Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 10: Saturday Highlights

It was Veto Day on Saturday in the Big Brother 17 house as the HGs spent nearly five hours in what looked to be a wild game of Hide & Seek leaving their habitat in a torn about fashion.

Austin Matelson is making me uncomfortable with that pose
Austin Matelson is making me uncomfortable with that pose. – Source: CBS All Access

The results of the PoV comp will leave plenty of fans happy plus it gives everyone the chance to watch the HGs scatter and scramble looking for a new way out of the mess they’re in.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, August 29, 2015:

9:00 AM BBT – HGs starting their day, but not much movement.

10:15 AM BBT – Veto players picked. Austwins will join the HoH & noms.

10:30 AM BBT – Meg worries that she’ll end up the target and go to Jury this week.

10:50 AM BBT – Vanessa and Austin discuss strategy for a stay/fold competition.

11:15 AM BBT – Liz and Julia complaining about the HGs figuring out the twins twist and says they were “bullied.”

12:00 PM BBT – Vanessa working with the Austwins to develop a strategy if it’s the stay/fold comp.

12:08 PM BBT – Feeds cut for the PoV comp.

5:01 PM BBT – Feeds return from Veto. James has won the Power of Veto. The BB17 house is demolished. HGs played “Hide & Go Veto.” Vanessa is upstairs alone and crying saying she nearly had it.

5:10 PM BBT – HGs continue to clean up the disaster zone that is their dwelling. It’s a complete mess. HGs talking about where they looked for things and how they hid the items in various spots.

5:20 PM BBT – Liz tells Julia she trashed Meg’s belongings out of spite because someone went through her things. Julia gasps and asks how Liz knew it was Meg who did it to her stuff. Liz flips the bird and says she doesn’t know. (Isn’t she lovely?)

5:35 PM BBT – James puts the Veto back on and says he’s going to let it soak in that he’s safe.

5:40 PM BBT – Vanessa pouts to Julia that Big Brother is trying to help James by giving him this competition. Vanessa questions Julia about whether the Austwins would really vote Meg out as Vanessa claims she wants to happen.

5:50 PM BBT – James and Meg talking with Austin. Austin is trying to smooth things out with the Goblins. James says if he wins HoH then he’s going to nom Vanessa and won’t hide the fact.

6:06 PM BBT – Austwins very worried. Julia tells Liztin what Vanessa told her about considering putting one of them up to make sure they don’t try to vote out her pawn over Meg. Austin says James is going after Vanessa and not them.

6:30 PM BBT – Vanessa pushing on Austin to keep Meg the target, but Austin says John and James together is more dangerous.

6:55 PM BBT – Steve heads up to the HoH room. Vanessa is rambling and worked up. She says she’s upset that John hasn’t come up to see her since she became HoH, but actually he has. Vanessa says she’s drunk as they continue to discuss her options.

7:10 PM BBT – James and Meg talk through what they can do. James remembers how Vanessa used Austin’s line about victims in her speech. He thinks that might suggest they’re working together. (Yes, Austin helped Vanessa put together her speech. Good catch by James.)

7:30 PM BBT – Vanessa proposes to Liz that she could use Julia as a pawn to get Meg out. Liz isn’t upset and Julia takes it well.

7:50 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Austwins she wants a big target out this week and Meg doesn’t fit that bill. She suggests she could put up JMac.

8:30 PM BBT – Meg and James discuss how messy Vanessa’s reasons were for nominating them. James wants to work on getting Austin’s support to go after Vanessa.

8:40 PM BBT – Austin is back downstairs and talking with the Goblins. Austin suggests they can convince Vanessa to target JMac this week instead of Meg.

9:05 PM BBT – John is upstairs hanging out with Vanessa in the HoH room. Vanessa says she’d rather keep John but wants his help in justifying it.

9:30 PM BBT – Downstairs Julia is upset that Vanessa suggested she’d need to go up as a pawn. She wants John going up instead and doesn’t like the idea of having to get involved or participate this week.

10:10 PM BBT – John confirms to James that he has a deal with Vanessa. James isn’t worried.

10:40 PM BBT – John worries to Steve that Vanessa may renom one of them and if that happens the Austwins will take that chance to get them out instead of Meg. Steve tells John he needs to be more aggressive in promising Vanessa that they’re on the same team.

11:00 PM BBT – Meg goes to Vanessa and tells her she really wants to stay. Vanessa gives Meg hope that she’ll be able to stay.

11:25 PM BBT – James arrives in HoH. Vanessa is not happy with him and doesn’t hide it. Vanessa tells James it was all strategy and not personal in putting him on the Block. She’s upset that he didn’t come to her with information, but he counters that he was told she wasn’t trustworthy.

11:30 PM BBT – Vanessa feels insulted and starts shouting at James to get out of the room. She’s yelling that he’s going to get Meg evicted by insulting her and her game.

11:40 PM BBT – Vanessa shifts from yelling to crying. James tries to apologize and comfort her. She admits she might be oversensitive.

12:00 AM BBT – James and Vanessa are still talking. He says he doesn’t want to have bad blood between them and Vanessa promises she doesn’t hold a grudge. Vanessa admits to James that getting Meg out would be a waste of her week.

12:20 AM BBT – Vanessa asks James that if he were to win HoH next week to consider all his options and to talk with her first about things.

2:10 AM BBT – Steve camtalks telling Feedsters that he’ll put up Austin and Liz if he wins HoH. He doesn’t want Julia out this week because the stronger side of that trio is Austin and Liz. He’d rather have Meg go this week and then try to make something with James.

2:45 AM BBT – Vanessa promises Austwins she will give $10K out of her pocket if something goes wrong with Julia as a pawn and she gets evicted.

