but hide behind skirts until now. He sure has snuck through the cracks by avoiding being put OTB, that’s for sure. But I feel Liz will be his downfall for not playing the best that he can. He’s very egocentric at times. I really don’t think he’ll self-evict once Liz isn’t there. He’ll justify it by saying he’ll fight for her til the end, which may be sooner than later! hahaha

      • If James is serious about putting Austin/Liz OTB next week I’m praying every night that he wins HoH. Either one can go as far as I’m concerned but I’d rather see Liz go then Austin… would almost like to see how Austin & Julia get along w/o Liz there.

      • He didn’t have a problem putting up Shelli and Clay so why would he have a problem with Austin and Liz. If he was smart he would find out whether Steve or JMAC will work with him and Meg before they cast their votes

    • James told Meg if he wins HoH he will put up Austin and Liz. The Goblins are making it look like they are with Austin but when Steve spilled the beens about the F5 he and JMac had with Austwins and the alliance between Austin and Vanessa, I think Austin’s game was exposed.

      If the Austwins do not win the next HoH I have a feeling they are going to be attacked.

      Rarely do tactics like Austins win in the end. Eventually people talk and words gets out. Austin overplayed his hand which seems to be a common mistake this year.

    • I know Austin, he’s the smartest person I’ve met. The depth to the intellect is invisible to those who just look at him. Stand around him and you become instant radar. His brain is giant. Everyone hates the way he looks and he likes that. He’s running the the house for a month now, finally and people don’t like it.

      • “The depth to the intellect is invisible… “, you got that part right.

        Running the House for a month, I don’t like to say it but that would go to Vanessa. And now Austin doesn’t do a thing w/o Liz’s approval… she’s got him whipped.

      • She does have him whipped. The invisible I’m referring to and I knew it was a poor choice of words to use is when your in a house all day and night with people you lean towards hanging out with the smartest because it makes you comfortable and feel safe. The reason I say it’s not Vanessa though it’s a great Argent is because shes made an enemy of everyone. In fact she’s made each individual despise her. He has controlled the last 4 evictions while being whipped and protecting 3 people. Not easy.

  2. BB17 player rankings

    1. Vanessa- Controlled every vote of this game and almost every hoh. When her back was against the wall she pulled out an amazing recovery and survived unanimously. She is able to manipulate everyone even after they know she is a lier. Best player by far this season and top 5 ever.

    2. Austin- Is the only one still unnominated in the game. He also has the twins stuck to him like glue. He is playing a very good game.

    3. Liz- She has 2 people who will never nominate her in Austin and Julia and she is in the best position in the house safety wise. She is in every alliance and no one sees her as a threat.

    4. Julia- She is currently the 2nd safest player in this house and is in every alliance and no threat only reason she is lower then Liz is in a f3 Austin would take Liz over her to the final 2.

    5. Meg- She is seen as the least threatening player comp wise and has a great social game. Everyone likes her and I see her getting to the top 5 with ease but she will not get passed Austins angles.

    6. James- He is liked by everyone in the house but is seen as much more of a comp threat and would be taken out before meg.

    7. John- He is playing a very low key game but he is in trouble and probably will go home in the next 2 weeks unless he wins hoh/veto

    8. Steve- He was doing good before he started coming out of the shadow. He has gotten on Vanessa’s bad side and looks like he might go home this week. He breaks under presser and thats why he is vulnerable this week.

    • I think your assessment is great. The only thing I have is Liz above Austin because I feel Austin could be that rare player that if he was ever nominated with Liz, and won veto, he would use it on her, instead of himself. However most of the time rankings do not equate to popularity. People always say they want cut throat game play, but if someone exhibits that behavior, they cry foul.

    • I think you give the twins, Meg and James way too much credit

      Twins- They may be safe, but that doesn’t mean that they are good players

      James- Comp threat yes but doesn’t make the best decisions all the time. He trusts the wrong people

      Meg- Meg may be well liked but she hasn’t made a big move that leaves an impact.

