Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 12: Saturday Highlights

Big Brother was in full swing on Saturday as Veto Day arrived and caused as much chaos as one could hope, but chaos can’t be good for all the Houseguests and a changing landscape is about to leave one player without a seat at the table.

Vanessa Rousso plots her next BB17 move
Vanessa Rousso plots her next BB17 move – Source: CBS All Access

Following a non-existent Friday thanks to all the downtime we were ready for some action and we weren’t disappointed following a crucial Power of Veto competition. Read on to find out who won, what the planned appeared to be, and who should be getting very nervous.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, September 12, 2015:

11:30 AM BBT – HGs have been slowly wandering through the house, but no real activity.

11:51 AM BBT – Feeds cut for the Veto Competition.

4:42 PM BBT – Feeds return. Johnny Mac won the Veto. Scamper time!

4:45 PM BBT – Liz and Austin are in bed and not happy. Liz thought she was close but John couldn’t throw it because Steve almost won.

4:50 PM BBT – Liz tells Austin she would want to work with John but she can’t trust him.

5:00 PM BBT – Vanessa decline Steve’s company and says she’s very frustrated and upset right now. She goes upstairs with candies to start working scenarios.

6:00 PM BBT – Things have been quiet downstairs as Vanessa worked for an hour plotting out next moves with candy before laying down for rest.

7:00 PM BBT – Steve asked Vanessa if he could visit, but she again declined.

7:15 PM BBT – Steve decides he’s visiting anyway and is now in the HoH room to talk with Vanessa about next moves.

7:20 PM BBT – John tells Austin he’s going against what Vanessa expects. He’s going to vote out Steve along with Liz or Austin so they can work together to get Vanessa out next.

7:30 PM BBT – Vanessa and Steve running through scenarios. She wants his input on whether Austin or Liz should go up next.

7:35 PM BBT – Vanessa asks Steve to pick something important and then swear on it that he will vote to keep Vanessa next week. Steve picks his mother. (Since she’s a huge BB fan I imagine he could be okaying with disrupting that swear later, but he may be sincere.)

7:50 PM BBT – Vanessa promises Steve he’s not going home this week, she needs him, and they’ll be together at F2.

7:55 PM BBT – Steve breaking down F2 vote scenarios for Vanessa against either Liz or Austin. He starts with Liz and says Vanessa loses 6-3 against her but then doesn’t get to Austin as they’re sidetracked.

8:00 PM BBT – Steve wants to know about her candy arrangements. Vanessa gets agitated, says he’s annoying her, and to stop even looking at the candy because that’s upsetting her.

8:10 PM BBT – Vanessa warns Steve to not act comfortable. He needs to look nervous, but he’s bad at acting. Vanessa doesn’t want Liztin tipped off that she’s conspiring to split them.

8:40 PM BBT – John relays to Liz and Austin that Julia did talk with him before she left and warned him not to trust Vanessa. (So she did have that talk after all.)

9:00 PM BBT – Liz is sitting down with Vanessa for their talk. Liz advocating for Austin to go up since he’s closer to JMac.

9:15 PM BBT – Liz tells Vanessa she’s worried about going to F2 with a guy (Austin).

9:20 PM BBT – Austin’s talk time. Vanessa points out Liz was just up last week. Austin says he’ll go up if he has to.

9:35 PM BBT – John’s turn with Vanessa. Vanessa is advocating for splitting up the showmance so they can get to F3 better.

9:45 PM BBT – Vanessa suggested John could beat Steve at the end, but John says he thinks Liz would be easier to beat.

10:15 PM BBT – Vanessa continues to run through why John should vote one way over the other. She’s suggesting voting out Austin before switching to why Steve could go.

10:25 PM BBT – John explaining why it’s better to keep Austin and Liz saying they’ll be easier to beat in the final comps as compared to Steve.

10:45 PM BBT – Final Five sit down for dinner.

11:15 PM BBT – Austin assures Liz that Vanessa will be good to them or everyone will target her (Van) next round. Austin says he feels good that John will want Vanessa out next. He says they’re in a good spot with both Vanessa and John wanting to keep them for F3.

11:45 PM BBT – Houseguests hanging around doing general chatter.

12:30 AM BBT – John visits with Austin and Liz in the backyard. John says Vanessa told him Austin had volunteered to go up and that the choice was on John. He mentions how overwhelming it is to listen to all of Vanessa’s scenarios.

12:45 AM BBT – John tells Austin he feels the F2 deal with Steve has caused him problems and he’s ready to shed that weight. John mentions Vanessa called out the showmance as being something to avoid in the F3.

12:50 AM BBT – Austin worries to John that Vanessa might be letting him volunteer to go up while planning to get him out. John tells Austin, “it’s time for me to do bad things.” John says he’ll blindside Steve and is tired of HGs playing nice.

3:00 AM BBT – Houseguests all in bed for the night.

Things definitely went off the track today for Vanessa and she wasn’t happy with having to find a new path to the end. Now she’ll be working on the choice between Austin or Liz but if John sticks to his plan the final eviction this round won’t be in Vanessa’s hands as she might have initially expected.

