Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 11: Monday Highlights

Veto Ceremony Day arrived without much fanfare after the previous few days set up everything the Big Brother 17 Houseguests needed to know what to expect. Once the meeting was over it was time for the twins to return to their discussion of what was best for their combined chances.

Julia prepares to play Big Brother alone
Julia prepares to play Big Brother alone – Source: CBS All Access

With their tears dried the twins moved on to happier topics and soon the arrival of booze helped lift their spirits giving way to friendlier times in the house as the evening arrived. Through the night there was a repeating theme: Vanessa is dangerous.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, September 7, 2015:

10:00 AM BBT – Feeds are up but the Houseguests aren’t. Most remain in bed avoiding the lights.

10:45 AM BBT – Liz is working on her Veto meeting speech. She’s nervous and wants to get it right.

11:15 AM BBT – Julia asks if any siblings have been on the Block together, like Evel Dick and Daniele. (Seriously, she said that.) Austin gives it a moment and then mentions Evel Dick and his daughter Daniele aren’t siblings. Austin explains the BB5 twins were on the Block together.

11:20 AM BBT – Julia talks a little smack about Meg being a floater.

12:05 PM BBT – Feeds return from this week’s Veto Ceremony. Austin saved himself and Julia was renom’d.

12:15 PM BBT – Vanessa is busy working on Jury votes as she tells Liz how much she looks up to how she’s handled the situation. Vanessa suggests that if America didn’t love the twins before this they will now because everyone can empathize with them.

1:00 PM BBT – Twins are feeling better since the Veto meeting and are chatting about other things now.

1:15 PM BBT – Steve briefly talks to himself and is proud of what he’s done this week. A little later while Steve says he does not trust Vanessa and trusts John more even though he’s a little concerned John might be a twist in the game.

1:30 PM BBT – Liz tells Julia that she wants Julia to be the one to stay. She says this is Julia’s time to shine. There’s lots of sniffles and crying. Vanessa comes over and ends the emotional talk between the twins.

3:15 PM BBT – Vanessa is very upset about finding a dirty bowl in the kitchen. She marches up to HoH room and drags Steve back downstairs to clean it up.

3:28 PM BBT – Austin gets called out by Big Brother for not washing his hands after leaving the WC. He stood before the mirror admiring his muscles, stroked his face several times, and then stepped away. Big Brother announces, “did you wash your hands?” HGs start yelling at Austin from the other room.

4:15 PM BBT – Twins cuddled up and a little tearful.

6:40 PM BBT – Alcohol has arrived. They got some beer and wine. There is much rejoicing.

7:00 PM BBT – Vanessa asks the HGs if anyone with recognition has played Big Brother before. She doesn’t mention her own high profile background.

7:15 PM BBT – HGs talking who will win America’s Favorite Player. James’ name is thrown out there but Austin thinks it will be Liz (Ha, nope).

7:48 PM BBT – Johnny Mac and Vanessa discuss the next HOH. They think it will be a balance game and John says Austin mentioned not being good at balancing. Vanessa warns John not to let Austin mess him up with his workout routines (Austin has admitted to trying to overwork John so he would fail at past competitions).

7:50 PM BBT – Vanessa pushing hard for Liz to be the one to go this week. Vanessa is afraid that Liz will beat them in competitions whereas Julia wouldn’t. Vanessa wants to take a blood oath with Johnny Mac that they’ll take each other to the finals.

8:10 PM BBT – Vanessa talking to Steve about how many enemies she has in jury. He tells her that he’s her best shot at winning in the end. They also discuss nominating Austin and Julia next week and who they should take to the final three between Julia and John.

8:26 PM BBT – Vanesa talking about the two extra votes to keep Jeff, still wonders who they were. Liz and Steve don’t confess.

9:25 PM BBT – Austin again says he thinks that Liz will get America’s Favorite and if not her then Julia.

9:37 PM BBT – Julia is telling Liz that she needs to stay and win. Liz tells her that she’s already made up her mind and she wants Julia to stay. Austin says fans will be disappointed if Liz goes and mentions that would be like Janelle leaving this early in the game (keeping a straight face is so hard right now).