      • I see what your saying. I make my rating based on how strategic and how safe a contestant is.

        The twins might not be good at strategy but they are safe and in no danger of going home in the near future.

        James is strong enough to win hoh and is safe. Thats why I had to put him above john and stave.

        Meg might be like Victoria but she is almost generated final 5 that’s why she is in 5th,

      • I might’ve put James a little further down too since I think he’s made a few serious mistakes due to his one track mind. Once he gets an idea into his head he refuses to listen to anyone and is unable to change his mind. He’s just not a flexible player but I do like the guy a lot, very entertaining.

      • The only mistake Becky made was trusting the Goblins and not realizing James and Meg were mathematically challenged.
        Since Becky does have basic math skills and is able to count she will go after the Austwins if she returns.

      • James edicts with emotion & not the best for his game. If he can fake emotion out of his game I’d say he’s #1 after JonnyMac to win. I know JM might be in trouble this week but I hope not
        This is just my thoughts at 5:23AM & have been awake since 2:35AM.
        Hahaha!! This is true! I’m gonna be a biatch when the sun comes up. I best get off this computer & close these eyes!! Nite all!

    • Vanessa is great. Its amazing how she’s been able to stay in the game. She’s this year’s Derrick. I think this week she’s talked a bit less game so she’s not on everyone’s radar (as much). Also, she started to be more friendly/social with the other houseguests which really helped.

      • Sorry, she couldn’t touch Derrick with a 10 foot pole & talked games less this week, not according to what I’ve seen & heard, she running around interrogating everyone. She NOT on everyone’s radar… really? She more friendly/social… oh, you’re being sacastic… never-mind.

        Btw, did any HGs not like Derrick? Do any HGs like Vanessa? They are basically complete opposites… are we watching the SAME Big Brother?

      • Absolutely! Last season everybody was rooting for Derrick to win. This season virtually no one wants Vanessa to win. Derrick was a nice young man with a family and was social and charming. Vanessa is simply a bit*h who interrogates, demands, threatens, intimidates … you get the picture.

      • Ok if you think she’s great. But she’s nothing like Derrick. She’s a loose handle that controls with fear and threats. I don’t like her at all but I suppose she deserves some props for an attempt at game play. The rest of them are just lost.

      • I still don’t want her to win the game tho. I guess that makes me an emotional player. In my Bizzaro Land JonnyMac takes it all.

    • The only thing with this is yep it would be true if you had players in the house. There’s a bunch of idiots that change their mind every two seconds so you never know what will happen from day to day.

      • So well said, Lavendargirl. Can’t remember a season that was this changeable, often without really good reasons.

    • I’m guessing Steve is more safe than Austwins. We will see how it plays out. This is a pretty good ranking.

      • Gosh, you’ll have to change that assessment if Steve is evicted Thursday… I believe it will be JMac leaving but Steve is skating on thin ice… more safe than Austwins? I more false move & Steve’s out. Heck, right now the ONLY HG he might be safer than is JMac.

      • Well, everything depends on who’s in power… anyone but Austwins + Vanessa will target Austwins or should be targeting them.

    • Totally agree with everything you said except I would switch John and Steve. Great assessments of everyone though!

      • no she has not none of those 3 have been nominated since the twins came in but since Julia and Liz were the same player pre week 6 I have to count her as being nominated.

  3. What in the hell are Austin and Liz doing under those covers knowing America is watching. Looks like more than cuddling, awful. Even Chelli didn’t really go that far on camera. I think they had one or two kisses. Ewwwwwwww, Austin and Liz appear to really have some sort of sex happening. Ewwwwwwwwwwww. Her parents must be overjoyed. .

    • You know, it’s junior high school- Liz, can we go steady? How old are these HG’s? Time for Meg to win an HOH and put up Austin and Van.

      • You know, it’s really sad when we have to hope for Meg to win an HOH to put those two up. But seriously, she might be the only hope at this point.

