Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 5: Saturday Highlights

Veto Day turned into Chaos Day on Big Brother 17 as the HoH suddenly found herself shifting from one target to another and another until the sun was coming up.

John McGuire and Becky Burgess play Big Brother
John McGuire and Becky Burgess play Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

Paranoia and misinterpreted signals may have saved Austin from eviction this week after the side in control began to fear the whole house was out to get them and they were setting themselves up to lose a number. With that realization the power alliance scrambled to find a new target and Vanessa’s reason.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, July 25, 2015:

9:45 AM BBT – HGs getting their wake up call. It’s going to be a long day.

11:50 AM BBT – Players were picked. Liz, John, and Shelli are playing. Jason is hosting.

11:55 AM BBT – Steve and John discuss scenarios with the Veto. They know Austin is the target as word has spread.

12:05 PM BBT – Vanessa is in an absolute panic. She wants to tell Liz about the Austin problem before the Veto in case she has to shut out Liz. Jackie thinks that’s a bad idea to warn her.

12:15 PM BBT – Becky comes up and freaks out that Vanessa used HG Choice on Shelli instead of someone who would help Becky’s game.

12:55 PM BBT – Have-Not food revealed. Slopcorn. They get Slop and gourmet popcorn. Go figure. Shelli, Clay, and Steve.

1:30 PM BBT – Jason says he’d target Steve and then the Twins if he won HoH next week.

3:55 PM BBT – Feeds return and Veto comp is over. Clay won. John was in second place. It was the triangle ramp ball rolling game.

4:35 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Liz she has something huge and very important to tell her, but wants her to get dressed and do her makeup first. (HGs like to be camera ready before holding conversations they know will be used.)

5:00 PM BBT – Liz goes to have dinner with Austin instead of coming back up. She doesn’t seem terribly interested in having this very important conversation.

5:10 PM BBT – While they wait, Shelli and Vanessa start freaking out that there may be a 6-person alliance that was targeting Clay. Their proof? Becky was upset when Vanessa picked Shelli to play and others didn’t look ecstatic when Clay won Veto. Good grief.

5:25 PM BBT – Liz still hasn’t shown up, but Austin arrives. They inquisition him about Operation Jason (revealing the twins to Jason). Austin points out they’re close to losing their numbers advantage if someone from their side goes home this week.

5:35 PM BBT – Austin leaves. Vanessa tells Shelli that he was lying to them again about the vote to keep Audrey.

5:40 PM BBT – Austin tells Liz what’s going on. She tells him that Julia already told Vanessa that Austin had done the vote. Austin panics knowing that Vanessa knows he just lied to her and asks Liz to go upstairs and lie to cover for him.

5:45 PM BBT – Finally. Liz goes upstairs to talk to Vanessa and Shelli. This conversation lasts for 48 minutes. Liz tells them she has no interest in Austin and was grossed out by their kiss last night. Liz reveals that Austin asked her to lie to Vanessa, but she wouldn’t do it.

6:05 PM BBT – Even after discussing all the reasons they don’t trust Austin the talk circles back to sending Becky home and keeping Austin. Shelli thinks they should keep Austin another week.

6:35 PM BBT – Austin comes up stairs for a private apology tour performance with Vanessa. He’s spilling his guts on everything he did. Austin doesn’t know what Vanessa wants to hear so he just starts telling her anything bad he ever did.

7:00 PM BBT – Austin still groveling to Vanessa. He’s pleading for his Big Brother life and begging that she lets him stay. He says he needs to get to Jury to be there with Liz because he’s fallen in love with her. Vanessa doesn’t tell him that Liz isn’t at all interested in him.

7:18 PM BBT – James interrupts this high-stress meeting for an important question. Can he keep Vanessa’s squirrel costume if she doesn’t want it? She gives it to him and he scampers off.

7:40 PM BBT – Vanessa told Austin to go talk with Shelli & Clay and get their support. He’s got them in the Lounge right now begging forgiveness.

8:15 PM BBT – Clay worries if this is his best move to keep Austin. He and Shelli go upstairs to talk with Vanessa. Vanessa is a zombie at this point and Shelli rambles on endlessly.

8:20 PM BBT – Shelli says to evict Becky because she got worried about being on the Block and didn’t trust the plan. This said by the woman who got worried about Clay being on the Block and didn’t trust the plan.

