Big Brother 17 Spoilers: More Houseguests Revealed? – Update: CBS Website Shows New Pics

The Big Brother 17 cast reveal gave us just fourteen new faces this season leaving us short of the regularly anticipated sixteen players, but did CBS just reveal two more on their way to join the BB17 Houseguests?

Julie Chen has a secret on Big Brother
Julie Chen has a secret on Big Brother – Source: CBS

In a new promo video from CBS we get to see the 14 HGs introduce themselves and briefly reveal some game plans. Each HG writes a short message on a Post-it note that’s added to a frame at the very end. So why are there 16 messages from just 14 cast members? Hmm.

Eagle eye fans caught on to the extra messages and have identified the fourteen notes belonging to the Houseguests we already know. So who are the extra two names? If we follow the obvious indicators there is one woman and one man in the pair and preseason hints may have come home to roost.

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Early on there were talks of Amazing Race contestants making the transition and now it looks like that’s all but officially confirmed. Jackie Ibarra competed on TAR S26 with Jeffrey Weldon and her signature has shown up in one of those two mystery messages:

That could mean Jeffrey is following along with her to the Big Brother house, though the second mystery note doesn’t have a signature attached to it leaving open options for alternates in the pairing. The obvious choice here is Jeffrey though, so that’s what I’m expecting. More evidence it’s Jeffrey.

So why would CBS hold them back? The last time CBS held someone back from the press junket event I attended last week to meet the cast was in S14 when I talked with 12 Houseguests who were soon joined by 4 Vets. CBS wanted to keep those mystery HGs a surprise to help with the hype, but why hide non-Vets? When JeJo and Brenchel showed up on TAR did CBS hold them back? Survivor sure didn’t hold back Hayden when he crossed over to play Blood Vs Water. It’s strange.

We may not get anything on this until Wednesday night’s premiere or even Thursday night’s conclusion if CBS wants to cliff hang us on what is coming up. We’ll keep watching and waiting for anymore Big Brother 17 spoilers though.

Another thought. We know the Big Brother Takeover twist is going to introduce special guests throughout the season. What if Jackie & Jeff are early surprise guests but then they stay on in the house? Just an idea.

Update: Fans discovered Jeff & Jackie’s pics on CBS’s media server with filenames that included Big Brother 17. So yeah.

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  1. I liked her on AR..hopefully, I will like her on BB too! Two totally different games.

    • Like-wise. She’s a very fierce competitor and gets the ball rolling on, especially on everything that Jeff the meatshield can’t. Hopefully she’s won’t dwell on a showmance this time around though.

      • Ugh why don’t they let America vote on who they want. Although from just a few messages, looks like Jackie is liked. I’m the dissenting vote

      • The thing with Jeff and Jackie, while they are one of the several liked teams in the recent season of TAR, I highly doubt they have that high recall with casual fans for them to even care.

      • She got on my nerves as it went on. She would be really nice and fun, then next time just lose it

    • I didn’t care for her on AR! Disappointing when they had so many to pick from on AR

  2. I liked her on AR..hopefully, I will like her on BB too! Two totally different games.

  3. I watched TAR but if I was in the BB house, I’m honestly not sure if I would recognize them, maybe more so him than her. I didn’t dislike them, but I wasn’t cheering for them to win.

    • They both look like “one of those”, not really stand out characters other than being the only stranger team who really got along the most.

      • I’m just happy it isn’t Hayley. She was lucky that Blair was such a calm, cool, collected dude.

      • Oh, I’d love to see Hayley inside the house. She’ll definitely bring on the drama while going strong with comps.

      • She was a good competitor, I agree, but I was on Hayley overload by the time TAR was over.

      • Oh I could barely watch her! I wanted to yell at her just hearing her constantly berating Blair. She got lucky. Most men would never put up with that. She was mean to him – calling him Captain Obvious during the Germany leg, and he was trying to help her by telling her how to carry them all. She has to be a miserable woman

      • I don’t think she would last very long on a show like BB, because she was showing her true self on TAR and that would be hard to hide for very long.

      • Oh, Good Lord..if they bring Hayley in the house..I will have to mute the TV everytime she opens her mouth. She was so irritating!!

      • Omg she was nutty! He has to be a saint to put up with her! She was a raving lunatic, demeaning, nagging constantly, and just not a nice person. How is she a pediatric nurse? She seems to have so little patience. Isn’t she a peds nurse?

      • She is an ER/trauma nurse working at a pediatric hospital, I believe. She would have to be able to keep her cool under very intense situations. My bet would be that she’s not the easiest person to work with on the job, but you never know.

  4. I’ve watched them. They’re not bad. She’s very competitive and he’s a nice guy, but they’re from TAR….that means TARGET

    • I didn’t care for her. We’ll see how she does on here. She may change my mind

  5. Hayley and Blair from TAR ~ are they dating? LOL! Oh, it’s too too early in the morning to do any serious thinking!

  6. I have nothing against TAR teams showing up on BB but those two are just so average, especially the guy. If there bringing past teams then I’d rather see someone like Jim and misty, they at least would be more interesting.

    • I truly dislike the retreads. Newbies have a better attitude plus it’s just more fun to get to know new people.

  7. Past two seasons have been horrible cast wise. I hope they have more players who will play the game rather than just float from the beginning to the end. Also, add more twists and eliminations to prevent those very huge alliances. It becomes boring real soon if say you start off with a 9 or 10 person alliance in a house with 16 people. Nobody wants to make a move and you end up with them just voting the other 6 people out. That is not game play.

    • Totally agree. I want twists that are fun though and new. I hate Battle of the Block and the way it was used last year. They just put up people who they see as weak so they stay HOH and no one wanted to rock the boat. Get blood on your hands, its a game.

  8. The comments made last year ( ” I want to have sex with you”) made people gag. If you keep putting gays on ok, but they need to abide by the rules too. No sexual comments towards heterosexual and homophobic comments toward them. That’s the reason he wasn’t a house favorite, he made people gag. No one else made people gag like that till he came on. Enough said on that! So keep surprising us and we’ll keep watching!!!

  9. They should allow fans to vote for who they want on Big Brother like they did on Survivor. I think we fans know those who will make an effort to play the game and if that is the case, the more people playing the game that is Big Brother will make things interesting instead, of boring. Nobody wants to see a big group voting everyone else out. That is just plain boring.

  10. hello u all does anyone have the number to contact csb about the live feeds I cant get on my feeds?

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