9:57 PM BBT – Austwins are figuring out that Vanessa, John and Steve have a final three deal.

10:14 PM BBT – Julia tells Liz that she’s certain Vanessa has a deal with Steve and Johnny Mac. Liz says Vanessa thinks she’s the Derrick of the season. They say they know she’s playing both sides of the house and they can’t trust her.

10:16 PM BBT – Vanessa arrives to break up the twins’ talk. They discuss Johnny Mac’s performances and think he’s due for a big win soon.

10:45 PM BBT – Austin and Vanessa discuss BB14 and how the Jury was too bitter to vote for Dan as they say he outplayed Ian, but Ian won anyway.

11:30 PM BBT – Liz and Austin discuss life apart. They don’t want to be on the show without the other and start discussing all the places they’ll travel together after the season ends.

2:05 AM BBT – Steve is outside talking to himself. He observes that Austin is to Vanessa and Johnny Mac is to him. He’s sorry he didn’t get Austin out this week like he wanted. Steve says he needs to start undermining Vanessa’s position in the house while reassuring her that they’re good. He says he must divide Austin and Vanessa.

Things have lightened up and there’s not much game talk as there won’t be any campaigning from the twins, but we should expect that action to come from Vanessa as soon as she’s ready to solidify the plans she has for this week’s eviction. Now that Steve and the Austwins are on to Vanessa it’ll be interesting to see if they can meet in the middle and do something about that.

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    • Relax, out of 70,000 trips, 3/4 of people skip a wash here and there GUARENTEED. OCD excluded. If u deny you lie.

      • Exactly. But don’t you know everyone on here is perfect?
        Also, side note: not everyone with OCD washes hands obsessively. Lots of other disorders can warrant that behavior, as well as just a personality trait. ( sorry, not you, pet peeve).

      • Haha. Ye everyone lovesssssss to judge. It’s a natural trait I guess that adults forget should be filtered through interpretational intelligence.

      • The show breeds it, I think. It’s abut drama, backstabing, pain, friendship, companionship…I think a lot of that type of individual who likes to stand behind the curtain and lash out watches for the more negative aspects of the show. Sure drama is fun but the moment where Julia didn’t know Sigmund Freud and Steve and Austins priceless bewilderment was my fav moment. It was amazing.

      • I was think as an adult it was gross and embarrassing for him to be called out for not washing his hands like a child. Do people forget to wash their hands, yes they do. I mentioned it because I’ve seen conversation here before that he seems to forget frequently. No big deal, not my circus, not my monkey.

      • Therein lies the dilemma. What does it mean to ”judge”? Is judging only the negative cognitive disassociation we place on others: ”Oh I’d NEVER do that!” (when in fact we do it all the time)? Or does judgement have to have the inclusive we deem ”good” also?

        The inclusive form is indeed a purely human trait (we make judgements all the time – and need to do so). But if it’s of the more selective & negative type, I’d argue we’re talking about cultural variance, ethics, and personal preferences that we simply superimpose onto others…

      • They put it out there to get judged! If you don’t want to be called out on it on national t.v. with cameras watching your every move, don’t do it! He knew the cameras would be everywhere.

      • There is no dilemma. The word to describe it all is hypocrisy. And everyone is one. Everyone is in a glass house with a stone in their hand.

        It isn’t rocket science.

      • Altho I understand what you’re trying to say here…. Kids are taught at a very young age to wash after potty time! Schools teach it, there are signs in bathrooms to remind one to wash after using the facilities, servers are trained to wash after as well as directed from employer. I could go on but I’m sure you get the point.
        It’s almost inherent to wash hands…. And why do you view it as a negative? It’s just something most of the population does. Or knows they should but are too lazy…. IMHO

      • Ya, could be…. I was just ranting I guess. It was about 6AM here & I’ve had very little sleep. (that’s nightly) so it’s very possible. Lol!
        I’ve got to try to get more sleep & get off these posts.
        Ugh! Sorry?!