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  1. I would hate to see Steve go, as he has been sort of an underdog and the hg’s have treated him horribly, esp Van. But, if he is the sacrificial lamb that leads to Van being targeted next, buh-bye Steve.

  2. John be the first tiger to gut that blatantly obvious backstaber. Then take the head, you Austin and Liz stuff it opposed to pot ball on after dark and mount it over her pic on the memory wall. They all know now shes out for everyone’s blood and has done the math, the math, the math adds up. I’ve done the math. Makes no sence, percentage wise, incentive wise….yea yea we’ve all heard it.

  3. It seems no matter what John does, he is still odd man out. If he gets rid of Steve and makes it to the Final 3 with Austin/Liz, he is low man in that group. Likewise if he gets rid of Austin or Liz and makes it to the Final 3 with Vanessa/Steve he is low man in that group.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I can see him jumping ship and going with Austin/Liz because he feels he can beat them in the final few comps.

    • Yes finally, this is how I would pick. Who can I beat in these comps? V is hoh always, Steve is a brain of bb knowledge, scary. Aus and liz are kissing foos. My 2 cents

    • If he makes it to the end with Vanessa or Steve he will have a very slim to none chance of winning the 500k, now if its liz or austin hes almost guaranteed the win, not many people in jury like liz or austin and are there because of them. While Vanessa also had a hand in a lot of the evictions she still (and i hate to say this) has played one solid game.Steve has been friends with everyone, and jurors might take his “big move” voting out jackie as game play, even though we all know it was bullpoop cuz lets face it, that was also vanessas doing.

      • It’s been a good strategy for her all along. She tests the field, see who others are thinking about, plants the seeds she needs for her choice and then nudges the others to start thinking about that person as well, making it look like they made the choice themselves.

      • Haha I did look into it! Turns out it is way too complex to even bother. You need videos and to stay downtown for a week, then come up with a final 60 contestants yourself from the other 1000 people there…
        It just didn’t seem like an easy process x.x

      • Her girlfriend had to ask her for permission to go see her own family in Florida while she was away playing BB. Control Freak for sure

    • She’s tired. They’ve heard all her repetitive lies and stats and strategies 100xs. Mac didn’t listen to any of that sh#/ last night.

    • She tried that Soph, telling John about how he wins in Jury, how he wins in final 3. She threw a bunch of numbers and percentages at hI’m (misdirection, again) and he knew naaa. Steve I think would best me and she went on more rapidly with more numbers and more cut throat reasons and he nodded and left. Went straight to Austin and said. She spued so many strategies it was hard to follow (I wasn’t listening) I’m voting out Stwve. That’s y I said I finally think the hg are ready to stop her nonsense.

      • JMac is the hardest for her to wrangle. But I’m talking more in terms of who she puts up as a renom. She is beginning to frame it as a choice — that Liz and Austin can decide. She is very good at that. In the end, exactly who she wants to sit in that chair will.

      • She’s great at a dozen of those manuevers. Like you said since the begining. Now it’s the end and all that reeks to the remaining hg’s. They’ve seen the curve ball before. They’ve seen the fastball, get the point. She’s out of pitches that are going to be as effective

      • That is your opinion and you certainly are entitled to voice it. I am voicing my opinion as well when i disagree with you that she is the best player ever. IMO she is far from the best ever.

    • she is. hopefully everyone knows the order of their talk time w Vanessa and w JMac letting Austin know van said he volunteered, they should know van is full of it when she tries

  4. Well, JMac holds the ACE this week and Van the KING… Van picks who doesn’t get voted out – Aus/Liz (Aus or Liv) then Aus/Liz & JMac vote out Steve -OR- JMac & Van vote out Aus/Liz.

    You can’t go by what THEY say, only what they do. Liz doesn’t trust John, she doesn’t have must choice but she not happy w/2 against 1?

    • It would be quite scandalous if Vanessa put Austin up and Liz voted him out. I actually don’t think that’s so far fetched. It would never happen the other way around, but I think Liz could be convinced to vote out Austin.

      • I am not so sure…Austin might realize he will not get to the end and win with Liz at his side.
        Although I think the only person he could win against would be Liz…
        But we will see, since I have said before that Vanessa could sell ice to all these eskimos..

      • Vanessa’s a moron if she doesn’t get an Austwin out… but I don’t think she will. I 100% expect Steve to be evicted.

      • It’s.. not her call lol. It’s only her call if she has to break the tie. You can argue that she was an idiot for not getting them out with the original nominations, at least.

      • Took the words right out of my mouth… it’s not her call if JMac & Aus/Liz make the deal to vote Steve, nothing’s guaranteed to happen but if Aus/Liz don’t make that deal w/JMac they are the idiots.

