Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 8: Friday Daytime Highlights

Another Big Brother 17 day, another exaggerated Vanessa target. Who is it this time? Well, it’s Johnny Mac, of course. Vanessa has now concluded that he has a “mood disorder” and spat rage at her today.

John sleeps while Vanessa plots to destroy him
John sleeps while Vanessa plots to destroy him – Source: CBS All Access

So it should come as no surprise that Liz nominated John and Becky for eviction. And while the target was originally Becky, it’s quickly shifting to John, even though Vanessa swore on everything he wouldn’t go anywhere this week). So in summary: just another week in the Big Brother 17 house with Vanessa running things.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 14, 2015:

9:55 AM BBT – HGs are up and getting ready for Nominations Day.

11:00 AM BBT – Liz camtalks saying she’s sure she’ll put up John and Becky as her noms. She hopes it’s the right choice.

11:50 AM BBT – Liz and Austin say they’re still interested in keeping Becky to go after Vanessa. They decide to tell both Becky & John that they’re safe so they can decide later who to send out if things change.

12:36 PM BBT – Have-Not food revealed. “Pork Slops.” It’s pork chops as the additional food. Few weeks ago the HNs had lollipops. This week they get an actual meat/protein source? Okay then. Vanessa, Steve, and John are picked/volunteered.

12:38 PM BBT – Production leak of staff stocking the SR. Camera 1.

12:43 PM BBT – Julia warns Liz that Austin may be pushing to VTE John because Austin thinks John is coming after him.

12:50 PM BBT – Austin thanks Becky for all the info she brought them last night. He says it really has changed things for them.

1:10 PM BBT – John tells Vanessa he heard her tell Chelli about the 8-HG deal to target them. This sets Vanessa off on a 45-minute mission. She denies, denies, denies. John says okay, but he heard her.

1:20 PM BBT – Goblins upstairs with Becky and Austwins. Goblins spilling their guts on the week Vanessa got James to try and throw the comp. They reveal how Vanessa pulled them in the HoH room and told them what was going on so they followed along. Meg also mentions how Vanessa tried to make deals during the live DE. Austwins are shocked by all of this.

1:30 PM BBT – Vanessa leaves HN room so John decides to follow her. She pulls Steve in and basically accuses Steve of telling JMac about the 8-HG deal. John busts in on the conversation and acts like nothing is going on. JMac doesn’t care. Vanessa starts tearing in to John. Steve asks if he can leave. Vanessa tells him “no” and turns back to berating John.

1:50 PM BBT – John tells Vanessa he felt bullied by her blow up at Clay where she interrogated him demanding answers. He doesn’t mention how she accused him of being Clay’s “gay lover.”

1:58 PM BBT – John tells Vanessa he doesn’t like it when she cries and yells at people. He says she did that to him. Vanessa says she’s sorry he feels that way and walks out.

1:59 PM BBT – Feeds cut for nomination ceremony.

3:08 PM BBT – Feeds return. Becky and John were nominated. Austin and the twins are saying Johnny Mac has  gone crazy (based on what Vanessa has told them).

3:12 PM BBT – Julia calls John weird and Liz says she hates him and wants him gone this week. Liz talks about how Austin does all of her dirty work.

3:20 PM BBT – Julia tells Liz not to let Austin run her HOH. She says he didn’t win the HOH so he has no say in anything. But Julia is softening to Austin especially since she’s now onto Vanessa and not happy with her.

3:29 PM BBT – Liz and Julia are going all over the place. Now Liz wants Julia to smooth things over and after saying the love James and Meg, they’re talking about backdooring James. They want to make bold moves.

3:32 PM BBT – The twins are upset with Vanessa but they say she hasn’t given them enough reason to evict her (I guess being poised to win $500K isn’t a big enough reason). They agree that everyone else is going after Vanessa so they don’t have to.

3:40 PM BBT – Julia and Liz suspect America loves John and now they’re afraid to talk badly about him.

3:46 PM BBT – Vanessa doesn’t understand why Becky and John doesn’t like her. She says that John had “red rage” in his face today (yeah, just like when Becky yelled at her and pointed her finger at her outside). Vanessa says John doesn’t handle rings with class.

3:47 PM BBT – Steve and John have been talking about how to make sure John stays this week. John wants to know if he should pick Steve to play in veto if he gets HG choice. Steve tells him to let him check first if he’s allowed to use the veto on John (this, folks, is a “super fan”).

3:55 PM BBT – Steve goes up to the HOH room. Austin tells Steve that John has gone rogue this week and they want to know his take on the situation. For some reason they think Steve is actually going to talk game. Steve tells them to talk to John. Liz asks what John has said since he’s been put up. Steve says he’s just napping and that he thinks he needs to win the veto. Vanessa doesn’t understand why he’s so paranoid (WHY WOULDN’T HE BE NERVOUS? He is the target).

