Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 9: Saturday Highlights

It was Veto Day in the Big Brother 17 house as the HGs waited all afternoon for a glimpse at that shiny robot walking through the door to deliver the PoV medallion. Find Veto comp results here.

Julia is along for the ride on Big Brother
Julia is along for the ride on Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

Once the comp was over the next round of talks were underway as the HoH was busy making sure they were making the right decision which of course means a hundred loops on every possibility before returning to the original plan anyway.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, August 22, 2015:

11:00 AM BBT – HGs are finally getting the day started.

11:45 AM BBT – Austin warns Liz that they’ll need to make good with John if he pulls off the Veto win.

12:20 PM BBT – Vanessa talks with the twins and suggests Steve might need to go this week instead of John.

3:35 PM BBT – Veto players were selected. Vanessa, Meg, and Julia will join the mix.

3:42 PM BBT – Steve tells John to be worried. He doesn’t think these noms make any sense unless Austin is really working with James, Meg, and Vanessa.

6:10 PM BBT – Austin and Liz are getting very paranoid. He thinks everyone might have been coming after them this week. Liz doesn’t like how Steve is working closely with JMac so she thinks Steve needs to go. Julia joins them and is shocked to hear HGs might be lying to them. Austin thinks Steve is playing two sides of the house and John could actually be an actor who went to dental school.

6:30 PM BBT – Feeds go down for Veto comp.

11:21 PM BBT – Feeds return after nearly five hours. Vanessa won the Power of Veto. It was the face morph comp.

11:22 PM BBT – Vanessa says she isn’t using the Veto. She is very upset that Meg was crying and didn’t hug her or congratulate her.

11:25 PM BBT – Meg is trying to take a shower but Vanessa wants to know why she was crying.

11:30 PM BBT – Twins talk with Vanessa about targeting Steve this week instead. Vanessa says she could cover the Days & #’s comp that Steve would have won.

11:35 PM BBT – Vanessa complains to James about Meg crying after the competition. Vanessa doesn’t feel that was reasonable for her to do.

11:55 PM BBT – Vanessa asks John why Meg was crying after the Veto. John says he thought James was the BD target so maybe Meg was worried about that.

12:05 AM BBT – Vanessa wants information from John and says maybe it’ll convince her to use the Veto on him. He says he doesn’t have anything.

12:25 AM BBT – Vanessa interrogating Steve and wants to know if there was a BD plan against her this week. He denies hearing anything like that.

12:30 AM BBT – Steve warns John that Vanessa is on the warpath. John is worried that Meg and James will rat them out about Vanessa being a target. Steve says they could deny saying they couldn’t have known that.

12:45 AM BBT – Twins think the noms will stay the same this week as they don’t expect Vanessa to use her Veto.

12:55 AM BBT – Twins worry they made too many deals and that John and Steve will figure out their deal with the Goblins once noms stay the same.

1:15 AM BBT – Vanessa talking with Austin. She wants to know if she was a BD target. Austin says he told that to Steve and John.

1:20 AM BBT – Vanessa continues to guilt trip Austin and he starts to tell her more. Austin tells her he trusts her now and knows they were always good.

1:30 AM BBT – Vanessa warns Austin they can’t trust Steve.

1:40 AM BBT – Vanessa has a new theory: James & Meg with John & Steve are all working together. “That’s it!”

2:00 AM BBT – Austwins with Vanessa talk more strategy about not trusting Steve and who needs to go or stay this week. Vanessa doesn’t want them telling Steve anything ever again.

2:15 AM BBT – Vanessa and Austwins discuss John vs Steve for eviction and generally prefer John for leaving.

2:30 AM BBT – Vanessa says she is done with Steve.

2:50 AM BBT – Meg tells James she’s upset that Vanessa was harassing her about the crying. She was just emotional.

2:55 AM BBT – Liz notes that HGs were coming up after the Veto comp. She suggests that means HGs don’t trust them and were worried. Earlier Austin and Liz said that since no one came up to them before the comp it means HGs didn’t trust them and were worried…

3:00 AM BBT – Austin contemplates going after James for eviction. Liz thinks that’s a great idea and would get Steve back in their corner.

3:05 AM BBT – Downstairs James and Meg are worried. They want to get back the surviving member of John and Steve to work with them along with whoever comes back. They know Austwins and Vanessa are a F4.

3:30 AM BBT – Austin and Liz still up alternating between making out and talking game. Liz worries about what Vanessa suggested was going on. Austin wonders if there was some other plan going on with the other four players (Goblins & Steve/John).