4:15 AM BBT – Steve is back upstairs with Vanessa and general talk. He asks for ideas if he wins the next HoH. Vanessa tells Steve it’s his choice.

What a day, what a day. The Power of Veto finally brought us a power shift at least in a partial sense after weeks of concentrating control between the Van Austwins. Now we’ll see some good action as Vanessa will be forced to work on a new plan ahead of Monday’s Veto meeting.

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  1. Yay, James!!!!! Almost impossible odds, but you did it. Now keep scaring the living daylights out of them in more ways than one. Go win HOH!

    • Woo Hoo! James is safe! Meg has a chance! Van screwed herself into the worst spot in the game, especially going into a DE!! And there is a slight possibility that Julia goes to jury!!

      (In case anyone couldn’t tell, I’m very happy with the PoV comp results!)

      • Van will wuss out and put up JMac, sending him home. Which is frankly the worst thing possible for James, since he needs to align himself himself with somebody–anybody–stronger than clueless Meg if he plans on winning.

      • If Van is smart..she should renom Liz to break up not only a trio but a showmance too. That is a move she’ll be known most for in BB!

      • Whatever move she makes will define her BB game at this point. Either a wuss move or an epic one. There is no middle of the road.

    • You likey? If he didn’t win, I was going to stop watching. He must have gotten my subliminal messages! LOLOL He will need to win HoH first during DE, put up Austin and Liz (if Van doesn’t put her up now as a renom) with Liz going home. Only Julia will vote to keep her, while Van, Steve and JMac won’t. Van may vote to keep Liz and James will have to break the tie and send her packing.

      • Yep, BB is not my life. I have the ability to switch it off if I feel it is more stressful than enjoyable, and I will if it comes to that. If Frankie hadn’t have left last year when he did, I was ready to hit the off button.
        Your scenario sounds like soooooo much fun, Joni!

  2. If Vanessa wants meg out, she puts up Julia. If she puts up Jmac, he’s a goner. It’s that simple. Or she could draw a line in the sand right now and put up Austin. Make James choose between him or meg.

    Odds are James votes out Austin making it Steve and jmac vs james and Liz in the next hoh (because meg and Julia ain’t winning). Vanessa could even try to make a deal with James and say if I keep meg safe, ya’ll keep me safe next week. It’s not much, but it’s something. If she puts up Julia, James is absolutely coming after her and more she’ll have pissed off the austwins too.

  3. Vanessa needs to nominate Steve or john because she can not afford to have people mad at her at the DE since she can not play.

    • If she nominates Steve or John she can kiss them goodbye. As I posted before Austin wants John gone and Steve is just in the way. Van also has to think about Jury votes (if it comes to that) and she can’t tick either one off by going back her promise of safety for either one of them. She will never get a Jury vote from Meg, so she is expendable. She needs to convince one of the Austwins to play the pawn. They all have the votes to stay, sorry Meg

    • She doesn’t know it’s DE, or she would have put Liz up, knowing there wouldn’t be enough time for Austin or Julia to be mad for very long. Shame she isn’t counting on Thursday as being a DE! Fudgical!

  4. Don’t think James is playing the wuss/sucker again I think maybe hes considering his options and hoping to keep Meg by letting Vanessa think shes still all knowing and powerful.. I surmise this cause of a conversation he had with Meg before talking with Vanessa James and Meg have finally figured out that Vanessa and Austin are working all sides of the house.. Best of luck to James and Meg …

    • I hope that you are right. James is getting on my nerves being so trusting and allowing people to make him feel safe. I think that he hasn’t won HOH because he felt safe with Austin. He better wake up.

      • I don’t think James trusts Van at all. I don’t think he wants to work with Van at all but getting Meg to stay still requires Van’s help because her replacement nomination can change everything.

      • James needs to align himself with someone–anyone–who can possibly win something. Meg will not win anything as long as she’s there, so she can’t really help him. He needs to align himself with JMac, Steve(and ugh–Van) if he plans on sticking around past Thursday. He can’t abandon her for obvious reasons, but it really would be best for him if Meg is gone before the DE. Forces him to consider alternative options. Anything is better than Meg

      • that is just it….he LIKES Meg….he really isn’t looking to align with a winner. That is evident, since she hasn’t done squat this year and he still wants to give her his VETO.

      • exactly. John has been doing the same. I will say it again, these people are not BB players and sadly they all should be evicted. instead of a DE we need a 8E and put us out of our misery.

    • yeah right! They figured out Vanessa a long time ago. Do you not remember when her game blew up in her face? But she talked herself out of it…to everyone including James! James wants to give his Veto to Meg. That thought makes me think much less of James. We went through that with Clay……you don’t give someone you don’t know $500k, I don’t care how enamoured they are. I don’t think there are any smart players in this game.

      • Yeh, but he won’t. His daughter will come first and Meg will not allow him to do that, if she’s any friend of his that is.

  5. People know who the “final three” will be if they don’t break it up. Put up one of the twins, get James, JMac and Steve to give her 3 votes against Austin and the other twin. If Vanessa is okay with it, JMac will do it; Steve is the iffy one, but if he does it, then next week he’s almost guaranteed to get Austin or the other twin out IF he wins HOH. If we can sit here and figure this stuff out, why can’t they??? (totally tongue-in-cheek, don’t have a conniption)

    • Steve wants that to be the feather in his victory cap. I broke up the trio that everyone was so scared to.

      What he doesn’t realize is that if they make it through as three this week, their odds increase a great deal even with Julia’s dead weight.

    • i hear ya…that is what I have been saying. WE know how to play the game…the BB players are clueless!!
      It is totally obvious and anyone that can count should see that one of the austin/liz/julia group need to go. Those two girls seem awful hateful from the articles I read here. I don’t have the live feeds.

