Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 11 Nominations

Big Brother spoilers reveal the Week 11 nominations as a new Head of Household made the decision final and sent two of the final six players to the

Nominations on Big Brother
Nominations on Big Brother – Source: CBS

We heard the quickly drawn up plans for this week’s targets in late night talks and there were no surprise shifts today as two HGs were about to be surprised. Well, the surprise actually came a little earlier in the day and tears soon followed.

Big Brother 17 Week 11 Nominations:

  • Steve nominated: Austin & Liz

Tears were flooding out when the Feeds returned as the twins were very upset and Austin was trying to console them. Liz can’t stop crying as she sniffles, cries, rants about Steve, then repeats. I expect plenty more emotions this week and we’ve got a long way to go until Thursday’s eviction.

Steve was able to talk with both his nom targets this morning and Liz didn’t take the news too well as she was soon in tears over the prospect of being sent to the Block to sit next to her showmance Austin. Julia soon joined in on the tears followed by anger as they prepared for the nominations and what they’d need to do next to win Veto and all three survive the week.

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Steve steps inside HoH room, waits for door to shut, then does a happy dance & says "Suckers!" #BB17

— Big Brother Network (@bigbrothernet) September 5, 2015



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  1. about time someone made a move just let5 the votes go where they may way to go steve finally a move for the game

  2. omg thank goodness … now maybe, just maybe the game might become interesting lol … finally!

      • And the next best move for him would be to put Vanessa up if one of them came off the block. Otherwise she’s going to win. And unfortunately, she’ll deserve to win.

      • Now that he’s started down the road of splitting up the Austwins, he needs to follow through. Because if he renoms Vanessa, then he could potentially make 3 new enemies still in the house rather than 2 that would be left in the game.

      • What, you mean Steve could not trust Vanessa not to take him out? Oh that’s right, Vannessa has final 2 with everyone, but lizuuuuhhhh

      • If he keeps the 3 over Vanessa, Steve has no chance of making it to the final 2. Keeping Van at least gives him a legit shot.

      • Lol. Still tho. Good thing James is gone or he probably would have wimped out and nominated James and Johnny Mac.

      • You know that makes no sense, seeing as how if James was still there, John would have been gone

      • Keep thinking that but I think the opposite. I think he is leading Vanessa on to collect intelligence (or lack of). I think he can see through her bs and does follow ups with other houseguests to prove or disprove what she tells him. He is quite smart and a super duper fan to boot.

      • He’s been really good at playing the game. Having to put up with being called “boy” up until last night by everyone but JMac (can’t recall JMac ever calling him “boy”). Now the bullies of the house can get a dose of payback ‘though, with the noms. Here is to hoping Julia doesn’t win POV or if she does, hoping he’ll put up Van as a replacement nom.

  3. 5:22 PM Vanessa offers Austin/Liz assistance if they need it. “This is so hard for me. As it is hard for Steve. We’re all friends.”

    Classic Vanessa, she’s probably trying so hard not to smile and laugh that her plan is going along quite swimmingly!

    • Yes he is, but at least it’s to her benefit that Austin and Liz go up, which makes all of us happy too.

  4. Boo freaking hoo, hows it feel sitting on the block, you should of been up there and gone a few weeks ago,I hope they can pull this off and one of them goes next week, then they are pissed at Steve and target him instead of JMACK, JMACK needs to win HOH to make final 3.

  5. Steve, making a ‘James’ move, I am sure has gain you much fan respect.
    Makes watching BBAD and feeds again more fun. No doubt Vanessa, put you up to this

    • I don;t see this as a big move at this point in the game. Had he dones this a few weeks ago or had he flipped the vote to evict Julia instead of Meg, that would have been a big move. With 6 people left this move was kind of obvious.

      • I’m wondering what big move he keeps referring to? Splitting the twins up should have happened weeks ago.

    • The only non “big” move he could have made at this point is putting John and Austin up together.

    • Anyone but her! :-) Because he really doesn’t want to put Van up next to Austin…since he won’t put JMac up.

    • I would not be disappointed if Julia wins and takes her sister down. I dislike the Austwins but watching Vanessa try to keep herself off the block by bullying Steve, crying etc.would be satisfying too.

      • I agree. I wouldn’t be disappointed either. It would actually bring some excitement into the house.

      • If Julia wins veto, takes Liz off, and Van is put up instead, then Van will definitely be voted out as Austins will have Liz and Julia’s votes while Van only has John’s. This is the worst scenario possible because the Austwins will go straight to F3… Hate Van all you want, but I believe you don’t want any of the Austwins to win…

  6. Yippeeeeee! OK, now I have to watch the next episodes. Even with one winning the veto, the other should go home. Steve finally showed his cojones and made a game-changing move – didn’t think he had it in him. Even if he is still doing Vanessa’s bidding, at least it should split up the Austwins. I’d much rather see Vanessa win than any of that trio – like her or not, think she’s looney tunes or not, think she’s certifiable or not, she has at least played the game. Her intelligence and ability to influence people scares me – God forbid she ever runs for President! Just as I give up on the show (Liz getting the HOH at DE) it up and gets exciting again, reeling me right back in.

    • It was awesome to wake up and hear Steve won it! And Liz thinks she’s the target when he didn’t say she was. She was boohooing since knowing she was going up at 10:50 a.m.! hahaha

      • Hey, Joni. Me too. I should feel guilty for getting so much pleasure out of someone’s unhappiness, but all bets are off with the Austwins – they’re spiteful and mean, so I figure what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Yay, Steve!

      • Steve’s been acting the whole season. I read his bio. He really wants to BD Van, she just doesn’t know it, but he doesn’t want Liz to come off the block either! He’s testing all of them but JMac! LOL

      • I read the same thing, plus the Tweet about him going in the HOH room, doing a happy dance, and saying “Suckers!” makes that seem even more likely. If that’s so, he’s played the greatest ‘under the radar’ game ever.

      • If he had the balls. Unfortunately, I saw his two balls last night went right off the table into the bushes.

      • The only way to redeem himself is to cut Vanessa at Final 3. That is if he and John can manage to beat her in both Parts 1 and 2 of the final HOH.

  7. OMG, Liz will be whining all week, waa, waa, waa. Getting a taste of her own medicine. Love it!!

    • It needed to be made alright….a long time ago!! Too bad we all had to wait until 3 weeks before the end of the game to see it happen!

      • So true. If they somehow mange to get out of this unscathed this week, they have a clear shot at F3 and it will be very difficult to stop them. All it takes is Julia winning POV this week and any one of them winning next week and they will make final 4 together against one of the other HGs. I would make it JMac because he seems to be the worst at comps.