      • No worries Tink, I know people can get really passionate on here (and heck I’d be lying if I said there weren’t times over the years where I veered the conversation away from it’s original point)… ;)

      • There was this episode of the bachelorette where Amy Schumer appeared as a guest, and she made some comment about how we all sit at home and judge people and think “but I’m perfect” :) extremely funny because it was Amy saying it, and because of it’s brutal truth to us reality TV audiences!

      • I will admit it, when I was younger I sometimes wouldn’t wash my hands but then again that was before puberty. Now a days I do my best to wash my hands, I wash them so much I get them dried out in the Winter way too much and that hurts like hell.

      • Just wondering…what does ye mean? I thought it meant thee. Not trying to be a smartazz as i said just wondering.

      • Technically, ye mean you plural. But, in this case it is a misspelling, I say as I sit on my couch in judgy perfection!

      • If you’ve been watching the feeds ot reading hte updates Austin leaves the bathroom with washing his hands more than a few times here and there. The updates have regularly mentioned that he doesn;t wash his hand, but then he goes into the kitchen and paws food in the refrigerator.

        Sorry, a grown man should know to wash his hands when he uses the bathroom. I do every time. Its not that hard.

        Then again, Austin also walks around the house with no shirt and he eats at the table with others not wearing a shirt. He is just rude. There is nothing wrong with having manners and expecting others to as well.

      • I get that many, many people don’t wash their hands, etc but he’s got cameras all around him 24/7!! No excuses here!

      • Austin has cultivated an image that is dark, menacing and barely groomed. Even his Ichabod Cranish hat is just off. His grossness is multi-layered.

    • That’s just plain bad life habits….. Pretty sure one could say this isn’t his first time doing that!! Yuck! On all levels cuz he’s so disgusting to begin with. Get a frickin’ haircut & trim that stupid growth on your chin!! Don’t you get it, Austin, you need a make over!!

    • He never washes his hands. They finally called him out on it. They did the same to Spencer because he wouldn’t wash his hands.

      • Actually, the held the camera on the bathroom door the entire time he was in there. They premeditated the ambush, which was well deserved!

  1. He has been doing this for weeks if not longer! He is a dirty pig with health cleaning and with LIZ!!!!! He did not wash hands when he uses toilet etc!!!! What is WC anyone?

  2. I have never seen two girls put away the food like Liz and Julia do. Right now, Austin has 4 chicken tacos. They are not letting the other HG’s know that dinner is ready..only complaining because no one helps them cook..why should they..they seem to only cook for each other.

  3. Ye well he won’t, and that’s what makes him highly special. Not the non wash, I’ll give you that but he’s not a judger and deffinately enjoyed those who judge him.

  4. We’re twinsuh ! We’re prettyuh! Too bad we’re not pretty on the insideuh! But America loves usuh! How could they not uh?!?!

  5. I’m ready for Thursday night already. Yeah they should vote out Liz, but if they vote out Julia, it won’t make much difference to me. The benefit to Liz being voted out is no more Liztin canoodling which luckily I don’t get exposed to that much being that I don’t have the feeds. I’m just excited for the HOH comp Thursday and seeing the ugliness and backstabbing that is surely on the way!!

  6. Ok. BBAD is on and listening to the Austwins speak is making me more stupid for listening to them; knowledge and common sense are oozing out of my ears as I write this. These three people really, truely, and sincerely lack even a bit of self awareness. They are living in an alternative universe. Austin refers to them as a unit and in the third person but calls them Twinstin, he just told Liz that she is the fan favorite, and that this was her season. These are quotes! It may be her season, the season of the moron. It’s like they are in opposite world! My head actually hurts now. I ACTUALLY have a newly formed headache! Babysteps to Eviction night… Babysteps…

    • lol. I wish I got BBAD here. You know what that made me think of, all this lack of understanding how unlikeable they are….BB15 Amanda and Aaryn being all shocked for getting booed…. in BB16 Zack crying his eyes out in the diary room about how Frankie is going to get fan favorite..

      • I thought Zach was ranting about Frankie’s reveal that he would donate the winnings to charity and how can you beat that with the Jury? It’s just not fair, according to Zach.

      • Yeah he did say that–but he prefaced it all by saying “You’re already getting America’s Favorite Player” right?

