Big Brother 17: Vanessa Promises Liz Final Two Deal

We’re in the final stretch of Big Brother 17, but there’s no rest for the weary or Vanessa’s deal makings. When the Houseguests returned to the house after last night’s comp it didn’t take long for Vanessa to hit full speed mode to build more Final 2 deals to eclipse her other F2 deals while looking forward to what other F2 deals she could make later. It’s a F2-palooza and everyone is invited!

Liz Nolan and Vanessa Rousso make their F2 deal
Liz Nolan and Vanessa Rousso make their F2 deal – Source: CBS All Access

As we’re used to seeing, when Vanessa is in a position of strength or control, this time with Round 1 secured, she tends to work even harder. Her latest mission was to lock things down with Liz, as if there was much danger of her trying to strike a deal with Steve. Speaking of Steve, Vanessa has some thoughts on that topic too.

Flashback to 1:31 AM BBT 9/17 as Steve heads in to the Diary Room leaving Vanessa and Liz alone to scheme and plot. Vanessa immediately tells Liz that Steve can’t know about their F2 deal. Well of course not. That could mess up Vanessa’s F2 deal with Steve. But which one will Vanessa honor?

“I give you my word. I am going to take you,” says Vanessa to Liz. “He can not know,” states Vanessa. Liz questions whether or not Steve thinks he has a deal with Vanessa. “No!” Vanessa completely denies having a deal with Steve. We know otherwise, of course.

Vanessa warns Liz that if Steve wins this next round then “I might have to make a deal with him,” but Vanessa continues to promise Liz that it’ll only be a surface deal and she won’t honor it. “Obviously, my word is good and you know my word is good,” claims Vanessa. Obviously.

Liz assures Vanessa that she herself won’t try to make any F2 deals with Steve. That’d just be crazy, right? “I’m not going to go around and pretend to him. It’s just not happening,” promises Liz. Goodness. It’s disappointing but not surprising that Liz wouldn’t explore her limited options, but this should make it even easier for Vanessa to work both sides since Liz is unlikely to approach or openly discuss things with Steve. Maybe we’ll get a surprise in the coming days, but I doubt it.

Liz is worried about round two, but Vanessa again asserts the next part is physical, not mental. This was the same argument Vanessa made during the endurance HoH competition to convince Liz to drop. Vanessa told Liz in the comp that it wasn’t mental but rather physical and she (Vanessa) couldn’t win at that but Liz could. Vanessa was working hard at the time to persuade Liz to drop and it should shock no one that Liz complied and dropped after nearly four hours in the battle.


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  1. Sorry but I think this time Matt is not entirely correct… I think Steve would be too dumb of a superfan to not cut Vanessa at F3. Plus, he’s got a pretty nice speech prepared for her I believe. Even if Steve doesn’t realize it now I think he will eventually realize that the F2 deal he and Vanessa would have is fake because Vanessa simply knows better. If Steve does not win part 2 then instead of the “evict Vanessa” speech he should start preparing for his interview with Julie Chen…

      • That bugs me that Steve doesn’t follow through on what he cam talks. If he did, and even if he failed at whatever he was up to, at least I’d feel like we were in on it with him. Same for his DR. I can’t follow him so I just can’t pull for him. Plus what James said (wrath of a scorned woman/fan) – lol.

      • I said that way back when they had the chance to get her out. Everyone was saying no that’s not good for James wait until next week. Yep look how that worked out.

      • I’ve been saying that too since James had the chance to do that rather than focus on Shelli being evicted. But that’s neither here nor there since we’ll never really know if Shelli wouldn’t have done the same thing to him!

      • It would be funny if she used the $$ to enter a poker tourney and lost it all to someone with less poker experience. I would love to watch her freak out. I’ve read that when she has lost poker games she acts like a 5 year old.

      • That is why they need to cast some people in an older age range. They would not have put up with Vanessa’s BS and booted her ass right out the door.

      • I can’t agree with you more. All these scared people, even the guys. It’s like they’re all under a spell. I think this has been one of the most boring seasons ever. It just seems so geared to teens or early 20’s.

