Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 2: Monday Night Highlights

There wasn’t a lot of crazy action on the Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Monday night, but there were a lot of discussions and speculation, including who could have received the Last Laugh power and whether or not Liz has a twin playing the game with her.

Liz Nolan tries out a new disguise
Liz Nolan tries out a new disguise – Source: CBS All Access

And both of those things involved Da’Vonne. Not only did Da’Vonne apparently get the 7th phone call, she also is the first person to point out that she thinks Liz isn’t always Liz. Whether or not these Da’Vonne developments will save her is yet to be seen.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, July 7, 2015:

3:50 PM BBT – Day continues telling Jason what she’s observed about Liz and possibility of her being a twin in the game.

4:05 PM BBT – Jason wishes Liz had gone up as renom so they’d be able to use this as leverage.

4:20 PM BBT – Da’Vonne detailing the physical differences between the two versions of Liz.

6:33 PM BBT – Feeds return from Fish after the lockdown.

6:40 PM BBT – Houseguests starting to discuss the Last Laugh phone call twist.

6:56 PM BBT – Shelli stands at the Memory Wall and counts out the order of the phone calls. Da’Vonne got the 7th call & presumably the special power.

7:14 PM BBT – Jeff tells Austin that his target next week is Audrey (he’s told others his next target it Austin), then Steve, then Vanessa.

7:22 PM BBT – Day trying to catch Liz and asks her about last night’s events. Jackie butts in and answers the question for her.

7:35 PM BBT – Clay detailing his concerns about Audrey to Shelli. She doesn’t believe Audrey has done anything that bad. He disagrees and says she’d backstab them given the chance.

7:50 PM BBT – Clay thinks that BB rigged the Last Laugh twist for Da’Vonne. He says he knows she won the power because her attitude has changed.

7:56 PM BBT – Becky and Shelli talking about the possibility that the power wasn’t something random and that America voted for the person they wanted to have it.

8:35 PM BBT – Da’Vonne confirms to John that she got the seventh phone call, but she doesn’t talk about getting any kind of reward.

8:39 PM BBT – Da’Vonne tells Jason and Jackie she’s ready to pack her bags because she didn’t get that special power.

9:19 PM BBT – Steve and Vanessa have formed an alliance called SOS (Students of Sound).

9:23 PM BBT – Jason tells James he thinks Liz is playing with her twin. He says he first thought it was John but now he thinks it’s Liz because one of them is “thicker” than the other and their noses look different.

9:27 PM BBT – Jason also tells Meg that he thinks Liz is a twin and they’re switching places in the game. He says one is thicker and friendlier than the other.

10:05 PM BBT – Jason, Meg and Da’Vonne talking about Liz being a twin (not sure why Da’Vonne and Jason didn’t sit on this information).

11:10 PM BBT – Jeff and Jackie discuss who they don’t want making jury. They list Audrey, Austin, Steve, Vanessa and Liz.

11:30 PM BBT – Jeff and Jackie talking about the future of the game like they have no worries in the world.

11:37 PM BBT – Da’Vonne tells Jason and James she knows she’s going home and wishes she was up against anyone other than Meg.

11:42 PM BBT – Talk turns back to Liz. Da’Vonne says they should paint Liz’s fingernails to see if she’s switching out with a twin.

12:06 AM BBT – HGs doing their nightly podcast/talkshow.

2:10 AM BBT – Da’Vonne talked to Johnny for his vote and now she’s working on Vanessa. Next she goes to Steve for his vote, but he blows her off. John goes up to HoH and tells Shelli/Clay.

2:30 AM BBT – Day camtalks and tells us she’d gun for Clay if she stayed.

2:40 AM BBT – Jason and Day going through scenarios of how to get the votes. They think they need to have a big group meeting to pull it off.

2:55 AM BBT – Day promises us she’s trying hard to figure out the votes.

3:25 AM BBT – Jason relaying the Twin Twist theory to Jeff. Meg, Jeff, James, Jackie, Day, and Jason all know about Liz & her twin Julia.

3:45 AM BBT – Steve finding out about the twins now.

3:50 AM BBT – Jeff runs the twins info to Shelli & Clay. They come down to the Memory Wall with everyone else.

