Big Brother 17: Counting The Votes – Week 2 [POLL]

Another Big Brother eviction means another opportunity for the crazy to come rolling out as we watch Houseguests, both on and off the Block, scramble to secure the numbers on their side.

Shelli Poole & Clay Honeycutt count the votes
Shelli Poole & Clay Honeycutt count the votes – Source: CBS All Access

After last week’s unsurprising near unanimous vote (save Audrey’s hinky vote) it looks like we could be getting another run at the Thursday night dull. Houseguests love the house-vote because it keeps them from being the stand out who gets targeted. Fans hate the house-vote because it’s boring! So what will we get this week & could the Last Laugh twist help prevent that?

So we know Da’Vonne won the Last Laugh twist and its vote-killing power. That means she just needs 5 votes to evict Meg and stay in the game. Let me jump to the finish line: it isn’t happening.

I went through the numbers over and over again looking for Day’s escape to safety. 15 mins trapped in an MRI tube this morning provides lots of time to concentrate. (Shoulder injury, nothing major.) They just aren’t there. She won’t get to 5 votes. Sorry, Feeds drama, you’re about to take a hit.

Day could get Jason and Liz right now with the latter as thanks for saving her in Week 1 for the Fast Forward safety. Liz has promised Day she’d work on Austin, but he’s reiterated to Meg as recent as this morning that he’s keeping Meg. That means she needs another 3 votes.

Audrey has been freaking Meg out after telling her the house has flipped against her, but this is just typical Audrey gameplay and hasn’t been backed up. The refreshed Audrey s**t-stirring is a whole other topic the HGs are realizing today on the Live Feeds. Good times as usual.

Meg has the votes to stay. She’s got Clay, Vanessa, Austin, Audrey, Jeff, James, John, Becky… I don’t even need to go on because even with Day’s 3-vote-eraser that’s 5 votes against Day and she’s gone.

Stranger things have happened in the Big Brother house and nothing is official until Julie Chen says so, but if the vote were held right now we’d see Da’Vonne Rogers evicted from Big Brother 17. Think that’ll happen? Vote in our poll below:


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  1. i think i’m the only one that wants meg to go. representing that 28%! haha

    • I did just to rile the house again, but I don’t think it will pan out that way. Julie keeps saying expect the unexpected, but it’s gotten to where it’s become more predictable than unexpected.

      • that’s just how life & big brother are. its pretty obvious the twists that production thinks up are solely on good ratings and more views each week.

      • I would love to see Da stay. I think she could do more for drama than Audrey ever could and as nice as Meg is I think it would make for better TV to see her go.

      • Hey Matthew, how you doin’ Cheryl here.. I hope Da gets some BB magic to help her stay. And I hate hate hate that Austin lied like that just to save Liz from going on the block. And please please please tell me, what in the hell did Da do to Austin to make him dislike her so much? Did I miss something?

    • You’re not alone. I’m so tired of boring predictability. I wish they would wise up and keep Da. If for no other reason than she would be an extra bigger target. Having more of those benefits the weaker players.

      • That’s been my biggest problem with everyone voting her out. They aren’t thinking long term. They’re thinking “oh I like Meg, she’s really nice. I like her more than Day” This is a GAME people! Day is a target, Meg is not. Keep the target in the house, keep yourself in the house. Vote out the target, you become the next one. Duh!

      • I think that you might be missing the point of the strategy from Jeff, Audrey, Clay & Shelli… The NEED Day to be gone because she has openly said she will be targeting them – it’s absolutely ridiculous to keep somebody who is targeting you…

      • Plus, I don’t think there are many HG’s who would even want to work with Da’ now due to her volatile personality. Meg would be a much better choice to align with.

      • I would agree with you about her personality, she shows her emotions too quickly and it makes people think she’s a time bomb waiting to explode. . She should’ve played it cool. She would still be in the house.

