Big Brother 17: Austwins & Steve Catching On To Vanessa’s Game

Overnight there were rumblings in the Big Brother 17 house that could spell bad news for Vanessa Rousso, but of course that’d mean one of these Houseguests would have to take a stand against her with just two weeks left in the season. Will it happen?

Steve Moses is tired of Vanessa's game
Steve Moses is tired of Vanessa’s game – Source: CBS All Access

On separate sides of the game we heard talk from both the Austwins and Steve that Vanessa was more in their way of winning than we’ve heard before this season as they slowly start to catch on to what she’s been doing and how her plan is coming together.

Kicking off the run of talks last night in the BB17 house we had the Austwins outside pondering their best move this week as Austin continues to push Liz to stay since she’s the stronger competitor and can help the three of them get farther. Liz has continued to resist even though Julia has repeatedly agreed. Even if Liz changes her mind, it still won’t matter if it’s against Vanessa’s plan.

Flashback to 9:56 PM BBT 9/7 as the Austwins consider going to John and offering a final deal between them. They want to do this behind Vanessa’s back but worry John would run that deal to Vanessa who would be on to them. Austin asks what difference would that make when it’s win or die for them now anyway. Julia says she believes Vanessa has been playing them and has a Final 3 deal with Steve and John.

Cutting to the core of how Vanessa has stayed so long in the game, Austin says he’s afraid to piss off Vanessa. Julia points out how Vanessa “starts crying and going crazy.” It really is effective with these HGs as Vanessa has done it week after week. She’ll even be completely safe and start freaking out, guilt tripping HGs, and then getting their support to do what she wants.

The talk breaks up for a little while before the twins return to the hot tub without Austin. Flashback to 10:13 PM BBT. The twins agree that they can not trust Vanessa and now believe she has a F3 deal with Steve and John. Liz says she’ll feel sick if that turns out to be true. Julia says she thought she could trust Vanessa more than Austin, but now realizes she was wrong. Liz says Austin wouldn’t betray either of them “because love is involved.” As cheesy as that sounds, Liz is probably right.



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  1. They figured out that Vanessa’s word is garbage at least a month ago and then inexplicably let her talk her way back.

    • Yeah her word is garbage, but that’s the game. Everyone has made blatant lies so I don’t get why people dwell on that. Heck, people adored chill town in previous seasons and they were ruthless. Think about all of the players that are left, and I can’t really think of why anyone deserves to win more than she does (I have a strong feeling she won’t win though). Yeah I agree that she can be obnoxious, but give the girl her props. She’s had a huge influence on almost every eviction. Trust me…as a fan I was DEF rooting for the James/Meg/Becky side of the house and I’m sad they’re gone. But when you actually think about the game play, Vanessa has been the best (not nearly as influential as Derek from last season or others) but certainly better than Steve (if Steve wins I will be super annoyed- as lovable as he is). A close second is John, but his social game was lacking and Liz, Austin and Steve would all turn to her for most decisions.

    • I know, James was the only one not afraid to do it.. Liz had 2 perfect opportunities to take her out and chickened out

      • Yes, James was the only hope to get out Vanessa. Lest we forget this game is fixed for Vanessa to win. If you could go back and watch the HOH in last DE comp, clearly James threw it, he didn’t even try to roll that ball, it was obvious to me then it was fixed.

      • Everyone seems to forget Becky served Vanessa up on a silver platter. James convinced everyone to flip the vote to keep her. James wouldnt have done crap it is his fault she is still in the house to begin with!!

      • That was a key turning point in the game. James let his emotions get the best of him.
        If Becky, James and Meg had really stuck together and supported each other. Then maybe recruited Bobcat or Steve, or both. They could have been a powerhouse.
        I liked James but he should have supported Becky and played more. The would lay back for the week if he thought he was safe.

      • It wouldn’t of mattered because Vanessa would’ve been back in the game. Remember she was the last one standing for that HOH competition for the jurors to get in. James would’ve had to deal with Shelly still being in the house plus Vanessa winning her way back in. Shelly made it clear she was targeting them. Liz and Steve both missed opportunities to backdoor her. I think it’s to late now. The only hope of her not winning is if someone takes her to the Final 2 and the jurors vote for her to not win. Then she gets second place with 50,000. It’s still a win for Vanessa unfortunately.

      • i’m thinking the better show this year, would be to show live feeds of the house guests watching back this season…..

      • If Becky would have told Shelli to put her anger off until later and make a deal with the Goblins Van would be in jury. But Becky told her she was safe and Shelli walked around giving the Goblins dirty looks and only tried to make a deal the night before eviction. And then she didn’t want to include James. If Shelli had Womaned Up and played the game instead of acting like a 14 year old it would be a different game

      • James did exactly what he should have for HIS game, which is why he was in the house, to further His game. He lasted an extra week because of that decision. Since entertainment had been very hard to come by this season, I was very thankful for any time that James was around because
        I greatly enjoyed his presence.

      • Nobody knows what would of happened if Shelley stood and van was evicted so I don’t see it as this great move by james to flip the house and leave the strongest most dangerous player van in the game…dumb move by the goblins

    • Seriously? It’s James fault that she isn’t gone. He rescued her when that had agreed she needed to go.
      As an aside, am really glad I don’t have to see his stupid, stupid visor anymore.

      • Read what NoAustwinsFan wrote right above you. That explains it all. At the time, Vanessa was a less of a threat to James game than Shelli was and that is why he flipped the vote to get Shelli out. Well that and the fact that most if not all agreed to evict Shelli the following week and James made sure they kept their word.

      • James was power hungry he turned into an a….hole every time he got a sniff of power and made bad chiices because of it. Shelli was never a threat to anyone she was a Vanessa puppet just like everyone else she almost broke it off with Clay when he hinted at the fact Van was evil and hurting their game. Say what you want about James doing what he had to but henis out and Van is still in so it wasnt that great of a decision.

      • What in the hell are you smoking? James never was power hungry, he was the only one to go from the HOH to HN room without a problem. Shelli was determined to get James out for evicting Clay and almost all the other HOH’s has had a case of HOHitis. Tell me and the rest here, is the sky in your world the color of the rainbow?

      • It wouldn’t have mattered.. Vanessa would have been right back in the house.. Plus, getting Shellie out was good for James game at that time.. Steve and Liz missed that opportunity to go at Vanessa.. They were the cowards

      • I think James will win because he has a child and he’s very likable and he was the first one not afraid to get blood on his hands.

  2. It’s good to see her on everyone’s radar but ultimately the fact that shots have been fired and lines drawn as John/Steve vs Austwins is very good for Vanessa. I’m guessing she will continue (probably unsuccessfully) to have to Liz stay. I thought this was dumb at fist but then realized it’s likely she could end up on the block with a twin if a veto is played this week. Being on the block with Julia would be worst case for Vanessa and she knows it. Having Liz around keeps the Austwins a bigger threat and gives her campaign ammo should she be sitting next to Liz or Austin this week.

  3. Luckily the re-nom has occurred and Van wasn’t it, “… here’s why”, oh crap I’ve been infected by Vanessa. LOL. Here it is simple, priority 1 – bust up Austwins; priority 2 – evict Van, that helps all the HGs. Helps us too b/c the Vanessa fan will go away.

    • — priority 1 – bust up Austwins; priority 2 – evict Van, that helps all the HGs.—

      There are only six house guests left! You’re “plan” harms four of them.

      Wouldn’t it be a more honest statement to say, my two priorities help Steve and JMac?

      And as for having a “Vanessa fan” on the forum, I didn’t know your sensibilities were that delicate that you can’t bear to have someone not “rooting” for your personal favorites!

      As for me, I simply want to see interesting game play and smart strategy.

      • Well, let me figure this out, 6 HGs left, getting to F2 would mean 2 get to cash in so let see 6 minus 2 would leave FOUR. So the plan would be to get 4 out so if that means “harm” in your head then yes, harm four of them.