There’s talk of targeting Steve or James, but things keep returning to John. He remains the most likely target at this time but it’s a long road to Thursday night from here as we carry on through the second straight week of total control by the Austwins and Vanessa side of the house.

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  1. so few of these people are actually likable, which is making it increasingly less fun to watch.

    • Yeah I completely agree, I’m starting to get kinda bored or aggravated with all those people left in the house!

    • I agree. The twins are a couple of spoiled brats. Austins head is so big there’s no room in the house. JMac was basically giving up until this morning. Vanessa just might save him but I won’t believe it until after the POV ceremony Monday.

  2. It is interesting to watch how easily Austwins are persuaded to believe whoever is in front of them at the moment. Maybe not 100% of the time, but almost. They would prefer not to be confronted often because, after all, that’s more like work, and there is no fun in that. One thing Steve is correct about, it might pay to be the last one in their ear before any big decisions are made. In this case, the early bird does not usually get the worm.

    • I feel like they let themselves be persuaded as to never be the Big Bad with the evil plans. If they let themselves be persuaded, they can claim somebody else (e.g Vanessa) manipulated them and then that person will be a bigger target. The others will believe that they could possibly manipulate Austwins as well…

    • What they should be looking at is who can beat them in comps. The way I see it, Vanessa and Steve are their greatest threats. If they get rid of Vanessa and Steve, then JMac then I think they have eliminated any threat of losing a mental comp. If they then get rid of James and they are left facing only Meg.

      If they keep Vanessa which is where they are again, they are going to regret it because she will win a comp and take one of them out for sure, and I think that will be Austin – so he is a fool for falling for her lies again.

      Her new theory doesn’t even make sense. He knows JMac and Steve are not working with Meg and James. They have thrown each others manes under the bus this week.

      Austin and James are both intimidated by Vanessa. That’s why they believe whatever lies she tells them.

      • Is Vanessa reality a threat to them though? I think she is more a solid member of a four person alliance, as opposed to just on the outs like she had been lately. She is going to sail to F4 . at this rate, and be sitting F2
        With a twin cone finale night. Right now, taking out James is their best option, it guarantees that Goblins won’t be bigger than two strong, gets Haves and Steve on their side, abs keeps Vanessa, Biggest Target, in the house.

      • I hope she does win and takes that disgusting Austin out. I would love to see him sitting on the block next to his bimbo.

    • Have you watched the show? They ARE stupid. James would probably try to get rid of Vanessa, Steve would try to get rid of James, Meg isn’t going to win HOH anyway and only JMac would possibly target Austwins..

      • If Meg, James, or any of the returning HGs (including John but minus Shelli) wins HOH they will target Vanessa. Steve will target James. I think the Austwins needs to be split next week than go after Vanessa to following week.

      • For some reason, most of the people left in the house think they have a deal with Austwins. Yes, they’re that dumb.
        Austwins are sitting pretty comfy right now, they’d be dumb to evict Vanessa. Vanessa is their shield. As long as they keep Vanessa, people aren’t going to target them.
        If they had any brains, they would have evicted Vanessa when they had the chance. James and Meg would have at least tried to save Becky. But James and Meg suck at strategy, so they’re pretty much screwed.
        The only way for James to make it to Final 3 is if the other ones get so paranoid they start evicting each other. And considering that Liz and Julia are SISTERS and Austin is totally obsessed with Liz, I doubt that’s gonna happen anytime soon.

      • The alliances that the Austwins have with everyone is going to blow up in their faces and I can’t wait to see it happen. They’re already worried about it. All it takes is one conversation!

      • They are stupid, especially James. Everytime he has power, he screws it up! Van seems to be the only person that would be smart enough to target the Austwins. How people could possibly think leaving the 3some alone this late in the game can do them any good is beyond me…

      • James has only been HOH twice, first time his target was Jace and he went out the door. Second time his target was Shelli but he was able to break up that power couple in the end and he manged to get Shelli out over Vanessa the following week. I wouldn’t say he screwed up either of his HOH’s, just Vanessa was able to convince the house to vote out Clay over Shelli because she wanted Shelli to stay and still be in her alliance.

      • Nope he wanted Shelli out over Clay when he won both HoH and veto, and what happened in the end? A unanimous vote on Clay… Then when Becky won HoH and put Van up, he voted out Shelli out because Shelli took Clay’s shirt from him… He blew up Becky’s game and this is why Jackie and Becky are in the jury house now! Imagine how the game would have been a lot different if Van were voted out that week. Jace was the 1st week eviction, so that doesn’t really matter much to the game…

        So, honestly, if someone were to blame for why Van is still in the house, it is really James!