      • I think ‘deals’ at this stage of the game are words only, just to save yourself liz said in the DR that she had NO intentions of keeping ‘that stupid deal’ with Vanessa, which van should have seen cause it was written all over liz face while she was making her demands!! lol

      • I just want them to act like they are doing what van wants, then evict Steve. we will get to chuckle when their face changes for confidence to fear

      • This is true….my bad…but i did see where Vanessa was trying to get Liz to turn on Austin so if she succeeds then it would be Vanessa with the tie breaker. But with Steve sending Julia out she would have to be the biggest moron in BB history if she lets Vanessa to convince her to do that

      • I think Steve is history and i am ok with that because of his loyalty to Vanessa…I think that she has told him what to do with all his HOH wins anyhow

      • To really make it fun if i was Jmac i would let the HG know that since he knows for a fact that he is on the bottom of everyones list and is everyones target that he is just going to vote to evict Steve since he is no longer aligned with anybody and is all by himself anyhow. Also let them know that he found all this info out through Vanessa and since he found out that he was her target that he no longer is going toilets to her bullshit lies. I would tell Austin that Vanessa told him that he was her next target and Liz can verify that. (She did tell her that) Vanessa has plans too take Steve to the final 2 and also had told him that she would take him as well. Austin will be thinking for sure about his final deal with her as well. Expose her NOW and take your chances in either winning the next HOH or POV because thats the only way you have a chance to get there. And if you accomplish your goal you will have an impressive resume. At least TRY SOMETHING UNEXPECTED! Vanessa will FREAK OUT!!! That is a good thing

      • I totally agree with you! JMac has nothing to lose at this point. It would be fun for us as the viewers for sure.

      • Vote out the one person she can trust almost as much as her sister? She hates Steve, doesn’t trust JMac… maybe after the concert she got an F2 w/Vanessa. So it’s Liz & Vanessa against 2 other HGs that Van has F2s with. Sound plausible? Who’s going to convince her of that, Van? The one that had her sister call out Austin in that PoV comp that had Julia won could have saved the twins? Not a chance in hell but nothing is guaranteed in this game.

      • Stranger things have happened. It probably won’t happen, but it sure would be scandalous and exciting if it did. For the record though, I don’t really want Liz anywhere near that final 2. But then again, I don’t want Austin there either. I would love to see Steve and JMac in a final 2, although I think that is highly unlikely, and ultimately, I think Vanessa is the one who really deserves to win … but we’ll see if she can keep herself in this game.

      • she may ‘deserve’ it but I dont like liars and bullies, and she is both I too am hoping for JMac in the final 2, he has a good shot of it IF van is voted out wed night!

      • and that is so stupid of her to think Vanessa has her back, my oh my how quickly they forget, in her exit interview Julia even said she didnt regret her decision to pick austin, REALLY??? how stupid does that sound? she is like their cult leader, even when austin went to talk to her, all she had to do was tell him he was stupid [cant remember exactly what she said] but she turned it on him and he FELL for it, I am not a good liar so it would be hard for me to keep it all straight, who knows what what did i tell this one what should i say to that one who do i vote out, well I hope her ‘math’ comes up short and she is the one out the door Wednesday, or at least out 3rd IF Jmac is still in!!

  5. Handicapping the remaining HG’s for likelihood the jury will vote them winner of BB.

    Favorite: Johnny Mac – The evicted HG who fought his way back into the house and won the crucial POV this week is a great comeback from the dead story. People love good stories and Johnny Mac’s story is the best by far.

    2nd best: Steve – BB super fan who played super aggressive when he needed to. Orchestrated best evictions (Jackie and breaking up the Austwins). Sentimental favorite of the jury house.

    3rd: Vanessa – Strategic mastermind of the season who ran the house all summer. Hated …but respected for her gameplay.

    4th: Liz – Competition beast who quietly sent HG’s packing. Entitled behavior will hurt her with the jury.

    5th: Austin – Combination of coattail riding the twins, unseemly showmance while having a girl on the outside, and the ill-thought and off-putting Judas alter ego makes him least likely to get any votes.

    • It find it quite amusing that Austin continually talks about protecting the twins, but really, with Liz wining comps, it is Liz who has been protecting Austin.

      • Eh it went both ways. He saved her from being evicted back in week 4 or 5 so she got to her sister. Liz saved his ass when Vanessa put a hit, her first hit out on him in the names veto comp where James dumped a bucket of paint on her back. He’s smarter than she is but she is way better at comps so ypu are right there.

      • I completely agree. Vanessa says the same thing and it’s annoying. Vanessa and Shelli did most of the protecting of the twins up until Shelli left. Yes Austin made deals but he honestly didn’t have to do much because James was wanting their numbers so no one was left wanting to target them. And then like you said, their other safety was winning comps and that was all Liz. Austin only had 2 HoH’s, one if which he was dethroned and the other was wasted on getting Johnny Mac evicted and he came back. Then he won last week’s PoV. Those wins mean nothing and didn’t protect the twins in any way. And I’m hoping and am pretty sure that the jury will figure that out with the help of Shelli but we’ll see if that even needs to be a factor.

