Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 10: Friday Daytime Highlights

Vanessa pulled the trigger on her Big Brother 17 nominations today so that means all of the reasons she invented over night to go after her targets are getting good use.

Vanessa, the Big Brother millionaire undercover.
Vanessa, the Big Brother millionaire undercover – Source: CBS All Access

Vanessa, even though thinks she is making a big move, took the easy route this week that has left a certain houseguest in tears. Read on to find out the details of today’s events.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 28, 2015:

9:18 AM BBT – Feeds cut for wake-up call.

9:21 AM BBT – Feeds back. HGs are still sleeping.

9:30 AM BBT – HGs getting up for the morning.

10:05 AM BBT – Vanessa discusses noms plan with Austin and making James the target with only Veto in his way of eviction. She says she has to make the biggest move she can with minimal blood on her hands. James isn’t with them but he’s still a threat, so he’s the logical choice, she thinks.

10:20 AM BBT – Austin talking with Vanessa and Liz speculating about fan favorites and crowd reactions.

10:35 AM BBT – Austin thinks getting the clown nose in his basket means he’s the funny guy of the season. Austin is hopeful he and Liz are perceived like a Brenchel couple. Vanessa says she thinks no one will be hated from this season (oops America kind of doesn’t like Austin and Liz).

11:12 AM BBT – HGs sleeping or not on camera at the moment.

11:45 AM BBT – Austin talking about what he wants to do with his life after Big Brother. He’s talking about being a fitness instructor.

12:20 PM BBT – Vanessa and Austin working on her nomination speech. Vanessa mentions how Meg hasn’t done anything or won anything all season but ride coattails. The speech plans turn to chess references and it all sounds pretty lame.

1:00 PM BBT – Vanessa and Austwins talk about how hard that HOH competition was. Austin thinks it was designed for the jurors to do well because they were all rested (expect JMac who was evicted literally 10 minutes before the comp and outlasted the others).

2:20 PM BBT – Have-Nots revealed for the last week of the season. Vanessa takes volunteers of James, John, Julia, and Meg.

2:30 PM BBT – James is upset and says Austin has never been a Have-Not. (Austin has been a HN twice.) Meg and James are starting to worry that they may be the noms. (Yep.)

2:35 PM BBT – James suddenly remembers the deal he made with Vanessa that she couldn’t nom him along with one other person from weeks ago. (Vanessa remembered this deal last night but planned to lie about an overriding deal with Steve.) James says they just need to make it through this week and they will be fine.

2:40 PM BBT – Feeds cut. Nomination ceremony time.

3:43 PM BBT – Feeds return. Vanessa nominated James and Meg. Meg is upset. James tells her she needs to calm down before talking to Vanessa.

3:50 PM BBT – Meg and James feel like they didn’t do anything to deserve being nominated. Meg says Vanessa won’t win Big Brother with how dirty she’s played.

3:55 PM BBT – Meg says one of them are definitely going home and James says yep, but at least he’s always wanted to see the jury house.

3:57 PM BBT – Vanessa is giving Meg and James her reasons and in typical Vanessa fashion, she’s spazzy and none of her reasons are real reasons. Meg even says she’s lost.

So unless Vanessa realizes that James and Meg really aren’t her biggest concerns this week, one of them will go home. As of now Vanessa does realize Austin and the twins could stand in the way of her end-game, but she doesn’t seem too anxious to do anything about it just yet.

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  1. Meg and James feel like they didn’t do anything to deserve being nominated….Exactly! You guys don’t do anything in the game.

    • Right. Although the idea of going after the Austwins has some merit, Van doesn’t want to fire the first shot. She needs Steve or John to win HOH and do it for her

      • Possible. If James wins veto, I’d toss up Austin and would have the votes to send him out. But even if that happens(no chance Meg wins), she likely plays it safe and throws up JMac or Steve instead

      • This is why James and Meg have to mend fences with Austin and the twins. They have 3 votes and that’s enough to evict which ever nominee they choose. If James comes off the block and JMac is the replacement, Austwins can evict JMac which would be best for their own game, not Vanessa’s. But they will not have the courage or the intelligence to think this one up.

      • Vanessa would never put up jmac her replacement nom is julia if won of them come off block. she has her own threesome now with jmac and steve to counter austwins

      • She may not have to do anything. Julia seems to be working pretty hard on her sister to distance herself from Austin. Of course someone does have to nominate him and I don’t think Julia would nominate him even if she ACTUALLY won on HOH

    • Cyril axel remember when it was vanessa and shelli on the block and james and meg decided to keep vanessa stupid move

    • Oh, so I guess James putting Shelli & Clay up on the block together & not using the Veto on either of them don’t count as doing anything! Wow!

