Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 7: Wednesday Daytime Highlights

The plan to flip the Big Brother 17 house to keep Vanessa this week is pretty solid and Shelli, Becky and Johnny Mac are starting to get worried.

The weird energy in the house has Shelli worried – Source: CBS All Access

At this point it’s not even a house divided, it a house at war with basically everyone. Who even knows about who is truly with whom anymore. Read on and you’ll see what I mean.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 12, 2015:

9:55 AM BBT – Feeds return from wake up call. Becky telling John what’s going on with what looks like a vote flip coming. He’s very worried.

10:05 AM BBT – Becky tells John the Goblins are still undecided. She’s mistaken.

10:30 AM BBT – Vanessa and Austin whispering. He wants to target JMac at DE. Vanessa just nods (she’s suggested she wants to target Becky).

11:35 AM BBT – Becky tells John that she won’t risk her game over Shelli since Shelli and Clay did this to themselves. She’s sounding resigned to losing the Vanessa eviction.

11:45 AM BBT – Vanessa tells John she has important information to share with him, but only after she stays on Thursday. John asks her to tell him now. She hesitates and says she’ll have to think what it is she wants to tell him.

12:00 PM BBT – Jackie and Becky talking upstairs. Jackie walking Becky through why they’re considering keeping Vanessa.

12:05 PM BBT – Becky says Shelli is isolated and just one person while “Vanessa can move groups.”

12:20 PM BBT – Becky hopes Steve wins HoH because he’d be a safe HoH for her. Oops.

1:05 PM BBT – Jackie reports back to other Goblins that Becky is coming around to their idea.

1:11 PM BBT – Julia teasing Liz about something and won’t tell her what it is. Then she points out to Liz that she has a hickey on the back of her neck. Cameras zoom in on it. Julia tells her she looks like a ho.

1:20 PM BBT – Julia and Liz now talking about everyone and making ridiculous speculations about other HGs.

1:33 PM BBT – Jackie joins Austin and the twins. Austin asks how she is with Vanessa. She admits that she would still put Vanessa up next to Johnny Mac with Steve as a replacement. Austin says they’d put up JMac and Steve with Vanessa as a replacement. He says they don’t trust Vanessa fully anymore. Jackie said that’s good because that will ease Becky’s concerns a bit. Austin says he won’t want to tell Becky he’s going for Johnny Mac but will just tell her she’s safe.

1:48 PM BBT – Shelli and John are talking. Shelli asks him what’s going on and why are people acting so weird. She says she can feel it in the air that something is going down and that Vanessa is campaigning against her. John tells Shelli that James can’t get over his issue with her. John suggests she could try to mend things with James or just let things happen.

1:58 PM BBT – Indoor lockdown is called.

2:04 PM BBT – Shelli decides to go talk to Meg and Jackie about this week. Shelli tells them she sees what’s going on and that Vanessa is working everyone over like she knew they would. Shelli says Vanessa will always have a strong support group with Austin and the twins. She tells Meg and Jackie if they vote to keep her she would give her allegiance to them. Jackie says they’re worried she would target James. Shelli won’t say she’s not targeting James but is willing to talk to him.

2:14 PM BBT – Shelli says Vanessa has control of Austin and the twins. Jackie says she thinks she does but she doesn’t (Oh Jackie).

2:20 PM BBT – Shelli says she doesn’t understand why anyone would vote her out when they could keep her to help go against Austin and the twins who are now getting a free ticket to get through the game unscathed.

2:27 PM BBT – Jackie reminds Shelli that the game didn’t have to end up like this. All they had to do was keep Jason. Shelli says that Shelli knew getting rid of Jason wasn’t a good idea, but Vanessa convinced her that it was a good idea just like she’s convincing everyone to keep her this week.

2:44 PM BBT – James decides to let Shelli talk. She assures him that she’s not scary and she wants to bury the hatchet with people. Shelli tells James that Vanessa has started everything that has happened in the house and then points to someone else and that person gets evicted.

2:50 PM BBT – Shelli and James are still talking. Shelli has sold Vanessa out as the puppet master/master manipulator/etc.

3:05 PM BBT – Shelli tells James that she and Clay went with the “dark side” and she clearly regrets it. She says she’s very angry at how she ended up where she is right now and that her anger is starting to be directed at Vanessa.