8:35 PM BBT – Vanessa and Liz alone trying to figure out a plan. Vanessa suggests they could ask Clay not to use the Veto on himself. Oh please do. I’d love to see that conversation.

8:40 PM BBT – Liz throws out the idea of BD’ing Jackie. Hmm.

8:45 PM BBT – Downstairs, Meg and Jason tell Shelli she’s being paranoid about the Clay targeting. They explain they didn’t celebrate Clay’s win to protect Becky’s feelings and to cover the secret plan.

9:00 PM BBT – Vanessa now has Steve upstairs. She’s running through all the events and getting what he knows about the other side of the house.

9:30 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Jackie that Liz is okay with Backdooring Austin. Vanessa is hiding the truth. Jackie starts suggesting they need to target the twins right away.

10:20 PM BBT – Austin pleading with Jackie that he needs to get to Jury.

10:40 PM BBT – Austin reminding Clay and Shelli that he’s a number for them.

11:00 PM BBT – Jason and Meg realize things are shaky and want to shore up a fresh deal with Shelli and Clay to make sure they stay safe.

11:45 PM BBT – Austin is back upstairs with Vanessa. He’s pushing for Jason to be the target and warns Clay and Shelli may be trying to work with Jason and Meg but he doesn’t trust them.

12:00 AM BBT – Vanessa tells Austin she forgives him personally, but gamewise she’s got credibility to maintain. She tells Austin to work on a strategy because right now she feels like she has to put him up.

12:10 AM BBT – Vanessa and Liz circle back to thinking Austin needs to go this week.

12:25 AM BBT – Vanessa promises Jason she’s sticking to the plan of renom’ing Austin. They continue talking and Jason gets Vanessa paranoid that Austin could be a Saboteur in the game.

1:00 AM BBT – Austin tells Liz he only cares about surviving in the game so he can spend more time with her. Their talk continues for a long time. Austin trying to get Liz concerned about Vanessa and suggests she could turn around and do the same thing to Liz next.

2:00 AM BBT – Vanessa again encouraging Austin to come up with a plan to stay. She’s looking for any justification to keep him. Austin tells her the others aren’t honest with her, but she asks him to prove it.

2:20 AM BBT – Liz tells Vanessa she’s accepted that Austin may have to go. She’s still upset that he kissed her when she didn’t want to be since he has a girlfriend at home.

2:45 AM BBT – Clay and Shelli are getting frustrated with Vanessa for sending them around to drum up support for keeping Austin only to have her backtrack in conversations upstairs.

2:50 AM BBT – Chelli have both gone up stairs to work on Vanessa. Shelli thinks they made a big mistake to not trust Austin and they’re making another big mistake to risk losing a number.

3:05 AM BBT – Vanessa is considering a House Meeting to poll everyone on who should be the renom. Yikes. Clay says just to put Austin up on the Block, campaign to save him, and then work from whatever happens. Vanessa doesn’t think they should even give the other side a chance.

3:20 AM BBT – They have a new plan: Backdoor Jackie. Vanessa thinks Jackie will be mad at her anyway for going back on the BD Austin plan so might as well get her out now.

What a day, what a day. Had Jackie stayed HoH this wouldn’t be an issue. Had Becky won Veto this probably wouldn’t be an issue. But now here we are as Vanessa and her allies try to undo the bad plan they made to get out their own ally again after doing just that last week too. Veto Ceremony on Monday which means we’ll get 37 new plans on Sunday. Keep watching!

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  1. I want this 6th sense alliance to be done with already… it was great at first, but now its getting to be a bit redundant. I enjoy watching people play the game but it seems the outsiders have not woken up yet. I dont think they understand how big brother is played, and are extremely gullible and delusional for not seeing the alliance. Its like watching discovery channel and your just looking at an infant animal getting ready to be a lions lunch. Id really like to see Austin go home this week, but then again Im interested in seeing how this love thing plays out haha

    • I agree. I don’t understand why all the “pawns” don;t see what’s going on. It seems obvious at this point but they all seem to be swayed by a little attention they get.

      I also don’t get Liz. She was trying to save Austin at first. If she doesn’t like him, how does she fell about going to the Jury House with him there ready to smother her? At some point she needs to tell him the truth. If she wants him out of the house, maybe telling him this today would cause him to do something stupid.

