Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 8: Saturday Highlights

Veto Day came and went for Big Brother 17 with minimal drama after two hectic nights of the house shifting. The Veto played out and the results made the rest of the week’s events clear.

Julia Nolan is still there on Big Brother
Julia Nolan is still there on Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

A target had settled on Vanessa and reaffirmed by the HGs, but that didn’t mean she’d be going anywhere this week when they already had two options to pick from.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, August 15, 2015:

9:45 AM BBT – Houseguests are up and getting ready for Veto Comp Day.

10:00 AM BBT – Becky tells Meg she is worried about Johnny winning the Veto and then she’ll become plan B when another pawn goes up.

10:25 AM BBT – Austin worries if they put up another pawn and vote out John then Steve will be upset over losing an ally. He thinks they could lose Steve’s support if that happens.

11:00 AM BBT – Feeds go down and stay out for over two hours.

1:10 PM BBT – Feeds are back. Everyone is sleeping. Players were not picked. No explanation for downtime.

1:20 PM BBT – Liz called back to the DR again. Feeds go down for Veto players.

1:45 PM BBT – Players were picked. Austin, Meg, and Steve were selected. Liz doesn’t want Steve playing. Julia suggests impossible threats to avoid a renom.

1:55 PM BBT – John tells Austin they lucked out with the players. John isn’t worried about winning the comp and trusts the Austwins.

2:25 PM BBT – John jokes to Becky about how awesome the BB Takeover twist has been this season.

2:30 PM BBT – John got a warning for eating cookies yesterday. He’s going to avoid the kitchen.

3:00 PM BBT – Liz asks John to not let Becky win if it comes down to the two of them. Otherwise, John is planning to throw the comp.

4:10 PM BBT – Austin worries Vanessa could win HoH next week after all their planning this week.

5:20 PM BBT – Feeds down for Veto comp.

7:48 PM BBT – Feeds return. Liz has won this week’s PoV comp.

7:55 PM BBT – Liz and Austin hold up the Veto medallion together. They were the last two in OTEV so they say it’s shared.

8:15 PM BBT – Vanessa comes up to do her worry-dance. Liz assures her she’s keeping noms the same. Vanessa encourages Liz to just let the house decide. (Vanessa wants Becky gone.)

8:30 PM BBT – Vanessa again suggesting JMac and Clay have a secret connection.

9:00 PM BBT – Steve and Vanessa discussing the John argument from yesterday. She’s very concerned about John. Vanessa wants to reaffirm her F2 deal with Steve. He says yes.

9:20 PM BBT – Steve tells the camera that he’s lying to Vanessa and no longer trusts her.

9:35 PM BBT – Becky retelling her train story as HGs do a Q&A with her about it.

10:20 PM BBT – HG splaying “potball,” their latest game creation.

11:30 PM BBT – John and Becky discussing being on the Block together. They’re obviously not feeling happy. Both worry Vanessa will skate on to F2 because no one would vote for her at the end.

12:15 AM BBT – Austin and Liz together as Austin tries to get more kisses.

2:00 AM BBT – HGs making arts and crafts with tinfoil. James’s creation appears to be phallic, but he insists it is a sword and names it the “Silver Power of D.”

2:25 AM BBT – Julia finds her bed covered in tinfoil thanks to James’s pranks.

2:45 AM BBT – Liz thinks it’d be better for Julia not to win HoH next week as part of the plan to target Vanessa.

2:55 AM BBT – Austin feels confident they’ll get rid of Becky unless something major comes up.

3:30 AM BBT – Steve and James have a general game chat outside. They discuss who might be America’s Fav Player.

4:00 AM BBT – Steve discusses how he reached out to last season’s HG Christine though they weren’t supposed to contact former Houseguests.

5:00 AM BBT – Steve is up and wandering the house.

Austin and Liz have agreed that it’ll be best to leave the nominations the same come Monday’s ceremony. Then HGs will get to choose between Becky and JMac but the choice has already been made. Becky will be sent to Jury where she’ll join Shelli and Jackie with a chance to return. Vanessa remains worried, as she should be, but so far her target is well hidden. For now.

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  1. It sucks so much and I think as a Jecky fan I’ve already given up on this week…
    Next week I really want Jmac to win HOH and take Vanessa or one of the Austwins out.

    • Jmac said last night to Steve that he’s going to throw the next HOH. Hope that he doesn’t stick to that, because he’s not that safe.