    • Sounds good, add long as Van doesn’t have Steve throw the final comp. She is good at that “yes, i think I’ll turn the knife on myself Vanessa, oh and pick up your check too”.

  2. Someone’s recent post gave me a juicy idea…if I was Steve, I’d do a 4:47am scamper and steal that alive green pill stashing beenie and sneak off where I’d write a note with the magazine cut out letters like in the movies, ypu know. The ones serial killers leave, that says
    BaCK sTAbInG
    Then stick it to the refrigerator. Sit back and watch the fireworks.
    She’ll think it’s Liz and steve scampers into the f2.

  3. I dont know what kind of juju Van. has that these HGs hang on here every word. You would think at this point in the game they would say shut up Van. Im playing m own game now.

    • I can’t imagine throwing this R1 comp! Half a mil and 90 days out of your life and you’ve got gas in the tank??? WHY WOULD YOU THROW IT???? She just lied to you/your BF and blindsided him. I know you don’t “like” Steve but this is about you and your $. She (reportedly) was struggling despite telling you she could go another 10 hrs/whatever. Tell her to trust you this one time and for HER to drop. She will but not on purpose.

      Whatever you do – She’ll use it against you if she has the chance.
      “I’m taking Steve because you didn’t trust me enough to drop”
      or “I’m taking Steve because you threw R1 so you obv don’t have the heart that Steve does”
      Doesn’t matter. You gotta do this for you. Aughhhh. Liz!!!!!

    • It must be something she got out of that seminar she took with that “life coach”. Some people who take those types of classes use the information to manipulate people! Sound familiar?

  4. If Steve wins – Hope he takes Liz
    If Vanessa wins – Hope she takes Liz
    If Liz wins – Hope she takes Vanessa

    So mad at Steve! But I do not want Steve & Vanessa in F2 together.

    • I wonder if Liz could get a boost of two or three more votes by being the one to finally evict Vanessa. I’d agree that Liz winning might be the toughest achievement of the three, but maybe she’d get enough “wow!” respect votes. Dunno.

      • I thought the same. Big move to help her win. She’d have Austin and Julia’s vote. Not sure about Vanessa. But I thought she was closer to James and Meg then Steve so maybe theirs. Actually I have no idea how their thinking this year. Lol

      • For sure, I think Liz’s best shot is to win final HOH and evict Vanessa. She has a decent resume by lasting so long as a big target. Taking out the most influential and dangerous player would go a long way

    • He should never have gotten off that disc to sit on the ball. He should have stayed put to beat out Liz at least!

      • to not take Steve for ending Jmac’s game (wrath of a scorned viewer – ask James) Lol

        If Liz wins & does takes Steve – I’ll root for her after I wake up from passing out because I think she’ll win just for having the self-awareness to cut Vanessa. Ha!

      • Yes. I thought I’d be over it today but the bitterness lingers. Maybe after lunch. Eating helps. :)

        And maybe after Austin had some supper last night, he felt better not bitter, too. :)

      • Austin put in Liz’s head that she’ll have more jury votes than Van if she makes it to F2! But that was when Austin was still in the house too! LOL

  5. Didn’t Vanessa admit to someone she is a professional poker player? If Vanessa makes F2, whoever that is should make sure the jury knows as well.

      • Wait, Steve knows she’s a pro player. Did he tell anyone? I was actually kinda looking forward to the reveal. I pictured them rolling tape of her sitting with the sideways hat sitting at a final table and the cast all with their jaws dropped like w/ Derrick’s reveal

      • I read she told him like yesterday. When he can’t tell anyone that matters and if Liz finds out V has the bribe angle and it would b easy to bribe liz then.

      • So she can’t take him in the battery room change mic batteries and offer him a deal anyway. Nothings gonna stop her. It’s just a weak theory anyway.

  6. Oh Liz so sad that you know nothing about this game. Does she not remember just a week or so ago Julia and Austin telling her how she made a final 2 with them. Big mistake if she believes her. Especially when she’s telling Liz don’t tell Steve. Duh red flag Liz.