      • She doesn’t want to say anything because her and Vanessa are worried he will blow up their game. Last night they were talking about Liz playing along with Austin.

      • Seriously!!!! I cant help but hear the song “Ill be watching you” every time I see Austin… Stalkers anthem lol….

        The HGs need to stop waiting for a win to fall into their laps and play strategically. 6th sense trust isn’t 100% so it should be pretty easy to plant a bad seed and watch is grow..

  2. Vanessa is brutal. The method she uses to confront others is very similar to the tactics used by an abusive spouse.
    show anger
    instill guilt
    appear to be hurt and wronged
    expect apology and submission
    She seems to be very good at it. Let’s hope she took a class in mastering manipulation by whatever means necessary before she entered the house instead of practicing the method in real life.

    • Vanessa is very analytical but she is not nearly as clever as she thinks she is. People are manipulating her all the time. Austin did it a few times. Shelli is doing it now. Vanessa may not realize it but she cannot trust ANYONE completely. Everyone is doing what’s in their own interest. I think Vanessa has to put up Austin this week. If not she is going to make herself a huge target, not only to the other side but also to Austin – and maybe Shelli and Clay too. When you break a deal like she is talking about doing who is going to trust you? I am hoping Vanessa comes to her senses before the veto meeting Monday.

      • I agree that Vanessa needs to keep Austin as the target. Upsetting Shay should be the least of her worries at present.

      • You know I think the world of you my dear, but on this one I think it’s not the wisest move to put up Austin… Yes I know we the viewing audience want drama, we want to see a crack in the alliance, we want bigger twists that constantly go against the stability of prediction, we want, and we want, and we want… But the numbers still don’t provide the security of booting Austin. And let’s be clear, Austin can’t be fully trusted because he’s playing both sides, but, he is easily manipulated by Liz/Julia… I’d say starting next week after Julia enters, it’s going to be more than entertaining to see how fast Julia/Liz forget Austin and focus on their own game. :)

      • If Austin stays, I’m thinking he will lean more so to the vindictive side than the loyal side, especially when he realizes that the twins will not double his pleasure. Meaning, he could be the very one to destroy the alliance, which is what I would like to see happen. But, as you say, he can’t be trusted by anyone. Being unable to predict the egotist, from my front porch, I envision life in the BB house without Austin as being the best option. I concur with your take on Julia/Liz leaving Austin in the dust if he stays, which I think will make him one very vengeful man. I’d have to say, that the whole scenario is intriguing me.

      • I agree. Right now it’s a numbers game. I also think with Austin being this close to going home he’s not going to be disloyal again.

      • I’d agree on him not being disloyal, but I do think that KSJB has a good point in saying that once the twins show their lack of interest in him, there will be some spite in his game…

      • But after listening to Liz and Vanessa last night Liz said she was going to still stay close to him so he doesn’t blow up their game.

      • And that’s why I think Liz is turning out to be a bit smarter and more devious than people give her credit for. Yes I don’t think she’s incredibly intelligent by nature, but I do think she knows how to manipulate with the best of them. For example, if you read the comments on here, you’d swear that she’s a victim of some horrible abuse because why? She *said* that she doesn’t really like Austin and feels uncomfortable with his advances. But, here she is when she’s with HIM acting and speaking in a manner that shows she’s not all that uncomfortable, but rather she’s just leading him on. Is it moral? No. Is it ”nice”? Nope. But is it showing she wants to win this game by giving people different stories and sides of her character in order to better manipulate them? Yes! She’s not bad at it! :)

      • She will if they backdoor Jackie. Look at it this way. Shelli will always protect Clay and Liz will always protect her sister. Austin will always protect Liz. Vanessa is really alone. She needs to realize that and do what is best for her. Her first instinct to get rid of Austin was the right one. He cannot be trusted and I think she knows that. Shelli is asking Vanessa to get a bucket of blood on her hands when Shelli is always whining about getting blood on her own hands.

        I hope Vanessa wakes up before Monday.