      • If this was BB Canada they would put in a twist so they could pick their own winner. Last season of BB Canada was in your face rigged. If they want to rig something they should be more careful. BB US is doing ok on that front but both BB’s need to mature up and class up the houseguests.

  8. About time for a big move. It is kill or be killed folks, figuratively speaking. Had Austin, Liz or Julia won HOH, it would be Johnny Mac and Steve on the chopping block. Now, Steve or Johnny Mac needs to win POV to keep the nominations the same.

  9. If one of them wins the POV then maybe…just maybe…Steve would put Vanessa up. Maybe his “friendship” to Van-Messa was all an act.

    • Maybe he doesn’t want to go to the finals with Vanessa, but if somehow he does put her up this week and she gets evicted, then Steve is basically putting him and John against Julia/Liz/Austin and 3 is always greater than 2!

    • I think he would have preferred to take Julia but she went psycho and it will only get worse. His best case scenario (considering jury votes) would be to get there with Vanessa.

    • He won’t unless Julia wins POV. If Julia wins and takes Liz off the block Steve will have to decide between Vanessa and JMac. My guess is he will put up JMac because Vanessa will bully him until he can;t take it anymore.

  10. So self righteous. How dare Steve nominate the Austwins when Liz didn’t nominate him that one time! :P Let’s conveniently forget about how Austin nominated Steve a couple weeks ago.

    • You still need the right cards…it’s a combo of luck and skill. Poker players don’t win every time.

    • They have to break up the 3-some. Its just too strong. The fact that Austin is trying to break them up himself is mindboggling.

      But I agree, Vanessa is the one pulling the strings so she needs to go soon before she gets to final 2.

  11. I’m so glad she’s up on the block. I hate how she’s always making fun of people. She’s such a bully and now she’s got what was coming to her.

    • Liz actually called James a bully. They (the twins) are so blind to the way they are presenting themselves on BB. On Jokers I read the twits said they were missing some items and quickly blamed it on Meg calling her a F’n b*tch. turns out Meg had nothing to do with it, related to Zingbot activity. These two are making their parents proud.

      • Liz wanted a letter from her dad…I expect he has already disowned them both. Liz said that their mother’s letter didn’t sound like something she would write…maybe she didn’t…maybe they made one up. Then again, maybe their mom is just like them.

    • I would love to see the twins on the block together and then have Austin evicted because of his pony tail beard instead…as a twist.

    • Oh didn’t you hear? She’s a damsel in distress. She just killed her bully (James) and now she demands her evil twin to bring Lil Stevie’s head on a silver platter to her.

  12. I don’t know why I have the little suspicion that if Austin win the veto he could take Liz out of the block, hopefully no.

    • If Austin and Liz are smart, they will try to throw the veto to Julia if they can. Austin seems to want Julia out. I have no idea what he is thinking but he is an idiot if he lets this happen. Those 3 should be pulling closer together not further apart. Austin thinks if Julia is gone Liz will take him to final 2. I think he is an idiot for not realizing Vanessa will never let the two of them get that far together.

      I don;t want them to win but the winning strategy is to stay together.

      • Hahahaha maybe if Liz it’s evicted, Liz could pretend be her sister and send Julia to the jury house hahahahahaha.
        I hope that they three don’t reach the F3.

      • Didn’t Austin have several conversations with people about how he couldn’t beat Liz in the finals? I think he’s just fine with Liz leaving. He’s in good with Vanessa, and Julia and JMac suck at competitions so the only one he’d have to worry about is Steve, who can’t play for HoH next week.

  13. I just want to point out that Steve gave Austin and Liz a heads up. That more than Vanessa did for Jason, Meg and James who were all nominated without warning. Vanessa also made Meg and James have nots with encouragement from Austin and the twins.

    I also want to point out that they criticized Meg for crying when she was nominated. Vanessa cried and sulked for an entire day in the comic room when she was nominated by Becky and Vanessa counted who came in to console her and who didn’t. Now Liz is crying, like Meg.

    There is a right way to play this game and a wrong way. Vanessa and the twins with encouragement from Austin have played it the wrong way.

    • All true, but Steve had to give them a head’s up because he was going up against a threesome and that would mean even more venom flowing beyond the next two evictions (if he stays in). I don’t know if he would have done that if there were only two but he would have shown some class as compared to those you’ve mentioned.

    • Actually, statistically, a bit better odds due to the fact that if scenario arises where Austwins are the “last 3 competing in the veto, Liz and Austin will throw the comp to Julia so all 3 can be safe.

  14. Well, now that the twins’ world is crumbling around them, wait till they find out Austin will enter into a 4-pack with Vanessa, Steve and John and throw them under the bus. Of course that will only happen if Austin feels his romance is only a showmance and not anything for outside of the house.

  15. Austin & Liz nominated, bet Van’s happy.

    Steve should mess
    with Van and tell her he plans to BD Julia. LOL. And then watch her face
    & reaction… I can’t believe when she gives herself away they don’t
    catch it.

    Actually if Austin or Liz wins POV then Julia or Vanessa would need to go up, wouldn’t you think?

  16. I think I make the best comments and I am the best poster on here and I deserve to be acknowledged for that and everyone else is mean and nasty and treat me terribly and bully me and I am the best looking and everyone else is beneath me and anyone who doesn’t think so is stupid and should be putting me on a pedestal and I should be the ultimate winner of BB posting.

  17. I think Steve did a very good job putting up Austin and Liz but I hoping that
    neither them or Julia wins Veto if one of them wins I think that Vanessa should be backdoor because if he puts up John instead we all know John will leave the house and all Steve work will be in vain.

  18. I think now one of the twins is up on nom with possibility to be evicted the producers might want to do a family segment on them.
    My suggestion instead of a boring family segment, why not do a quick tutorial on how to be MEAN GIRLS:
    Starting with Lizzie McGagged reads her letter: “YOU ARE A PERFECT DAUGHTER”
    then all the trashy comments that she and her twin sister said about other HGs and throw in Judas as well as the three of them teach us how to be a good mean girl.
    Then it closes with her again read the last part of her letter: “WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH”.
    The end (as Vampire Dentist always says)

      • You can’t always blame the parents but the mother’s letter (if it was real) is telling. They should put together a video of all their outrageous antics for youtube but that would be reinforcing their disturbing behaviour…scratch that.

      • Well the “always” saved you from being wrong. If you know someone who’s a teacher ask them if they have a good idea what kind of person/parent is from the behavior of their student. Any teachers out there?

        Could be a case where the parent(s) are good people wrapped up with work and they neglect their kid(s) but that still would be the parent(s) fault.

      • That’s why I said “not always”. My argument is always that two kids raised in the same household under the same circumstances (b/c circumstances can change) “can be” as different as night and day. Some kids raised under hellish conditions can become nuclear physicists and others drug dealers…it’s a combination of genetics and environment and luck.