      • I’m sure if you are in the house, it’s not as clear as it for us. We see all angles because we see everything. Emotions are much higher- as is paranoia and uncertainty. You have to go by what people say, and their word isn’t always true. I’m sure if we went in we’d probably suck too. lol

      • Ding ding ding. We have the winning comment! And it’s EXACTLY correct!! I’ve had conversations with former house guests on Twitter. All of them have said that they were constantly questioning their own common sense. They also said they weren’t privy to every conversation going on like we are at home. By the time you realize that you’re getting screwed by someone who promised you otherwise, it’s too late. You go in with a mindset on how you’re gonna play, but then you get in there and your strategy goes out the window because the variables aren’t what you expected.

  6. In what universe do you trust Vanessa. I really can’t understand these people. Have they been paying so little attention to what’s been going on in this house for the past 9 weeks that they are oblivious to Vanessa’s game. It boggles the mind. The mean girl twins make my ears bleed, their parents must be so proud of how they raised these girls. I hope James doesn’t fall for Vanessa lies. If James and John leave this game I’m done. I’ll just read to see who wins. Worst BB ever.

    • I think James is too emotional to fall for her lies. If she gets Meg evicted, there is little chance James doesn’t avenge Meg, even if it costs him the game.

    • That is just it…..who would actually believe Vanessa’s lies this far into the game? What a sad excuse for a BB season.

    • I don’t get it either. I mean she has the same system and we she does it to everyone, but people still let it happen. I mean she bullies, get’s you to say stuff (and sometimes not- she’ll lie about what someone said to better her game) and then use it against you. She’s a snake.

      • Vanessa is not only mean spirited but selfish and immature as well. She has made millions already on the poker tour circuit and has posed for a few magazines. She doesn’t need the money or the publicity.

      • See that’s another one, some gal on here that’s acquainted w/V says Vanessa is a very nice person and is involved w/helping charities and has lots of friends and is nothing like what we’re seeing… maybe if she wins she’ll announce she’s giving all or almost all the winnings to a Charity(ies) or maybe spending money on things her other HGs need in life. Who knows, we may never know.

      • I think she shows classic signs of being not only broke, but in debt. Her mansion has been on the market for over a year. She lived high on the hog while she (and for just over a year add her late husband) made millions. Her last big winning was in Oct ’11. Most people that come into big money fast act like it’ll keep coming in forever. When it dries up, they continue to spend it like it’s still coming in.

  7. I saw a spider this morning and screamed out oh my Gaaaaaaw-udddddd! And realized I’ve been watching too much of the twins. Ugh.

  8. I’m kind of hoping Vanessa puts up Julia as a pawn; then Julia goes and Austin or Liz win HOH. They put up Vanessa in retaliation in the DE and Vanessa goes! A girl can dream, can’t she. My picks to win are Austin or James.

  9. Here are Van’s options as I see them:
    1. Continue to target Meg, by putting up Julia. Meg would go to jury, but Julia would be PO’d. She might convince Liz to be PO’d, too. Plus it would be a waste of an HoH to send either to jury.
    2. Put up JMac or Steve and let them be the new target. JMac would definitely go to jury. Steve is a 50-50 shot. Either way she screws over her best chance at making it past F4/F5, if she lasts that long. She also loses someone who can win comps and are willing to target the Asstwins.
    3. Put up Liz or Austin and target them. She draws a new line in the sand. James & JMac would VTE. Steve probably would, if it’s what Van wants. She stands a better chance of making it farther and sending all 3 Asstwins to jury this week and next week. However, she loses 3 more votes at the end.

    She hasn’t even considered option 3. No matter what she does she’s breaking her word for the 2nd time this HoH. What will be her “reason?” ROFL @ Van’s predicament.. She did it to herself with her horrible game play, especially by not even considering a next step for James winning PoV before the Veto comp!

      • She’s not playing with a full deck and doesn’t realize that nobody is going to deal her new cards.

      • I hope she is out of luck, because she’s going to need a lot to make it to F2. Even if she does, I don’t think she would get enough votes in any F2 scenario to win. I think we’ll find out that a lot of the HGs despised her gameplay tactics. That is what they will vote against.

    • Eventually, you have to have blood on your hands to win Big Brother. You cannot win by just floating. Majority of winners win by playing the game no matter how unpopular you are. Rachel still won her season because the deciding vote cast my Shelley who was allies with Danielle near the end of the season ignored Danielle’s pressure to vote for Porshe. Mike last season on Survivor was unpopular because his own alliance tried to backdoor him, he exposed it and they were pissed at him till the end. Eventually, one of the jurors, Jenny spoke of voting for the best player who make the best moves and how one has to overcome what happened in the game. That they honor the game by voting for the tribe member who played the best! Spencer made almost, an identical speech in the season previous won by Tony the policeman who was hated by practically everyone on the jury. Tony the policeman still won it in the end.

      • Survivor and BB are 2 different games. The mentality in playing them are different. In survivor winning comps is the most important thing. In BB social is the most important thing. BTW, people just floating by have won both games. So, floating is a valid strategy.

      • In most cases, you still have to have done something in the game. Even if Big Brother is a more social game, majority of people are still fair and will vote for the one who played the better game 9/10 times. In the case of Andy winning his season, that one is an aberration because Aaryn and Gina Marie uttered racial slurs. Although, they cleaned it up later during the season, the damage has been done, jobs lost and the other jurors were not about to give $500,000 to Gina Mare although, she played a better game because of the racial slurs. The other jurors would have been slammed in their social media accounts if they gave their votes to Gina Marie. She was trouble the other jurors did not want to deal with outside the Big Brother House. If no racial slurs were uttered by Gina Marie, she would have won that season easily over Andy.

      • Derrick and Ian played the best game of their seasons. They were not floaters but, very good strategists.

