Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 10: Friday Night Highlights

After Vanessa found a couple of REASONS, Meg and James found themselves on the block yesterday, so the Big Brother 17 Live Feeds consisted of a lot of confusion among Meg and James.

James managed to lift Meg’s spirits later in the day – Source: CBS All Access

Elsewhere,  Liz and Julia, who LOVED Meg and James last week, have turned to trashing them in ways that bring to mind shades of Big Brother 15.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 28, 2015:

4:10 PM BBT – Vanessa continues to berate Meg. Meg is lost and James continues to just let Vanessa’s attacks wash over them.

4:15 PM BBT – Upstairs the twins are pleased with how things are going. Julia mocks Meg for not having won anything.

4:30 PM BBT – Vanessa finally leaves Meg and James alone after a long and seemingly unnecessary verbal beating.

4:40 PM BBT – Meg and James alone trying to sort out what they feel was a lot of nonsense from Vanessa. They think Vanessa is doomed and can’t get to the end.

4:45 PM BBT – Twins continue to mock the other HGs while noting only insecure people make fun of other people.

5:30 PM BBT – Vanessa feeding lines to the twins about James and Meg. They believe everything Vanessa is telling them and get upset about Meg and James.

6:00 PM BBT – Vanessa updates Austin on her talk with Meg and James. Vanessa says that Meg was crying like she always does.

7:00 PM BBT – HoH room discussing outside world perceptions of their season. Vanessa thinks they could be unpopular for their eviction choices, but Austin is confident that Jason was the villain character.

7:45 PM BBT – Steve asks Vanessa which of the Goblins was more against him in the vote flip attempt. Vanessa tells him Meg was pushing for it, but James didn’t resist.

8:10 PM BBT – Meg talking to Austin about the things Vanessa told them in her extended berating. She mentions the deal Vanessa had with James that has now been broken.

8:30 PM BBT – Steve, cam-talking, says he will put up Austin and Liz if he wins HOH.

8:37 PM BBT – James points out that it’s 8:37 and the back yard is still open. They’re confused about what tomorrow’s power of veto competition could be.

9:15 PM BBT – Liz and Vanessa talking smack on Meg and James. Vanessa says Meg is upset because she got outplayed. Liz, who has floated from power to power, keeps calling Meg a floater.

9:25 PM BBT – Vanessa thinks she is getting sick.

9:31 PM BBT – Indoor lockdown is announced.

9:56 PM BBT – James and Meg are breaking down Vanessa’s process that was used as her excuse for putting them on the block. James remembers everything he said and he never told Vanessa he would target Austin and the twins so they know that she flat-out lied about that claim.

10:18 PM BBT – Meg says them being quiet hasn’t been working so they need to fight back. She wants to confront Vanessa.

10:45 PM BBT – James mentions using the veto on Meg. They talk about the rest of the game and Meg says James needs to stay in the game and win. He says he would pay her rent for a year. They both agree that Vanessa wouldn’t have the jury votes to win.

11:00 PM BBT – Now James and Meg start talking to the cameras. Johnny Mac comes in and catches them cam-talking.

11:53 PM BBT – Vanessa has been considering the idea that she’s hated by America based on the people she’s targeted. Steve also tells her that fans generally hate those who think of themselves as the “good people” (which Vanessa has said of her and her alliance many times).

12:00 AM BBT – Vanessa isn’t confident that Meg will go home if James wins veto. Her replacement nominee might be too appealing for others to vote out, depending on who it is.

12:15 AM BBT – Talk has turned to possible alternatives. Vanessa even suggests it would be beneficial to them for James to stay if they could get him to work with them.

12:30 AM BBT – Vanessa has realized that she might be screwed in this game. She is finally aware that she went too deep into the game with a showmance and a set of twins. She and Steve are running scenarios. Neither are sure if they’re screwed if they make it to the final 5 with Austwins. Both are skirting around the idea of targeting Austin or Liz bit both are thinking it, clearly.

1:50 AM BBT – Steve talking to himself and trying to decide the best course of action for this week. He’s hoping for Meg out while wondering if it’d be better to not try and win the Veto if he plays. Steve worries about having too many wins. Steve contemplates who the Goblins would target if they stayed.

Vanessa continues to realize how sunk her game could be based on her alliance choices and targets this week if she doesn’t move quick to reposition herself with a trio of obstacles (Austwins). The Veto comp is coming up on Saturday and that’ll give us a lot more to discuss once we know just how much things might change.

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  1. Austin’s attitude lately, he found out the World or Big Brother or Liz doesn’t revolve around him.

  2. “Julia mocks Meg for not having won anything”, I know the flash doesn’t always work on my photographic memory but I don’t think Julia has anything in her trophy case either!!!

    Oh wait, Julia’s claim to fame is she was a non-HG for half of the season up until now. Maybe she figures if she have as many comps under her belt she MIGHT won one but up until I don’t think she’s won one.

    • If I am not mistaken, Julia has never been HOH. Just because Liz won HOH, does not mean that Julia won

    • It’s kind of funny that Julia has been saying that Meg has not won anything she has been the one to win nothing. Also, Meg did win a BotB at least with Jason, so you have that

    • I mentioned the same thing last night…”look whose pot is calling the kettle black!” Rude, I tell ya. Just rude! :-)

  3. So Vanessa FINALLY realizes that keeping the twins may not benefit her game. What a revelation! If this week is another DE then she better pray that James does not get the Veto, does not get saved and most importantly if he does get to Thursday night and is still in the house, does not win HOH. James will be going after Vanessa and Liz. Vanessa will be done.
    Vanessa like Helen thought that she owns BB and controlled the HGs. Vanessa like Helen deserves to be gone in the next DE.