        If Liz’s mother did indeed write that letter, and wrote it since her angel had been in the house more than a week, then I expect she is acting the way she was raised.

  19. What in the world did Liz think?,that Steve was going to pass out candy and flowers at the nominations,look around one else to put up except you and that “Game of Thrones” does it feel golden girl as you smirk and dismissed others without even a thought these past few weeks,well the chickens finally came home to roost!

  20. Lol I can only imagine James reaction to Liz and her crying! “Karma Karma Karma”!! She always seems to bite at just the right moment! ^_^

  21. Interesting from Jokers. Julia and Liz talked about how Van got them to do her dirty work and evicting James was for Van, not them because he was coming after Van, not them. They feel stupid. Lol. Liz just crying to Austin that James probably hates them now. Austin said they will tell him they messed up and they are idiots. Liz cried that they evicted a houseguest with a child and that’s terrible. Austin said he bets the jury house is lots of fun with an unfiltered James there. Austin says if he joins jury he and James will have so much fun they’ll have to put TV cameras in there. Looks like Austwins now are really regretting their choice of voting James out.
    Ugghhhhh. Vote Liz out . She told Van she is the glue holding Austwins together. That would motivate me to get rid of her. Austin and Julia would be up for grabs. Steve said Liz isn’t his target. Stupid, stupid, stupid. She should be because she wins comps. I can’t understsnd why Liz is so devastated. She thought she would never go up? At least her gave her the courtesy of knowing in advance.

    • Ha-ha I find it extremely fascinating how these houseguests always seem to regret their decision after they witness what their decision led to. Can’t they just own up to their actions! You’re all adults for crying out loud!!

    • Who did Steve that to (that Liz wasn’t his target)? Hopefully he just said that to try to reduce the drama in the house for awhile!

  22. Fri 7:01 PM BBTVanessa & Julia say JMac is a BB zombie since he came back from the dead. JMac has this to say about it: “BRAINS! Nom!”

    Vampire, really. Atho he’s not as pale as he used to be.

  23. Fri 7:08 PM BBTAustin to Liz: “We’ll be well-known together! People will want us to go places and make appearances together.” More suction ensues

    Is this guy real? Or he’s just a caricature of a bad joke?

  24. Just had a look on Joker’s. Austin has to go and go now (like right now)…he’s all about the publicity, the cameras, the theatrics. He’s about as subtle as a fart in an elevator. I haaaaaaate that he’s still here.

    (If you haven’t seen Joker’s lately, have a look. I can’t regurgitate what he is spewing or I’ll need some medication.)

  25. How ironic. Steve! Steve of all people has made me want to watch how this ends after not being able to stomach the last week. I quit watching the show. And Steve was one of the first house guest who I couldn’t stand to watch. And let’s remember…Steve is Norman Bates and Vanessa is Mother…

    • He said he doesn’t want to target Liz, so that move may be his undoing. She has a good chance of winning next HOH. Liz is the ringleader and she wins. Unless he plans on BDing Vanessa, he may be screwed. Either way, he can’t leave Austwins in the game. In all his mumbling he hadn’t really revealed his target, so reviewing his talks with himself, I’m guessing it’s Austin.

  26. Austin: “You’re not offically a showmance on Big Brother unless you’re on the block togehter.”

    Guess what honey. You are the fourth and by this time, people are over it.

    #Clelli #JeckyForever #JaMeg

  27. Good, but he is still playing Vanessa’s game. Nothing this dork has done this season was thought out by him.

    • This “dork” was smart enough the last week or two to get on Vanessa good side and by doing so survived and look at him now.

      • People who resort to name calling to make their point makes their comment pointless anyway. Steve game play is way over Jello’s head…obviously.

      • To be honest, his name calling is benign compared to others.
        I am one of the worst possibly hahaha I have to admit it.
        Annoying twins, evil twins, Madam Judas and her butch, The Big Troll, the Pansy Clan, The Unholy Trinity, should I go on?

      • There’s a difference between calling someone out on how they are acting vs any physical or mental conditions they may have. I think “dork” is different from the things you just mentioned. I don’t read everything, obviously, but I haven’t had a problem with anything I’ve read from you. I’ve said things about the actions of those who have been acting terrible but I don’t put labels on people because of their mannerisms or things they can not change or control. Calling someone evil because they are deliberately being evil is no biggie. The End.

      • Ok gedit. Besides, Lil Stevie is adorable hahaha.
        Dork is not really a bad word, tho, depending on how you say it really.
        He can be aDORKable hehehe

      • Murphy, you have every right to your opinion–just as others have a right to theirs. I, too, work with the mentally ill–I’m an advocate and work very closely with my clients who struggle on a DAILY basis. You have nothing to apologize for, my friend. You’re not the only one on these threads who is ‘.. so impulsive and easily pissed off.’ However, you have a legit reason for your reactions…as opposed to some folks who post here. Do not EVER apologize for your opinions or for standing up for someone who you feel is being unjustly attacked. Again, we’re ALL entitled to our opinions. That’s what this site is for. But don’t ever apologize for making your opinion known. Have a great night, my friend. And BTW, you make terrific comments!

      • Thanks for your kind words and support…but I need to check myself…it’s all part of self managing as you would well know from what you’ve seen. Cheers!

      • Oh thank God, Sharona, you’re back, and might I say, in good form. Have you noticed that our “friend, I.B” hasn’t posted in a while? I am hoping he has been blocked, fingers crossed. You, sweet friend, absolutely deserve to be on this forum. Love, love, love your comments. Now to get on track about the game. I honestly think Steve is hiding under ‘Lil Steve because what I saw on the video when entering the HOH was NOT socially awkward behavior. He has been fooling EVERYONE, including live feeders. He gave us a glimpse into his true persona with that little happy dance. I think we will start to see the true Steve/Steven very soon!

      • I just wanted to thank you, Karlene, for recognizing the jewel that we posters have in our Sharona and for making her aware of her value to us. :D

      • K…are you trying to make me cry?! Oh my gosh…I’ve had such wonderful comments from you, Karlene, Captain…all of my friends—I can’t believe that y’all think so highly of me! Thank you…you know I love ya, right? My heart is so filled with with, well, love—I think it may burst! Thanks again, K, and Karlene, and everyone else who has supported me. Jeez, you guys…I’m gonna go cry now…happy tears. I AM a big cry-baby, after all. And a liar. Read the above posts and you’ll understand that. Thank you again! :D

      • Are your pants on fire, girl? Stop, drop, and roll with the punches. LOL You’re the good guy and will come out on top every time.
        With James gone, I am now hoping that Steve is going to win this. :)

      • You callin’ me a liar?! I’m going to report you. You know, I think Steve may just pull it off. I really do. If the twins are broken up, great things will happen. Heck, I wouldn’t even mind if my dentist friend wins…now with that statement I Do have to Stop, Drop, and Roll! Excuse me while I find a blanket to roll myself up in. Or maybe I can just throw baking soda on myself.

