Big Brother 17: Twins Confirm Plans To John While Steve Questions Timing

Following a talk between Steve and John where they discussed next steps and targets the two Houseguests sat down with the twins to discuss what do you do with a problem like Vanessa.

John McGuire is ready to go a little crazy
John McGuire is ready to go a little crazy – Source: CBS All Access

The twins are with Johnny when it comes to dealing with Vanessa and they’re ready to go to work, but Steve seems to be holding back on the big plan to take out their target.

John was hanging out alone in the backyard, Flashback to 1:31AM BBT 8/18, when Steve approached him to discuss more about alliance ideas. John says he likes the idea of working with the Austwins, but he doesn’t want anything to do with Vanessa. Steve pushes the idea that if they’re in a 5-HG alliance with the Austwins then they’re outnumbered and vulnerable. It’s not working on John too well.

Steve says that while John might not trust Vanessa they could still work with her. He goes on to re-explain John’s theory of how Vanessa only targets the players that are on to her. John points out that’s him. Not sure what Steve thought was a good part of bringing that up, but for whatever reason John now seems open to at least discussing a side 3-HG deal.

They decide it’s time to talk more with the Austwins, who we already know are tight with Steve but he’s done well to hide that from most of the house. Steve heads upstairs and talks to the twins before John comes up to join them. Flashback to 1:46AM BBT for the next part of the conversation with John.

Julia lays it out there that for John and says they’re keeping him and want him to take out Vanessa. She says her and Liz aren’t comfortable doing it themselves, but either he or Austin need to do it. John says he’s been waiting weeks for that opportunity.

But wait, guess who wonders if they shouldn’t do that right now. Yep, it’s Steve. Steve asks if next week really would be a good idea or not with the returning Juror in play. It’s not a bad concern and an obvious one I raised over the weekend as yet another potential excuse for kicking the VTE-Vanessa can. Well, not for John it isn’t.

John points out that shouldn’t delay their plan if things go with the typical 4-HG competition for a chance to return. He points out Vanessa versus Shelli, Jackie, and Becky would be a very competitive challenge for Vanessa especially if it’s part of an endurance competition. That’s a great point.

The talk rambles on for a bit about the returning player options before Austin walks in. Flashback 1:56AM BBT. “What’s this??” jokes Austin. Liz teases back that they just started a 4-HG alliance without him.

Austin asks for the update which renews the VTE-Vanessa debate. Steve again brings up that maybe it’s not the right time to target Vanessa. He says he’s not completely against it, but he wants them to be cautious. Soon Steve isn’t alone in these concerns though most agree that it’s all a gamble either way.

They all agree that no matter what, one of the four of them (5, but Liz can’t compete) needs to win HoH and then they’ll go from there. It’ll be interesting for us to see if they can pull it off and then how much of a difference it makes on who wins. I’d say Steve or Julia winning would mean another week for Vanessa. John or Austin would be more likely to take a swing at her. Either way, we should end up with more drama next week than this one turned out to be.


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    • I respectfully disagree. Becky and James will prove “fan favorites” and eventually future BB “All – Stars”. James (though a bad player) is a competitor who has charm and personality. Becky is a “sweet heart” who seems to have her life together (despite suffering a terrible accident) and tried her best to play the game of “Big Brother” despite all the “non – players” getting in her way (her blindside – backdoor of Vanessa will be remembered as this seasons “Best Big Move” that (unfortunately) didn’t work). Nobody 4 EVER!!!

      • Becky’s plan – IMO – was the best and biggest move of the season, ruined by the stupid people who were supposed to work with her.
        That said, I have to give credit where it’s due, the 6th sense dominated the game for the most part of the game and what’s left of them will dominate it again now.
        I’m pretty sure JMac will America’s favorite player though

      • Now wait a second here. James was supposed to have Shelli evicted instead of Clay, his game was ruined by the same stupid people because they listened to Vanessa. Had Shelli left, she wouldn’t be in jury today, think about that one and how it will effect the outcome of the game if she gets back in.

      • But didn’t James jump right on that evicting Clay thing and convince the rest of his gang to do the same? It may have been initiated by Vanessa, but James was more than happy to join in.