      • Sigh…… I love my boy Johnny Mac but his brain is a mystery to me. I think no one can tell if he’s an idiot savant or basically without the savant part

      • I like to think that he is a lot better than most at figuring out what is best for him to stay in the game.

      • WHY do these idiots think they can throw challenges!! Johnny is my favorite, but that isn’t very smart thinking!

      • Both sides think they have JM so if he was to win hoh he would be declaring war on one side of the house. That’s why it makes sense for him to throw it.

      • You will think it was totally remarkable if/when he pulls it all off and wins! IMO his moves are all strategy and he has had to have the kind of strategy that can adapt to the incredible stupidity of these players. Go JMac.

      • That’s BS. He may have already thrown the Veto…easy to do when it’s OTEV. But I guarantee he won’t throw HoH if he knows he can win it! I’m hoping for a magic wand to come in during the Veto ceremony or Eviction night, making Becky and JMac safe for another week.

    • NO… don’t give up yet. No matter what happens THIS week we still have the twist coming where someone comes back in the House… so even if JMac or Becky go to Jury, he/she could come back.

      • Plus it seems this season the initial plan of who is going to be ousted or BD’d has changed at the end… so maybe SOMEONE (Austwins) will wake up and really BD Vanessa.

        Think about it, if you were going to BD Vanessa the BEST THING TO DO would be keep it on the down-low. Look how Becky blew it, tells everyone “don’t tell anyone I’m BDing V” and what does she do tells everyone and V finds out.

      • Don’t think it’s this week…they usually do that when there’s 4 players in the jury house. Right now there are only 2.

  2. Here’s the thing: Vanessa is not liked; she is manipulative and sneaky, and emotionally disturbed AND disturbing! However, all of those things have kept her in the house and if she makes it to the finals, she will win. The HGs believe that no one will vote for her, but we have seen that in the past, even though a finalist is disliked, if he/she played the game in a way that got them to the end backstabbing and manipulating others, then that house guest got the money! You see this on Survivor all the time! The person that the viewers see as playing dirty are actually playing the game the best! It should be hard to vote to give the money to the person who tricked you, but if you are voting the way you should based on game play with no personal emotions attached, then you should be voting to reward the person who managed to get to the final 2 PLAYING the game!!

      • Ian played a better game than Dan and Russell, he lost because he did not play a very good game. Parvati played a better game than Russell. Even Tony the policeman who was hated by practically everyone on jury ended up winning.
        Of course, credit Spencer’s speech of honoring the game by voting for the player who played the best!

      • The first time Russell was on Survivor, he played a FANTASTIC game, one of the best ever, and lost in the end to his worthless meatshield simply because the jury was bitter that they’d gotten played so masterfully. Sure Russell could have been more likeable about it, but from a game perspective he more than deserved the win.

        That being said, Vanessa is no Russell….

      • Really? Gosh, that was such good play when Russell drank up his fill of water and then dumped the rest of it in the dark of night. That to me was life threatening and deserved a good a$$ kicking.

        I give him props for playing the game ALL the time and thinking ahead & that’s it but he was the DIRTIEST PLAYER ever in Survivor History… even worse than that PUKE Johnny Fairplay… what an a$$hole he was.

    • A lot depends on who Vanessa is sitting next to in Final 2. She looks better than those who don’t win comps or vetoes (Austin, Julia and Meg) and people who are manipulated to do her bidding (Steve and the twins). If she manages to get Becky, James and John out of the house, she should be in a position to get all of the votes that are based on game play.

      • Here’s what I see Vanessa doing in her final speech if she were to make F2… she removes her knit-stocking, which is actually a blonde wig… SHE’S BALD and she says she has cancer…
        Wait that’s TOO MORID & SICK even for her… she tells all the HGs she’ll take them to Vegas and teach them POKER & split the winnings so they can all gamble b/c she’s already RICH from winning so much on the Poker Tour. Hey, it could happen!!!

    • ..and that is what BB is all about..lying, backstabbing and manipulating..Vanessa is doing it very well…it’s just that she made deals behind her own alliance’s backs..that got her into trouble with them being able to trust her. Evel Dick was one of the most disliked HG’s I can remember..I don’t think Vanessa is near as bad as he was.

      • ..and I forgot the little blonde racist, Aaryn. Vanessa is playing the game..HG’s don’t like her tactics..but, she’s playing!