4:20 AM BBT – HGs still comparing facial features on Liz’s memwall pic. They think it could be a composite photo of the two sisters. (I’m not convinced of that.)

4:30 AM BBT – HGs head to backyard to discuss. Chelli head upstairs and are excited that this will help their game.

As of right now, it looks like despite Da’Vonne’s knowing about the twin twist and getting that 7th phone call, she could still be the one walking out the door. But there are still two days left for her to try to spin these things in her direction. It should make for some interesting Live Feeds.

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  1. And this is why I’m not a fan of Mama Day. Some drama in the house is fun. You know, as long it is game play. She’s just a bit of a hot head and doesn’t necessarily act based on what is best for her game. I mean, she discovered a gem about Liz, so what does she do? Pass it on as free information for everyone.

    Maybe she will redeem herself with the use of the Last Laugh, but I’m just not impressed by her.

    • I love Day but I agree, she should have kept the info to herself or atleast tell Jason not to tell anyone.

      • Knowing Jason and how he just discussed about BB5’s Twin Twist last weekend, no doubt he won’t keep his mouth shut even if he had to.


      • My mother used to always say, “Loose lips SINK ships.” Indeed, Da’Vonne should have sat on this information and attempted to use it to her advantage, but she made a cardinal mistake: Tell a GAY, you tell the WORLD. Jason has singlehandedly told EVERYONE and their MOTHER the twist. Now, I hope the twins are savvy enough to go to Shelli and Clay and tell them to keep them safe til Jury, then the twins will give (2) votes their way for whatever they want to do accomplish in the house. And when it comes to the end, if Shelli and Clay are one of the last two standing, the twins will vote for them. If they’re against each other, the twins will split their vote for each of them. THAT’S how the twins can turn this thing around in THEIR favor.

      • Agreed! I love Da also but her and Jason’s decision to tell most of the house guests was at most a very dumb decision and could possibly cost her her game! -__-

      • Jason can’t hold WATER, let alone a juicy secret. She should have kept it to HERSELF and confronted ‘Liz’ BY herself!

    • Well now we know Shelli made a smart move for her and Clay to go farther in the game. Da begging Shelli saying she’d never go after her or Clay. Yep right.

      • I agree. Mama Da made it clear that she didn’t and wouldn’t trust Clay after their little blow up. It only makes sense that Shelli and Clay would go after her.

  2. When reading conversations between Shelli and Clay posted on Jokers, Clay keeps sending red flags my way. I haven’t decided if he is just a big immature baby, a control freak, think’s he is God’s gift, or all of the above. Then Clay says things to other HGs, one example, telling Audrey that Shelli had “better watch her mouth” and “she better calm down with that”. Even though he laughed as a pretense that he was not that serious, he appeared fairly perturbed that Shelli had used the word “flirt” when speaking about their relationship. I hope one of them gets eliminated soon, and at this moment, I’d prefer it to be Clay. I would like to see Shelli play without Clay. The most fun scenario would be both of them being on the block together with one of them definitely going home before jury, at least.

    • I agree! The first week I thought that Clay was just a dbag and Shelli was just clueless. This week Clay’s true colors have come out. I don’t know who I dislike more … Audrey, Clay, Jeff or Shelli.

      • Immature baby, control freak, dbag, who thinks he is God’s gift to women…I think it’s a great addition. I’m sure we’ll be adding more so we won’t call it complete yet. According to a post I read earlier from Latifah, Clay has even made a few questionable remarks about black women, so we might be adding a little tendancy toward racism. The list goes on.

    • One thing about Jokers they try to summarize the entire conversation in a paragraph. They don’t say word for word and you don’t get to see their body language. I watched that last night on the feeds and Clay thinks their relationship is more then flirting. He was trying to explain it to Audrey but sometimes he has a hard time with the right words. I don’t know if you knew that he had a stuttering problem when he was young and went for speech therapy.

      • I haven’t been keeping up at Jokers nor do I have the feeds so I’m still trying to figure Clay out, but he’s certainly pleasant to look at…

      • Haha. He’s not my favorite but I like him. I really like Shelli though. I just hope he doesn’t hurt her game. Only time will tell. I’m also still trying to figure if he’s sincere with Shelli. I think he is by some of what he says and how he acts towards her.