      • Every other word out of Vanessa’s mouth when she’s been HOH is I don’t want blood on my hands. Find me a reason to put someone up. I don’t want blood on my hands. I didn’t want to be HOH. I don’t want blood on my hands. I’m so sick of hearing her go on and on and on…..Jackie even said last night if Vanessa says one more time I didn’t want to be HOH. She needs to just shut up and follow through.

      • I was watching her the other day thinking to myself how big her balls must be lol She flat out tells people what to do, why she doesn’t want blood on her hands, and people eat it up. Given the chance I dont doubt for a second she will be the new target next week if someone outside the alliance were to take power… OOOH BBLORT Pleaseeeee let Jason or Jackie be the new HOH’s. Only outsiders who have demonstrated having an actual idea of how the game is played lol.

      • Vanessa is lying to her own alliance but then she flips out when someone lies to her. Kind of double standards if you ask me.

    • Several in the poker community are calling her a professional con artist. Seems to me that those same tactics would be used by a con artist when sugar doesn’t work.

      • Hmmm, that’s interesting. Maybe she beat them all. LOL
        Seriously, she goes too far. She needs to reign it in.

    • I agree. She calls people out for lying because she says she’s loyal. Which is a joke. If she’s so loyal why is she lying to her alliance about her final 2 deal with Steve. And why is she lying to Clay and Shelli about her other alliance with the twins, Austin and Steve called the freaks and geeks. She’s the biggest liar, manipulator.

  3. Big Brother 17 (BBUS17) update-Austin isn’t going anywhere, or is he?
    It’s always about the numbers. Or at least that is what I tell my fellow feeders while I am watching things unfold in front of me. With over 30 years of Television Production experience in my back pocket it is safe to say I do know something about how these producers are controlling the game. Let’s face it, that is what got me intrigued in this show in the first place.. it is a Human Experiment. Or at least that is how it started. But of course with any Network TV show, the advertisers have a huge part in this since the idea is to be the most watched program on the air at that time so you have the most eyes watching it so that the advertisers are happy and in return the production series can charge more for the airtime. It’s basic TV.. use the SuperBowl, The Academy Awards, The President’s Speech… anything the general public find important enough to stop what they are doing and tuning in to watch the show.. If you look at the numbers the very first season the show had the highest numbers and since then it has gone down hill.. the first year was the only year the general public voted each player out of the house and also voted for the winner. Obviously now that the social networking/internet is the way that it is, this may not be quite as easy to do as it might get gamed to the point where it wasn’t even close. This is where in my opinion, the CBS US series is NOT doing a good enough job of taking advantage of the social media and allowing “us” be more powerful. They seem to give the feeders absolutely no credit, yet they continue to use the comments posted everywhere in the script they give to Julie Chen each week. BB Canada has done a stellar job of giving the live feeders and viewers more power in the game, yet still keeping full control of the production. CBS US can definitely learn from this. After all, the casting director for both series is the same person.

    As much as I love the game there are times when I seriously want to throw my tv/computer out the window. Listening to these HG go on and on about getting blood on their hands and ‘at the end of the day’.. Enough is enough.. you entered this game to win a half million dollars and you want to do it without getting a few people upset with your decisions when you happen to win HOH.
    Vanessa is now HOH once again.. I never trusted this girl from the start.. how can you when she was a professional poker player.. check out her Wiki entry and you will see the stats for yourself. You have to hope she is loyal and just dismisses the people the lie to her.. she feels like they are gaming her and that is NOT what you want to do against a professional gamer! But here is the thing, it is only Saturday night/Sunday morning and the power of veto ceremony doesn’t happen until Monday afternoon so a lot of game talk will happen and Shelli will continue to convince Vanessa, now that her son (Clay) has won the power of veto and is safely off the block and back in her arms (excuse me–a little puke in my mouth) I’m ok now.. If the tables were turned and Becky would have won POV and Clay remained OTB then Shelli would be signing a different tune, because she would realize how important Meg, Jason, James votes would be to save Clay and she would be freaking out because there is a chance they would jump at this opportunity to get the most powerful player out of the game. After all, that is why Shelli was so paranoid when Clay was OTB in the first place. So now that her man/son is safe, she once again turns and realizes how she can make this a win-win for HER Game.. (got to give her credit there because it is a game and you should always be thinking of Number 1 which is yourself). For Shelli, having Austin stay means one more vote for “her side” and Becky would go so that is one less vote for the other side. The problem is, there really is no solid line in the house.