3:58 PM BBT – Vanessa is again saying he has problems with his emotions (HAHAHAHA, yeah only John has that problem, Vanessa). She continues exaggerating her talk with John and for some reason thinks she doesn’t deserve any of it.

So Vanessa is keeping the Live Feeds interesting, but for a lot of fans on social media, her actions are getting to the point of unbearablility. Here’s to hoping Johnny Mac’s veto competition prowess continues so he can further complicated things for whatever the Sixth Sense alliance are calling themselves these days. That’s when the Live Feeds are at their best.

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  1. Great job keeping Vanessa around, everyone. Seems to be going just swimmingly in the house with her still there.

    • For the people who wanted Shelli out, it would have turned out the same way, except James would have been on the block with Jackie.

      • You can’t say that because Shelli could of won HOH or POV and you don’t know what she would of done. She told J/J/M that if they saved her she would be loyal to them. I believe she would have after finding out the others betrayed her.

      • And if Shelli was in the house, IMO she would have tried to convince Austwins to target James and nom James and Meg. JJM made the correct decision and I’m happy Shelli is gone. She made a huge ordeal about the sweatshirt, misleading others into thinking it wasn’t ok with Clay for James to keep it. I hope she can’t get that real man(James) smell out it. LOL Good luck with your Mama’s boy being there very long after BB, if at all, Smug Shelli, even though after Clay’s cruel insinuations about Meg, I think those two deserve each other.

      • Well, too, if Shelli had checked her emotions and kept her eye on the prize, she probably would still be there.
        She should have patched things up with James whether she meant it or not.
        James might not have totally trusted her but he wouldn’t have been so paranoid to change the order around.
        Her white hot fury over the shirt got his antennae up. He said if she’d asked for it he’d have given it to her.
        By the time Becky told her to make nice, it was too late. James’ fear had taken hold and she couldn’t sell it. Too transparent and desperate.

      • Except we would be spared this vile gameplay. There are two kinds of manipulation which I despise: 1. The victim card which Van played so unfairly on Becky. 2. Doing something evil to someone while claiming its for their own good (JMAC’s emotional health. If anyone is imbalanced in this game, it’s Van. She needs to go home for her good and everyone else’s in America!

      • One of them is in jury house with her! haha Jackie was against getting Shelli out at first but then started second guessing herself. It truly was a toss up as to which one would cause the most damage if they stayed.

      • But not the one that would have been evicted if Smug Shelli had gotten her way. You know it is killing Shelli that James didn’t follow her out, bless her heart. lol

      • You have good manners, Miss bbadboy, lol. But, yes, there are those posters who, when things don’t go their way, act as immature as a two year old. They are kind of like Vanessa; their negativity and know-it-all attitude could suck all the fun out of the air, if anyone paid much attention to them. Vanessa is full of herself and impossible, but James would be gone if Shelli had her way. Jackie was there longer than Shelli, right!!

      • Right here Lav, I still think it was a better move for them than by keeping Shelli. There is a lot of distrust in Vanessa from the other players and with Shelli still in the house that distrust wouldn’t be there. Sometimes you have to lose a finger to save the hand.

  2. Go Johnny Mac and win that POV, you need to throw the monkey wrench on that plan to send you to the jury house. Let them put James in your spot beside Becky and let them pick who they want out next! Maybe, Austin, Julia and Steve might decide that Becky is worth saving after all and you can add your vote to save her. Wouldn’t it be awesome if somehow, Becky and John survive this week still in the Big Brother House? Maybe, Becky can win the next HOH and put up Austin beside Vanessa and let them duke it out and see who survives and who gets evicted?

  3. It’s gotten painful to read about and watch Vanessa in this game. If she were just straight up playing everyone that would be one thing, but she genuinely thinks she’s being honest, she’s the rational one, she’s being attacked, etc. She thinks she’s one of the “good guys”! I can’t handle her delusional personality anymore.

    • She’s mainly why I stopped watching the feeds. I’ve said for weeks her behavior goes beyond game play. She needs help.

      • She certainly do! I don’t even think she can be compared to Rachel Riley! That’s how bad Vanessa is! Her behavior is despicable!

      • Production may need to step in, at least have a Shrink review her behavior and maybe exam her. Medically have blood-work done on her, see if she’s chemically out of balance. I’m freaking serious, something is wrong. They might want to take a quick look at Steve too.

      • Completely agree about Vanessa! But Steve….geez…no spine..freaks out when there’s any confrontation around him..asks permission to leave a room…sometimes there’s actually nothing wrong with people. Sometimes they are just weird.