      • Wrong, I mean he was wrong. Don’t recall if Donny had that in the bag by that time, probably not, it was a race between Donny, Nicole or Zach. I’m not sure b/c I so disliked Frankie, too much the show-off & over-the-top, I did see him in the race except maybe with the gay BB fans mainly.

        I really liked Donny & Nicole that season, both funny & good personalities.

      • I wanted to like Frankie but I think his ego or something was just huge. He had something about him that made him inherently unlikeable, in my eyes. I was a huge fan of Nicole’s. She played an amazing game and I had really wanted to see her win. Plus I loved her showmance with Hayden. <3

      • Yes, that jogged my memory… I have a photographic memory, it’s just that the flash doesn’t always work.

    • I’d tell my girl she was Jesus Christmas if she was crying all day on the block. Who cares he said she’s a fan fav we know she’s Not. Clearly but they’re in a glass house.

      • Great reply. The only thing is everyone blasts all these people who had the balls to put themselves out there. They know they’re being ripped to shreds on the outside. Just imagine what it would be like in this technology age to shut down all systems I robot style and then knowing what’s being interpreted. Impossible.

      • I think they truly believe they are projecting wonderful personalities that America will adore. Sorry, but they are cruel, ugly people who consistently congratulate themselves on their “tv time.” The shallowness is apparent.

      • I’d agree, Vanessa may have some psychological problems but this is coming from an untrained observer and by saying “may” I being polite. At one point there I was worried she was about to have a breakdown. And I believe Audrey did, I wonder what hospital she’s in.

      • “They” sounds too all inclusive and some are great personalities, I love seeing Jeff/Jordan and I’ll never forgot Donny and his kind soul. But those like Evel Dick (evil for sure) and Austin/Judas (big showoff) I’d like to forget.

      • Amanda and Rachel come to mind as comepletely self obsessed and cruel. Oh and how about Ginamarie and Aaron. Ok, call me a stonecaster. I can take it.

    • I bet Austin is actually being cruelllah. He just doesn’t like seeing Liz cry and is telling her something to keep her from crying the next three days.

  7. And WHY do they believe that they have a choice in who goes home when both twins are on the block? Vanessa is a black belt mind eff-er, having convinced them of this in spite of fact, logic, and numerical evidence. Vanessa deserves the win for this alone.

  8. Can’t believe just how delusional Austin is. He’s telling Liz she’ll most likely be nominated as AFP! Geesh. Nooooo Austin, it’s James so far!

  9. Listen, I have been holding this stupidity in my SOUL all summer! No one that I know watches this show and it is my television equivalent of ‘cheat day’. I am SO happy that I found this little blog because I needed this as an outlet for my BB angst! The twins have annoyed me for a while and Austin really shouldn’t have made it to even jury but this week these three people are too much for me to handle alone!

  10. I can’t get over how much time Austin spends primping in the mirror. The other night he must have gone back two or three times to look at those stupid rubber bands or whatever he makes those sissy beard thingies with. Does he truly think he looks good? His ungroomed hair/beard, and lack of dressing properly, is just an excuse to be the unwashed, scruffy, unkempt thing he really is – poor grooming and poor hygiene. Talking about not washing hands – doesn’t he do a lot of the cooking? Does he wash his hairy paws when he gets out of bed with Liz? just asking.

  11. Aside from Austin not washing his hands, (so he’s disgusting. Tell us something we didn’t know!), there is a game going on. It appears Austin and the twins have figured out (finally!) that Vanessa has a deal with Steve and JMac! You mean when she refused to put JMac and Steve on the block last week when James won veto wasn’t obvious enough for you?

    MY goodness these HGs are stupid. But what makes it worse is after Liz or Julia gets voted out, the remaining two will still try to work with Vanessa while she lines them up in her sights!

  12. If Julia continue in the game could be interesting see with who she could work, maybe if John wins the next HoH comp, she could try to work with John and Steve.

    • She’ll float to Van, JMac and Steve, something she’s been wanting to do since Liz hooked up with Austeeenuh!

      • She’ll do better than if it were Liz without her. She’s spent time away from home whereas Liz hasn’t!

