Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 13: Wednesday Night Highlights

The Big Brother 17 Live Feeds will now only have three houseguests for us to watch, and while they aren’t the most exciting of the 17 to play this season, it should still be interesting as each one decides who they should take to the final two.

The Big Brother 17 final 3 regroup following the live episode – Source: CBS

After part one played out, the houseguests were a little exhausted and didn’t do much strategizing but based on the outcome, some presumptions can be made. Read on to find out what went down last night.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, September 16, 2015:

6:01 PM BBT – Feeds return. Final 3 gathered in the kitchen.

6:05 PM BBT – Vanessa doing a lot of talking. Says John made a F2 offer and she had to accept it in case he stayed. Steve points out the choice of him staying was hers to make…

6:15 PM BBT – Vanessa whispers to Liz that she has more to tell her later. Vanessa says she could hear the audience go “awww” when she evicted John. Liz is a little hurt.

6:23 PM BBT – Steve, alone, says he’ll take Liz to F2 if he wins Round 3.

6:25 PM BBT – Vanessa gives her word to Steve that she doesn’t have a F2 with Liz. Or that she didn’t use those words. You know how she carefully phrases these things.

7:00 PM BBT – Steve tells Vanessa they have a great, unique alliance because they are both very similar. He says they are not a Derrick & Victoria pairing.

7:07 PM BBT – Steve again brings up his “secret” to Vanessa and hints around at things including “virgin,” “girls,” and “coming out.” You can listen and decide.

7:30 PM BBT – Steve starts talking to Vanessa again about his secret saying he wishes he could tell her everything. She says to wait just a little longer.

7:58 PM BBT – DR calls Steve in. Vanessa jumps up, says this is it, and wakes Liz.

8:00 PM BBT – Vanessa starts telling Liz how girls need to stick together. She waited for Steve to go in to DR for this conversation.

8:02 PM BBT – Feeds cut for Part One of the final Head of Household competition.

12:47 AM BBT – Feeds return. Vanessa has won the first stage of the final HoH.

12:48 AM BBT – Vanessa says she won’t even be able to move come finale night because she’s so much older than the other HGs. Steve promises there is nothing else physical for the season for her.

12:52 AM BBT – While Liz gets ready for the shower Vanessa tells Steve she knows he can win round two.

12:55 AM BBT – When Vanessa leaves the kitchen Steve goes to the clock to start working out how many minutes had past in the HoH comp in case that’s the tie-breaker in round three.

1:30 AM BBT – Vanessa gives Liz her word that she’ll cut Steve at F3 and take Liz to F2. Vanessa tells Liz they can’t let Steve know though and she promises to take her no matter what Vanessa might be saying to Steve. Liz promises she won’t even try to make a deal with Steve.

1:35 AM BBT – Vanessa explains to Liz that this is all about revenge for her over Steve trying to bring John in to replace her. Says she doesn’t owe any loyalty to Steve but Liz has always been good to her.

1:55 AM BBT – Vanessa says she’ll get Liz to the F2.

2:00 AM BBT – Vanessa is working on Liz about things Austin did to plot against the twins.

2:10 AM BBT – Liz tells Vanessa she won’t hold it against her that she evicted Austin. She’s making excuses for Vanessa and saying she didn’t have a choice. Vanessa says Austin and JMac were making deals. Lots of “I know-uh” from Liz. The Austin roast session runs for awhile.

2:20 AM BBT – Vanessa points out that she and Liz have a combined 7 HoH’s. Vanessa suggests her Round 1 win makes her the current HoH. Someone should explain that to her later.

2:45 AM BBT – HGs settling in for sleep.

Vanessa continues to make deals with anything that moves and especially anything still set to compete against her in the third round. Once part two is settled we should see her narrow her focus of deal making. It’ll be interesting to see who gets scumbagged because Vanessa can’t keep these promises to both HGs and she sure won’t intentionally throw round three to avoid that.

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  1. If it is Vanessa’s choice, I really think she would bring Steve to the final 2. But someone needs to remind me how this works with the three HOH comps. It’s the best of 3 comps who makes the choice right?

      • Mostly done this way for TV drama. If someone won the first two comps, there’d be no reason to do the third comp on live TV

      • Good point! But then they could just bring in Rachel and Brendan to talk about their new baby for 20 minutes.