      • No, he finally said that the play was to have the power couple seperated. His goal was still Shelli, he felt the house let him down and he mentioned that during the week Becky was HOH. Vanessa wanted to keep Shelli because she was a strong player for her side and she made everyone promise to the deal she wanted saying Clay goes first and then the other half the following week. James felt betrayed and that is why he wanted to out Shelli that week instead of Vanessa and he pretty much said the house went against his wishes and that they should go against Becky’s. As for James all to eager to jump in, that is false.

      • You are correct in what you said but I would further state he wanted Shelli out b/c he felt she was TARGETING HIM and he originally wanted to bust-up the power couple by getting rid of Shelli not Clay.

      • That is on James, he wasted his POV. All he had to do is put Shelli and Vanessa both on the block by taking Clay off. Clay being in the Big Brother House would have changed the dynamics of the game. Add to that, James, Jackie, Meg, Becky and John should be the ones controlling the game. James, Jackie and Meg turning on Becky and John blew all the games up and gave majority votes and control of the game back to Vanessa and her alliance. James even now, I am sure trusts Vanessa over the other house guests.

      • Yep, James screwed up his HoH & Veto and then to further his STUPIDITY up the scale he & the Goblins screwed up Becky’s BD of Vanessa. UGH!!! James isn’t there to win it, he’s there to screw it up AND HE DOESN’T KNOW IT!!!

      • But so is Meg. And she engineered the complete devastation of her side of the house. Was it on purpose or is Meg the worst player in the history of BB? Who else screamed to teammates that there was no alliance against them, to say there was was akin to seeing UFOs, Audrey was lying –for weeks she has continued this in spite of so much evidence to the contrary–and dragging Clay around denying his alliance for him, in spite of him never saying a word in defense of himself! Even the morning after they offered up Austin, Meg was sure there was no alliance and Audrey had lied everything she said! Even when Steve promptly nominated Meg and Jackie, she cont.s to say Audrey lied, there is no alliance on that side of the house…even when Jackie is evicted…even when Liz wins HOH and keeps Van safe…. I just don’t believe Meg has an IQ of 200 and engineered a ride on the backs of everyone on her side to the end! But the alternative is seeming just as far-fetched!

      • I will admit, he was a little bitter at how his HOH went and the fact he didn’t get his target out. He found another way to do it and got her out a week later. For the record, the deal he agreed too as well as Becky was to get the other half of Clelli out the following week and he stuck to that plan. He may have screwed up Becky’s HOH but he didn’t screw his up, Vanessa screwed his up just as she did other’s that were in charge. Now why haven’t you complained about Vanessa screwing up people’s HOH’s?

      • I said he screwed up his HoH b/c Shelli was his target initially… which was the reason he screwed up Becky’s BD of Vanessa… to get out Shelli WHO he should have got out on his own HoH.

        As far a Vanessa I’m sure I have complained about her back when she screwed up and I’m 100% that I’ve complained about her until maybe I was just tried of it. I was super-pissed that Vanessa didn’t go out with Becky’s HoH BD plan.

      • So your saying the house should have followed Becky’s plan and not interferred with her reign correct. Shouldn’t they have followed James’s plan and not interferred in his plan as well? This is Big Brother and expect the unexpected right.

      • Truthfully I didn’t care about James’s plan, it was a big move to bust up a couple so either one evicted accomplished that but he would have preferred Shelli leaving b/c James felt she was targeting him.

        As far a Becky’s plan, it was a bigger move and I wish the Vanessa BD would have been followed b/c I don’t like V, her paranoia drives me up the wall.

        Btw, “expect the unexpected” from Big Brother that’s directed at the HGs. As a viewer/fan I want to see smart/clever play, like a BD which is unexpected by the HG but know by us the viewer, who just wants to see it happen to non-favorite HG or not happen to a favorite HG.

      • Except this year, that slogan fits these HG’s to a tee. So many flip flop decisions and deals only to redo it again in 3 to 5 hours and start it all over again in the morning. Night time came and they would do it all over again. Last year they made a plan and stuck to it to the bitter end but these people couldn’t stick to anything even if they used super glue with duct tape as backup.

      • My bad, I posted this before I saw the other one you posted. Like you I too am upset that Vanessa didn’t go when Becky was HOH.

