Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 9: Monday Night Highlights

It was another night of back and forth on the Big Brother 17 Live Feeds as Austin, the twins and Vanessa couldn’t line up on who needs to go this week.

Johnny Mac is feeling down and out. And rightly so. Source: CBS All Access

Vanessa finally had it out with Steve over his “fake” and “shady” ways and while he didn’t quite own up to his actions as she wanted, things seemed at least momentarily smoothed over. So that means Johnny Mac is back in trouble. For now.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 24, 2015:

3:45 PM BBT – Julia wants to talk to Steve about his “Fortress” comment. They’re still worried about that.

3:50 PM BBT – Austin thinks they can make a deal with John to get him to throw the next HoH comp if they agree to keep him. He points out that if they keep Steve then they’ll have to come up with an excuse later to get him on the Block again. Once he goes back up on the Block Steve will know again that they are against him.

4:35 PM BBT – James and Steve discuss The Bible while Liz and Austin are back at it under the covers.

4:57 PM BBT – Austin and Liz are now discussing Steve and John. Austin thinks they could use John next week as a pawn. Liz says John would come after them, however, while Steve would go after Vanessa.

5:08 PM BBT – Austin tells Liz that Steve feels really betrayed because he thinks they picked Meg and James over him. Liz says Steve should go then.

5:24 PM BBT – Julia is apologizing to Live Feed watchers for her and Liz being nasty about Johnny Mac today. She says she doesn’t want to be portrayed that way.

6:18 PM BBT – Steve asks Vanessa how she’s doing and she says she’s how you would expect her to be after what happened to her today. He says they should talk later and she says she didn’t say anything about wanting to talk to him. He says fair enough and leaves her alone.

6:20 PM BBT – Steve is inside talking to himself about how he doesn’t understand why Vanessa is so upset with him.

7:03 PM BBT – Steve talks to John about what’s going in. He tells Steve to just let things die down and not approach the situation.

8:53 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Austin that since numbers are dwindling, she will be able to win more competitions with Steve gone. And within minutes it’s back to why Steve should stay. Vanessa thinks if Shelli comes back she can get her back in with them but only if John is gone.

9:13 PM BBT – Austin says they will tell Steve they are only keeping him if he agrees to throw the HOH. Austin admits that’s a bully move.

9:42 PM BBT – It’s dinner time in the Big Brother house.

9:46 PM BBT – John is working hard on Vanessa. He tells her that if he stays, she will be his Number 1 and that he will do all the dirty work for her. Vanessa seems receptive especially when she adds that Shelli needs to come back so the three of them can work together.

10:00 PM BBT – Time for another game of Pot Ball.

11:05 PM BBT – Pot Ball switched over to Chocolate Wars. Meg got hit in the eye with chocolate and has a bruise.

11:56 PM BBT – Vanessa finally grants Steve a conversation. She starts verbally abusing Steve and he plays dumb. She gets more and more frustrated.

12:58 AM BBT – Vanessa to Steve: “You’re going to go home if you don’t come clean.” Vanessa tells Steve he is shady and at least Johnny Mac owns his stuff.

12:01 AM BBT – Vanessa starts crying and tells Steve that she is hurt by him. He tells her he will tell her what happened to the best of his ability. Steve tries to explain himself and Vanessa tells him that’s a nice story and all but it’s bulls**t. She starts crying again. She tells him she’s not mad but she’s hurt.

12:05 AM BBT – Vanessa tells Steve that she knows that he wanted to replace her with Johnny Mac and further his game at her expense. John comes in and she asks John to clarify about the five-person alliance in front of Steve and it conflicts what Steve had just said. Vanessa pulls out some more snark and ask Steve if he needs to go refresh his memory. Steve admits he’s wrong. John hints that he wants to go to bed so they offer to move their conversation.

12:07 AM BBT – Steve and Vanessa go outside and they walk by the Austin and the twins and she asks them when they formed the five-person group and their answer also conflicts with Steve. So Vanessa tells him he’s just telling her more lies.

12:09 AM BBT – Vanessa tells Steve she will give him ONE more chance to come clean and not feed her bulls**t. He agrees to be straight with her. They go to the hammock. She tells him she does not believe that he doesn’t remember when the five-person group formed. They start laying out their problems with each other. She explains why she’s upset and he isn’t really giving her anything back except for some “I accept that.”

