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Big Brother 17: Vanessa And Steve Reveal F2 Deal To Liz

Vanessa Rousso and Steve Moses have been working a Final Two deal on Big Brother 17 since the first few weeks of the game and it’s an impressive feat that they made it to the end together, even if that wasn’t what they always really wanted. On their final night inside the BB17 house these two revealed their history to Liz Nolan.

Final 3 Houseguests on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

Sitting around the now incredibly small final three sized table Liz took the opportunity of chatter to address the “elephant in the room” and whether or not they’d be taking her on to the Final 2.

Steve had been pushing for Vanessa to make their F2 deal known to Liz since he won round two on Friday night, but Vanessa has pushed back urging them to wait. Now with the talk out in the open it was her chance to control the messaging and give the talk she had prepared Liz to hear.

Yes, Liz knew this was coming because Vanessa had plainly explained to her that despite what she might hear in the coming days, Vanessa was absolutely taking her over Steve if she won round three. All the same, there were tears and sniffles as Liz must be stressed to watch this all play out beyond her control.

Flashback to 5:53 PM BBT 9/22 to watch as Vanessa, Steve, and Liz sit at the table. Liz says she wants to change the topic and address the issue that she fears the other two will be taking each other and sending her out to Jury. Liz reminds them that she will still have a vote (nevermind the other two she can likely control) and asks them to give her their spiel.

Vanessa starts it off saying they were both always loyal to Scamper Squad but “around Day 40” they realized Liz and Austin were becoming an item and they needed to watch out for each other as two inside a group of five. Now SoS (Students of Sound, the F2 deal between Vanessa and Steve) existed before Day 40, but Steve doesn’t challenge this.

Steve doesn’t add much as Vanessa continues on saying she cares about both of them and she has a lot of respect for Liz. Vanessa promises Liz “whatever happens tomorrow, all three of us are going to have successful lives.” No where in all of this does Vanessa say she’s taking Steve to the end nor does Steve mention a move like that.

After just a few minutes Liz says she wants to “drop it because I don’t want to cry anymore.” Steve does more of his “Liiiiizzzzz” in a sad voice before asking for a long hug. Liz says it’s okay and that “this is a horrible game, but it’s a fun game.”

Liz says, “as long as I’m not a Victoria I’m good.” Definitely not an issue. Liz won a lot of comps and was a strong player. She just couldn’t pull out the win in round two when she needed it most and she really, really shouldn’t have thrown round one to Vanessa like she did.

Vanessa promises Liz there is nothing Victoria about her. Steve quotes Austin and tells Liz, “you’re a Janelle!” Hang on there, Steve. Let’s not go overboard.

“Don’t feel bad for me and both of you, just kick butt out there,” says Liz as she gets up to walk away. “No matter what happens, I love you both.”

Steve and Vanessa remain in the kitchen where they lightly chatter about the situation. Vanessa wishes three could go on to the last round, but Steve points out that’s not how it works. Vanessa wishes she at least didn’t like any of them to make this easier. She mentions “Becky is the one person I didn’t like.” Ahh, definitely not still bitter about being a target that week.

With Liz in the bathroom we see Vanessa and Steve whisper briefly, but production managed to keep Liz’s mic on while she’s at the running sink so we can’t hear much of it. Vanessa seems to have said the talk went easier than expected and that Liz took it very well. She should have considering the forewarning she received.

So that was the talk we were waiting several days to see play out. It’s funny to consider everyone involved was basically lying to each other. Neither Vanessa or Steve plan to honor the F2 deal they have and Liz already knew this talk was coming, even if she didn’t know the specifics.

While the whole conversation started with Liz asking for their “vote for me” speech neither addressed that point last night. Vanessa had previously been campaigning to Liz for her three Austwins votes while basically bribing her with gifts for those who supported her during the game. Sheesh. Steve hasn’t mentioned anything to Liz because he either is planning on her being next to him or knows he won’t be in F2. Vanessa knows Steve hasn’t campaigned to Liz and that should tip her off about his plans, not that it really matters. It’s all up to Vanessa or Steve to get themselves to F2.

Now we’re on to waiting for tonight’s Big Brother finale to discover who wins round three and takes home the $500,000. Who is it going to be?

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