      • Damn, she (Aaryn) was good looking though… lol.

        So are you saying the ‘crying, whining, arguing, in your face, interrogating you’ doesn’t bother them it’s “her tactics”… oh wait I guess those are her tactics.

        Her tactics are tell someone & then later say you didn’t say that OR throw an ally under the bus then deny it. Maybe she should tell them her husband died of cancer last year… oh wait, that really happened so that wouldn’t be a ‘lie’. How about she needs the money b/c she’s really ‘transgender’ and can’t afford the operation.

      • NO, I don’t believe that and if you really remember Evel Dick’s purpose initially after week whatever was to GET VOTED OUT to help his evil spawn to win. Then he probably came to the realization he could split or give her the money if he went F2 or somehow won and acting the way he did made everyone WANT to take him with them to F2.

    • Heard last night on Big Brother Gossip Show “If Vanessa could just tone it down a little she’d be a legend”

      • She already is a Legend, just in the wrong direction.

        Gosh, to think of her on the level of a Derrick or Dan is really hard to believe and she ain’t even close to being a Janelle.

        Truthfully to me a Legend gives smart moves, have HUMOR and a calmness to their play… lying & stabbing people is not up there, at least not on my list. But everyone to their own preferences.

        You know they say you can learn more about a person in a hour or two of playing a GAME with them then you can just knowing them for years, like a neighbor or co-worker you see everyday but don’t work closely with.

      • SHE IS NO DR Will or mike boogie , Vanessa is paranoid poker player bully and if someone not back door her right away they will lose the $$… Dan the teacher was funny as hell … Derrick the undercover cop used his criminal lying background to win..

    • Yeah, Russell Hantz is a good example of that. LOL!!! You’re correct to a certain degree but your social skills play a BIG part in it… it’s hard to vote out a friend or not give the money to a friend when you’re not getting it. JIMHO.

      • That’s not your opinion. That’s how human beings work. All the people that claim otherwise would be right there voting for the person they liked better in the end too if they were in that position. They just don’t realize it.

      • OKAY, Vanessa… I mean Alex, that’s not my opinion? Now you have me confused on what my opinion is… sometimes the WHO OUTPLAYED EVERYONE wins out over who you like. It really depends on the situation… like with Hantz I could NEVER have voted him as WINNER or Fairplay either. THAT’S REALLY MY OPINION!!!

      • lol please reread my post. I was agreeing with you. I was saying that’s not your opinion – it’s a fact. What you’re saying was 100% true, it’s how people work, it’s how everyone votes, and it’s how everyone WOULD vote whether they realize it from the couch or not.

        Usually the “better player” is ALSO the player more jurors liked. If it comes down to “better player” versus the more liked player, likability wins out.

  3. If Vanessa stays this week I hope next week she gets HOH and puts Liz and Austin up, as that would be the last big move of the game that still needs to happen, (break up the trio). I wouldn’t put it past her to do either, because she flips on alliance members all the time. It would be so sweet to see this all back fire on Austwins (Asstwins).

    • That would be great, but would she do it or would she go after JMac? She has flipped on alliances, but she is also kind of bitter and I think Vanessa just might opt for a bitter nom over a big move like going after the Austwins.

      • Has she flipped on alliances? She only has one vote and I think all the votes have been basically unanimous

      • Really? Are you not watching all the manipulations? She flips then convinces the entire house to flip.

      • The fact that she convinces the entire house to do what she wants is exactly why she should win! Who else has ever been able to do that? #Legend

      • I think it all depends on her moodiness. Lol I know her ego would love to take credit for a big move like that but you are probably right, she would go after JMac because she’s a bitter awful woman. JMac really did nothing to her. He just let her blow herself up. However, in her head she thinks he attacked her.

    • It would. They’ve gotten a tad too comfortable all these weeks and even more so since Liz won HoH and Veto.

      • Comfortable they have settled in for the long haul! I’m not sure what they were thinking to let natural alliance in and fellfor Liz really don’t like Austin. But they have been some gullible house guests!. Now Julia is getting worried that ditz oops I meant liz isn’t gonna want to get rid of Austin and with good reason. I’d like to see Jackie come back and solidify that three some again and get rid of Austin and Vanessa then twins. All wishful thinking

      • Cannot stand these twincompoops! I’d like to see Jackie or (Becky) come back and whip some a$$ for sure. PB is a biatch!

