Big Brother 17: Audrey Offers Da’Vonne Hope In Vote Flip Deal – Updated

Last night on the Big Brother Live Feeds an unlikely pair of Houseguests came together to make a deal that’d shake up the game if they pulled it off, but will it “Save the Day?”

Audrey Middleton offers Da'Vonne Rogers a deal
Audrey Middleton offers Da’Vonne Rogers a deal – Source: CBS All Access

Da’Vonne Rogers hadn’t given up, but her chances of surviving the vote were looking worse and worse as Houseguests were either blowing her off or lying to her face. The chances of her getting the requisite votes to stay looked impossible until Audrey Middleton stepped in and offered her help.

Earlier in the day we watched as Audrey was being given the cold shoulder by Shelli Poole and her showmance ally Clay Honeycutt. Looks like it didn’t take long for Audrey to correctly realize she was on the outs with the her old allies who were plotting behind her back to see her evicted next.

Flashback on your Live Feeds (get a Free Trial now) to 8:42PM BBT 7/8 Cams 3/4 to find Audrey and Day discussing the vote landscape. Audrey wants to know how close Day is to making it happen, and while Audrey doesn’t think Day has the Last Laugh twist she does believe someone on that side will be helping Day with it. Day doesn’t reveal to Audrey that she does in fact have it.

They agree that while they don’t fully trust each other they can work this out together and be civil. Day makes Jason’s safety part of the deal before shaking on it as they leave the Lounge.

That gives Da’Vonne a start of 2 sure votes but she would need three more to get there. Day went to work scouring the House for support and soon believing she had up to six votes. She doesn’t. Houseguests are telling her they’re on her side for this but I don’t believe it.

“Liz” had already promised Da’Vonne her vote as a thanks for using the Fast Forward save on her so that’d be three. “Liz” was also going to work on Austin’s vote but he already promised it to Meg and Julia’s later revelation will make that even more unlikely.

Julia revealed herself as part of the Twin Twist last night to Vanessa and now they’re going to team up with Shelli, Clay, and Austin. Sooo, yeah, strike out Julia/Liz voting to keep Da’Vonne and going against her shiny new alliance. That won’t happen.

I don’t see the votes adding up for Da’Vonne so the question now is whether or not she sees this coming or the eviction vote is a shocker. Who will be evicted? We’ll see tonight on Big Brother!

Update: Perhaps she was sensing this was falling apart or it was always her plan, Audrey went upstairs and started stirring things again blaming others for Day flip attempts. Looks like that could be the nail in Day’s hopes. Flashback to 1:17PM BBT.


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  1. Day’s game is so disappointing…. She got the Last Laugh twist and was the first to know about Lizia and somehow still screwed up at staying this week. If Day played her cards right Lizia and Austin could be allies with Day by now. And what Lizia shared with Van and Chelli could’ve been shared with Day instead….

    • Yeah Day’s ego really made her a poor player in this game. She is smart, but not good at Big Brother.

      • Yeah…. Sometimes how u play this game reflects ur personality in real life. From the way she led the charge against Audrey, Maybe Day is someone who confronts ppl that have wronged her while other ppl might choose to stay quiet about it for a little while… Her outspoken personality got the best of her and made her Shelli’s target

      • I agree that the other some houseguests were turned off by her confrontation style. Remember Audrey wasn’t the first HG Day confronted, Clay was. This game is usually about gathering information to be used to your advantage at a later time. That’s why Vanessa seems to be playing a great game right now.

      • Are we watching the same show? Clay came in the room to confront her. She just didn’t bow down to him. Audrey, was lying about her directly, she was supposed to go along and not say anything? She would still be in the same boat. Her problem is she showed her strength too early. Audrey is admittedly, conniving, manipulative and outright lying, but oh, Da is worse. LOL #perspectives or should I say #weseewhatwewant

      • Actually, Day IS worse because Day is smarter than Audrey and has (HAD) the potential to win the game so it actually was very smart to try to get rid of Day.

        However, that said, I still don’t think Day would be going home this week if Clay wasn’t running Shelli’s HoH. It most likely would have been Audrey vs Day and Audrey would have gone home.

      • So misinterpreting someone’s outspoken personality should lead their dismissal from the house? So racist.

      • It has nothing to do with race, I love Da’Vonne but her social game (and Audrey’s lies) is the reason why she is leaving.

      • This has nothing to do with race. All I’m saying is some people have personalities that are cut out for certain situations in the Big Brother house. Day is a smart player, but perhaps due to her personality she chose to call Audrey out on her bs in front of the other houseguests. Heck, if this week played out a little differently, Da might even actually be safe. But Shelli saw a fierce competitor and a smart player within Day and that is the reason why she became a target.