    If you look at the twin twist and how Liz and Julia now have to look at the game once they are both in, she wonders who should we trust. Right now she is counting on Vanessa, since Julia initially let the twin twist out of the bag by telling Vanessa the truth and introducing herself as Julia while they were sleeping in the same bed some time back. The problem will be how much power Shelli has over Vanessa this week to see just where the Twins will be in the house.

    So in summary, at midnight Saturday/Sunday morning, it appears Austin is still going to be the replacement nomination and will get back doored but we haven’t heard the last of Shelli/Clay’s arguments. Not to mention production and all the D/R sessions where they will continue to put ideas in people’s minds about pros to Austin staying–if production recognizes it appears he is the one going home. If you dont believe me, then take a look what happened last week when Audrey was sure to be going on the block and even before she was officially put up, was already shutting every other HG out and wouldn’t speak to anyone followed by not even showing up for the POV ceremony and then production giving her a single penalty for having normal food due to the fact that she was also a have-not. At this point production had to make it into what it was.

    It is safe to say I am happy to see the he said/she said continue to manifest throughout the house creating much needed drama which makes this Human experiment fun to watch once again.

  4. It’s obvious that Shelli feels threatened by Becky. Anyone know why she seems to be determined to get Becky out of the house?

      • We’ll go with that, Coco, until we come up with an alternative reason. It does seem personal, doesn’t it?

      • Maybe just as personal when she evicted Jeff for bromancing with Clay! She’ll probably send Vanessa home too if she even has a doubt about her trying to take her man

      • Makes me think of Tammy Wynette.
        “Stand by your man,
        And show the world you love him…” LOL

      • Not unless she has Daddy issues. I don’t see Clay and Shelli going much past the Big Brother game either.

    • She probably thinks Becky is (still) upset because she went back on the plan to put Audrey up when they both were HOH and will come after her…. Now, Shelli is telling Vanessa to do the same, forget the promise you made with Jackie, put her up and get her out.

      • That could be it, Georgia, maybe you and Coco together have it figured out. It does appear to be a tad bit vindictive on Shelli’s part.

      • Great now we know she’s threatened by Jackie too! OK can we just say she’s threatened by every single female in the house except for maybe Vanessa?

      • She has Judasitis , Austin wants all the guys gone so no one touch (look at or even utter a word) to his precious Liz. Now, Shelli wants all the females out to protect her Clay Bear.

      • Austin with anyone is ewww! (In the game that is…. I am sure he has a lovely girlfriend that is smitten by her big strong Judas who would go to any length to prove his love.) Goodness, Shelli and Austin, that could have been a possibility if Clay wasn’t there. Wasn’t Jackie Austin’s next love target?

      • I WAS trying to eat breakfast while reading! Now I have to clean up the mess I just made. LOL

      • Now that is just disgusting to even imagine KSJB. Austin and Shelli is like fish heads and rice uugghh.

      • Vanessa is the one that brought that idea up. When they were all talking in the HOH last night trying to figure out who to put up Vanessa said Jackie is already going to be mad at me for not backdooring Austin so I might as well just put her up and get rid of her.

      • They were all talking last night trying to decide who to put up and who to target. They all were discussing how nobody new where Becky stood. They also said she’s going to be smart at Q & A comps. Then they talked about Jackie and how she’s vindictive. Nothing was really discussed about being a certain ones target. They just said that entire group would be certain to put two of them up. That’s why the talk has changed to keeping Austin so they’d have the numbers.

    • She said last night nobody knows where Becky stands which makes her dangerous and it’s so true.

  5. Vanessa…you are playing the game of Big Brother..stop looking for all of these stupid reasons to put someone are driving me insane with your non-stop talking and paranoia. All you have to say is “it has come to my attention that some things have taken a turn in the house and for that reason I nominate you,___________, as the replacement nominee. You are doing so much overthinking.