    • He told the twins what to do every second of every day. You joking. He’s the smartest beside vanessa. Youade very good points on the rest though I wouldn’t put them in that order. I’d go
      Just me.

      • Really good point about Austin. I was just thinking of jury house perception; they don’t have the insight you or I have because they are sequestered.

      • Well Austin is just loathed by fans. If you ignore the gf and new gf business as well as kissing and ego and beardtail haha. He went 12 weeks without being on the block. That is a bb record in 17 seasons beating Derek. He kept a showmance, (obvious target) and (twins) safe and in the game till final 6. (Unreal) and yes they listened to him , Freud did not run the decision show. He stayed close to the angel of death under the rader, made friends with everyone after Jason. Liked by every HG. And more. It’s pretty crazy socially how Judging, valid or no changes people’s logical minds. A trip

      • Derrick was never nominated the entire season.
        I get what you’re saying but I think he didn’t do much as far as protecting considering there were ALWAYS bigger targets for the other hg’s in front of them, which was stupid in itself. I’ll agree that he helped the twins social game as far as not pissing people off when they wanted to but other than that I’m not sure what else he did. He has fewer wins than any of them left so he has no argument there either.

      • If you look at the Spoilers Board it shows 12 weeks for last season. And there’s a complete difference in saying how many “weeks”/”rounds” you went during the season without being nominated as compared to saying you went the whole season without being nominated. But if Derrick is saying rounds for weeks then he still beats Austin. If you go by evictions, Derrick still beats Austin. If you go by the entire season, Derrick still beats Austin.

      • No. He said Austin went 12 evictions in a row with ought being nominated. I went 11. So your logic makes no sence. That’s from the horses mouth btw and other sights as well mention this. ?????

      • I don’t see how that possibly makes sense. Derrick went the entire season without being nominated that’s 15 people, 15 evictions, him being the 16th. Austin was nominated when there was still 6 HG total so how he went 12 evictions before being nominated I don’t get. That means there was 11 evictions that occurred before he got nominated, not 12. There is only one more HG than there was last year. I love Derrick and all but he is human and can be mistaken in how he explained his theory or explanation.

      • Without going on the block or nominated D said. Just Google Derek week 11 power ranking or week 12. He explains. But I read it weeks before him

      • Are you talking about his weekly warrior rankings on here? I read that and he said that Austin went 80 days without being nominated but never said that was a record. I believe last year’s season went 90 days so Derrick still holds that record.

      • She’s not wrong. If you go to the Big Brother 16 (U.S.) wiki page you’ll see the entire history of noms for his season. (Both pre-veto and after.) Derrick was never nominated once.

      • Derrick was never nommed. Ever. Not once. So no other argument or numbers matter. Derrick was never nominated so there’s no possible way Austin could ever beat Derrick. That’s all I’m saying. Your original post reply to Valerie says: Your wrong. Derek posted on his site in power rankings week 11 he was beaten at 11 rounds no noms. Derrick was never put up once so I’m not quite clear (apologies if I’m misunderstanding) why Derrick would say Austin beat him. Even if you count every eviction before the final 2 players in season 16 that totals 47 players who were nominated before Derrick reached the Final 2. 34 players nommed before Austin was nominated doesn’t beat that in any way at all. It doesn’t even tie it. Derrick’s lack of never being nominated once, at any time, ever, clarifies the point.

      • Derrick still went the entire season without being nominated. If you count how many HG’s were nominated all of Derrick’s season it adds up to 46 I believe. So, again, Austin still doesn’t break any record only Derrick has.

      • Last season also had more BoB’s with 8 and this season had only 5. There was also a rewind last season and not this season. There won’t be as many noms this season compared to last even though there’s one more HG this year. Basically no matter how you cut it, analyze it, Austin will never break any record as far as not being nominated. If you still think I’m wrong then I guess we’re gonna have to agree to disagree.

      • You are relentless Val and I like it. I’m going on a hunt to find the article I read a week ago however in the mean time we will shake on the agree to disagree. Regardless he doesn’t go 34 noms by being an idiot. I like Derek too remember he was a cop pre Trained to read lies, tells, interogation techniques and had years experience with that.

      • If Jmac finishes with an eviction of Steve,Vanessa and Liz on his resume and the already 4 veto wins thats a pretty strong case to claim the 500K

      • Jmac is just like a race horse. It doesn’t matter how far you are behind in the race..all that matters is how you finish and he hasn’t done it yet but at least he still has a chance! Always watch out for the closers in a long race! JMO

      • If i was in the Jury house and watched an underdog like Jmac who no one really wanted to work with and he was in a photo finish……..Just saying

      • He has missions ro win. Vanessa is next. He goes his own route. He’s like Brad Pitt at the end of Fury facing eminent death. “F it men, I’m going down with the ship.” Reapect

    • Vanessa is feared, more than anything and I’m sure hate from the other HGs comes in when they can’t get their way against her. Vanessa will win F2 against anyone. She’s made a ton of big moves and I think her coming off the block in her campaign against Shelli (Becky HOH) is equivalent to Johnny fighting his way back into the house. The LizTin couple will lose against anyone in F2. They’ve had the odds stacked in their favor the entire game and HGs won’t reward that.