      • Audrey has an outspoken personality. She can’t keep her emotions under control & certainly cannot keep her mouth shut. Has NOTHING to do with race, only has to do with wisdom.
        It seemed Da’Vonne had this all locked up when they were first interviewed & in first episode(s) but her anger got the best of her. A truly wise person knows when not to speak/confront. Especially in this game.

      • No let’s get it right day is clays target he confinced shelli that day doesn’t fully trust her and because shelli wants clay so bad she’ll do anything for him even play his game and I like that day confronts people head on I don’t want somebody to win the game by basically kissing butt. That’s why this show piss me off sometimes people shouldn’t have to always be timid and scared to say what’s on their mind. All I know without day in the house it’s not worth watching, shes very smart, but people don’t want that. Big targets in the house should be clay and Austin because of their size alone, shelli and Becky both are strong players, Audrey constantly lying. But no they pick the one person whose straight forward, and happens to be the only African american. (Hmmmm)!!

      • yay and thank you for being bold enough to show some backbone in this little chat. I agree with your 100 percent and I really hope Day gets to stay this week.

      • the blackballing is strong with that show, remember what they did to Danielle Reyes ( season 3 ) , the best BB player of all time and also the most underrated player ever ? just before the jury vote they showed the jury videos of Danielle’s diary room confessions . the way she played them all . her game was brilliant, nearly perfect , but oops, she was a black woman, and the contestant next to her was america’s sweetheart, Lisa ( who was good but not that good at the game , she rode Danielle’s coattail a lot during that season ) and they rigged the show for her . I was PISSED .They also rigged the show against Chima ( season 11) . even though she truly was a bitch , they made sure to drive her crazy , to make her want to leave the game because they wanted to rig the show for Jeff and Jordan . they threw the “coup d’etat” twist and her HOH was overruled . sorry but am I the only one to see a pattern here ? the show is fake , there’s no “reality ” in it . it’s Fake tv ^^

      • Alias I agreed with you somewhat, Danielle couldn’t or wouldn’t win any hoh’s or vetos, but she stayed off of every bodies hit list all lisa did was get involved with that fireman guy, we’ll I guess I’ll have to 2 the bb boards to listen 2 u guys, since I’m not interested in the game anymore, after Julie talked to dae, I turned the channel so whomever is hohs I hope they use their head and get clay, Chelly or Audrey out of there. C u guys hopefully next year, only if it’s enough( color on the show)!

      • i did exactly the same thing. after D was evicted i just turned it off . after 16 seasons of watching B , it’s over now :)

    • I’m of the same thinking. Da’s game play could’ve been so much better than it was. She could’ve leveraged both the Twin Twist and the Last Laugh to her advantage. Seriously, don’t know how she messed that up…smh. She might’ve cracked under the pressure or just doesn’t care that much to stay in the game because she misses her family.

  2. Audrey is a snake ~ I wouldn’t trust her with a 10-foot pole! So sad, so glad ~ Meg’s out, Da’V’s in.

      • Yeah Day is gone. And I don’t think Audrey’s even going to vote for Day, based on the convos she’s having this morning. I think Jason might be the only vote for Day still

    • Oh, man—have you got THAT right! Audrey is scary. Day is great entertainment; Audrey is just downright evil. Did you do anything special for your b-day?

      • I so agree with you Sharona. A dear friend surprised me with a visit and gave me rainbow flowers in a vase and a pretty butterfly happy birthday balloon. Thanx for asking,

      • Oh, that sounds nice! I love flowers…haven’t gotten any in a while, but I love ’em! Yay for you!

  3. Sides of the house forming stronger now:
    Side 1 – Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, Austin, Liz/Julia
    Side 2 – Day, Jason, James, Meg, (and now kind of) Audrey
    Both Sides – Jeff
    Neither Side – John, Becky, Jackie, Steve

    • Audrey is still lying through her teeth every minute. I wouldn’t really put her on a side. I think Becky will end up with Jason, James, Meg.

      I think the only way Audrey isn’t the target next week is if Jason wins. He’ll want revenge. I think everyone else will still be targeting Audrey.

      • Unless I missed something, isn’t Jason still gunning for Audrey? I heard him say he would put up Vanessa or Liz and backdoor Audrey.

      • At least from what I’ve heard, u r correct. And this is even after Audrey agreed to keep Day.

  4. Here’s my question. Is there any penalty for Liz/Julia if they reveal the twin twist? And honestly, I am going to have to go google who Vanessa is.