      • Oh Karlene! Way to put a HUGE smile on my face!! THANK YOU for the affirmation! You’ve no idea how much your comments have meant to me. Seriously. I really was going to give up my beloved site…but wonderful people like you have made me realize that this is MY forum too, doggone it! Regarding ‘the one who shall remain nameless’, go 12 comments above the post to which you responded and read them in order. You’ll get a kick out of ’em. Now, YES… Steve IS playing hide and seek with us and the HG’s, and I love it! I have said since day one, that when this kid breaks out and shows his game, he is going to be a HUGE player. I think he may even be a genius; a little goofy :), but a genius! I did say that I thought he was awkward, but I, too, believe he is hiding behind that ‘character’. See you soon!

      • Karlene, I’m not sure if you’ll get this—but if you DO, I want to thank you again for your kindness. I know I’ve said it before, but you really have no idea how much your comments have meant to me! You are a lovely, caring woman, and I appreciate you so much. You came along at a time when I desperately needed someone to support me. So again, THANK YOU! You’ve been an absolute blessing to me. Take care, my friend!

      • To be honest I feel the same way with every “stupid” and “idiot” being thrown up here and by the HGs. How easily a person call others the “S” word if others have a different opinion or do things that he/she doesn’t like.
        I have worked with young children for over ten years and many of them have issues with the “S” word all the time.

      • It’s easy to get caught up in the drama and forget that these are real people and not just characters on tv and I’ve done it myself many times. I was called a hypocrite and I accept and own that. In my brain I think it’s ok to call someone out on being deliberately mean and hurtful. They know the are under scrutiny. However, I have a big problem with poking fun at someone who has no bad intentions or ill will and that includes how someone looks unless they have a choice…like Austin’s pony tail beard…he is doing that for effect and it’s fair game. It’s a fine line and nobody’s perfect, we are all human. I think I’ve talked this to death. I’m a bit (well, more than a bit) OCD as well…lol. I am lucky because I know what my issues are even though I can’t always stay on top of them. I feel for those who are struggling and don’t know why. Having a “label” is fine with me because it gives me an explanation, not an excuse but an explanation, and I can work on it. Holy cow, I do go on and on don’t I? Time for me to chill out and move on. Thanks for the online banter. Cheers!

      • Listen, I’ve done it myself! We all say things in jest. But that’s what it is: all in good fun. I’m sure that if I were in that house, I’d be more than a little goofy too…probably worse than any of the current HG’s. Time for me to take off, too. Night, all !

      • I wonder if it’s his mother’s fault for Babying him his whole life…..I have seen it before! Sad!

      • I’m assuming that your farcical comment was intended to piss me off. Not sure where your mother went wrong. Sad. (Not very nice is it?)

      • Calling someone a dork because they are acting like one is no biggie as well. You sound like a hypocrite. I Don’t know Steve personally, so obviously I have to go with what I see which is very dork like behavior.

      • That’s your opinion and you should keep that to yourself. I always keep it real on here and people get upset about the truth. Since 98, Usher was saying that the truth hurts. He’s damn right it does. Over the past 5 years, I have read plenty of opinions and I feel that some people are totally oblivious or just saying things that simply aggravates people on purpose. It’s nauseating and totally ridiculous. I’m tired of getting my comments deleted on here because someone’s feelings got reportedly hurt or someone thinks I’m a troll. This is a free country and I can whatever I want about these houseguests. Also, I’m irate and pissed off that some individuals on this site can say that hgs or even other posters are cunts or bitches. Nothing happens to them. Matt, you need to do something about it and be fair. You need focus your attention towards other jackasses on here instead of myself and the other posters that make this site worth reading. Honestly speaking now, Steve really needs to get Vanessa out. Real talk. I love this show but the quality has really taken a sharp decline since the Diamond of Veto season.

      • Yeah, I like what you write……some cry baby was complaining about you yesterday or the day before and acted like you were torturing him/her! They said they will never come on this site again because of you….ha ha…..guess what……I saw that lying cry baby on here today! P.s. like I said this person named you by your name and you are not suppose to do what that person did by outing your name! Just thought you would wanna know….I got your back! :)

      • Yeah, well did you read those things? I’m not going to let people talk about me the way I’ve been talked to. And, BTW, things that were said, were totally against the rules…so, yeah, I’m going to name names. So there.

      • You should stand up for yourself against anyone who you feel is trying to be intimidating. Those of us that have had the privilege to post with you frequently know that it is people like you who make this site worth reading. Don’t ever allow ANY dickhead to keep you from gracing us with your presence, Sharona. We love you!!!

      • Thank you, K! I love our forum…and I consider most folks here as FAMILY. Family. That’s how important this site is to me.

      • I wasn’t calling you anything, but I could since I don’t know you. My opinion is mine and could care less who does not like it. I’m sure many BB fans are as geeky and awkward as Steve and feel picked on when somebody makes fun of him. Steve is Obnoxious and the biggest dork to ever play BB.
        These people don’t even care or read our opinions so get over it.

      • Why is it ok for you to give your opinion but I can’t give mine? I don’t need to get over it because I was never on it.

    • Dork? Really? Why go there? You sound like the twins. Your opinion gets nullified when you comment like that and your message turns into a statement about your character…I guess that’s what you intended.

      • I can’t stand Steve and have been calling him a dork since the beginning of the season. It is my personal opinion, and whoever does not like it move on.

      • You’re like gum on my shoe. You gave your opinion and I gave mine. You move on. Actually, I will be the grown up and move on first.

    • Don’t hate on Steve. He’s an imbecile for his decisions. You have to be aware that things are totally different from living in that house rather just watching the live feeds and listening to posters.

  28. Austin: “If they take me out of this game, it’s gonna get REALLY boring for people to watch.” Liz: “No one would watch it.


  29. Congrats Steve, nice move ..get all those chess pieces in line to take off he board. Btw alot of comment here don’t discuss the game being played. Many personal harsh comments bout hgs, are very petty & ignorant. Watching hgs 24/7 for months and judging their behavior, young attractive women/men.
    jealous much

    • While I agree that some comments can be petty and judgmental (don’t think I exclude myself from that) I think it’s our right, considering these people put themselves out there for our entertainment. We want to see stuff that’s interesting, and some of what makes things interesting isn’t game play but personal things.