      • Has there ever been another HG who has looked into the camera (more than once) and said “I want my mommy” – and really meant it?

      • I’m usually a laid back guy…but watching the feeds with these people affected my mood….that’s never happened before…

    • I said almost the exact same thing to someone today! The lying I can mostly deal with. But when she seriously believes the lies she tells or that she doesn’t deserve suspicion and less-than-nice words, she makes me crazy. I’ve said in another post that I hate when people play the victim when they are anything but. She’s delusional and I don’t want her to walk away thinking she is the best, smartest player ever or any of this self-inflated, ‘but I’m the victim here!’ crap. I want her put in her place. I know this sounds harsh but I want to see it happen. She’s been too obnoxious for too long.

      If she makes it to the finale, this will be the first finale I won’t be watching in almost a decade.

      • To add to that: my husband (a professional bridge player) says he’s seen Vanessa play poker, and she’s not too good at that, either. He says her claim to have won $4 million playing poker is probably pure BS.

      • Well I can’t imagine someone who has to hide her face with hats and sunglasses is any good at poker…Maybe she just cries to get her way.

      • Woah! You gotta watch the finale if she makes it. You know the jury house is going to be boiling hot when they compare notes about Vanessa’s dirty game play. She may not get one vote if Shelli’s exit interview is any indication

      • I don’t like her as a person. Yes, I know she may not be like this in life, but I feel she probably is.
        And I agree with others that if she makes it to the end, she probably deserves to win. I just don’t want to see it for myself. I don’t like her game or behavior. So maybe it’s personal. But it’s not bitter.

      • Voting personally means voting bitter lol. also how can you watch 42 episodes of a season and then skip the final.

      • So you’ve never been offended by anyone? No one famous or in your own life just bothers you? Whether you can figure out exactly why or not?
        You’ve never felt that someone just plain doesn’t deserve to end out on top?
        I don’t watch shows like Real Housewives or Keeping Up With The Kardashians because those people make me crazy. I know it bothers me, so I don’t watch. If Vanessa is in the end that’s how I will feel.

      • But the Kardashians/Jenners make the $$$ they make because people love to HATE them. How can so many people despise them and yet they seem to prosper even more?

        Because the Advertisers know ‘flies’ (people) are drawn to ‘dog-poop’ (Kardashians/Jenners). It’s CRAZY!!!

      • This could be a new “twist”…..”Houseguests, For the very first time in BB history, along with having Americas Favorite vote, this year they will also be asked to vote for Americas LEAST Favorite houseguest! Extra security will be on hand at the finale.”

      • I already suggested this site should have a least favorite poll along with their weekly favorite one so I would totally be on board for this lol

      • If she does make it to finale, I’m planning on not watching it live. I’ll read anything I can find the next day and if it doesn’t sound too offensive I’ll watch it on demand or online.

      • Don’t give up. You need to watch. Just mute it. Lol. Besides she’s not making it to the end. We need to think positive.

      • I totally agree. Playing BB is all about the lies and backstabbing but when you accuse everyone of doing what you’re doing then cry about it acting like a victim that gameplay is not my style. And I’m not one to throw the bully word out there. But that’s what she’s doing to everyone. When she’s yelling at JMac today and Steve was in the room and asks her can I leave? And she yells no! That would be the day. He should of just walked out. She really gets under my skin. Lol

      • It should be VERY interesting if Vanessa makes it to the finale especially next to someone like JohnnyMac, Becky or Jackie.
        If it’s the JURY votes that decide the winner I can see the jury voting AGAINST Vanessa due to her UNSPORTSMAN-like CONDUCT (i.e. ‘bullying’ ). Why not?

    • It’s called narcissistic personality disorder. The longer you “know” someone (such as the HGs know Vanessa) the worse the actions become). She’s fairly classic.

    • I’m genuinely considering quitting for the season because of Vanessa. Like you said, she is delusional and has been painful to watch, which is a shame because just about the rest of the season has been good (John, Becky, James, Twins, Jackie, Jason)

    • Maybe, Vanessa needs to be sedated to control her emotional outbursts. That is certainly not normal. For her own good, maybe, they should ask a psychiatrist to talk to her. They would know if she needs to be sedated to bring balance to her mental state.

  4. Has it gotten to the point that Vanessa’s actions are seen as bullying yet? The way she talks to the other house guests is extremely disgusting!

    • Vanessa is the consummate bullier. She’s a thoroughly unpleasant person. It shows how stupid these HG’s are not to see her as the tyrant she is and get her out ASAP.

      • I think by next week she will be gone if she doesn’t win anything. Today kind of sealed her fate. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

      • I don’t think any of the Houseguest will confront Vanessa or vote her out until they get all the ‘sharp-objects’ out of the House or put a Straitjacket on her.

