Big Brother Spoilers: Who Got The 7th Phone Call ‘Last Laugh’ Twist? – Updated

The latest Big Brother Takeover twist has hit the house, but the action took place behind closed Feeds leaving Feedsters temporarily in the dark. Now we’re back and we’ve got your Big Brother spoilers.

Big Brother Takeover Twist on BB17
Big Brother Takeover Twist on BB17 – Source: CBS

This week’s twist would give one Houseguest the power to veto three votes and close the gap on what it’d take to win safety for one more round. So who grabbed the power? Read on for the details.

When Feeds returned the Houseguests were trying to figure out who might have won that twist power. They were informed what the twist was and how it’d affect the votes, but now how it would be given out. This left everyone afraid of what might happen, but only one of them in the know.

Flashback to 6:56PM BBT Cams 3/4 on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial) and you’ll find Shelli counting out the order of the phone calls received. Guess who got the 7th call… Da’Vonne Rogers! Yep, this week’s target appears to have landed herself a big leg up.

Now Shelli’s memory might be wrong so we can’t just go on that, right? Jump forward to 7:42PM BBT and you’ll find Clay telling Shelli that Da’Vonne took the call # he wanted. The seventh call. He thought seven would be the lucky number because this is Big Brother 17. Hmm, how about seven is just a lucky number! Either way, two separate Houseguests have said Da’Vonne received the 7th call which we knew would have the special power. Nothing is official until Julie speaks it though.

So what does this mean? Just before the Feeds went down we were knee deep in Da’Vonne figuring out that Liz Nolan was playing with a twin sister. Yep, you read that right. Busted! So things were on a roll for Da’Vonne but even knowing that alone probably couldn’t get her to seven votes, but could it get her to five, the majority required after three of the twelves votes are removed?

Da’Vonne needs five votes and this will be no easy task. She’ll have Jason’s for sure, but there are still four more to go. Maybe Day can apply pressure of this Twin Twist to get Liz’s vote and have her convince Austin. Now we’re up to three. Could they also get Vanessa? Ehh, maybe.

Point is this won’t be easy. Day has less than three days before the next eviction. She’s up against Meg and that makes it all the more difficult. We’ll have to keep watching to see what happens next. Watch with us and jump on the Live Feeds!

Update: The twist must not be kept quiet. Da’Vonne tells Jason she needs 5 votes (Flashback 2:00 AM BBT) and they start working on vote scenarios. Even with this info out I’m not sure how easy it’ll be. Now that the Twin Twist has been exposed to most of the house Day can’t use that as blackmail leverage either.

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      • But did they wait until DaVonne was by the phone until they made it ring on the 7th time…..

      • Probably! They want the show to be entertaining… so they definitely don’t want all of the “entertaining” people leaving in the first few weeks… especially where most of the cast is blah. I sorta had a feeling this whole weekly twist thing was a way for them to control the game.

      • What about if they told her in the DR about the twist this week and that u need to get the 7th call? This could be production’s method to save the drama queen

      • Game shows are highly regulated. They cannot tell one player something to give her an advantage.

      • I don’t know…I just listened to Perez Hilton on Howard Stern show say explicitly the Big Brother England version did things to cater to him to help him out in the game, i.e. cheated. I don’t know why he would lie about that.

      • Different countries, different BB’s. BBUK has a reputation of rigging as well but Ofcom (the UK’s equivalent to the FCC) monitors the public voting. If they see something questionable, Channel 5 which airs the UK version will be on hot water much the same Britain’s Got Talent is currently in the middle off after the winner’s performance fell under fire due to a controversial choice made by the performer.

      • You need to read court cases about scandals on game shows. This is a game show/reality show. If you think this falls in the same category of “Price is Right”..I think you’re mistaken. One thing they cannot do is to have Predetermined winner. Drama is part of creative process…and BB likes drama. lol

      • BB does not fall under the category of a game show. It is a reality show and production has a lot of leeway to do things.

      • It’s a game/competition show with a guaranteed prize fund. BB falls in the same category as every other game shows and must abide with FCC rules so they cannot be rigged in all intents and purposes.

      • I don’t think they care about saving Da as much as they care about creating drama. They’re most likely upset that Da is taking the news of her exit with dignity, rather than creating drama.

