The votes for who is going home tonight on Big Brother have been fairly set despite Jeff’s best efforts to change his fate. Overnight a few new talks came up that left HoH Vanessa less than confident in the support she was receiving, but would it change anything?

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother – Source: CBS

Jeff was working hard to rekindle the original trust he had with Clay and Shelli but it just didn’t seem to be working, or did it? Clay told Vanessa he was 90% sure he’d vote out Jeff. Guess how well that went over?

Vanessa flipped her lid and she didn’t hide it from Clay either who was quick to backtrack and assure her she had his support. Now I don’t think Clay will vote to keep Jeff but you can see he was considering it and foolishly let someone other than Shelli know. Shelli is more of a lock for Vanessa though as their bond seems tighter.

Even with a few cracks in the vote block and a hinky vote from Audrey yet again, guess who is earning herself the suspicions of being America’s Player?, we won’t see Jeff get to the necessary 6 votes to stay. He’s done.

Big Brother 17 Week 3 Eviction Predictions – James Huling or Jeff Weldon?:

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Jeff Weldon

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