12:13 AM BBT – Vanessa continues to talk down to Steve and is now giving him a “life lesson” about being fake and tells him that he can’t please everyone in life.

12:15 AM BBT – Steve tells Vanessa that he has lived his life being mortified of confrontation. He tells her that he just sweeps everything under the rug and that’s what he did with her. He says that he should have gone to her instead of avoiding it. She doesn’t seem as touched by that as I think he might have thought she’d be.

12:16 AM BBT – Vanessa tells him that he was douchey and played dirty this week. And she asks him if he has anything to say. He apologizes to her and says he hates hurting people and hurting her was never his intention. But that’s not enough for Vanessa because she’s not done with this conversation yet.

12:20 AM BBT – Vanessa asks Steve what he would have done had he won HOH. He said he would have nominated Meg and James. And she asks if he’d have backdoored her. He says not that he would have cleared things up with her before it came to that. She doesn’t seem convinced.

12:40 AM BBT – Austin and the twins come over and they all agree they want to keep Steve. Vanessa doesn’t still seem too happy, but she does say she wants to move on from this. Steve starts throwing JMac under the bus.

1:05 AM BBT – Steve cam talks and says selling out your best friend (Johnny Mac) is never fun, but when he said he was leaving his integrity at the front door of this house he meant it.

1:20 AM BBT – Twins laughing about the hinky vote back when Jeff was evicted. They think it’s funny that Austin thinks it couldn’t have possibly been them when it was.

1:25 AM BBT – Twins agree that sending John out this week is the right choice.

Vanessa continued to ride Steve about this 5-HG deal but only seems interested in blaming him. John remains in the hot seat, but Vanessa may not have giving up on pushing Steve as a target.

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  1. How does keeping JMac or Steve benefit Vanessa at this point?
    I have to believe whoever stays is going after her since she has gone bat sh*t crazy at both of them.

    Though with my luck Shelli or the remainder of Steve/JMac will come back and put up the goblins next to each other and it will be bye bye James.

    • I was just thinking that if Shelli comes back she’ll end up targeting James out of resentment rather than what she might need to do in the current state of the house.

      Well, at least Thurs should be a good Juror competition.

      • That does seem likely but I truly believe she knows better than to do that and she has said so. She knows they need to be broken up now because if not no one will even have a chance to break the F4. But after she or someone else breaks them up then she might go after James.

      • Shelli said in our exit interview that James would be one of her top targets along with Vanessa. If she comes back to find the majority against the Goblins then she may feel like there’s no choice to oppose the numbers.

      • She did also mention Austin as a target and I believe when she talked to Julie Chen she said the twins and Austin. I could be wrong though so dont quote me lol But I think once she gets back in and sees and knows Austwins have been in power that she’ll really want to target them.

      • That gives Shelli way more credit than earned IMO. This is the same woman who went through James’ things for a sweatshirt when she could have just as easily brought it up and taken it back without any issue. She is a not known for being the brightest.

      • Yes that is your opinion and that’s fine but I also think you’re being too hard on her and too easy on James IMO. James should never have had that shirt to begin with, it’s not his. He also knew exactly what he was doing by wearing it and he didn’t care. Yes of course she could’ve handled the situation better but so could he. James for sure is not the brightest, at all.
        All that aside, Shelli is a smart player and already knows who needs to be targeted, James being a target is “bonus” for her but knows he can wait, Austwins and Vanessa cannot wait. She knows if they aren’t broken up now then no one has a chance to beat them.

      • It was a sweatshirt. He didn’t steal it. He didn’t go through anyone’s things. We don’t even know how he ended up with it. So yes I am being harder on Shelli because she went through someone’s things for it rather than being an adult and just asking for it back. James was wearing a sweatshirt that wasn’t his, which is rude to Clay (using his stuff without his permission) but definitely not rude to Shelli or worthy enough for having his stuff pawed through.
        We’ll see based on who comes back. Based on Shelli’s behavior in the house, I don’t foresee her making any non-resentment based decisions when it comes to James. Which is why James made the right call to get her out when he did.

      • They all seem to borrow each others clothes every season. The kitty hat belongs to one of the twins. Remember Zach’s pink hat that was Victoria’s? I am pretty sure that James had worn it before Clay left and back then Clay was fine with it. It probably just got washed and put away without James really thinking about it, until after Clay was gone. They have more important things to think about, than whose clothes belong to whom.