      • You are right on. There is a real problem with James’ game. I love him, but the poor guy apparently is not bright enough to strategize or else he and any thinking member of his alliance (if there are any?) got too frightened in those 4 weeks of Shelli and Vanessa winning everything and bullying every player with those damn Inquisitions and BotB comps, demands they throw everything, etc, that they have no game. There are so many backdoors and nothing else at all but Meg’s awful screeching laughing (I got a headache just trying to type a phrase about it) and pranks, the feeds have become unbearable to watch. The downstairs people took so many hits, yet I’ve never seen Meg take any responsibility for denying the facts that the other side was allied against them and they needed to up their game. She’d yell “No!” so loud they’d shut up and never again mention what they knew was true. James watched and kept quiet, whether from ignorance or fear of taking her and her mouth on.

      • But out of James own mouth, he didn’t have a problem with Vanessa. His main goal was to send Shelli home and break up the power couple. He once thought for a second to put up Vanessa but then just as fast forgot about. He didn’t waste his HOH, he just let it get out of hand and in a way let Vanessa get her way.

      • WHAT? How can you say that and then not give any reason why you would say it? Where’s that list of mine, I have to write you’re name on it. LOL!!!

        Wait… never-mind I thought you said ‘LEECH’ my mistake.

      • I know… that’s why I put you on my list… oh, btw, HERE’S YOUR SIGN.

        Good God, I’m REALLY pulling for Becky’s return.

      • Becky talks about herself way too much for my liking. I am sympathetic to her because of what her so-called alliance did to her but that’t about it.

      • Sorry to break it to you but I doubt they will be on all-stars anytime soon, if at all, unless they win the game. Season 18 is supposedly going to be an all-winner one. And let’s face it, Becky’s already half-way out the door and only has a shot if she returns, dominates comps and has some serious luck on her side, then if she makes final 2 she has a pretty good case. James also has a decent case for final 2 but I don’t know if he can get there….it’s possible, but at the moment not all that likely.

      • Um I mean I’m not 100% sure but I clearly remember CBS/Julie Chen article about her saying that it was her plan to do this for season 18 and to find the quote on quote “cream of the crop” from all the winners. I mean unless I’m crazy and remembering things wrong. But I’m pretty sure I’m not just BSing things…c’mon someone back me up on this

      • Julie Chen is an announcer–NOT the producer of BB! She said she “always wanted a winner’s season”–which is simply a statement of opinion, nothing more, by the person who is hired to read a script introducing a live show once a week.

        Alison Grodner produces BB. It would be entirely up to her, and Rich Meehan and network execs (yes Julie’s husband, but he uses ratings and business acumen not his wife’s interview statements)–but winners don’t want to return. Dr. Will has said NO (S2), Boogie says No (S7). Maggie has never been heard from since her season (6). ED says never again (S8). Adam went to prison (S9) and BB won’t ask him back. Dan has said never again (S10). Jordan says never again (S11).

        So maybe Eddie from Season 1? Lisa (S3)? Maybe Jun but I doubt it because she has a tiny son and restaurant in Belgium. Who won S5? Then there is Hayden (S12), Rachel (D13), Ian (S14), Andy (S15), and Derrick (S16). Are you still awake? LOL These are not who make up our memories, come on! We remember Dani Reyes, not Lisa. And Jani, Howie, Kaysar and James, not the Nerd Herd. Brittany, Enzo, Ragan, not Hayden….Amanda, Judd, maybe McCrae and Spencer, Helen, Caitlyn, even Gina Marie, but not Andy. Ever. We remember chemistry among losers fighting to win. Before everything got so hideously PC.

        If you think that would be a great season, you need to think some more! These winners are adults now with families, homes, careers, businesses, and CBS is still using a skanky ant-infested set next to the wash in the smoggy and hot SFV. No one over the age of 35 wants to return there for 3 months and lose jobs, careers, relationships, family….

      • Yeah that’s true. I mean I know Julie’s not the producer…I only meant that there’s a chance that it could happen I guess. I posted my comment pretty quickly but my main point was that “Becky and James” have a pretty slight chance of making all-stars at this point. I mean, yeah, one of the better ones out of all lot of the houseguests (Austin, Jeff, Clay, Meg, etc.) but I think it’s to early in the season to be calling out all-star potential.
        But yeah, all lot of people might not want to return. Thanks for all the information though…I guess?

      • Seems to me that JMac is more of a fan favourite than James or Becky. James had one week where everyone was in love with him, but since then, not so much.

      • I disagree with the claim that Becky is a sweetheart. She seems like more of an ice queen from what I’ve seen.

