Big Brother 17: Counting The Votes In Week 9 [POLL]

Time to count the votes this week on Big Brother 17 as we march closer to the season finale despite having eight Houseguests remain in the game as one prepares for Jury where another is heading back.

Vanessa Rousso counts the votes on Big Brother 17
Vanessa Rousso counts the votes on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

There are five votes this week which means no chance of a tie-breaker for Austin leaving him as a lame duck since Friday’s nominations. Now the rest of the house will have to decide what they’ll be doing.

Over the weekend we watched as Vanessa scrambled for a reason to get John off the Block and one of the Goblins targeted, but when that mission failed she found a new one to pursue. John revealed to Vanessa a 5-HG deal that was made to target her and since then Vanessa has been taking shots at Steve every chance she’s had.

Vanessa chewed Steve out and got rather nasty while promising him he had lost her vote. Unfortunately for Vanessa’s plans, the twins aren’t on board. Those two votes spent Monday confirming to one another that John had to be the one to go. They were upset at John for revealing to Vanessa what they had been plotting against her and were similarly spewing some really classy trash about him too.

Since the twins don’t seem interested in getting rid of Steve and Vanessa has agreed to vote with them then she’s either planning to convince them otherwise later this week or is doing all of this to guilt trip Steve in to submission. I’m starting to think it’s the latter at this point.

Vanessa’s verbal beatings continued late last night for Steve before turning to a group conversation with the Austwins. Steve revealed everything he could about John and their working together. The group then confirmed to Steve that they would vote to keep him.

Three votes from Vanessa, Liz, and Julia would be enough to send John off to Jury, or at least to the twist competition. James and Meg don’t seem to particularly concerned with who is going next and are just happy that it isn’t them. I’m expecting them to vote along with whatever decision the Austwins settle on and make it unanimous.

Speaking of the Goblins, I wonder if Meg had given an accurate retelling of Steve’s “very strong fortress” comments if that would have made its way back to Vanessa and given her enough ammo to keep John. Steve had told Meg & James that Austwins AND Vanessa were a strong fortress, but Meg only mentioned the Austwins in the retell.

If Vanessa really wanted Steve out then she might have been able to use a group wide threat as leverage, but as of now I’m not sure if Vanessa has even heard the Austwins part that was retold. Either way, I’m sure Vanessa’s inclusion has now been lost in Meg’s mind and it won’t see the light of day.

We’re still two days away from eviction so everything is subject to change, but if the twins stand strong on evicting John then Vanessa will continue to feel the pressure of proving she’s still a team player after that’s what she’s been fighting to show the Austwins. In that case, John stands to be the most likely eviction choice on Thursday.

What do you think will happen? Does Vanessa still want Steve out or has she let that go? Is there any scenario where Vanessa can shift the twins or would she jump to the Goblins to form a three-vote majority? Share your thoughts and vote now in the poll below.


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  1. I don’t know how any fan could like Meg at this point. She has done nothing in this house. She is this seasons Victoria! As much as I can’t stand Vanessa’s constant paranoia, I can’t blame her for her gameplay. How many fans out there have said that they would leave integrity at the door if they ever entered the BB house? I would definitely choose $500,000 over a potential friendship. I have enough friends at home.

    • I like Meg! She isn’t good at comps, nor is she particularly good at strategy. So, she is using her social skills and laying low. Everyone in the house loves her and she has the ability to laugh at herself. That’s pretty strong social skills. Since I think that social skills is a huge strategy, she’s playing a great game!

      • Totally agree with you, red. I really like Meg and everyone in the house seems to like her, too. She is definitely NO Victoria…unless Meg has a story about a crow…

      • Oh, I love them, too! Come to think about it, I haven’t had one in years either. Wish someone would throw one at my eye. I’m hungry. Is that a new avatar? I really like it.

      • I haven’t changed my avatar Sharona, but since we’re seldom commenting here at the same time you probably aren’t used to seeing my avatar.

      • I like Meg too and most likely everyone would want to take her to the end, because they know she will lose in the end, but at least she’ll win the 2nd prize if that happens. Her game is not competitive at all – – but her personality is what is keeping her there and the fact that she is lousy at comps! I wish her the best, and I think she probably needs the money more than most of them, but she just don’t have anything else to offer. She’s better than Victoria only because she’s very real to America where Victoria was living in her own world at times – just my opinion!

      • As we said last year with Victoria .. Just you wait and see .. when it comes down to the F4/F5 … Meg will put on her game face and go on a Competition Winning Spree and bring whomever to the F2/F3 … :)

        You heard it here first, People .. You can bet your $1 on it !!! Ha !!! :)

      • If Jordan could win BB so could Meg – even though it’s highly doubtful with Vanessa around this year.