      • James knew exactly what he was doing wearing that sweatshirt and even said so. He evicted Clay and was taunting Shelli. I would of done exactly what Shelli did. She has a relationship with Clay and will give it back. James shouldn’t be wearing someone’s clothes that don’t belong to him.

      • Exactly, James was strutting around the house wearing Clay’s sweatshirt to taunt Shelli period.
        But this is what I expect from James since he doesn’t even seem to be able to count.

      • Clay said he didn’t care for James having the shirt. He said they were “all good” before he left the house.
        REGARDLESS – It wasn’t Shelli’s shirt – not her place to have it anymore than it is his.
        She’s supposedly there to win half a million dollars. Let the shirt go. You look silly over it, esp’ly being in your 30s. If she & Clay are meant to be – fantastic for them. He’ll give her other shirts.
        If your love doesn’t work out, then will you kick yourself over losing a shot at half a million over a then-failed relationship? Nothing against love – I’m all for it. But you’re in the game to play.
        If James taunted her with it and she bit, then congratulations to him on smoking her out.
        Sure people say, “Oh, we’re all good” but this is a game of lying & backstabblin. But in this case, James was suspicious anyway and afterward knew she was still “salty” over Clay (did not respect James’ play which he felt was best for his game and it was not personal on his part).
        She took the bait and it cost her the game probably (though she has a good shot at re-entering the house).
        No shame on James. He flushed her (real feelings) out and was able to evict her. He played his game. I’m not mad at him for that. She let a BB relationship come between her and her game. That was on her; her choice. James didn’t care about the shirt. It was Shelli’s actions that caused his concern about keeping her. She showed her hand. Keep your mind on your money. Ye$! :)

      • I respect your opinion but I don’t see James as being a strategic genius, mainly because by making an emotional decision to get rid of Shelli and backstab Becky he is now down in numbers and waiting for his time to be evicted from the game.

      • He did say how he got it. He said it had been outside where they do their laundry, saw it and took it. Just like he did with Clay’s comp shirt. I don’t see how or why it’s ok to just take someone’s clothes just because they’re sitting there. The courteous and grown up thing to do is take it to Clay and give it to him or ask the HGs who it belongs to. But James seems to think he can claim whatever he wants. Clay was also looking for that shirt when he was packing which tells me he never gave it to James.
        Shelli took it and wanted it because she’s obviously gonna see Clay after the show. She didn’t even dig or “paw” through his things, he left it sitting on the dentist chair on top of his stuff and blankets. Again I’m not saying she’s totally right in doing that but it’s completely understandable to me considering how spiteful James is. Why would he give her one of Clay’s shirts he “found” and not give her the other 2? Because he wanted them.

      • And remember Jackie and Becky have been in there with Shelli. They may have gotten through to her that the reason she’s in jury and not Van is that she was blinded by targeting James. If early in Becky’s HOH Shelli would have gone to James and gotten over her BS and made peace with James the Goblins would have gotten Van out.

      • Not really only because James wasn’t giving her the time of day. He couldn’t even be in the same room with her and kept saying he’ll do what the girls (Jackie & Meg) want. All 3 of them never had any intention of keeping Shelli. Hopefully it’s Shelli getting through to them that Vanessa is the one to blame for everything. Well Becky is already convinced, it’s just Jackie that needs to be convinced.

      • Jackie and Shelli had a week in the house to talk. Add another week with Becky. People tend to get along much better in the jury house, since they are no longer playing the game. They know that only one of them can return to the game, so I’m pretty sure that they have talked things through.

      • I definitely believe that Shelli will go for James no matter who is in the house.
        Which is totally fine because he did evict Clay, so that is a potential repercussion of his decision. I don’t think it’s the best way to win 500k but neither was sweatshirt gate.

      • I think she’d go after Van and/or the Austwins first. She’s had a couple of weeks with Jackie and Becky in her ear. The short jury clip we saw was when Jackie walked in and Shelli was already blaming Van before Jackie filled her in on what happened.