        I’ve not made a secret of JMac and now Steve being a favorite. Would it have been better to say they are, NOW figure out what the best strategy is for them to win?

        Obviously you are delusional to think you know my sensibilities I have no problem someone rooting for Vanessa, they just need to be ready for her leaving soon.

        Well, aren’t you above all of us just wanting “to see interesting game play and smart strategy”? Good for you, I want to see it from my favorite player(s), that seems normal at least to me. If I don’t see it from them would I just as well see it from Vanessa, Austin or a twin… yes, I would.

      • –Helps us too b/c the Vanessa fan will go away.–

        Why does anyone need to “go away”?

        And by the way, I never said I was above anyone else, (that’s YOU trying to put words in my mouth) I’m simply stating my preferences.

      • Vanessa fan’s or anyone don’t “need to go away” (words in my mouth?), some fans leave when their favorite is evicted or decide “this is the worse season of BB”.

        Help us? B/C we don’t have to listen to them talk about Vanessa, at least some of them I’d prefer not listening to, I get my fill of Vanessa on Sunday, Wed & Thur… crying, whining and conniving, she hasn’t been bullying lately, the weak ones are gone I guess.

        “I never said I was above anyone else”… sorry if you took that personal it was a question and your statement “As for me, I simply want to see interesting game play and smart strategy.” sounded condescending especially after the comment before it.

  4. LetHerEatChocolate! stray thoughts: Vanessa loves France; Vanessa looks like the covergirl for Les Miserables; The rings under the eyes that get deeper when she feels unappreciated; the hollow look which looks hollower when she feels unappreciated; the tragic side glance (lol) Go Steve! Let her eat chocolate! Hide it in her shoes! Her hats! Her drying laundry!

  5. if they vote Vanessa out next week, the crying game is over. Steve missed his F4 shot by not evicting Julia last week and flipping the house. Everyone knows that taking Julia to the F2 will win then the 500k.

  6. So… there going to be another double eviction or something next week?
    After this Thursday there will be 5. After next Thursday there will be 4…can’t have 4 at finale night. :O

    • They usually have a special eviction episode the week before the finale which airs on Wednesday. Its taped on Monday or Tuesday; the feeds are cut during this time so no one finds out what happens until the show airs.

  7. Steve leaving will be the highlight for me. He is gross and annoying.
    Julia and John at the finals, but they are too dumb to realize that’s their only hope of winning anything. Hopefully John wins HOH and is planning to get rid of Vanessa soon, but he is too in love with Steve and may want to keep him.

      • I dislike both Austin and Vanessa, but Steve this week has become more annoying than ever and very full of himself. I just don’t like him. In order for John to win the game he needs to stay with Julia since she has done a lot less than he has.

      • I’m rooting for Judas. He wasn’t my first 5 choices (James, Jason, Day, Becky, Meg), but it’s the situation I’ve been put into.

      • I think John is the next best thing for me since those were my favorites as well. It is too bad he is only thinking about surviving and not winning. I’m not sure because I need to see what he says in the DR about Vanessa and Steve, but hopefully he will back stab them.

      • LOL… so why pick another loser? Of course I picked JMac, then Becky, then James so I’m back to JMac or Steve. LOL. It’s been that kind of season.

      • For a nerd, Steve is not a smart player at all. I thought it was so hilarious when John would make fun of him in the diary room for being totally delusional. Steve lost my respect when he barfed on his opportunity during the double eviction.

    • Here’s the thing I’m liking about the new improved Steve, it’s time to play and he’s flipped the switch I believe, no more tears but mommy talks still scare me. When Austin said “So lets shake on that deal of me being safe this week”. Not_Timid_Steve said “Like the deal when you were HoH and said I was safe?”, Austin: “Ah, hmmm, well I, let me say there was stuff I couldn’t control”. LOL… yeah hope he realizes Vanessa caused that problem.

      • I was also glad to see Steve finally stand up for himself. Austin said … But I didn’t shake on that deal. What a sleaze bag.

      • True, you only have to look at the source. I doubt that he’ll walk away from BigBro with the girl, the sisters aren’t going to be happy with them if one of them doesn’t cash in.

  8. It’s rather comical how they point out one persons strategy when they all got to the final 6 somehow. No one is any more of a threat than another anymore. Winning comps is the path to the finals. There is no chance Van is throwing a comp here on out.

    • JMac has mentioned to himself that he is thinking about throwing the next HOH because he feels safe.

      Vanessa may likewise feel safe (perhaps incorrectly?), thinking JMac will target the remaining Austwins and the Austwins will target Steve.

      At this point everyone plays POV and that’s the comp that no one will throw.

      I can understand JMac and Vanessa at least considering throwing the next HOH, so that they can play in the final four HOH. A win in the final four HOH guarantees a spot in final 3.

      • If the person on the block wins veto, then they will be in the finals as well and hopefully John wins it. This has been the season where too may comps have been thrown and I think John is the winner. Vanessa and John throwing will guarantee Austin a sure win.

      • Ya it’s a tough call, like when JMac threw the HOH to Steve, that made sense and a good move. So maybe she throws it if it’s between her and Austin, but otherwise I doubt it. She’ll probably read their body language and realize that they are all onto her playing both sides. Then it’s survival mode, win or go home.

      • Vanessa would like to keep her true allegiances hidden if possible. If she wins the next HOH she exposes her preferences to everyone AND can’t play in the final four HOH.

        At this point it seems unlikely that anyone holding the final four POV will vote to keep Vanessa in the game. It would be even less likely if she shows her cards by winning the next HOH and being forced to make nominations.

        If she wins this coming HOH, she HAS to win the final four POV to make it to the finals.

        If she throws the next HOH, she stays alive by winning the next veto, she also MAY stay alive because everyone else is targeting other house guests.

        Then she has TWO chances to guarantee her spot in the finals. Final four HOH (in which she can play because she threw the previous HOH) or POV.

        Her odds would seem to be more favorable to chance it and throw this next HOH.

      • Really? Why will no one throw comps? JMac said to himself…

        5:31pm Jmac on the hammock
        Jmac – I don’t think it matter which twin goes home.. I don’t think anyone is after me next week.. they will put Steve or Vanessa out.. do I try and win it.
        (from Online Big Brother)

        I shared my explanation above as to why both JMac and Vanessa may throw the next HOH.

        They may not throw the HOH, but to decoratively claim (as you do) that no one will throw the HOH is not in line with the reality of the game. AND the reality expressed by at least one player (JMac).

      • Don’t know what you heard to lead you to that conclusion about Johnny Mac. I heard him tell Steve that he held back and let Steve win the last HOH when they went head to head because the next competition would be endurance and Johnny has a better chance to win that than Steve. A good tandem. He won’t throw it.

  9. It was interesting watching BBAD with Austin this morning talking to the Twins …

    I am sure that he already has an F2 with Vanessa, Steve and John …
    But, says to the Twins, that in order to secure his own Safety for the next week or two .. now that both Twins are on the Block .. he may have to go and strike a deal with John, in the event that John wins the next HOH, for safety .. etc …
    Basically, Austin asking for permission from Liz/Julia, before appearing to strike a deal with John … Ha !!!
    I am surprised, unless I missed it, that if Liz goes .. Julia and Austin should fake a fight, to appear to the rest of the House that they have split up the Austwins for good … gives them both some Trojan Horse gameplay, where Austin goes to John and Julia moves to Vanessa … each side targeting Steve ??

  10. ‘Austin says he’s afraid to piss off Vanessa.’

    That’s all you need to know what Vanessa is still in the game. That and they know she has lied all season, and just continue to do what she says.

    • Just 1 vote against you in the Jury doesn’t mean anything. Austin probably thinks she is such a good manipulator that will convince the Jury to vote her way like she did with them in the BB house. Yet, she is still there. He deserves what he’ll get after coming out of the BB house. A wake up call.