3:07 PM BBT – Shelli says if you guys vote to keep me it would be so dumb to go win HOH and put you guys up. “Do I even want to win this HOH?” she asks.

3:10 PM BBT – Austin is running a workout program in the living room.

3:23 PM BBT – James, Jackie and Meg talking about how they’re still a little bit of confusion on what to do. Shelli made a few points, but they really just want Shelli and Vanessa both out. Meg talks about pulling Johnny Mac into their side.

3:29 PM BBT – Austin joins the Goblins and they talk about how Johnny Mac is sad and telling people he just wants a team. Austin says he’s trying to manipulate people and make them feel bad for him.

3:36 PM BBT – John tells Becky that Vanessa is working hard and saying one thing to him and another thing to her. Becky gets nervous and decides to go downstairs.

3:40 PM BBT – Becky again telling the Goblins that she’s resigning from this whole thing but she thinks it’s a horrible idea for Vanessa to stay and that she will just regain control of the house. Meg and Jackie say no one is falling for Vanessa’ B.S. and that she’s going to go right after Shelli if she stays.

3:45 PM BBT – Vanessa comes into the room with Becky, Jackie and Meg. They stop talking while Vanessa seems to be packing.

3:47 PM BBT – Vanessa leaves and Becky says she just needs to be OK with Vanessa staying. She doesn’t want to be OK with it, but she just has to be. Becky says she’s just going to be hands off for the rest of the week and the house can decide what happens.

So it sounds like we shouldn’t expect a lot to change from now until tomorrow night. Vanessa, as of now, is staying and Shelli is going. So anything can and will happen in Thursday night’s double eviction. This is going to get crazy.

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  1. Why does it seem that everyone talks to Austin as the only person in the Austwins? No one goes to either of the twins to talk game. Its like Austin makes all of their decisions.

    • That’s why Ive said for two weeks I see those three winning…they are bonded like glue and people keep letting them slide. “Genius” Van (why people think shes smart is beyond me) allowed the twins to enter the game.

      • I can see one of the twins making it to the final 4, but after Vanessa and Shelli gets evicted, the Austwins are the next targets (specifically Austin). If John happens to win HOH during the DE, I can see Austin or a twin leaving.

    • Because the twins suck, that’s why. They literally just sit around and trash everyone who they’re not aligned with in the game. Austin does the heavy lifting. And when someone finally decides to target them, they’re going to target Austin first because he’s the “bigger threat.”

      They’re playing not to lose.

      • The twins being useless is the best strategy for them right now, or else they would be HUGE targets. Theyre sisters for crying out loud and theyre not on anyone’s radar. Kudos to them and a testament to their great game so far!

  2. James is back in the DUMB category. Vanessa will quickly re-align with Austin and the Twins. Had James evicted Vanessa, the Austwins and Shelli were ripe to be picked off. With Becky and John, they had the numbers. No more. The house will divide into three groups, with Van back at the head. DUMB. Becky pulls the move the “other side” all needs, and they piss it away.

    • They should have sent Shelli home last week, and the plan you described would have worked PERFECTLY. All it takes is for Shelli to win the HOH once and she becomes a shot caller again.

    • Becky and John were not aligned with the Goblins, they were going to join Shelli.

      Becky even lied about telling Shelli about the BD plan. Becky was not team Goblins but team “let’s create an alliance with Shelli”

  3. I haven’t seen things flip like this in 10 years and I used to work at Denny’s making pancakes.

    Kudos to Vanessa if this flip stays, it’s nothing compared to Dan’s funeral, but cakeface managed to survive a close call.

    • It wasn’t Vanessa’s ten-hour cry-fest and then lying about Becky that flipped it. Nothing to do with her. It is James’ stupidity (and Jackie and Meg’s).

      • And also I started to think Meg has her own reason too to try to get rid of Shelli … coz she’s stealing her man under her nose in first week.

      • Both Shelli and Vanessa are a threat to James and his crew game. These two ladies will go after them immediately after winning HOH or if one of their alliance members wins just like it was before Clay left. I would prefer Vanessa gets evicted, but they both need to go sooner than later.

      • Although, as a whole I think they’re being dumb…I think James should be the only person logically pushing for Shelli to go since he is Shelli’s #1 target and that’s not lost on him. While he’s not necessarily V’s main target. Not dumb of him to consider that he’s an 100% target of Shelli’s while V could or could not put him up next.

