Big Brother 17 Houseguest Poolside Photos Released [PICS]

The Big Brother 17 cast’s poolside bikini and swimsuit photos have arrived and this is one good looking group of Houseguests! Check out all their pics below courtesy of CBS.

Big Brother 17 house backyard pool
Big Brother 17 house backyard pool – Source: CBS

Typically CBS will release the group backyard poolside photo before the season starts, but this year we still haven’t seen it which makes me think any extra Houseguests weren’t hidden behind a towel like they’ve done before. While there’s no group shot, we do have the individual Houseguest pics to share.

All fourteen Houseguests of the new BB17 cast are here and we’ll just have to wait and see if anyone else joins in the fun during tonight’s part 2 premiere episode.

Perhaps the most noteworthy photo is of Liz Nolan, wait, I mean of Liz’s twin Julia Nolan. At least it appears to be someone different as that really does not look like the Houseguest I met in person last week. I’d say Liz and Julia were swapped out for photo day as we’ve already seen they are distinctly different in appearance. Not sure how they can pull it off when it’s seemingly obvious in photos.

Take a look at the pics below and see who you think does the best poolside pose.

click images to see full-size views


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  1. That’s a tough call on who is more ripped. Lot’s of physically fit people this year! It makes me wonder how much working out we’ll see.

      • Hey hey some of us are still just watching the repeat from last night… Would’ve loved to see it ”fresh” but meh, that’s why I love hanging with you guys each summer….to learn what’s what! :)

      • Hello, Matt. There’s one of those interesting, intelligent Canadian men. I think James may be Canadian, also. If so, that’s two I know of. Now we need Canman. Was BBCan better than season 16 of BB?

      • Oh my you surely must be thinking of a different ”Matt”, (but I’ll take the compliment because if I can’t be intelligent, I might as well act like it for a short time until I say something dumb!) ;) I have to say this season of BBCan didn’t sit too well with me for the same reason I’m a bit worried about this season of BBUSA… Too many twists make the game more about ”luck” than good social play and athletic ability. Now of course there are those who will disagree and say they loved the chaos of non-stop game changing twists (but usually those same people complain about the twists when their fave player leaves and THEN claim it’s not fair)… So yeah, I’m still a purist I guess. ;)

      • I’ve never watched any other version of BB. When I get a little older and move into a condo where I won’t have so many responsibilities, I hope to get the live feeds and maybe watch some of the past seasons of BBCan. I’m dreaming as of now.
        Nothing wrong at all with being a purist. :)

      • NOOOO! My husband just bought a tractor. That tells me that he has no intentions of buying a condo in the near future. He thinks my tractor’s sexy?:(

      • We had “Oliver” tractors ~~ I think I was driving one at about 10 years old, and the trucks too. What fun!

      • That was mostly for Cuddles. hehe The other day I was talking about my yard mowing, tending to my landscaping, cleaning my home, etc. She let me in on the “life of owning a condo” and how everything was taken care of for you and then you hire someone to come in and clean. I’m still thinking about that, as you can tell. But, hey, my Kubota tractor with a front end loader is being delivered in the AM. That is going to help me out tremendously time-wise, unless of course I have so much fun on it that I look for more things to do.

      • Correction: I still clean my own home ~~ taking a bow. Everything else K said is true. What’s a Kubota tractor? My goodness, John Deere used to be the popular choice.

      • Damn hubby of mine is the only one who still owns a push mower for this huge yard we have…but since he gots the clots, our neighbor has had to pull double duty with his ridin mowr so our yard don’t make his yard look goofy!

      • We need some topsoil brought in to level our yard in a few places. I’m VERY happy that I am not well-endowed. Nobody would want to see a 59 yr old woman riding a tractor with a huge rack bouncing to the beat of each bump in my yard.

      • No integrity.They shake hands and swear on their goldfish ‘s life and then they swallow the goldfish.

      • Oh my goodness, you’re giving me the chills ~~~ that’s what you think of our little diatribe?

      • ohhh now I understand your comment above. You’re looking to get paid for the ‘pic’ since you’re an artist. Sorry I completely misunderstood.

      • You need to start learning how to pay for stuff. This LIVE FREE slogan needs a little twerking.

      • You truly don’t understand the meaning of our state motto “Live Free or Die”. Obviously my definition was lacking in some way that you don’t understand what I’m saying. Please Google New Hampshire and read a little about and our state and its’ motto. Thanx ~ talk later.