    • I would think that Steve would more likely work with Vanessa than John …. Afterall, they were/are part of the Scampers Alliance with the Austwins .. Ha !!!
      Once Austin realizes that he has not future with Liz … If they could put their differences aside (Austin, Vanessa, Steve) they could go pretty far, especially in eliminated the Twins by F3 … If I recall, Vanessa had a F2 deal with Austin and Vanessa and Steve had a somewhat decent relationship before all this … and, for a time, Austin and Steve were kinda friendly ??
      Think that Steve would like / needs a sense of belonging, due to his social awkwardness, and unlikely as it seems .. This Trio may actually work .. Ha !!!

      • That ship has sailed. Austin is not going to turn on Liz. Van is too paranoid about both Steve and Austin. Steve doesn’t fully trust anyone, except himself.

  2. OMG, Vanessa is more than likely the most unbalanced and paranoid HG we have ever seen. She beat Audrey by a landslide.

    • Vanessa is there to win … and, not necessarily there to make friends … As someone once said … Winning isn’t everything, it is the ONLY thing … that matter …

    • Shes nuts. Attack, lie, set em up, plays victim with real tears, the repeats the cycle. Bugged out eyes and straight POLAR. Not bi, just polar 24/7

    • I’m starting to think it’s an act. I have watched her play poker. She would be laughed right out of tournaments for even hinting at some of this stuff. Remember she wasn’t this way in the beginning. She ws scoping out the competition to see how to handle it and if this is true it’s brilliant. I don’t like it but t could win her 500k.

      • Absolutely, she finds the trigger(s) for each HG and utilizes that and is able to modify her approach on the fly … look at how she responded with JMac last week when he wouldn’t cooperate with her ??

      • No, she was crying for a different reason in the beginning.
        How can you forget her total meltdown about being away from the woman she Luvs so much?
        Personally, I think it was all another act.

      • It was definitely an act. She started the sobbing when the cameras turned on and has rarely mentioned the g/f since. Also, Van came out of the closet 2 months before BB, which is the same time as casting. According to comments made by people that seem to know her, they were wondering who the g/f is and why they didn’t know anything about her before. The whole lesbian thing might be an act just for the show.

      • Well, casting a lesbian would be a mark on the contestant check list ..
        gay man … check
        gay woman … check
        minority … check
        bimbo … check, check, check, check
        airhead … check

      • I forgot to add, that one thing I do/did respect about V was the fact that she didn’t wear her sexuality around like a badge. She just seemed comfortable with it, and didn’t feel the need to prove anything about it. I find this is the case with most of my gay friends, it is just who they are, they don’t need to prove anything to anyone.

      • That is very true. I have both relatives and friends that are gay. They are normal people. BB seems to cast people, especially the guys, that are both gay and over the top about trying to prove it. The over-the-top type of personality is in the minority in real life.

  3. How will the juror comp work? Will it be similar to 2 years ago (i think it was) where it was an endurance comp, and EVERY houseguest participated, and whoever was the last juror stayed, but if they endured the whole competition they could go from being juror to HOH?

  4. Liz was the one apologizing. Too little too late for that, they made themselves look even more worse than they already do. Lost any speck of respect I had for them after that. It was a really small speck lol

  5. Who is HOH? It appears that Vanessa calls all the shots, changes her mind and calls the shots, changes her mind…..and on and on….. In between she fights with people or cries about her “hurt feelings”…….This is the worst season ever……..

    • Or the best player ever?! I mean, other than when James was HoH, Vanessa has basically controlled the house. That’s pretty talented.

      I mean, yeah, she’s annoying as hell, her game tactics might not be viewed favorably by the public, but not many people can play a game as strong as her and manage as long as she has.

      • I would absolutely not call her the best player ever, but she is the best player in this house. (Not saying much, is it?)

      • It’s not saying much at all. She’s a wolf in a room full of sheep. She’s in an abusive relationship with half the people in that house. Especially Steve and Austin. She takes things beyond game play.

      • It’s a shame that Vanessa is a spoiled brat who screams, cries, and blames everyone but herself whenever she doesn’t get her way. If she wasn’t such a spoiled brat, I’d totally be routing for her.

      • It’s her hysterics that are giving her the edge. The others in the house are afraid to cross her, because they know it will come with consequences. (Loud Ones!)

  6. Crazy Train Van is a perfect example of why the USA has an adversarial court system. Think about it. Van went to law school and learned how to argue a side and then learned how to argue the other side.