    • Vanessa won’t do that IMO until she’s rid of anyone she suspects would target her… JMac or Becky for sure.

      • True…but she knows at one point she has to because the numbers won’t be in her favor…if the 3 stay together…it’s going to be interesting to see what she will do to divide the 3..cause if Jmac is next then the numbers will be even..she has to get James, Meg and Steve to assemble an on assault on the 3…realistically she’s not in a good position either…she will be targeted soon and if she escapes…the numbers are not in her favor.

      • Probably, but her ego is big. If she gets it in her head that she needs to make a big move and that in fact is the biggest move left, she just might bite. After all she has deals with everyone anyway. Lol

      • V problem is she plans a big move then changes her mind when it times… how is that a ‘mirror’ of her life?

  4. Its so funny to see how Vanessa is so powerful that people are to scared to put her up because they know she could blow up their game and that she can manipulate her self out of any situation. John and the Austwins are going to throw the next hoh because they do not want to have to nominate her. She is the most blatantly powerful houseguest in history.

    • Not that I don’t agree but AMANDA might be right up there with her and she basically was only screwing the Pizza-man. LOL!!!

    • And they’re so stupid if they do throw it because then Vanessa will probably win it since she’d only be competing against James and Grandma. Steve said he will throw it too.

  5. With Becky headed out the door, would it not be awesome if she threw all caution to the wind, call a house meeting, and in the spirit of ‘Dan’s Funeral’ put Vanessa on trial, publicly outing every maneuver she has made. Every time Vanessa interrupts, she ignores her and continues to make her case, burying her once and for all. It won’t happen, but I can wish….

      • Well, if you yell at her to shut up she blows up the house and plays the victim. Wait a minute … that could work too.

      • Becky is the only one that I’ve seen do a pretty good job of it.

        And since it’s a TRIAL, Becky’s the Judge and she could say “Vanessa, you are out of order… refrain from speaking or the bailiff (Austin) will tape your mouth shut”.

  6. LOL at half the house wanting to throw hoh next week Jmac and Austwins
    leaving james and meg to fight for hoh because Vanessa controls Steve. Meg will not win cause she is meg lol and I don’t see James winning a mental comp so looks like its another good week for Vanessa :D

    • What is with half the house wanting to through the HOH? I don’t this group. I would think at this point in the game, you’d be fighting hard to win the HOH. I don’t have the feeds. Are people actually opening saying they want to throw it? And do we know it will be a mental comp?

      • Yes Jm wants to throw it to stay under the rader and the Austwins don’t want to be the people to get Vanessa out because they are scared she will blow up the 6th sense and all of their alliances plus the possibility of tanking the jury against them.

    • Wouldn’t it be FUNNY if they all decided to just give HOH to Meg next week? And then even funnier… Meg turns into a biatch and they all regret their decision.

    • Steve has cam-talked saying he doesn’t trust Vanessa anymore and that he is now lying to her about working with her – we can only hope he sticks to that.

    • Well, they won’t have to put up with her crying, whining & arguing & getting in their faces when she’s on the Block otherwise it’s all good.

    • For Austwins, getting rid of Vanessa would be dumb at this point. Vanessa is hellbent on taking out people who “target” her, so she won’t be coming after them. At the same time, Vanessa is a huge target for the other people in the house, meaning they’re safe as long as Vanessa is still there.
      The twins don’t need to make a big move. I’m pretty sure there’s going to be at least 1 twin in the F3.

  7. Wow since the Twins entered the house the Austwins have been unnominated and Austin has been unnominated the whole game. This is crazy final 8 and you still have a trio that has yet to have one member on the block that formed in week 5

    • It’s as if no one notices the threesome. It’s bizarre. Vanessa has been very good for the Austwins. Everyone is so focused on her (although not on actually taking her out) that they don’t see the other elephant in the room. And that trio is rather ineffective in terms of actual game play. They lay around and do nothing, for the most part, and that seems to be getting them to the end.

      Note: I do realize Liz is HOH this week, but come on. Becky is a bigger target than Vanessa? Liz just nominated who Vanessa wanted out and went back to laying about.

      • Yeah and I bet that it will be final before any of them go up. Austwins can’t nominate Vanessa because she knows to much about their game and would blow them up. So they are actually doing whats best for them just sitting back and letting Vanessa control things.