      • Agreed. James is good at comps, but he sucks at “playing the game”. If he hadn’t turned on Becky, I’m pretty sure that both, Becky and Jackie would still be in the game and the “Goblins” would be the power alliance in the house.

      • Had Shelli stayed in the game, she would have targeted James and he knew that. He might have flipped on Becky but he also knew he had to play his game as well. Oh for the record, any of us sitting typing on this forum would have done whatever it is that will be good for our game and James did just that. I liked Becky, she made a bold strong play. The only thing wrong in her game and/or move was she forgot who votes people out of the house. There still good have been a 4 to 4 split vote with her deciding but Vanessa also had a hand in that decision as well as to who to get out. It wasn’t one player it was at least two that went against Becky’s wishes. Keep in mind, Steve or the Austwins didn’t vote out Shelli either.

      • REALLY!!!! Are you out of your ever loving mind? Vanessa has been playing this whole house like a finely tuned piano and then ones like you come on here and blame everyone but Vanessa. James’s first HOH doesn’t matter? That HOH set up James as a player that get’s things done and made him a man of his word. He never gave Becky his word on voting out Vanessa but he was on board with it until GUESS WHAT…VANESSA. Yes, she got in James’s head and that is why he decided to vote out Shelli, that and the fact it was decided the week Clay went home that Shelli will follow him out the door. I agree that Vanessa’s strategy might get her the win but to blame everyone else over her is pure ignorance. After each of those two HOH’s he has done what he needed to do and that was to fall back into the shadow’s until he can win again if he can in time. Whenever he is in charge he makes big moves and get’s them done unlike Becky who payed a big move but forgot it was the rest of the house that decides on who goes home. Yes, she had her target but it wasn’t the target of the house. James may get voted out in the near future but he has been playing the game and has better moves than anyone else in the house up to this point. You do not have to be in power to make moves and you don’t have to be in a big alliance to win this game.

      • James is playing personal. He went after Clay and Shelli for personal reasons not strategic. He went after them because he thought they were the mastermind behind Jason getting evicted. And when Becky was HOH they all discussed going after Vanessa and they agreed. Even Becky said if they would of said they wanted Shelli out instead she would of done things different so James did flip on Becky because he was so set on Shelli for personal reasons.

      • Here is the thing with James that seems to be forgotten. He was willing to evict Vanessa until the thought of how the house flipped on him about getting Clay out over Shelli. James DID NOT want Clay to go, he wanted Shelli out. I believe there was some personal vendetta there, I really do but he has played his HOH close to the chest and he is playing his hand close to his chest right now. Let him get back in the position of HOH and watch who he goes after.

      • I did forget one thing and now I will say it since I remembered it. James didn’t use the VETO because he wanted the power couple broke up as well. Now he had hoped that Shelli would be the one to go and not Clay but things happen (Vanessa) inside that house.

  3. It’s to late to get Van out she is going to win next week they need to put up Austin and Liz its to late in the game to allow those three together

  4. This is sooooo disappointing. At this rate there will be no likable HouseGuests left in the house to root for to win. It’s making this season very hard to watch and to keep watching.

    • I’m with you. I have a feeling JMac will be going home this week and there goes the last interesting player (and that isn’t saying much). I’m seriously considering being done with this show.

      • I think that James and his pranks are interesting. :) JMac’s speeches & DRs are interesting and fun, but he’s been a dud socially, a dud strategically, no influence on anyone and only so-so in comps.

      • I think it is hilarious that Austin thinks he is providing comedy for the public. James can be a little crude at times, but I absolutely love the pranks going on in the house and I hope they air James scaring Vanessa and Julia early this AM. I LOL just reading about it.

      • Sorry, redroses, it was posted yesterday @ 2:41 AM BBT, but it happened @ 12:53 AM. I read it all this AM so I was a little confused. :(

      • I hope he gets booed. That Sasquatch with vines growing in his arms. He’s a mega douche…Have you seen #finger gate on Youtube?.

      • I’ll have to watch that! I read about it on Jokers. I just got caught up…grandkids :). I’ll never get the threads read, and Jokers hasn’t posted anything since 3:52AM. That house must be dead.