  1. Seems like the whole house has turned on Vanessa….but that’s happened before….

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  2. Steven’s not wrong to be concerned, but this is a game of risks. Sometimes, you just gotta take a swing and hope you don’t miss. I do think it’ll be in that group’s best interest for John to win HOH so that they don’t have to break any promises to Vanessa until eviction night. Granted, either way, Vanessa’s gonna be bitter for a while.

  3. So now that “Bikini Bunny Babe” Jackie is gone everyone is where their most revealing “bathing suits” (lol)! I wonder what they’ll do if Jackie returns? Nobody 4 REAL!!!

  4. Wouldn’t it be fun if Steve is pulling a Kesyer Soze on them? He said himself that his last meltdown was 50% acting.

  5. I really hate that Becky is going this week !we need more people in that house with guts to banish Vanessa no matter the timing ! We know Steve and Julia are lost causes,Van has worked them hard ! The only other hgs we know will go after Van is John and James. Austin may too but he isn’t a definite! Meg well….

  6. Steve wants Vanessa in the game as long as possible so that she’s a garauntee evict (no chance of flipping a vote) without return AND he wants it on his resume – so he wants to evict her in final 4 or 5. Basically he’s doing everything he can to avoid having to get blood on his hands until it can be easily washed away in the final 3 or 4. His game is to keep big targets in the game as long as possible so he can fly under the radar.

    • Actually, Steve thinks he can win against Vanessa! LOLOLOLOLOL Delusional boy thinks he is playing BB. Thinks evicting Jackie and crying for his mommy is strategical play worthy of winning the season–no matter how terrible Van’s emotional game, she did not cry for her mom and she was not scared to evict anyone, she just blames others!

  7. This is so funny!! So, the plan for getting rid of Vanessa is for either John, Steve, Austin or Julia to win HOH. Only person thus far that has ever won HOH (Steve) and I’m sure he’s going for James instead. Through all their planning, I haven’t heard anyone mentioned what might happen if Vanessa wins. Worse, they didn’t even mention James like he’s out of the house already. I wonder what will happen if Vanessa or James wins HOH. I want to see Steve and Austin on the block with a Liz backdoor.

  8. So if the twins aren’t comfortable with putting Vanessa up are they comfortable letting Vanessa win?

    And JMac, how can you not see what Steve is doing. He is hedging his alliances. If JMac falls he still has Austwins. If Austwins fall he has Vanessa. He is Andy of Season 15.

    So what Steve is proposing is taking out a useless target like James or Meg, who pose no threat to Austwins or Steve!

    Even though I have no interest anymore in the Goblins, I hope one of them wins and puts up Liz and Vanessa. Its not going to happen but I can hope.

  9. If the houseguests wants that Becky, Jackie or Shelli return to the game, maybe the best move it’s evict a weakest houseguest (maybe Meg or Steve), in that way one of the three ladies could beat so easy in the comp.

  10. “John points out that shouldn’t delay their plan if things go with the typical 4-HG competition for a chance to return. He points out Vanessa versus Shelli, Jackie, and Becky would be a very competitive challenge for Vanessa especially if it’s part of an endurance competition.” This is exactly the point I made yesterday. John’s a logical thinker; I am, too. I think that’s why I like him, and would like to see him go all the way to F2.

  11. Well this game is just getting silly !!! The houseguests having masterchef cook offs was so LAME!!! Who would want to eat anything they prepared Liz and Julia trying stuff with a spoon and then sticking it right back in the pot GROSS!!!! And Austin with his long hair and bare chest Double GROSS!!! And James well he is just funny!! Lol No one playing a game there anymore. Summer camp time I guess

    • Producers scripted this hideous outcome with their BotBs and those foolish comps that were jobs programs for out-of-work dance teams! Didn’t most every fan say WTH, BB? You are setting up all the interesting personalities to go bc these fools are jealous? And sure enough. They kept Meg and Becky but evicted Day and Jason.

  12. Steve doesn’t seem to recognize that momentum determines evictions, and the momentum now is to evict Vanessa. Putting her up for the second time in three weeks keeps her virtually defenseless. Keeping her around as the numbers in the house dwindle gives Vanessa the time to blow up other HG’s games as things become more scary. This is likely the house’s last chance to get her out.