  10. Steve’s cam talk about keeping Julia makes me so sad. Why Steve ? Why????

    I know you want the points of breaking up the Austwims but continuing to leave them in power with the biggest numbers is so stupid.

    • Even after he said he studied up on past shows to see what people did wrong and what they did right. He must have missed the people in power episode’s then.

      • He needs to learn to count “3 votes” is what they total together All 3 gonna vote the same each eviction Shrink the # make it “2 votes”

    • Because he thinks the initial attack on the Austwins has to be a big player like Liz or Austin who have actually won comps. Steve views Julia like Meg.

      The only question I would have for him is why are you okay with taking out Meg and not Julia? His answer may be only that Vanessa would not want to take out Julia.

      Then again, why not go to Van and tell her James winning veto may be a blessing in disguise. Its the sign to put up Austin or Liz and vote on of them out. It has to be done so what is one week? Its not like they have to worry about Meg winning next week.

      Its early so maybe JMac or Steve will come up with this plan before the end of the day.

      • Think he’d like to be she has too scared to speak to truth. He’s being more careful with what he tells her. He knows if Austin wins next HoH that Vanessa might tell him that Steve wanted her to target Liz this week.

    • I think Steve is a legend in his own mind. He may be very intelligent but still socially inept .His cam talks are very unnerving & unsettling to me.

      • Gosh, Steve is really hard to figure out, who is the real Steve? The one thing we know for sure is that Steve is a weirdo, sometimes you think you’re hearing some wisdom from him then he says “I’m voting Meg out”, is that b.s. he’s spewing for some unknown reason? I’m baffled.

  11. I still can’t figure Little Stevie out…he’s either certifiably insane or just from another dimension far far away!

  12. Lol. Van is funny, everyone has to run things by her first, tell her the truth, hug and congratulate her (even if they don’t want), comfort her… no one is entitled to their feelings, not allowed to cry or be upset, confront her, ask for the truth, this would all mean they are against her. She sure knows jow to play with their emotions.

    • At this point, someone in the house needs to tell her to grow up and be a woman. This is a game and it can’t go your way all the time Audrey #2. Sorry, did I really just go there LMAO.

      • She will go batcrap crazy if anyone dared to tell her such things. It’s okay for her to tell them things like that… now,, she would scream being bullied, satan was after her, bring out the Bible reciting it to them… the things she would come up with.

      • I swear Van could be my ex-husband twin!! I went thru that same emotional abuse. I hope her girlfriend is watching this and sees Van for what she is.

      • Someone was here the other day and said that she “knew” Van, because she had met her a few times through mutual friends. Then she proceeded to say that what we’re seeing isn’t the “real” Van and that the “real” Van is sweet, generous, etc. So, I think that Van has her real life social pretty well hood-winked. Doubt that that anyone in her life gets that wake-up call, especially if she pays them with gifts.

      • During the course of this show every HG reveals who they really are from time to time. No one can act for that long without letting her guard drop. Vanessa’s emotional responses are too quick and automatic to be fake. He rats at times when she is angry are not put on either.

        I am sure a lot of the lying and deceit are game, but there are parts of her personality such as her egotistical claims to be able to tell when people are lying, and claiming she was in James head during the veto yesterday, those are all Vanessa ego talking. Perhaps this person who claims to know Vanessa only knows her casually and not well enough to know who she really is.

        In any case, I have said this before. There are people who lie in the game and you can tell they are uncomfortable with it. Then there are people who do it as it they do it all the time. Andy was like that (season 15). Vanessa may not be as bad as she looks, but at some level, this is who Vanessa is.

      • I agree with you! That’s what I was trying to explain to Van’s real life friend of a friend. However, you’ve said it much better! :)

      • I would tell her to grow the “F” up. Time for her to be an adult about this and if se can lie to me, I will lie to her as well.

    • Yes. I love how she goes berserk whenever its implied that she can’t be trusted. Never tell a n untrustworthy person they are untrustworthy. They will go crazy and deny it with their dying breath.

    • I love how she told James she was the only one willing to go up as a pawn every week! Yeah, she said that.

      When these HGs get out someone needs to ask they why they always believed every word out of her mouth even when others were telling them all she does is lie.

  13. The funny thing in all of this is the fact that they are running around like chicken’s with their heads cut off. Julia doesn’t want to go up on the block (who really want’s to go up) but someone has to go so who will it be? If Vanessa knows her only option is to put up a Asstwin then she has to go with that option and if she don’t, she has no chance of winning. Then again, there is still currently 4 against 4 in the house, why would you dwindle that number if you don’t have too but you won’t win if you don’t. Vanessa will have to triple up on her meds after this season.

  14. Between the two of them, the twits only have half a brain – and Liz got most of that. Julia, bless her heart, couldn’t pour water out of a boot with the directions on the bottom! I say put Liz on the block and vote her out. Now, you’re left with stinky and single twit and odds are, they’ll go after each other. Divide and conquer!!

    • Too bad that Van isn’t even considering targeting Liz. That would make for a drama filled rest of the week!

      • Patience dear, patience. As always, she just wants someone else doing the dirty work

      • She had to have help to get the vacuum cleaner to work. Maybe she has domestic workers for everything. Probably more akin to servitude. I can’t imagine being in her employment.

      • I don’t think it’s courage. She is just not a good strategist. She doesn’t think how it will be when they get down to F5 or F4, she’s thinking about this week. Just as she doesn’t think about jury vote, she want to make thru this week and that’s it. She will think about next week, next week. That’s why her strategy is so all over the place.

      • I think maybe a blind was partially opened regarding how the current jury members might feel toward her when they returned for the comp. She got a weird feeling, especially from Shelli.