      • They do it every night. Liz doesn’t mind the Sasquatch. He’s the beast. lol Camera man was laser focused. They’re giving Production the delight. lol

      • The Jokers post about her reaching into his bottoms ….were you watching?…delightful, huh? I hope she uses a pedi brush to get that out from under her nails before she cooks. Spermicide!!!!

      • It hasn’t been a very entertaining week and looks like we may be in for the same lackluster drama for another few days. Austiz just doesn’t do anything for me. I wish James had some fake cockroaches or a realistic-looking snake, spiders, something to help with his antics. It’s a shame when that is the most entertainment you get from reading a few days of BB posts.

      • Well, I’m out of here for the night. My son is taking me to see Van Halen w/ David Lee Roth singing lead. I can’t wait!!!!

      • I haaaaate you! j/k, j/k….
        You doooooooga!! (it’s a joke)
        I hope you have a perfectly wonderful night, redroses! Now, I’m serious.

      • Have fun. I went to see them a few times and the first time was over 40yrs ago. Man I’m old.

      • I am old, too! I had a crush on David Lee Roth way back when he started. LOL

        Sad news, though. The concert was canceled. David Lee Roth has the flu and doctors advised him to not perform. They are not rescheduling it. :(

      • He makes me sick. And he’s so disrespectful to production. The other day they asked him to put his mic on and he said FU. Then they were asking him to go to the DR and he gives them the finger with both hands. I wish production would make things in the house miserable for him. Maybe that’s why he didn’t get the CD he requested in his HOH basket.

      • However, if John goes he will still have a chance to come back. If he does, then he will go right for Vanessa. Just like Amanda in BB15, maybe they can get Vanessa out in the next DE.

  5. big brother fans are so annoying sometimes. All they say they ever want is a season with little twists and manipulations so that the houseguests can just play the game and production doesn’t manipulate it for their favorites to win. This season we finally get that (no twists have altered anyone leaving or staying at any point) and everyone is complaining that there isnt anyone likable left. This is Big Brother not a popularity contest.

    • “production doesn’t manipulate” Where have you been this season? Lol There may not be a lot of twists, but production is manipulating the hell out of them in that DR.

  6. Vanessa is aggravating, Meg is not allowed to cry? Not everything is about Vanessa! I hope her behavior in BB is ALL an act! I thought she knew how to tell when people are lying to her with just a touch. What’s with the interrogation?

    • Not everything is about Vanessa? Sure had me fooled. Read how many times her name is mentioned in Matt’s review above.

    • Van is setting up her next plan to evict haha they all need to take Meg to the end cause she is the # 1 floater of all time well this year anyway.I wonder if maybe Steve is upset enough with Van. to make her a target off his should he win hoh or join up with err umm the next hoh puts her up hahaha

      • That would be a smart move…especially now what we hear from the feeds…that she is done with him…a move like that would put him in the Ian category without question.

  7. While viewers love BB HGs that win comps and make big moves, the HGs are not there for our entertainment, unless their goal is to get noticed for a career in entertainment. They are there to win Big Brother, using whatever strategy that they can.

    Being a good social player and/or flying under the radar are not particularly exciting to watch, but they are strategies. We’ve seen Derrick, Ian, and Andy win with that strategy. Ever since Rachel declared “floaters better get your life vests” people have been ragging on that strategy.

    Personally, I think that playing a great social game (being well liked, flying under the radar, manipulating things behind the scenes, attaching yourself to someone (or a few) that are strong competitors, etc.) is just as important, if not more important than winning comps and/or making big plays.

    This game is 50% or more social and the rest is divided between winning comps, making big moves and luck. So why is it that winning comps and/or making big moves are the ones that “deserve” to win and those with a more social strategy are “undeserving?”

    • I agree generally. But if you are talking about Meg who is only there for fun and does none of the strategizing or manipulating… then no she does not deserve to win.

      • I am talking about both Meg and Julia, as well as Victoria from last season. All 3 are using (have used) the same strategy. They aren’t good at the comps, so they have made themselves a non-threat while aligning with someone that can protect them and/or speaks up for them.

        They deserve to win just as much as anyone else. It is just a different strategy that isn’t as exciting to watch.

      • I see. I have nothing against Meg as a person. She is lovely and seems fun to be around. I don’t have the feeds but it seems to me that she does not strategize or contribute to any of the decisions that were made. She just does what she is told…

        If she were sitting next to any other player, other than Julia, at final 2, how would she convince the jury that she deserves to win?