      • Ya, I don’t want Vanessa to win, but you can’t argue she has played head and shoulders above the rest. She may have played a nasty game, but at least she played…

      • Vanessa is definitely the best player this season, but Austin is not far behind. Despite his nastiness and being so full of himself he has actually strategized with everyone in the house and made many alliances. He is still there because he was careful not to win many comps, which I think he threw most and kept himself occupied with Liz. The HGs knew he was aligned with two girls and still kept him around because they thought he was the head of the house. They were on to Vanessa and kept her around as well. Those two were also the smartest in the house so were able to manipulate most of them. Let’s see if the so called brainiac could outplay them all. Hopefully not.

      • I do agree, Austin has played a good game as well. He’s easily played the 2nd best game. Twins are just following everyone, same with JMac and Steve(I guess Steve has played some game?). James played a good social game, won a few comps, but was crap at strategy.

      • James should have aligned himself up with someone who could win comps..meg seems like a nice girl but she was dead weight

    • Kinda find that a bit “ironic” coming from Judas, a supposedly B@d @$$ Professional Wrestler of his size ant stature … Ha !!

      • She’s in there heads. Doesn’t matter your size if they get in your head. I see your point, but he isn’t that, smart easily manipulatable.

      • Absolutely, just listening to him in DR from the start of the Season, on how Judas will cause total mayhem in the House, especially during his HOH’s, and then, he becomes a whatever with it’s tail between it’s legs and hides in the corner .. Ha !!!
        Just puts a bad name to “Judas”, IMO … :)

  11. Am so glad I dont know Vanessa personally. Imagine being manipulated constantly your whole life.

    • You realize big brother isn’t real life and plenty of cut throat game villains might actually be pleasant people right

      • Just realize if they do that for money in there, there’s a good chance they would do the same in real life. It’s just that situation with a 1/2M reward/payoff doesn’t come around everyday. I’m thinking/guessing Joan Rivers would have nothing but unkind things to say toward Vanessa like she did another poker player, Annie Duke, who has a brother that plays poker too. I say that b/c she spew venom toward Annie’s kind of people during Celebrity Apprentice. But with “their money/winnings” they can be very generous.

      • There has to be nice people who play villains all the time, like in movies, etc. But IMO, the behavior that has come from Vanessa would have to be part of her nature for her to be so consistently good at it. It sure looks like it comes natural to her. She is mentally and emotionally abusive. Why would a “pleasant person” want to “act” that way on national TV? I do not believe it is an act.

      • Neither do I…mind you it’s probably repressed most of the time in the real world…but as you said there that core that is there in her.

      • You can put quotes around it if you want but I never said she was acting. Big brother is a game in which you are encouraged to be deceitful and manipulative to win. Your whole mentality changes the second you enter the house. Some players act much like themselves but many are vastly different people inside the house. Look at Rachel and Regan, bitter enemies who hated each other in the house and are great friends outside the house. That’s just one of many examples how people are different in the house.

      • Derrick was masterful at manipulation. There is NO excuse for using bullying tactics. That says a lot about the real person.

    • Hopefully you wouldn’t put up with her behaviour for very long. It will be interesting to see what influence she would have in the Jury House. They really don’t have to listen to her any longer so will someone step up and call her out there?

      • If she goes to jury….no one will listen cause they have come to find out that they were all part of her take outs!

    • there is an article on ESPN from a few years ago about Vanessa and in the first few sentences they talk about her behavior/reaction to losing in poker and how they could count on her to lose it. so yes, I think Vanessa is as manipulative in the real world. She obviously is really good at her bad behavior, it gets her what she wants, she didn’t just pick up these traits when she entered the house. I wonder how many of her friends and family are having “ah-ha” moments watching her on television and realizing she treats them the exact same way?

  12. Steve has been very skeptical with Vanessa for a long time. He just have to work with her. JMac/Steve both are very leery of her kinda taking over the game for them. When the moment comes, they will absolutely turn on her if they need to. I don’t think she has them in her pocket as much as some people think………and now Judas.

    • Yeah, I hope JMac is listening to Steve on Vanessa, if Steve is giving out that info to him. Steve likes to keep stuff to himself and his mommy.

      • As far as I know, they are planning on taking each other and plan on turning on Van on F3. Could be soon. Vanessa got a swing coming back and is capable of stabbing Jmac/Steve in the back….She will stab Steve first

      • Yep, because she has a feeling that Steve is on to her double, dirty, manipuation and she doesn’t think the bulb is as bright with JMac.

      • RHAP last night was interesting. General consensus was Julia is the one that most of the players want to take to F2..and she doesn’t even realized it. lol

  13. Question is, is it too late to get Vanessa out? NO!!! Will it be harder now than before? YES!!! It still can be done but only if Steve, Austin are on the same plan. Let’s not forget the remaining Twin will follow Austin’s lead and then there is Johnny Mac, his number 1 target is, has and always will be Vanessa.

    • Not so sure about JMac, unless he’s stringing her along, it’s seems she is stringing him along. LOL… maybe both is happening, you can only hope. But you’re correct about get Van out, one of or both Austin & a twin would help the situation.

      • After thinking about it for a minute or two, Johnny Mac is a wild card in this group right now. Where his head is something we really don’t know for sure. If he should win HOH I can see Austin and Vanessa on the block or one of them plus Julia. Either way I can see Austin or Vanessa going home this week if Johnny Mac wins HOH of course.

      • Yep I agree. JMac is a mystery with me, seems he’s keeping it close to his chest or is it vest? I tend to think he’s closer & more honest w/Steve than Vanessa. I know at one point he felt getting V out would be a big move & look great on his resume with the Jury. We’ll see.

    • Vanessa has the biggest target in the house…and flashing. She has bumps in the road ahead of her. lol

    • I would love to see a final 4 of Austin/twin and JMac/Steve.
      Vanessa’s gotta go or she will win and I think only 2 or 3 people want to see that happen.

  14. So here’s my take on getting out V. It’s now at the point where I actually just might HAVE to take V to F3, and then evict her at F2, just so she doesn’t have the chance to get into the jury house too long , and sway votes against me. Don’t they evict the 3rd to last person on finale night? If so then that would be perfect, because she wouldn’t have any time to talk to the jury.

      • Yes it is…and when they make her win….she will give the money back….cause she has too much already.

      • You know what they say … “you can never be too rich, or too thin.”
        And, since no one here has bragged about seeing V’s bank balance who knows what kind of financial condition she is in.

    • Wow, you’re a daredevil… you’d really take that kind of risk? She’s too good a player to let go that long, They should have taken her out during Becky’s BD plan on Vanessa… damn that James. LOL.

      Understand when I say “good player” she’s not one I liked witnessing, all the paranoia, whining & crying, come on I’ll take drama over that crap all day long. But “good” from the standpoint that she’s still in the game with a decent shot to cashing in at F2 okay I’m better now.

      • You, well at least I still can’t believe James blew that BD of Vanessa by Becky what a difference that would have made in the game, probably some good strategy minus all the crying, whining & playing the victim.

      • It was obvious to a lot of people that the Goblins lost the game the minute they sacrificed Becky in order to evict Shelli.
        Becky has so much potential, good in comps, loyal, lots of common sense and she had nowhere else to go after Clelli were evicted.
        It was obvious at that point that Meg and James were out of their league by not being able to make long range plans and playing a more emotional than strategic game.

    • lol You’re playing with fire if you take her to F3. If she wins the final comp, she decides who to evict.

  15. Austin afraid to piss off Vanessa? It’s $500,000 on the line you stupid Sasquatch. PISS her off!!!

    • Ya piss her off…he is a moron….let her take her fit…you are scared of that….you deserve to lose.