    • I can totally understand her thinking this out thoroughly to make the right decision to nominate someone who would be the best to get out. Do it for your game and not other’s. At this point, the only one’s that really want Austin to stay is Shelli. Clay will go along with her but he kind of want’s him gone too. Liz say’s he creeps her out so that should be enough for her to vote him out but for some unknown reason she is kind of wanting him to stay as well but Julia would vote him out wholeheartedly. Vanessa doesn’t want to be a liar and she want’s to protect her game play but by not targeting Austin she would have to go back on her word and put up Jackie which will speak volume’s if and when the other side has complete control for the week.Should Austin go this week, the rest of the sheep (other side of the house) will continue to follow them into the slaughter house and none of them in the 6th sense has the common sense to see that.

      • They all want Austin to stay. They realize now he’s a number for them. But Vanessa is afraid to grow a pair and get blood on her hands.

      • But they have their number’s if you include Julia, Jackie and Steve. ustin is a bad number for them and he is the one most likely to go after his side of the house first but all in the name of Liz.

      • Jackie wants to target the twins. She would never go with them. Austin is the smart move for now. And I think after all this he will be super loyal. He doesn’t want the entire house against him again. Jackie would be useless to them.

  6. Are you frickin kidding me Vanessa! Stop with this Paranoia! Your making everyone on here grow gray hair! Just grow some balls and send the creeper (Austin) packing! Nothing hard to it really

    • are so right..I sat up until 2am watching the Vanessa freak out show and I swear I got up this morning and found two more gray hairs!! She really needs to calm herself down, or else alot of us are going to be buying lot of hairdye!

      • Ha-ha your hilarious but this is true! She’ll start a riot of a bunch of angry fans with gray hair if she doesn’t stop this nonsense! ^_^

  7. Why would they risk alienating the entire house to save Austin? If they backdoor Jackie the entire house will turn against Vanessa. No one will trust her. She will make herself a bigger target. This is not just a backdoor, Vanessa is breaking several deals she made with Jackie and the rest of the house.

    Again, she is playing Shelli’s game not her own and Shelli is only paranoid because she thinks Clay is threatened. Vanessa better realize that the twins have each other – and Austin for as long as they need him – and Shelli and Clay have each other. Vanessa is alone. Her best move is to put up Austin this week so she can always work with the rest of the house if she needs any of them.

    • Right if she breaks this deal with Jackie and if Jackie ends up staying she’ll come at Vanessa guns ablazing next week since she’ll be able to win HOH again

      • Shelli is playing the game on emotions when it comes to Clay. She is making the same stupid mistake Austin is making. Its going to ruin the game for her entire alliance. She needs to think rationally and maintain a working relationship with the other side. Cay has been great at that but this move will ruin his game and Vanessas.

        This could be one of those game changing moves they will regret if two of “the others” win HOH Thursday.

    • Jackie will erupt if Vanessa puts her up! The inability of Vanessa to make a decision will be her downfall.

    • Entire house?
      Steve, austin, liz, julia, clay and shelli would still be on her side.
      The only people going after her would be Becky, jason, james, meg, and jmac
      Meg sucks at comps, jmac throws comps, so really only have to worry about jason, james, becky, who still may target austin twins or steve.
      Also no guarantee even if she did get austin out they wouldn’t turn on her.

    • The rest of the house is only that group of five. And all they do is flip flop and smoke cigarettes. And if by some chance one if them gets HOH who do you think is on the bottom? Vanessa. Jackie already wanted her out before she got HOH. By keeping Austin they have the numbers and the other side would be a group of only four.

  8. The Purple Pustules of Truth are really messing with Vanessa’s brain. She can’t seem to retain a coherent thought. She is showing at least half the house she can’t be trusted at all, when this could have been a safe week for her with little to no blowback. At this point I hope Austin and Liz are the first 2 in the Jury House, in that order. Give Austin a whole week by himself to get all hornied up, then introduce Liz into the habitat. After all that’s what Austin wants, and Liz has been fighting for the same thing so let them have it. Hello, young lovers.

    • Lol more so Austin’s plan than Liz. Liz is just trying to use her body to get her and her sister far and so far it’s been working

      • Julia is going to be so pissed when she comes in and sees Sasquatch is still going to be there.

      • Lol it would be hilarious if she tries to win HOH next week just so she can get Austin out herself since Vanessa was incapable of doing it -__-

      • Did I miss something? I haven’t seen anything that says that Liz or Julia want anything other than friendship from Austin.

      • Julia knows that Austin is after Liz. When she finds out that Austin stole a kiss from Liz, that’s going to solidify her distrust of him with Liz.