      • Sad but true- Go Meg! She needs all the encouragement she can get. If Austin or Van go it will be interesting again.

      • That’s what I’m hoping for. Van has no one basically that can effectively protect her now whereas Liz has her sister and Austin. James has Meg, and Steve had JMac. Let’s get that power shift when Becky, Jackie or Shelli re-enter the game. I don’t see Steve winning his way back in if he goes this Thursday…it will be an endurance comp, so it’s best to evict him and keep JMac this week to prepare for that. But I don’t think that’s how Liz, Julia or Austin will see it. That will be their mistake, because JMac was more willing to work with them than Steve ever has or will. Steve will support Van. Time for twins to be broken up and let go from summer camp.

      • I agree Joni, everything could change once someone from the jury returns. If it’s Shelli, she’s very capable of going on a comp run till the end. I was hoping that JMac would stay so that those 2 could work together. Add Vanessa into the mix and they could be the final 3.
        If Becky returns she might seek revenge with the twins as her target – I would love to see that happen too.
        The suspense is killing me, can’t wait till tomorrow.

      • No, I meant tomorrow. Remember when reading the Little House books how Ma would tell Laura that it was rude to contradict ? hahaha

      • If she lives in Austrailia, it’ll be her Friday to our Thursday! So then what day is it for her???

      • You’re asking me and I’m not sure what it is for me? Yesterday felt like Friday to me for crying out loud. LOL!!!

      • Every day feels like Friday to me, so I have to look at my computer’s clock to know for sure what day it really is! :-)

      • It’s good to know that you’re through contradicting :D
        But in the future please do not alert me to any spelling or grammar errors that I might make so we can avoid making mountains out of molehills in the future.
        Thanks a lot Joni, good night.

      • I misspelled that on purpose! And not to worry, I won’t alert you on the above since you’re not writing a book to be published here! hahahaa

      • I was sure you misspelled that word on purpose and that’s why I didn’t correct your spelling :D
        It’s all good then Joni, it’s just not pleasant to talk to people when they’re overly critical about minor things is all I was saying. TTYL

      • True…I try my best to not be overly critical at all! I try to keep BB as light and fun…not overly competitive either. I hate being competitive to the point it gets to a one-upmanship process by my opponents! :-)

      • What have I missed? I’ve never noticed anyone being competitive or guilty of one-upmanship? In fact this site is one of the most peaceful I’ve run across. I haven’t been here a lot so maybe I missed something.

      • Guess I should have stated I don’t like one-upmanship in my personal life, which many of my family members tend to play that way…it has nothing to do with this site at all or any one person here. That’s what I love about BB and this site. That we all don’t take everything so personally! Sorry if I confused you! :-) You are not my opponent…you’re an equal here! :-)

      • Oh yes, family members can be a pain sometimes I agree.
        I keep hoping that the quarrelsome types that infest most BB sites don’t discover this place ha! I think that most people here are older and more mature thankfully.
        Where do you comment during the Survivor season? I’ve yet to find one that I really like.

      • I’m not much of a Survivor fan at all. I’m a girly girl at heart and just can’t take any type of grimy existence and Survivor can get downright grimy and gross too! ha Wish I could watch Survivor and picture everyone dancing and singing instead, coupled with a bit of grit to go with that stamina! :-)

      • True, I’d like to see Becky return and I don’t see JMac staying but would rather see him stay over Steve… depending on the comp for Jurors, I hope it doesn’t favor JMac or Steve, especially Steve.

        Austwins would have an easier HG to control with JMac but let hope either of the twins wins HoH.

        Best case scenario returning HG wins HoH or James or Steve/JMac, whichever remains in House.

        Meanwhile Meg’s still singing “School’s Out of Summer”, didn’t mention her winning HoH for a obvious reason (don’t cry Meg) but if she won that would be good also.

      • Too bad they can’t evict both at the same time, it’s a toss-up but Liz 1st is probably the best order then V. At least that way it breaks the 3some up and Liz can haul Austins balls out with her, since she’s already cut them off.