      • That won’t be enough though… Because the other player will always be able to say they played the game more. Meg should start doing some strategizing and manipulating soon if she wants a shot at winning.

        Also, no one is targeting her because they all know she is the perfect person to go to final 2 with… It has nothing to do with her managing to stay without the protection of a power alliance… Same as Victoria.

      • The thing is, people don’t think it’s actually strategy. Neither do I. I do think Victoria was dumbing down her personality last year and made it very far because of it. I don’t think Meg is throwing comps on purpose. She’s trying to make plans (together with James and Jackie), but their plans just suck^^
        Victoria had a very good social game. She alligned with the right person (Derrick), either won Veto/BOB when she was actually in danger (e.g. when she was on the block with Zack) or had others win it for her (like Hayden). I don’t think she was as dumb as people made her seem…

        I don’t think Julia is a floater. She hasn’t won any comps so far, but I do think she’s played a fairly good social game. Out of the 3 members of Team Austwins, she’s the least likely to get voted out bc she’s made it known she’s not that close to Austin, she kept playing nice with Vanessa and never made a move against James. A floater is somebody who changes his/her alliance based on who is in power. Julia hasn’t done that.

        Meg on the other hand will only go far because she sucks at comps and is easily swayed. I don’t think she’s actually pretending to suck at comps. If she was and turns out to be a comp beast when there are only 3 or 4 HGs left, kudos to her.
        That said, I do like Meg as a person, just not as a player.

    • People get praised in Survivor all the time for their ‘Under The Radar’ gameplay… Does anyone remember Jun Song? She floated and won the game! I agree with you so much redroses!

  8. Vanessa’s bullying is just unbelievable. NO ONE in that house has to answer to her for anything and the fact these house guests put up with it is unbelievable. So Meg was supposed to forget about her feelings and go kiss Vanessa’s butt? Steve is just cut off…everyone is answerable to her? Selfish, spoiled, narcissistic, and entitled. These guys need to drop the game for a few hours and have an intervention/unified confrontation with this nut.

    • They have the abused spouse syndrome; avoid because you know what happens if you dare confront. I would love to know if any of these HGs have told DR they felt bullied. It’s like an abused spouse going to the cops or telling family members. The subject is avoided out of different levels and kinds of fear, from implied threats to public ridicule, it’s just being afraid of and not knowing what the repercussions would be.

      • True. Plus they are often embarrassed to tell. Also, they so want to believe that their abuser isn’t really doing it.

      • Very nice explanation! That actually makes me look at the house from a different perspective! I think I can have more empathy for some of the house guests!

  9. If John goes this week, I think he had it coming. Didn’t he throw POV?… *sigh*… I think I would rather see Becky come back in the returning juror, she would definitely go no holds barred on Vanessa and Liz, Liz is arguably in the best position in the house. But I think if Jackie returned she’s the most likely to stick around seeing that she’ll have James and Meg on her side, I think if Becky came back she wouldn’t have any allies?

    • I desperately want Becky to return, but you are correct, she would most likely be evicted the next week bc her only ally (John) will most likely be gone this week and the others are just trying to float by and do whatever they’re told.
      If Jackie comes back, I think J/J/M will be the main target because they have another number on their side. I do think James would leave before Jackie would, but eventually, she would leave again as well.
      Out of the possible returning Jurors, I can see Shelli sticking around the longest if she returns, since only James would be gunning for her…

      • I agree completely, I just don’t wanna see Shelli come back xD. I think even if Becky came back, she might win an HOH and made likely the last big move of the season in nominating Vanessa and Liz. Becky would be evicted the next week, but it would still be awesome to have one last explosion in the house! If Jackie came back, took Vanessa out for the house. Teamed with James and Meg it would be pretty fun to watch too. James would go before his two girls, and if Jackie can play her cards right, she might get really far! It would take some serious skills, but I think Jackie can do it. Either of those two girls coming back would be perfect honestly, John is already going to win Fan Favorite, so I wanna see Jackie or Becky come back

    • I don’t think we’ll ever know whether John threw the POV or not (at least Steve warned him not to). The more interesting question is … if, for as many times as this competition has been played over the seasons – and no one has ever won it in under three minutes – how did Vanesa win it in two?

    • Beckie is the only one I’m unsure of Jackie would be with Meg and James and Shelly would be with the twins. Beckie could go anyway. She isn’t a good game player her one chance at HOH and she tried to protect shelly and get vanessa out but she did everything wrong. It was the wrong time to target vanessa and puttig her up agaist shelly was completely stupid. Beckie made basically every worong decision she could in the game I don’t think she deserve another chance.