      • Even James nomination of Shelli and Clay was a botched move. He should have put up Vanessa and Shelli side by side and Becky could have finished the job when she was HOH. The problem is James, Jackie and Meg are all clueless and trade short term gain which is their temporary sense of safety by blowing up their games in the process. They also, blew up Becky and Johnny Macs games in the process. In addition, the Goblins gave up the opportunity to get majority control in the game and handed control back to Vanessa and his alliance. James, Jackie and Meg made their beds and should lay in it now.

      • But they’ve lasted longer than others who did “play the game”. HGs have different ideas of how to play, which is probably not the way we think they should play. I very much disliked the way Shelli and Clay “played the game”. They’re gone and thanks a lot to my man James. Different strokes!

    • Meg has not done a thing, James has won HOH twice and held the Veto as well. Vanessa convinced James not to eliminate her when Becky put her on the block, and he did just that and she made a deal with him. I hope that he wins the POV gets himself off the block, wins HOH and put her sorry bully butt on the block again. It is time for her to leave.

      • Even Austin has said that James is always thinking of the game. I wouldn’t be surprised if James won the VETO and came down. That would force Vanessa to make other plans and at this point she doesn’t want too. Then again, she has a really strong alliance with Steve and Johnny Mac and that will get her to the end and winning this game. LMAO I can’t believe I said that without laughing first LOL.

      • The only scenario 6-1 odds and James won. Congrats. Now all your theories will play out. Y o ur on it.

  2. When is someone going to wise up and see that the Austwins need to be split up? Vanessa won’t be eligible for the next HOH, and isn’t there another double eviction coming up? Does she really think she stands a chance with the Emperor of Grossness, Austin, the Queen of Sleaze, Liz, and the Frightful Floater, Julia? No one would want to take her to F2. Why not keep Meg around – anyone would be a sure win next to her. Vanessa should have teamed up with Steve, JMac, James and Meg to take Liz out.

      • Lmao, either one of them winning an HOH is rare tho. JMac always comes close, but no cigar and it needs to be a mental one for Steve to even be considered for HOH. She’s a coward, and dumb for this one.

      • Johnny Mac has been deliberately losing HOH and POV before he got evicted. Now, he has motivation to win it or he could be on the chopping block with Vanessa or Steve. Steve has won a couple of HOH and POVs so, is quite capable of winning the next HOH. If Johnny Mac or Steve is the HOH, they will target Austin, Liz and Julia.

      • I’m not saying they can’t, I said it’s /rare/, which it is. And Steve won (1) HOH which was mental. He’s better at mental than Endurance, which is obvious. I know who they’ll target, and I know they have a shot, but why leave it for the next time when there’s never a guarantee they will win? Like, I know Vanessa doesn’t want them gunning for them, but by continuing to keep them there she’s ruining her own game but is too stubborn to admit that.

      • Vampire Dentist is good at both mental and endurance comps. He just needs to raise his game, hopefully.

      • Dr Will never won a HoH and he won Season 2, just saying. Of course he needs to win HoH for a greater chance of survival in this season, I agree.

      • The difference is Dr.Will had an amazing social game and was a master manipulator. JMac has a fairly decent social game, but considering he was just eliminated, he easily has a shot to get evicted again if he doesn’t win an HOH, they will put him up again.

      • She’s definitely not a coward, that’s for sure. Manipulative etc yes, but not coward. If the game is right, anybody can win it, even the less intelligent twin. So at the moment it’s still a 50:50 chance between the two “alliances” in term of winning the next HoH.

  3. Meg truly don’t understand the game at all does she……. Even the other three jurors may not like Vanessa but they know she is the best player and would vote for her over most the remaining players. Meg Vanessa only one playing the game. Jmac started playing last couple weeks and actually his throwing comps now works his favor as it can be used as it was part his strategy to stay longer. Plus he has more comps wins than everyone but Liz behind James and Vanessa. So right name strategy wise jmac and Vanessa may have advantage. James would get a competitor nod. Liz all though a completely nasty attitude if judged on game is building a good resume also. Decent comp record and took out strong player. So Julia Austin Meg really have work to do. Hell I forgot Steve has four comp wins also and took out Jackie. Turned out be good move when everyone thought it was waste. Set him up be middle man for a war that is coming!

    • Vanessa is doomed. She cannot win every HoH and even though they are making nice this week, everyone in the house want her gone before final 5.

      • If Lil Stevie and Vampire Dentist stick with her, she’ll probably be safe, coz honestly in my opinion, the trio of those weirdos (it’s a term of endearment) are better and stronger in comps compared to the Pansy Clan.

    • Besides Vampire Dentist came second in many comps, many forget that as well, even himself. Well, perhaps winning HoH counts more.

    • Meg is a very cute dummie. As for Nessie she needs to get rid of the Austwins ASAP. No way would have Chilltown even let in the twins and if the got in they would not have lasted long.