  4. Jmac says on the feeds he hates all religions, has never voted, and is ok with the world going to anarchy lol This is the most popular player.

    Not only does her barely contribute anything….he’s a bit nuts.

  5. I like Vanessa. I think she’s funny. She’s pulling out all the stops to win the game. So sad to see so many misogynistic comments about her…mostly from other women.

    Women are women’s worst enemy~

    • Hell… Vanessa is Vanessa’s worse enemy. Btw, pulling out all the stops is not the way to win the game IMO… though making enemies has won the game before, look at Evel Dick & even Dr Will, though he was a fan favorite.

  6. As reported earlier today on Jokers…

    “Liz struggles a bit with Austin’s breakfast. “I hate himmuh!” she moans. Wipes snot on her sleeve, then finger, then cooks away.”


    I ALMOST feel sorry for Austin having to eat those snot eggs.

    Liz definitely should be lower on the list IMO.

  7. I know it’s only third place (and well below the numbers of James and JMac) but in 3rd place with more than double the numbers of the 4th place HG it looks like things are starting to turn around a bit for Vanessa popularity-wise. Even though she seems to be disliked by a lot of people here I think the lack of any game from others is slowly being recognized.

  8. In my opinion, Austin is playing a part a lot of the time, and maybe Liz too. Always wanting to please the camera…it’s an acting gig for him. He is also more into Liz and getting a new girlfriend (cheater) than actually playing the game. Again, only my opinion. I really, really DO NOT LIKE Austin and the Twins (the girls are bullies)

    • Austin is a big old showoff in my book… he’s a wrestler so that automatically makes him a self-promoter. I would pay $1 to hear/see him do an impression of Hulk Hogan.

      • So you think he could just be doing this just so that he can get back into the WWE or even jump ship to TNA?

      • Wouldn’t know, my guess is he didn’t make it big in WWE, right? So he probably wants an easier way to make a living, things like him/Liz on Amazing Race, a BB Season of the Shomance couples, etc.

        It’s obvious he needs/craves his t.v. time… guessing again, I’d say his tryst w/Liz will end like Big Brother does w/Finale, he goes back to CA & the twins go back to FL, then when nothing falls in his lap from all HIS FAME in BB, he’ll self-promote himself on the WWE or whatever the TNA is. I don’t follow either.

        Then again maybe he’ll be a BIG STAR somewhere, he’s not a bad self-promoter… guess he needs to learn how to be more likable, obvious show-offs don’t do well, as least in my book.

        Hey, whatever happened to Jesse? Did he find a chick that reminded him of himself & fall in love, marry her & now has little Jesses/Jessicas running around all over the place?

  9. On Jokers the twins just said JMac is AFP based on the way they were questioned in the DR. Why would production let on to that fact right before evictions. Production is definitely manipulating the game. They told Austin before nominations that someone was lying to them. JMac just told Van how she was supposed to be BD this week. Now it’s going to get good. Lol. How many times this week is she going to find out she really has no place anymore in the Austwins alliance, but I bet Van blows it by starting some intense questioning and demanding answers. At this point if she is really good, she will chill and start building new alliance. She knows she is expendable to Austwins.

    • I don’t think it’s Producer manipulation. Reading something on Joker’s or even hearing something said live on the feeds w/o having heard the DR convo lends itself toward appearing to be “Production manipulation” but I tend to think it’s more HG paranoia. With these boards and the feeds it seems way too easy for viewers like us to take things out of context maybe. If Producers were Manipulating the game that openly and JMac got voted out as a result I think the audience would go bananas. Plus, just using this one site as an example, JMac has been the most popular player during a season where viewers haven’t seemed to really like anyone else. So they’d never want to push for his eviction I don’t think. I suspect the Twin heard something generic (with maybe no name attached to it at all) and made a paranoid assumption. (Just a guess.)