      • Yeah, she was in disbelief that she got the cold shoulder from Shelli. I think she said “What did I ever do to her?” Van’s narcissism makes her delusional!

      • She knows what she is doing. She is a good strategist, but she overthinks. I’m pretty sure her brain is working overtime, and there are multiple possibilities for moves for her. All of them have a problem… so it’s about choosing the one with the least blow back etc.

        (Love Vanessa)

      • You know what, Red? People keep saying that Production gets in the ears of their “favorites”. Why not tell Vanessa that Liz is her best option? Wouldn’t THAT be something!!

  15. Why do I keep seeing people mentioning another double elimination coming up? Isn’t there normally only 1 per season?

  16. Another day another demonstration of what hateful ugly people the twins are. And another example of Vanessa’s very unlikable character.

    Vanessa is angry because James is angry with her? She doesn’t hold a grudge? What happened when Vanessa was back doored by Becky? How soon we forget. Funny how Vanessa can tell James about how great her memory is but only when it comes to other people, not for what she dos and says.

    I have no idea what’s in store for us the rest of this season but I am so afraid it is a repeat of BB15 with Andy the Rat winning. Andy was horrible for being something like the twins – fake and mean. Vanessa is just so self-centered and full of you know what (not game-wise – but about who she is and what she is).

  17. Has anyone watched any of Vanessa’s videos on youtube? What i mean by that is the poker ones where they check out her home, her Lamborghini, and her “stellar Dj skills?” I’m not hating on the money, whatever, but man you can tell she’s a snob just from that. How she plays the game isn’t much of a surprise after that.
    Plus- Fake.

    • She hasn’t won big in years. She’s a few small wins. She lost all of her sponsors, including GoDaddy and Poker Stars. Her ranking in the poker world is way down. I doubt she got anything from her late husband’s estate, since they split after he announced that he had cancer and she didn’t even attend his funeral.

      So, I suspect she has continued to live the rich lifestyle without the riches pouring in. I think she’s in debt up to her eyeballs.

      • I would believe that. Hard to stop living the big lifestyle when you did it for a while, and the money stop pouring in. It happened to so many celebrities.

      • All this talk about Vanessa being a millionaire poker player is a bit misleading. She has won $4 million in career tournament winnings on the various pro poker tours, but you would have to deduct the vast majority of tournaments in which she paid the entry fee ($500 – $10000 depending on the tournament) but did not advance far enough to earn a payout, as well as splits in prize money to financial backers who help pay for entry fees in return for a cut in the prize money.
        On the other hand she likely plays regularly at the high-rollers tables in Vegas, so who knows how much she earns – it’s anybody’s guess.

      • I read that her Vegas house had been on the market for years which correlates with her saying on feeds she and Mel just moved this year and don’t even have night stands…

      • No, it’s on different websites exactly. It says the earnings minus her buy in costs. It was about 3.5 million.

      • Is she a great DJ? The really good ones make BANK! Like, serious bank. Tough field to break into though.

      • I sense sarcasm. Isn’t the entire point of gambling to make much more than you put in? What makes you good?

      • No sarcasm intended. I don’t know her career. Maybe a slump or losing interest in the game and moving in another direction (like her music thing). Was just curious about the change. :-)

      • Yeah I’m sure there’s a reason, who really knows. Hell she probably doesn’t- with all the conflicting screaming in her head.

      • Yes, that’s the point of gambling, but the vast majority don’t even break even, let alone generate a 700% ROI.

      • She’s 5th all time for earnings for a woman. That was mostly between 2006 and 2010. But she hasn’t won any serious amount of money since 2010.

      • Yeah and I guess that depends on what you consider big too, cuz 200,000 in 2011 is a decent score to me. Thanks for the info

      • Since then most of her revenue come from endorsement and her DJ gig. Which she probably had to start because she needed to work to bring in some money. Let face it, she is not poor, but probably not as rich as she once was. Probably why she went on BB, she need the money.

      • Yeah, but I can also see her as sort of a snob, who wants to have the opportunity to show her intelligence, and outwit people.
        I don’t think she considered how her emotions would eat her up in the house though.

      • “she’s dominated poker, and Vanessa is now a prolific DJ, so what’s next? Her newest ambition is to win BB!”
        Quote from online, gag.

      • I can’t find the article now. The only thing coming up was the 1 commercial she shot for them back in 2009. I know I read it in a news article, though.

  18. Vanessa REALLY is very easily insulted. Poor girl better not read any BB sites when she gets out. I’m afraid it would be too much for her.

    • So true, she will take the fact that someone doesn’t hug her after a comp win and make that person out to be the devil. On the other hand, for being someone who is easily insulted, she hurls some pretty nasty, vile insults at others.

      • Yeah I never got that. She can really dish it out, really bully, but then when someone does literally nothing to her, or it’s a misunderstanding the water works come.

      • And she lies – saying Jmac didn’t come up when he really did. She lies to justify targets.
        Silly justifications but nonetheless.

    • Dan’s advice to Danielle (BB14), Don’t read anything about yourself on social media for at least a year. I wonder how many former players take that advice?

      • Vanessa doesn’t realize it, but she has ruined her life by being on BB. So many people have seen what she is really like, and she can forget getting endorsements or well-paying jobs. Karma’s a bitch. Ooh, sorry to be so mean. I think I have watched too much of the twins and Vanessa! AND the twins will have the same problem in their future lives.

      • I think you are correct, Karlene. A couple of possibilities that I have thought about, though, you know Ole’ Hef loves his blondes, and I may be wrong, but I don’t think inner beauty and intelligence means diddly squat to him. His idea of beauty is questionable, IMO, so the twins might get a nod from him. We know which one would be the centerfold, though. And you never know about Amazing Race. Any or all may be invited to compete on it. I don’t think any of them would last long on Survivor.