    • I still have this suspicion that Austin and Vanessa have a F2 deal going on from Vanessa’s first reign as HOH … Remember, Austin promising his BB Life and Soul if he was not being Re-Nommed that week?
      Since then, he has been all talk about targeting her, yet, has always backed down as HOH, and talked his Alliance from doing the same ….
      If Liz is the one who ends up leaving this week .. I suspect that Austin will come closer to Vanessa, having Julia drawn into their Trio … Since Steve can’t play for HOH and JM can’t win squat for HOH, though he suggests in throwing it …
      Vanessa’s and Austin’s hope is that Julia wins the HOH and seek revenge on Steve / John .. with Vanessa as a renom??

      • It all depends on how the cards are dealt. Vanessa has the best shot out of anyone. Bumps ahead, and things could go wrong and she could get cut.

      • I think Vanessa has a final 2 with everyone except Liz unless if Austin got the boot! I wish they would wake up!

  16. So next is the critical week to get Vanevil out….depending who wins we will see if the have the fortitude to get her out…she will continue to play her game helping the winning side but if Steve and Austin can get on the same page they can get her out.

  17. Good plan to combine efforts to get VAnessa out next round but can they all keep their mouths shut? My bet is that Austin will spill the beans to her before the HoH comp. Best hope would be that Liztin and Steve/JMac both decide to go after her without the other side knowing until HOH completed (and of course Vanessa not winning)

    • Nope, they are all to scared and will do what Vanessa wants, and Vanessa doesn’t want herself to leave lol.

    • Steve and JMac need to be careful what they say around Austin and twins because if Vanessa wins HOH next they will reveal everything to her. That’s another reason I think Liz should be the one to stay as she has been good at the comps and this might prevent Vanessa winning HOH.

  18. Sure, I’ll take a crazy Vanessa on the block for a few days. Good entertainment.

    • I can’t even imagine how horribly vindictive Vanessa would be if she were nominated. She’d be exposing everyone’s game left and right in her self righteous anger. I hope Vanessa will remember it’s just a game.

  19. I feel like it’s Groundhogs Day the movie, every week they realize Vanessa is a mastermind and has to get out, but even when they get that chance they change their mind and the following week it’s like Groundhogs day all over again…But at this point I’d rather she won then Austin or the twins.

    • Hahaha good analogy. Yup every week it’s ‘we need to get out Vanessa’ and every week they flip and instead just get out whoever Vanessa wants lol.

    • The thought of any of those winning is a lose/lose for my season. Steve or Jmac are the only two left in the house that would make the season a success.

      • Quite Frankly, I don’t like any of the remaining HGs for various reasons, BUT V has played the best game throughout.

      • None are my favorite, either. I would never say that a person who has used bullying tactics has played a good game. I think she is a disgrace and giving her an credit, IMO, would be like condoning those tactics.

      • While I might applaud your sentiments, when it comes to BB I would disagree.
        These people might act like children, but they are all adults who should know what they signed up for, and as my Gramps’ told me long ago, people can only bully you if you let them.
        If/When V has bull-dozed them & manipulated them, they allowed it to happen. I have no sympathy for any of them.

      • Being sympathetic to them is not the issue. The issue is allowing a person who uses bullying tactics to be labeled a winner in any circumstance.

      • I’m not a fan of any of them either. But I’d like to see either John or Vanessa win. John because he is the least annoying, and Vanessa because she’s the only one who’s been consistently trying to win.

      • I think it’s hilarious that everyone wants John to win when he’s essentially been the male Victoria for the past six weeks.

      • I’d rather Steve win. I became disenchanted with JMac a while back and hope he doesn’t win AFP, but if Steve doesn’t win, I’d “settle” for JMac.

      • Vanessa should win – she is the best player, best tactics, best manipulator – BEST GAME PLAYER

      • Personally, I would never support a bully being a winner. I don’t condone bullying tactics by anyone…ever.

      • There’s probably not a Van fan out there that will admit her bullying and don’t understand why they can’t see it but it is on them. Some see bullying as all physical, pushing, shoving, beating.

        I remember during Rachel Reilly’s first season how ugly she played, it was hard to watch, much less condone what she did but her fans would jump on you if you said a negative thing about her and found her play just fine.

      • Game play or real life, bullying is still bullying. They choose to be that way. It shows a lack of integrity and a flaw in character and should never be accepted. I feel any good strategy by her should be negated by the bullying tactics that she has used. It’s sad for children to see adults accepting and excusing that type of behavior.

      • I use to have a cat that was very similar to the one pictured. We called her Graygirl, GG for short sometimes. :)

      • I think that’s a very faulty comparison John won vetoes when he had to and he won his way back into the house. Victoria won NOTHING. Not one comp.

  20. If Steve and Austin agree to put up Vanessa it sure would make up for this boring season. As a live feeder I would love watching again.

  21. 2 days ago on Celebrity Dirty Laundry, there is an article about whether the season is rigged in Vanessa’s favor as a way to get her fans for an upcoming show Poker Face that CBS is bringing and V is supposedly the host. Could be true, she seemed to have information that wasn’t shared with her that we saw so makes me suspicious that production feeds her information. Course I also think it’s an advantage that she gets to take Adderall, it’s taken by college students to study for their exams as it helps them concentrate. V did so well in some of the “thinking” challenges that I see her med as an unfair advantage. Too bad none of the houseguests had a backbone this season, almost like production chose people that V could easily manipulate.

    • Sounds a little similar to what was being said publicly about Freaky Frankie last year. I heard that his little sis, Ariana’s new record was about to be released and he was there mainly to bring more attention to her because CBS was part of the company that had her label. I don’t know how true all of that was. If they have plans for Nessie the Monster, hopefully they will backfire like Freaky Frankie’s “career” has.

  22. Making continual disparaging remarks about a former hg especially when it is not relevant to the present hgs, is pitiful.

  23. Always wondered why BB would ask a millionaire to be a houseguest. Part of the script. The house guests not only played the game, but all were played. Watch for a new CBS show coming out called “Poker Face” starring Vanessa.

    • Don’t forget Larry that this is also a giant PC victory to have a gay female HG win this year after such a long line of men winners.
      It doesn’t even matter if Vanessa cheats by taking Adderall and bullies the other HG’s in order to be able to win.
      Plus, Vanessa seems to be production’s darling so that’s a big help too.
      So if Vanessa does end up winning I think there should always be an asterisk by her name since Adderall usage helped her win.

      • If Vanessa wins, she wins fair and square. She outplayed everyone and everyone had MULTIPLE chances to take her out but they failed to do so. There should be no asterisk under anybody’s name if they earned it… except for John maybe.

      • Since taking Adderall gives Vanessa an unfair advantage in the comps over the other HG’s there definitely needs to be an asterisk by her name. There’s nothing fair and square about cheating.

      • I don’t get how taking Adderall makes you a cheater. Yes it improves your focus but at the same time everyone has an equal chance of winning HOH or POV.

      • I get your point but what I am saying is that everyone is giving an equal chance at winning a mental comp. Vanessa even lost this previous mental comp so I don’t get how that makes her a cheater.

      • It’s definitely NOT “cheating.” She didn’t sneak the Adderall into the house. It’s being given to her by BB. SO, NOT cheating. You might say it gives her an unfair advantage, but if so, that advantage is sanctioned and not “cheating.”