    • Just like her talk with Steve before evicting JMac, “don’t tell Liz or JMac” that she was thinking of evicting Liz! That all went south when she decided to evict JMac after all! Plus I never saw her shake Steve’s hand like she did JMac on her deal to evict Austin and F3! She followed thru on the eviction part of that deal. JMac knew if he didn’t win that Veto that he was going home because Van’s word wasn’t reliable.

      • I know, just as she did week 1. Steve didn’t take her seriously then, though, since they had 14 others to go through to get there! LOLOL

      • She shook the Dark Moon alliance’s hands to evict Austin.
        And she always has “so much info to tell you”. Why have you waited til NOW to tell me and just WHEN are you going to tell me??

      • I honestly don’t think anyone in the house believes a word she says. Seriously. Yes it reads that way on spoilers and it looks that way when they stare into her eyes and nod with life comitting promise, but it’s all about saying,anyting and doing anything in the world to be taken to the final 2. And since Vanessa has been Napolian all season they are both cool with noding her the role at this point. Why make her paranoid now. They don’t care. Liz knows she’s disgusting. Steve knows shes deadly. Feel me

  7. Imagine, weeks ago, Vanessas paranoia about being out of the spot light and stuck with her victims, who hate her guts, in the jury house. She would do anything to avoid that expecially a bribe. Has any other rich hg ever offer a fiscal bribe on a season?

  8. Becky was the only one willing to knock out Vanessa but no one got on board. As far as Vanessa, CBS did a terrible job bringing her in. She cons people for a living. They do research on these folks so they knew all about her. The fix is in!!!!

    • And she wasn’t supposed to let others know this, but Van has a problem with talking too much when she needed to just be quiet! :-)

    • Becky has nuts. She was the 1 girl I knew I’d fight with, alot if we dated. She’s strongly rooted and opinionated. So am i. She scares me. Of course I’d dive in thoigh. Tmi, sorry

    • It’s not the fix I believe in its casting, waitresses a skater a bunch of kids and not a single professional. V is a successful, professional, poker/game strategist, and millionaire. It’s like putting Michanel Jordan in the Allstars game against players from Kazakhstan. Fkn terrible casting. Stacked, but fixed? Don’t feel it.

      • It’s like, “try and try until you die”. They tried with scientists, failed the first time but the second time ended up winning, got hitched and is expecting a baby very soon.

        And then, one nurse won, the other got blindsided at final 3. Two nerds/geeks’ individual games fizzled into smithereens in their respective seasons, the one won over a legend on another.

        One cop was wearing a floating device while the other shut everyone down to rake in the win.

      • Exactly, their profession really has no bearing in the BB house at all…it involves, skill, dexterity, athleticism, luck and strategy against several others who’ll go against them. Before you enter, leave everything else at the door!

      • Davonne works in a small casino here in LA. She works for the house. (salary) Follows house rules. 6 months training. Not a pro-player. Very different.

      • Stacked is a better word!! Steve has a whole lit of growing up to do. Congrats to him on making final three, but he had a couple of chances to really impress with his game skills but he failed!!! James and Becky should have worked together from the beginning. That was two that were willing to make the big moves!!!

      • In deed. But still, a dentist works on teeth. Total respect. But this grl bet millions with other people’s money under hi stakes elimination competition for years. Different levels buy you are rt maybe professionals isn’t the best word. Employment is honerable.

    • You could say the same for Derrick last season, though – an undercover cop in narcotics? He definitely knew how to con people. Unfortunately, Vanessa’s game is no where near as epic as Derrick’s. Not even close.

      • Absolutely!!! Really enjoyed Beastmode last night!!!! Could have done without the over exposure of Rachel!!! Way over that!!!

    • Becky’s only mistake was putting up Shelli against Vanessa. She should have never nominated her. You don’t put Poison Ivy and The Riddler next to each other and expect people not to be conflicted.

      Plus it was so obvious she wanted to work with Shelli, which is fine, but she should have hid that better from the OTHER group she was also trying to be in it.

  9. Taking Liz to the end would likely give Liz two easy votes but on the other hand it’s likely to lock Steve’s vote even if she backs out of a deal. He’s a super fan after all and would likely take it on the chin that he got out played. Like Boogie w/ Ian. I think I have to go watch that exit interview now actually… ‘THE QUACK PACK?!? OH MY GOD”.