    • winner of round one and winner of round two battle it out in round three and that winner (round 3) gets to chose who to take to the finale 2

    • I now think she should take Liz. I used to think that was a mistake but seeing how pissed Austin is at her, putting Liz on the jury would be 3 against Vanessa for sure (as opposed to only two against her).

      • I would tend to agree but Julia and Liz will not vote for Steve. So if anything Austin would vote for Steve and the twins would vote for Vanessa. But if Austin calmed down then there’s a chance he’d vote for Vanessa.

      • He is hell bent on revenge and trying to sway the jury not to vote for her. I hope it works only because I HATE Vanessa!

      • I think def Austin will not vote for her. Although after a week to calm down, maybe he would. Hard to say, but even if he is still hell bent on revenge next week, I really don’t think he could sway the twins to also be hell bent. I think the twins would still vote Vanessa, no matter how bitter Austin is.

      • Lol I would agree. But Austin cannot convince people who don’t really care much for him. The only people that buy what he sells are Meg and James. Julia is even questionable because I still believe she truly hates him. Shelli, Becky and Jackie wouldn’t listen to a word he says BUT Jackie already absolutely hates Vanessa so yeah.

      • I would tend to think that also but I think in one of her interviews she said she would vote for her because she played a good game. I could be wrong. But for sure she wouldn’t be her first choice to vote for lol

    • Yes, Round Robin… now Liz & Steve face off and winner plays against Van for the Right to Choose who they go against. Seems in the past they wait until the Finale night and the non-pick is sent out of the House to join the Jury in front of the live audience. I guess that’s understood they are alive audience.

  2. Bunch of stupid people that don’t really seems to care about winning. They don’t really understand what it take to win. The good word is weak. Weak cast. Weak season. And we have a weak winner. Awful.

    • I do mostly agree with that. Steve is weak yes I get it, but he at least realizes what is going on and when Vanessa is working her magic. Yes it’s still super frustrating when he falls for it but at least he realizes it and admits when he falls for it. Liz is so clueless to that and it’s worse because she knows what Vanessa is capable of. But I guess she has selective amnesia. I just want Johnny Mac back….. ='(

      • Last night the best part was when Van was talking non-stop to Liz and she said “I’m not hearing a word she’s saying”. Problem is I think the “girl power” thing has got her and I tend to think Van would take her to F2, except then Liz gets 2 votes right off the bat but if she boots Liz, she loses 2 votes right off the bat.

        Well, 1 things for sure… Van’s down 2 votes with 7 left… so Liz or Steve needs 3 more out of 7.

      • Not impossible but stick with your reverse plan and root for her. It might work. I can’t so u gotta go it alone. If I tried I’d swallow my own tongue trying to prevent gaging up my stomach. And be dead. DNR no more posts

      • I must be a Big Brother fan… I was disappointed last night when both JMac & Steve lost to Van in the PoV but on the other hand I totally thought that hour was very entertaining and enjoyed watching it. And btw, I will barf if Van wins, wait… I mean I will cheer!!!

        You know I still think something good might come out of this with her winning, I could be wrong (wouldn’t be the 1st time) but I have faith in a couple of fans that know Vanessa, so we’ll see.

      • Hmmmmm…..Luke shell donate it all to the GLBC or give each jury member 60k and say “I was the twist, bitcjhes” I was a plant and cbs said if I won I had to give the $ to the jurors.

      • I try to forget them after they finish… I might remember a season or two b/c of the HGs. Dr Will any season is hilarious w/Boogie & I liked Britney’s 1st season.

      • Not really. If he was given the opportunity to nominate and evict her, he would. That’s not gutless. Austin and Liz are the gutless ones. They had multiple opportunities to get rid of her and did nothing. They would run right back to her with all their information, Steve wouldn’t. He was very selective with what he told her because he knew what she was doing.

    • I was lying in bed this a.m., and once I read the results from Part 1, I thought exactly the same thing. Like Derrick last season, Vanessa is the only player this season with the steely core necessary and the desire to win. Although I find her and her game play despicable – may my keyboard forgive me – Vanessa deserves this one.

      • You said what I was thinking, also maybe if we root for her instead of against her, Vanessa will lose at F3 out of the money. LOL. GOSH, I so HOPE Vanessa wins ALL the money… is that sincere enough?