        Plus as far as WINNING Big Bro, no one wants to put Vanessa in the Jury House promoting against them to win.

    • I just made a comment about that same thing. I don’t use the word bully lightly. But she’s bullying everyone!

      • Bullying is a word that is grossly overused, but is correct in this case. I love people who lie, play dirty, etc. but they do it in a fun way that I enjoy watching. Vanessa is just so bad of a person that I hate watching her play.

      • You won’t be LAUGHING if she comes looking for you after the season is over. LOL… I mean seriously, man.

  5. Vanessa has cabin fever or worse, she needs to maintain. She doesn’t realize she’s the problem or does she?

  6. I just can’t … I just can’t … or I will go mad as a hatter!!!
    The one who’s having a red face is me! I need to smash something!

  7. Btw … is this the first step of Vampire Dentist’s jedi mind trick on Vanessa?
    He had mentioned before that he wanted to confront Vanessa.
    He would then stage another fight then another fight and catch more lies from her until nobody can’t stand her anymore she has to be renom and voted out.

    • If that’s his plan, it’s bold and I will give him a crap ton of credit for it. I am more inclined to think he doesn’t like her and doesn’t want to deal with her BS.

    • It’s either that, or he’s just stopped caring and resigned to spend the rest of his days in the house tormenting her.

      Either way, I’m on board.

  8. Steve…dancing around helping John. One of the few people who has actually made an authentic attempt to try and talk to Steve. Help someone like Steve and he just takes you down with him. Plus Steve asking for permission to leave the room…from Vanessa…you have GOT to be kidding me………Steve is beginning to remind me of Norman Bates and Vanessa is his mother…seriously….and all the house guests are just renting rooms…I hope there’s an episode where there’s a lightning storm and we can see those two scrabbling around….

  9. I don’t think I have ever seen a player like Vanessa. She literally creates drama when it is so totally unnecessary. Does she not think that when she inserts herself in all of these alliances and side deals that no one is going to find out? She does come across as a bully..she can say something to someone’s face and two seconds later..she denies she ever said it. I think Vanessa is a smart girl…but, this game has created so much paranoia in her head that she makes herself a bigger target by the second.

    • I think her stay is short. After today the entire house wants her gone. Liz has an opportunity if Vanessa doesn’t win or play POV to backdoor her but they want someone else to do it for them.

      • She needs to put Van up and let the votes do it for her! I think JMac will win Veto and take himself down. Everyone can be there to support her in this endeavor so she doesn’t feel so scared.

      • I’m praying JMac wins veto. Who else would she put up? She already said Steve is her little brother and she won’t put him up. Then she said she wants Vanessa gone but wants someone else to do it for her. I hope the house can talk her into backdooring Vanessa.

      • They need to convince Austwins that Vanessa is targeting Liz to break up the Austwins so she can take Steve to F2 with her. Give them a sense of urgency.

  10. I’m dying here!!! Someone please help me!!! Vanessa is raving mad that John called her a bully!! Can you imagine that? how dear he. Now the icing on the cake!!! She’s shocked!! livid!! that he’s going to try winning veto to save himself after she told him he’s safe….THE AUDACITY OF HIM!!! I’m dead!! ROTFL!!!!

    • ….she’s seriously offended that he wants off the block after she said he’s safe? That’s a new level of insane even for her.

  11. Hoping that JMac can win the veto and somehow Becky can stay safe too! Honestly, the best case scenario would be Meg going home!

    • Meg going to jury would be awesome. Nice girl, but she thinks she’s at sleep-away camp. For a New Yorker, she is one ditzy broad.

    • The best case scenario would be Vanessa going to the Jury House, maybe once out of that environment she might come back to her senses and they can adjust her medication. Hopefully for Shelli & Jackie that would be what happens. LOL!!! Of course THEN SHE’LL BE OBSESSING on the twist of not being out of the game.

      Maybe the House should wait for the ‘twist’ to happen before they send Vanessa out.

  12. It’s kind of ironic how similar Johnny Mac and Becky are to Hayden and Nicole from last season; they were good with the majority alliance, then caught the majority alliance in a lie and then were targeted. Hoping for a different outcome this season though!!!

  13. Austin from listening to Vanessa said Jmac was a death metal psycho rocker that was gonna kill em all…Just lmmso tooo dam funny

  14. Vanessa is on a self destructive path. Steve needs to man up and quit hiding behind the women’s skirts. Did Steve get his pacifier in his HOH basket? I hope James wins HOH this next go round and cleans house like he did with Clay and Shelli. Meg needs to really win HOH or veto so her and James can get rid of Steve and Vanessa. Vanessa and Steve together are running that house right now, they need Go!