      • I could see the Austwins and Vanessa as final four, which is the only point at which they would feel safe to evict Vanessa, if one of them could win HOH at that point. Then which of the three takes it all?

      • Under that scenario I’d say most likely to win in this order: Austin, Liz, Julia. And the Twins obviously would have an advantage being 2 against one… but I’d give Austin a slight edge over Liz in a mental challenge but he’s no brain surgeon.

        I’m thinking a F3 of Austin, Liz & Vanessa over Julia just b/c V’s more cunning than Julia. But I rather see JMac, Becky and anybody else (maybe Shelli if she could get back in, that would be interesting) as F3, though that probably won’t happen.

      • What… can’t stand the sight of blood? In a way I’ll be laughing as they’ll have to eliminate each other and I don’t see the twins ever eliminating each other.

        So it’ll be Austin/Vanessa against Liz/Julia, seems kind of unfair if Austin thinks with his head that’s a top his shoulders. He may need to sacrifice himself, Liz had best withhold her goodies & promise them for later… if you know what I mean that might gave the Twins a chance at F2.

      • I agree but I see Vanessa as a bigger target than Becky… wait, maybe it’s I WISH V was a bigger target. LOL!!!

  8. Great.. First Clelli, and now Jecki! Stop taking out my showmances people! I want some BB babies haha.
    P.S.-I’ll say this now b4 some $m@rt@$$ does-I know Becky and John aren’t in a showmance, but I’ve always wanted them to be in one. jmo. Had to say it b4 some stuck up prick said “you do know that they aren’t in a showmance, right?”

  9. Some nut was saying that $5.99 is not a lot money. Unfortunately, it is in the real world. It is a lot for some people. Heck, I have to use public wifi on my track phone to keep up with this show. I’m sorry that I didnt have a silver spoon in my mouth like some spoiled brats on here. They know who they are. Shame on you lavandargirl >:(

      • I don’t have an attitude and I’m just stating my opinion. Even when you muster up the money to watch the good parts of the feeds, they go down. It’s a ripoff.

      • No doubt I could be wrong, but maybe you should read back what you said …. only one with an attitude or chip on their shoulder would jump to such conclusions and then start name-calling. You don’t even sound like you appreciate the public wifi – you “have to use it” and by the way, it’s not free, someone is paying for it somewhere. I have found in my own life that when I have an attitude, it especially gets in the way of being a kind person and it usually means that I need to learn something that turns out to be good. Hope that happens in your life, too.

    • Are you watching tonight? Or are you boycotting the show like what you said yesterday, since you think it’s rigged?

    • I can see where some college students living on Ramen noodles and elderly people living on SS could have a hard time justifying spending or having the money. I know grandparents who are raising grandchildren and people in their 40’s and 50’s who have a great financial responsibility to help sick parents with medicine and in-home care, and not begrudgingly, but they are counting pennies to make ends meet.Things happen in lives beyond anyone’s control that cause hardship. Understood and humbling if you have been there. Of course, there are always just plain old lazy people. Good luck to you and God bless.

      • God bless you too. However, I’m an atheist and I’m proud to be secular. I respect what you said.

      • Thanks, and I respect an individual for the kind of person they are, not what they believe or don’t believe.

      • Beautiful English Rose, that is the very first time in my 59 years of life that I have ever been called a queen. I like it! haha You are so funny!!!!
        I have a special place in my heart for people who have hardships but face each day being grateful for what they do have. :)

      • My 15 yr old granddaughter says that it is always sunny at my house. Good thing she isn’t here ALL the time. Your posts, my old friend, GMaG, are always a welcome sight and make me happy when I see one. EnglishRose, how are we going to get Vanessa out of that house? Those twins are aggravating, also, Meg is having an extended vacay, and what can you say about the hunk of burning love, Austin, except, please,please, keep your clothes on and stop biting on that gals neck. I have no idea who to root for.

      • LOL I don’t know who to root for either. Last year, I was the one in a million who didn’t like Derrick, but I can’t remember who I wanted to win. I don’t want any of them to win this year – maybe if we show up and look pathetic, they’ll give it to us!!

    • For most people here, it is not a lot of money. If you can’t spend that money, it’s understandable and you can say so. No need to insult anybody for their belief, just explain yourself. We’ll understand.

      • Exactly. I’m so friggin tired of being attacked for a comment I make. I comment on someone I like and get attacked, I make a joke and get attacked. I’m so sick of it! Some jerk has always got to make it personal.