      Following and enjoying any competition requires having favorites or least favorites, the people who root for and those you root against.
      Imagine watching a sport you’ve never heard of or seen before. You may get a little enjoyment out of watching and trying to understand how it works, but the real entertainment is in picking a side and cheering for them. And when that happens, sometimes things get a bit personal. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Like you said, we’ve been watching for months. We are bound to develop some strong feelings about these people. It isn’t jealousy in the least.

    • I didn’t see any attractive people in the house…..sorry just being honest! The twins resemble Mr. Bean! Austin is so gross and looks stinky! Vanessa looks like an ugly junkie! And well come on don’t make me comment about Steve or Jmac…….they are not hot babes….Lmao! ;) p.s. no one is jealous…..that is hilarious! Thanks for the laughs! ;)

      • Any one who could be considered attractive in that house ruined it with their personalities.

        MOST of them had pretty nice bodies.

    • Yes, I am so jealous. I always wanted to be a nasty, mean, self-centered a-hole like Vanessa and the twins.

  30. Worst move of the season. Vanessa should have been the target next to Austin. Everyone is clueless in that house except for Liz. I’m baffled beyond belief of the antics of this particular season.

    • Isaiah, my man. I’m hearing you, but for Steve, I’m not feeling ya. IMHO perfect move for Steve. Liz and Austin creates a Julia BD possibility. V is not a threat this week! He has done the perfect move. Get rid of the biggest threat in the house for his game.

      • Vanessa is a threat every week because she controls every player in the house right now. If any of these HGs want a chance at winning they need to get rid of her so the remaining players have to play their own games.

        I agree the Austwins need to be taken down on player but then Vanessa has to go the next time she is not HoH.

    • I want Vanessa up there too but I’m a little biased :P

      Earlier tonight, I was trying to explain Steve’s gameplay to someone. I realized that his loyalty to his “allies” is much stronger than theirs to him. Either he doesn’t see it or for some odd reason doesn’t care, but it’s definitely influencing his decisions in the game.

    • Breaking up a voting pack of three is more important than Vanessa this week. In fact it was the last week you could do it. After that they would control the votes to go home

    • If Vanessa gets taken out, it would only be 2 (John-Steve) against a stronger three (Austwins) which the odds of those two making in the end will not end up well. Putting up two members of that threesome is the best and perhaps only option Steve has at this point.

  31. Only one of those two will be going to the Jury this week. I am sure Austin knows Vanessa is behind it all and the best move will be sending him packing.

    • I have wanted Judas out of the door since Day1. So please make it happen and let the door hit him on his way out!

  32. At the end of this week I am hoping it is Liz who leaves…she is the head of the snake, without her I doubt Austin and Julia will even speak. It does worry me that Stevie is saying Liz is not his target…
    Too bad there was no America’s player this year, I bet it would have been a lot different if we had an opinion in that damn house haha

    • Actually I think getting austin out is better for Steve’s game. If austin stays and Liz goes, austin will be in Vanessa’s pocket. Steve knows Vanessa is the one to beat.austin and Vanessa are two strong players whereas Julia and Liz as pair only really have Liz as a strong player. I think the twins will be done with Vanessa if austin goes. They are already starting to see they can only trust each other.

      • I think Liz definitely needs to go, her and Julia will never betray one another, ever. EVER. That’s way too strong of an alliance to have this late in the game. It’s a lot easier to get Austin to betray Julia than Liz to betray Julia and easier to get Austin to betray Vanessa than it would be for either twin. Austin just rides whoevers coat tail will take him to to next week. I could definitely see him and Steve and John forming a male alliance if John wins HOH next week.

      • If Austin goes, the twins will immediately float to Vanessa. Then Vanessa will turn them on Steve and JMac. That’s Vanessa’s game. She is playing both sides against each other so she can float to the end.

  33. I just LOVE that the hypocrite Liz is up on the block! Every time someone has been put up this season she has made fun of them for crying about it. It’s way past time she got a taste of what everyone else has been going thru. Cry on, Liz.

    • But did you see Vanessa comparing her own crying to that of everyone else as if her crying was not as bad. Vanessa is a POS.

    • Almost for me, but seeing Clay break down and turn caveman on James, because he knew he was gone, was very awesome. watching Shelli get blinded sided comes a close second. but yeah Liz comes in a solid third.

      • The week Shelli went was the week they should have taken out Vanessa….. they had their chance!

      • I know right? nobody gave this cast any credit for being smart though, I was fine with either Shelli or Vanessa leaving, equally disliked them.

      • And the week Clay went was the week they should have gotten out Shelli. They screwed everything up. Clay wasn’t wining anything, he was on Meg’s level.

      • In retrospect, the week James put Clay and Shelli up he should have taken Clay down when he won veto and put Vanessa up. Of course that’s based on what we know now.

        But when Shelli and Vanessa were both up James and Meg were dumb for flipping the vote to evict Shelli. They had the votes to evict Vanessa. Had they done that and aligned with Becky. They would have taken over the house and left the Austwins isolated with Steve playing both sides. Worst move of the season except for maybe Shelli flipping the BD of Austin to Jason.

      • Only thing is they would have had to get Shelli out quickly after that, and they won SQUAT. No way was Shelli going to let James stay in that house.

  34. Yeah, Steve! Go, baby, go! I don’t care if your decision was based on anything Vanessa said, or if it was your own move…it was a brilliant move!! Go get ’em, Tiger!

  35. I think Liz definitely needs to go, her and Julia will never betray one another, ever. EVER. That’s way too strong of an alliance to have this late in the game. It’s a lot easier to get Austin to betray Julia than Liz to betray Julia and easier to get Austin to betray Vanessa than it would be for either twin. Austin just rides whoevers coat tail will take him to to next week. I could definitely see him and Steve and John forming a male alliance if John wins HOH next week!

  36. I’m glad the Austwins are on the block. But it is hilarious how people are acting like steve made some master move lol. Who else was he going to put up at this point? John and Vanessa?
    Him putting up Vanessa would have been a BIG move, dumb for his game…but a big move.

    • You’re right, HoppiSC…it would have been a HUGE move had he put Van on the block…but this way, there’s a better chance of getting one of the ‘terrible two’ Austin & Liz) out of the house.

      • True, True. At this point there are just moves….no big ones to be made.
        The only possible big move I could think would be Austin staying and placing both twins on the block.

      • It would be pretty epic. I’ve given up on watching a good game. I’m just finding ways that they could be vindictive now lol

      • “GREAT” as well as an absolutely super delicious, incredulous, breathtaking, fabulous, marvelous, earth shattering move.