      • The week is still young. Lots of things can happen between now and Thursday night.

      • That would ruin the suspense of it all. Day has established to be a very observant person and that what got her in that position she is in the first place.

      • Doesn’t mean production didn’t mention the number 7 to Day in a DR session. Or ask her if Liz was gaining weight/had her eyes moved further apart. It’s not rigged, but this SCREAMS production interference.

      • Don’t be naive Boyer, I said 3 days ago they’d wait until Day was by the phone to call it. BB Takeover is their way of rigging the show this year with carte blanche. Kinda like when they handed Rachel 500k on a silver platter with a special power. Ruins the integrity of the game.

    • Even if the twist isnt rigged, it appears to be. This has a deflating effect on the overall game. Production loses credibility. Viewers’ interest diminishes.

    • I don’t even care if it was because producers know viewers are rooting for Day and no one will watch if she goes home because of those snobby and rude people like Shellie and Clay! Please rig it up and just let the viewers see all of the terrible casting choices you made go home.

  1. BB Production: “Quick. DaVonne is standing right by the phone. Make the call! Make the call! Quick!”

  2. This is what I was worried about when Shelli decided to put up Meg. Now production is going to try to save Da…

    • Nobody will vote Meg out. Now if Shelli would of put Liz up then Da might of had a slim chance. That’s why Shelli changed her mind and put Meg up which was a smart move.

      • The thing is though production has a big influence in this game. If da was up against Liz production would want to preserve the twin twist and let the his vote out da…. But right now she’s up against Meg

      • But with 12 votes and Da eliminates 3 that leaves 9. Da would need 5 votes to stay and she won’t get them. The only vote she’ll get is Jason’s.

      • I agree that it’s hard for Davonne to stay. But I disagree that Jason is her sole vote, she definitely can have more than one vote if she plays her cards right.
        James is tight-ish with Jason and Da so I see some potential there.
        If she gets hard evidence to blackmail Liz into voting for her to stay she might also get Austin’s vote, but she has to be very careful in her approach.
        Problem is even so, she only has four votes, and now that the whole house knows about this twist, flipping the votes is not an easy thing to do

      • You’re right she could get James and maybe Liz. But Austin can’t stand her so I don’t think she would get his. It’s going to be fun watching the feeds to see how she campaigns and what people tell her.

      • Just realized now that she can probably get Vanessa’s vote…. Now shelli and clay better hope that Da doesn’t get Austin’s vote

      • What do you think Da is going to tell Liz, “I know about the twin twist and your apart of it so if you don’t vote Meg out I’m going to tell everyone” Gee it seems like telling Jason was all she had t

        o do to get everyone to know so that loses some leverage and since the votes are secret all Liz has to say is sure I will vote for you and then vote the other way in the DR. If Da tries blackmail it will show the type of person she is. If it was me that was being blackmailed I would told Da sure I will vote for you stay and then in the DR vote the other way.

      • Exactly. I’m looking at this from a production stand point. Day, is outspoken both in the house and in DR sessions which is entertaining. Plus she’s figured out the twin twist so as a producer, I would love to see what she would do with that information going forward so let me rig this call twist so that she gets it and can use it to stay. If it looked like she would use it to get rid of my twin twist after she stays, THEN I’d rig it to get rid of her.

        Then there’s Meg who everyone likes and nothing else. Yawn.

      • I know people like watching her, but personally, I can’t stand Da’Vonne in the DR sessions. She gets on my last nerve.

      • You are so right. Most everyone likes Meg so Day will have a hard time getting 5 votes.

      • But who knows…this takeover twist every week something could happen on eviction night. I said in the beginning the takeover twist would be a way for CBS to control who stays and who goes. So we love it if it favors someone you like and we hate it if it’s someone we want gone. Lol

  3. I guess we’ll see how the phone calls went down to see if it was rigged or not. But either way, Da’vonne is in tough waters and it’s going to be extremely hard to get out of. Sadly!

  4. I’m just curious: does anyone really care if Meg goes home though? She’s a nice girl and all but ultimately adds nothing to the show. Once Day goes, Audrey’s next and then I literally have zero interest in this season.