      • That is so true, she played them like a fiddle, don’t like her game play either but I think she deserves to win.

      • I’m just curious what about her play you have found to be despicable. The crying is pretty annoying but despicable is a harsh word and other people have been harsh so I was wondering specifically what you don’t like.

    • Yep it’s pretty disappointing. I can’t even really say who I want to win out of the final three because I don’t want any of them. All I can say is bring on Survivor!

  3. Last night was a sad night, John evicted, Claudia on Master Chef won (I really thought Derek was going to win), and neither Piff the Magic Dragon nor the Human Regurgitator won America’s Got Talent, the ventriloquist won.

    Don’t care who wins BB, not my favorite season, not even close but not the worse, the season we shall never speak of was the worse.

    • Argggg you just spoilt the MasterChef for me. Haven’t watched it. Damn it it sucks to be Rockstars these days. Both Rockstar Derrick and Rockstar Dentist lost. Altho happy for Paul. Rock on!!!

    • Thanks for the spoilers on master chef :( I could only watch BB and America’s Got Talent. I guess Master Chef isn’t worth watching now that I know Derek didn’t win (my favorite) :(

    • I agree hated that JMac had to go.. Also was not happy with Master Chef winner. They screwed that one up.

  4. I think after she wins, she would try to make a deal with Julie to let her come back again next year, she gets to choose other HGs while in sequester, and becomes the godmother of Brenchel baby.
    She needs Julie to swear on the BB God and shake on it.

  5. 6:15 PM BBT – Vanessa whispers to Liz that she has more to tell her later. Vanessa says she could hear the audience go “awww” when she evicted John. Liz is a little hurt

    Wait, Liz thought America loved her? Ha ha ha. How foolish some of these HGs are.

    • Why on earth would Liz be hurt that the audience loves any other player? She is very self-centered in that thinking because she made that awwwww about her and not about the audience simply liking John.

      • I think she was hurt because that reaction obviously meant the audience wished she was the one evicted and not John.

      • But that’s what I mean. She read it to be entirely about her and not about that the audience might just love John and hate to see him go. I think they would have gone awwwwww no matter who he was up against.

    • Vanessas got serious problems. You don’t kill someone then piss on thier grave. Expecially when they kept you safe for dangerous weeks and had a day 2 aliance with you. Leave the poor slob alone. Now you have to still, aderol his gfs ass about imaginary plots against her. She sks. Yes I am hating. I quit yesterday but was sicker back into the vortex.

    • Austin had her convinced that she was America’s favorite HAHAHAHA hilarious right?! They are so delusional!! I want to see the shock on their faces when they hear that JMac wins AFP with over half the votes lol!!! Those faces will be right up there with the ones they had when Austin got evicted lol!! Priceless!!!

    • of course she does. after all, Austin has been telling her all season that he is positive she will win AFP

  6. What is Steve’s big secret? And why he feel the need to tell people he’s only known for a summer? Was he going to use BB as a platform to share with the world, tell his family?

    • I was almost getting the sense from Matt’s post that perhaps he was going to come out as gay. I really hope he doesn’t do this on national TV just to somehow advance his game.

      • I am hoping that’s not it, coming out as gay on national television. His parents seems like they are very understanding. Maybe he feels Vanessa may understand more….

      • I would guess that if that’s the case then it’s something that’s already known to his parents or even his family. He may just not have wanted to tell the HGs from the beginning. Buuut I’m kinda thinking that might not be it. I’m thinking he’s got something going on that he never told them like something he lied about in his life or with the game. I could very well be wrong though.

      • Exactly. I didn’t think it was that he was gay because of how much he talked about girls and how he had a crush on Julia. I mean come on, he kept trying to kiss her before she left lol!!

      • The way he acts around Johnny had made me believe that it was possible he was gay, but it could be that he has a secret child. or that he is not a V anymore and didn’t wait for marriage. Secretly married, lolol.

      • LOL! Could be anything. Had the secret baby and then decides to marry the mother so everyone still thinks he is good ole Stevie.

      • Playing the gay card would be his death. Vanessa seemed to not think twice about sending Audrey and Jason out the door. It seemed like non of them would support each other in the game.

    • He’s a trans and he’s in love w/Audrey… wait, his family would know the trans part… maybe he wants to be a she or he’s just gay and in love w/Jason. You know what? Who cares?