      • Cuddles! Hello, my dear! How are you? I’ve been looking for you and thinking about you! I miss you. :(

      • Miss U 2. In treatment ~ some days are blurs ~ discouraged. Be a good girl & stay out of trouble <>.

      • I’m so sorry. I wish I could help. *sigh* I haven’t been able to stay out of trouble.. I’ve been stating my opinions, and now that seems to be against the law. No, I haven’t made my comments ALL IN CAPS (lol) but I HAVE stood up for myself, which apparently makes me a cry-baby and no longer have the right to defend myself. You know me, Cuddles, mean old me just keeps stirring the pot. I’m a terrible and stupid person, did you know that? I just found that out in the last week. Mean old tattle-tale Sharona! You’re still in my thoughts and prayers, my dear friend! <>

    • I know right?! It’s funny because really who else is there to put up! That trio had to go up! only two people make it to the end lol….. It was bound to happen, they are just lucky they stayed as long as they did! If Liz is evicted on Thursday, it will be some good TV for us lol I am interested to see if Austin gives up because he wants with Liz OR if he sucks it up and starts playing for himself, what he will do! Will he remain loyal to Julia? Will Julia remain loyal to him? Or will they go running for a new final 2? & will they both go running right to Vanessa and if so, who will she choose? Austin? Julia? Jmac? Steve?…. The endless possibilities she has! she has played a really good game! She is in a perfect position right now! got to give her credit for that regardless of some stupid things she has said!

  37. The feeds were delectable today, I must admit that. seeing Liz freak out is almost as delicious as seeing Vanessa freak out, but not quite. still, some great drama saved me from canceling, glad it wasn’t just a smile and pat on the back. if today is any indication of what is to come, I’m all over it again. thank you alien Steve.

  38. Good move, but a little too late for most viewers to even care anymore… So done with this season.

      • Me too!!!!
        Team Vanessa (regardless if people are against me or not lol I am going to remain loyal)
        love her or hate her, you have to give her credit for at least playing the game for the entire season! Granted she hasn’t always said the right things, and I will not defend those actions but I can still look past the mistakes she has made or said and remember the good player she has been since the very beginning! and, knowing her personally I know she is a very very kind person and extremely down to earth, and actually pretty quiet! as a poker player on myself, I can understand some of her moves and I can respect a lot of things she has done! and I can get over the stupid things she has said! she is ruthless! I will give her that! I have never seen that side of her, ever! It’s interesting to watch someone you know play this game! I have been a fan since season 1, so it’s definitely interesting to watch what happens to people, truly happens to people who are locked up 24/7 for over 3 months! (without any contact from family and friends or just outside life) look a little crazy sometimes! I have a new appreciation for the people who enter the house! it’s tough!
        Meg even said when talking to Julie after her eviction that it is very tough being in the house, and she is certainly not the first person to say that. a lot of them have also said it makes you very paranoid! Vanessa will definitely say that lol

      • Yes! I am on team Vanessa. I hope F2 is Van and JMac with Van winning. Let me ask you something. People here say she is a bully. Do you agree with that statement? I haven’t been on the live feeds nor bbad lately so I can’t give a honest answer. I think she has them wrapped around her fingers

      • to be completely honest with you, I don’t watch the live feeds nor do I read much about what’s going on so aside from reading things on the Big Brother network website and comments on here I really cannot answer you. I’m with you, I don’t know lol however, some of what people have said or what I have read in regards to what people are talking about is twisted around. For example: people are saying Vanessa is bribing HGs because she was reassuring Julia when she put her up as a pawn and she said something like if you leave I will give you $10,000, she was not saying I’m going to give you $10,000 to leave! It was totally taken out of context, she was just reassuring her. it’s like saying to someone I bet you a million dollars blah blah blah blah blah….. She was just saying to Julia that she was so sure she would be safe that she would put $10,000 on it but of course all the haters twisted it around and made it seem like Vanessa was paying Julia to leave! So not the fact! As if Julia would take $10,000 and leave the game for Vanessa! all the haters twist things she says around. I’m not saying Vanessa hasn’t said some stupid things but, they all have! And right now she’s running the show so people are saying she is a bully, not true! She’s just playing the game! and Vanessa is far from a bully! she is super kind and super friendly and super nice to absolutely everyone! In the real world! She’s just getting caught up in the game, she wants to win hard! It’s not even about the money to her, it’s in her blood to win! She plays a game for a living, so yeah may be she’s getting aggressive or coming across as bossy but if people did not have hate vision they would see it for what it is, gameplay!
        and even though I want to see her win because she deserves it, I would rather see someone who really needs the money win! every season I cheer for the underdog or the person I think really would put the money to good use, exactly like Derrek from last season. That said, I know for a fact if Vanessa does win she will give a lot of her money, if not all to her charities! and that is a true fact! So, when everyone says she has money and therefore should not we even playing the game & maybe win, those people need to keep in mind that the money will still go to a very good cause! charities!

      • Okay … Here is what went wrong with this season of BB. Production thought it would be interesting to put a professional gambler in the house who specialized in eliminating competitors to win the grand prize. Viewers want to watch a fun, kinda cheesy summer camp full of cute millenials involved in hijinks, showmances, and an assortment of oddball characters.Instead of an appealing showmance, we got Austin/Liz and Cougar/boytoy Clelli. Instead of cute millenials we got the twins – physically attractive, but ugly, entitled, whiny personalities. As for the game? Vanessa brought a gun to a knife fight, and an emotionally off-putting persona. Viewers don’t like this season because they put themselves in the BB house …. and what right-minded person would want to spend a whole summer in that house with those people? Not me nor anyone I know.

      • Verrrrry WELL SAID! there’s very true! lol that is a very very true!!! very true.
        I honestly never looked at it that way but you’re so right!

      • No, she told Julia that if she was somehow evicted, she would give her $10,000. Vanessa told them production “spanked” her for that. It has nothing to do with hating Vanessa. It’s just a fact.

      • but that is still not “bribbing” her, it still just reassurance. What she is saying by that is “I will feel completely guilty (responsible) if you go home as my pawn so I will give you $10,000 if that happens.”
        I’m not saying it’s right, I’m not saying it’s wrong, and I’m not saying it is or isn’t against the rules all I’m saying is it wasn’t a bribe. Its not her buying her way to win. You know what I mean? She’s not going to bribe every single person to win a game, that’s not in her nature. she wants to win the game fairley! As if she would be happy winning a game buying her way to the end! For Vanessa, it’s not about the money its about the win. Make sense?

      • I love your insight. What gets me is that during the first couple of weeks of BB, bloggers were saying how disappointed they were in Vanessa. That she was just sitting there not much talking. People were expecting much more from her. Now that she is playing the game, people are complaining. But we need to give credit where credit is due not only has Vanessa won more comps, she not only succeeded in not be eliminated, she kept Sheli from being evicted (on the block with Clay) she caught a lot of flack when she changed her mind about Austin on the block. Would people be happy if Austin won instead of her? No way.