      • You’re absolutely right. It is James who benefits the MOST from this scenario. It buys him time. It would have been smarter for Jackie and Meg to evict Vanessa, but those two can’t seem to work without James.

      • The first logical post I have seen on here.~ As soon as V told James that Becky was the name she wouldn’t give him last week of who wanted him put up, James brain started working again. It was like he woke up from the haze of jackie & Meg.

  4. Shelli made a whole lot of really good points. If they can’t see it, oh well. They all know full well what Vanessa can do and yet they chose to keep her, it amazes me. As far as it getting crazy, only if they all wise up.

    • The problem is they don’t know what Vanessa can do because their groups are so isolated from each other that they’re not bothering to get together and compare notes. They have no idea what they’re dealing with in Vanessa. They’re all drinking her Kool-Aid; only trouble is, each group is getting a different flavor. They all think she cares only about them. Oops.

      • Oh yes they do compare note.
        Goonbishs ask Judases and Judases tell them what they want to hear so they say “right” and off they go happy and cheerful and thinking how smart they are.

      • James, Jackie and Meg cannot claim they do not know what Vanessa is like because she made that 8 person alliance with James, Jackie, Meg, Jason saying this alliance is it. Then, promises also, to backdoor Austin. Instead, she backdoors Jason who is part of that alliance. How can James, Jackie and Meg miss that? Vanessa lies to their faces, breaks her promises to their faces but, she is still good? That is stupidity to not know what was done right in front of your face. Also, James even now believes the Vanessa lie that she is all alone in the house although, the vote to evict Clay was 9-0 including Jackie and Meg? He still thinks Vanessa is all alone without allies in the Big Brother House?

  5. The Goblins’ decision making process reminds me of a group of generals who quibble over what to do for so long that they are caught flat-footed when their enemy rolls over their own forces. They have created their own defeat at the worst possible time – during DE week. Let the end game begin.

    • They are so deluded that they believe they are controlling the house while Vanessa pulls their puppet strings.

  6. As much as I agree that they should get rid of Vanessa, I can understand their logic. They’re pretty certain it’s time for a Double Eviction and Shelli has proven herself to be much more capable than Vanessa at winning comps. They’re probably assuming that worst-case scenario, one of the Austwins wins and they target J-Mac or Becky. I doubt that’s how they’d play it out, but I can see where they’re coming from at least.

  7. Becky’s move was exactly what the “other side” of the house needed — but they are pissing it away.

    • Exactly, just getting rid of one of Venessa’s biggest threats, just a few weaks early is all. While also appearing to allign herself with the other side. Pretty good week for Vanessa lol

    • Keeping Shelli last week was pissing away a week. Getting rid of Shelli, when she is so obviously targeting James, is not pissing away a week.

  8. How can Shelli complain to Becky that she can’t possibly see why JJM would rather vote out her than Vanessa? Really Shelli?? James is your number one target and you want him to trust you??? I think not, try again.

  9. Regardless who is the first evicted on Thursday if the Goblins don’t win HOH, then it was just a waste of stress since one of them will be going to the jury the same day. Johnny, James or Jackie for the win please.

  10. I hate to be the one to say it but damn! Austin is playing the whole house??? Where did he come from? I really think he wants to take out JMac then let Van take out Becky then JJM take out Van and keep Steve to help him start picking off JJM. Crazy right?

    • Let me stop there because that sounded like he would take Steve to F2 and I’m not that crazy… Steve would be the next to go after JJM of course.

    • It’s hard to believe isn’t it but since Austin seems to be sincere about his new alliance with the Goblins and dropping Vanessa – he’s playing a much better game than I thought. Meanwhile, everyone thinks he’s just thinking about Liz and wants to protect her. Wait till the physical comps when Austin will start dominating the game. He’s been throwing all the HOH’s and everyone thinks he’s weak. He’s playing a good game I’ll have to admit.

      • Nah he ain’t dropping Vanessa. He’s hinting hard that he’s not going to do that to Jackie but she as usual didn’t get it. He’s targeting Vampire Dentist tho and that makes me nervous.

      • Austin, Liz, Julia and Steve are not going to desert Vanessa anytime soon. Call it selfish self-interest. Why would you leave a very strong alliance with numbers about to re-take control of the votes in the Big Brother House? James, Jackie, Meg with their betrayal of Becky and John shows that they will easily turn on anyone so, why would you trust anyone of them? Even Becky and John was more loyal to the Sixth Sense alliance before this week when Becky took the risk and flipped. Austin, Liz, Julia and Vanessa will tell James, Jackie and Meg what they want to hear. They are gullible fools who will be used and discard like a used tissue by Vanessa and her alliance.