    • Vanessa is sadistic, Liz should have never entertained anything Vanessa had to say. Guess she took no hints from JohnnyMac on dealing with Vanessa

  10. Just for fun, how about a “None of the Above” button – You know, just for fun? J/K (bitter viewer/scorned fan talking)

  11. Vanessa will pick Liz given a chance,only makes sense she would work both sides and Liz will never pick someone who more or less sent Julia walking.

  12. Was it just me or did anyone actually see a tear drop from Vanessa’s eye(s) after evicting Austin in the eviction episode? In the past, it was only dry crocodile tears whenever she pretended to be crying and all emotional… Perhaps, she pricked herself with a needle ? Ha !!!

    • She doesn’t know how to cry real tears because she doesn’t have any real feelings for anyone but herself in that house and for a multi millionaire to want to win a game so bad and to say if she does win she will buy something for her girl friend Mel and blah blah blah no mention of any charities. I call that self centered and selfish!! Such a great person!!! NOT

  13. What is wrong with these people?! Honestly, just self-evict and give Vanessa the check already. LIZ seriously?!?!? Dropping out of a final HOH comp?! It shouldn’t matter WHAT Vanessa promises you. Liz literally JUST saw Vanessa blindside and evict her (second) biggest ally/boyfriend. And now she’s going to drop out of a comp because Vanessa sweet-talks her a little. Good grief people. I never believe those conspiracies about certain players who production have picked to win, but are these houseguests really this stupid? And for Liz to not even entertain the idea of talking to Steve about a F2…even if it’s not for real, you should be exhausting all of your options. I’d say to stop casting recruits, but Steve is a ‘superfan’ and he’s not much better.

    • Liz and her sister have been clueless the entire game. Frankly, they have been an embarrassment to BB. When Liz won HoH and Vanessa asked her what she is going to do, her answer was “I don’t know. Austin what should I do?” She played the entire game that way and trust me if its Vanessa and Liz in F2 Vanessa will use that against Liz.

      Then Her sister Julia picks Austin in an elimination comp for veto when Julia has to win because Vanessa told her to. Not only was it the stupidest move ever, but the idiots didn’t even realize what Vanessa was trying to do! They still trusted her!

      Then Vanessa swears loyalty on Mel and her family to Austin, only to blindside evict him and Liz still thinks she needs to work with Vanessa!

      Meg, Liz and Julia ruined a good part of this game because they had no idea what they were doing.

  14. Have to admit, however, it would be interesting to see a Vanessa vs Steve in the Finale …
    Watching Steve squirm and throw up when the Jury asks him some questions … and, Vanessa squirming and going all crocodiled eyes when she is asked to “confess” and “own up” to the things she said and did …
    Regardless, if she does win her way to the Jury … the only thing that could affect her not winning is by not taking responsibility for her actions and makes excuses and go all emotional …. Think that her eviction speeches to both Austin and John may have been the most honest game play that she made all season ?? In that she was there to WIN … and, nothing was going to get in her way of achieving that goal !!

  15. Maybe I just haven’t been paying close attention. But what exactly did Steve do to Vanessa to “screw” her?

  16. It’s hard to tell with Vanessa but even tho Liz has 2 Jury votes, I think Van believes those will be her only 2 votes and will take Liz over Steve. As much as I’d like to think Steve would cut Van, at the end of the day this group of HGs have shown us over and over that they aren’t willing to make those big moves so I think he’ll take Van. Which would be a fun F2 because I don’t know how the jury will vote in that scenario. I predict, however, that Vanessa will win R3 and Steve wont have the opportunity to make that decision.

    • The twins ruined this game. Not because of the twin twist but because they are so clueless. Liz just watched Vanessa blindside Austin. For Vanessa to tell Liz her word means something at this point is the height of arrogance. What Vanessa is saying to Liz is really, “you are so f-ing stupid I can tell you anything and you believe me. I am walking on your face with dirty shoes right now, do you realize that?”

      LIz should make the deal, then win the HoH and throw Vanessa out.