  15. Vanessa is a bully, with the way she makes deals and then puts the blame onto everyone else when it fails and corners people into arguments and then playa the victim card saying they were 10x worse than they actually are. I know she has a hand in everything that happens so she’s not the traditional definition of a floater, but everyone is so preoccupied with keeping the target off themselves by keeping a bigger target in the house to ensure the next HOH has someone else to focus on, that Vanessa is ultimately just gonna float till the end while still screwing everyone else up along the way.

    • I normally love players that are huge liars. I see them as playing the game. However, with Vanessa it is different. Although she is playing the game her personality and the way she does it is extremely unlikeable. Also with other players they know they are lying and will let you know, talk about it in the DR, laugh about how stupid others are for believing it, they have fun with it. Vanessa actually may believe she is telling the truth. Her DR sessions confuse the crap out of me. Other players talk about their lying she talks about how trustworthy she is and gets mad when people lie to her. It makes no sense.

      • That’s exactly what crosses my mind. It’s between that or that she’s so used to hiding things as a poker player that she actually starts to believe her own stories

      • Yea I mean obviously lying is part of the game, it’s really hard to not tell even a single one the entire game, but when the truth starts coming out and you not only fail to take ownership of it but also make it seem like you are God and everyone should be worshiping and following you, I hate that kind of personality. I guess as a poker player she’s so used to tricking people to believe something that she’s gone so far as to even trick herself into believing her own lies as well LOL

  16. Watching Liz and Austin roll around in the HOH bed together is not how I want to spend my Friday night!! I don’t believe it when she said the other night that she is beginning to have feelings for him..anytime he goes to touch her, which is all the time, she pulls away or just acts silly. I’m out for tonight, feeders! Can’t take it!!

    • Haha I think it was Austin this time. But I love Liz saying to Julia I’m not letting Austin tell me what to do this is my HOH. Then she asks Austin what should I do. Nobody can think for themselves.

  17. I don’t understand why anyone would believe anything coming out of Vanessa’s mouth. Haven’t they been paying attention?

  18. Why don’t John, Becky, Meg and James come together and march up to HOH and tell Austwins they have their backs if they backdoor Vanessa. They must promise Austwins that they wont believe anything Vanessa says because they know she’s a liar. Next week if Austwins don’t win HOH put them on the block.

    • Simple… they don’t want Vanessa’s blood on their hands, they are afraid what V will say about them in the Jury House. Aren’t Austwins talking maybe keeping Becky so she can take-out Vanessa for them?

      • I think they are doing the right thing for their game. They know everyone in the house hates Vanessa now. So anyone who wins HoH will go after her and not them.

        I don’t like them but this is a good strategy. The problem is, they need to take her out before she takes them out. Vanessa knows she has to break them up sooner rather than later if she wants to win the game.

  19. Hopefully after the talk JMac just had with the Austwins they won’t target him. How much more do they need to backdoor Vanessa? Wake up guys!

    • They want to keep her around because she is a bigger target. Everyone in the house wants Vanessa out. They know time is on their side. The longer they stay together the more likely they remain together.

  20. Why are the Austwins still around as a three? I would want the house to target Vanessa as she is the biggest threat (as the house guests say). I do not agree with this though. I believe that the Austwins are the biggest threat. One of those three will win the game if they continue to slide by like this. If I was anyone from the other side, I would realize that yes Vanessa is a threat, but she is alone and she is an easy target for later. While the Austwins are a three person block. Say the Austwins make it through next week. They are in the final 8 as a solid group of three. This is also why the Austwins will keep Vanessa around. They need the three of them to make it far. With Vanessa in front of them, nobody in the house is smart enough to see that the real danger are the three headed snake.

    • I should have read this before I commented. I basically said the same exact thing above. You’re 100% correct.

    • Its a very good point. But blame Vanessa for that too. She wanted to bring the twins in and she has been protecting them as part of her alliance. I am sure she has a plan to break them up if she lasts long enough. I think she wanted to use Shelli to take them out. Now I think she is thinking JMac but JMac cannot be manipulated – like Jackie couldn’t.

      I know this. Vanessa is a game player so she has to know that taking the Austwins to final 4 is a losing strategy for her.

      • It’s a losing strategy for everyone. I totally agree that it was her own doing, but the house guests would be dumb to take a stab at her before taking out at least one of the three.

        Of course that is easier said because I am watching what is happening and not actually in the house. Still knowing how close those three are should place a giant target on their backs. The other houseguests could risk losing their game to a threesome they could have gotten out. Those three will never turn their backs on eachother.

  21. Um…I’m watching the feeds…so why is John allowed to eat a cookie that is not made from slop? He’s a have not. Audrey was penalized I wonder if Americas favorite player will be?