      • Much better than I thought and much less creepy… And he and the twins are talking a lot about being tired of Van and her manipulation so we will see soon just how true this new F6 with JJM really is… I dare say a lot of people may be eating their words…. Maybe even me lol.

      • I am not so sure that Austin will start dominating comps. Did you see the comic comp – he was winded. He is very strong and big, but none of the BB comps are about brute strength. It’s more endurance, cardio, dexterity – and he seems to be just a big brute and not very nimble.

  11. So Shelli woke up. I see her argument…I think she scored today.. There’s enough time……This is gonna be good!

    • I hope so, but James has a very thick skin. Meg needs to sober up first so give her drinks. I suspect Jackie really wants to vote Vanessa out but she prefer to stay loyal to Jameg.

    • Not with these fools. They do not think with their heads. All they react to is emotion and Vanessa has them hooked, line and sinker.
      They will only realize what stupid fools they are when Vanessa and her alliance puts them on the block!

      • Shelli is also going to put them up on the block. Why should they choose to be evicted by Shelli rather than Vanessa ?

  12. Austin has convinced James to go after JM/Steve in the double eviction because they are a bigger threat then Vanessa. James said is is going to convince the goblins to keep Vanessa safe since she is a good ally for them. Austin you have done well. (Vanessa told him to tell James that)

  13. I am confused Liz has a hickey but she don’t like Austin why the hell would she let him suck on her neck she is so nasty
    As far as Vanessa staying I think these people are CRAZY !

  14. If James keeps Van he’s safe for atleast one more week. She will most likely keep her word of not going after him in the DE. Shelli will gun for James this week. When James put Shelli and Clay up together it was revenge and a game move. He felt they were to powerful and needed split up. Why because Van made it seem they were the masterminds. Had Shelli and Clay not made it personal and had Shelli kept her mouth shut and not let everyone know she was going after James he might not have flipped. If Shelli was smart she would swollow her pride and make nice with James. She would also completely throw Van under the bus. She has come clean on somethings about Van but if she wants to stay she needs to tell them eveything and make a solid deal to work with everyone to get the Austwins out prior to anyone else in the house. And the crying Van is doing about how she doesn’t understand how Becky and Jackie can be so mean to her right now is actually Van showing her cards to her targets. If Van stays and has her way, Becky and Jackie are going on the block.

  15. This is just great, they pretty much have the Shelli and Venessa’s games mixed up. They think Shelli is responsible for everyting, and is alligned with the Austwins, while Venessa has just been hanging around and has no strong alliance at this point. Don’t get me wrong Shelli has been responsible for things, but not as much as Venessa has. Can’t wait to see the reaction form the Goblins when Venessa turns on them.

  16. Who is watching Big Brother? If so am I the only one who thinks Shelli is a idiot for picking Vanessa for the Veto Challenge? I was wondering how Vanessa got to play for the Power of Veto. Vanessa should still go tomorrow, but if Shelli goes……………………well she deserves it. Nobody 4 LESS!!!
    PS – Meg is officially “USELESS”!

    • I think Shelli’s idea was that if her and Venessa made it through this weak it would bring them closer to gether or something. She didn’t want to piss her off and choose JMac over soemone who is supppose to be her closest allie, that would be weird and probably make Venessa think she was in on the backdoor plan. It was a dumb move, but hey.

    • I think they’ve just been anticipating one for a few weeks now and are just preparing as it is, but they could have been told by production, who knows.

    • Julie will tell them right away and then they will vote 1st one out. Then have HOH, thn 5 min to decide who to put up. Then straight to veto comp, then couple min to decide to use it. Then vote. Night ends with either start of hoh or questions for new hoh.

  17. Hate Van as much as you like, but who else in the house can manipulate people as well as her and get the results she wants? None! This is why Van deserves to stay.

    I’d really like to see Jackie sitting next to Meg on the block at DE and James being shown the backdoor! They just can’t stick to anything… James is alright, but Meg and Jackie are just hopeless… The 2 girls should just hang out and have fun in the jury house.