    • I’ve been thinking for about a week now that he is in the closet. He confided this to Vanessa and its one of the reasons he is scared to truly go against her.

    • I’m guessing steve either just wants to make himself sound important or he is saying he has a secret to Vanessa to build some kind of trust with her.

  7. It’s still beyond me how Steve and Liz allow this chk to get near them and whisper lies in thier ears. It’s like Y is she untouchable, undeal-makeble against? After I saw the chk promise my BF he was safe in front of me on her gf, gay lezbien community, whatever it was and watch her murder hI’m on her word. How are they still letting her lie make the same deals on…..her gf, GLBC, life etc and listening. It’s the most (OFF) behavior I’ve seen. AND Steve and Liz can’t make a prise deal. God forid.

  8. I can’t watch the feeds now. I love Steve but with no JMac there it’s not worth watching anymore. I’ll just keep reading the updates here to see what’s going on. If they show the 2nd round on feeds I’ll watch.

  9. My only wish right now is to see Vanessa evicted at final 3 but I don’t see this happening at all. Oh and I don’t believe Steve when he said he wrote the wrong # down for his last HOH win, not sure the motive but not believing his story…

    • He threw the days thing. There’s no way he doesn’t crush that. He’s a robot. That was pathetic. He lied in dr too???? Worst decission ever and I know it was discussed last night but I just saw it.

      • If he did throw it he played it off brilliantly because I couldn’t tell, but to be honest I think he might just be saying he threw it building his resume with false information to help his game.

      • Brilliantly ? He looked like an idiot pain back and fourth with his finger in his mouth. He was coaching all the hg on after dark all season. Whenever a day question came up they asked him. He’d say day 7 because Jace was evicted wearing his green board shorts in the pool and we were out of milk. All good I disagree. I saw it and it was obvious to me. But credit to you in that he threw ones this year I had no idea.

      • I agree. No way Steve didn’t know those days like the back of his hand. People ares saying there was no way for him to throw it, when there were a handful of ways. Press the button too many times on purpose, guess the wrong number, run to the buzzer slowly

      • I didn’t see it, but there was a thread that said when Steve and Vanessa were walking out to the comp, she asked him to throw it to her and he agreed. Plus, there was his breakdown where he admitted throwing it, that is on another site.

    • He lied.
      Vanessa will convince Liz to let her win.
      Liz doesn’t know the house guest very well so it is possible that she won’t win this one.

  10. Vanessa is so stupid she thinks she is hoh,all Vanessa is,is a bully and a good liar,a d for the love of god stop crying u little baby,I’m so sick of seeing her ugly face cry,I’m so done with big brother,if this is the best they can do then I’m sure next season I will have something better to do than sit my ass in front of the tv watching this crap,mabey it’s time for BB to give it up,I’ve been watching since the first season and think that Vanessa has helped me see the light,I’ve gotten better things to do than watch her dumb ass cry every other day, I feel so STUPID for watching this season all the way to the end, mabey bring back Glass House or how about something new lime Big Sister,lol,anyways bye,thanks ugly Vanessa for waking me up,I’m outta here.

    • I was hoping that Glass House would have come back but it didn’t
      damn every time you like a show it get cancelled.

  11. This season is the pits, why oh why John could you not have won that veto…I believe you were the only one who would have the guts to evict Vanessa but you were never in the position to do it.

    • It may just be. I think the season used to end in August.
      The show is so much better when it is more diverse in age and race. They should definitely bring in an Amish person or someone who hasn’t been around city folks. Steve comes close to that though.

    • Hopefully CBS will figure out that people are sick of this crap and make next season better. This one sucked!

    • They definitely need to speed up this last week. The finale should be Sunday, instead of dragging it out another week.

  12. I really don’t care who win at this point but I know that Vanessa will win and that why I don’t care they had there chances to get her out I don’t know how many times and they did not do it because they were chicken.

  13. Could u imagine being in combat stuck in a foxhole with her and 9 other soldiers. Every time a grenade got tossed in, she’d snort a pill and explain the strategy y it’s best you jump on the grenade. One by one booM. Beenie adjustmemt, quick breakdown, back to business.

  14. I was mad I stayed up all that time only to see Vanessa win again. Give her credit for pulling it out again, but really I think both could have beaten her and she was lucky John wasn’t there. It could be that the Liz deal is genuine, even for Vanessa, because she knows what happened to Dan. And she has talked about John/Steve before. But we will see.