    In the house she is the Crazed Prosecutor but no one has stepped up as a Defense Attorney. Can you imagine living in a country where only the prosecutor gets to ask questions and demand answers to leading questions?

    • Wait…what…we have defense attorney’s? :D

      I thought only the richest of the rich could afford those. ^_^

  7. WHOA! Vanessa is a pain in the arse! She is like a LMN special. These actions are beyond game play, this is abuse. She is mentally and emotionally abusing Steve. “I don’t know why you make me do this.” BAM, more abuse. Cry, sobs.. “I hate when you make me do this.” BAM, more abuse, “I am done with you.” buy him flowers, apologize for allowing him to get her to that place….

      • That is a normal reaction for a person who is being emotionally abused. They avoid confrontation out of fear of further abuse. The abuser or bully feels more and more powerful. Vanessa is absolutely an emotionally abusive bully.

      • I posted a while back that it wouldn’t surprise me to hear about some domestic violence in Vanessa’s future. Not necessarily saying that it would have to be physical on her part, but her emotional and mental abusive ways could cause someone else to get physical. I can’t see her behavior being much different outside of BB. It dominates her. She has no control over it.

      • It seems in pics I’ve seen of her & gf she’s much bigger or the gf is just a tiny girl, very pretty though.

        You know some people don’t see it as ‘bullying’ but I do, the interrogation, the demanding answers, relentless verbal barrage of questions and being told you’re lying, YOU WILL TELL ME THE TRUTH.

      • QuietJim, you really should be ashamed. You excuse Vanessa’s behavior on this site and then you call me a name for feeling otherwise. I understand now why you support Vanessa. No matter how many supporters there are of Vanessa’s bullying tactics, there are still many who realize the dangerous potential that such behavior has and the negative impact it has had in the lives of so many people.

      • I wouldn’t go so far as to call Van a Neanderthal, but if you think that’s what Van is, oh well.

        If you’re calling KSJB a Neanderthal, then you are off your rocker! She’s one of the sweetest, funniest posters on here!!!!

      • I original though Jim was calling Van a Neanderthal but now I think he meant KSJB in a joking manner, I know I’d be offended if he had gone back to Cro-Magnon, now that would have been a low blow.

      • But that is regarding throwing his friend under the bus not what Vanessa is doing to him. He is trying not to be her target, not so much so for the game (alone) but her verbal punching bag. Not the big leagues but the world. Here he is on his own and cannot hide from the world, no mom to call on….. He is getting a lot of life lessons in the house. Sad, some are not so nice.

      • The big league analogy was because it is a game. You are correct it is welcome to the world. The fact that he thought he could challenge and play on her level shows how much of an amateur he is

      • Two different things happening here; Welcome to the Big Leagues is an analogy, yes but Steve talking about his integrity has nothing to do with Vanessa’s treatment of him. He was referring to his friend, JMac. Welcome to the Big Leagues is welcome to the world Steve, there are terrible adults out there. Vanessa is a terrible person to him and no, that shouldn’t be welcomed At. ALL! He doesn’t have world experience and doesn’t know how to handle her, doesn’t mean it’s okay for her to treat him as such. Hopefully he leaves the house stronger and know how to better handle these type of situations.

    • I cannot believe that BB and CBS is allowing the bullying from Vennessa to Steve. This is very wrong and it needs to stop. This should not be aired on the evening shows for any younger kids to watch. This is not how BB is played. This is sad. Steve has a very low self esteem as it is. When he views this behavior that was allowed who knows how that will affect him. Do you want a sad story to follow a reality show? Cause this is causing damage to the guy. If Vanessa cannot see that the producers need to step in immediately. This is not strategy. This is uncalled for.

  8. Well, now that V has JMac & Steve set up to be her biatches, life in the BB House should just be hunky-dorie for Vanessa right? WRONG!!! One minute the HGs are standing up against her and then the next she has beaten them into submission.

  9. Check out the Vanessa pic above, 2nd row middle, I bet that pic is just like the one of her in her High School yearbook, senior year. Poor me, look at me I’m a poor victim, everyone abuses me… I’m so sad & lonely.

    I wonder what her GF outside is thinking? Is this the Vanessa she knows? She might have already packed her bags and got the hell out of Dodge, that is if she picked the lock on the cage.