      • Sure everyone likes Meg. Is she laying low by choice, or by her own ineptitude? I say it’s the latter. I don’t ever see her “using” her social skills in any game sense. Every time she has been given information she’s either done nothing with it, or spilled it to the wrong people. She has been played like a fiddle all game, so from a players stand point, and as a feedster/superfan, she is an awful, awful player. Meg is a sweet girl, having a fun time at summer camp.

      • There is one worse than Meg…..JULIA! At least Meg came in the house with injuries. Julia is 100% healthy!

      • There are so many ways to play the game of BB so I don’t think there is a wrong way or right way. With a little bit of luck anybody could win the game in the end. Meg has a killer social game and it’s taken her far into the game – nothing wrong with that either.

    • Victoria went to F3 and if Cody hadn’t had a brain-cramp she would have gone F2. What’s F2 $50K? Yep!!! Not bad for taking the whole summer as vacation, playing games, swimming/sunning, making new friends, huh? And then going home with 50K, I won’t mention 1st place b/c there’s no chance of that. LOL.

      • If Meg makes it to F2, they should up the stakes to 75k. She took a beating for that, using her head! ha

    • Good players use lies and manipulation. They don’t use yelling, belittling, degrading and bullying tactics like Vanessa does. She’s like an immature parent out of control. If the rest of the HGs were under 18, that would be considered child abuse.

  2. It’s going to be fun to see who returns this week and who they try to team up with. Austin is protecting both James and Meg for now. The twins seem to really like them. So, for now they have the Austwins protection. Vanessa is still a major target and either Steve or John will still be up for grabs or wildcards. This Thursday’s returning juror and HoH are going to be exciting and will set the pace for the next few weeks.

    P.S. I still think that James was smart to keep Van over Shelli. Even through Van will be harder to remove, it has kept him and Meg safe at least through returning juror. Shelli would have put the target on them. Without any power, they’ve been able to lie low and befriend most of the house.

    • I agree. That would not have happened with Shelli in the house. As much as I dislike the strategy of and have no respect for the bully, Vanessa, her being there has actually helped Meg and James in the short-term. The long-term will be determined soon enough.

      • Everyone else is so good at determining strategy in this game. I just like to look at the pretty balls in the pool.

      • BIG huge belly laugh!!!! Holy-moly…I needed that laugh, K! Got bunches of errands to run today, so hopefully I’ll catch y’all later. Okaaaay-uuuh?

      • Joni Marie Louise Gab (pretend that’s your real name)…If I have to warn you one more time, young lady…(You crack me up!)

      • K, I SO hope you get this post…hopefully you’re still checking your Disqus notifications. You HAVE to go to the BB17 After Party Red Carpet pictures thread. Just read from the newest on down. Cyril wrote one of the funniest posts–my sides are killing me from laughing so hard! You’ll understand everything once you read it. Oh, please, please get this message! Hope your back is better and that hubby is healing. Is he back in bed or still sleeping in the recliner? READ Cyril’s comment! Take care my Lovely!

    • I’m sure it’s not Jameg’s first choice to be protected by Austwins. James wanted to get Austin out week 2. But they suck it up and do what is necessary to survive right now, til they can regain power. Plus it’s a good way to get more info in the meantime. I’m not mad at them for that at all. :)

      • Actually week 2 shelli was hoh and wanted to get rid of liz but austin talk her out of it

  3. I really hope Steve walks out of the door this week! He really has it coming for wasting his HOH to target Jackie and Meg who have done NOTHING to him. Would be perfect if his azz got tossed out from the same people he was trying to protect during double eviction… Vanessa and Austwins.

    • I’d be interested to hear his reasoning when he gets out of the house, but I’d be pretty sure he regrets not getting out one of the Austwins/Vanessa group.

    • To be honest .. nobody in the Goblins game him a time of day in the game … Vanessa was the only one, if I recall that actually spent time with him and also allowed him to hug her … Austin, as well, with regards to chatting with him …
      And, as a Super Fan, it was easier to go with the flow, with the bigger alliance, at the time …
      If he has learned anything from Vanessa, while she was on the block, in the past … he should keep his mouth shut, and trust his Scamper Alliance for the rest of the week, to secure his safety … In other words, don’t give Vanessa any more ammunition to evict him … Ha !!!

      • I can see why Steve made his controversial decision by putting Meg and Jackie on the block.
        He certainly didn’t want to tick off Vanessa and the Austwins.
        He had an alliance with JMac and didn’t want to evict Becky and tick him off.
        So who was left? Ticking off the Goblins would have the least amount of consequences for Steve.