      • I think the past few weeks have been difficult to sit through. Her and Austin in bed was nauseating. I’d love a ‘no sex’ rule. The twins seemed like they FUNDAMENTALLY didn’t understand the game.

      • Liz has no shame. Guess who’s trying to pick Steve ‘ s brain. Again, Vannessa was brilliant to set Liz up to go against Steve. Again, she gets no blood on her hands. She’s not evicting Liz, Liz is evicting herself because of her gullibility.

        Vanessa is in bed, while Steve and Liz sit up. Who will be fresh in the morning after sitting up all night cramming.

        Of course, Vanessa keeps popping out to check on progress as she limps by. Liz should have held on.

  17. Not totally on topic here, but anyone having trouble voting for AFP? I voted Tuessday pm and tried last night and again today and keep getting message that I have used my 20 votes for today???

  18. OK the final twist- Steve stabs Vanessa in the shower and blames his mother, (Norman!!), then he and Liz go to the final 2 and Steve wins!

    • Or, there’s an attic ib the house that we don’t know about and his mother has been there the whole time. THAT’S who he’s talking to when he looks up to ‘camera talk’.

  19. Try this:

    If you have last nights show DVR’d, go to the first scene with Vanessa in the DR. Start panning around and freeze frame. Do it over and over. It will not take long for you to see her very real body cues that she is lying through her teeth and is only acting (badly),

    Seriously, try it. You won’t believe what you see. You will also be shocked at how easy it will be to capture these insincere body cues. You will see that she can barely contain her joy, actually. That she isn’t upset in the least and totally thinks she is playing America and is so slick.

    But it is known in psychology that liars gives off these cues and now that we have technology that can capture them so easy, it becomes very hard to lie to those who are I the know about this sort of thing.

    It is a known fact that liars do constant flash “micro expressions” that are difficult to spot in real time but very very easy to see when you can freeze frame.

    Try it, I think you will be shocked by what you see.

      • Yes. But this is a known forensic trick. I just thought I would share it with you. It is very easy to see the true intention of someone when doing this many times and averaging the stills. Whichever way they lean is a true indication of their actual mood than whatever it is they are trying to sell in real time.

    • I’m still trying to figure that out. I think he’s hoping for Liz to make final two. I would be shocked if he voted fr Van over Steve, though.

    • I don’t think so. This jury does not appear to be bitter (except Austin and Julia) and all have given Van props for her game play. Steve will make it close for Van but if Van is in F2, she will win!

      • Totally agree except for the 2 the jury will give her a fair listen,still very much could win this if she reaches the final 2,Austin sour grapes are the worst,Vanessa had no chance with making the finals with the showmance intact,this was a game move anyone would have maded. She is not playing to come in third but to have a real shot at winning some money on final night.

  20. Liz vs Vanessa is an interesting final. Either way it goes,Vanessa has put herself next to 2 ppl she has an even ground of beating. I can’t stand her,but she deserves to win. Personal opinions aside that ppl have against her being irritated and their love fest for JMAC. He honestly didnt deserve to win.

  21. As a person, I don’t respect Vanessa at all. But, as a strategist I guess I respect her from a Machiavellian stand-point. She’s basically bullied, boo-hoo’ed and hypocrited her way at the right moments in the house to get on top.

    Here’s her strategy…

    1) act nice to people initially to gain trust

    2) confront them when she thinks she hears any dirt on them

    3) this makes the entire house tread on eggshells now that they think everyone is informing on everyone else (nobody has been able to keep their mouth shut this season, because early precedences made them realize whatever they say to anyone eventually gets around to someone else and they get confronted over it… essentially this has kept folks from forming big alliances… so you have small two/three-person alliances that tread lightly and can’t gain strength).

    4) bully people when she has power … force deals, make people shake on them and blow up in their face if word gets back that they will break the deal… even though she full-well knows she’s going to break her deals when it’s convenient for herself (she’s basically the biggest hypocrite in the game ever … “do as I say, not as I do”, IE: “you better be honest and shake with me on deals, but I’m going to stab you in the back and throw you under the bus when it’s convenient for me”.