    • Penalty votes are handed out when an HG deliberately violates food restrictions. If a HN accidentally eats a little bit of food, they’ll be more lenient. On BB11, Jeff drank some Gatorade as a HN and was given an extra day as a HN.

      • I don’t understand why he would want Shelli back. Vanessa wants Shelli back because she will use Shelli and Steve to take out Austwins.

  22. Get rid of Vanessa, these people are so stupid. You could of gotten rid of her Thursday , why didn’t you!

    • Because Steve was HOH and he’s in cahoots with mommy Vanessa and John,,,,,,he didn’t use his veto because Steve told him not to use it. Dumb and dumber, that’s why Vanessa was not taken out Thursday.

      • Steve has an ally? Just kidding. Steve is all over the place. I wonder who he thinks is his real ally.

      • They could have gotten V out in the 1st Eviction but instead got Shelli out b/c James spear-headed that move but it was a selfish move in that James felt Shelli would target him but V wouldn’t. Overall V was the more dangerous player of the two so it was a bad move by the House.

    • Amanda was insane x50 but I’m not sure she had the ability to actually turn things around the way that Vanessa has. Vanessa may be losing respect now but she was running the ship with authority until this past week. Amanda was just a disgusting racist loud mouth. (Maybe I’m remembering incorrectly. Apologies if so.)

      • But from a game perspective Amanda did run the house for weeks. It wasn’t until she went crazy that she lost her game. But Vanessa is losing it too. She is picking fights over pointless things.

        Today she actually said she cries the least in the house! Is she kidding. She cries at the drop of a hat. Maybe she means she cries for REAL less than anyone in the house.

    • Nah. Not even close. Vanessa might annoy you, but she is not a wholly racist bully slutty ill-educated moron.

    • I am with you. I gave up on the goblins and I am hoping Becky and JMac survive. I just don;t think they can this week. I am hoping Becky wins POV and takes herself off the block. Then Liz puts up Meg as a pawn and the vote flips and she goes home. JMac, Becky and James would make a good team going after Audrey II.

      • Kim… I find it’s more a problem when a commenter refers to a HG as “he” or “she” said or did this… and I can’t figure out WHO THE HELL IS THE HE/SHE they are talking about, so if they typo the name wrong like Vanassa, who cares.

  23. Wow… after reading all that, I’d have to say Vanessa is off the deep end, she may be mentally ill. I think she may ONLY leave the House in a straitjacket.

    The Houseguest may need to ask Production that all ‘sharp objects’ be removed from the House SO THEY CAN SLEEP AT NIGHT!!! I once said Austin wasn’t afraid of her… sorry, I was wrong & I take that back… EVERYONE’S AFRAID OF HER.

    She has a very selective memory and when tripped up or called on something she “denies, denies, denies”.

    • I think she actually believes she doesn’t lie. There would be no reason for her to act the way she does in DR sessions if she knew how much she was lying.

  24. Why are the Austwins afraid to backdoor Vanessa if the opportunity presents itself? How can she get the votes to stay???

  25. If you hear something that sounds like banging, don’t worry. That’s just me smacking my head against the wall repeatedly.

  26. I saw that JMac accidentally ate a cookie and he’s a havenot….what will his punishment be?
    I’m so proud that he stood up to Vanessa….hoping he sticks around!!
    I keeps hoping all the HG’s get together and confront Vanessa with all her lies, deals and fakes alliance…b/c if they don’t take action soon and evict her, they’re just GIVING her the $500,000!
    I mean, last night she was telling Steve and JMac they were safe and figuring out who to nominate with Julia….AND SHES NOT HOH!!!!

    • I think the punishment for eating as a Have Not is just a penalty vote, right? Or do they change it, depending on the situation?

      • Production ^^^ said they’ll be a bit more lenient in John’s case. He didn’t do it deliberately! Jeff did it deliberately in his season and he got an extra day as a HN!

      • That’s what I was wondering Audrey only got one penalty vote and she ate food, slept on the floor and turned the lights off…. Wouldn’t really be fair if they got the same punishment. JMac did it accidentally and immediately panicked!!

    • I have heard JMac talk more game in the last 24 hours than I have heard out of him for the last 57 days.

      I loved how he sort of threw the goblins under the bus for turning on Becky after she stuck her neck out with their approval. He was trying to convince Austwins Becky is more loyal. He sold me!

      • I like him even more after he didn’t put up with Van’s crap and called her on it!!
        But last week, they’d all get suspicious of Van and then believe the crap she said to cover it up and then they’d trust her all over again!! It’s like they’ve all forgotten how the game is played or how sneaky HG’s get!!!!

      • John is a creep. Plain and simple. He doesn’t know the meaning of the word loyalty. James and Meg when Meg has been trying to help him get good with Vanessa yet he betrayed them frost chance he gets. He’s just trying to be in the cool people. That fool is still mentally stuck in high school.