      • Austin has Forrest Gump’d and Captain Caveman’d his way to where he’s at. He owes HIS presence to the stupidity of others and NOT to gameplay. There is a huge difference. He hasn’t protected anyone accept his own phallus. He’s been more focused on that than anything else.

      • If you call being, literally, a human shield protection than I guess he has by just existing there, whi h is, the LEAST anyone can do. LITERALLY!

      • U respect your point but it’s not completely true. He’s extremely bright. Extremely. People he passed kept close to him for answers. The ego stuff you said, true.

      • His “EGO”, if that’s what we’re calling it, sunk his game, though. It has clouded his sense of reality. Also, the info he relayed was just convos he had with people while comparing Vanessa moves with the rest of the house. He stumbled upon info along with others and just explained the implications of the info with the twins.

      • He has some level of intelligence but is not bright or astute. He clumsily fell into info during his HOH but never sat and figured things out on his own.

    • WHAT? They have to be kidding. This is a bit. They cannot survive life if they were this stupid. I’m not buying it. It’s a bit.

      • Copied and pasted from Updates — Julia: Just learned difference b/t Jews/Christians. And that’s why Jews don’t celebrate Christmas. They don’t believe in Jesus.

      • I believe you but I don’t believe that they are this stupid. Do they think it’s cute to be a dumb girl or is this their last ditch effort to seem less of a threat? I don’t want to accept that young women are really THIS just terrible these days. And I’m not old.

      • Personally I don’t think it’s cute to be dumb/unaware/oblivious. I’m older and from a different generation, so I really cringe at their behavior. The Sigmund Freud/Roy realization was pretty bizarre.

      • I agree. It scares me. I’m 39 and I don’t think there is a huge enough gap in age wherein thinking that being smart is a positive quality is an antiquated notion. That’s why I said that they are very Kardashian and it’s scary.

      • It seems to me they are not interested or involved in subjects outside their world. I probably wasn’t so much at that age either, but that was before all this technology with information became available at your fingertips. I would say 9-11 opened my eyes that I should start paying attention. Pls, don’t say the “K” word to me. :)

      • LOL! NO, I was silly, like most early 20somethings but I left home at 18, put myself through college by getting a full time job at the school that I wanted to attend to cover my tuition (free tuition was a benefit to make up for kow salary) and never swung off of a poll or accepted money from anyone, not even my parents, to do so. Hunger pains aren’t so bad when you are living life on your own terms. I think maybe they’ve never HAD to be more than pretty to earn anything.

      • Also, being attractive is an asset. It shouldn’t be used or relied upon by us but also, should not be wasted. Being aware of it and realizing that we live in a society where it is rewarded is not whorish or self depricating.

      • I’m so glad they put that in the TV episode. I would be really embarrassed if I were them. Wow is all I can say.

      • Kind of like how one of them thought Sigmund Freud was Sigmund and Freud and performed with the tigers in Las Vegas. I will admit it was hilarious when they showed Austin rolling his eyes.

      • I do wonder myself at times, but as easy as it is to edit the show portions to create character casts, it’s not that easy to script the things said in conversation… Liz/Julia (sadly like many contestants on reality shows over the past 5yrs) has been to promote ratings through hot young models – not their brains nor their wisdom.

    • Typical example of how young people in America manage to get college degrees and still remain tremendously ignorant.

  13. Whether goid or bad, Vanessa has pimp whipped (terrible saying but accurate even down to her methods) this entire house; they KNOW what she’s doing, don’t like it, agrees she should go but she stays AND gets the advantage at every turn. It’s been poetic to watch. I’d like to see her matched up with like an OG like Janelle and Boogie… Someone else who is a gamer in LIFE. And Dan. Dan scared me the way Vanessa does because he hid behind the veil of religion and being a Catholic school coach, which adds a very deep layer of manipulation to the mix. Janelle would straight up cut her (gamewise and literally). Boogie would be like ‘hey Vegas. What’s up? I own Geisha House w Ashton Kutcher. Eff off’. I’m tearing up thinking about it.