      • I’d love to see them on Amazing Race. Wait! What am I saying? I can’t stand them! I would like to see them on Survivor though – maybe on a season like the one in Africa where they had to eat rats!

      • The twins better get busy dieting if they want to make the centerfold lol.
        Another worthwhile option to look into is wrestling. I’m sure Austin has a lot of contacts and could help them out. It’s hard to tell on TV how tall the twins are but they look tall enough to be formidable wrestlers.

      • Since Austin has been trying to use his time in BB to impress the wresting community, although I’ve yet to figure out how playing as a whipped puppy will do that, it sounds like his wresting contacts/career has dried up.

      • I know absolutely nothing about the wrestling world but I wonder why his career dried up? Did the fans not like Judas or something? I can’t imagine why :D

      • I don’t watch wrestling but does it have those nearly naked girls that walk around with little signs?That may be boxing. I’m sure there are guys out there that find a little extra meat on the bone appealing. I’ve never seen any real beauty in them.

      • I’ve seen those girls with the signs during boxing matches before. Depending on their size I could see the twins going into wrestling.
        They were talking about how much weight they had gained a few days ago but I haven’t even noticed, and they don’t look overweight to me either. But I imagine a centerfold would have to be picture perfect with no belly bulge or thunder thighs.
        There used to be a Hugh Hefner reality show about all the girls in his ahem harem but I never watched it. One of them – Kendra – got her own reality show for some reason. Ugh.
        I didn’t know much about Kendra until I watcher the reality show about marriage counseling that Jeff and Jordan were on this season on WE channel.
        Hopefully the twins will soon fade from memory and heaven forbid one of them actually wins.

      • I regrettably watched a couple of episodes of “Girls Next Door”. I was interested in finding out how all of that worked, you know the logistics of it, who sleeps where and when. That mansion was dreary-looking to me. It was the first time that I had seen the interior. It was all a little sickening to me.
        I also have watched “Sister Wives” and that other show that is similar,( I can’t remember the name of it), just to try and comprehend how a woman can allow a man she supposedly loves, to sleep with other women. I couldn’t get into it.
        I’m still waiting on a show where a woman has 4 or 5 men. Now that might be entertaining. Wow! Did I get off subject. Foxfire, that is all your fault! hehe

      • I would see a preview or something of “GND” and the mansion did look creepy. Even Heff is creepy – isn’t he about 100 now? Does he actually have “relations” with all those women living with him? I hope he doesn’t overdose on his Cialis meds.
        I don’t know how Kendra became such a big star as she’s not especially attractive and is a little on the trashy side.
        I heard that guy with all the wives was arrested for bigamy Did you hear about that? I used to watch the Bachelor but grew tired of watching all the metrosexual men who apparently lacked testosterone.
        I’d hate to be that woman with 5 different men – sounds exhausting to me ha!

      • I really do love and enjoy your comments so much, Foxfire. I’m trying to keep up by reading Jokers and I’m really behind even on that. Husband had rotator cuff surgery today and you know what that entails. His was torn completely away from the bone, so he will be immobilized for weeks. My Dad was placed with hospice last week, too. Just telling you so you’ll understand if I don’t get the opportunity to reply to your wonderful comments.
        One man is exhausting!!!! Much, much better than the first one, though. ;)

      • I wondered where you were and I thought you were so sick of Vanessa you weren’t following things very closely anymore.
        You really do have your hands full then and I hope your husband and dad are doing ok. I had my hands full in the spring when my husband had cataract surgery so I can sympathize with what you’re going through :D
        Did your husband injure himself while on vacation?
        Shouldn’t be too much going on this week in the BB house so you won’t be missing much. Vanessa runs a tight ship and nobody wants to cross her this week.

      • Another thing I wanted to tell you was in my new issue of TV Guide Frankie Grande got jeered.
        “Jeers to Frankie Grande for overstaying his 15 minutes . Ariana Grande’s desperately thirsty sibling stretched his grating Big Brother stint into a gig on Oxygen channel’s Worst.Post.Ever a social media – centric show. Was nobody more qualified available?”

      • Last BB season, I read about some tweets or some kind of posts supposedly from Ariana, where she used some very, very foul language when people were being critical of her God-forsaken brother. I wonder what kind of response the charming little gal will have for TV Guide? I can’t feel a bit sorry for Freaky Frankie. He’s as delusional as Audrey and Vanessa, just in different ways.

      • Frankie and Ariana are prime examples of what happens when parents constantly try to build their child’s self-esteem and the kids turn out to be little monsters. Too much self esteem is not a good thing at all as Frankie blatantly demonstrated last year on BB.
        Both of them are spoiled brats.
        Audrey was downright pitiful and I did feel sorry for her during her last week but I’ll never feel sorry for Frankie :D

      • Hardly. There are many professions where her sharklike instincts are assets, not liabilities. If I were a Wall Street trader, I’d hire her on the spot without an interview.

      • It does, but only because they make so much money that they retire early. It’s rare to see much gray hair on the trading floor. I used to be an investment banker, and it’s definitely a younger person’s industry. And the entire investment bank is a goldmine for psychotherapists. It’s a cornucopia of mental instability!

      • lol well Vanessa may work out in that field after all as long as she doesn’t have a break down on the floor.

      • She wouldn’t even be an outlier. Average maybe. They throw phones at each other’s heads, hire prostitutes in the office, run to the bathroom for a “pick me up” every two hours, etc. Vanessa’s neurosis wouldn’t even register down there. lol

      • Be careful what you wish for. If you think Vanessa’s bad, try working with people 5x worse than she for several years with no vacation time for 90-100 hours a week including holidays.

      • Haha. Sorry. I got carried away there for a second. I felt my blood pressure rising just thinking about how I wasted my 20s.