    • She wasn’t lucky….it’s a set-up. Rumor has it that CBS has a poker show deal with her and they wanted her to do BB to get her name out. These idiots are handing the game to her for some reason. I will not watch the remainder of this season, or ever again.

      • That show is a rumor though as you said. If it does come out, then people will be wondering. But I always thought while production does manipulate, wouldn’t someone credible have talked by now if they rig things?

      • Yeah, 100%… these HGs are like great actors and it’s all scripted, but Vanessa needs lessons on how to cry, it still looks too fake. Anyway, I agree Keith.

      • Then they have done a horrible job of editing. Even people who watch just the shows that air on tv don’t like her. I’m guessing that poker show doesn’t make it past a few episodes before it cancelled.

  15. I cannot stand Vanessa. She should have been kicked off the show weeks ago. TPTB did not have the stones to enforce the contract all the HGs sign!

  16. I will not watch the show any more. This is it. Vanessa was rigged from the beginning. Bye-bye BB…you just lost a fan for life by setting up this nasty bully to win.

    • Ahh, if only I got paid some amount of money every time I read someone say this, I would have an extra amount of money.

      • But, CBS will never pull the plug on BB. It’s kind of a cash cow for them. A cheap, easy way to give them new programming during the off summer season.

      • They’ve been given the OK for a Season 18, but beyond that, they haven’t decided and say they’re “going to review.”

      • Yes, they need to review, to make it less predicable (the competitions, they need new ones), new and real twist, better recruiting, a new stylist for Julie, etc…

      • I agree. And I doubt the head of the network would fire his wife from the show that puts her on tv in primetime 3 nights a week during the summer.

      • It made her well known enough to lead the View knock off that they air in the afternoon with Darlene from Roseanne.

      • Let’s be kind with our comments and remember this is only a TV show
        Some remarks tend to sound like bullying and no matter how bad this season is and what we may not like about each one especially Austin who I do not like or respect these are still individual players doing what they think is best. Remember these players have to face family and friends especially Liz


      • First off it was a JOKE and it was a reply to FLdreaming about the head of the network… don’t try to bully me!!! That’s a joke too.

      • Are you going to watch TAR (the one after this one) if Vanessa and Mel are on it? Or worse yet … Austin and Liz?

      • Heck, that would give me reason to watch it, since I haven’t watched it probably the last 3 or 4 seasons.

        Though I’m already tired of hearing Vanessa whine before it’s even started. LOL. And sick of seeing Austin show-off & Liz say “I know-uh”.

      • Could you imagine Liz and Austin? All they would do is whine. This would be tough for Vanessa because it wouldn’t be easy to manipulate the other contestants, she would be in paranoia overdrive.

      • No whining even from those two could outdo Van’s whining and we have no idea what Mel’s like.

        Vanessa’s strong suit is “master game strategist expert”, I doubt she’d be able to get through another season of any game that she’d have to become friends with others so she can manipulate them.

        Plus she has to be running out of those fake tears.

      • SHUSH! Why would you say that? WHY?????? Do not put that out in the universe. No more, Vanessa, Austin, or Liz. I don’t like when folks gets rewarded for bad behavior and those feelings of entitlement.

      • There is no way Liz and Austin are still together by the time they start filming. And I’m even assuming they film within a month of BB ending. Vanessa would suck at TAR, she wouldn’t be able to manipulate other racers since they spend so little time actually together during the racing hours.

  17. If Vanessa wins part three it really shouldn’t matter who she brings. Love or hate her she outplayed both of them. Of course you could argue she didn’t have any real competition but regardless, she still out played them. Hopefully for her the jury would do the right thing and realize she dominated the house mentally and physically this season. That being said I would still error on the side of caution and take Steve as he doesn’t have a girlfriend and sister on the jury.

    • I’m wondering if she will try to win part 3. She knows both Liz and Steve will take her. In fact she is making sure of that with final 2 deals with both of them. If she really wants to go against Steve, she won’t want to be the one who evicted Austin and Liz.

      • Vanessa will NOT throw part 3. She has the votes no matter who she evicts. And Shelli won’t let Austin talk anyone out of it.