  4. The thing I love about this season, but at the same time also
    drives me crazy, is how many times people flip-flop on who they are voting for. If we’ve learned anything about this season, it’s that whoever is the initial target, usually is not the target by Sunday. Then it will change about 5 more times by Thursday. Makes for an interesting week of feeds, but kind of also shows how easily these people can and are being manipulated (mostly by Vanessa), and how poorly they strategize. Also shows how paranoid Vanessa is by how much and easily she changes her mind. Compare this to last season, where Derrick pretty much had an order he wanted people to go out, and he more or less mowed through that and had everyone on board. Not as entertaining, but much less schizophrenic.

    • IKR??? Geesh. That’s why I don’t predict who’ll be evicted anymore each week, but who should be! hahaha

    • Still trying to understand what JMac has done to gain America’s fave?

      Yes, his DR stuff was funny at the start of the game, and throwing some BOTB’s, etc .. but, other than that, he hasn’t really done much and, yeah, POV whateva .. but, has not controlled his own game .. At least, Meg has got a somewhat social game going on …

      • and he has a nice gig in the real world as a rock’n roll dentist. AFP is sometimes given to a likable person who “can use” the money more than others (sometimes).

      • Then he doesn’t really need the $$$ if he is a successful dentist. right?
        Again, never did support the argument that Person A should win the AFP and/or BB because they need the $$$ nor that they should not win because they already have a lot of $$ ….
        They all deserve a shot of winning .. Basically, it is the survival of the fittest .. Outwit, Outplay, Out-lie and/or whatever it takes to win it and… don’t take anything personally, as it is, really, just a game … Which is why, Vanessa, like Derrick was last year, may have the advantage in this game, as they do not really care about the other HG’s …..

        Afterall, it is just a game and nobody is actually dying if they get evicted ?? It ends at end of September, regardless of what happens …

      • Not arguing with you. I think the best player should be the $500K winner. AFP $25K is America’s FAVORITE Player and thus, sometimes they tend to vote with a more sympathetic figure who’s also a favorite. Jmac could get it – He might. Anyone can use an extra $25K. Who knows? I don’t care. I was just commenting. Like Donny evicted Week 9 and won it. :)

      • Oh, absolutely … early on in the Season, I would agree that JMac was vying for AFP for sure, though, he seemed to have fizzled by not taking control of his own game …

        Donny, on the other hand … actually played the game and was determined to win every comp that he participated in … whether he won or loss, did not matter, as he became a Fan Favorite … Something, that I / We had all hoped would play out the same with JMac this Season …
        Unfortunately, he may not have the opportunity to … Though, should he survive eviction and/or returns by winning the comp to return back into the game .. I would suspect that he would elevate his game for the final 4-5 weeks or so … :)

      • Oh yeah – He will TOTALLY win back points if he is evicted and returns ESPECIALLY if he gets Vanessa out (even if he does not win). He’ll get props. :)

      • JMAC has a lot of debt from dental school. Didn’t someone say in a post a long time ago that Jmac lived with his parents because of his massive debt? Yes, he has the ability to earn a good income, but it will take a while to earn enough to pay off his student loans. Just saying…

      • I agree, I like John but I don’t understand the hype. I think CBS gives John a great edit because on the feeds he is just bland. My vote is going to Day because I found her hilarious on the show and on the feeds.

      • It should be James all the way. The guy, while he can be sexist at times, he has been the entertainment in the house — “What the Heheeelllll !!!

      • I kinda want to vote for Jason if only to get him outta his mommas basementaah I’m wondering if I vote for twins if they would consider speech pathology therapy maybe get rid of the nasal whineaah ?

  5. I tend to think Vanessa is going to have the most wrinkled forehead when she gets older, she’ll need a face-lift before age 40, heck she already looks like she’s in her late 30’s.

  6. Whoa, I just had a envy thought… I rag on Vanessa a lot and I hope she’s nothing like what we see in real life. Here comes the envy thing… naw, can’t do it… and it’s not of harm to anybody but it could be a fantasy I dream about. LOL.

  7. Any speculation what this week’s HOH comp will be?
    If it is another endurance event, like standing against the wall, etc .. then James may likely win another HOH comp …. as he appears great at just standing around .. Ha !!
    Wonder when we will get the egg, spoon and chicken fence comp again?
    I suspect that it may be something like holding on to a rope / leverage type of endurance comp .. where the weight is based on the HG’s % weight .. and, even at that, James may have the advantage ??

      • James, does have a low center of gravity .. so, anything that requires him to stand still ?? Ha !!
        Or, do you mean the balance beam running comp thing ??

      • I was thinking of when they have to balance different weighted objects on wire mobiles, but they haven’t had a balance beam that seesaws, either.