      • I would hope she has reasons to buy and sell. That would be truly reckless if she didn’t! lol
        Now I’m getting a visual of a trader randomly putting on her headset screaming “BUY BUY BUY!!! SELL SELL SELL!!!” That made me laugh.

      • Those aren’t sharklike instincts, they are snakelike instincts, mixed with a huge dose of the “oh, poor me” blues.

      • Snakelike works on Wall Street too. As they say, there are many ways to skin a cat. Sharks and snakes I’m sure are both effective cat skinners.

      • Good! You can tell the twins aren’t good people- quintessential “mean girls” and eventually it does come back to you. And Vanessa seems like she was well see once upon a time, and did this to herself.

      • I doubt it. Most people are just casual watchers of the show and she hasn’t received that bad of an edit to ruin her life.

  19. Vanessa says she wants to trust the austwins would do like she asked and vite Meg out over Jmac if she puts him up but she isn’t too sure she can. Well HELLO if you aren’t sure you can trust them it probably means you can’t. If she puts Jmac up he’s gone. For someone who claims to be so smart, she’s not playing smart right now. She needs Jmac and Steve to get her to the end because the Austwins will drop her at f4. If she puts Jmac up this week after promising him safety she’s sealing her fate. She gave safety to the Austwins, steve and Jmac. Rhe deal she needs to go back on is the Austwins. 1 to split them up, 2 Jmac gave her hoh this week. Maybe he would have fell before her but we will never know. What we did see was him give up so she could get a letter from Mel. Not a single Austwin would have done that. They would have fought hard for that hoh if they were left with her. Put up Liz and evict her. Meg and James will be happy wirh her, Steve and Jmac will be happy with her and that is 4 of the 6 that can play for veto. Odds are in her favor of them winning and protecting her over Austin and Julia winning and coming after her. It would also give her jury votes for breaking them up. If she doesn’t do this and puts up Jmac he will be gone and it won’t be worth watching the rest of the season because it will definitely be an Austwins f3

    • JohnnyMac shouldn’t have given her the HOH. Who cares if she wants a letter from Mel? She wouldn’t do that for him, and they’re all away from people they love. It’s that kind of wishy-washy game play that makes JMac a poor player to me. Why is he always so willing to give up?

  20. Meg is the victom of circumstance, she is no threat, no worry , only a swing vote, but james won, so meg or the austwins, must go on the block, If v goes back on steve or Jmac, she is gone for sure she will have meg ,james and the austwins after her, ANd steve or Jmac
    Is it not funny how those austwins do not want to ever be a pawn but expect everyone else to be, V had better think of that, and put one up.
    It is a game to stay to the end not butt kiss three people who do not care they want the end prize, V can go all the way if she uses what god gave her between her ears and not cry over everything and overthink, Most have come to understand the austwins power and want them dimantled,
    We will see what happens , lest we forget , double eviction coming up.

    • Van is the same way about pawns. She never wants to be one, but expects everyone else to be one. Yet, she had the audacity to tell James that she “always” volunteers to be the pawn!

  21. If Vanessa puts Julia on the block, maybe she could be evicted, James, John & Steve could vote for evict Julia.

    • Appears Steve wants Meg out now and Seems like JMAC will go along with that. James will be needed by Steve, Vanessa a JMAC next week to start the dismantling of the Austwins. I think this week is the week to make that move. On of the Austwins could win HOH next week. Why not diminish their chances of doing that by one?

      • The great situation is that this week is of another DE so could be great if James, John or Steve win the next HoH comp and put Liz & Austin on the block and why not? Maybe if some of then win the Veto, put Vanessa like the replacement nominee.

  22. The longer the twins are in the house the more vile they become. Messing with someone’s stuff just for fun is mean and bullying but they say they have been bullied. I needed a good laugh this morning.

    • Yep, u r so right. Notice who they messed with? Meg. You think they would mess with James’s stuff? They would have been justified (payback for his saran wrap prank on Steve). But that’s not the M.O. of a mean girl. Mean girls pick on the defenseless, not a guy who can take it and give it back. The twins will get theirs when they reconnect with social media after BB.

    • I do, have to applaud whoever ruined James’ stuff…I’m guessing it was Julia as payback for what he did to her bed…aluminum foiled it in chocolate. But what was done to Meg’s stuff was inexcusable.

    • How the heck have they been bullied?
      If anything they bullied others- Johnny Mac, Meg, Steve, etc.

  23. One thing appears clear – if Vanessa nominates Julia and Meg is sent home, then the whole house will know V is locked in with the Austwins as Final 4. She will lose Steve and the house will be split. Vanessa’s only rational plays are nominating JMac or sending Julia packing.
    Either way, Vanessa is screwed.

    • Now, what if she nominates Julia, Meg goes home, JMac and Steve use their influence to bring James into the fold, and then the teams are Jmac/Steve/Vanessa/James vs Austwins?
      There’s a better than average likelihood that this is what will play out.

    • At least Rachel was entertaining since her crying seemed fake many times, but she was obnoxious. Vanessa seems to have emotional issues. I don’t think her crying is fake.

    • Rachel was always full of it when things were going well for her, and a spoiled, sometimes spiteful, crybaby when they weren’t, but at least she was fun to watch. I used to enjoy BBAD when she was on the show. Now? I can’t even watch it. What with Vanessa’s craziness and constant sniveling, and the stupid games, it’s too irritating. Case in point, the twins starting up that stupid “Would you rather…” game last night. What are they, seven-year-olds? It was like something you’d hear at a kids’ slumber party.

      • It’s hard to believe the twins are college graduates since they still behave like schoolgirls in the 4th or 5th grade. I’ve never seen such a glaring example of arrested development.

