Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 5: Friday Night Highlights

It was an interesting evening in the Big Brother 17 house as Jackie and Vanessa’s Battle of the Block plan backfired and left the wrong HoH in power to take out this week’s target

Clay Honeycutt is 90% worried on Big Brother
Clay Honeycutt is 90% worried on Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

Austin remains the target, but now Vanessa has to be the one to get the blood of her once closest ally on her hands. Clay, who is beating himself up over losing yet another competition, will now have to work on winning Veto to secure his safety this week and help see the backdoor Austin plan come to fruition.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, July 24, 2015:

4:50 PM BBT – Houseguests are lounging around waiting to get the BotB on the road when Feeds finally cut to Jeff Loops.

6:55 PM BBT – Feeds are back and that didn’t go to plan. Clay & Becky lost the BotB so Vanessa is stuck as HoH. Now she’ll have to target Austin herself if she wants that to happen.

7:00 PM BBT – Vanessa confirms that she still wants to press ahead on targeting Austin for eviction.

7:10 PM BBT – Vanessa worries that Austin is on to them that something is up and she thinks he’ll know it had to do with her.

7:25 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Jackie she has enough ammo to take on Austin and get him evicted. She thinks it’s poetic that it’ll be her to send him out now.

8:00 PM BBT – Austin was telling Clay he thinks Liz may have been a target and James was trying to throw the comp (he was, dramatically so according to later retells).

8:01 PM BBT – Vanessa is worried about Austin confronting her. Meg and Jason are telling her that it doesn’t matter what Austin thinks this week because they have the numbers to get him out. Talk turns to Liz … HGs seem to like Julia more so they’re ready for the switch to happen again because it’ll be easier to get Austin out with Julia in the house.

8:17 PM BBT – Jackie and Vanessa tell Becky not to worry that the veto will be used no matter what and if Austin is the one who won veto, then Steve goes up.

8:28 PM BBT – Austin and Liz are talking about whether or not James threw the Battle of the Block. Liz thinks he threw it so she could get evicted. Austin says he thinks it’s just because he wanted Jackie to stay in power because he was afraid of what Vanessa might do (like backdoor Jason or someone close to James).

9:37 PM BBT – Austin is out of control. He’s telling Shelli and Clay that he knew both twins liked him so he had his choice of which one he wanted. He also says that he was told Jackie likes him.

9:48 PM BBT – Shelli assures Clay that anyone who would win veto (aside from Becky) would take him off the block.

10:05 PM BBT – Austin and Liz talking about protecting Vanessa because she’s been protecting them. Austin reminds Liz that Vanessa can’t know he voted to evict John this week (Vanessa knows, of course).

11:00 PM BBT – Jackie talking to Vanessa and Clay about the twins. She thinks they only have Austin in the game.

12:50 AM BBT – HGs goofing around and renaming everyone based on their memory wall photos along with new occupations.

1:20 AM BBT – Becky is frustrated by Liz and Austin who were celebrating in front of her after Battle of the Block. She’s concerned that James didn’t try very hard to throw it.

1:30 AM BBT – James, Jason, and Meg annoyed by Steve for listening in on conversations tonight.

2:00 AM BBT – Austin stole a kiss from Liz. She’s not thrilled.

2:15 AM BBT – Clay tells Steve he’s safe this week and not the target while admitting things hadn’t gone to plan.

2:40 AM BBT – Steve is camtalking. He overheard the complaints about him eavesdropping (heh) and feels stressed about it. Steve is trying to figure out what the original plan was and wonders if the twins were the target. Steve wants to win the Veto and save Clay.

Vanessa is stressing over Austin becoming aware of their plans. If she can keep him out of the Veto comp then she says they’ll have a clear path to getting him out of the house. Backup plan is likely still Steve, but you never know this far out.

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  1. Every week, I feel like Austin is getting more and more sex stalker – ish creeping with liz. Sex > money is his strategy

  2. So. I do remember V telling Austin both sisters liked him…and mentioning that Jackie might too. Maybe she got into his head a little too much, because since then Austin has been HARDCORE.