  13. I can’t imagine having a job(Jokers) where I had no choice but to watch the goings-on in the HOH with Austiz. Just reading it turns my stomach sometimes. How lucky can a hot girl get? :(

      • I was talking about his show, ya goofball! I don’t think it’s debuted yet. I only saw the one commercial. I think is’t called, something like, “Oh, No–You Didn’t Post That”…something stupid.

      • You guys!…I’m talking about the new Frankie Grande show on the oxygen network! Aren’t you all ready to watch?!

      • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuh!

      • Cuddles, I have just ‘un-friended’ you. :) You know I’m kidding. I haven’t been around much…hope you’re doing well!

      • Oh, Cuddles…I’m so very sorry. Do you mind if I put you on the prayer list at my church? I wish there was something I could do…

      • My pleasure. Sending you love, too! Please keep me updated…unless you’d rather not talk about it. I’d totally understand. I want you to know that you’re a terrific lady, and I appreciate you!

      • Cuddles, are you there? People have been asking about you, and I’ve told them you’re under the weather…to send prayers and good wishes. Was that OK? Karen, Cyril, English Rose , Redroses and Matt S. have been looking for you. Are you alright, dear? Have you got someone to talk with? If you feel like emailing me, reply here and I’ll give you my address. I don’t want you to feel alone. I care so much! You really have touched my life! Anyway, let me know if you’d like to ‘meet’ outside of this forum. I hope you get this. Lots of love—Sharon

      • Is it a new weight loss program?


        I can picture Franke being on BB17, every time you look around he’d be hanging on a shirtless Austin like an effing monkey.

      • I am literally LMHO. The only real laugh I’ve had today. OMGosh, thanks, Sharona. I just assumed we were still on the subject of Austin. Good one on me!!!

      • Oh jeez, K…I don’t want to think about glitter or anything…how can I say this delicately…emitting from Austin!

      • Sorry, still laughing. It probably wouldn’t smell that good, since it has been documented on more than one occasion that Austin doesn’t always smell good. They seem to like the glory hole,too.

      • Stop! I’m dyin’ here! I still can’t get the image of tuna fish stuck in his pony-tailed beard out of my head! (I’m making vomiting noises)

      • Yep, that’s the sounds I’ve been making off and on for a few days while reading about the romancing going on under the covers in the HOH. Seriously, do they need to use details. Why don’t they just say, that Liz is opening her door for an intruder, not necessary to say back or front door.

      • Oh. My. Gosh. I haven’t been keeping up. Are you kidding? Please tell me you’re kidding. This is all too much for my delicate system. I gotta go. See you later. Be sure to watch the Oxygen Network!

      • Just playing with Sharona, who I love dearly. The posts between us usually result in a good laugh. Then you came in right on cue, GS, and made the laugh even better. There was a couple of heavy makeout sessions lately that you can read all about on Jokers. I try to read around them, but those two will stop and game talk a little and then start right back up. Thursday, please, no Austin and LIz in HOH.

      • I thought I was being quite clever…there are ‘show-mances’, ‘bro-mances’, and now ‘she-mances’. But I’m glad I made your bucket list!

      • I saw where you were doing a little on the side flirting with bbadboy, not that I blame you, though. Are you trying for a “three-mance”, Sharona? hehehe. You are always clever.

      • Oh, you saw that, huh? Oops. YES! I’m lookin’ for a three-mance! Shoot, I’ll take any ‘mance’ I can get! BTW, back atcha…you’re very dear to me too. I truly appreciate you—your humor—your kindness—and the fact that you ‘get’ me. Not many people do. :)

      • It’s nice to have people you can joke around with and not have to worry about them feeling insulted or getting upset. I love to have fun and would much rather keep things light and entertaining. Please keep saying whatever suits your fancy. I promise to always look for the humor in it. Catch ya’ later, gal.

      • I would bet that Austin thinks he and Liz are loved by BB fans and might even get a call to Amazing Race. He’ll grovel to Liz, cook, clean, and might even cut off his ponytail beard to keep this relationship going. He has plans. lol

      • Oh gosh, you guys are evil. I almost vomited (picturing…. can’t even retype…. ewwww).

      • Liz and Austin , they do hygeinic grooming, like primates., but Liz looks for food instead of insects and parasites..

      • He is in that kitchen cooking and that beard and all that gross hair..he should be required to wear a hair net. Also he needs to put a shirt on.

  14. Question: as a HN and supposed to be taking cold showers, would it not be considered cheating for Vanessa to wash her hair in the sink using WARM water?