    • Vanessa will be leaving shortly unless her lackeys (Steve/JMac) win her safety in the form of HoH victories. Helen? Wow, did I wipe her from my mind… Helen Kim, I recognize her pic but remember nothing about her game… that damn flash on my memory must have been malfunctioning during that BB of Andy fame, there’s a snake that won one.

      • There is time for payback down the road. First things first which is take out James, Austin, Liz and Julia. Then, Steve and Johnny Mac can take out Vanessa.
        Last 3 with Meg. Final 2, Steve and Johnny Mac.

      • I think Steve would take Vanessa to final 2 over Johnny Mac. Even though she is “playing a great game”, will everyone in the jury recognize that or vote based on emotions. During the final speech, the only persons who wouldn’t understand JMac speech would be Julia and Liz. JMac has a great chance to win against Steve.

      • During one of Steve’s cam talks while he was unpacking in the HN room, he said that if he got to final 3 with Van and JMAC that he would take JMAC over her. That was Thursday night about 9pm BB time.

      • Not that I can see Vanessa winning BB17, I think Steve shouldn’t take a chance that the Jurors pick Vanessa like what happened in BB15 w/Andy.

        Here’s what wiki says – “He (Andy Herren) was known for his deception and for backstabbing many other HouseGuests. Despite being deemed a “rat” by viewers and contestants
        alike, Andy was granted the win in a final vote of 7–2.

        Andy always reminded me of Woody Woodpecker, my sister & I use to call him Howdy Doody, if you look at pics of both you’ll see the resemblance.

      • Vanessa would be a great winner if she would just stop getting in people’s faces about the lying part of the game. BB wouldn’t be BB if everyone told the truth. Has anyone seen her play Poker she the same person. She stares at the other players , tells them that they are bluffing and dares them to look her in the eye. She would be a pretty good Basketball player and trash talker

      • Well James chances of doing that just diminished further. All 3 Austwits were picked for Veto Comp!

      • James is stronger than all three, Austin is a lot taller and it is why he reached the button first in the HOH he won last. James was less than a second behind.

      • JMac is not stupid. He is tolerating Vanessa because he sees the Austwins as a bigger and more immediate threat. I think as soon as one Austwin goes home, JMac and Steve will turn on Vanessa too.

      • You might have a few arguments on that 1st sentence. I personally don’t think he’s stupid (he’s a dentist for crying out loud) but he sure acts it.

        And I’d say JMac is willing to accept ANYONE that is willing to work with him even if he’s unaware they are only using him. What’s the word? He’s HARD UP, that’s the word.

      • Poor JMac, he gets no respect… yeah, he needs someone that’s for sure, even the devil for that matter.

      • I didn’t know Steve was gay!!! Just giving you a hard time but I think Andy was a much dirtier player.

      • lol. You never know though. Steve and John are very close and John saying how adorable he was when he saw Steve’s goodbye message may be a bit questionable.

    • Well “yes” but at least she figured it out before the Austwins did. The Austwins SAID they knew they had to target Vanessa but they weren’t convinced enough to do it and fell back into Vanessa web.
      Vanessa hasn’t taken action yet (other than fortifying her side alliance but she is more likely to BD an Austwin than they are here.
      On a side note, Meg leaving would not hurt James’ game too much, I don’t think.

      • But James leaving will hurt Meg from just the social aspect, I think, because Meg seems to be the type person that needs a trusty companion.

      • I think she is use to having people around all the time and might get a little depressed without that support. And yes, James would protect her as much as he possibly can. They trust each other completely and that is very valuable and usually not genuine in the BB house.

      • They had a 50% chance of an ally coming back in the house. If either Jackie or Becky came back, they’d have a solid trio. With 2 trios that overlap, it’s not looking good for the James/Meg duo. :(

      • They should have latched onto Jmac as soon as he came back in house and Jmac coulda drew Steve uh in and made it a even playing field

      • That is if they outlast Nessie. That would be sweet and then to see those three get the Austwins out, even sweeter.

      • It might help his game, he wouldn’t be sniffing around her anymore and have more time to play the game.

      • I agree. I thought that he would take her to the final and win, but he will probably have a better chance of winning without an obvious partner.

      • It is astonishing to me how Austin has not yet picked up on what Vanessa is doing by keeping JMac and Steve. The entire house agreed to take out the person coming back. She went against that and now she is saving him. She is telegraphing her strategy but stupid Austin is once again fallin gfor her lies and deceit. She is doing all the things Becky told him she does.

        The twins are brain dead. They way they float to power each week and then turn on anyone who becomes the target even if that person was with them the prior week is not game play. They are like too little rats who scurry from hole to hole to avoid the cat.

        I also agree, Meg leaving may actually help James’ game.

      • putting steve and jmac back on the block gives her TWO MORE WEEKS . Its the e-z thing to do . Everyone said vote out the person that comes back in. Putting them both back up is a no brainer

      • I like your style. I don’t how these people dress
        themselves in the morning. Vanessa is not a great
        player she has been given these idiots that probably
        have to label feet right and left. Much talk by the twins is about their parents watching and approving
        of Austin.I think they are thinking of changing names.

      • Meg leaving would hurt James game as much as Victoria leaving would have hurt ANYONE’S game last season. I.E., not at all.

      • Screw Big Brother… what about those Cards? Sweep in AZ but 1st game loss in SF, can’t win’em all.

        Btw, didn’t you hear Meg’s going to win POV?