    • I do remember that. I thought it was a little mean (to him but even more to the ladies) at the time but now I wonder how much it influenced his actions or if this was the way things would have gone either way. He seriously cannot take a hint.

      • I feel like Liz is provoking a lot of it though. Jumping into his arms after the BoB, rubbing his face, she even said in the DR that she was hardcore flirting. All that plus what V said…I can see how it would be heavily influenced against him. I in no way condone his actions, just feel like we are not getting the whole picture.

      • I don’t get Liz – what benefit does she think Austin could possibly be to her? I could understand more if he was a big stud who was a strong player in the game, but he’s a creepy weirdo.

    • I don’t think she’s become Audrey 2.0, because she isn’t lying to the people she’s working with unless she is trusted more than the person she is lying about (i.e. A lie about Austin targeting Clay if I can recall.) However, if she begins playing any harder she’ll be caught very quickly.

      • I agree. Telling Shelli that Austin voted John out and wanted people to think it was Steve or Clay. Then telling Clay that Austin wanted Clay on the block. She’s lying to everyone including people in her alliance. Hope she gets bit real soon.

    • I am beginning to think Vanessa is playing everyone for a fool. Look at what she say’s and stuff. I believe she is bluffing on different thing’s, getting into people’s heads to make them screw up so they can be evicted. A good poker player would know how to do this and look like they are full of crap at the same time.

  3. I really feel Vanessa is becoming the new Helen/Christine in that she is taking out her own allies, which makes little sense. She has several options this week:

    Stick with plan and get out austin.
    Pros: Very little blood on your hands
    Cons: Alienate this twins, take out a major ally, leave potential threats in game.

    Leave noms the same:
    Pros: almost none
    Cons: Alienate whole house except maybe steve

    Backdoor shelli:
    Pros: Get out a major couple, keep austin + twins
    Cons: Allienate shellli or clay that stays and all of adc

    Backdoor steve
    Pros: You don’t really alienate ether side and play it safe
    Cons: You get out an ally

    Backdoor Johnny Mac:
    Pros you don’t allienate twins+Austin
    Cons: You alienate rest of the house

    Backdoor member of adc (jackie, jason, meg)
    Pros: You get out some1 who will eventually come after you, you keep twins + austin and steve on your side
    Cons: Remaining adc members would be coming after you

    Frankly i recommend the last option as no way does this 8 person alliance last, its better to get out some1 who will get you out and leave meatshields in house. If i did this move i would nominate jackie as Meg sucks at comps and jason still kind of owes vanessa for last week.

    • You forgot to mention that if she stick with the plan to BD Austin, she’s getting out someone who has been supporting her and will not go after her.

      • Yeah but who knows what Austin will do in his obsession with getting Liz into the jury house without Julia. The argument could also be made that Austin is doing the exact same thing in targeting Julia (getting rid of someone who should have his back). He’s becoming a wild card and his ego is going to sink him (as it should).

      • But the entire house wants him out just like Audrey. And who wants someone like that supporting you with a big mouth and keeping things from you. He’s going to hurt her game not help it.

    • Who are the strongest players in the game right now? Shelli and Clay. They freely float between Vanessa/Liz/Julia/Austin. and Jackie/James/Meg/Jackie. Vanessa has Shelli/Clay/Liz/Julia/Austin/Steve. And could easily get JohnyMac if she tried to recruit him. So the BIG move of the year would be to get Clay out. I don’t think she will because she is all about odds and probabilities. But if Clay goes, Shelli goes. And then it’s Vanessa vs Jason’s crew. no?

      • by taking clay out, which is unlikley as becky would prob go over him, it would be her vs everyone, which while a big move makes you the target of everyone, which isn’t good early

      • Or if POV saved Becky and Van renom’d Shelli so the showman would be broken. Shelli is the comp threat and Clay has great relationship with the house so Shelli might go. Van still has Austin, both twins, probably James, Jason, Jackie. What you think?

      • I’d say she wouldn’t really have james, jason, or jackie. they all seem closer with shelli/clay. Even if they didn’t target her right away, they would eventually. too soon to break up shelli and clay for vanessa.