      • Oh I don’t completely agree. She’s actually falsely empowered these twins into thinking that they have choices in this that don’t exist to hide er own complicity, she’s been comforting to those who seem to need it, and has layed foundation with Steve for a Dominatrix/Sub situation (her bitching at him about his dish and making him go downstairs to clean and her barking ‘Steve, what are you doing?)… She is ‘all things to all men’ as the Bible says. She hasn’t just used fear, she CREATED fear and then protection and then flipped the scenario with false tears when necessary and alienated when necessary. I will pee my pants if Steve is the one to be like ‘shut up, bitch and enjoy jury’, though.

      • You spoke wisely but she’s been caught many times, is way too obvious with Steve “I know where you stuff is more than you cuz I’m like your Mommy”. (Weak) and she melts down bawling saying “I’m not an evil person” (said it 7 different xs) hmmmmm???? I hope Steve does though. In support of your argument.

      • Oh she is having a nervous breakdown in there. But she’s scrappy and uses it. She tries to play the morality card with the good girl talk, and is trying to be friends now. The twins don’t have a choice but she convinced them that they do. Austin will vote for Liz. JMac will vote for Julia. Vanessa is voting for Julia to stay. But she planted the idea in their had that Liz should sacrifice for Julia to be able to stay so that when she votes for Liz to go, she can say ‘I was just doing what you wanted’. She made an out for herself by setting up a ‘blame the victim’ scenario. You see?

      • Damn, I’m confused still. I think between the girls after the hammock talk the girls will go public on Wednesday saying we want liz to stay. Now if the votes go the other way, then Austin and Julia know vanessa convinced John to dump liz. Am I still missing it? So Julia and austin would blast vanessa finally because they do now know she controls those 2. More John than Steve for sure though. Then Auslia austin/Julia can tell John and Steve vanessa did dirt and it can be 2 2 with V in the middle alone. I’m spit balling but need your help no expert here.

      • Do you think that the twins don’t have a choice? I missed that because come Thursday if it goes the opposite way they wanted then won’t it finally become clear to Austin and the remaining twin, they got fuc $!! By her explicitly?

  14. This cast has been WAY TOO concerned with who is AMericas favorite! Look around people at whats happening & try to win the game! Geez worst cast ever!

    • Iktr.and i can’t believe Austin really things Liz is America’s favorite. Boy is he in for a wake up call.

  15. Understatement of the season:

    Mon 9:55 PM BBT Austin: “I wish I knew outsider perspectives of what is going on.” NT – HumanFrailty

  16. What does WC stand for? In the context of the article it sounds like washroom but I can’t figure out the C.

  17. Watching the last half of BBAD was sad, the Twins chatting together with Austin, about Julia should stay, as it is her time to shine, then Liz, should stay ’cause she is a Comp Beast and more deserving … blah blah blah ..
    While, Austin, suggesting that Liz has a better shot, for the impending mental challenges than Julia .. and, that, she would be a shoe-in as AFP, the longer she stays in the game … Ha !!!
    And, yes, they were talking about Vanessa and how the are NOW on to her .. as they dragged her along, and protected her, and would have a better argument to the Jury that they played the stronger game than she has ??
    Austin goes on to tell both the Twins that either of them would win AFP as a consolation to winning BB, ’cause they have not been evil and mean nor done anything nasty to the rest of the HG’s as compared to the other’s, like James, Jackie, and Steve lost a few notches by targeting the Twins this week, and, of course Vanessa … While JM has done nothing but float in the game ….
    Austin, further goes on about not seeing himself as AFP, as it would be too conceited to think that he is a Fan favorite, even though, he is vying to push his Judas Persona to a higher level in his Pro Wrestling Career, after the Season ..
    He tells either Liz/Julia, regardless on who stays or goes, he will continue to shield/protect the remaining, and has no F2, like JM/Steve, JM/Liz, Steve/Liz .. and, should he make it to F3.. he would most guarantee to choose one of them over the rest of the remaining HG’s …
    He sure is working Jury Management with the Twins …
    Vanessa, on the other hand, has definitely switched off the paranoid Vanessa game mode .. talking and laughing civilized to Steve et al … And, constantly reassuring Steve that she respects him and his game and offering the occasional hugs …

  18. Why would Julia practice her Veto speech before the Veto ceremony. If Austen won the veto, wouldn’t he just take himself off the block. Julia hasn’t been nominated yet, and when she is there wouldn’t be a speech. Am I missing something here?