    • Helen eviscerated her allies. In this season, that would be James who betrayed Becky and Johnny Mac and destroyed his chance at getting the majority in the house. Putting James and Meg up still makes sense as Goblins-Austwins alliance needs to be cut down in size and weakened. Removing one strong competitor in James who has won 2 HOHs is a step in the right direction. Then, if Steve or Johnny Mac wins the next HOH, go after Austin, Liz and Julia. There is always the risk that Austin, Liz, Julia or Meg could win the next HOH and then, go after Vanessa, Steve and Johnny Mac. In any case, if James wins POV, put up Austin and Vanessa can send Austin out to the jury house. James will vote to evict Austin and so will, Steve and Johnny Mac which is 3 votes and the majority this week. Or Vanessa can put Liz up and evict her as she still has the majority vote.

      • That might be what YOU want Vanessa to do, but evicting Austin or Liz this week is NOT in Vanessa’s best interest.

        Your Vanessa plan:

        Vanessa can’t play HOH. She has two “tentative allies” in Steve and Johnny Mac (two players with well known histories of throwing comps). And four ticked off housemates (the remaining Austwins and the Goblins) gunning for her.

        The reality Vanessa plan:

        If the veto is used her renom options in order of safety:

        Johnny Mac
        Julia (very remote chance unless a concrete plan is put in place and the votes are super secure)

        There are no other options for Vanessa. None!

        In this reality scenario, no one, with the exception of the remaining Goblin, will be gunning for Vanessa.

        Don’t be surprised if as the week unfolds Vanessa slowly shifts the target to Meg. If either Vanessa herself or JMac and Steve can convince James that, because of the numbers, they all need to go after the Austwins, it will be Meg walking out the door first on Thursday’s DE.

        With this plan, Vanessa has three “soldiers” on her side. One of the soldiers, James, does play hard in comps. If one of JMac, Steve or James wins HOH, an Austwin will go home. The best part for Vanessa, she has zero blood on her hands.

        Now I ask you, which sounds like the better strategy for Vanessa?

        1. Your plan – her two against four with all four guests gunning for her.

        2. Reality – No one gunning for her (in the pull James in scenario). Or perhaps one Goblin gunning for her. With a chance that an Austwin will be targeted and Vanessa will have no blood on her hands.

        Smart money would be on option two. Say what you want about her, Vanessa’s is smart.

        My money is on option 2.

      • She would not put up JMAC or Steve. They are her true alliance. I think she would put up Austin first because she can control the twins.

      • You sure? I think she’d put up Steve instead of JMac as a renom instead of Austin if James should win Veto. Van is hoping James doesn’t win it and she gets winner to keep noms the same.

      • The Austwins would probably keep Steve in the game instead of James I agree. JMac would be a goner I’m afraid.

      • I meant to say Van will renom Steven instead of JMac to be up against Meg if James wins Veto! She won’t risk putting up the Austwins just yet. Meg would be going home, though!

      • yes the best thing to do was to put both Heckle and Jeckle (steve& jmac) on the block . then she could say that she had no choice if one won veto to put up a goblin

      • James and Meg have played a very ad strategic game. Meg is absolutely clueless when it comes to strategy and reading the house. James listen’s to her. James is also reactive. He thinks only one move ahead and its whatever is itching him at that moment. James is also intimidated by Vanessa.

        So they do deserve to go home but I still think James and Meg are easier to watch than the twins and Vanessa. I don;t like Steve, but I think he and JMac deserve to win the game on overall game play and also how they played the game. They are the least dirty of the players who are actually playing well.

      • One of James’s worst faults is that he has a one track mind and refuses to budge from a bad decision and has to see it through to the end, much to his own detriment.

      • Yeah, but to defend James, he did all that out of sheer stupidity.

        Can’t believe you included Meg in the ‘could win the next HOH’ scenario… though I would love to see it.

        If Vanessa wasn’t on drugs, she might see James as the best bet to rid her of the Austwins, more so than JMac or Steve. She’d be really smart to win POV and pull James off the block with a promise in writing that he would keep her safe over say the next 2 weeks.

        Of course his word isn’t must better than hers.

      • Sorry… her #1 Priority has to be Austwins, if she’s not doing it herself, she has to position someone to do it, she doesn’t need to control them. She needs Liz gone at all cost, F4 w/Austwins is 3 against 1; F4 w/o Austwins she’s got a chance to win F2 or F1.

      • Too bad nobody can trust James when making a deal – another reason he has to go.
        I would prefer that Vanessa go after the Austwins now instead of later especially since they tried to backdoor her last week but since they usually do what she wants she’s chosen to stick with them a little bit longer. I can’t wait to see the Austwins evict her.

      • I’d rather wait to see Van evicted and see 1 of Austwins (Lizzz-uh) evicted 1st.

        Van really has an aversion to getting Austwin blood on her hands, she may realize she has no choice but she has to know for sure Liz (that’s who she needs out of the 3 IMO) goes out the doooor-ah and she has a good chance to survive the next eviction.

        Does she/do they know there’s a DE coming this Thur? Bet Steve does.

    • Gotta respectfully disagree here, Vanessa probably knew at some point having the twins +1 meathead would eventually stop benefiting her game. It’s now a matter of timing. If one of them isn’t gone in the next few evictions her goose will be cooked.The DE could make or break her game.

  4. Vanessa made a great game move with 8 people still left, but I am so DONE with th live feeds- you get more choices with other subscription services. With Big Brother 17, you can choose soft core porn, revenge of the nerds, mean girls, dr.jekyll/mr hyde, paint drying, or the crying game- or bad versions thereof.

    • Nah, I’m hoping the skies will part and Meg will actually win something. At least for the entertainment value of it. I mean stranger things have happened.