      • Think she might have James because James earlier this season commented to Jason/Meg, I think, that he’d like to work with CLay but they needed to split the couple up first. ???

      • yeah james like clay over shelli. if shelli goes then clay is going after vanessa. If james really is on team clay he would probably also go after her also.

      • the only people that vote becky out are steve, shelli austin, liz. the rest vote clay out. do the math. he is gone he isn’t against Steve/Austin.

      • while this isn’t voting jackie, jason, meg, and james said they would all use the veto on clay over becky , while veto isn’t the same as voting the fact they would all rather use the veto on hims means they probably wouldn’t vote him out

      • yeah. it’s not voting. because voting is the only thing that is TRUTH. words mean nothing in this game.

      • thing is they weren’t saying it to clay, they were saying it to each other, so they really had no reason to lie. If noms were left the same where votes lie would be interesting:

        Evict Becky: Steve, Shelli, Liz, Austin
        Evict Clay: Jackie Johnny mac
        toss up votes: Meg Jason james (i really don’t know between the two who they would evict.) the smart play would be to evict clay, but i’ve yet to see them be that smart.

      • I agree 100% . It would be VERY close vote if they remained the same. James, Meg and even Steve would be toss ups. Clay could go this week if he isn’t taken down.

  4. Clay looks like the sad clown. I’ll bet it will be some time before Shelli lets him touch her boob again.

      • He hasn’t done well in comps to this point but the comps in BB don’t really give an advantage to big, strong guys.
        I think his social game has been really strong all season.

  5. Vanessa needs to pull back a little bit..I know that yesterday did not go as planned and now she is stuck as HOH for the week..I am not so sure about this 8 person alliance..I guess Clay, Shelli and Vanessa need them for numbers to get Austin out this week…after that, who knows. Austin is getting so “hands on” with Liz…it’s a little creepy to watch..if he finds out that he is the target this week..he will blow a gasket!!

    • I don’t mind Judas going out, but for my viewing pleasure, I want him to find out that he’s the target to be honest. lol

      • Me too..that would be great feed watching!! But, if they can’t get Austin out..they want Steve..Vanessa and Steve are working together, so that would be a sticky situation for Vanessa..she won’t get much blood on her hands if she can stick with getting Austin out. If she hesitates too much on the Steve plan..people may get suspicious.

      • You’re right. She’s crazy if she thinks she can maintain this “no blood in her hands” forever.

      • Right..because someone always seems to start connecting the may be a little farther down the road..but, it happens and then they are out the door.

      • Hey Lynn, you’re the Hoosier right? I asked another Lynn and she said no. I even said, you have a new avatar. lol Did you see that?

      • I’ve been trying to get my yard work caught back up. It’s been so humid that the yard is still wet until early afternoon and yesterday was the first day in a few that we didn’t have afternoon showers. I finally got to mow. I had to mow TWICE, due to the grass height. I was tempted to post but I resisted the temptation.

      • KSJB – the showers every afternoon sound wonderful, but not the humidity. We had a very rare July rainstorm last week, when it was in the low ’80s, and the humidity was MISERABLE. You guys are made of tougher stuff than I am. Our days usually start off either with clouds from the ocean, or immediately sunny – usually mid-70’s. Don’t have to worry about mowing grass much because of the drought. Guess nowhere’s perfect!

      • I actually enjoy mowing. always have, even when I use to push mow almost 2 acres.Life is what you make it, right, EnglishRose. Take it as it comes and make the best of it, and that includes the weather. Attitude is everything. I’ve enjoyed yours for 2 seasons now and hopefully will be able to for many more. :)

      • I build my own, but have to get a permit to do so. Brush fires are no joke, especially those in your area. Wishing for you some of those wonderful humid showers!!

      • I know it would be fun to watch if he knew, but sometimes waiting and seeing someone blindsided is even better.
        Though with how these HGs cannot keep a secret, that becomes less likely every minute.

      • After all, that is what we watch for, right, our viewing pleasure. I agree, Cyril, that it would be oh so much more pleasurable to see things play out from that aspect.