      • I remember seeing their DR confessional early in the season and both of them said they were very attracted to each other, so I think they definitely have chemistry and I don’t think Clay is playing her at all.
        I like Shelli a lot too and I’m worried about their chances of staying in the game now.
        After hearing a few things that Jeff has said I’m started to believe he is sincere in the couples alliance too. I hope so because S&C need all the support they can get.
        Meanwhile, I would miss seeing Clay all summer if he were voted out early :D
        I really like the fact that Shelli stuck with her plan when she was under so much pressure to please the house.

    • You just condensed what I’ve been saying about Clay for the last week. Thanx, you did it so well! (( to be clear tho’, I didn’t say your last sentence, but it sure sounds good to me ))

      • Hey Cuddles. I sincerely apologize that I forgot to send you some BD love and blessings yesterday. I hope better late than never so HAPPY BIRTHDAY(yesterday) and many, many more.
        Happy birthday to you
        Happy birthday to you
        Happy birthday dear Cuddles
        Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!

      • all right … all right … all right ~~~ Karendeer ~ I accept your sincere apology (don’t let it happen again!). I’ve missed you. Thanx so much for remembering. (( p.s.: please consider reinstating Cuddledud ~~ Yes, I’ve missed your term of endearment. ))

      • Just like a woman, wishy washy, changing your mind with the tides….today, Cuddledud, tomorrow, Duddlecud. haha You are endeared.LOL

      • Thanx Karendeer, I needed that mind boggling, tummy rumbling, infectious laugh you just created with your post! I kinda like Duddlecud, and U?

  3. I really don’t understand at all why they are spreading this twin thing around the house. Why wouldn’t Jason and/or Day try to use this…tell Liz they know, and try to make an alliance with her. They help her cover her tracks if Liz/Julia stays with them….then all of a sudden your alliance grows by 1 person in week 6 and no one else had a clue! Plus you suddenly have targets to hide behind at that point! I don’t understand why anyone would spread this around the house….it makes no game play sense at all.

    • LAFink23, Jason and Da’ were being petulant CHILDREN! They most assuredly should have used the twin twist to their advantage! But instead, they’d rather run around like five-year-olds who notice a classmate has a booger in his nose: pointing and telling the WORLD! Loose lips sink ships. So, Da’ shouldn’t be surprised that her ship has sunk after tonight’s eviction.

  4. Clay thinks that BB rigged the Last Laugh twist for Da’Vonne. He says he knows she won the power because her attitude has changed.and guess what !!! He’s right !!!!!

  5. Even if Da’Vonne got the power, the power gives you extra votes on eviction night if I am recalling correctly and she cannot vote since she is up for eviction. The two peeps on the block and HOH do not vote (HOH votes in case of tie only) so the power does not help her

    • It doesn’t give her votes. It allows her to cancel out 3 votes. So, it takes the votes needed for her to stay from 7 to 5.

  6. I can’t think of any scenario where Day could get 2 votes, let alone 5. Meg is liked by most of the house.

  7. I just hope the twins stay. I want to see how it plays out with both of them in the house. The only thing is now that Jason and his big mouth told the entire house if it does play out there will be no shock factor.

  8. I dunno .. think that Da may still have a shot for 5 votes .. Let me see … Jason … possibly James then Austin ?? And, since that Shelli backstabbed Becky by not renomming Audrey .. Becky may just do it, to spite Shelli, and she may be able to bring along a few others …

    As a result, by removing Meg from the House this week, it would keep the targets on both Da and Audrey moving forward for another week or two, as well as, a huge target on Shelli and Clay ..

    • Austin can’t stand Da so doubt she’d get his vote. Becky doesn’t care for Da either and she really likes Meg so that’s another doubtful vote. She would have Jason, maybe James and maybe Liz for saving her but I think that might be all. But this is BB and CBS kind of controls who gets saved. Especially with the takeover twist. If they want Da to stay then I’m sure there will be some kind of twist to save her.

      • A lot of Da’s fans will be very upset if she is voted out this week so I wouldn’t be surprised if she returns at some point in the game.

  9. Why didn’t she keep it to herself and work on the twins to get her/their vote and have them work on others to vote to keep her?

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