      • It would very nice to see Meg win and save James. I feel sorry for Meg. I had major knee surgery and still take advil every day. I don’t know how she has made it this far in the game, but it’s time for her to go the jury house and just rest.

      • Usually in this game the person who has been the biggest floater wins just when its really needed. Hopefully it won’t be the case with Meg. James needs to win and Steve should go up.

      • Actually unless Van does a full flip, draws a line in the sand, and puts up Liz in the case James wins veto, she TOTALLY does not want the veto to be used. Putting up Steve or even Jmac is terrible for her game.

      • I want Meg to win the Next HoH. I know if she wins she will do something stupid with her nominations, but the initial panic in the house, especially Vanessa would be priceless.

      • Would be awesome to see Meg win the DE HOH. And put up Austin & Liz. Julia won’t win POV so even if Austin or Liz does, then Julia goes up and an Austwin is gone! To see it live and see them freaking out would be compelliing BB TV

  5. Van was shook up about Shelli giving her a hug like everyone else but Shelli wouldn’t look at her. Then she talked to Austwuss about who America thinks is the villain. Then she talks to Steve about AFP.

    Van has used the phrase blood on my hands a lot but I think it may be sinking in that at this point there is a good chance of a bitter jury perhaps even Shelli. And even thinking about how the world views her. Is she finally asking herself What if I don’t win AND America hates me?

    Austwuss still thinks he and Liz Ho are America’s favorite couple and BB will get him back in the WWE. Well I guess we need something to laugh at this season.

    Oh and anyone that may play in-person poker with Van in the future get those feeds now and binge watch Crazy Train. All her tells are right there to see. And remember when she’s serious just laugh in her face and she’ll lose it.

    • The WWE always has good and bad characters. They will make Austin the bad character. People will go to watch him lose.

  6. And why does she mock meg for crying,I don’t recall zing bot calling Megs game the crying gameq

  7. I actually calmed down a bit and gave Austin credit about not putting up Vanessa. She did win the comp that would have put her back in the house had she been in jury….that little bit of credit lasted about 5 minutes. As far as Vanessa worrying about her reputation in the real world…well….I’m not falling for it. It’s a little too convenient for her to pick up on how jury members reacted to her , realizing she may not have the votes and so on and so on. . She’s done the numbers in her head and she’s just trying to play the audience as a motivation to not be obvious to the rest of the house she needs to wash blood off her hands. She’s still playing to win and play us at the same time. Vanessa has to be the most toxic person on Big Brother ever…and that’s saying alot.

    • IMO, yes, she is the most toxic person ever on BB, but I didn’t watch BB15 and I hear that was a pretty bad season.

      • I wouldn’t call her “toxic,” and she, IMO, is no way near as bad as Aaryn was in 15. Vanessa plays with a sense of entitlement..probably comes from her being a millionaire..I don’t like the way she at times berates HG’s, that is so rude and unnecessary..but, I will give her this..she has been playing the game and playing the game times, too hard..but, at least she’s been playing..Whenever I turn the feeds on, I see Meg and James sleeping…Meg is not a gamer, at all. James..he needs a POV win if he wants to stay.

      • I love Meg and James. Truthfully, I’d probably want to sleep a lot, too, if I was stuck in that poisonous atmosphere, and I never take naps and am up by 6:AM every day. People cope in different ways. Whether how they play will work out in the end, only time will tell. But there are people who have “played” hard and are gone. James was a huge part of that. I hope he wins POV because if he doesn’t, I think he’ll be gone, too.

  8. Julia making fun of Meg because she hasn’t won a competition? Julia who whines about never getting picked and have not won anything? Humph! Bratty little mean girls. Finale should be good when they see their behavior and how much Meg is liked.

    • I wonder what their parents think of them. As a parent of a daughter myself I would be appalled and embarrassed if my daughter behaved that way. Perhaps the twins will get a good lecture from their parents when they get home. They need one – or more.

      • I commented the other day that if my daughter acted like that she’d come home to my hand across her butt. I would be mortified not only to realize the kind of daughter I had raised, but to have America see it as well.

      • Mine’s 10 so I have a little while left until she’s old enough to be on big brother. So far so good with her behavior in public, but check back with me in a few years. Lol.

      • teehee! Mine’s 28 1/2 now with a husband of 5 years, has owned 3 homes (one at a time) since 22 yrs old and a 1 1/2 yr old little girl! :-) So far so good with her too! She has no desire to be on BB either. Have no worries, yours will do just fine! :-)

  9. I would like to see us, the viewers, get a chance to play this game! Why can’t the next HOH put up a person on the block and us viewers nominated the other with a call in nomination?

    • Sorry,but I don’t. I usually lose complete interest in most reality contests the minute they hand it over to the audience. That means millions of 13 year old girls with Daddy’s data plan start voting to save the cutest boy. I don’t mind a little audience tweaking here and there, but nominations.. NO!

  10. “Julia mocks Meg for not having won anything”
    I am sorry, did Julia win something when I was not looking?

    • Nope, of course you’re right, but Julia probably thinks that she did win something…in her own little world

      • Julia won the sister lottery. She ended up with a prettier, smarter sister that doesn’t mind dragging her worthless carcass along behind her.

    • That’s okay, Meg may not have won a competition on her own but she did win America’s heart. Julia and her sister are in the running for being catty, spoiled, mean girls, questionable female (“whoring herself out to Austin”), whiny, I could on…

    • Julia is turning out to me the nastiest, mean, entitled beotch I’ve seen in BB in a long time. I can recall Meg talking about people game-wise, but I do not recall her talking much personal stuff on anyone. Yet, Julia and Vanessa has been slamming her for it even though they have been two of the worst when it comes to personal attacks.