      • Thank You :-)
        I myself wondered why Vanessa was so quiet, but she is quiet by nature so at the time I just assumed she was being her typical self however I quickly realized what she was doing, she was reading everyone from afar, (she reads people for a living playing poker, so she just did what came natural to her) she was watching quietly trying to figure out who the best people were to align herself with! so naturally she went to Austin (who she saw as a physical comp beast b/c she would be a mental comp beast) and then she made her move! and well the rest is history with that one……lol
        as far as her having a lot of “haters” … a lot of people dislike a strong woman, but also she has appeared bossy or like she is bullying which she is not but she is making her moves and she needs people to do that for her sometimes because unlike poker, she has to rely on others to further her game. she is playing hard, and yes a little too hard lol but in her defense, she doesn’t know three quarters of the house haven’t been playing that game therefore she is playing like they are! has she been a little too paranoid? Yeah I guess at times however it’s very natural to feel paranoid in a situation like that! where people are constantly whispering and what not! I personally would lose my mind playing that game lol I would be super paranoid lol Vanessa did start getting paranoid when she suspected Austin and the twins were turning on her but she had absolutely every right to feel that way because they were! And because she can read people well she knew something was up!
        I will be the first to admit Vanessa has said some stupid things & some of those things were very wrong of her to say!! but she will own up to it and move on! As far as bribing people so she can win the game, that one makes me laugh the most! Yes, she said to Julia if you go home I will give you $10,000. She wasn’t telling Julia to go home nor was Julia accepting $10,000 to leave! (that would be very stupid of Julia to accept $10,000 when she is still in the house with most of her alliance that she has had since the beginning of the game! including her sister! And only a few other players left and could possibly win $500,000 or her twin sister could win $500,000, like she’s going to leave for $10,000 lol) Vanessa was simply reassuring Julia and if by chance Julia did go home as Vanessa “pawn” she would give her $10,000, I don’t doubt that! Because Vanessa is a very nice person and I know she would feel very very bad if Julia went home because of Vanessa! it was not a bribe lol but people are so blinded by their hate for her that they cannot see it for what it was, reassurance! It’s like me saying to you “I bet you a million dollars that you will reply to my reply ……” I am so sure of myself or the situation that I am figuratively putting money on it. Again, do I think Vanessa would give her $10,000? Absolutely! But not because Vanessa trying to buy her way to the end LOL It’s in Vanessa blood to want to win very badly! But winning a game by buying people?! As if! It’s about the win, not the money for her! So she’s not going to buy her way to the end lol lol Make sense? honestly when people say that, and they say that all the time it makes me actually laugh out loud! How could these people actually think that is true?! SeriousIy!?!?!
        well, I could go on and on and on lol…. I’m sorry! I got a little carried away there lol…. This is a very very long reply, probably my longest lol I’m sorry! Do not feel pressured to reply back with a long reply but you better reply back because if you don’t then I will owe you a million dollars lol
        thank God for talk to text! I apologize for all the errors!

    • I still care, well not for anyone in that house. but I truly care for the drama and cutthroat nature they will have to adopt, otherwise I’ll be convinced they are all on zoloft or prozac.

      • we all clearly want the same thing because we watch Big Brother, drama! And that is what we are getting and we are I believe about to get a lot more! if Liz goes home, it will at least be fun to watch Austin and Julia scramble…. Do they remain loyal to each other and keep final 2 deal or make new alliances? I can see Austin crawling to Vanessa, & I can see Julia going to Steve and / or Jmac.
        regardless, we are getting what we want which is drama lol

      • I think I can see Vanessa with the $$$$ !!

        I like the drama too. As loby as I’m just observing it and not in the middle of it all. No wonder they get booze!

      • Or need to be on drugs! Medicate the twins already. Maybe they’ll lose placing an unnecessary vowe and syllable after every word — Jamesah

  39. I see Liz is feeling some remorse about evicting James. Its a game. But I do not get James and Meg not realizing that evicting Shelli instead of Vanessa when they had the chance was a huge mistake. Then again, why would I expect them to see it when they have been so clueless this entire game?

    When they got to the jury house and saw, Shelli, who they evicted, then Jackie, Becky and themselves, it had to strike them who is there and who is not. At least Liz realizes she made a tactical mistake. James and Meg remain oblivious. What an awful group of players this year.

    • curious about that, as I have thought of that myself. what type of scenario do you think would have happened if Shellie stayed instead of Vanessa? Do you not think it would have been similar? Meg said herself when she was talking to Julie after her eviction that it probably didn’t matter who they kept, it probably would have happened regardless.

      • It would have mattered for quite a lot of reasons. Reason number 1: If James, Jackie and Meg had stayed on course to evict Vanessa, JMac would have voted like that as well.
        Then it would have been those 4 against Austin, Liz, Julia and possibly Steve. Tie, Vanessa goes home, Shelli knows that Austwins voted to evict her.
        Reason number 2: Shelli was not a master manipulator like Vanessa. Shelli might have had personal reasons to come after James, but she couldn’t control Austwins and Steve like Vanessa did. Plus, with Vanessa gone, I’m pretty sure she’d be closest with Becky and Becky would have talked some sense into her about breaking up Austwins.
        Reason number 3: Nobody would have whispered into Steve’s ears about evicting Jackie. He would have floated over to their side with Vanessa gone, bc that’s where his only allies – JMac and possibly Shelli – would be.
        Reason number 4: Becky wouldn’t have been a huge target for the other side of the house. Even if Shelli was working against JMeg, they’d still have Becky and she wasn’t just a good competitor, she also had a good read on the situation in the house and she and John were close allies, so JMeg would have had more allies instead of having each other.
        Even if Steve still had evicted Jackie, at least they wouldn’t have been alone in the game.

        Evicting Shelli was a dumb move, but it wasn’t as dumb as people make it seem, because there were risks in keeping Shelli as well. But they made the dumbest move in the entire game by getting rid of Becky, their only ally left. Austwins had no idea whether they should evict JMac or Becky, they could have been swayed easily, especially with Becky’s toe being a problem for her. But instead, they were “ready to see her go” because she “complained so much about her injured toe”. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? They’re evicting the only ally they had and Vanessa’s biggest target (therefore a shield for them!), because she complained too much? Idiots..

