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Big Brother 17: Dr Will Reveals “Very Angry” Jury At Round Table

Dr. Will Kirby, former winner of Big Brother, will return tonight to host the Big Brother 17 Jury round table debate where he’ll moderate and lead discussions to help each Juror decide who should win BB17. Turns out that might be tougher than expected when dealing with a “very angry” Jury.

Dr. Will Kirby, winner of Big Brother 2 – Source: CBS

Speaking with TVInsider.com, Dr. Will gave us some very interesting insight to the decisions being made, what might be leading the choice they’re about to make at tonight’s season finale, and who he thinks will win.

I took at look at the potential Jury votes and while I felt pretty confident about a Vanessa versus Liz match-up, it was a Steve versus Liz that seemed less of a lock. Maybe no one is a lock just yet after all.

Dr. Will reveals that while last season’s round table made it obvious that Derrick was the “runaway winner” this year wasn’t so clear cut. “This year, that wasn’t the case with the jury. There was a healthy debate about which of the three was going to win,” Kirby told TVInsider.

As for the anger level of the Jury? It’s pretty far up there, Says Dr. Will:

“They’re extremely pissed off. In fact, I had to ask them to stop talking over each other and to give each other basic respect. They were not even listening to each other. They’re very angry, and the emotion is pretty raw for some of them.”

It’s no surprise that Austin Matelson is one of those very angry Jurors. We saw him leave the house telling Vanessa she couldn’t possibly win and wouldn’t have the Jury votes after making a move like that. So did Austin end up getting the influence at the Jury House that he thought he’d have? Heh.

[Austin is] hellbent on turning the jury against [Vanessa]. The problem is, the jury doesn’t really like him, so that could easily backfire. If someone you don’t like gives you advice, why would you follow it? …

The jury was kind of rolling eyes at him when he was explaining what they should do.

So the Big Brother 17 Jury is angry, but they may not be following Austin’s lead which would be to go against Vanessa? Then who are they angry with? I’m really curious to see how that’s answered tonight.

Kirby also addresses if the Jury’s anger will impact their final vote or if cooler minds will prevail. “You know, they’re hyper-aware of how they’re being perceived by the public—so much, in fact, that they almost can’t make decisions on their own. They’re making decisions that they think the public would like,” says Dr. Will. Ugh.

Sounds like Jurors more worried about their Twitter follower counts than doing their own thing. Dr. Will says if they want to vote bitter, then own it. I’d rather them not vote bitter, but I guess honesty about it is better than what we’ve seen in the past.

When the votes are revealed it’ll take five of the nine to secure the win. Who does Dr. Will Kirby, winner of BB2, expect to take the crown?

“If you put a gun to my head and made me guess right now, knowing that I have no influence, I think Steve will probably win. I’m reluctantly saying that, and it’s against my nature, but I’ll just go ahead and float it out there that I think he’ll probably win.”

Interesting. That’s coming from someone who has sat with the Jury and listened to their anger over the season. If that anger is impacting the votes and Steve isn’t there then will it transfer over to a Vanessa versus Liz match-up? Yikes. That’d be a shocking upset indeed.

Read the rest of Kirby’s interview where he discusses being impressed with James’s approach to the vote, what he thinks of the final three, who he believes has won America’s Fav, and more.

Source: TVInsider.com

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