      • then you know what, if she is “cheating” & Big Brother is allowing it then maybe people should be pointing the finger at Big Brother itself! The production and what not! Errand, if Vanessa wins then the adults in the house who I can only assume No what’s right and wrong should fight it! They should say it was completely unfair because she was taking “adderall to cheat!” You know because she HAS won absolutely everything, every competition she has been able to play! Oh wait, no she hasn’t! Lol **insert sarcasm** and clearly her “use of adderal”l has made the “Intelligent adult” who can do whatever they want in regards to putting people on the block and evicting them but they don’t do it because I can only assume vanessa did some crazy voodoo “adderall” spell on them all or is it because they are all actually sincerely fearful for their lives because they think Vanessa will come into their rooms while they are sleeping and murder them!! It has nothing to do with her amazing gameplay! Sounds a little strange to me! especially because we know she is definitely in the final six with two very intelligent people, Steve and John & they are not complaining to production about Vanessa cheating! I wonder why that is?! I wonder why someone is allowed in the house that is not only making every single other adult in the house petrified and fearful for their lives (so they will not put her up on the block & evict) and they are willing to lose $500,000 to her because you know they’re so so scared of her! but also Big Brother production is allowing this scary person who is crazy and unpredictable to also cheat! I don’t know, maybe big brother is scared of her too lol lol
        I do enjoy our debates Foxfire :-) our friendly debates! So, again with all due respect this is my opinion and I respect yours ♡ but come on, when is enough is enough? when is she ever going to get any respect for her brilliant game play? Seriously?! I know everyone loves to have a villain, so I can only assume because Vanessa has said some stupid things and has done some stupid things she just became an easy target for all the online haters! and, like I have said to you many times I do not defend all her actions but so many things I read on here and then I go read on the feeds or watch Big Brother after dark are completely taken out of context or overly dramatized or completely twisted around! because I am NOT blinded by hatred I can see it for what it is, a game! And she is doing an amazing job! she got Julia to choose Austin in the veto competition!!! That was one of her best moves because if Julia won…..well we know what would have happened! even John said vanessa was brilliant or something along those lines lol Julia did not choose Austin because she was afraid of Vanessa, she chose Austin because Vanessa convince her to do it! end of story! That’s it that’s all, Vanessa convinced her! and sure people can come back and say julia is just stupid, I’m not saying that! do I think it was a stupid move on her part? Absolutely! But I don’t know her personally so I can’t see if she is actually stupid! she doesn’t appear to be stupid to me! Anyway, blah blah blah blah blah right?! Agree to disagree :-) I just saw you ranting more about that adderall and felt compelled to jump in but like I have said, I am done defending her because it is useless! haters are going to hate and haters are going to be blinded by hatred and that is a fact! I completely see it for what it is now more than ever after watching a lot of past big brother After Dark shows and reading a lot of feeds (over the last day or so)
        at least I can have mature conversations with people like you :-) XO

      • That’s right tinalee, it’s all BB fault not Vanessa’s that she is cheating. You have learned well from your good friend V.
        So if the other HG’s aren’t complaining about Vanessa taking Adderall to enhance her gameplay in the comps then the BB audience can’t either? I beg your pardon but that’s a little far fetched. Sounds like something Vanessa would say too.
        Now you are saying that I can’t complain about Vanessa at all because she’s playing a good game and deserves to win. I beg to differ once again and I don’t have to like Vanessa or respect her game and do not have to qualifying any negative remark about her with a positive remark. I can say whatever I want – got it??
        Ahem, now you are saying Vanessa is an innocent victim and the viewers are bullying Vanessa HAhahahahahaha!
        Honey, Vanessa is the biggest bully in BB history so enough of the Vanessa is a victim ploy.
        So everyone that extremely dislikes Vanessa or “hates her” as you accuse is wrong and you and Vanessa are right? If Vanessa has so many viewers that don’t like her maybe just maybe Vanessa has something to do with that?
        But NOoooooo, Vanessa is always the victim, fake tears and all.
        I think you should peddle your nonsense elsewhere cause I’m not buying any of it.

      • THANK YOU!!!! could not agree with you more! Well said………..
        This adderall cheating is BS! Seriously, I have already made it very clear to a lot of these people that Vanessa takes it because she needs it. yes, it alters her behavior but all different types of medication affect people in different ways. if she was taking this medication to win, then why is she not winning? And why would she be allowed to take it?!
        PLUS like I have had to point out over & over, Vanessa wants to win! Obviously! But for her is not just about the money, it’s more about the win for her. do these people honestly believe Vanessa would be happy winning if she cheated?! Of course NOT! SMH!!
        it’s completely useless for me to continuously try and make people understand Vanessa and her moves, the haters are going to hate and it doesn’t matter what I say they are going to pick a part everything Vanessa does, they are going to assume the worst always! and they are making mountains out of molehills!! Vanessa… a bully! as if! I am the first to admit that some things vanessa has done or said have been “stupid” however, I have “caught up on the feeds” & caught up on Big Brother after dark to see exactly what the Vanessa haters are talking about and, I came to the conclusion that yes Vanessa makes mistakes however, she is not this evil person people paint her out to be. it’s human nature for people to want to find a villain in any game like this and Vanessa was an easy target! She made some mistakes and said some stupid things and now people can’t look past it. Now no matter what she says people/haters either completely misread her conversations with people or I don’t know, just don’t see it for what it is. a quick example and I will wrap this up lol is Haters have been saying Vanessa is a con artist and she is manipulating people by saying if they win to give her money to play poker and she will increase their yield! Give me a break, she’s just making small talk about something she loves! She gets staked ALL THE TIME to enter tournaments and that is all she is saying, she’s just throwing it out there. the people in the house are all adults! If they choose to gamble their money, it’s completely up to them! She’s not going to steal their money, she’s not going to force them at gunpoint to give her money! She’s a gambler, she is brilliant! And she can “increase their yield” and yes, even if she loses a few games here and there! Cash tables! She doesn’t have to win the entire tournament. I think people need to study up on poker and just how many different ways there are to play it. Anyway blah blah blah lol it’s not often I have someone who agrees with me so thank you! ♡
        I gave up a few days ago (after over a month) of trying to help the “viewers/haters” see it for what it was, good game play! And to help them not be so blinded by hatred and see she has played an excellent game!
        I am so tired of reading and responding to comments about Vanessa personal character and defending her, and trying to help these people! Everyone in the house is an adult! Yes they say they are afraid of her but again, totally taken out of context! They’re not actually afraid of her like she’s going to murder them in their sleep lol give me a break! Anyway sorry for the long reply lol

      • Didn’t Aaryn and Amanda in Season 15 take Adderall? Didn’t help them. I thought houseguests used to save up their meds just to “dose” before competitions before Big Brother production started enforcing the med schedule. But that could all be rumor. In any event, I think criticizing someone for taking a prescribed medication is a low blow. Vanessa could have been gone weeks ago if the house didn’t flip and vote out Shelli instead. I’m still rooting for Vanessa to win.

      • Yes indeed, Amanda did use Allerall and do you notice the similarities in both their behaviors after taking a dose?
        Since Adderall is supposed to be used for ADHD disorder to help them keep calm, the fact that Amanda and Vanessa are NOT calmed down at all when taking Adderall hints that they’re not taking it for medical reasons but to cheat at BB.

      • but then why would Big Brother allow this to happen? Why would they allow someone to take adderall who does not require it? That does not make any sense to me! And like I said to you previously, people react in different ways to medication so to assume because Vanessa is not “acting” mellow & what not does not give us any right to assume she is cheating!
        I have 3 daughters & they has taken medication for colds or the flu and what not! On the labels it clearly states that it “will cause drowsiness” however when we need to give it to our youngest daughter it does the complete opposite, it makes her very hyper and alert! so does that mean she didn’t have the cold? Or wasn’t throwing up and needing gravol?
        Another great example (talking about medication for mental health such as ADHD, anxiety, depression and so on) my entire life I have had anxiety and as I got older my anxiety worsened. I needed to go on medication to help control my anxiety so my doctor prescribed anti anxiety medication. I was told it would take up to 2 weeks to work and / or have the full effect! Within 2 days of taking this medication for my anxiety I was a nervous wreck! My anxiety was so bad I could not get out of bed! but I continue taking the medication and for 2 weeks my anxiety got worse and worse and worse. I eventually went back to my doctor and he said we needed to try something different so he put me on a different anti anxiety med with the same dosage and within a day I was back to my old self! And I was able to get my anxiety under control! So, I am a proven fact that not everyone reacts the same way to medications. I have friends / family who take the anti-anxiety medication I was first given and it completely helps them! Just sayin :)
        & I truly hope you know this is a friendly debate! I don’t take anything to heart, I enjoy our conversations even if we do not see eye to eye! So I do truly hope I am NOT kissing you off lol :-) because it is not what I am trying to do what so ever!