        And how can anyone be impressed w/ someone who has only talked game for the past 24 hours yet hasn’t talked a single bit of game all season?

      • I like John. It’s not like he’s the first HG EVER that doesnt talk game every minute of everyday. He has talked it and who knows, maybe this is his game plan. He hasn’t been the most exciting to watch, that I’ll agree with.
        He has been loyal. He was loyal to Clelli-talked game too.
        He keeps the HG’s and viewers wondering what he’s thinking, he wins POV’s when he needs too but needs to win HOH.
        He’s survived longer than most expected him to….

      • Why should he be loyal to James and Meg? They have re-defined the word “backstabbing”. The only reason they’re reaching out to JMac is because they lost Jackie and they need numbers in case James goes on the block.

      • Y all forget becky flipped on them first. What’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander? ???

    • That would be something – if everyone except the Austwins marched up to HoH room while Vanessa and Austwins were there (or asked Vanessa to meet them up there) and confronted her with all her lies and throw in some extra hot sauce…in front of Austwins.
      Then Austwins can join in and/or use that as excuse to renom Vanessa after POV. Maybe not join in just in case Vanessa gets picked to play POV so maybe she won’t feel compelled to win it.
      Vanessa won’t know who to blame. She is used to having one foe at a time. They should say it was a group decision, not throw anyone UTB to drive her crazy trying to figure out who to target this week.
      Instead of Dans funeral, it’s the The Others Death March. Be like a House Meeting on steroids

      • I LOVE the idea of all the HG’s confronting Vanessa and calling her on every one of her lies (even though she’s constantly saying how honest she is), deals and fake alliances!!
        Pop some popcorn and let’s do this!!
        I do think it would be smart to wait til after veto players are picked….

  27. After last nights show, I decided to cancel my feeds. I don’t need to spend another $5.99 to continue to watch all the houseguests play their new game, which should be called, ”How Can We All Give Vanessa $500,000.”

    • Yep! Apparently more and more people , including me, have posted today how we cancelled. The fact we’ve all done it today is bound to say something……and CBS does check these boards from what I understand. They monitor youtube and twitter as well.

    • I was thinking abou tit but now that the entire house is on to Vanessa I hold out hope that she will be gone next week or the week after. If she does not win HoH this week, she is most likely going to be the target. If she wins HoH then she will almost certainly be targeted the week after.

  28. I was wondering: if Vanessa goes into that much of a tizzy when someone tells the truth of what happened (even if they’re alone and she knows they know), what will happen if someone actually spread a LIE about her?? Curious minds are curious.

  29. Showing the viewers how dead and buried Vanessa was, effective…Tweeters : “Oh Vanessa is going” “She’s done” lol..oh well.

  30. I am more convinced than ever that Vanessa is a pathological liar. She was telling s story to Liz and Julia about what happened in the 8 person meeting and her version was not even close to the truth. But the twins were in the room so they know exactly what happened in the meeting. For Vanessa to lie to them knowing they were in the room can only mean she has convinced herself that her version of events is the real version.

    At this point Vanessa is dead in the water. Not a single person in the house believes anything she says anymore, except maybe James and Meg who who claim they know she lies all the time, except when she fills their heads full of lies they want to hear.

  31. What does Austin plan on doing with Julia? She is in his way right now to F2..does he actually think he stands a chance of going with Liz to F2? Not happening!

    • $500,000 isn’t the prize he’s going for. Plus I’m suspecting he thinks he’ll have a relationship with Liz outside of the house.Thus enjoying the money indirectly.You know…she’ll be so appreciative for his help in the house and all….(insert eye roll)

    • If Austwins makes F3 then of course Austin can be F2 just winning the 3-way competition or winning the playoff. Don’t know if it’s true but someone said the twins made a deal to split the prize money in the DR, though I thought that was against the rules.

      • How is them splitting the money against the rules? They are twins. They are sisters. If one of the them wins, after taxes, they can do whatever they want with the money, including splitting it with the other twin.

      • I’m guessing the rule is there to PREVENT Houseguests from going around making money deals for votes. It’s Big Brother’s Rule not mine… I tend to think Evel Dick’s estranged daughter got some benefits from his win, truthfully how can BigBro stop any family members from ‘sharing the wealth’ unless there’s a signed document upfront specifically saying they can’t.

    • Maybe she’s saving that for the finale. You know, the days before F2 when the three remaining HGs are so bored they could die? Maybe that’s when we’ll get to watch Liz and Julia get out the Nice & Easy and color their hair. (Assuming they are still in the house by then.)