    • Your rankings have nothing to do with jury votes!

      You’re rankings are FAN RANKINGS.

      At this point in the game the truth is that no matter who sits next to Vanessa in F2, she wins. Period.

      Austin probably has the second best case. Remember, it’s not about just winning comps.

      Liz and Steve have similar resumes, Liz may have the upper hand because of Julia and maybe Austin’s vote.

      Although he’s popular with the fans, JMac has the longest odds of winning right now. What’s his most strategic move? Throwing comps? Having Vanessa shave his back hair?

      Now maybe JMac has a master plan. Something like,

      Once I came back into the house, I realized that we were ALL being played by Vanessa!

      At that time it was too late to confront her head on, so I played possum. I made her think that I had her back.

      When the numbers became more favorable (because as Becky’s failed HOH showed, Vanessa is good at manipulation), that is when I finally made my move.

      It was all the more sweet because Vanessa was so close that she could taste the money. She had manipulated all of us so she could get her hands on it, and it pleases me that I could prevent her from getting the money.

      I may not win the game, but I am happy that Vanessa will not be the one to win RWWWARWW!

      • Good call. Just in though on jokers…..Steve has smothered mac to death with his big bear stuffed doll. He sence the vote was not going to go his way he reports in the DR. He’s hyperventilating as they pin and cuff him.

      • Love your passion for BB – obvious in your post! Thinking about what you wrote … Jury has two types – those who vote emphasizing gameplay and those who vote for the HG they want to see as deserving the $500K because of the type of person that they are.

        Gameplay rewarders: Shelli, James, possibly Becky and all future arrivals (except Liz).

        Personality voters: Meg, Jackie, Julia and possibly Becky.

        I believe the swing vote and most important vote will be Becky’s

  6. Sometimes I really get sick of hearing fornicatewad houseguests saying this person or that person doesn’t “deserve” to be in the house or win. I would like to cordially invite them for fornicate themselves until they expire.

  7. I think no matter what Van swears on nor how many times she shakes JMac’s hand he will never trust her, I think she thinks the remaining Austwin–will not take her to finals, and that JMac is the easiest of all remaining to beat, JohnnyMac on the other hand thinks he cant beat Steve nor Van but he can beat austin/liz so he is going that way and ‘trusting’ them, IF he only knew how much liz dislikes him and how austin is using him to get info…..he knows now is the time to make a move and WIN to stay safe IF he pisses off the right person, notice how he didnt say much to Van while talking to her in the HOHroom last night?? she couldnt shut up and he couldnt talk, which she expects BUT if van gets wind of him repeating ANYTHING she says she will be gunning for him, his way to the end is winning comps period!

    • Ye but liz is so judgmental. Austin has been training with him every day and teaching him many things about the body. He’s an expert. Go online. Yes he tired out Johns Legs once before comp but he’s not vindictive. They spend that much time together some common ground must be found. Right now the Nazis are marching on France and the Americans are ready to help. The past doesn’t matter between austin and john. The game part you said is dead on accurate. Also he hates Vanessa more, trusts her less. That’s all that matters along with the fact he thinks he can’t beat her or steve. I agree with him.

      • but every time JMac tells austin anything he runs straight to Van, last night she was making final 2 deal with JMac, so I wonder if she was being honest or still covering all her bases?? you are right that liz is judgmental but she is also spoiled–wanting her way, crying when she is put up but making fun of others for doing the same, and he did say he ‘worked’ john on purpose, john so far has not been vindictive enough to do something so low, not from what I have seen so far at least, but I could have missed it if he did, the entire game of Big Brother folks saying it is OK for me to do what is best for my game but when you do it it is not OK pisses me off–meaning I am more important than you ……as far as the past being forgiven, maybe that works temporary but it is remembered when it is needed, now since he knows he cant beat steve he has to either convince Van that steve needs to go now or just take the bulls by the horn and vote him out and let the war begin!! maybe it will be a short war—IF he wins HOH Wed, noms Van, and she is voted out it will be a short war, if he dont win HOH he will need POV to remain in the house cause she will be pissed off big time!!

      • I’d love to see it your way and see Vanessa faint because she doesn’t have super powers that controll everyone every second. Plus I’d rank Mac higher still. Austin said he did it on purpose after while they were all laughing. He would never use training to hurt someone. He knew squats would get Jon soar. I like the plan. It’s not dangerous. But if parole aren’t thinking the worst they aren’t interested. Your points are good. Don’t fall into that personal flaw.