  4. Austin is repulsive as he is delusional. What a fame seeking hairy beast that looks like he smells like a billion vomit inducing farts.John&Steve need to get their game together evict Austin&Liz spear us another week of this foulness. Honestly Austin tattoo’s are so awful on his sasquatch body. Liz&Julia are the worst players ever their eyes are so far apart&Austin’s are so close together their all blind,ugly&dumb.

  5. So Austin thinks that because he got the clown nose in his basket, that America thinks he’s the ‘funny guy’ of the season? No, Austin…we think you’re the CLOWN of the season. Off the subject, but does anyone miss the days when the HGs had keys? I miss the ritual of each player pulling his or her key during the nomination ceremony.

    • Yes we discussed it at great lengths when it stopped. Loved them at the table pulling keys.

    • I miss that and the look of relief when they turn the key to see they are safe… “thank you _______”. I miss the day when people voted on their own behalf and not the house, I miss being shocked when someone was voted out, I miss HG s :getting blood on their hands”, you know BB from seasons past.

  6. Vanessa and her crying has turned me off to this season. She is disgusting. Stinky Austin is like Clay, going to do everything to give the game to someone else. Julia and Meg couldn’t win a comp between each other. WHY AM I STILL WATCHING?

  7. “oops America kind of doesn’t like Austin and Liz” That may be the understatement of this entire season Branden ;). Thanks for your good work!

  8. Vanessa will be lucky to get past the double eviction,she can’t win em all and has to many that want her gone,hopefully will never she that fugley cry baby again.

    • Do not count her out yet. She took a calculated gamble this week by going after James. She knows she has to start taking the Austwins-Goblins alliance for good. They have the majority in the Big Brother House now. Removing James may improve the chances of Johnny Mac and Steve winning the next HOH. Then, they can go after Austin and the twins.

  9. Nice article, Branden! Especially love that you wrote “James has always wanted to see the jury house”! Well, he may get his chance because he might be the one evicted on Thursday unless he wins POV!

  10. Honestly I think that one of the Austwins will win. If they are able to survive Thursday’s double eviction they got the game (or atleast F3) locked. I know we may want Vanessa to put up the Austwins but for Vanessa’s game it’s a horrible move. Once the Austwins goes she is next. Even though I like James, taking out James is a good move for her.

    • It’s not a good move for her. If she was smart she’d make her alliance with John and Steve stronger,work with James to get the Twins and Austin out. Then Work with the Goblins to get out John. Then work with Steve to finish off the Goblins. I’d put myself against James @ the end. The odds are better for her of winning that way. Steve,John and Meg are too neutral to go to finals with…

  11. Of course, the article above AGAIN shows how Vanessa will lie about what she said. This, coming from the self-righteous “crier” who moans about how people are mean to her and that they lie! I could care less how dirty you are in this type of game, but I do care about self-righteous hypocrisy (Vanessa).

    • Exactly. When will we hear “my word is everything” from her again after she made a deal to keep James and one other person safe and broke it.

      I get game moves and lies. But you hit one of the nails on the head about Vanessa.

    • Haha my blood boiled so many times before over her but lately I kinda dig her hehehe. Perhaps a lil bit drama won’t hurt, as long as it’s not from the Pansy Clan.

  12. I’m surprised the Zingbot didn’t get Austin for never wearing a shirt! They missed the mark big-time on that one, although it was obvious he was very irritated with being called smelly, so I’ll let that one slide by. Vanessa, if you don’t get smart soon and make an alliance to have someone use the POV to backdoor Liz, you’re done for. Unless, of course, one of the twins or Austin wins the POV competition, then you’re really done for. I’d love to see Austin or Liz’s faces if they were put up. Why is anyone working with the Evil Trio? Do they really think they stand a chance of getting to F3 with them? Clueless doesn’t begin to describe this year’s contestants. Can’t wait for the double eviction, although everything this year seems to benefit Vanessa, Austin or Liz.

    • Vanessa is apparently talking tonight about putting Liz up if either James or Meg come off the block. I am certain its is to ensure the Austwins do not flip the vote. But, if she puts up Liz, both Austin and her sister will feel Vanessa broke her word to them. Either way I think Austwins will realize Vanessa is after them.

  13. i think if she bd Liz then Austin and Julia would have to fall back on her but maybe that’s a better move in 2 weeks…

  14. Correction, Vanessa. A lot of America really dont like you or your allies. These last weeks may be awful to watch as there wont be anyone I want to win left.

  15. Austin and the twins have to go soon. I can’t stand the twins voices. I mute the TV they are so horrible to listen to and they are really too loud. Austin is also a goofy plater. He can’t ever make a decision

  16. This is the week Vanessa lost the $500,000.00 by playing it safe and not going after the “Trio”. Next week prediction is that Austin and Steve will betray her “trust” and “Twin Evil” will be the ones to push her eviction to the jury house. Nobody 4 LATER!!!

