Tonight on Big Brother 17 the second part of the two-night season premiere arrives and if you thought last night was busy, then buckle in for this one.

Big Brother stage awaits the next show

Big Brother stage awaits the next show – Source: CBS

After meeting eight of the original fourteen Houseguests on Wednesday we’ll get the rest of them, but why are there only six left to go in? Well I’m guessing that’s not what’s going to happen.

The original plan seems to have been 7 Big Brother Houseguests at a time, as you can tell from the HoH comp that couldn’t accommodate all 8 HGs, so now we’ve got to balance things out and that might come down to the BB Takeover Twist.

In a recent interview exec producer Grodner said there would be two special guests in the first week’s premiere episodes of Big Brother 17 and we didn’t see any last night. Add those two on top of tonight’s six HGs and we’ve got a balanced equation. Just a theory.

Once the remaining Houseguests are inside they’ll do a meet and greet with the original eight before heading out to compete in the “UFOh No!” themed competition. The winner there will join James Huling in the first pair of HoHs for the return of the Battle of the Block.

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