      • definitely interesting to read what you have to say about what might have happened if Shelly stayed and Vanessa went home. but I guess the same could be said if Jace stayed, Jason, Audrey, Da’Vonne… it’s the natural progress of a game like big brother, things could have gone completely different if those people stayed. Julia might not have even been allowed to enter the house, Vanessa might have been voted out near the beginning. You can’t rewrite the past, so getting rid of Shelley was a stupid game move for some people & it was a good game move for others. This season has been extremely boring and very predictable so honestly, I would have loved for those people to stay and even Vanessa leave (regardless if she is a friend of mine or not) because I watch Big Brother for entertainment and it’s been not very entertaining lol
        Maybe that’s why I have been apart of this chat group this season….. for the first time, to keep myself entertained lol
        I enjoyed friendly debate :-) as long as people don’t make it personal! and trust me, being vocal about being “Team Vanessa” has been at times pretty scary lol just kidding! But I have had my personal character attacked a lot!! However, I am a big girl and I can take it :-) people who attack my personal character but then insult Vanessa are just being super hypocritical and making asses of themselves! I appreciate friendly debates like this :-) and it’s not like I totally disagree with you! & the funny thing is, I haven’t disagreed with a lot of people about some of Vanessa actions! but, if I do not agree with these people 100% then look out lol lol… Anyway have a great night ♡

      • I think that was well thought out. Cudos!
        But…you knew the but was coming didn’t you?!…would Becky have been any help in the comps? If that was her big toe it would not only húrt, it would throw her balance off.

      • In my dreams it would have been so different if Vanessa had gone and ShellI stayed. With Clay gone she might have lost her game. But Vanessa was behind that too.

    • Some of the Smug Shelli worshippers just seem to think she would have, could have, should have made the difference in the season. I’m very thankful that she was evicted and didn’t get back in at DE. She’s gone and thank goodness because we got to see James a couple more weeks. (Go James for AFP) Anyone with any brains should know that having a showmance in the BB house is a big strike against you. That was Smug Shelli’s first mistake, having her boytoy(which, by-the-way, I saw somewhere that he wasn’t waiting around for the cougar, LOL), proving that her strategy sucked from the beginning. She was also not entertaining, and acted very immaturely during sweatergate. James did exactly what was best for his game and made the best strategical move by making sure Smug Shelli got the boot. The best ever week for me this season!!

      • Exactly. I don’t know why people keep saying that evicting Shelli was a bad move. Shelli was definitely coming after James. It bought him a few more weeks.

      • Shelli was just a big ‘ol mean girl! I was so happy when she got the boot! It was week too late though…she made the jury. If she’d been voted out just ONE week earlier, she’d have gone home…not waiting in the beautiful Jury house…still making money. But, whaetev…at least she’s out of the BB house. Do you remember when she thought she was going to be evicted, and looked up toward God, squeezed out some crocodile tears and said, “If only I could have stayed ONE MORE WEEK, I’d have made it to jury!!” That was priceless
        You doin’ OK, K? You’re in my thoughts—hope you know that!

  40. The only way that austin, Liz and julia survive is if julia wins pov and Steve puts up Johnny mac and then the votes are vanessa, julia and liz all vote out Johnny mac

  41. Want to have some fun? Head over to Bustle and search for the article titled “Who Is Austin Matelson From ‘Big Brother 17’? The Former Professional Wrestler Has The Right Kind Of Agenda”

    Oh MAN they couldn’t have gotten it more wrong! :)

    But Big Frog got it right with the July 30th article called “Did Big Brother 17 Austin Matelson Have A Girlfriend Before Entering The House?”

    It contains amazing gems such as the following two tweets from Jen (his GF outside of the game);s sister, Megan:

    On July 21st Megan tweeted:

    “My sister tried to breakup with him prior to the show but he conviced (sic) her out of it cause he stated that he was doing it for her and he would think of her every morning/night. She never agreed to an open relationship or to explore other options.”

    Another tweet the same day:

    “Too bad we only get to hear one side of the story.My sister has more respect for herself to agree to that. You should see pictures and videos he sent her for months and weeks prior. Too bad for him the show is only temporary and when he gets out he won’t have Liz or Jen. He is saying anything he can to make himself feel better about what he is doing. And Jen helped me write this.”


    • That should let everyone, (liz and austin) know that she(jen) wasn’t blind to what’s going on behind her back
      Sounds like she wanted to get rid of his sorry ass before he went into BB.
      Liz deserves him. Well maybe not.

    • that’s super funny! I will have to go over there and read the stuff! of course everything you read is not true and this Jenn girl could be just saving face! regardless, Austin cheated and that’s not cool!!!

  42. I am afraid to get too excited about the prospect of one of the Austwins going home or of Vanessa being a replacement nominee and going home. We haven’t seen a really good twist yet-no Pandora’s box or Big Brother Rewind.

    • There’s only 18 or 19 days left in the game and we still have 6 HGs left, I’m not sure there will be any twists from here on out, although one could hope.

  43. what a hoot. what great comments. what a shock it will be for austin liz and julia if/when they read the comments and learn that they weren’t received well by the audience.

  44. okay I have a serious question if Juliaa wins Vito and takes her sister off the block why can they not put Julia ops and she did not use the veto on herself and used it on someone else that saves to people with one veto

    • If Julia wins veto and takes Liz off, Steve can’t nominate Julia because she won the veto.

      • No, because he is on the block. If he wasn’t on the block, like Julia, and he won the PoV he could take Liz off and both would be safe.

        If Austin wins the PoV he is taking himself off the block. I think only once in BB history has someone on the block won the PoV and NOT used it on themselves, and I think they were subsequently voted out.

      • LMFAO … not at you! At the two questions! I really hope they were just really tired or really drunk and not thinking straight lol

    • seriously? Is this a trick question? If you have the veto you are automatically safe! even if you use it.

  45. I can’t believe there are only a little more than two weeks before the end of the season. Seems like only yesterday it was June 24th!

      • Yay! This season looks like it’ll be good. I wish they could get Boston Rob on there one more time. That guy rocks. (could just be because I’ve always had a little crush on him. lol!)

    • as much as I love big brother, this season has been tough for me as you know lol.
      trying to defend vanessa is useless and exhausting lol she doesn’t always make it easy for me haha… Big Brother Canada in a few months, well I guess more months then that!

      • Gosh, I have no idea what you’re talking about! :) I wish I could get BB Canada…For some reason, I can’t access it. Oh well…I’ll try again this year. I mean, I live in Michigan—not sure where in Canada it’s broadcast from—but it seems like I’d be able to get it. Anywhoo—have a good day, my friend! :) :) :) :) :)

  46. My brain hurts from reading some of these comments and questions LMFAO… I don’t know whether I should laugh or shut off my phone and look away! too funny! I am NOT going to point out who I am laughing at (not with) because that would not be very nice of me (& I have been very vocal about not attacking anyone’s character) but….. Too funny!

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