      • WOW! I bet that dose of Adderall sure helped Vanessa win that egg HOH comp. She was just speeding ahead wasn’t she?
        If Vanessa enters the house taking several medications such as blood pressure medicine or Adderall ,BB doesn’t have the medical authority to take this away from her. If Vanessa’s Dr. has given her the Rx for Adderall, BB would be in big legal trouble for not giving her her prescribed drugs. Since Adderall is addictive I’m sure BB isn’t going to take it away from her and let America see her going through withdrawals 3 nights a week. Vanessa’s drug problem isn’t BB problem it’s her problem.
        Vanessa isn’t the only HG that has cheated on BB by taking the drug Adderall if that helps you feel better. They all were just as manic as Vanessa is currently and couldn’t stop talking and stayed up all night talking game exhausting all the other HG’s who aren’t on Adderall that can’t go the distance with someone taking legalized speed.
        BB viewers can’t help but notice these things over the years. The HG’s even noticed Vanessa acts different after she takes her Adderall. So Vanessa is not having her own special “reaction” to Adderall at all, many other HG’s have this same reaction and still take their Adderall pill because it has it’s benefits and helps them win comps.
        So yes, I have the right to assume the HG’s that take a pill and suddenly become manic and can’t stop talking and playing game are taking said pill to give them an advantage in the game.
        Which it definitely does in case you didn’t know. Taking prescription speed before a comp is a big help in case you didn’t realize that.
        I think you’re smart enough to know that too so enough of your protests and blaming production because Vanessa is abusing Adderall.
        Enough of the ridiculous comparisons to over the counter drug medications too.
        I have explained to you 3 or 4 times how Adderall acts and you still play dumb and insist that Vanessa is special and is only having her own unique reaction to Adderall.
        Do you or do you not understand what conditions for which Adderall is prescribed?
        Do you or do you not understand that people taking Adderall that don’t really have ADHD behave just like Vanessa and Vanessa isn’t special and unique? Adderall is the equivalent of speed.
        If a Dr. ever prescribes Adderall for your anxiety you need to find another Dr.
        I have tried to educate you about the use and abuse of Adderall but you keep comparing apples and oranges for heaven’s sake.
        I refuse to listen to any more of your excuses about Vanessa being special and is having her own unique and special reaction to Adderall because she’s not.
        If Vanessa suddenly broke out into a big rash and started vomiting violently that would indicate she’s having a bad reaction to a pill.
        If Vanessa is taking speed and starts acting manic and hyper she is not have a special reaction to Adderall because anyone who takes speed will behave in a manic manner.
        NOw what exactly is so hard to understand about the drug Adderall? I assume you’re an intelligent person and I find it hard to believe you’re having such difficulty understanding the drug Adderall since it’s really not that difficult.
        If you still don’t understand I don’t want to hear about it again.
        Good Night.

      • but then why would Big Brother allow this to happen? Why would they allow someone to take adderall who does not require it? That does not make any sense to me! And like I said to you previously, people react in different ways to medication so to assume because Vanessa is not “acting” mellow & what not does not give us any right to assume she is cheating!
        I have 3 daughters & they has taken medication for colds or the flu and what not! On the labels it clearly states that it “will cause drowsiness” however when we need to give it to our youngest daughter it does the complete opposite, it makes her very hyper and alert! so does that mean she didn’t have the cold? Or wasn’t throwing up and needing gravol?
        Another great example (talking about medication for mental health such as ADHD, anxiety, depression and so on) my entire life I have had anxiety and as I got older my anxiety worsened. I needed to go on medication to help control my anxiety so my doctor prescribed anti anxiety medication. I was told it would take up to 2 weeks to work and / or have the full effect! Within 2 days of taking this medication for my anxiety I was a nervous wreck! My anxiety was so bad I could not get out of bed! but I continue taking the medication and for 2 weeks my anxiety got worse and worse and worse. I eventually went back to my doctor and he said we needed to try something different so he put me on a different anti anxiety med with the same dosage and within a day I was back to my old self! And I was able to get my anxiety under control! So, I am a proven fact that not everyone reacts the same way to medications. I have friends / family who take the anti-anxiety medication I was first given and it completely helps them! Just sayin :)
        & I truly hope you know this is a friendly debate! I don’t take anything to heart, I enjoy our conversations even if we do not see eye to eye! So I do truly hope I am NOT kissing you off lol :-) because it is not what I am trying to do what so ever!

      • thank you!! It’s nice to read common sense :-) rumors! Speculation!….. Adderall affects people in different ways and that is a fact! So just because Vanessa is not acting accordingly to how people believe she should be acting wants taking her prescribed medication for her ADHD, does not mean she is taking it for the sole purpose to cheat! And, if in fact this drug made her be able to win anything, then why isn’t she? Lol….. And, adderall is not making the HGs keep Vanessa in the game lol….. The thing is, people like a villain! And because Vanessa has said some stupid things she has been made to be the villain! When really all she is doing is trying to win the game! Yes, she is manipulating but call me crazy but isn’t that what people do in a game like this? And yes she is lying, but again call me crazy but isn’t that what people do in a game like this? And yes she “running the show” and yet again call me crazy but aren’t the people in the house adults? Do they not have a mind of their own? are they not intelligent? (Steve is also a so called super fan! And, Jmac is a dentist and clearly educated!) So, I am pretty sure they do and I’m pretty sure they can put her on the block and EVICT her if they want to however she (for now at least) is “running the show” (she got Julia to pick Austin during the veto competition!!! Lol….. That was incredible! & equally incredible how stupid Julia was to do that!) Vanessa (in my opinion!) Is doing a brilliant job! Sure, maybe the house guests are finally catching on and maybe she won’t make it the final 2 but, she has played one hell of a game! Since day one she has been playing, (unlike the rest of the house guests who aside from the last few weeks, acted as though they are at summer camp!) Vanessa came in and was quiet, align herself with a strong player, Austin and then quietly watch what everyone else was doing and then made her move and became a part of a strong alliance! (Well, really the only alliance at least playing the game lol)
        I have been team Vanessa since the very beginning, & I have been defending Vanessa auctions for the most part (aside from some things she has said and done that I haven’t agreed with but nobody’s perfect!) she pretty much became a villain when she was very paranoid thinking her alliance was turning on her (viewers/fans clearly did not like the new Vanessa who didn’t lay down and take it!) however, what these haters are failing to remember is Vanessa had every right to be paranoid, her alliance was turning on her! and then the whole Austin back door scenario when Vanessa was HOH! again haters didn’t see it for what it was! and the rest of the HGs were angry when Vanessa did not back door Austin but NOT ONLY was it a smart decision for her to keep him, it was also not her decision! people fail to remember that Vanessa told Austin she would keep him if he convinced clay and Shellie to agree to it! So, it was not just Vanessa screwing other people over! &, again lol call me crazy but doesn’t this happen all the time on Big Brother?!
        for the past month I have just come to the conclusion haters are going to hate! They are going to be blinded by their hatred for Vanessa and not respect anything she does! they are and have been twisting things she says around, taking things out of context and over dramatizing a lot of the situations and conversations! Again, I do not think she has played a flawless game, she has made some mistakes and she has said some things that I have not defended!
        it is what it is, I have been very vocal about being team Vanessa! And I truly think she does deserve to win the money! And I hope she does however if she does not, I’m not going to lose any sleep over it lol because I can see this for what it is, a reality TV show game! A game! That’s all!
        again, thank you! It’s refreshing to read common sense and for “fans” who agree with me for the most part! I don’t need reassurance, it’s just nice to know there are people out there who are team Vanessa :-) :-) and I apologize for the very long comment lol…. I don’t know if you have seen any of my previous comments but I kind of say too much lol lol take care!