    • Technically Meg has one up on her because she did win a botb with Jason. Its not a win by herself but it is a win and she honestly did really well in that comp. Julia needs knocked off her pedestal, she is the worst player in the game. If Liz and Austin get evicted shes gone too since she can’t win anything.

  11. If Vanessa can somehow get meg James Steve and john together and agree that if any of them win the veto she will put up Liz if they agree to vote Liz out…then going into the de they all agree to target Austin..then and only then would Vanessa move up in my mind as someone who could win this game if she let’s this week go by without taking out one of the trio she is is her only hope

    • This could work if Van was the “really smart” player she thinks she is. Steve/Jmac and J/M would be all for it. But I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • She won’t put up Liz unless she is a pawn. She will put up Austin I think. She may think putting up Austin is will not piss off the twins as much as putting up Liz or Julia will piss off Austin and the other twin. Vanessa cannot play HoH this week which will be a DE. I do not think she will want to “get any more blood on her hands”.

      Besides, I really do think she wants James gone for some reason. I think its a mistake because James has never really gone against her not matter what he said. When Becky put her on the block it was James who flipped the vote against Shelli.

  12. No, Vanessa. We do not dislike you because of your evictions choices. We dislike you because of how you play the game. When you say things like JMac is crazy and he’s going to kills people. When you call James names like a tiny little man and all the other things you said about him. It makes you look like a nasty witch.

    We dislike you because you proclaim to everyone how smart you are. How you can tell people are lying by their pulse. How you can read people and know when they are lying then when they tell you the truth you tell them they are wrong, like the time JMac told you Da’Vonne had the Last Laugh Power.

    Evicting people and lying are part of the game, Vanessa. But some of the other stuff you do, with the twins, is not. Perhaps when you get out of the house and watch the show you will see what we’re talking about.

    In any case, lots of people in America do not like you. You will need to deal with it when you are out of the game.

    • I heard one of the twins call James “that little Napoleon,” yesterday. I really don’t like those two.

      • When James was HoH they were complaining about him like that. Yet James spent less time in the HoH room than any of the HoHs. He even said he doesn;t like it up there because no one is around. When Vanessa was HoH she spent all her time up there holding court. The twins are just a-holes. They need to go just so we can watch them get there comeuppance.

      • I’m surprised they knew who Napoleon was. Nasty creatures – made even worse by the fact that there are two of them.

    • If Vanessa does make it to the finale I wonder if the jury will give her the win?
      Production will probably bring in Dr. Will to lecture the jury on how good of a player Vanessa is and they wouldn’t be as cool as him if they didn’t give her the win.
      I hope the bitter jury sticks to their guns and doesn’t give her the win.

      • Dr Will or Dan. I’m just hoping Vanessa doesn’t see the champion she has in Steve.I fear she may send him to the Jury house just to argue HER case to a increasingly bitter jury.

      • Will or Dan I call it jury rigging :D
        You’re probably right about Steve, even if Vanessa evicts him he will probably vote for her to win since he’s a BB purist. I can’t see those immature twins voting for her if she engineers their ouster though.
        I loved that Shelli gave Vanessa the cold shoulder during their brief reunion before the HOH comp.
        If it comes down to James or Vanessa I think James could beat her with this jury. I think her atrocious social game makes her unfit to be this year’s winner and neither Will or Dan could change my mind.
        If it’s Austin vs. Vanessa I think Austin will be able to beat her.

      • Yep, Like Steve I’m a BB purist. If I were in the Jury house (never gonna happen I’m over 30 and look lousy in a swimsuit) I would still vote for the player who played the best strategic game, no matter what my personal feelings were.Despite the bullying and the crocodile tears, Vanessa has played one heck of a game thus far.

      • I hate to admit it but Vanessa has played the best game so far but there’s still hope that she will make huge mistakes or have a meltdown. I think the jury should be allowed to consider her social game when making their decision even though Dan or Will will tell them that’s not the “cool” thing to do.
        It’s too bad that the best BB players are so darn unlikable.
        I wouldn’t even want to be on BB – it sounds like a claustrophobic nightmare to me.

      • Oh I know I couldn’t be a houseguest. I’d probably have a nervous breakdown and self-evict worrying if I was being called vile or disgusting if I forgot to wash my hands after using the restroom. Nope it’s safer here on the couch. Here I know everything!

      • I watch it, but I find it too edited for my taste. If CBS ALL ACCESS does more unedited special features, I might get a little more enthusiastic about it.

      • Replying to myself here. The other reality show I really get into is “The Amazing Race”. If anybody knows of any good places to discuss that show I’d be eternally grateful. The only one I know of Is the EW recap.Any others?

      • Hey Queen, I think you would be great in BB. Haven’t you noticed that Vanessa has NEVER been in a swimsuit? You go girl!

      • Thank you for the compliment. Now that I think about it, we haven’t seen her in a suit. I thought a bathing suit was a must have for the cast.She is All about the game isn’t she?

    • Overall Vanessa is pretty much the Russell Hantz of Big Brother- good strategical game but poor social game.

    • What? Why go to all that trouble… Vanessa, I hate your face… that worried scrunched up expression. Btw, I totally agree with everything you said.

      Wait until she gets an earful of what her friends say, she might not want to watch a replay.

      • That’s why I call her The Beagle. Can’t for the life of me understand her willingness to let the Evil Trio get this far.I don’t understand her thought processes.

      • She thinks this is Survivor, they seem to really reward loyalty when they vote the Sole Survivor. This is Big Bro and that 3some Austwins will only let her get to F4 then it’s 3 against 1.