      • Yeah man! I hope Van sticks to her style and turns her back on any deal that she made with J/J/M. Haha.

    • James is the reason all of his is happening in the first place. He has gone crazy over this stolen shirt thing. If only Shelli told him it was not her and that it was actually Julia.

      In any case, James is so angry over the stolen shirt thing he is only interested in Shelli getting evicted. He never once questioned anything Vanessa told him because he didn’t care. All he wanted was a reason to go against Becky’s wishes. That’s not playing the game. That’s being emotional and irrational.

      • That’s not why James wants Shelli gone. James wants Shelli gone because he knows she is still angry with him for nominating/not using veto on her and her boyfriend whom she has only known for a few weeks.

        Shelli is the one who has totally lost it over Clays shirts. Making all these crazy plans to steal them and saying they no longer smell like Clay. She claims she doesn’t take the game personally but she clearly does.

        And since Clay has been evicted, Clay has said he didn’t mind James wearing his clothes that he let him borrow them when they were on better terms, and no hard feelings and he hopes they are friends out of the house.

      • It is. But I doubt he’s sincere: he’s now out of the BB house and more aware of the things he says. He’s just trying to look like a good guy. I’m not buying it.

  18. You know that big brother is set up and it’s a scripted show and they tell them what to do

    • Are your saying that the house guests memorize 24 hours/day of scripts to act out on the live feeds?

      • I’m surprised any of these people can memorize their home addresses — there’s no way they could follow a script. Production may manipulate them in the DR but anything more than that is a little too tin foil hat for me.

  19. Who didn’t know this would happen? It was too easy…I knew Vanessa was safe against Shelli. Also who didn’t know Liz is in love with Austin. She’s been defending and supporting him since the beginning…stop pretending it’s one way,Liz!

    • The editing was wonderful. The Austin, Julia and Liz scenes cutting to Julia in the hot tub was hilarious.

    • Because they are not playing for other people ? Shelli is coming for James. She isn’t even smart enough to deny it well. Keeping your biggest enemy is not a smart move

      • She knows she can manipulate James. As soon as she went on the block she said he was her one shot at saving herself

      • I was reading jokers this afternoon and was looking for shelli to say/do whatever it took. Anyone who had the feeds – did she ever give james any kind of assurance? Just ridiculous gameplay from Shelli. Not that he would/should believe it, but really???

        I wonder if she is again more concerned & shows more value to the wrong things rather than her best move. When she & clay were on the block together, giving up the alliance was the only move IF she wanted to stay with clay. The alliance (& van) were more important than her man. Now, in this case, is she wondering how Clay would think about giving up on revenging his ouster. She is really a hard one to figure out.

      • Shellie lost her strength when Clay left. Doesn’t pat to get in a relationship before your game plan is set.

    • Stupid or just crazy. But one thing is certain they have very short memories. James and Meg seem to have forgotten that Vanessa promised then she would back door Austin, then without telling them she put Jason on the block. Then Vanessa comes along and tells them a bunch of lies about Becky and they can’t wait to believe everything she says! Just last week they had a plan to evict Shelli and it fell apart because of Vanessa, Austin and the twins and here they are again this week making more deals with the same people.

      If Vanessa wins HoH, I think they will get the message one last time. One of them will be evicted and we will hear Meg asking no one in particular, “why does this keep happening to us?”

  20. All I want to happen is that Jackie or James to win the next HOH and puts up Van and Liz. Then Van is voted out and for all intents and purposes the game resets.

  21. Judas is pretty darn good at manipulating these people. It’s a shame more of them don’t use their own brain to figure things out. Remain a sheeple and you’re walking out the door sooner than later. Morons. lol

  22. Got to say I’m really bummed the house flipped. I definitely wanted Vanessa out but I’m more upset that all this has caused JMac to be a target for a lot of the players. This is turning into a royal mess.

  23. Vanessa is now telling JMac he needs to work closely with her. JMac, run and run fact. She is making you a bigger target than herself!

    • Yes…that’s how she does it ….quickly makes deals with everyone..and then uses them against them if necessary..As soon as someone she doesn’t have a hold on wins HOH…she’s in their face to make a deal…don’t these people see this!

  24. Wow! over last weekend for sure thought Vanessa was history, but liked her game over Shelli’s. Now if Van stays, Game On! Bcuz that poker player came to Play. Let’s go! wicked DE -❤ BB17

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