  19. I will admit I am glad I keep rooting for Stevie. His mind is a lot more in the game than people seem to realize…
    Officially team Stevie!

  20. The best part of BB is not only the live Thursday episode but also this site and all the comments from the fans. I have the most fun reading fan comments because most of the time I’m thinking the same thing.

  21. I can see it now: HGs think that Van is this year’s Derrick. HGs decide to ask Van if she is this year’s Derrick. Van denies, offers HGs safety next week. HGs go back to trusting Van 100%.

  22. Austin is yuck,they have to tell him to wash,twins are yuck also and Vanessa is desperately disgusting but I hope they send liz packing and next week back door Vanessa because I don’t think Austin and Julia will play well together so then they can take them out,but jmac n steve need to keep winning. I can’t believe Austin thinks one of the twins will be America’s favorite Hello Earth To Austin,America hates u and the evil nasal cry babies and probably even hate Vanessa more.

  23. Ok. What is everyone’s obsession with washing their hands after every single time they pee? Is it about the actual pee? Because even if you got a little pee on your hand, which is not likely unless you are like 3 years old, pee is completely sterile. I guarantee, you encounter far more disgusting things daily that you can’t see on handles, knobs, doors, etc. and you don’t wash your hands after you touch those things. Is it because guys must actually touch their junk to pee? I mean, I can see the perception of that, but the truth is, that junk is probably far cleaner than any of the many things we touch every day. I mean, most likely, said junk, is showered and cleaned every day. Do the things that really carry germs get washed every day? Absolutely not. Do you freak out about that? Doubt it. And girls use toilet paper when they pee. If you are a woman who doesn’t know how to wipe your vajayjay after peeing without getting some on your hand, than you are just an idiot. Number two is a different story because we know that feces can carry things like e-coli, hepatitis, c-diff, etc. So excluding pooping, why is peeing considered a necessary hand washing ritual? I think it’s all about perception (the “ew” factor) because the reality is, you aren’t going to be harmed. You also aren’t going to catch an STD from a toilet seat, but that’s another conversation all together!

    • Well would you like to eat what he touched after he has his hands in his pants in his dirty funky hair touches his dirty funky feet and than has his hands in Liz. I don’t think anyone would want him to touch what they are going to eat. But that’s just me.

      • Well, they don’t have to eat anything he makes and I’ve never seen him cook a meal for the house so there’s that.

      • If you are watching him and Liz cook all the time. I guess the others thought that he was washing his hands until BB started to call him out on it. If you notice John always eats something frozen or out of a can. He eats fruit and cereal he is not taking any chances. John is a different breed compared to the rest of them that is why van wants to be on his side.

      • So am I. He is going to win I hope. Vanessa can see that he isn’t stupid he is a dentist with a thriving practice. He has been going along with all this bs because he can’t make a big move until the time was right. When this is done we will see what he has to say. A friend of his was on a blog and said John is right on track with his plan.

    • I don’t want to eat anything cooked by anyone who goes to the bathroom and doesn’t wash their hands afterwards. Pee might be sterile, in your mind, but I don’t want even the slightest trace of anyone’s pee on me or anything I eat. It’s a matter of respect for others.

      • It’s not sterile “in my mind”. It’s a scientific fact. So for you, it’s about the people who cook your food. Okay. Well, what about if someone uses their hand to wipe scratch their nose while cooking you something? What about if someone uses a spoon to taste something they are cooking you and then puts that spoon back into the food they will serve you? How do you know? At the end of the day, if the food is being cooked, the heat will kill any germs. Is Austin cooking for everyone in the house? If so and they eat it, it must not bother them. Otherwise, they wouldn’t eat his food. Problem solved. Listen, I am all for clean hands during food prep and cooking which is why most people wash their hands before cooking.

  24. remember austin said to vote him out at final 3 or 4 to let him stay in the game and not be backdoor, so van put jason on the block

  25. Are we done talking about the handwashing incident! I thought I was in health class again. BORING!

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