      • I agree that austin would not intentionally hurt anybody but it was intentional that he made him sore, and it worked, BUT I rank Jmac high because he has survived –he is final 4 and I think he is smart enough to vote out steve getting out one of the players that can beat him, Vanessa is the sitting duck right now [thank goodness] she can not play next HOH and if she doesnt get POV she is gone Wednesday, because both Austin and Lizzzzzzzzzz think they can beat JMac with jury votes, of which I am not so sure of, Sheli loves Jmac and would be able to point that out to jury members as well, it also takes big balls to throw a comp/HOH to steve, jmac knew it would be the piss people off HOH, but I also think he was hoping to win this one so he could maybe get rid of one of the three van aus liz trio –but he knows now he is in an even better situation with van being the hoh this week cause if it is steve he wants out HE controls that vote unless liz or aus vote to evict the one that ends up on the block

      • I don’t think austin will run to her today. He smells something rotten in the state of Denmark. He needs John close to his boosum. He’s a fool for having done it in the past. I guess out of fear she would repeat week 5 on his ass. She’s untouchable. She can stuck anyone in the back. They all know it’s been done to them but heaven forbid they rat her out she implodes,attacks hardcore and bawls. Horrible to watch

      • omg I hope you are right, I dont have the live feeds, but do have the BBAD and unless they are game talking I have to wait and patience is not one of my virtues !!

      • If Van gets voted out on Wed, I pity the people in the jury house when she walks in the door!!!! Besides, their reaction to her might be more like, “Yes!!! You finally got what was coming to you!!” Lol!

    • I am pretty sure that Vanessa is going to be in for a shock on Tuesday when her F2, Steve, walks out the front door. JM, Austin and Lizzzzzzuh are sitting pretty right now..JM wants to go to F3 with Aus/Liz not Vanessa..I think all of her hard work is going to come up one week short..and no one can deny the fact that she has played the game 100%. I look for fireworks from her on Tuesday…everyone take cover!!

  8. If Aus/Liz go w/JMac then Van/Steve are done, Steve for sure and Van gone if she doesn’t win the next PoV. Leaving JMac against the shomance. That gets him F3 and a shot, he gets to F2 w/either one, chances are good he wins. Probably the less complicated way to go and if he’s not playing Aus & Liz, it’s what he wants to do.

  9. Austin should be voted out this week. Jmac has a better chance of winning against the two women and Steve in the final three then Austin. Austin is a beast and will go head to head with Jmac in physical competition. If Steve leaves I think Jmac is making a huge mistake. With Austin and Liz he is third on the totem pole. With Vanessa and Steve at least he has a third chance of winning. This decision may. cost him the game? They will turn on him next week I guarantee it.

    • Isn’t JMac third on the totem pole with Van/Steve? They just made their 2nd F2 promise/swear to pick each other.

      Please there are no guarantees in this game, plus he knows once Aus/Liz & him get to F3 they are against him that’s understood, it’s 2 against 1 he knows he’s got to win, I think his chances are slightly better than against Van/Steve but it’s all opinion no guarantees.

  10. I was thoroughly confused last night. Vanessa and Johnny Mac were playing up both sides to where I couldn’t tell which one they truly were picking. This was what I could take away from each.
    Johnny Mac, he was avoiding Steve a lot so that made me think he could be voting him out… buuut then again it could be all show. Then, when he was telling Austin about its time for him to do bad things he avoided eye contact when saying that and wasn’t being specific about what it exactly he would do. So that led me to believe he could be completely lying to Austin.
    Vanessa, she ran through all scenarios with Steve and made him swear on something important… that tells me he’s her pick to stay. Buuut she was sooo convincing in her talk with Austin that she was with him and voting Steve out.

    I’m so confused but my gut is telling me she really is keeping Steve and Johnny Mac is keeping Steve. Yeah that’s what I want but it also made the most sense because that’s not really Vanessa’s obvious choice and as much as Johnny Mac sounds like he turned on Steve I think he’s still more bitter about Austin evicting him. He also should know or realize that it’s far easier to turn Steve against Vanessa than it is to turn Liz & Austin against Vanessa.

    • John don’t listen to her. He knew she wanted him out. He told her off. “Put us up”! Instead of playing her game. Now he feels steak e is the most dangerous in mind games and john, not so good. She tried to manipulate him in 17 ways even using laughter and telling him the name of the Scamper squad so “he didn’t feel left out” she felt bad. This girl doesn’t miss a trick. He has to Elim Vanessa and Steve take his chances against the liztin people. It’s just down to who he feels less likly to loose to for him.

    • I think if Steve was her backup plan to evict,
      She wouldn’t be sweating the renom.
      I think she wants to keep Steve.
      I think she fears Jmac staying with Steve.
      I think her ideal F3 is Steve and an Austwin.

      I think she’s trying to ascertain which Austwin to take out. Her problem is how to get the other vote.
      Can she talk/trust Liz into voting out Austin? And not be bitter when he leaves?
      Can she rely on Jmac to keep Steve?

      Next week: Does Steve nominate Jmac?
      If not, Jmac votes to evict her or the remaining Austwin.
      Does the remaining Austwin nominate Jmac?
      If not, Jmac votes to evict her or Steve.

      I think her F2 choice is Steve. So will a bitter Liz/Austin/Julia vote kill her chances if she is the one who cuts the last Austwin at F2?