  24. She wants John going up instead and doesn’t like the idea of having to get involved or participate this week.

    That’s the story of her summer

    • Vanessa wants a big target, then she should go for Austin or LIz, but of course she is too scared. Hopefully next season there will be people with more guts and less frills in the house.

    • Julia was so eloquent last night on BBAD here’s a sample of what I heard:
      Julia and Liz alone in the hot tub – “I don’t wanna go up and have to write a speech and all that, I mean WTF Vanessa”
      I want Julia up and out this week – she’s an absolute travesty to the game of BB.

  25. I don’t have feeds but I heard, and read, that Vanessa really lit into James and Meg. Is that true? I mean- did she do the whole crying/screaming being really mean thing? I guess I’m just wondering the degree of her bullying this time. Also- do you think they will show it on the show? If so it’ll probably be Wednesdays, right?

      • Nope…She lit into them after nominating them for the block….HoH and noms are on tonight. Veto Ceremony and after is on Wednesday. DE is on Thursday!

      • Right but they show nominations at the end of tonight. So that won’t be till Wednesday. Unless it was during the ceremony it’ll be cut off.

      • I suppose, unless Production finds this dramatic enough to stick in before show’s over. HoH comp only last 1/2 hour! So we shall soon see what they kept in the edits.

      • Yeah I mean it’s always possible, but every week I see this happen where something goes down right after Noms and you have to wait till the next episode to see it. Tonight they will show the competition, right after it, gametalk, deciding nominations, and then the ceremony. Usually they do that whole slow motion music thing after they name their nominations to end it, (lol). I’m hoping they will though, I’ve heard it was brutal!

      • And the reaction to Noms is almost always in the veto episode because it segues to the players needing to secure their fate etc, and discussing their position so you can watch the comp for veto with that fresh in your mind.

      • Yep…I’m on some strong allergy meds, so things seem a bit blurry to me…I eventually get it straight! LOL

      • She should have just stuck to it being a game move only…but the guilt got to her and she felt she had to go into more detail than that as to why she put them up.

      • Did she really lay into them for like 45 minutes though? I mean, that’s way past only being a justification.

      • They do have a format that they tend to stick with so that the ceremonies are always the last thing.

      • Boo! Vanessa deserves to win. And even with the Austwins, who knows, she might still do it. She can work her magic, we’ve seen the cracks.
        Or once someone gets out Liz she’ll swoop in and Get Austin to take her, or Steve, or John, or James. Or Julia (though we know that ain’t happening). Who knows.
        Vanessa hater!

      • Here’s my question about Vanessa. Her emotional game play – the tears, the victimization thing. Is it an act? Did she come into this game with a plan to appear emotionally overwrought? Or is this who she is? I don’t know, but I have noticed she rarely if ever is in emotional breakdown mode in her DR confessionals. Do you think its an act and strategy?

      • I’m honestly not sure. I’d like to say it’s strategy, but sometimes it’s a little too convincing. And I have no doubt she has some mental problems, so I think it’s probably a mix. That she is sensitive, but might (at times at least) intensify it to benefit her situation.

      • Well, if it is an act, meds notwithstanding, she is the best player ever (Can a reality show personality win an Emmy for best actress?). I hope we will find out soon.

      • The only problem is you’ll never truly know if it’s real or not, she can say it was all game when this is said and done, but who can be sure.

      • It’s fake anytime you can conjure up a bribe to win the game. I’m still under the impression that Vanessa has a bet with a CBS exec to go all the way. There’s just too much shifty stuff happening this season. People in the house may have wool pulled over their eyes, but public does not.

    • I love her as a player. She’s made the season interesting, and for that I thank her. I’m not sure I’d still be around these parts if she had left a few weeks ago.

  26. Thoughts:
    Johnny Mac- Playing a decent game though he may be a potential target
    Steve- Not good socially, but is smarter than people give him credit
    James- He’s a pretty good competitor and I think after Meg leaves he should team up with Johnny Mac and Steve
    Van- She started out good but I think her emotions hinder her game. She’s still a very strategic player, she’s just not good socially.
    Meg- Cute, but not really much of a threat
    Austwins- Delusional, self-centered, and thinks America loves them (hey newsflash they like Johnny Mac and James, not you)

    What do you guys think?

    • Agree with everything you wrote except for Austin. Unlike the twins, I think he is very self aware and is good at reading the house.

      • True, but by that I mean he thinks he already has it won since he hasn’t been nominated yet. I think his ego will be his downfall (remember Jase from BB5 and Dustin from BB8?)

    • Agreed on pretty much all of these. Unless an Austwin wins the next HoH, I think your final 4 are JMac, Steve, James, and Vanessa with Vanessa getting knocked out first.
      For all the complaining, this has turned into a very exciting and unpredictable season.

  27. I don’t know why Vanessa doesn’t realize that the Austwins don’t give a damn about her. Yes, she takes a risk by re-nominating one of them, but in the long run she has nothing to lose – they don’t have her back, or even her little finger. This season has been so frustrating, but the one thing I really like about it is that the alliances aren’t all the men together and all the women together, which is what happened most of the time in other seasons. I used to get so irritated when the men would immediately form a strong alliance and pick the women off, one by one. That’s the only good thing I can see about the HG’s this year.

    • True, Johnny Mac (her long time nemesis turned ally) and Steve (her ally from day 1) have her better interests.

      • I am beyond floored that JMac and Vanessa have not only buried the hatchet, but are working with each other in a sincere sort of way. That is my biggest surprise thus far this season.
        Well, maybe not. I forgot that the entire house knew about the twins and both sides chose to protect them through week 5. WTF?!

  28. The smartest move for Vanessa would be put up Liz. Vanessa has not made any major moves with her HOH’s. She is aware that austwins wanted her out. What is she waiting for?

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