        She’s got to be hoping SOMEONE else takes out Austwins, at least 2 of them. Now’s her chance to get 1 out, if she doesn’t take it she blows it.

  13. As I stated time and time again. If the Goblins were not selfish in Becky’s reign as HOH, they would not be in this predicament today. I never seen such stupidity and erroneous behavior in a season on here. The mean things that I have witnessed and heard on the Live Feeds is depressingly appalling and down right awful. Julia has a lot of nerve to say that Meg hasn’t won anything at all. Julia is the blond version of Victoria from last season. Meg is horrible but at least her social game has kept her in the game. Austin needs a shower and Liz needs her mouth washed out with soap. So so sick of the villains winning on this scripted show. Go Steve and John the Dentist.

    • I disagree with the first point. The Goblins (particularly James) may even be gone already had Shelli stayed. They chose the greater of 2 evils. It isn’t the source of their current predicament.

      No – they can blame that squarely on not winning anything anymore. When you are the minority alliance, you need to win HOHs at this point to change the course of the game. But they’ve lost 4 straight HOHs (Steve DE – where jackie still would’ve gone, Liz, Austin & Van). Heck, if Austin didn’t take them on as his pets, they may have been targeted the last 2 weeks. They are lucky they got all the shots that they have. Their time has just finally run out

      • That’s kind of true. I blame production for this and their really crappy comps. Like the one Liz won. Wth was that??? She pretty much won that with luck anyway. Can you tell I’m bitter? Haha

      • John had that comp in the bag. I am still in disbelief that he lost to that dumb blonde. Production should be ashamed for rigging these comps that suit the wrenched and evil side of the house.

      • If she finds a way to get out Austin and his alliance, she will win. I hate to admit that but that’s the truth.

      • The Goblins should have considered the numbers situation before keeping Vanessa and backstabbing Becky.
        If they had gone along with Becky’s plan to get rid of Vanessa they wouldn’t be short of numbers now. They gave away a numerical advantage and didn’t consider the long term effect this would have on them.

      • The number situation would have been no different if Van would have gone. If you keep losing HOHs and the other side wins them, you are going to lose your numbers. As I mentioned, they are lucky to have had as many chances as they have had.

        The only way it MAY have been different is if you think that Steve’s DE HOH would have gone differently if Van was gone. I don’t – so Jackie still would’ve gone. Then, assuming Liz still wins her HOH, Shelli would’ve been right with her and while Becky may not have gone – James very likely could have.

        We can play a guessing game of what-ifs all day. Bottom line, that vote isn’t the PRIMARY reason they are facing elimination this week. It is because they have been out of power over over a month!

      • .
        Instead of guessing games I like to stick to the numbers.
        The Goblins gave up a numerical advantage by backstabbing Becky. Becky had the potential to bring Shelli over to their side if S. hadn’t been evicted. The Goblins only considered the short range plan and never realized the need for superior numbers in order to win BB.
        This is a major mistake on their part and it was evident to me and many others at the time that the Goblins had just lost the game by not getting rid of Vanessa.
        By blithely backstabbing Becky they lost a potential comp winner and a loyal alliance member. They listened to Vanessa instead of Becky and that was another fatal mistake.

      • Hindsight is 20/20. And doing anything different now seems better. But I just don’t fault them for that decision as being their downfall. They were between a rock and a hardplace. Either choice meant that they would still need to get in power “soon”.

        But none of them won the next 4 HOHs!!! This is a critical fact! So, they got picked off by the numbers from the other side. Would have happened irregardless of who they voted out that week.

        Finally, you are guessing that Becky could’ve gotten Shelli to come over to her side and work with James (???). I really don’t see it. Had Shelli stayed, and with Liz winning HOH – James would’ve likely gone that week.

      • It actually is.
        Usage Discussion

        Irregardless originated in dialectal American speech in the early 20th century. Its fairly widespread use in speech called it to the attention of usage commentators as early as 1927. The most frequently repeated remark about it is that “there is no such word.” There is such a word, however. It is still used primarily in speech, although it can be found from time to time in edited prose. Its reputation has not risen over the years, and it is still a long way from general acceptance. Use regardless instead.

        I told them that irregardless of what you read in books, they’s some members of the theatrical profession that occasionally visits the place where they sleep. —Ring Lardner, The Big Town, 1921


        probably blend of irrespective and regardless
        First Use: circa 1912

      • Finally, someone does their homework. My pet peeve word is “supposedly”. I have heard 2 attorney friends of mine who say “supposably” and I just want to scream ” you attended college for 8 years?? Also, there are so many people on this site who use the word to, too, and two incorrectly. Drives me nuts! Sorry, my rant for the day.

      • This one’s a pet peeve of mine – when people are looking at houses on the TV shows and say something has “curve” appeal, instead of curb. What would a curve have to do with anything? LOL My rant for the day, just so you’ll have company!

      • Oh EnglishRose, you are my kinda gal. I look forward to your comments because you are so witty, and everything you say is spot on! You are also very polite, yet you know how to send out a zinger when it’s appropriate. Love ya sweet woman!

      • If they hadn’t backstabbed Becky they might not have gone 4 weeks without an HOH.
        After everything that had happened Shelli was unable to trust the Austwins and would have either joined up with JMac and Becky or cooperate with the Goblins to get rid of the Austwins.
        Shelli was more or less all alone after Clay left while Vanessa still was in control of the SS alliance.
        With Shelli and Becky still in the game Vanessa and the twins would’ve found it more difficult to win any comps.
        If Shelli had stayed she could’ve enlightened the Goblins about the SS alliance since they didn’t seem to know how close Vanessa and the Austwins were.