    • Excuse me. I made a friggin joke! Are you afraid to reply to my comment? And I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I worked for over 40 yrs before recently retiring. You know nothing about me so keep your personal comments to yourself! Shame on you!

    • It isn’t a lot of money, even in “the real world”. You’re dillusional and have made some life mistakes if 5.99 is a lot of money for you. It’s not even 2 bus fares in major cities and then you talk about the real world. Interesting.

    • I’m sorry you seem to be struggling with your personal finances, but unless you’re well below the poverty line, $5.99 is not a lot of money. In San Francisco you can’t even buy a cheap lunch for that. That’s maybe half a meal even for the budget conscious.

  10. At this moment, if any player does not realize that there are only two groups, Austwin and non- Austwin, he or she is really bad BB player.

    V is one of worst player this season. This does not count her personality flaws. The number one error was to help Clelli introduce Austwin into the game and helped saving it. As a Poker player, I could not understand how she did the math.

    This moment, it is Austwin’ game to lose. If you do not like Austwin to win, you will hope that every non -Austwin will work together after the veto. It might be too late. Austin might be smarter than everyone else thought. He could really throw some games on purpose. Look how comfortable he is sitting right now.

  11. Austin and “Twin Evil” are the last of the “official” alliances/groups in the house. If Vanessa wins HoH next the “Trio” is getting smashed (nominee predictions: Austin/Julia). If James wins HoH he might go after the “Trio” or Vanessa……………hard to tell what direction “dumb” Meg will point him in. Nobody 4 REAL!!!

    • But really WHAT are Meg’s chances… 1 out of 100? Wait, that might be too high. LOL… unless they GAVE it to her. But at this point you WANT HOH, I bet Vanessa would love it.

      It would be funny to see Meg win it… maybe Meg would turn into a EVIL BIATCH and go after Vanessa. Ha, ha… never-mind not in a million years.

  12. Since nearly everyone is planning on throwing the next HOH, ( including John….what an ass) if the JAMEG’s team is the only one left standing, James should throw it to Meg. Now Meg must nominate Liz and Austin with Liz as the target. When asked “why not Vanessa?” tell them they wanted Vanessa to stay so they are going by their wish. Next HOH James try to win and take out Vanessa. Then it will be an even playing field.

    • Find that hard to believe, when you KNOW you’re safe & can relax for a week… unless you’re Vanessa, she NEVER RELAXES.

      If Vanessa is not BD’d, which I highly doubt but would love see happen, I bet at next HOH comp V is saying “I HAVE to win this HOH or I’m out of the game”.

  13. I really want Johnny Mac to stay and not just cuz he’s my favorite character. He’s the only one who is not afraid of getting a target on his back by putting up Vanessa. Liz is like a scared little girl who doesn’t wanna make any big game moves. It’s almost like no matter who’s HOH, Vanessa’s the one calling all of the shots and I’m sick of it.

    • That’s how Vanevil has nurtured her game…paranoid and fear..but the 3 stooges better come to realize that their false sense of security will come to an end when the numbers start to dwindle…Austin is working on Steve to flip him to their side…but if they wait too long they will miss the window of opportunity to get Vanevil out.

      • Miss their opportunity? I think they are able to get V out at any time. The only opportunity they missing out on is getting out the Austwins. They are the real threat. If Meg and James join them for the F5, they should know they can not beat Austwins to the finale.

      • At this won’t be that easy to get her out…she has a trump card…if she see she’s that she is in a corner and will be evicted she will blow the Austwins game up and tell the other side that getting her out won’t help the remaining….she will help them get them out…I see her doing this cause she knows if she’s left will the 3 actually anyone else for that matter…they have no chance.

      • I still think she won’t make it passed F5. She can no longer manipulate the house. She may be able to get the house to target the Austwins, but then she becomes target #1 yet again. She is dead in the water at that point.

  14. You know it’s easy to call them ‘stupid’ when we’re outside looking in… if a person makes a wrong assumption they will look stupid… here’s what is stupid, you believe someone wins POV, removes a HG off the Block and the POV winner gets put on the Block. HUH?