    • I would really care if Meg goes home. We have so many large annoying personalities in the house that are ready to kill each other. Meg has a large personality (from all of the pre-interviews she gave) that she’s been “playing” the game by adjusting her personality, which is very tough to do. She’s laid low and can work the scenes for many weeks before being seen as a target.

      Finally, she’s very good looking and I don’t want only a Victoria in the house for the last 2 months like last year…

      • From solely a gameplay standpoint, not entertainment, you’re right. I think she has the potential to be one of my favorites. However, from an entertainment standpoint, I would rather keep those large personalities in the house. After the mostly houseguest love-fest/we-gotta-watch-how-we-act-because-of-season-15 last year, when Day goes, Audrey will follow, this season ends up like last year.

        And LMAO at “only a Victoria in the house” I guess this season that’s Jackie?

      • Even if Day and Audrey are the next two to go, isn’t Jason, Austin, Steve, John, Liz/Julia, and James enough BIG personalities to still be entertaining? And Meg has a huge personality just waiting for the right time to burst. I really don’t think Day is THAT entertaining to warrant wanting to keep.

      • Sure there are plenty of other big personalities in the house. I don’t deny that. But those other personalties aren’t in danger of going home right now. As you pointed out, Meg has a big personality WAITING to come out. Day has had a big personality since day one. Meg’s DR sessions aren’t particularly stand out from anyone else. Day’s are.

        Yes, I like Meg more as a person and a player. But Day is entertaining to me. Between the two choices right now, I wouldn’t be sorry to see Meg go.

      • i feel like no one is estimating the crazy hard social game of meg. she has alliances and frineds all over the house, and if da’vonne points that out, it could be all over for meg. from a personality standpoint, i would love to see meg go, but game-wise, it could be better to keep da’vonne. not sure though

    • Exactly! They are the ones that brings an extra ummph to the game…if they go then we are left with no one and the feeds would become boring

  5. Three votes is good, but not enough. She needs to work hard. Sorry, but HG’s that are pissed will try their best to defeat this power. lol

    • I understand why they told everyone so that Day would have a better chance of actually having the twist be useful but at the same time, you’re right. Out of spite, some people simply will vote against her solely on the fact of the twist.

  6. Vanessa and Steve are forming something..I don’t want to say “alliance”..because that word is taboo in that house!

  7. Thank goodness!!!! I’m honestly not sure it matters though because for the past 4 or seasons pretty much all of the house votes together… I really hope Davonne pulls through though! I won’t even read through the rest of these comments because the blatant racism I’ve seen here and overall tone of most of these comments have truly been disgusting.

  8. Everyone keeps saying that production rigged this, but they probably had the house guests pick a number from 1-12. They knew the twist but didn’t know how someone would get it and also didn’t know that the 7th call will get the twist. Da was probably lucky that she picked #7.

    • They know the significant of the 7th call. They’re discussing who got the 7th call….they know a lot, and they hated it.

      • My point I was trying to make is that I don’t believe “rigged” it if house guests picked numbers randomly to delegate who answered a call.

      • Plus they wouldn’t rig it for Day since she can’t vote. If they were going to rig it, they would rig it so that Jason won.

      • Lol. I don’t know that Da still has enough votes to stay. But I don’t want Meg leaving either. Neither outcome appeals to me this week. Waa-waaa :/
        Call me spoiled but I wanted to keep the James/Jason/Meg/Da core in tact a little longer.
        Oh well eventually they all have to go except for two. :P

      • No. I don’t believed BB is rigged as to having a predetermined winner rigged, but they can tweak the twist. There’s a lot of smart people in their staff, according to an ex-player.

  9. Day also has 3 DAYS to work on this. With the rush of activities due to the 4th of July, her winning the phone vote thing, and figuring out the Twin twist, she has a huge advantage built up. Be like MacGuyver and rig something up….

  10. Now DA this is a once in a BB life time Chance! Use this opportunity wisely or else….(Don’t wanna finish it off :'(

    • DA should approach Liz and tell her she knows about her twin to get Liz’s vote then get Liz to turn people to vote Meg out…that’s what in would do. Also, Becky was lied to by Shelli so I would convince Becky to keep me because I’d be a target along with Audrey, giving Becky at least 3 more weeks in the game.