      • Really? Their comp performance would have changed if they had voted out Vanessa instead of Shelli???

        This discussion is now futile for both of us. You are not going to be convinced by me and vice versa.

      • What is so difficult to understand about Shelli and Becky being smart and athletic gave them an advantage to win comps over stupid twins and not in the best physical shape Vanessa?

      • This is pointless. You assume Shelli would’ve worked with James and abandoned the twins. I don’t – no way. So Shelli’s prowess that you mention would be against the Goblins – particularly James.

        No point in arguing anymore.

      • I’m not arguing, just discussing.
        So who do you think Shelli would’ve worked with then? The Austwins were out of the question and James was her #1 enemy – what choice did that leave her? She was once friends with James and Meg and there was a slight chance that Shelli could’ve mended fences with them. Look at JMac and Vanessa.

      • Good point. Poor choice of words. Discussing is better :)

        Why do you think Austwins were out of the question? That was her alliance. Her sorority sisters. Sure, they voted her out too, but I think she would see that it was because they were closer to Van than her, not because they turned on her. I don’t see her leaving them and the power of 3 votes that they held

      • If Shelli had survived and could no longer trust the Austwins and despised James for lying to her who was left for her to work with?
        The fact that the Austwins couldn’t have cared less when Clay went home more or less ended any chance of Shelli working with them.
        I still don’t know why James didn’t blame Vanessa for Jason being evicted since she was the HOH.
        There’s a chance Shelli could have explained that to James but he’s so stubborn I doubt he would’ve listened to her.
        Since the Goblins were down in numbers they should’ve jumped at the chance to keep Becky and Shelli on their side of the fence and they would’ve had control of the game.

      • I am not sure. Shelli was a master puppeteer just like Vanessa in terms of spreading lies and controlling people. I really doubt that she would have worked with James.

      • I think Vanessa has a more dominant hold on Steve than Shelli ever did. After Shelli told Steve the whole story about the SS alliance he might have turned against Vanessa but I’m not sure.

      • Vanessa and Steve had a close bond but it’s not the same at all since the last eviction. He is a total wild card now.

      • Add Becky to the mix and that would be 4 – against the Goblins 3 – against the Austwins 4. By losing Vanessa the SS alliance would be weakened which is what I wanted to see happen.

      • I can see where you are coming from with that statement. Shelli could have won that HOH and went after James because of the Clay eviction. However, Vanessa was still the main manipulator behind the whole house being upside down and manic. Both sides of the house realized that. If Becky got her wish of getting out Vanessa, Becky would still be in the game aligned with John, Meg, and John and possibly Steve (John could have influenced him to work with the Goblins since they would definitely have the numbers). It was a devastating domino effect since Vanessa survived that eviction with Shelli.

      • I agree that the dynamics would’ve been different. And hindsight is always 20/20 – the events since then have been devastating for the hapless Goblins.

        But unless the different dynamics means that (1) you think Shelli would have abandoned her hate for James and left the Austwins to join the other side and (2) Steve’s DE target would haven been different had Van left – then it wouldn’t have mattered. The goblins numbers would have continued to dwindle by being out of power.

        You are definitely right, it has turned out to be a pivotal moment with how things turned out. And sure we can second guess and doing anything different would be better. I just don’t fault them for that decision as being their downfall.

      • For the SS – James’s HOH where Clelli went up. They have weathered it well since they have been in power, but it was a tide turning event

        For the Goblins – Steve’s DE HOH. That was a blindside. Completely unexpected to lose a number on their side from that source. It has been compounded by not being able to win another HOH since and then losing Becky.

      • Steve’s HOH was the monkey wrench of the season. Clay was second. I think the simple minded twin twist changed things too.

      • Ahem, they shouldn’t have stabbed Becky in the back before the DE and things might’ve been a lot different. Those numbers do count in the end.

  14. I honestly don’t think Meg should have been a HG this season. Her knees bother her much more than she lets on. She is now worried about being able to do a physical comp.

      • Gosh, I would love to see her win one… as a gesture the other HGs could throw one to her for being a SweetHeart, just saying.

      • Me too, but I’m of the thinking it’s more improbable than probable at this juncture of the game. But I also hope she doesn’t give up if James is evicted.

      • I strongly disagree. She’s nice but no one should do that act of tomfoolery and idiocy. No player should throw any competition especially at this stage of the season.

  15. Hate all the trash talk the twins and Van are doing. I blame the culprit, Van for that, feeding the fuel to it by telling lies to them. Here Becky said in her eviction interview with Jeff that game talk would get a bit heated but then they’d all come together and have fun. Wait til she sees what they didn’t have the guts to say to her face or others. I bet the twins will only replay their own parts when they get home and giggle over it like only immature mean girls do.

    • I know-ah!!! I really get a laugh out of that kind of talk if it’s not mean- mean but it can come off mean-spirited but it’s needs to be meant funny not mean.

      I loved Britney & whoever it was (BB12 – Ragan?) that would mean-bash other HGs, especially deserving ones. But Britney had 10 times the looks & personality of the Twins.

      • Britney was also self-effacing and didn’t take herself seriously. Qualities the Awftwins have never seen, much less been.

      • Yes! I enjoyed the fighting between Evil Dick and Jen…or even Howie and Janelle vs the whole house. That was entertainment! Liz and Julia are just cruel, as is Vanessa with the way she treats Steve. I can’t wait to see their reactions when they realize all of the USA and Canada loathes their tactics.