  9. Oh mylanta … I can’t even … so what now? Clay, Shelli and Vanessa are becoming so unbearable … Jason, James, Vampire Dentist and Meg for the win! Feel sorry for Jackie & Beckie.

      • Very exciting. I just love watching Jason smoke, Meg giggling and James sleeping when he’s not saying perverted things to the girls. Yep they sure do deserve to be in the final three. Lol

      • Right, they’re so busy that haven’t even noticed that big alliance that is voting them out one by one.

  10. Shouldn’t Liz be secretly trying to get Austin out? He did his job, help protect her so both her and her sister will be in the game. Today, they are both safe BUT she may not be so safe if both her and Austin are in the Jury House together.

    • I would think that after that kiss Liz would be all over getting Austin out, especially with her sister guaranteed to enter the game.

  11. I’m rooting for Vanessa to put Austin on the block. Please let her be the demise of her own alliance! LOL

    • Shelli thinks that she is in charge, but Vanessa is the puppet master pulling the strings. Shelli is just one of her marionettes.

      • I haven’t figured out yet if Vanessa is allowing herself to look vulnerable to being manipulated in some instances or if she is really that swayed at times, especially by Shelli.

  12. Vanessa is a IDIOT and I hope she goes soon. For the safety of Liz alone, they really NEED to evict Austin before jury. Based on his creepy comments, if she ends up in the jury house with him, she may need to request he be evicted from there.

  13. Vanessa is a professional poker player and won millions already. HOW is she such as a freaking flake now? NOT taking up for Austin per se but in this situation with Liz, she really needs to claim some responsibility for stringing him along and adding gas to Austin’s fire. Game or not Austin’s a little nuts from personal feelings being played with and that’s not cool. If Liz was really into him Austin’s actions wouldn’t be coming off as creepy. Now for Austin to be so willing to claim “love” for Liz this quick, with a girlfriend, and in a game where he’s not even considering the fact he’s being played….well maybe those are his real issues!

  14. Vanessa has paranoia, I still want her gone. but watching her scamper around like a mental patient is entertaining. its funny how she is getting Shelli and Clay paranoid as well, for someone who doesn’t want blood on her hands, she is certainly proving to the house she is capable of it. I look forward to someone new actually winning the HOH for a change, this game and this season as a whole really needs it. BotB is proving to be pointless, once again. hint hint.

    • Right now Vanessa is worrying about putting Jackie on the block since that would mean she was responsible for getting rid of both Amazing Racers. HUH? Is she just hunting for things to worry about now??

      • I know right? lol next she will be worrying about being america’s favorite player, for playing such a flawless game thus far. (yeah right) that she hopes nobody has any hard feelings towards her, because she is already a millionaire and lives in a mansion. oh poor thing!

  15. Jackie should have made her own plans without giving deference to Vanessa. She should have realized by now that she is a target. Being in the block a couple of times should tell you that you are at risk no matter what they tell you. If she was smart, she should have nominated Austin and Shelli. If Austin and Shelli lost the BOB then, Jackie would have had the power to put another sixth sense member like Vanessa on the block if Austin or Shelli got off. That would have guaranteed one of their alliance members gone for good. If they won, Jackie would be a target as she is now but, she at least, would have had a chance to come out better in the end. Now, she is slated for eviction without any hope of saving herself.

  16. Shelli scolded Clay for not doing what “she thought” he should be doing when she was in DR last night. JMO, but that should have set off a red flag for Clay. I predict that before the season is over, there will be trouble in Shay paradise or Clay will be a whooped puppy.

  17. They may be decent people outside the house but is anyone else as tired of Shelli, Clay and Vanessa as me?

    • Not sure if I am more tired of them or the others who seem to be lackadaisically remiss in their game strategy against Shelli, Clay, and Vanessa.

      • I’m totally in agreement on it seeming to be the “bright” side. The way it’s going, I may have to get on board with one of them . There may be no one else left to cheer for if the other gang doesn’t open up the blinds.

      • They do seem to be the brightest bunch in the house right now so I’m hoping they will start to grow on people here. The other side of the house lay around the house and TALK a lot – very little action. I’m surprised John doesn’t find them boring.