      • Idk, Becky made the biggest move of the season when she put Vanessa and Shelli up together, they were a power duo. J/J/M gave Becky their word that they were going to evict Vanessa, and so was JMac. that would’ve made it a 4-4 tie and Becky would’ve broke the tiebreaker and sent Vanessa out the door! I will admit Becky got a case of HOHitis, but it was J/J/M that screwed it up, had they done like they said Vanessa would be sitting in jury right now, Becky made the right move, the house was just too scared to take her out.

      • The problem with what Becky did was
        1. She knew ignored the fact that last week James wanted Shelly gone and he saw Shelly as a threat. Becky knew this and just ignored it. Plus she knows how close James is with Meg.
        2. She made it clear to Vanessa that she hated her and wanted her gone. Becky should have pretended that she liked Vanessa and wanted Shelly to go but Becky was too cocky.
        3. She knew the vote was close because Vanessa would have Austin and the twins. Couting on a tie too evict someone when the whole year the house has been voting together is stupid. She should have known the weaker players would cave, even Jonny Mac her closest ally turned against her and voted out Shelly.

        If she wanted Vanessa gone for sure she should have put her against Meg. If she used her brain for a second she would have know there was a risk Vanessa woud stay and knowing how dangerous Vanessa is she should have played up that she was targeting Shelly and been nice to Vanessa.

        Players have to know how other players will react. Beckyhad no clue what the house wanted and James saw Shelly as a bigger threat. Evicting Shelly was the best thing for James game because Shelly was pissed at him and Vanessa has some many other targets.

  10. And so the Vanessa show rolls on. I’m reading Matt’s review above and am stunned at how many times Vanessa’s name appears before the words wants/tells/needs/interrogating/talking … I know it’s normally there a lot, but this is overwhelming. It doesn’t matter – hasn’t mattered all season, actually – who the HOH is; whatever ‘Nessa wants, ‘Nessa gets. Austwins might not want the veto used (at the moment), but if that doesn’t fit into Vanessa’s plans, it will be used. The flavor-of-the-moment will be taken off the block, and James/Meg/James/Meg will be backdoored.

  11. Finally!!! This season is going to get interesting. If Vanessa does not pull down either John or Steve and put up James, the alliance will crack. Both noms have banked a lot of favors with Austin’s Angels, and by not saving both they will create a reaction in which Meg, James and the survivor of Thursday’s eviction will make an F4 alliance with the returning HG. F4 vs. F4 for this week’s HOH guaranteed The best or worst strategic move of the season rests in Vanessa’s hands with her veto. If you are a V fan, you want her to use it, and if you can’t stand her, you don’t want her to do a thing.

    • Why are people so sure that the returning HG will team up with James, Meg and Steve?
      Steve evicted Jackie. James and Meg evicted Shelli. James and Meg backstabbed Becky twice.

      • She didn’t say that. She said she’d more likely go for Liz than Vanessa. Liz’s HOH did send her home. Also, Liz and Austin lied to her about her staying.

      • The conversation Shelli and Jackie had in the jury house clearly showed they both knew Vanessa has been running things. Becky has been with them now for a week, and they must have been sharing notes. One of those three or a blindsided John/Steve is coming back in. There is no room for any of them in Vanessa’s game, so they have no place to go except for JaMeg.

      • Jackie is closewith Meg and Jamie, Shelly wil go back to the twin because she’s weak and an idiot look at the game she playyed. Her and Vanessa ruined their game to save Austin and look where that got them. If Austin had been evicted then the game would have turned out completely different.

    • I’m not a Vanessa fan, but I want her to use it – only because the Austwins don’t want it used and I want her to one more time throw her power in their faces. They still think all is well with Vanessa. I want them to realize all *was* well (not really) untl the power got back in her hands.

  12. I think I want to see Shelli come back.Surely by now she has realized Vanessa is the biggest threat in the house.

  13. I really hope next week whoever comes back in the game goes straight afyer the twins,Van and Austin. They need to be set in there place !

    • Have you noticed this season whenever one group gets too comfortable about their control of the house they lose it in the next HoH. Austin is talking now about how they control the house as if HoH is a certainty every week. If the trend continues look for someone else to win HoH and flip the script on them.

