Big Brother 17 Eviction Predictions: Who Is Going Home Tonight?

Another week, another Big Brother eviction and after a glimmer of hope appeared for one of the Houseguests it seems to have vanished just as quickly. We’re not expecting any surprises during tonight’s vote.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother
Julie Chen hosts Big Brother – Source: CBS

The Houseguests are all going to vote, but we know 3 votes will be knocked out thanks to the Last Laugh twist which took place on Monday but will be part of tonight’s Big Brother 17 episode.

Da’Vonne is in a bad spot and her attempts to rally the votes are about to come up empty. Meg is just too well liked leaving Day with little reason to great an incentive for HGs to vote Meg out. I think we’re going to lose a big contributor to Feeds’ drama and fun.

Do you think Da’Vonne can flip the house in these final hours? Vote away below and see what other Big Brother fan sites are predicting.

Big Brother 17 Week 2 Eviction Predictions – Da’Vonne Rogers or Meg Maley?:

Da'Vonne Rogers
Zap2It Da'Vonne Rogers
We Love Big Brother Da'Vonne Rogers
Big Brother Junkies Da'Vonne Rogers
Da'Vonne Rogers
Big Brother Access Da'Vonne Rogers

Who do you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. “Meg is just too well liked leaving Day with little reason to great an incentive for HGs to vote Meg out”

    That is an incentive right there.. Meg is too well liked. Day can argue that anybody sitting next to Meg will go home because she is too well liked. Da’Vonne is too much fun, I’m going to miss her. Honestly for entertainment purposes, I would like to see Jeff and Audrey win HOH tonight. The house is onto Jeff and Audrey is a target. People would be crapping themselves with both of them in power.

    • I would be fine with anyone winning HoH as long as Jeff, Jeff’s partner, Meg, and James lose (unless Jeff and Audrey both win!)
      I most want to see Austin, Lizia, Audrey or Vanessa win HoH

      • I hope Liz wins HOH and makes enough friends to not get voted out, but with Audrey being the house target, will it really matter who wins?

      • That’s the brilliant thing about Shelli going after Day instead of Audrey. She got rid of a bigger target for her instead of the whole house. Now this week it won’t matter who’s HOH. Audrey will be the full target.

      • I still don’t understand why Shelli is considered stupid for doing this either.
        I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Audrey wins HOH that she would put up Clay and Shelli since they have now cut ties with her.

      • Little angry at some fans for betraying Becky..Hey, Shelli is HOH..Audrey was going after Becky; Da was going after Shelli & Clay. Shelli did what was best for her game. Becky has accepted and understands. Becky knows Audrey is the target next week.

    • ehhh…if I was in the house, I would much rather have someone I like in the house (assuming I wasn’t their target) as opposed to someone that annoys me.

      Half a million or not, I’d rather spend the least amount of time locked up in a house with someone I can’t stand. :P (Not Day, just in general.)

    • Too well like at this stage of the game means nothing. Meg hasn’t won any competitions and warrents no threat with 15 people around.

      • This is a game of survival. Even if Meg hasn’t won anything, her talent is her likability. She doesn’t have to win comps if no one will evict her.

        The mistake some people make is to make it personal, like evicting Da because she mouthed off to Clay. Da was stupid but Clay is dumber for taking the bait.

      • Would you say Will and Meg are alike that their talent is likability. And neither may need to win a comp because of it?

    • Too many tears, mommy needs her baby. She thought she could pull this off to give her baby a better life, but I’m a mommy and I probably would have been running out of there. Everyone that goes into the BB house says things change fast in there and the feeling of being locked away from those you love catches up to you:( At least her baby will always know she tried.

      • Yes there’s nothing better than knowing that your mom tried her best to give u the best ^__^

    • She is responsible for her situation. I wouldn’t evict her this week but she let her emotions get the best of her when she went after Jeff and Clay. That was bad game play.

  2. What she should have done is too every one that she got it n can use it to take some one with if she goes n she has the power to put some one up if she leaves. She should have told them that that was the last laugh twist!

  3. YES YES YES! Mama Da is going home!! She was a good player but too brash for me I can’t stand people like that. There wasn’t room for two poker players in the house. I have heard that poker dealers make a good amount of money do she’ll be just fine.

    • Da is a small town poker dealer that lives in Inglewood and most likely deals poker at the Poker Casinos in Gardena, short distance from Inglewood. I know the area very, very well; grew up in the South Bay area. Vanessa is a big time poker player with winnings of $4.5 million. Vanessa is very cool, using her poker skills..GO VANESSA

  4. I’m not yet ready to throw in the towel on Da’V. New HOH’s ~ Steve and Da’V. Eagerly awaiting tonite’s CBS broadcast.

  5. This season is shaping up to be yet another boring season of predictable weekly outcomes. Again we see a power couple, Shelli and Clay acting as one, and the entire house doesn’t even consider breaking them up. Everyone seems more interested in being in the house clique than playing the game. The entire house thinks they are in the same alliance minus a few misfits.

    I long for the big shakeups, the surprise moves and house flips. Every is playing it too safe. I think that’s why they put those BB Takeovers into the game – to try to get the house to do something interesting.

    • I think that has been a good season so far, first week had Da and her group in power while this week was the reign of the power couple. We don’t know if the new HOH’s will target the power couple or Audrey or someone else, but I think this season is starting off strong. Plus, John is the freaking entertaining.

  6. I was just starting to root for Day and Jason… I really like them together. I’m sad this cast is so stupid and not considering keeping Day and going after Shelli and Clay. I was hoping Vanessa would come through and maybe Lizia too. They’re all dumb and I’m mad.

  7. Am I the only person here that is rooting for Shelli and Clay? They’re fantastic. Love those charming bastards.

    Although, they’ll have to settle for 2nd and 3rd because Dr. Johnny Mac must win this season. The BB gods demand it.

  8. Da’ blew up her game when she went off all ghetto at Audrey during the house meeting. Audrey deserved too be called out, 100% agree with that..However, Da’ getting into Audrey’s “face space” waving a finder in her face, throwing her arms around screaming, snapping fingers left the other HG with their mouths open. They all stood there looking at Da’ like “This is a second grade elementary teacher?”..Da’ scared the hell out of the other HG and fear if caught in a lie they would face the same wrath. Da’ walked in with an attitude. Vanessa is cool as a cumcumber, lays low, soft spoken, doesn’t come across as a know it all..Vanessa is really playing the best game and hope she wins..Vanessa is one cool chic..I was hoping at first the poker gals would make it too the F2, but Da’ blew that all up. Meg is sweet and Derrick commented that Meg games reminds him of Andy’s; happy go lucky, very personable, great social skills.

    • Meg is nothing like Andy was. Andy was a sneak. He was always in the HOH room or like a Ninja, he was there! I like Meg and hope she goes far.

  9. Audrey and Steve the next HOH would be the best TV. In my opinion. Imagine the scrambling?!…that would be crazy.

  10. She is being evicted due to her own actions. IMO she has no one to blame but herself although I’m pretty sure she’ll blame everybody BUT herself. It’s way too early in the season to be showing negative attitude. The other HG don’t want the added stress in the game.

  11. after watching Day the last few days, she almost seems like she may be suffering from post-partum depression. She was more emotional than usual. I know if I had been away from my new baby, I would be hard to live with. Unless she is always hard to live with.

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