      • I agree she’s not throwing anything, are you sure about votes? She loses 3 votes if Liz is out, 2 if she’s in, maybe 3 w/Steve out b/c of Van not taking him F2.

        Leaving either 6 or 7 votes & Van needs 5 to win 1/2M. And $50K to someones who already won over $4M is chump-change.

        Maybe she won’t go F2… oh wait I HAVE to root for Van since I’ve been wrong all season. GOSH, I SO HOPE VANESSA WINS, hope that sounds sincere.

      • True but she has also stated on several occasions she doesn’t have it within her to throw a comp

  18. Well, except for her face and her voice, her whining, her crying, her lying, her scheming, her scumbagging, her interrogating, her bullying… I still think Liz or Steve would be nuts to take Vanessa to F2 so that means with ALL she’s done she still has to win the Round Robin and I don’t doubt she can’t.

    I’ve always rooted against Van and it hasn’t worked so new tactic… I’m rooting for her to win. That’s has to be the kiss of death for her. LOL.

      • True, oh and her cheating ways… “Julia, pick Austin… “. She knows how to circumvent rules… speaking to the two Noms she says “if you both drink the alcohol… “. Well, she is a master game’s strategist expert.

      • Well, we know she can interrogate but I’m sure she will argue with the judges a lot and probably spend a night or two in jail for contempt.

      • BBAD

        Can you believe Vanessa would not allow Liz to sleep.

        Then Liz would not allow Steve to be alone. Now she sits in the kitchen studing. I burst out laughing when she asks Steve if he was studying. Gee, Liz, isn’t this a novel idea. It’s the early bird who gets the worm or something like that. Steve is not leaving $500 K on the table over night to be snatched.

      • Vanessa was milking her pain from the endurance trial. Steve was waiting on her almost hand to foot.

        She knew what she was doing, she is lazy. I don’t believe I ever saw her wash a dish.

      • Steve thought he would have a quiet night. Liz decided to go to bed, but good old Vanessa whispered something to Liz and the next thing you know, she’s in the kitchen disturbing Steve and his whispers

      • I love a man with sticktoittiveness, unlike many of the hgs. What were they there for? I know, let’s help Vanessa take it all!!!#!

      • Well, she took out all the HGs I liked. I don’t get it and what’s funny is they’re aware of what she’s doing & they are helpless to stop her.

  19. After watching Shelly, very happy that Vanessa is still in the game and the fact she was the only one to argue that she’s been playing a great game a theory was born.
    1. That week Becky 100% had Vanessa walking. Shelly was fine. Suddenly I turn on the tv the next day and Shelly is being evicted with a big smile and hugs for everyone. There was no suspicion in any way whatsoever just a Julia veto face when coned by V about picking austin and wtf??? No one ever knew what happened. A week and a half later Vanessa is blasted by BB for bribing hg’s and it’s not allowed. She had already promised Julia a car.
    Now I’m thinking after seeing Shelly perked up tonight that Vanessa went to her and told her she’s rich and that if she went to James and meg and had them switch votes , she would cash her out after the show. She prob gave Shelly a literal bank statement or asked shelly for her routing # as a guarentee.
    Now shelly gets 14k for being in jury and the whatever $ vanessa promised her. Remember we all thought she would kick ass in the jury comp and she sucked and it seemed like she didn’t care. Now this is a sexy conspiracy theory and I dislike them historically but I wouldn’t put anything g past this particular btch. Vanessa.

    • As interesting as that sounds, I think the explanation for Shelli’s reaction is much more mundane. Shelli has stated numerous times that she is a big fan of the show. Real fans, as opposed to recruits, are more likely to see the game being played instead of being bitter. I know as a fan of the show, I don’t like Vanessa, but I would vote for her to win as opposed to vote for someone else to that she loses. As lacking as her morals are at some times, at least she came to play.

      • Ye, I don’t put stock in my idea I’m just saying she did actually bribe people on the set on camera. And deffinately would do anything to win. Anything besides murder, I think
        … but as far as voting goes and fans, what you wrote is what I read most.

      • Here’s a thought Vanessa & Russell Hantz down to F2 on Big Brother and Survivor. LOL!!! I say give them knives and see who comes out alive. I hope you know I’m kidding.

      • Yeah, but Russell would stab you & have a knife stuck in his heart!!! And then drink your blood. LOL!!! Btw, I can not stand Russell, his brother or his nephew.