      • I am 100% team Vanessa. I can’t wait for her to win the whole thing. I am confident she will.

      • well it’s great to see I am NOT alone :-) tough crowd here when you are team Vanessa! She’s not overly liked. I just know her personally, met her a few times and we have lots of mutual friend and I know for a fact she is not a crazy lunatic like people are calling her or a cheater, nor does she take adderall to inherent her performance! Not to cheat! It’s pointless trying to debate with other people who dislike her because some of them are so narrow minded, are blinded by hatred & take this WAY too seriously! Some people have been very kind to me regardless of how they feel about Vanessa and some people who miss read certain things or who read gossip that was completely untrue are agreeing and seeing for what it is, again! I have this one person who likes to follow me around on here (an older lady)and put in her 2 cents about what I have said. and this other person who is spreading gossip on here by saying she is a nurse and she knows that Vanessa is taking adderall to cheat! Well, if she really was a nurse then she would know people react differently to medications! it’s just another thing to try and make Vanessa look bad but at the end of the day her family and friends and fans know who she really is and no she would never ever cheat! And they know she is an extremely kind person and is just playing a game!
        this is the first time I have ever participated in this chat thing, but OMG! The some people need to really really get a life. I have never once said one mean thing to any of these haters, I have always kept it civil and I think that’s why even the Vanessa haters respect me! I am NOT a hypocrite like the few people on here are who purposely seek me out to insult me personally! if people honestly believe they are going to hurt my feelings because they are hiding behind a computer and typing hypocritical & “mean” things to me then they are sadly mistaken! I honestly could care less if every single person on here hated me because I am and always will be, team Vanessa because at the end of the day, this is just entertainment! It is not real life! I don’t think Vanessa will make it to the final two…. it would not be smart for any of the remaining houseguests to take her! & I do believe they will cut her loose next week and I am perfectly okay with that! And I know for a fact I am going to be tracked down and a few of these trollers will laugh when Vanessa is gone and totally threw it in my face but, I don’t care if she wins! I think she does deserve to win however I do not care! It will not affect me in any way shape or form if she does not win! Just all this gossip and taking things out of context and twisting her words around are ridiculous! Haters are going to hate and there’s nothing you or I can do. anyway blah blah blah lol….. Just a little rant to you haha because two of those immature haters sent me messages today and really, they are just entertaining me. I am a mother of three beautiful little girls, I have a loving husband and a lot of great family and friends so if these people honestly think something like this will affect my life then they are sadly mistaken! Anyway, it’s nice to have someone in your corner :)

      • Hey hey hey…… you and I already spoke about this. about Vanessa personal issues and good that she takes adderall for medical reasons. you can’t have it both ways, either she is taking it to cheat (which like I said you and I spoke about and she is not!) or she is taking it for medical reasons which I thought at least I helped you understand that!?
        Just sayin ♡♡

      • Actually tinalee, I told you that Vanessa couldn’t be taking it for medical reasons because Adderall is used to calm down people with ADHD. Since taking Adderall makes Vanessa manic she can’t have ADHD because the drug would make her calm instead manic.
        It’s very easy to get an Rx for Adderall and other BB HG’s have behaved the same way as Vanessa because they weren’t taking it for ADHD but to improve their performance in the comps.
        If you think this is fair for Vanessa to have an advantage over everyone else in the comps then good for you.
        But I can’t condone Vanessa cheating.

      • My apologies Foxfire, you are correct! You did tell me that, I got our conversations mixed up with another one. So again I am sorry!
        I do not condone cheating whatsoever! And, if I am wrong I can admit it.
        I am NOT going to debate the subject of whether Vanessa does or does not have ADHD, in all fairness to her, it’s not my place to discuss her “mental health.” & I do agree that adderall does have side effects but it has the side effects whether you require the medication or do not and that is a fact! If you Google Addrell “side effects” you can see it for yourself. I know a lot of people who take adderall, adults, young adults and teenagers! And, I can tell you that I have seen this medication affect people differently but its main purpose does work.
        like I said, I was wrong in regards to what I said, & I am very sorry for that! I do not condone cheating in any way shape or form! It doesn’t matter if it’s my best friend or my worst enemy, cheating is not OK!
        I am just curious why “Big Brother” would allow someone to take a drug that is for the sole purpose of cheating!?
        I am NOT going to continue defending her because obviously it’s useless :-) and if she was cheating, I would not defend those actions whatsoever! But like I said, if not my place to talk about Vanessa mental health and any drugs she may or may not take because of any medical conditions however, I can tell you that if she is taking Addrell, it is NOT to cheat. but of course people are going to assume, & I understand where you are coming from, I honestly do! and again, I truly am sorry for my last comment, forgetting exactly what you said the other day.

      • I bet the Adderall would be a big help when Vanessa is playing in a poker tournament too :D
        Since Vanessa obviously doesn’t need stimulants as she’s already manic enough I can’t begin to imagine why the Dr. would give her a Rx for a drug that is essential “speed”.
        As a nurse I know that Adderall is not given to someone to calm their nerves after losing a family member. So it’s highly unfair for Vanessa to take a stimulant drug such as Adderall so she can have an unfair advantage in the comps.

      • I never said Vanessa was taking adderall because of the loss of a family member! In fact, I’ve never even said Vanessa takes adderall. I am just going off of what you say. like I have said, it’s not my place to discuss her mental health.

      • We’re not talking about Vanessa’s mental health, we’re talking about her drug usage. The medical facts aren’t adding up here I’m afraid.
        Since the Adderall is making Vanessa manic the drug is not working correctly and she needs to stop taking it. A well-intentioned Dr. would not give the equivalent of speed to a manic person.
        If she is taking it for ADHD then the Adderall is not calming her down like it’s supposed to if she were really suffering from ADHD. So any well-intentioned Dr. would take her off of Adderall for her ADHD since it makes her manic instead of calming her down.
        There is a lot of Adderall abuse going on in case you didn’t know and Vanessa is not the only person that’s discovered this handy little drug.

      • I didn’t read, just hit reply! Honestly, don’t waste your time replying to me because I am NOT interested in reading your negativity nor am i interested in reading anything more about your assumptions!

      • Sorry I couldn’t believe all that nonsense about Vanessa that you were spewing. The truth does hurt I’m afraid.
        Farewell and good luck finding your next sucker Ms “take the high road” UGH.