      • I wouldn’t count on it because of Christine. I think if “Production” gets wind of any of them going home, the audience will be full of invitees who are told to be polite. Don’t worry though, I think they’ll get their rude awakening when they get home.

      • Heck I think you can make pot-shots as long as it’s all in good fun.

        E.g Britney, Ragan, Zach, Enzo, Evel Dick Janelle, Howie, etc.

    • I don’t know if I blame Van. The twins do it too when Van isn’t there. I believe the twins are the rotten apples. I also think that Van joins in with them in a sort of perverse way of bonding with them (for her game) thru the mean spirited talk.

      • This time, though, it was Van that got them started, but yeh, they do it when she’s not there too, just not to the degree they do when Van is present! :-(

      • No, Van works herself up into a frenzy to justify putting people on the block. Then afterwards she does the same thing to justify her actions. In that process she can get very mean and nasty. She has said some really rotten things about people.

        Remember Andy? Andy used to do the same thing and its why America hatted him too. That doesn’t have to be part of the game. Derrick managed to play the game with the minimal amount of nastiness.

        I think Vanessa is going to fell more hurt by America’s view of her than the twins. The twins will laugh it off, call everyone jealous and haters – as if we all want to be nasty spoiled beotches like them.

  16. James, who publicly made a deal with Shelli then puts her and Clay up, is upset that Vanessa is breaking a deal she made with him? The pot calling the kettle black? I wish this season would just end already

    • What I thought was genius of JMac is that he didn’t make a public deal with Van. So if he later reneged, he could say he didn’t make any deal with her where others heard like James’ was and say Van is lying if she ever says he did. It’ll then be a “he said, she said” type convo. Who do you think they’ll believe? Her or him?

    • Yep. That’s Julia. The ultimate coat-tail rider. She wouldn’t even be in this game if it wasn’t for Van, Austin and Clelli.

      And she is just a plain mean person.

      • Vanessa cries more than Meg. At least when Meg cries it is genuine (IMO) and not contrived like it is for Vanessa.

        Maybe if Vanessa took the time to realize she could have had Meg and James on board to help break up the Austwins instead of making up a clever nom speech or bashing Meg she wouldn’t be worrying so much now.

    • Logic? Julia you didn’t do anything either, sweetheart.

      Also, don’t the twins rag on John for not winning anything?

  17. Julia is just bitter that she can not have any of that Austin Pygmy sausage that her schizophrenic sister is having on daily basis.

  18. Had a revelation…

    If Vanessa wasn’t on drugs, she might see James as the best bet to rid
    her of the Austwins, more so than JMac or Steve. She’d be really smart
    to win POV and pull James off the block with a promise in writing that
    he would keep her safe over say the next 2 weeks, were he to win HoH or a POV.

    She could hedge her bet by saying she’ll either throw the POV to him or win it herself if he’ll make that deal w/her. Of course his word isn’t must better than hers but she in between a rock & a hard place with Austwins and has to do something.

      • If I remember correctly, Vanessa denied having ADHD to Steve when he asked her about the medications. He specifically asked her if she had ADHD, and she said no.

      • I can’t swear to it but I am almost certain that Vanessa is bipolar. Her mood swings are classic.

        And if she is taking ADHD drugs which sharpen the mind, clarify the thought process, heighten memory and senses, I think that is unfair to the other HGs. Aryn from season 15 was taking those drugs too and she excelled at the memory comps. We were discussing it in these forums them. Knowing Vanessa and how she stretches the rules to the limit I would not be surprised if she was taking drugs to help sharpen her thinking in the game. I have no doubt in my mind. In fact, I bet she does the same thing when playing poker for the same reason. All the poker players are probably aware of it.

      • She absolutely does not have the characteristics of bipolar disorder. Not even close. The mania I’ll give you, but she would have been in a funk worse than Audrey the week she was on the block if she were truly bipolar.

  19. Just got done reading a transcript of Liz and Julia talking about Meg and James from yesterday. They are some really, really venomous and spiteful people. After all their bashing, Liz comes down and tell Meg, “we still love you, grandma.”

    Side note: I wonder how many people have unscripted from the feeds now that it’s looking like a Austin, twins, Van, Steve F5. After thursday JMac might be the last “good” guy left

  20. Too bad for James that now Vanessa will be the one taking him out of the game instead of Shelli. Too bad Becky isn’t around to help him out now.

  21. Totally done each season is worse this one specially Austin and the dumb smart mouths to much foul words and the eating is so loud like they never seen food before I hope any of those three need to go nasty those three are have ruined this season if next year is no better they need to yank it or get better cast and different games instead of the obvious pretty sad when house guests know what is next and going on

  22. Newbie question here: Via Twitter and Facebook, Vanessa was seen going through someone’s things in the HN room & put something in her pocket. Today Liz is pissed someone went through her things and she intentionally, to be nasty, dumped Meg’s bag and ‘mucked’ (I don’t know what she means by that.) up her things. I guess Julia was involved too. (Liz admitted she didn’t know if it was Meg or not that went through her things.) So my question is this:
    Is bullying, harassment, and damaging other people’s property ok as long as it’s not BB’s things? Shouldn’t those twins be kicked off the show now because of this? I strongly feel like Meg’s safety with those twins in there, is at risk!!

    • Like many things it depends on how severe it is. Something like that would probably have Liz called to DR and the producers would tell her strongly not to do it again. The show obviously does not want to expel people and has only done it do to violence (in season 2 one guy held a knife to a girls neck or season 14 one guy tried to fight someone) or constantly on purpose damage of property/not following rules like chima in big brother 11. Normally if something happens the producers don’t like they let the houseguest know and that is the end of it.

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