    • Best move next week for “the outsiders” is to take out Liz. And you need to put her up with her sister or Austin and then the 3rd austwin is the renom. You need to do it this way or you won’t have the votes. And if you take out Liz, the 3-some that is really just 2 linked 2-somes thru Liz is probably completely broken

      Don’t get sidetracked going after Van! I know – they hate her – but strategically, the austwins block of three will still be there, 3 strong, if you take out Van. Taking out Liz is the best move. And indirectly, You get Van by weakening her rock solid numbers.

      • Totally agree…and depending you comes back…Vanevil will seriously think about breaking up this trio…through her other puppets!…right now the 3 are the obvious threat…not her….which she will make all the monkeys believe.

      • I agree, the main target should be Liz because Liz, Julia and Austin need to be broken up. They are the real threat in this house not Vanessa. First step everyone should band together and evict Liz then Austin and Juila will fall apart then evict Vanessa then pick off Austin and Juila and finally three is James, Meg and Jackie. I think Jackie should come back because before she was voted out she was acutally doing a decent job playing. If not her then Becky as long as she goes after Liz like she said. Everyone is so stupid trying to be friends with Liz, Juila and Austin while Liz is such a *****.

  14. So once again Austin has a conversation with Vanessa about one of Vanessa’s clueless speculations and he is convinced without any evidence that she is telling the truth! He and James are a lot alike. But this is not good game play by Vanessa, it is stupid people who are so gullible. This is like when Vanessa told James about Becky – most of it was lies and old news but James just believed it without question!

    Vanessa has successfully taken he target off her back with Austin and the twins and put it on their back and they don;t even realize it. Once this week plays out the entire house will be gunning for Austwins instead of Vanessa. Until this flip by Austin, the Austwins had an excellent chance of making it to final 3. After this week, their odds are way down

    Then again, if Austin talks to James, who I admit has been very quiet about the game since Jackie left, he may flip again. But James is not very smart so he may not tell Austin anything thereby sealing his own fate this week.

    • I hope your not right about James’s fate but I believe Austin needs to target Vanessa and not worry about who comes back from jury. I am pretty sure it will be an endurance comp (like years past) and that is not Vanessa’s forte. He had better worry bout either Jackie, Becky or who he sends out this week coming back (unless this week it is Vanessa) than anything else. Just my opinion and it is not I am always right, I have been wrong more times than I care to say.

  15. Some people think Van is playing a “smart game”…………, she is stupid and the remaining HG’s are incredibly stupid too!! She should have gone when Becky was HOH. Now look what’s happening.

  16. I have had it. I hate this show. I hate production. Chenbot is totally annoying. Anyone cheering for dirty Austin the adulterer, the vulgar dumb blonde Twins, and the disgusting troll Vanessa needs serious mental help. Except for John and Steve to a certain point, the Goblins are the worst players ever. No brains and no common sense. I’m totally disgusted with this program. Drastic changes need to occur with this God awful fictitious wannabe reality show on CBS.

  17. Hi. I agree. Hope so much JMAC gets to stay.
    Bust up that crappy 4some.They are so dam arrogant.
    Hope none of them make it to the end.

  18. Austin admitted to Vanessa that he told jm and steve that he was going to back door her she didn’t say much about it. You know what she is going to do. She’s going to go after him. She tried to get jm to tell her but he’s smart he said he never heard that. This is going to set her off. I wonder if Julia won hoh if Liz would stay in the room to get away from Austin? He’s put a target on his back. Vanessa never forgives or forgets.

    • And she would be smart to do so,Austin changes his mind more than he does his clothes,in fact unable to think for himself,more or less being led by others,this guy is like a stray kitty looking for a home.

      • At some point in time Austin has to be Vanevil’s target as she well knows she has to break up the trilogy…now it all depends if she does it on her own or through others…i would think the latter and a good time would be when the returnee comes in…she will start her elaborate take down of the three by just pointing out the obvious…they are three.

      • And if someone comes in and say takes out Liz, Van will fight it tooth and nail to keep up her alliance and appearances, but in her mind, she will be smiling from ear to ear as someone has done her dirty work

    • Vanessa needs Austin. I really doubt she will turn on him directly any time soon.

      But she can & will use it as ammo against Steve/Jmac. She knows the truth, Austin told them. Now, when they lie to her, she will know it. She will trust Austin more for admitting it than Steve/Jmac lying to try to protect Austin.

  19. If the Veto’s not used, then I don’t think Meg and James will have too much problems pulling the surviving nominee to their side, though it might depend on who comes back into the game.

    • If the course continues as it appears, and Jmac goes – then as long as he doesn’t come back, I think the returning HG this year could be VERY impactful.