    5) cry her eyes out and act like she has no power when she’s not HOH or whatever even though she’s pulling strings … she is the only player I’ve seen that can make people think she’s a victim of circumstances and is powerless even though she’s holding all of the power… again, a hypocrite. “Boo hoo, poor me, I had to make this decision! I’m a victim! Pity me, not the person I just stabbed in the back!” She’s got psychopathic tendencies. She’ll tell you she doesn’t want to get blood on her hands right after she gets done slitting someone’s throat.

    6) Seem like she’s being smart and planning strategic moves, but all of a sudden she’ll get emotional and make drastic turns at the last moment… this has made her unpredictable the whole game, so why the heck would anyone want to trust her? Apparently a bunch of idiots would, because that’s who she’s been sending home.

    The stupid thing is you see the same thing play out in any high school in the world. It’s all just petty drama… but it’s absolutely worked. All of her housemates have fallen back into typical high school drama roles following Vanessa’s conditioning of the house atmosphere. The twins were prancing around like the popular chicks, Austin was strutting around like the jock, James was skulking around like the prankster, Steve is puppying around like the bullied dweeb that still puts up with others even though they don’t show him any respect. This all stemmed from Vanessa creating this atmosphere of petty high school drama… and she’s a master at manipulating it.

    Jmac was one of the few that didn’t succumb to it, and he even called her out on it. Called her a bully. And when it got back to her, she confronted him about it.. she was ticked off, because he was pulling the curtain back on her game plan; he was pointing out that she was using petty drama to run the house and intimidate house guests. Her pattern of behaviour was that she blew up on others when they lied to her, but she blew up on him because he said the truth.

    The issue with Big Brother is that it fosters a cut-throat environment. So, a person that’s willing to stab backs to get ahead will tend to get ahead.. but not fain audience favor. Unless, of course, the audience understands that you have to do what you have to do. A lot of the audience doesn’t. They judge the top players by their morals. You can’t have morals to be top in Big Brother. You have to strategize, bring sacrifices with you to the top that you will strategically cut loose, you have to stab people in the back at the right time.

    So, like I said, I can’t stand Vanessa as a person. She has hallmarks of an anti-social, Ted Bundy / John Wayne Gacy type of person. (A person that knows how to play people, but only to get what they want and doesn’t think twice about destroying them… and then puts on a convincing act as if THEY’RE the victim of it all!).

    But, Machiavelli would be proud of her.

  22. Vanessa has made tons of deals but she’s still in the final 3. The girl is smart, whether people like it or not.
    I, for one, LOVE IT! Vanessa, WIN THIS GAME!

      • Yes, the way she treated Steve like he was a dog was pretty sad. But her behavior after things didn’t go her way – like crying in her HoH room – was also hard to take, especially when she criticized others for crying when they were nominated.

        But there was also making people Have Nots when she put them on the block, including Meg who clearly has bad knees and struggled in the dentist chairs.

        She complained about the blindside nomination by Becky yet did exactly the same thing to Jason. And look what she did to Austin, her closest ally.

        I could go on for 10 more paragraphs about why Vanessa is a bad human being.

      • Yes, her actions have been dark, seemingly beyond mere game moves. Just dark. Like she knows no better and enjoys it.

    • I never want to see good things happen to bad people and Vanessa is a bad person for many reasons. I do not think I am alone in my feelings. She was apparently very disliked on the Professional Poker Tour too. I do not understand why anyone would want to see a bad person be rewarded in any circumstances but everyone is entitled to their feelings.

      • But.k mm ow what. That’s real life. Good things happen for bad people sometimes. Just look at the patriots. Lol.

  23. I just watched BBAD from last night and it showed the early part of the HoH comp. I noticed something right away that seemed unusual. When they dipped the contestants into the pool their feet touched the bottom of the pool and they could stand up! I saw Vanessa do it first. She was literally standing with her butt off the seat just holding on to the rope. As the comp progressed the others started doing it too although Steve appear to do it the least.

    What were the rules for the comp? Usually when they hang on to something like that touching the ground with their feet would mean they are off the platform and eliminated.

    In any case, if they were allowed to stand up in the pool then no wonder they were able to last for 3 hours.

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