      • That’s probably true to a point. But I think we would all be foolishness to assume that Production leaves these dimwits completely to their own devices. They have to make a tv show and are after good ratings.

      • I agree 100% that they want a good show but I think conspiracy theories are just waaay too popular now. Maybe I’m dead wrong but I’ve said it before, if someone came out as an evicted HG and discovered (with proof, mind you) that they’d been cheated out of winning $500,000 by the Producers there’d be at least 1 former HG by now who would’ve screamed about it. And if an accusation like that ever gets made that’d be front page news everywhere. (Online at least.) CBS Accused of Rigging Game show Which would hurt them dramatically and might possibly negatively affect advertisers buying commercials on a show that isn’t considered honest. I definitely think they gently steer things (or hope to) but I don’t think it’s as bad as people sometimes think it is. Not one book has been written (I don’t think) claiming to show how all of these game shows are crooked and a scam.

      • Man, I’d love to see a book written about the big brother experience. I’d love to see what kind of contracts they have to sign to be apart of this show.

      • They’re incredibly long and incredibly detailed with all kinds of penalties associated with revealing things. They’re biased toward Production and the Network of course but if someone had the chance to make a cash grab by filing suit, it would happen. (Like Krista Stegall did in 2002 after Season 2.)

      • I’m still very curious about the incident with that one a few years ago. She was competing as a juror to come back in. It was a baseball theme, where they stood on a wall and caught balls. Helen? Someone from the backside tapped her ankle, she looked down and jumped off. Does anyone know why?

      • More conspiracy theory than anything. It was Season 15. Week 9 HoH comp with Helen Kim. There are a few vids posted. I don’t think they show anything suspicious and if you read interviews with her it’s never asked about or mentioned by her so I assume it was a quick internet thing that caught attention then died.

      • I agree anonymous that it’s not blatant manipulation by production. I posted on another story that I believe it’s manipulation based on feeding their paranoia. All reality show host / production usually introduce a topic or question something we as viewers see happening. Part of their job is to watch HG or tapes on other shows 24/7 and create drama. It would be against the law to outright manipulate a game with a cash prize, but no law planting ideas in their head, or stirring the pot when they already know the seeds of paranoia are there.

    • Well…JMac did give Van a heads up that he would be saying all the wrong things to her while Steve was saying all the right things! hahaha

    • Production is definitely trying to manipulate. The twins act pretty dumb, but they aren’t COMPLETE morons.

    • Your right…and she knows that 3 versus 1 aren’t good odds…so time to redirect the target to the real threats in the house…as she will put it….THE AUSTWINS !

  10. Its hard to have a favorite this year. All of the people left in the house are annoying in one way or another. JMac and Steve know Vanessa is stight with Austwins and instead of aligning with the other side of the house they continue to target them. At some point they are going to realize its the Austwins against only 2 of them and that means they lose.

    In any case, I dislike JMac least then James I guess, although I cannot get over the mnistake he made flipping to keep Vanessa in the house over the stolen shirt. That was a stupid, emotional move.

    • Could not agree more. I was asked today “who’s you’re favorite” and I said I think the question this season is “who do you hate the most”… there’s so much more to talk about. Funny too, I answered I guess I like JMac & James the most.

    • If you have to go with who’s playing the game…Vanevil takes the cake…can’t say the Austwins are because there a trio and really not playing on their own…as much as she’s not the popular choice…the psychotic, brow beating , in your face Vanessa is my game choice.

  11. JMac’s showing a bit of a snippy side lately. I’m lovin it. As Liz and Austin headed to HoH room for a nap, he did a gesture with his finger pointing down to his throat as a gag implication!

  12. I get this strange feeling that Van is going to vote differently than how the Austwins want her to vote and blame one of them or James/Meg for lying about voting Steve out instead of JMac. That’s why she’s getting good with Steve all of a sudden yet liking JMac’s style better! What say you?