      • I agree KS! They don’t need it. The last time they did the twins, didn’t they know fairly quickly something was up

      • I think they should have BB for Kids…my 18 mos old grandbaby would ace it on how to make the most mischief in under 4 seconds! LOLOL

      • Hubby has yet to learn my secret…re-direct! :-) I never run after nobody..I find a way to get them to come to me! :-)

      • jlf, lord help, I’m sorry and probably the last person on this thread that would know, so it far from sounds dumb to me. Surely someone that knows will answer your question. :)

      • Probably be at least 10 more years before my husband would even consider it, if then. What country is NH in?:

      • So sorry you don’t get to choose. We pay for stuff her in New Hampshire as well. “Live free” ~ means to have freedom in your life, the right to choose, etc.

      • No ~ No ~ No ~ ROFL! the right to choose what you do in your life, who you associate with, who you love, where you go, etc. etc. ~~~ everything we need or want we pay for including our food, cars, homes, movies, tv, etc. Google New Hampshire and take a peak. (Oh dear, misspelled ‘peek’ ~ guess I was thinking of Mt. Washington)

      • Without a ‘HA’ or other sign of amusement, I don’t know how to take your reply. I think it’s time to say nitey nite~

      • I agree. I like a twist like everyone else but too many ruin the game play. This makes me think that CBS wants to control who they get to the end.

      • Bingo!! I see a few Hg CBS will want to stay till the end. For some reason I was thinking a new person(s) was going to come in every week.I guess not

      • I’m a purist with you! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – to coin a phrase. I just don’t think they need all these twists. I would like to know who they polled to declare Battle of The Block to be such a success. I hate it. All these twists do knock out some good players, just by luck of the draw. Why can’t we go with the original ~ 1 HOH, then noms, Veto, and vote out. You’re tying up so many players by nominating four, the two HOH winners then decide who they really want to be HOH, etc. Its luck – period

      • Totally agreed, and by the end of the season I’ll be so fed up of all these ”twists” that people go crazy over that I’ll be happy to wait another year until BB comes again… ;)

      • I think you’re wrong, that’s not the “original” way, go back and watch season one. We need more “everyday people” that we don’t wanna see in bathing suits-people like us. More complaining hippy types who you wanna eat a steak in front of because they’re so annoyingly in your face or passive aggressive they actually push you to hurting the earth. We need odds makers setting the betting lines, psychological experts giving analysis on the players, I’m certain that there was no veto, I forget how the nominations were made-but HoH was a different experience, wwaaayyyy less hg’s that believe and act like TV star is their true calling (these “wannabe” over the top-try to hard to be different, Nickelodeon acting class students all suck, are un relatable, all too young, tiny life experienced, self aggrandizing kids are all so un-likable) and I’m sorry not one of the 99% of them who claim to “not have a filter” or “tell it like it is”, or “is real” is anywhere near it-they’re simply idiots who loudly display their idiocy to others, so raise the body fat% and the average age of the hg’s back up, and bring back normal looking Julie Chen-get rid of this anorexic, plastic altered, Americanized, feet glued to the floor weirdly and twig body twisted to break her spine automated Chen-bot that creeps me out, oh did I mention they need to boot these young self absorbed basket cases?
        That’s going back to the original version, I think that would be awesome-basically remove the power that the AG producer woman has, she’s like a zaney, crazy, plays favorites type God who uses the word “twist”as code for “control” on outcomes, each year she steals more of BB’s soul to eat and crap out her desires instead. So yeah, let’s go back to the way this show was intended to be, it’s become our wacky, rebellious, LSD using, confused son. We must send it to rehab and put a restraining order on his codependent girlfriend AG. WE NEED TO SAVE OUR SON!