      • As long as it is an individual comp .. and, not one of those .. head-to-head and/or knock out one’s where the Austwins may have a the numbers against the other HG’s ?

        Though, the pachinko and/or random disc game ???
        With the remaining HG’s in the mix, and the returning Juror in the mix .. definitely, not going to be a Q&A and/or Past/Present / T/F type comp for sure .. as it would be unfair to the Jurors??

      • This would be a good time to ask Q&A about the Gronk parties! I’m sure they’ve forgotten to study those by now. LOL

      • It would. It’s been weeks since those. They’re probably more focused on another returning in an endurance comp than what Veto might involve! hahaha Will throw them off completely as they tend to think in the moment lately.

  8. Steve is just a stupid self insecure fool who was lost for words when confronted by Vanessa he deserves to go. I hope its unanimous so that we can see the stupid super fan cry.

  9. the twins ncourage Austin to put up johnny mac and they get mad because he told vanessa about the 5 person deal! Come on here–they act like that is reason to evict him-they were going to do that anyway.

  10. First Victoria actually was close in a few comps. Meg hasn’t been except comic one. HOH wise though no where close even the luck ones. As for jmac and Steve. Jmac has info that could sway everyone as Steve told him about the freak and geeks/scamper squad. If he used that info he could sway them. Steve messed up telling John that info. Add that to the fortress statement Steve would for sure be deemed untrustworthy to his former alliance. Vanessa not knowing the temp of the jurors don’t realize it keeping John and a Becky return is best for her in long run once they have target Austin and twins. Anyone else comes back and end up with wild cards. If the strong 3 some is to be broken up soon John is the one she needs save somehow. Time turn to goblins for the save.

    • Whatever happened to that brief chat John and Vanessa had about working together. That would be a force no one would see coming.

  11. Steve’s groveling to Vanessa and her treating him like a petulant child is mind-boggling disgraceful. I don’t know which is more disturbing to watch.

    • Steve, I can understand, based on his lack of social skills and awkwardness … but, is it any different than when Austin was grovelling with Vanessa earlier in the game when she was HOH and he was in jeopardy of being backdoored? It seems to be more of a motherly / son relationship between Vanessa and Steve ..

      Even this week, as HOH, Austin talked a big game, and became a big wuss after Vanessa got through with him …

  12. #1 who wants to see ‘pot ball’ or ‘bowling’ ?? surely not I
    #2 did anybody else see the conversation last night between V and John about them working together? I think IF she can get Steve voted out and keep John there will be a new power in the house when the jury player comes back in and gets caught up and it ain’t the Austwins!! WHICH all depends on the next HOH

    • I guess John has learned something, after all .. always agree to an offer of an alliance, unlike what Becky did not do when chatting with Vanessa .. Regardless, of whatever happens of this .. John may be lying and Vanessa may just be vying for a Jury vote and/or should he be evicted and end up returning to the game ….

      A possible Vanessa/John/Steve would be strong, as would be either a Vanessa/John/Austin or Vanessa/Steve/Austin .. as both Austin and Vanessa have to eventually realize the best they would do is F3/F4 unless they won the final challenges and controlled their own destiny …
      A Jackie return could solidify a Goblins/Austwins reunion to at least F6 … While a Becky and/or Shelli return would / could cause issues for the Austwins and/or James, perhaps ??
      If I were a betting person, I suspect that Vanessa will win the next HOH …. Not implying that Production would have anything to do with this outcome at all, of course … Ha !!! :)

  13. I hope John goes and either Becky or Jackie comes back. I need this season to spice up a little bit. It’s been a great season so far but I want it to get better.

  14. Meg is probably the worst strategic player in the game. James is not a strategic thinker at all but Meg is a negative when it comes to strategic thinking. This is why all her close friends are gone and its why James will be gone next week unless she or James win HoH.

    This game went down hill when Meg and James (who else?) flipped on Becky by keeping Vanessa in the game when they had her pinned against the wall. Since then, Jackie and Becky are gone and JMac will likely go this week. What a plan!

    Of course Meg should have told Austin exactly what Steve said. Meg seems to think she and James can make it to the ends by evicting or alienating every potential ally in the game! In the meantime she thinks she can buddy up with her worst threats and sweet talk them into keeping her. They keep her around only because she is not a threat but Meg has exposed James to all of them!

    Even now, Steve, JMac, Meg and James should be trying to work together instead of turning on each other. They will go out one by one until they do not have the numbers to take on the Austwins. Maybe if Becky comes back into the game she can talk some sense into them.

    • You make some very valid points. However I am doubtful Meg and James will listen to any reason at this point…their game is done for.

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