  10. LOL! Liz apologizing for being nasty to JMac, not want to be portrayed that way…. Is that the only thing you need to apologize for? Humph!

    • She should be apologizing to JMac. Both Liz and Julia are mean girls. They are snarky, spoiled brats that think they are better than everyone else. I can’t wait to see them go!

      • If my daughter acted like those two, especially on a national platform, she’d come home to my hand across her butt. Even if she was in her twenties.

  11. “5:24 PM BBT – Julia is apologizing to Live Feed watchers for her and Liz being nasty about Johnny Mac today. She says she doesn’t want to be portrayed that way.” Guess what: too late.

    • I have always thought, you have to either be really brave or really stupid to put yourself under a microscope in a situation like this. Very few people come off looking well.
      I wonder if some of the famous “wack-jobs” like Amanda & etc.. watch the show & reflect on their actions to better themselves, or if they revel in being the “bad ass”.

  12. Imagine a similar scenario where it’s Vanessa vs. Rachel!
    Screaming, Crying, Pulling Their Hair Out or Best Buds?

  13. I really was hoping JMac could pull this off but unfortunately I think he’s gone. Whoever gets back in I’m just praying they can win HOH because otherwise they’re doomed. And I would love to see everyone scramble.

  14. Steve had a chance to get that witch out and he didn’t take it. He only has himself to blame for this. Vanessa will keep him now that she sees he’s easier to abuse than Jmac is.
    Vanessa makes sure to get rid of anyone who could possibly resistant to her mind f*cking.

  15. Like Vanessa hasn’t been playing dirty for weeks? Someone needs to stand up to that bully. I am sick of her.

  16. I cannot believe that BB and CBS is allowing the bullying from Vennessa to Steve. This is very wrong and it needs to stop. This should not be aired on the evening shows for any younger kids to watch. This is not how BB is played. This is sad. Steve has a very low self esteem as it is. When he views this behavior that was allowed who knows how that will affect him. Do you want a sad story to follow a reality show? Cause this is causing damage to the guy. If Vanessa cannot see that the producers need to step in immediately. This is not strategy. This is uncalled for

      • The show is suffering this year with ratings it is very boring. I’m hoping that this is not the reason their letting these actions of extreme bullying and degrading of someone go on? I’ve always been a big fan and have been fast forwarding through recorded bbad. It’s pretty sad.

    • I am truly asking this question because I do not know. How is Vanessa bullying Steve? I honestly have not read that so I was curious what she is doing. I am team Vanessa however I do not condone any type of bullying regardless of the situation. And if you knew Vanessa personally, you would know she is an extremely down to earth and very quiet and kind person! If she is bullying, truly being a bully then that is not cool and clearly the game has already gotten her! She is doing a lot of things that are very out of character for her. she needs to shut it down! Stop her playing her cards regardless of the fact she plays a game for a living so it is hard for her to stop playing this game 24/7 however it’s turning her into someone she is not at all like!

  17. All the houseguests hurts Vanessa; Steve hurts Vanessa, Becky hurts Vanessa… Soon or later she gonna say the same about. Austin, Liz, Julia & even Meg. She’s so dramatic.

  18. With the help of BB exposure Vanessa’s DJ business will hit the ground running The top DJ made 66 million dollars last year. If she’s any good which I think she is, since she hired 2 of the best DJ’s in Vegas to coach her and she threw 300 person parties at her house to practice she should make mid 7 figures working Vegas and LA. She’s already famous so she will get opportunities others starting out won’t. Love her or hate her she’s fascinating and brilliant

    • That might have been true before she showed her character on TV. Then again, Vegas seems to love despicable people. It’s not called “Sin City” for no reason.

      • vanessa is an extremely kind and generous person and nothing like she’s acting in this house! It’s getting to her way too much! She plays again for a living so with her knowledge, and being so intelligent and being a gamer it’s impossible for her to shut off so I think she is just exhausted and the house has gotten to her. I think your comment about Sin City is pretty inaccurate! Just because a lot of people go to Vegas to party, does not mean the people who live there are partying 24/7. there are a lot of people who live there that are just like us! kind of a odd observation, I hope you were joking!
        I know Vanessa personally, we have met several times through mutual friends and she is actually very quiet, extremely intelligent, very down to earth!!! person! I agree she is acting quite crazy in the house but, it’s not the real her! People are playing a game, well some of the houseguests are playing summer camp lol but others are playing a game! And someone like her just can not shut it down! And trust me, I know she looks like a crazy person a lot of the times recently but it is not true to her character in a real life situation!