  32. No wonder Vanessa’s husband committed suicide. Could you imagine her manipulation of him? Simply an ugly person.

    • IMO, you are out of line. You want to beat up V & her game play, fine, no cause to bring her ex-husband’s death into this.

    • For starters, he died of cancer, not suicide.
      And secondly, you are a disgusting person for having made that statement.

    • I agree, you’re better than that. don’t be like Vanessa and be a loser, even though she left her husband while he had cancer and embraced her lesbian sexuality, convenient or low? anyway, she has issues. now that is personal. but given how she handled that whole situation, she deserves all the bad press she can get.

      • She and her husband divorced amicably when he was in remission and was cancer free. If you’re going to make an inflammatory statement, you might want to make inflammatory statements that are based on reality not fantasy.

      • Fantasy or reality? she is on a reality show. lol which makes her fair game and that is the whole attitude from across the boards, most don’t even like her. and leaving her husband for another woman, while he had cancer. he did die months later, so what kind of remission was that? know ‘your’ facts and I for one, cannot wait to see her leave the house. good riddance.

      • You need to learn a little bit more about cancer diagnoses. He was diagnosed cancer free when they split. That’s fine that you don’t know what you’re talking about, but when you do so to denigrate the character of another person, that’s not ok.

  33. I just…there are no words for how deluded some of these HG’s are. HOW HAS JOHN GONE CRAZY?! Oh my goodness.
    I have never been so flustered over this game :|

  34. How disgusting!! Becky is sitting at the table cutting her toenails!!! Is that just me and my adversion to feet?

  35. I’m not a licensed psychiatrist but I do think that Vanessa has bipolar disorder. This b**** is crazy for believing her blatant lies. There’s a way to play a deceitful game and then there’s her game which makes absolutely no sense. As a fan of big brother I have to say this is the worst season yet with dumb players who are almost all scared to make big moves. It’s kinda lost the essence of what Big Brother is all about to me. I’m done.

  36. To the Twins: Please close your mouths when you chew, and don’t talk with your mouths full! Thank you!

    *This has been a public service announcement from BB fans.

  37. I finally remembered where I had seen Austin… 1985-1986 Cartoon called Hulk Hogan’s Rock N Wrestlin- Captain Lou Albana. Check it out lol…

  38. I can’t take it anymore. I cannot stand to watch Vanessa for another minute. I just can’t.

  39. I just can’t take it another minute. I cannot stand to watch Vanessa for another minute. I can’t take it anymore. Absolutely pathetic.

  40. I was totally okay with either Van or Shelli to stay, but would be really disappointed if John was evicted… So come on John go win veto!

    I actually blame this on J/J/M! They just cannot stick to any freaking plan… Glad that Jackie is now gone. Here’s hoping after John wins veto and takes himself off the block, James is put up and voted out. He then can fight with Shelli over Clay’s shirts in the jury house. Haha.

    Meg would be the perfect person to take to final 2. No one would vote for her to win…

    • No offense, but you argument makes no sense. It’s obvious you don’t care and think that J/J/M should not care about their own safety in the BB house but rather they should have thought and cared more about Becky and your precious Johns safety in the house.

      What’s more, it seems you expect them to have not only a glimpse into the future but to know everything we feedsters know about Vanessa. Vanessa is a professional poker player, by the way, and I bet she would be able to pull the wool over your and probably all of our eyes at some point in they BB house.

      Also, this whole week was a lose/lose situation for J,J,M as they have been everyone’s targets. So keeping Shelli over Vanessa wasn’t ideal for them; they knew Vanessa’s was a con artist, but Shelli was coming after all of them with gusto! (She offered them nothing, but Van did.) Van is mostly out to get Becky and John and that’s why they are on the block now.

      And no one, not even most of us at home, could have foreseen what that little weseal Steve was going to do. He lied to us, the feedsteers, and said he was going to throw the HoH comp and then he lied still when he said his main target was Becky and Austin.

      The only way J,J,M screwed up this week is by not trying hard enough for the DE hoh.

  41. I hate Vanessa but they need to keep her 2 more weeks to guarantee she can’t come back from jury.

  42. I hope they all open their eyes really wide and get rid of Vanessa. Saying John has emotional problems is a low blow. That is a serious accusation. And if anyone in that house actually believes Vanessa then they are stupid af and doesn’t deserve to win (if they make it). John has shown no signs to support her ridiculous claim. How do you not notice that?

  43. We all knew she had to stage a fight with Johnny Mac because that is what she does right before she gets her troops in line to evict. I want JMAC to talk to Austin and explain that he has seen this pattern and he knows he is the target. I would like to see James win the vote today. Take down JMAC. They promised Meg and Steve that they would not go up. Would they tell Vanessa that she needs to go up as a pawn. That would be entertainement.

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