      Becky & jackie. No doubt would team back up with J/M and add balance to the house.

      Not so sure about Shelli. Is there too much animosity for her to team with James.

      So – I agree, it depends a lot on WHO it is. With the right returnee, it could dramatically change the game.

      • Very all depends who returns…it could be a 4/4 split then again it might not be…you can bet Vanevil is waiting to see and will act accordingly…i see her starting to dismantle the trilogy soon…she knows left to the F4…she won’t have a chance unless she wins the comps. Now she can easily divert attention to the biggest target the Austwins.

      • While I think she would prefer someone coming along and help out by taking out an Austwin, I think she is preparing to go to F4 with them as well. She has enough of an ego to think she could break them up.

        Logically, it should never work unless the Austwins unguard their guaranteed F3 thru cracks in the alliance. Van has already pushed on these (and could even more going forward). Especially Julia and Austin. I think each of them wants the other gone. If she can use this to get Liz to choose, sparks could fly and Van could weasel thru. Probably not a preferred way, but not impossible.

  20. Damn. Jmac and Steve were the only HG’s that actually interested me in any way… Hopefully whoever loses is the one that comes back.

  21. Hope Vanessa kicks all their assess out.
    They had the chance to get her out with Beckey, and all of them, goblins included, changed it up. Good, hope they all get screwed, the idiots.

      • Hey Tony.
        I wanted to see Vanessa out the week Becky had Hoh.
        She had it all set, and all the idiots screwed her over.
        Goblins and the top 3 monster (Austin, Liz & Julia).
        I can’t believe that poor excuse for a Svengoolie look alike could think the sisters would keep him over each other. You would think sooner or later he would start thinking with the right head for once.

      • Lol… that…but we know from previous that Austin blatantly said he would be happy just to be in jury with Liz…so their make out sessions wouldn’t be in the lime lite…his way of thinking. I think at some point in time he’s thinking someone will take out Julia so now his F2 with Liz is more secure…but you are right… the Becky HOH was the best time to take her out…but James screwed that up with the Shelli controversy and the others believed him.

      • Hey Tony.
        Wasn’t sure if anyone knew who Svengoolie was. He’s alot more likeable than the wrestler ml idiot. I hope it works out differently for him. I hope instead of Julia getting kicked out, Liz gets the boot. That leaves the nut case with a broken heart, almost like Brendan & Rachel afew years ago. And somewhere, I thought Liz couldn’t even stand him she just wanted to secure him with her feminine wiles.

  22. Thats so bitchy of Vanessa to say Meg’s crying isn’t reasonable. I don’t find all her crying reasonable either, but the arrogance to try and decide that for someone else. I also like how no matter what, Liz And Austin say that the HG’s don’t trust them.

    • Vanessa is just a very unlikable personality. She is a hypocrite, a phony and frankly some of her game play is stupid. She called Meg a Mastermind! LOL

  23. Well hopefully one season the producers will do like they did some years ago. Have AMERICA’S choice for who gets The Power Of Coup De Ta”(not sure about spelling). Just imagine how great that would be if JMAC would have this power this week to use.

      • It was some years back on BB, when Jeff was given this power by America’s vote. He was able to remove one or both nom’ s (of the HOH) on live eviction night and also rename the new nom’s in their place. That would be great to see again.

      • Hey I didn’t know. I looked it up on the internet. Really wish they brought this back for the right person.

      • I’m with you. It would just be nice to see the tide turn. That dam Steve afew weeks ago really screwed things up. Hope he’s the one walking this week.

    • I agree. BB has to get America involved in this show because the HGs are way too stupid to play this game.

      I love Austin swearing Vanessa will not run his HoH then 2 days later Vanessa is running his HoH! Her plan to BD James benefits only her, Steve and JMac. And isn’t it clear what is happening? She is planning on taking down Austin and the twins right after they deal with the returning HG.

      • I hope they wake up and let America get involved alittle. These house guests seem so mixed up in what they want. I still can’t get over Steve when he was HOH, and puts up Meg & Jackie. When he could have made a big move, he puts up these 2. What a waste. And tonight, watching, he doesn’t like Vanessa suggesting him to be a pawn. And she tries to turn Austin against him. And yet that idiot defended her and wanted to work with her. Like when he was balling like a baby because of what he did. What an idiot. I hope they get him out this week.

  24. You can say whatever about Venessa, but if you really think about it, James and Venessa are the only two who are playing the game! The rest don’t have a clue!

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