      • Agree with all of that. I think she’s hoping that they’ll still vote for her over Steve because they were bitter about Steve first. But you just never know. I’m really hoping they keep Steve and then they evict Vanessa next. Johnny Mac knows he can still get Steve to go against Vanessa before he could convince Austin or Liz. He should remember that he AND Becky gave all their info on Vanessa to Liz & Austin and they still did nothing. As a matter of fact they evicted them instead. So again, I really hope he sees that and votes out Austin.

      • There’s no time. It’s like fire or dont. Steve than Vanessa. In a perfect world your quess is best. John is ready to rock now.

  11. Finished reading above article, Vanessa is stressed to her max and she has to realize JMac’s in control, she’s hoping JMac doesn’t see it I guess… has she offered him $50K yet?

    If Austin/Liz don’t go for the almost 100% F3 w/JMac, they are crazy. Lets say they go with JMac.

    Here’s the BEST PART, JMac promises to vote w/Van just like she promised Steve he’s not going then when Steve is voted out Vanessa flips out. Any one seen that full box of tissues?

    • Mac knows his best shot at V is next week as she has no power. Steve now. Then his two scariest game threats gone.
      1. Vanessa/Steve to win in jury
      2.steve/vanessa vote wise.
      Who gives a sh $# about Liztin. He’s down to roll that way. And I totally agree. If I was in the game I’d be most terrified of her, then steve. Kid is smaarrrrrrrrt.

    • There is most certainly going to be an epic temper tantrum if JMac flips the script. What I wonder is if that will affect Vanessa’s game plan going into the HOH comp right after the eviction? She definitely takes it really personally when she doesn’t get her way.

      • Once Steve is gone and Van shocked, thinking her re-nom was leaving, she’ll be scrambling from the moment she can get her chin up off the floor after Julie announces it. She’ll know she’s next, the ‘skittles’ would have shown her that scenario.

    • Vanessa has been flipping out all season with furrowed brows and crying (fake and real)! It is time for them to take her out as they are all aware of her game play. It is the finish line and time to break any promises made to Vanessa. Steve should go and JMac should fight against Austin and Liz. Also, it would be entertaining to watch Vanessa break down at JMac’s betrayal.

  12. Each house guests chance of surviving f4 and final 3

    Vanessa- If she gets out Austin then she is almost generated to win veto in final 4 getting all the power once again. If Jm gets evicted at final 4 then she will probably win hoh and even if she does not Steve and Liz would both take her to the final 2.

    Liz- she does not seem to be on anyone’s radar so she should get to final 3 easily. If Steve or Vanessa wins the final hoh she is probably going out.

    Austin- If he survives he or liz will need to win hoh or veto to keep him safe. If he gets to final 3 He needs to win the final hoh.

    Steve- If he survives then he either needs to win hoh or make sure liz does not win pov. Either He or Vanessa or Jmac needs to win the final hoh for him to get to the final 2.

    Jmac- He needs to win hoh or veto to survive. If Vanessa or liz win pov and he is on the block he probably goes home. If he is in final 3 he needs to win the hoh to get to final 2.

    • There is a lot of “IFs” in there but someone has to go home and someone has to win. Could be very interesting from here on in.

  13. Jururs sequestered are drinking wine chilling, swming, laughing at james, watching movies. I don’t think thier hate for V will be as strong. In fact out of sight out of mind applies here. Humans forgive over time. Vanessa wins in Jury.

    • That is the one thing that could happen. Once they compare notes as to who played them the best, then it could come down to Vanessa wining. Sad but true.

      • Of course she will. You can’t have the host of CBS’ new poker show losing in the final of BB17. CBS will do what needs to be done over the next week in the DR to ensure Van makes it to F2

      • Last year people thought the same thing about Frankie Grande. Look at what happened to him, I don’t think a possible TV show is going to change how the people in jury will vote unless it is already decided before hand which I seriously doubt.

    • Shelli already had mentioned that Vanessa is playing great game and her vote will surely go for her.
      James and Meg still don’t understand that Vanessa was behind all of the HGs demise.

    • I think the people one this site (and the houseguests) overestimate the chances of there being a bitter jury this year. For the most part, the evicted houseguests do genuinely vote for who they think played the best game. I can only think of a couple times where they were bitter.

  14. Backstabbing Steve is not a bad idea by John, but it could end out terribly. Sure, Vanessa can’t play HOH next week, but imo the only way to ensure John’s safety is for him to win HOH. I don’t think Austin will be winning any quiz comp, so that leaves Liz to win. If Liz wins she’ll nominate Vannessa and John. If Vanessa wins Veto, would she take a shot at John for getting out Steve, or would she vote out Austin?

  15. I don’t understand where Johnny Mac’s head is at. What is he accomplishing by keeping Liz or Austin over Steve? Wouldn’t Steve be the easier win at the end? I’m really confused.