  17. Meg tells Austin the truth about what she and James said to Vanessa. Austin confronts Vanessa and Vanessa says, “Meg’s lying. 100%” and Austin just believes Vanessa. I just don’t get it.

    Why does anyone in the house talk to Vanessa at all? She asks them all questions, gets them to answer and then uses their answers against them. Yet they all open up to her like she is the family doctor.

    Meg says, “we were played!” Really Meg? What was Becky telling you a few weeks ago when you stabbed Becky in the back by keeping Vanessa in the game? Sure, I know. Vanessa told you some lies about Becky and you never even told Becky what she said. You just believed Vanessa without question and evicted the wrong person. Now you are on the block because Vanessa is telling lies about you.

    I cannot believe they are all that stupid, but my eyes are telling me they are!

    • You can’t fix stupid. Remember Derrick of last season? He had everyone hanging on his every word. Told his alliance never to talk to Nicole, Hayden and Donnie. He isolated them and prohibited his alliance from talking to them. Nobody questioned him, or defied him. Shades of Boston Rob when he won Survivor. He isolated his alliance and kept a strict watch over them to prevent anyone talking to the other side. Of course, he won Survivor. It is all about mind control which this is. When people stop using their brains, anything you tell them, they will buy. Much like the Nigerian scammers who have been doing it for years and now, still doing it victimizing those in their infinite greed believe you can get something for nothing.

      • Exactly,Derrick formed a strong alliance from the get go,not so this year,every alliance formed this year has been on shaky ground from the start and their inability to keep their mouth shut over any decision has truly weakened each side and trying to make alliances with everyone in the house never works as a game plan,just reveals to the house you are a bigger liar at the end of the day..

  18. James is asking BB for the power of Coup d’etat. Can we get a petition going for BB to give it to him? The look on Vanessa’s face when he uses it would be better than seeing nasty Julia sent home from the house.

    Imagine pulling Himself and Meg off the block and putting up Julia and Liz! Then James can say, as long as I am getting blamed for it I might as well do it!

    • Love the idea, but wouldn’t that be even more proof that Production influences the game? I mean, I’m all for it, but if they did it for the Evil Trio or Vanneurotica, I’d be screaming foul.

      • I agree. If Vanessa or the twins got the coup I’d be ticked off. So I’d rather no one have it. It’s already obvious that production doesn’t care how they look, so they need to do SOMETHING. Just this one week.

    • Diamond POV, would be loverly if the right individual won it. Anybody not in AAs, for me.

      With a DE right behind it would be a tidal shift, regardlesss. More importantly, with the otherwise predictable flow of the season, that would sure make for a more interesting couple of weeks and blow up pretty much everyones stragedy.

      For most of them, that would be a good thing.

  19. When will the rewind happen?
    Hopefully this coming week. Something to save James. I really don’t care if Meg goes.

  20. LMAO, Meg has been behind almost every eviction in some way. Putting her 2 cents in the right ears. James has even said that he messed up when he eliminated Shelli that week.

  21. Meg surprised?..really Meg?..take off the blinders,been coming for weeks,even James the prankster knows they have skated by a hair the last couple of weeks,Meg makes Victoria from last season look smart,at least she found a powerful protector but James is not Derrick,can’t even protect himself..the bold stroke might have been to go for the Austin or the twins but could have backfired,still time..because all the others remaining in the house know to get to the final three one needs smash that 3 voting click,just plain math folks,something everyone understands but Meg, Vanessa made one right move last week before Jmac eviction,she paved the road for the two to work together in the future and even though a terrified Steve remains dumbstruck in front of Vanessa he now knows Austin and the twins betrayed him,so Vanessa is not alone much as you think.

  22. Whoa! I was just caught by suprise. I just saw Liz and Julia in a movie i was watching on hbo in the am called Hoot. It was totally funny. They are playing little kids as extras and Liz says ‘Owls!?’ while looking up into the trees and julia is sitting next to her. Lol

  23. If i was Vanessa i would make a deal with James and Meg that if one of them win the veto and her included that she will re-nom ASSTWINS austin or liz and send one of them packing. at least the power in the house would be more balanced and she could then chose another plan of attack. She would have the 3 votes needed to do it. If she doesn’t i will be amazed at how lucky she will have to be to make it to the end

    • Yep yep yep. They screwed themselves (and Becky) over that week and as far as I’m concerned, that’s why they deserve to go.

  24. OK I’m watching after dark on pop. The James and Meg conversation is just so absurd. You are on Big Brother. It’s a game of manipulating people. You have to eventually have to put each other up. For whatever. Lies are normal.

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