  11. Grrrrr!!! I hate when BBAD goes to commercial when a great conversation kicks up! James and Jason were talking about the differences they see in Liz daily. I’d rather hear about that than fish tacos!!!!!!

  12. Wait, did she get it? The conversation between Da’Vonne and Jackie on BBAD sounds like it wasn’t her. Unless they don’t know all the rules yet, which is possible.

    • I think even if Da got it, she cannot talk about it. Everyone knows that the twist nullifies 3 votes, but they don’t know that the 7th call gives the twist

  13. logistically if the house guest know about the twist, they can reverse vote. The three Day knocks out that she thinks werent going to vote for her, would have been her votes she needed. Hard to explain but basically she’d be having the last laugh on herself…

  14. Reminds me of a trick I once saw on Columbo. A guy asks a person in the room: “Pick a number from 1 to 10”
    The guy says “seven”.
    “Pick up that book on my desk”, says the trickster.
    The guy picks up the book and a seven of hearts is under the book.
    “Wow” says the guy. “That was good”
    Meanwhile, the trickster had planted 10 cards all over his room, so that no matter what number the guy guessed, he’d guide the person to the right spot.
    “I pick the number 9”
    “Look under the phone on the shelf by the fire place”.

  15. Why would you be happy? The sweetest person in the house is up against day. I would understand if it was Audrey but not Meg.

    • I’d honestly rather see Da stay. She’s more perceptive and seems to know what’s going on.Nothing against Meg but she I haven’t seen anything from her yet. We’ll see what happens.

      • Yep…And Jeff & Jackie just hit the nail on the head, by saying on Jokers that Meg would win in “any” F2?! Helloooo…that’s why you take out the most well liked person in the house, and keep the most disliked in the game!

  16. the votes i think da’vonne has to stay are john, vanessa (?) jason (obviously) james (?) and if she blackmails liz/julia, she could get all five votes she needs. the people i think who’s votes will be denied are probably going to be jeff, clay and obviously audrey. what are your predictions?

    • she has no shot of getting james vote. She definetly has jason, but other than that she will have a tough time. She could possibly get jason, vanessa, austin, liz if she reveals the twin twist to allign with them, but still needs another vote. Becky, JMac, Steve, and Jackie would need one of those four. I don’t think she can and hope she doesn’t because that would be a clear example of BB unfairly affecting the game. Da’Vonne just happens to get the 7th call come on BB.

      • i think production rigged the vote,but i am kind of happy for that because an entertaining personality has the chance to stay.

  17. If you have this advantage and figure out a twist then why not use that knowledge to your advantage instead of blabbing it. Da went from smart to dumb play all in one day. Had she just approached Liz/Julia and said your caught she could of started a comeback instead she let Jason start telling people. Wtf. Dumbest move ever. Instead getting herself votes and then using her power she blew it. Sure it might put target on the twins next week but that only helps Jason and on a worse note helps Audrey. Again dumb move. You use that for at least this week and next and then expose it and get them out.

    • I am fine with it being slightly rigged by having competitions to certain players strengths stuff like that. I am not fine with them clearly giving one player a huge advantage.

  18. Everyone is saying that it must be rigged since Day received the 7th class, but it means nothing if she can’t get the votes. Production can’t rig that part…or can they?

  19. Ok here is what I think folks.
    Audrey is there just for the awareness and show popularity. She will go far without winning any comp. but will be out before the end if the game. No one will nominate her bec the production will not let them.
    I noticed this group like clay Shelley this guy from amazing race and Jackie. They are all spread out. They don’t let anyone stay alone for too long. I think they don’t want anyone to have time to play or scheme anything. So I noticed one of their group member is every where in the house. I hate this group. They are khaki and over confidence.
    I hope James or Jason win the next comp and get rid of them.

  20. Rigged or not… Day shouldn’t have gone home…this week. I won’t say how it looked.. But it was ugly.. Enough with UGLY!!

  21. Davonne was fun to watch . I don’t think I’ll be watching this season anymore. The rest of the cast are Predictably & boring. So I think I ‘lol wait until next season. Big Brother U Guys a Really need to change it up. America’s vote should get our Fav, back in the House. Think abt it….

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