    • That could be true…maybe setting up next week’s target..or maybe feeling the waters for a possible house flip for her depending who comes start targeting the Austwins…don’t know what that psycho is thinking…and she is 24/7.

    • On jokers updates Austin makes the statement that dentists are medical school dropouts. So wrestlers must be society rejects. No wonder he has a popularity vote of 1%.

  13. I really look forward to Austin finding out that he’s viewed as something between a stalker and a 12 year old boy with his first pubic hair.

  14. Vanessa is so desperate to get back into Austwins good graces (she realized she’s expendable and Austin prefers Jameg over her) that she has formulated a plan for the Austwins to turn on Jameg at John’s expense.

    • She’s playing smartly but as someone else posted before, she’s never going to go anywhere with the Austwins block existing. She should be thinking ahead and maybe trying to seduce James and Meg into a partnership if it’s at all possible. I know Meg’s useless but even as masterful as she is I don’t see how she’s ever going to be able to split the Twins and Austin. The odds get harder and harder for her each day. James is due. It’s a gamble but she doesn’t seem to have many options left.

    • I will never understand why the HGs haven’t figured out how Vanessa sets them one against the other. Even when someone speaks up and says what’s really going on, she manages to get around it. Incredible. Imagine being in a relationship with her. She could convince you of anything .

  15. I despise the Austwins and Vanessa. Austin and Liz slobbering all over each other at every turn is disgusting. Not since McCranda have I disliked the houseguests this much. Yuck.

  16. Vanessa is playing a very strategic game, but if she goes 2 the end will they vote by game or b 2 pissed 2 vote 4 her

    • There’s no 100% guarantee but I believe when push comes to shove people vote for who earned it.

      • Dan earned it in season 14 or even more Danielle in season 3 a bitter jury will vote with emotion more than looking at great gameplay. In this season you will see someone like Steve and other fans of the game like James or Austin vote for who played the best game because they respect the gameplay. Someone like the twins or meg will vote with emotion since they have never seen the game and wont respect the gameplay.

      • There are always glitches here and there. Nothing’s perfect. You note two examples out of 16 Seasons. And while I’m sure there are probably a few more examples I’m unaware of (I don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge base on the subject unfortunately!), I think that in most cases people reward the best player.

        With this crew, this year, you might be right. I just hope not.

      • I agree that most people will reward the best player. From what I have seen in past seasons, although it is not always the case, it is generally split between fans and recruits. Fans will almost always vote for who played the best game because they respect the the gameplay while recruits vote for who they like better. This season there is just far more recruits than fans which is why I think it would come down to who they like better.

  17. Do u think since Shelly is no longer in charge behind Clay that Liz is doing the same with Austin?

  18. Austin is the house mouse, he is afraid of making a big power play by evicting neurotic Vanessa. Johnny Mac is going around talking from both corners of his mouth and I hope it works for him and he doesn’t get evicted.I wonder if Johnny Mac knows the terms loose lips sinks ships. Steve is book smart and doesn’t know how to play a dirty game like Vanessa, however he’s catching on.

  19. Clay went by the wayside for love and Austin is going to do the same thing for love. The twins are smart, they will take each other to f1 and f2 and kick Austin to the curb.

  20. This season is by far my favorite season. I enjoy every minute of BB after dark, I would love to be in the house with these people. They are so much fun. Like children find ways to entertain themselves. Love the food challenges and the court, lol. I love Johnny Mac and really hope he gets to stay in tonight. At first I couln’t stand the twins and Austin but have come to love them. I like them all and wthe only person I would hate to see win is Vanessa. Shes too serious and a back stabber even though she thinks shes not.
    As far as the Liz BJ on Austin, I don’t get live feeds so can’t comment, but my guess is alot goes on in the house every year that doesn’t come (pardun pun) out. These are all young people, and they are just being normal. These are exciting and frustrating days for all the contestants.

  21. As much as i hate Vanessa and want her gone, I much rather have her win an Austin I just can’t stand the thoughtthat he might win no matter how good his game play is.

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