      • Matt, have you read Adam Poch’s latest article? I’m feverish with a sinus infection so I didn’t have the energy to respond to the negative criticism towards Clay and Shelli wanting Da’ out but your above comment is 100% on target.
        DA’ started the whole kerfuffle, C&S had no choice but to remove a vocal enemy who said she was coming after them.

      • Exactly! It’s insane that people somehow think it makes ”sense” to keep her from Shelli, Jeff’s & Clay’s perspective… Da shot herself in the foot by not only being rude and aggressive to them, but also by telling people she doesn’t trust them… She quite literally forced them into keeping Audrey (who was their first target) and switching it to DaVonne…

      • So very true, Matt. But wouldn’t it make for great entertainment if Day actually stayed for a couple of more weeks? I know it’s not going to happen…but a gal can hope.

      • But Matt,you’re missing the point too, Audrey lied to the whole house, they ask day they can’t trust Audrey so why would you keep her in the house. She’s going to go after them one by one.

      • lol… they’re ALL going after each other one by one… lol… And yes, Audrey actually IS a better choice for Clay, Jeff & Shelli at this current moment because Audrey needs them (not the other way around)…. You do understand the point is to KEEP people who vote with you and eliminate the people who will vote against you yes? Da is voting AGAINST those 3 (and admitting to it openly)…

      • i didn’t like her at first, but her really good social game could get her to at least jury, especially with the targets of the twins and audrey. just wish people would get that sooner.

    • Hi Cheryl here, and trust me you’re not the only one that wants Meg gone. I like Meg, but I’m team Da’vonne. And now we all know that it was Austin’s lieing ass that got Meg put on the block to save his precious Liz from being put on the block.

      • You have to admit though, Austin is playing the game given his week one position beautifully. He’s trusted enough to where he can blatantly lie to houseguests and convince them, and he’s smart enough to know he can’t do that often. I hope he manages to go far because he could become very entertaining in the latter portions of the game.

      • team da’vonne for days! + if liz had told austin that she was a twin and needed to not be put on the block, that could be how she could have potentially stayed off of the block.

  2. I LOVE Da’Vonne, I really really REALLY want her to stay. I like Meg too but I feel like if Day stays it will cause drama. Day is good TV, Meg isn’t.

  3. In the early seasons of Big Brother there were many evictions where the votes were close and there was lots of uncertainty.

  4. This is beside the point but does anyone else think that production wanted the twins to be found out? They have very different faces which are easy to differentiate and they kept Liz in the house for 4 days straight on the long weekend and then brought Julia in and that’s when Day noticed. I get the feeling they wanted it to fail.

  5. I think if the show didn’t have Audrey, production would be working over time to try to ensure Day stays since she is way more entertaining than Meg. However, with Audrey still in the house, and likely to survive another 2 weeks minimum now that everyone knows about the twin twist, I think Day is a goner.

    It’s unfortunate because other than Day and Audrey and the drama that follows, the rest of the houseguests are fairly uninteresting.

    • But that’s ONLY because Day & Audrey are the most dramatic…. If you lose them then you get somebody else who becomes the most dramatic… Don’t worry, casting always knows how to pick these people such that we would watch no matter what. ;)

      • They’ve been at it for a long time and they’re top notch tv producers so I’d take their opinions on what ”works” for personalities even over my opinions anytime… It’s their job to know. :)

      • I’ve already seen shades of that in Clay, Jason and Jeff so I think you’re right. I’m just basing my thoughts on now rather than down the line. Right now, Audrey and Day bring drama and excitement and no one else really does.

    • I’m finding many of the HG’s interesting and entertaining this year and I think BB casting has done a great job. Once Day or Audrey leaves maybe you’ll notice the other HG’s a little more.

      • I’m just curious, who are you finding interesting and entertaining? Since Day is certainly a goner, I would love to find out who you think I should be keeping a close eye on to get my entertainment fix.

      • I’m still learning about everyone too but other than Jeff and Audrey I’m liking most of them and enjoy this season very much.