      • Well I think we agreed. Of course casting plays a huge role, and I agree with you. We don’t need models and wannabe movie stars. The post was my comment in regard to manipulation of the game, which is true

      • I’ve been busy watching two trials live-streaming…forgot all about this show…daggumit. I’ll tune into After Dark in the early mornin hours! LOL

  2. Ahhh, James is cute. I like him so far. You know what they say. Dynamite comes in small packages. I didn’t like when Audrey called him “roly poly” and talked about maybe having to “kiss his little camo a$$”. :(

      • She reminds me exactly of a girl who was on a show last year called Newlyweds the first year. It’s on Bravo. Meg and this girl must be sisters. Mannerisms exactly the same

      • Oh I watched it! I have to look up who was who. I remember Tar (or whatever his name is and his wife), Jeff and his partner, and I can’t remember the other couple

      • I’m referring to Meg looking like the gal on newlyweds. Jeff and his partner were gay. Not talking about Jeff and Jordan. I think Meg looks like the gal on season 2, who had the baby this season on newlyweds

      • She was the one who had a horrible labor and delivery. But finally had a girl. Her and her husband designed a app. And I just remembered her name, Nadine

      • Liz’s interview, from what I saw, got mostly negative posts. I’m anxious to see what happens with her tonight.

      • Yeah just her little clip came across really ”ugh”… but hey these are only initial impressions and as we all know, villains can easily become heroes (and vice versa) depending on editing and context… So we’ll see who’s who… Shame Donny isn’t back! There was a guy who I could truly say was a ”hero” in all aspects even though he never stood a chance of winning. ;)

      • It’s kind of ironic that she was the one a lot of people picked to be the first evicted. Then we find out that she is most likely one of a set of twins for the twist. Maybe she was nervous for her interview, but that was her chance to impress us. Tonight we’ll see her 1st chance to impress the other HGs.
        Donny has a few good pics and posts to his twitter acct. if you haven’t checked him out lately.

      • I’m thinking the same thing now about Liz. I have twin nephews and although they’re fraternal twins, they look identical, but I can tell them apart…maybe because they look like me and have their own good twin and bad twin marks…I have an “evil” twin but only in theory! hahaha

      • I love Donny!!! He’s just played the game with the main ones running the house were against him. He never compromised his integrity. I know Frankie thought he would win America’s Fave, and I was delighted Donny beat him. He deserved that win. Always grateful for everything

      • Oh I didn’t care for her at all. We’ll see tonight, like you said. I’m ready for the feeds

      • Oh I like Audrey. I think she may be a good strategist, but it’s early, and she may suck at it

      • I think she told a little fib about being sent to a Wilderness Camp…but I like the rest of her story! Good for her!

      • I changed my mind about Audrey after watching her on the feeds today. Both she and da are a mess

    • I saw that. I was mortified. All I could think of is how she knows what it feels like to be bullied. And here she is doing it. I liked James too.

      • I couldn’t believe Audrey’s ridiculous comments about James. So far James is my favorite too (he’s the new Donny).

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one to find that offensive. That was just mean-spirited. Seriously.

  3. I am glad James won. I didn’t like the fact that Jase was holding on. He comes off as wanting to be the center of attention

      • The only thing that could disqualify him is if he actually fell off. Elissa in BB15 almost fell when she competed for HOH and was holding on for dear life with that pole that thankfully didn’t broke off the way Austin did with his last night because of his weight.

  4. I think Liz and her twin look different also. Just have to wait and see. So excited the feeds finally start tonight. No sleep for me. So glad I’m retired. Lol

  5. “Splish Splash I was takin’ a bath long about Saturday night …” Where’s my rubber duckie?

  6. 98 days! I may need to be revived. I was befuddled by only 8 in the house and having the 1st HOH competition??? Has this been done b4?

  7. My initial impressions: James is a ‘little bit country’, so down to earth, positive ~ I like him. I want to like Audrey but didn’t appreciate her rude remarks about James last night and flipping her hair has to stop. I like Austin/Judas ~ doesn’t his face resemble Dan’s? I’m a little bit leery of Da’V ~ I think she’ll ally with more than one hg/group and be disloyal to all. Clay is full of himself. Shelli seems a bit on the dipsy side & her sparkly white teeth are annoying. I don’t think giggly Meg is going to make it too far. I’m unimpressed with Jace the Jerk ~ such a smart aleck.

    • I agree with your impressions. But I want to add, Audrey’s eyes bother me when she opens them up wide. To add to Jace, I didn’t like the way he was holding on last night. He is going to be sneaky

  8. I’m confused on why they would have a poker dealer and a player in the same season. A friend told me that Vanessa is very well known in Vegas and in the poker world so Da’V would have to know who she is. And since Da’V told everyone she’s a teacher it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

  9. Getting ready to watch 2nd night on POP t.v. followed by After Dark on that channel! :-)

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