    • Van is devious but I do remember that James was pretty sure he was Shelli’s target, gosh… that really dashed my dream and was one of the reasons Becky was high on my list as a favorite, having setup the BD of Van. If Van wins maybe she should get James something, maybe buy Meg for a week for him.

      Btw, maybe we should speculate on how many GFs Clay has had since leaving the House, Vanessa probably worked that too so Shelli could concentrate more on helping Van’s game.

      • Clay is crushing the mid west. Good for him, until 17 years from now, when his back hurts from riding bull and the whiskeys run dry and 9 separate knocks at the door with long wavy different color haired beauties,say……
        “I think your like, my dady!”

    • I will be shocked if Vanessa doesn’t win this season. The only thing left to really see if the Austwits faces when JMac wins America’s Favorite.

  20. Why can’t y o u play BB in the jury house? If I was Austin I’d tell Jackie and Becky that Vanessa told him secrets about them. (Horrible secrets) also that Becky had brain damage from the train. (Sorry she’s great) you get the point I’d manipulate the voters with horseshit. It can be done.

    • Has anyone said that you can’t. I think they have rules about stating exactly who you are voting for, but I’ve never heard any contestant say that you couldn’t discuss things that happened in the game. I think if that were they case, they would keep them separated at all times.

      • Ye I know I was baiting a response for curiosities sake. Your responses are sharp. I’m rooting for a juror, or was. Now, Liz. I know it’s the least pop decission but I like the haters hated villians Austwins 3 headed monster for many reasons. Sociologically it’s amazing they were hated because
        1. The girls were dumb.
        2. Austin is a parent cocky, though truly insecure. And hairy and shirtless.
        3. The kissed alot on feeds and even I hate that.
        4. They made catty comments and some negatives remarks wise. Only people don’t realize the twins forget or don’t mean what they say 4 seconds after it comes out.
        It’s the real nasty people who say sht and Cary it with them and TREAT PEOPLE the way they said it. They didn’t l. They were cool as fk cooked every night for everyone and we’re nice to the geeks even though it wasn’t necessarily a con like vanessa uses niceness. Example steve I’m your momy. A few weeks after she gave hI’m a near stroke on live tv.

      • Speaking of catty… Britney was one of my all time favorites and some fans hated her b/c she came on like such the ‘mean girl’ but I thought she was cute & funny and real.

      • Last they got no credit. For breaking the all time record for 34 people being on the block before being nominated -Austin. 2nd highest IQ bb history -austin.kept a showmance and Twin trifexcta in play till final 6. Never been done. They accomplished a lot of amazing feats. And sociologically we as a people hate ugly people, looks wise then comet wise. To me that’s zero advancement for us since the stone age, peace.

    • Why would you think Austin’s not doing that? LOL, it’s not beyond him, he’s a “shunned man”, shunned by a lesbian no less.

      Actually that’s very good thinking and Austin is surely doing thinking Liz has a shot at F2.

  21. You know whaT I’d like to give a shout of support to all the HG’S. It takes big courage to be fully EXPOSED 24/7 expecially in the tech age. Also for comitting, yes literally comitting to being locked up for 3 months with no tv, internet, outside world enjoyments etc. They deserve points for that. Also respect to the families and friends who become victims of the worst kind of ridicule. Me included.

    • They did have pretty good incentives, even Austin said he was hoping to resurrect some kind of career. But I do agree it takes courage and they should be applauded, hell JMac told his family NOT to read/listen to stuff about him that would be written or said and turned out he was well liked but still hateful stuff was said.

  22. Vanessa is smart.. she keeps talking about who can not beat in f2.. but look whi is with her.. thise same people who she said she couldn’t beat. She kniws she could beat anyone in that house. I despise her, her big eyes, her droopy mouth that won’t stay closed even whwn she is not talking. It’s like she listen through her mouth as much as her ears. After all that though, she played the game. She ranks up there with Dan.

    • She is not out of the woods yet. She could lose this to either Steve or Liz. Its not about who played the better game, its about who the jurors want to win. The jury house is full of people who are clueless about how to play the game. Who says they will recognize Vanessa’s scheming as good game play? The may see it as “scumbagging”.

  23. It is a three part comp. The winner of part 1 does not play until phase 3, the winner of part 2 plays in part 3.

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