      • I think you should pay attention to the overall theme of how most of the houseguests play. No one is playing for a huge alliance this time around, they are playing with people they feel can guarantee their safety. And seeing as that is very difficult, it can be easier this season for low-key players and players on the “other side” like Austin and Vanessa to work their way through the majority group and last longer in the game. Last season Derrick was the only one playing a strong strategic game, but this season you should pay attention to what houseguests like John, Jeff, Austin, Vanessa, Jason, Becky, Steve, and Chelli are doing. You’ll probably find someone to root for and someone to hate, which could be entertainment enough. I personally want to see Austin, Vanessa, and John to go far, but I also want Jeff, Jackie, and Meg gone because I either forget they exist-Jackie-or don’t find them to be of interest.

    • They Did try to keep day, Day just happends to get a “gut feeling” about being the 7th person to pick up the phone and the one person who actually needed that power ended up getting it and by extension is now bringing more energy to the live feeds that would of been a lot duller if she hadn’t? Yeah im sure it was just a coincidence.

      • I don’t doubt that production has done what they can, but I disagree that they made sure she was the 7th person to answer the phone. The twist gives the person the power to eliminate 3 votes. Day can’t vote. It would have made more sense to ensure Jason, her closest ally got the call for that extra vote.

        Also, I personally think her or one of her allies not getting the 7th call would have made for more entertainment simply because Day would have felt like her back was against the wall and who knows how she would have acted. Now with some hope, she has to play it cool and not blow up which is less potential for any drama.

  6. I think the ONLY chance of Day staying is if she asks for a sympathy vote from James which seemingly wouldn’t affect the votes, then make a deal with Liz, Julia, Austin and Vanessa to keep the target off the twins and go after Clay/Shelli/Audrey/Jeff/James, with Jason maintaining loyalty to Day. They could run that house to jury.

      • And not afraid of any of them, That’s why I think they want her out. She’s the type that would do her own dirty work. Sure she would talk to others to get some insight and opinions, but I think she would take that all in and make up her own mind to do what she wants to do. I don’t care what anybody says. Clay took over Sh!!TTy’s HOH and wanted Da out because she didn’t back down from him, and she speaks her mind.

      • Exactly, Cheryl! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Did you take note of his face when she went right back at him? I find it funny that people are so offended that she speaks her mind. She’s the strongest player there and straightforward not like manipulative and lying Audrey.What she did wrong is not be aware of certain perceptions. I hope she stays and learns that sometimes you have to weave in and out esp when you are smart.

  7. Meg will follow the power and will be manipulated threw out the season., and will eventually get evicted like the majority of the Houseguest this season just like last season so freaking boring

  8. As a fans of the show…We want someone to stay that would make the show more interesting and exciting…BUT !!!!….We are not in the house….and if I were in the house….I would want “DAY” to go simply because I could not stand to see her or hear her for another week…Instead of playing the game to win…she has to try and make people think she is tough and that she has the loudest mouth….In the end…the whole show is about who can keep safe each week and keep votes if they do end up on the block…
    and she has done a terrible job of that….

    • If I was in the house I would actually want Day to stay because the floater types like Meg are dangerous and always make it close to the end. With Day in the house she and Jason would go after Clay and Shelli. You would have people from two opposing sides go at it while I just sit back and grab the popcorn until it’s time for me to make my move.

  9. Honestly Like 30% of the cast are like lagging. *MEG* Like you can tell when the show likes a person when they mention there name is every single episode (Beginning) so I’m not saying it’s rigged but Hey?

  10. Note: I think Da is going home. However, it isn’t impossible to say Da could get Jason, Liz, Austin, and Vanessa. Then she just needs one more. Let’s look at the wild cards that need an alliance: Audrey? Bridge = burned. Steve? He refuses to even speak to Da. So, Becky? Seems highly unlikely but that’s probably Da’s best shot.

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