    • Vanessa is one of the hottest female poker players in the world. She graduated from Duke and went to law school. Back before Obama killed Internet Poker she was on Poker after dark and World Series of Poker on tv all the time sponsored by Pokerstars . She was in a godaddy commercial too. One of my favorite players. I’m excited for her hear because she is a polisci girl and a poker player so she’s gonna play the game calm and calculated and won’t let her emotions ruin her game. Only thing I don’t like. I wish she was on the Day side of the house. If she knew Day was a poker player they could work together and she could maybe help Day not be such a emo fool of a player. But alas. Day’s going home and Vanessa is going to be in the power alliance unless the floaters pick a side.

      • Thanks! Although I didn’t mean who she was in real life. I meant who she was on the show. The name simply brought up a blank for me.

      • I was more surprised that Day never figured out who she was. Or anyone for that matter but surely someone who works in that field should know of her.

    • I don’t think there’s a penalty for the reveal. As long as they make it to week 6 (or 5 which is what Julia said on the feeds last night) then they enter the game.

    • I think Julia probably consulted the DR ppl to make sure that it’s ok for her to reveal the twin twist.

      • Nothing was said about about revealing the twin twist early, but of course it’s logical to keep it a secret as possible as they can, Now that they’re busted. and there’s no way of getting out of it, they are strategizing in the hopes of surviving passed the 5th eviction……and maybe all the way to the finish line.

      • Wish I could. My desktop is in my bedroom and the TV is in my living room. So I can’t watch BB on TV and be on my computer at the same time. Laptop? No way ~ I need an ergonomic keyboard and they’re not available in or for laptops. Have fun. I’ll try to catch up with you later *Cy*.

  5. I want Day to stay just because she and her dramatic outbursts over nothing are entertaining. As much as I dislike Audrey and Day, they are a lot more interesting that Shelli/Clay showmance. I am so over showmances by the way, every year the same thing.

    • I would just really like Shelli to think for herself. She just met Clay 2 weeks ago and they can’t both win the money.

    • i dont want day to stay. i dont want her to work her way to the end. she needs to go this week, and audrey next week. and i thought shelli and clay were kinda cute lol

  6. Day going home is a bad decision from the entertainment stand point, as much as I can’t stand Audrey her being in the house brings drama as well them going home would hurt the show. I sure hope they stay! The other players are boring and We all will get tired of clay just bossing shelli around telling her how to play the game.

  7. Vanessa is like Shelly from BB13 first sign of trouble she tells her alliance she can go far if her side keeps winning

  8. It is amazing what happens when you are away for a week. Last week Audrey was hated by everyone in the house and wanted her gone. Now this week she is safe and majority of people here want her to stay. What happened?

  9. I don’t trust Audrey. I think she’s voting Day out. But I think she’s worried that with the Kathy Griffin twist/twin twist that there might be a possibility Day would come back in the game and she doesn’t want her to leave disliking Audrey.

    Also, I read that “Cruella” said to Vanessa that she hated James and basically he was a creep and she wanted him out. A bit harsh, I thought.

  10. lol basically, big brother handled momma day all the tools/advantages to succeed. of course the hoe dont know how to use them to help her smh

  11. YES YES YES! Mama Da is going home!! She was just too brash and I can’t stand people like that. She can go back to be a poker dealer I’ve heard that dealers make good money. There just needed to be only one poker player in the house.

  12. I for 1 am glad she is leaving. I never liked how she played the game or her personality. And I got tired of reading comments and seeing too many people make it a racial thing when it’s not. So I stopped reading a lot of comments this season.

    • I agree with you on the racial side. It’s s game of strategy, and Da screwed that up.

  13. After reading all the comment’s, I like the majority of you believe Day will be the one going home tonight. Here is one thing though, I really think many of the player’s past and present are so timid to vote out anyone who is different from what they think they need to be. Last two years both Andy and Frankie should have been gone really early but because they were gay people seemed to be afraid to rock the boat without feeling like a bigot. Same here but Chelli is not afraid to make that move. Does Day need to go this week? My opinion is NO. Then again this is not my game nor am I playing in it. I think most are more afraid to evict Audrey because of her choice in life but if she is that evil or that much of a crap stirrer then yes, she needs to go too.

    • Andy won because of his covert strategy backed with a social game that allowed him to stay below the radar just long enough to execute his plan of attack. He was never considered until later on for nomination.

      Frankie has the backing of a majority alliance that allowed him to last long in the game, coupled with a strong performance in competitions. There have been attempts to get him out, with the first attempt backfiring while the second being the charm.

      • I know they both had their supporter’s in the game but that still doesn’t change the fact they should have been voted out sooner.

      • LIkewise. But as annoying as their gameplay was and how much I hated Andy’s for the most part, it can’t be denied it’s what helped them go as far as they can with one of them (being Andy) winning in the end.

  14. There’s always only one black person on big brother they never have a chance. Starts to get old

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