  15. Its one thing to be sneaky and underhanded when people don’t know what hit them until the end of the game, there is something to be said for keeping your mouth shut. This has been the downfall of this entire cast. This is why everyone refers to them as stupid, cause they don’t know how to keep their mouth shut. Especially Vanessa, she runs her mouth more than anyone, so much so you can’t even understand what she says most of the time. If someone doesn’t take a stand against her soon, she will win and I don’t like to see nasty mouth people win. I hope Shellie comes back,wins HOH and takes Vanessa out. Jmac can join with Shellie to get her out. No one else has the guts to do it. The twins have the biggest potty mouth, I know their parents are so proud. Its so unnecessary.

    • Exactly,they do not know how to execute a plan because they can’t keep their mouth closed for 15 minutes and do agree Vanessa biggest flaw is not knowing when to leave well enough alone,constant pot stirring on BB always a bad path to be on in a small house.

    • More than shelli I’d rather see Jackie come back and go through them like A tornado. Wishful thinking on my part I don’t care for twins but it is more of the whining Liz does. I don’t like whiners that why meg turns me off also. I think Jackie would bump them all she has had time with shelli to Lear. About sustains and Vanessa. She could relay it it James meg I’m and Steve and turn him but again I’m probably in fantasy land

      • I can’t stand the twins nasty mouth. It is possible to play with game without saying the “F” word every 2 seconds. Would like to see the twins and their creepy boyfriend got out ASAP.

  16. The reason I dislike Vanessa, is not because she’s manipulative and sneaky. Danielle Reyes and Dan Gheesling are so lovable and yet they’re backstabbers. The reason Vanessa is unlikable is because she’s an emotional wreck, she’s delusional. I tried liking her but the chick is crazy! Lol, while I think the girls as gameplayers are major improvements than last season. If Becky goes there’s no girls left to root for, there’s actually no one to root for besides JMac imo. James is too easily swayed, I used to like him but someone could tell him the fish is a threat and he’d believe it xD!! And Meg needs to step up, I really wanna see Jackie or Becky come back in the game, hopefully JMac can last ’til then!!

  17. Have little sympathy for Becky,she shot at the Queen and missed,has no one to blame but herself for not holding the troops together,if you can’t do that for even one week then you are toast on BB.. She got over confident and crowned herself before the other had been dethroned and now look at her,on the cusp of being sent home. Vanessa may be a train wreck of emotions but by far the most clever player in this house,win or lose she trying to control events in the house unlike the others who seem to be always reacting after the facts Sixth Sense was on life support a short time ago but James did not take out Vanessa when he had the chance,now has no real game plan to speak of,just more or less now eating and playing jokes,not a formula for the final two..

  18. Liz just confirmed my theory this week that she’s been purposely flying under the radar. She won both, HOH and POV, so she can’t suck that much at comps.

    I kinda want Becky to stay bc I think JMac might have a better chance at coming back, but I don’t know.. it’s not gonna happen. Even if Vanessa, James and Meg would vote to evict JMac, Liz would be the tie breaker…..


    • We gots our fingers crossed… I would love to see both JMac & Becky stay and Vanessa go or for that matter ANYONE else.

  19. We are now in the stretch of the season when WINNING does matter,got to win HOH or POV when it really counts or you lose total control of your fate going into the latter part of this show,none of them have the power or the control Derrick had last season,he didn’t have to win anything because he had the votes no matter what.

  20. Vanessa is the craziest dingbat in the house but they want her to stay. Bringing her to the final two will be stupid. She will beat anyone in that house.

      • People voted for Evel Dick and he is actually an awful person. So I don’t think being an awful person is a detriment to winning:

      • Unless the HGs are really that stupid.

        Actually that season with Evel Dick they did have the most stupidest HGs of any season.

      • They seem to overlook that – no matter what people do, at the end, it’s put down to good game play. She could easily win.

      • If Vanessa is in the final with Steve, then I hope that she wins. Steve and the twins win and others decide who they should put up. Maybe he passes his college courses with straight A’s, but with everything else he is not intelligent at all.

  21. Okay, I’m just kidding!!!

    Tell me you don’t have issues that prevent you from seeing that wasn’t a JOKE? If so, there are 2 of them… James is gay AND he made a tin-foil penis for Meg. But just for clarification is I did think it was a “BAD THING” are you saying I can’t have that opinon? And to go a step further… I can say I have at least 4 gay FRIENDS that I know about.

  22. I can’t watch BBAD anymore. The eating habits of the twins are disgusting. They talk over each other and chew with their mouths open. GAG!

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