      • So, you met her a few times through mutual friends? Looks like you’re getting to see the real Vanessa now. The thing about the BB house is the longer you’re there, the harder it is to hide who you are, if that’s what the HG choose to do. They can keep a secret, like their profession, but they can’t hide their true personality 24×7 for months.

      • that’s fine, you are certainly allowed your own opinion! And in the end it really doesn’t matter. Her friends and family and fans know the real Vanessa! and they understand why she is acting the way she is! I do not agree with bullying, but vanessa is far from a bully! you have your opinion, and you are more than entitled to your opinion! and I respect everyone’s opinions. it is a game & it is what it is! People do a lot of things out of character on shows like this and survivor and what not! If you are a reality TV show fan then of course you already know that!

  19. James was talking about the final 5 with Him, Meg, Austin and His girls. If he wins HOH and he does not put any of them up next to Vanessa, then I hope he goes soon because he is not paying attention to the game. I know viewers see and hear things the HGs don’t, but just the fact that they are a trio or foursome is enough to want them out.

    • James had so much potential when the game first started. I’m not sure if it is because he hangs out too much with Meg or he isn’t that smart, but he is getting more and more clueless… It is so frustrating to watch…

  20. so let me get this straight, Austin and the twins have alliances with Vanessa and other HG plus they have alliances with Meg and james which does not include Vanessa and they also have an alliance with Jmac and Steve that does not involve Vanessa? And alliances with both people including Vanessa????
    & Jmac, James, Meg and Steve have not put the pieces of the puzzle together and know this!? and, Steve realized his alliance with them not really an alliance because they put up Jmac and Steve and did not use the veto??
    so Meg and James feel very comfortable with their alliance with Austin and the twins plus Vanessa? Is the real alliance of Austin and the twins plus Vanessa the strong one? The real one????? those four are really a final four (if everything goes according to plan and they continue to get HOH??? Or even if they don’t, and say Meg gets it will Steve or Jmac (whichever one does not leave this week) will be the next target? Vanessa is as safe as Austin and the twins? a solid 4 or is it still a solid three?? And Vanessa is not fully in that picture? Do they still want her out sooner than the other people? are Austin and the twins still gunning for Vanessa? I’m just so confused lol I know they were against her, but then I read they were back with her and fully trusted her??
    there’s just been so much flip flopping and names being thrown out there, I can’t keep track anymore lol

  21. basically what I’m trying to say instead of my long long questions / comments LOL
    I know Austin and the twins ra Solid 3 as long as Liz stays in the house! (b/c if Liz leaves I could see Julia and Austin, but mainly Julia play her own game against Austin!
    so currently is the strong alliance Vanessa, Liz, Julia and Austin? or is Vanessa still on the outs?
    or is the new alliance of Austin and the twins + Meg and James stronger? Would they all get rid of Vanessa before each other?
    it’s exhausting trying to keep track of who is really true to their alliance and who isn’t! I know Austin and the twins are a solid 3, for now!
    & WHY would Jmac James Meg and Steve piece it together and try and work with one another? I guess because either Steve or Jmac is going home so that groups only hope would be if a returning player worked with them?! I do not understand why meg James Steve Jmac and some of the recently evicted HGs not have teamed up earlier! stupid!
    & lastly (sorry this comment was supposed to be quick lol story of my life! I’m sorry my comments are so long lol)
    in regards to Jmac & Steve, are they telling the truth to Vanessa about their final five with Austin and the twins but she does not believe them? Or is she just not trusting Steve? And wants to work with Jmac?
    again, I’m sorry about the long post lol I just don’t follow the feeds enough so obviously it’s very confusing with all the flip flopping on everyone’s part! I am just wondering if Steve is telling Vanessa the truth but Vanessa is either not believing him or believe him because maybe Jmac did also confirm it? what she wants to work with John not Steve? So many questions lol I love this chat group :-) it’s very very helpful for someone (like me!) who doesn’t always read the feeds or watch Big Brother after Dark to completely follow the alliances and know who is strong aside from Vanessa and herself lol and Austin and the twins!. Thanks in advance :-)

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