Another brutal Double Eviction for many fans as a top favorite, James Huling, was evicted soon after Meg Maley by none other than the less than wildly popular Van Austwins.

Big Brother 17 - Double Eviction - Episode 32 - Source: CBS

Big Brother 17 – Double Eviction – Episode 32 – Source: CBS

Things might not have gone to plan, but it was an exciting Big Brother episode for the drama factor alone and for those really disappointed in how the show went they should be sure to check out who won HoH overnight. Here’s a look back over last night’s episode.

Now with Meg and James gone the remaining six HGs will continue to battle it out in the last three weeks of the season, but for now we can look back over Thursday’s episode and see what all went down with these official CBS photos from Big Brother 17 episode 32.

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Source: CBS
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS


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