      • NOT READING… remember? I told you in my last message I am NOT going to encourage speculation! remember? I just keep hitting reply when you send these….
        You are a nurse?! Yet, you speculate on someone’s mental health based on a reality TV show! You have never seen her medical records!
        If anything, I would expect a person “in your field of work” (regardless of how they feel about someone they are “watching” on TV) at the very least speak the truth about how medication affects people in different ways! I certainly would not think a “nurse” would make such terrible accusations about someone they know NOTHING about! And be the one to start the gossip and/or add fuel to the fire based on “their” feelings on other “things” Vanessa did to make you not a fan of hers!! I honestly AM dumbfounded and appalled (if you are really a nurse) that you would base your opinion on glimpses of someone! You claimed to be a nurse so if that is true, you KNOW for a FACT people react differently to medications, especially medications like adderall, and other mood-altering medications! Just because you see glimpses of how Vanessa “is reacting to the Adderall” does not mean the Adderall is not working for her ADHD or what have you!!! So you are either a liar & you are NOT a Nurse or you are a Nurse but you do NOT know ANYTHING about “Mental Health” & medication used to help people with mental health problems! Like myself who has anxiety (and as I told you in a previous comment) As I got older my anxiety got more intense. I went to see my doctor and he put me on anti anxiety medicatio (I mentioned one type I knew of that some family and friends were on & they said it really helped them!) so he prescribed me that anti anxiety medication! He told me it could take up to 2 weeks to start working and within a few days I was worse off then when I started the medication!! I couldn’t get out of bed because my anxiety was so so so bad! I was shaking, I couldn’t speak properly! This was new to me, I had never taken any medication before so I waited the two weeks & NOTHING changed! I was in terrible shape! I finally went back to my doctor and he took me off of that medication and he put me on a different anti anxiety medication which did help me and does help me! So, there is your example on how medication affects people in different ways because other people who had taken the exact same medication I did for the exact same thing did well on it!
        your dislike of Vanessa has been very clear for many weeks now, so You are using this adderall BS as another way to try and make her look bad! I see right through it!
        We always had friendly debates and discussions but once you started throwing in this adderall cheating bullshit I had you figured out! You want to be right! You will use anything to try and attack Vanessa’s character! Is very very clear to me now! I agreed with you in regards to (some) things Vanessa did or said that were inappropriate however, and this is very unacceptable! Extremely unprofessional of you, you probably should have kept the “I’m a nurse” part out of your comment! because it made it very clear what your goal was! again, every single nurse friend that I have would never, ever judge someone like you have in regards to their mental health whenever meeting them or speaking to them! In fact, yesterday when you were talking about the Adderall and the cheating I found one of my nurse friends and she cleared up what I already knew, this medication can affect people in different ways and only because some “famous” people have used it to enhance their performances, it is it is so much gossip now, it’s ridiculous! As if Vanessa would be very vocal about taking adderall if she was using it to cheat! I don’t know what planet you are on but, Vanessa is extremely intelligent therefore if she was using this to cheat she would obviously use her brains and not make it public! it just does not add up! Big brother would not allow her to take adderall if she did not need it! And that is a fact!! you making your “nurses assessment” based on watching someone play on a reality TV show game is ignorance at its finest!
        IF you really are a nurse, then you know FOR A FACT that what I’m saying is true!
        But you have been a Vanessa” hater” for quite a while now so you will use whatever you can to try and make her look bad! (drama and gossip! SMH) And, you will have people who believe you, I don’t doubt that however, a lot of people will SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOUR BS! (even if they are not fans of Vanessa!) It’s just a simple FACT that medication can work differently on different people and not everyone will react the same way when taking it.
        I don’t expect anything less from you! you have judged everything she has done regardless if it was good game play or not! There’s nothing she can do that is right in your eyes because haters are going to hate! but, at the end of the day it’s a game and Vanessa could care less what you think!
        Your comments have become repetitive and extremely gossipy! SHAME ON YOU for lying and your horrible accusations of cheating when you are a nurse and are basing your opinions on hatred not FACTS!! if you are a nurse, you know what you are saying is a lie! you know people react differently to medications! It’s a fact! Shame on you!
        I only speak the truth, tell the facts & keep it civil! this is the meanest I have ever been to anyone on here, and I’m not even being mean! I’m speaking the truth. you should be ashamed of yourself! And like I have said several times, stop talking to me because I have no interest in talking to people like you! I am here to have fun, not to pick on people who take medication!

      • Sorry tinalee, but I’m not reading any more of your delusional posts about Vanessa. Have a great weekend.
        Vanessa cheats by taking Adderall is why she won that HOH comp.

    • OMG—larry and foxfire—your comments are so dam stupid i cannot read any more of them—–THIS A GAME NOT ABOUT YOUR MONEY BEFOREHAND. geez louise

  24. The only houseguest that has any chance of making a move against Vanessa is John. The idea of either of the twins making a strategic move is crazy. They have only gotten this far because they have won competitions — and thus avoided eviction — or been protected by their allies. Who they have chosen to target has been completely off base the entire season. Steve and Austin may both question Vanessa, but not enough to target her over someone else. Austin said in a diary room session he thought in his gut Vanessa was working with him more than anyone else. I believed him when he said it. John might make a move, but not until the end. He’ll go for final 3 HOH and take Steve over Vanessa.

  25. I really want Vanessa to win. Based on gameplay alone, Vanessa is the only deserving one. Aside from Vanessa and MAYBE Austin, if anybody else wins I will be very disappointed with the winner.

    • I am absolutely shocked to read this! In a good way :-) I have been saying for weeks now that Vanessa deserves to win based on her gameplay! she has played since day one, she was quiet for the first couple weeks and aligned herself with a physical strong player, Austin! And then she SAT back and studied everyone and then she made her move! Brilliant! I know so many people are calling her a bully, a manipulator, a con artist and so on but the fact is this is a game! And she is doing what she needs to do to win it! I do understand where people are coming from in regards to some of the things Vanessa has said lately that make her appear as a “crazy lunatic” but she’s just playing the game and doing what she needs to do! I strongly believe because there are so many Vanessa haters that no matter what she says people are going to twist her words around and / or take what she says the wrong way! I can give many examples but it’s useless!! vanessa is brilliant! And she deserves to win hands down! Its nice to see I’m not the only one who can see what’s going on :-) thank you!

  26. Given how its been going so far I don’t think they will do anything. All they have to do is sit down and talk and I don’t think they will.

  27. I’m curious if anyone has any thoughts on this one. Here’s my thinking.
    Neither twosome can make a move against Vanessa in the final 5 without it being suicidal. Whoever wins HoH has to nominate the other twosome. Reason being is then it becomes 2 on 2 in the final 4, and only 1 can compete in the final 4 HoH. The odds are heavily against you in the final four if you don’t keep Vanessa.
    I think the time to cut her loose is final 4 if they can.

    • Totally agree with you here! If Liz is out this week, Austin needs to go next. Then Van, Steve, and John can battle it out. The last one standing takes Julia to F2 and wins BB!

  28. At this point, there is nothing they can do, and if Vanessa wins HOH on Thursday, she may very well win BB17. It’s really frustrating how they talk about how Vanessa can’t be trusted and how she “starts crying and going crazy”, like this is something new. In fact, Becky spelled it all out when she put her up for eviction, yet there Vanessa is…still in the house doing her thing. Never mind the countless opportunities they had to get her out knowing how she’s playing the game. Unfortunately for them, time is just about up. This pisses me off even more “Austin says he afraid to piss off Vanessa”. It’s this common fear that will allow Vanessa to win. Funny how they didn’t didn’t seem too worried about pissing anyone else off. What’s so special about Vanessa? I can’t wait until finale night to see their expressions and hear what they have to say regarding how foolishly they played the game.

  29. Vanessa is winning by bullying, temper tantrums close to hysteria, threatening, making it a federal crime to lie when she is involved. If you have gameplay against she calls out the friend card, you are not a true friend to her how dare you do it when she is so loyal! I would not want to be a friends with someone so devious can you imagine if you came home late, what questions would be asked. The houseguests are scared of her outbursts, over the top drama, and will not make a move against her they need to wake up. I cannot even watch her manipulate on BB After Dark I fast forward as it is too slimy to watch. My only hope is for Steve and Johnny Mac have a true final 2.

    If Austin and the Twins are in the jury house do you think they will give Vanessa their votes? How do you think the jury will vote?

    • I honestly think that if she does make it to the end, she deserves to win it all and the jury should vote accordingly. I still cant understand how they could keep someone they fear so much around for so long. Maybe that’s just me looking at it from the outside-in. Though many of us have despised her and her game play all season, the fact that she has had a hand in every single eviction thus far only makes her case for winning stronger.

  30. every year we the fans cannot get what we want to happen so “we” start saying “the fix is in” come on lets try something new…….?

  31. I know I am on the “wrong side” but I say GO VAN…she has played all of them and deserves to win!! It’s a game!! And she is a professional game player!! I was so glad to see at least one of the twins leave..Bad enough to listen to that whiny voice but in stereo!! Good move on Steves’ part!

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