      • I really like JMac, and look forward to his DR each week. But I’m a little concerned for him. He isn’t really a part of any alliance, and when reading Jokers, it seems he is seldom included in conversations from either side when talking strategy or even just talking. If that is part of his strategy, I don’t know how much longer he can pull that off.

      • I don’t know what he strategy is either. Did he just intentionally lose the HOH btw? Whatever he’s doing it seems to be working so far and nobody views him as a threat. Maybe he’s saving his energy for the end game? I hope so anyway.

      • I am not sure if losing the HOH comp was intentional or not. And you are correct, he is still there and I want him to make it as far as possible for the DR entertainment.

      • I have JMac’s “Hello,” down pat! My husband called from work the other day and I answered the phone imitating JMac and I said “who am I?” He got it right!

      • I’d love to hear that! Cyril lovesa good ringtone. Maybe he could fix up one with JMac’s Hello over and over.

      • That’s what I don’t understand. The only group that’s playing the game most people here want gone. That would make for a real boring show. All that other group does is sit around. They are sooooo boring on the feeds. Yep they deserve to be playing the game. Oh wait they aren’t playing.

      • The other side doesn’t even get that much exposure on the network show unless they’re on the block or something so I don’t understand why they are so hugely popular – aside from Johnny Mac.
        You say they never do anything on the feeds either while the SS alliance is always plotting and planning to get rid of the other side.
        The Jokers ratings are laughable and I don’t see why Clay is at the bottom with Austin at all.

      • Once again we’re on the same page. I like watching game play not people sitting around floating to the end. The feeds were so good last night I couldn’t turn them off. And it was all of the sixth sense playing the game. Hopefully it finishes up earlier tonight. I need some sleep. Lol

      • I stayed up 4 hours later than I was planning to last night just to see what was happening. Can’t wait for tonight’s episode either. I’ll talk to you more tomorrow if you can drag yourself away from the feeds long enough. :D

    • I think you may be tired of Shelli and Vanessa is because they have been HOHS 4 out of 5 weeks. And when Shelli is HOH, it’s basically Clay as co-HOH

  18. If Jackie were the target, would this be the first time a dethroned HOH became the target in the Era of the Battle of the Block? I don’t remember it being done this season or last season? It feels like the dethroned HOH has immunity…when clearly he/she does not!

      • That’s the only one I can rememeber too. But she renom Jackie, doesn’t mean she’s going home yet. Renonming Jackie could end up been a huge mistake for Vanessa.

      • Absolutely it would. Ms. Pious walking around, crucifying anyone who lies to her…yet possibly going back on her word against Jackie is an egregious lie. This can only spell disaster for Vanessa.

      • I agree. I think if she renom’s Jackie and she leaves..she will have Becky, JMac, Jason, Meg and possibly James coming after her.

      • …and I think she is going to because I just heard her tell Austin “this is going to be a bloodbath!” Wow!

  19. This is comical, I can’t believe the people who are actually saying that Vanessa is playing a good game. She is horrendous.

  20. They better damn well not backdoor Jackie, or I’m going to be pissed. This is so utterly retarded. JUST PUT UP AUSTIN! Jesus Christ, are ALL these people stupid?

  21. When does Julia return to the house – before or after the veto meeting? I am hoping Julia comes in and convinces Vanessa to stick with the backdoor Austin plan. Julia seems to be a more rational thinker than her sister. And what is odd is Liz found out that Austin wanted to get her sister Julia out of the house and Liz still wanted to protect Austin.

  22. You’ve got to be kidding me ! Now the plan goes from back door Austin to possibly Jackie ! Wow these dumb dumbs really have no idea what there doing ! Make up your d@mn minds.! Austin is a threat and will back stab when given the chance !

      • Capt., I can’t decide if you have a soft spot or a hard spot for Jackie. :)J/K, you know.I’m being bad.
        BTW, I have said all along that Austin is the best option.

      • I like her in TAR. I want to see her do good in BB. But in any which way, she is not threatening in any way in BB right now.

  23. Sheesh talk about unstable alliances. Vanessa is logical if not a bit cut-throat ( the way she constantly tries to find faults as to make herself look “guilt-free”) so am sure she’ll put up Austin.

    Urhhh hate that they aren’t planning to remove one of the twins, seems like an obvious decision because you’d have two blood relatives who’d have a very strong partnership.

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