      • Steamrolling the other side is not fun to watch, I want to see challenge on equal levels. Of course I could be bias, because JMac is not part of their alliance.

      • I read on Jokers where JMac was thinking it would be best to get the twins out. Another reason to love JMac. He has some common sense, I only wish he had some allies to bestow it on.

      • JMac was right, but it maybe too late. Now that the twin maybe in the game, I have a feeling they’ll be working with Judas as their protector VS Clay being protected by 2 power players “the Vanelli” Then you have a lot of free agents. Vanessa who is no doubt the best player in the house is really ahead of the game. She’s already molding Jackie and James to her camp. I think she has a special bond with Steve too. She’s busy! ….I wanna see uprising in the house, or some kind of mutiny. lol

      • If they BD Judas, maybe he could dress the part of a bad pirate and declare mutiny. He looks the part. Argh! Sink that ship, drown those rats, make ’em walk the plank, swab the deck…and all that jazz.

      • lol Did you know you just made a rap music with your last sentence? With the right beat..drum and bass. You’re good Karen! lol…try it….start with He looks the part. …i swear to God I can rap it. lol

      • The only thing I am good at “rapping” is gifts. I go to extreme measures on my gift wrapping. It’s artistry! LOL

      • Show your hubby what I’m talking about. I know he likes music. So he’ll understand. lol …….Can’t wait for the Veto result Karen..they’re playing right now.

      • I want to see the look on his face when he gets backdoored. Then bring on all that drama that’s so fun to watch on the feeds.

    • And I can’t wait to watch the feeds. I just hope this backdoor plan works. Bring on the drama. And the added bonus would be getting this creepy weirdo out!

  6. Could someone who has watched the feeds define how Liz is “not thrilled”? Very curious.
    Austin is getting really creepy, almost to the point I’m sincerely worried about the twins. I’ve always thought the whole Judas thing was creepy and a stupid excuse to do whatever he wants but from what I’ve heard, that doesn’t even come close to his behavior towards the ladies. Also, if he really thinks all the women are oh so into him, he can’t take a clue, and if they want it to stop they need to speak up for themselves.

    Sometimes when analyzing situations I switch genders of the people involved to see how things would be different. If Austin’s behavior (possessive, obsessive and a little too “hands on”) was coming from a woman, people would be calling her a crazy b****, and maybe even rightly so.
    I’m not looking for a whole inequality argument, it just helps to see things more clearly sometimes.

    • As a guy watching it I get annoyed by people saying men are doing inappropriate things to women when they are really doing nothing wrong. They are looking for something. This has happened to James and Jeff a lot this season. Austin is an exception. He has constantly harassed Liz. Grabbing her when she clearly is uncomfortable. Not stopping when she says to stop. One time he lifted up her shirt and started rubbing her stomach. She didn’t say to stop, but was definetly uncomfortable. Now kissing her when she doesn’t want to be kissed. I am surprised that production has not stopped him from doing this because it looks bad. Also surprised production is not talking to Vanessa because she is the one that started pushing him towards liz and saying liz liked him and to kiss liz.

  7. I’m glad the twins are now safe and will be entering the game as individual player. Game on. Obviously, they will probably be automatic target. They will have to win comp to stay in the house. Let see where they can go.

    • I’m glad they are both getting to play. I think Julia is going to be the better player.

  8. The players in the game have to realize this may be the only time they get Clay on the block. Steve, JohnyMac, Jame,Jason,Jackie, Austin Liz, should all vote him out.

  9. I wonder if Vanessa ‘gave up poker’ because her face would erupt when she was bluffing?

  10. If I were the POV winner, I wouldn’t use it. This is a rare chance to get Clay out. Austin’s time will come soon enough.

    • Exactly right! But, these HG’s this season don’t think of things like that..most of them, anyway!

    • Can’t wait to see that. BB again knowing that someone is trying to throw it, probably came up with a comp where one could win it. Remember when Caleb sat down and Frankie won on his own.

  11. How are the Have’s and Have-not’s being decided this year? It looks like they are just rotating? I’m confused.

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