    • I seriously think BB has dropped the ball on the whole HN thing this season. It just barely seems to be an issue.

      • That’s true, Linda—but I’ll believe it when I see it when it comes to Van getting a penalty. Production likes her waaay too much.

      • They edit in her favor and air what makes her look good so that the audience will like her. If they showed what is seen behind the scenes, they would look like idiots for even choosing the loon to be in the game.

      • Since Audrey got a penalty this season, Production’s bias would really be even more obvious if Van doesn’t get a penalty.

      • If you’re a nominee and a Have-Not that same week, you’ll get a penalty vote to evict on top of whatever amount votes you’ll get to send you packing for eating regular food.

        Jen in BB8 was similarly punished for eating a turkey burger during the week she was a Have-Not.

      • Probably a penalty nomination, which so far in the the show’s 17 seasons have never been imposed so far.

      • Likewise. Too bad the current set-up of the show prevents such a scenario to happen, or at least the odds of it ever occurring is rather low as most HG’s comply with the rules in general, especially for Have-Nots.

        In most other BB versions overseas, the one thing that could really penalize you into getting nominated is if you openly discuss nominations, which of course does not apply in this particular version where such a thing is actually highly encouraged.

    • That’s what I hate about her .. she always finds a technical out to get her way…. she will say “they said you had to use cold water in the shower … not sink”.

  15. Audrey s words in her bio:

    “I will not float,” she says in her BB17 bio. As a Big Brother super fan “I will make bold moves and I will get blood on my hands. Heads will roll!”

  16. Shellie’s bio said she is an interior designer but I declare she stated she was a conference coordinator. Which one is it Shellie? Can’t get a fix on this girl.

  17. I can’t believe Steve didn’t know what an anaconda wad? Really Steve? Such a joke, even Vanessa got tired of his game

  18. James really likes meg. He does nice things for her on the sly. Near bout died when he made the comment about her kissing him in the morning! LOL

  19. For anyone who wants to see a really touching video, go to youtube and type John and Becky, a little bit of your heart. Someone took clips from BB 17 of these two, and it really makes me sad to see one of them go this week!
    They have the sweetest relationship I have ever seen on BB, and dare I say it, even Jeff and Jordan? Nah, it would be a tie since J and J are getting married. Anyway, the video is worth watching!

    • Karlene, very cool… loved it. I don’t do the Live Feed but I had a feeling. I’ll be hoping that who goes to Jury makes and back and JMac/Becky kick some a$$. Thanks for sharing. Love Jeff & Jordan too.

  20. Every season is honestly so annoying to me, and there is at least one point during that I question why I even watch (for 17 years now.) Of course, that point came the past week when dumbass Steve evicted Jackie instead of taking out an obvious threat in the game like the twins or wretched Vanessa. It’s my fault though, for always rooting for the “underdog” allience, the nice, honest group, instead of the lying backstabbers who always seem to be on top. It seems like in Big Brother, you have to lie and be dishonest to win, or at least stay in the game. I say this every season with at least one house guest, and this year it’s Vanessa, but if she wins, I will never watch again. She’s disgusting and reminds me of a smurf, but not in a cute way. Gross!

  21. Vanessa should have gone the first time she was nominated, I can’t believe she talked everyone out of it. The chance to back door her now should be every ones first concern! Sitting beside her in front of the jury will be the other persons death toll. Do they really not realize that Shelli has believed everything Vanessa told her, and Jackie will listen to Shelli. No matter how Vanessa sends them out it is good game, and we all know she can cry and talk. We do not want to hear her speech to win the prize $$$.
    As everyone says “There are no rules in BB”.
    Steve is not the brightest when it comes to interacting with the others or he would have never put Meg and Jackie up. If John had taken either of the girls off the block, its only logical that a better player would have gone to jury. This is the time to get the better players out.

  22. As much as it seems Vanessa staying was a bad move, it appears that evicting Shelli instead might buy the Goblins and John another week, as most of the house (except Juliz and Steve) are prepared to nominate Vanessa at this point anyway. Had Shelli stayed, she probably would have been a more loyal/trusted member of the Sixth Sense and perhaps she would have been part of the core five with the Austwins and Steve, not John.

  23. Try to imagine this season without Vanessa and Steve. Then imagine the James and Audrey show. Then try to imagine not killing yourself. This is the best season ever from an entertainment standpoint, especially if you have the feeds

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