    • Steve would be useless at any kind of physical comp–and the final HOH one usually has some significant physical aspect to it. Does JMac not realize this? Of course, he’d rather get the only person left in the house who has is back out in favor of keeping a showmance together. What are they putting in the air and water over there?

    • I think next to Liz he has a chance, but not Austin or Vanessa. Steve may also win if he takes John.
      I think Steve is fully on Vanessa’s side no matter what he says. She put him up, but he still wouldn’t put her up if he won HOH.

    • Steve will beat John, but I don’t understand why John will vote off someone who will probably take him to the F2 over a showmance who will take each other. But I am not surprised John has played a terrible game all season.

  16. Uggh I would’ve been so much happier if Julia stayed. Not because I want Julia to win or anything. I just don’t feel like putting up with Liz’s “I’m a princess” attitude. I was watching live feeds and she said things like “Oh my goduuhh Johnny Mac is SOO obsessed with Austinuhhh.” and “I’m over Steve. He’s always making the game all about him.” She think she and Austin are like the most important people in BB history.

  17. What they don’t realize yet (probably during Tue show) is 4th place will be going out Wed. Kinda like double eviction but it’s 24 hrs instead of 30 min. So this week will be jam packed. Hope they get plenty of rest Mon night.

  18. Vanessa has a way of speaking to people like she is their boss and need to do as she asks. She does this even when someone else is HOH. If she finds the people weaker than she is, then she goes all out with the disrespect. She talks to Steve, John and James as if they are her children.

    • Yes, Vanessa acts like the queen bee and has all season long. This has been a cast of mostly weak mental players. Vanessa should have been gone weeks ago due to her attitude. She has scared the weak players into submission. I would rank her high amongst great players, but I just don’t think she is.

  19. I am so over Vanessa playing “queen bee”. She speaks with everyone individually so that they have no clue what she is saying. I miss the days of players having a house meeting and calling out people, i.e. “everyone raise their hands if they have final deal with Vanessa”. Everyone should not honor any deals with Vanessa at this point as she has betrayed them all!

    • Yessssss. She made my head hurt watching her last night. But in her defense those idiots gave her all this power.

  20. This is a tricky situation for John. On the one hand, Steve is the only person in the house who truly does have his back, but Steve is DEEP in Vanessa’s pocket, and JMac knows she wanted him gone this week. If she didn’t, then why would she be panicking right now? So Vanessa is obviously going to be his next target, and taking out Steve would weaken her and isolate Van, making her easier to target next week.

    On the other hand, if John does side with Austin and Liz, he’s doing so knowing that he’ll have to fight nonstop for the remainder of the game. He has a better shot of winning in F2 against them, but a lower chance of making it there. Even if Austin and John are usually at odds in the game, they seem to like each other personally, and Liz has said she would love to work with him, so this alliance COULD work out, but that’s not certain.

    Whichever side he chooses, he’ll do so knowing he’s at the bottom of the totem pole.

    • VANESSA, wth help from liztin. Steve and V are fav to win, 1 and 2. John knows this. He has a shot at beating liztin in comps and Jury as they are 3 and 4 in jury voting. He’s smart. Showmance means nothing anymore. People hype that. Now u have to win. Vanessa and Steve will axe him just as fast as liztin so it’s go time.

    • He’s still gonna be a lone soldier no matter what. The Veto saved his a*s. Win another Comp. or two I wish him luck.

  21. At this point don’t think any of them have a real map of the future,mostly grasping at air,this whole season alliances have been based on quicksand and one’s word only last until that person is out ear shot,these last few weeks decisions are changing from moment to moment,none of them are standing on concrete,in fact the game is very much up for grabs and no one is in total control of their destiny like Derrick was from last summer,if any of the remaining house guests think otherwise then they belong on “Fantasy Island”,not BB.

  22. What would I do?..Vanessa should pull the trigger on Austin and send him packing,he will never pick her over Liz for the final two,her chances are better with Steve and John,even Liz after all is said and done still might take her to the final 2 over others and with Austin sitting in the jury house she knows that will be another vote for her,a win,win..for her.

  23. Hello i been a bb fan since first season. I recently came on here to see what other viewers think.i hope i don’t get slammed for saying this but if jmac is playing Vanessa then i hope he wins cause that wud be the ultimate game move. If he’s being stupid then goodbye. Besides all the silly showmance crap i actually wud like to see Austin win. Yes i said it. He’s played a good game. And i bet if he shaves and cut that hair he is actually good looking and probably a nice person. Although i wud never condone cheating but it’s two side’s to a story.the twins i don’t like and queen bee i definitely can’t stand. But my choices are jmac than Austin. Sorry it’s my opinion. ;)

  24. The candies on the table are funny for sure but actually quite smart needs to think out so many angles and outcomes at the point,then weigh the odds..who’s most likely to win the next HOH and POV and the many ways each contestant might vote on the every possible nomination situation known to mankind and also one has to be at this point summing up the jury vote and who would at this point do more harm by going to the jury house,those bags of candy may not be enough,might need a whole grocery cart fully to cover all the bases and odds.

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