Big Brother 17: Final Two Match-Up Scenarios [POLL]

We’re just two days away from crowning the winner of Big Brother 17, but how will the Final 2 turn out? We’ve got two main scenarios with these three last Houseguests of the season.

Final 3 Houseguests on Big Brother 17
Final 3 Houseguests on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

The first two rounds of the Final HoH are now complete revealing who will face off on Wednesday’s season finale giving us enough information to start reviewing the most likely match-ups and how those could turn out.

Following our spoilers from the Feeds we know Vanessa won the first round and Steve won the second round. Had Liz beat out Steve in the second round then this would have been a very short discussion. Vanessa had been hoping to sit next to Liz at the end but now that’s not a guarantee though they still have a good chance of pulling it off. Unlike last year, we will have some real suspense on Wednesday night.

Vanessa definitely wants to take Liz to the end with her. If she wins round three then we will see Vanessa vote to evict Steve. Earlier today Vanessa explained to Liz that Steve had betrayed Vanessa by trying to replace her in the Scamper Squad with a JMac replacement. Vanessa says that’s her always necessary “reason!” to send him out the door. She says she “really, really” wants to win that third round because she has a big speech to give about cutting Steve. Who know who else is planning for a big speech that night?

On the other side of the round three competition, should Steve pull off the win then he also plans to take Liz. Over the past few nights we’ve heard Steve practice a long speech about evicting Vanessa and how she’s the Derrick of their partnership. It’s really more than he should be saying and maybe production will tell him he doesn’t have that much time to cast his vote, but right now he’s still preparing for it.

I can’t be sure, but Vanessa does seem to believe Steve may be planning to take her (Vanessa) to the F2 if he wins R3. Vanessa told Liz she’s forced to make a fake deal with Steve to make sure she gets to the end whether or not she wins, but if she does win then Liz is going with her. Even if Vanessa believes Steve is taking her, I do not for a moment think she is willing to throw R3 to make sure she doesn’t have cut Liz since she should believe she can beat either Liz or Steve in F2. Round 3 will be a tense showdown.

That gives us either a Vanessa & Liz or a Steve & Liz Final 2. I really don’t see either Vanessa or Steve changing their minds and taking the other so a F2 of them facing the Jury is very unlikely. Kinda crazy to think nearly 100 days worth of work and a half million dollars can all come down to a series of silly questions and answers from the Jury. Vanessa thinks she has the edge with her background in behavioral studies, but as Derrick noted, this competition is “basically a guessing game.”

Who do you think is more likely to win the last round of the Final HoH competition? Does either player have an edge or will it come down to guesses and luck? Share your thoughts and get ready for Wednesday’s Big Brother 17 finale at 9:30 PM ET/PT.


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    • Overture, curtain lights, this is it Wednesday night. No time for rehursing or nursing our parts on with Vanessa’s historical winning mark.
      So what kind of parties are you going to throw when my Beautiful Lesbian Warrior Vanessa wins the1/2 MILLION on Wednesday?

      I can’t wait to tell you all that I was right with my 9-0 unanimous vote for The Goddess Vanessa.

      • Hey Joni how’s Chachi doing? Ha, ha, ha. Really, don’t feed the seagulls. When my Beautiful Lesbian Warrior wins tomorrow I don’t want you to take it out on Chachi.

        Now, my girlfriend and I really know why you hate Vanessa. Oh yes, it’s like those kooks we get when we kiss passionately on a park bench. Plus since Vanessa is independently wealthy. All the crap on this vine about money. The 1/2 million she is going to win is nothing compared to the millions she will make on her upcoming card show. It’s always the one’s without money that complain the most. My girl and I are really enjoying how ticked off that you Vanessa haters heads are about to explode because of a Lesbian is going to win. For those who say it’s not you are just lying worst than any lie Vanessa has told. She is not ugly. She is very beautiful. The way she manipulated everyone in that house and it will continue with the jury. You call it bullying, we call it manipulation. Go Vanessa we LOVE YOU. PEACE OUT.

      • Lmao, I might actually start to believe the game is rigged if even Julia votes against her sister lol

  1. I have a hard time believing Vanessa will lose. When she wants to win, she’s pretty good at it. Steve has been more erratic.

    • Yeah, if by “pretty good at it”, you mean making the other houseguests cower in fear of her & doing what she wanted them to do! Thank god Becky wasn’t like that during her HOH reign!

      • Dan, shut your mouth. Just think, we could be watching the stinkin debates! Which would you rather do? Half penny for your thoughts? ???

      • Part 3 is always trivia about the jurors! I don’t think Vanessa knows enough about the jurors to even have a chance!

      • she doesn’t need to know anything about the jurors..production will take care of that for her. SteveO has no shot at the title, this game has been rigged since day one for Vanessa to win. Gotta promote the new CBS “Poker Face” show..

      • I blame both Becky & the Goblins for that week. Becky was wrong to put Shelli next to her. First, had it been someone like Steve/Liz next to her, Vanessa would’ve went home that week. And the Goblins were dumb for just not evicting Vanessa. Shelli could’ve been an easy out the next week depending on who got HoH.

  2. I don’t know the answer to Matt’s final question other than to say I think it would depend on the questions and Steve not freezing up, but I do like the photo at the top of this article. Vanessa in the eviction seat. Maybe that’s a good omen.

    And while I’m posting, thanks Matt, for all your work this season. I might have watched BB17 without BBN, but I would have spent much more time hanging from the ceiling out of frustration. You keep us down to earth and our heads on straight and, for that, I thank you.

  3. Whoever wins this HOH wins Big Brother 17. I think that Liz at this point has a $50K check ready for her. I don’t really want to see Steve win, I think he would not be a good winner. I prefer Vanessa to win because I think that she played the best game this season and deserves it.

    • I think it’s funny / ironic that Liz has no idea that she has a huge probability that she’s taking home $50K. – regardless of who of her housemates win … Well, like they say: ignorance is bliss! But I wish her ignorance wasn’t going to be rewarded.

    • I didn’t really think about Steve winning until now. He would think he dominated the game and really earned his spot. I can’t deny that he is there, so things broke right for him. But he played a terrible game and is just delusional.

  4. When she wants to win production makes sure she wins, Vanessa will win because it’s fixed that way, I mean come on Liz told steve how they gave her answers .

  5. dont like any of the 3 but guess dumbass queerbait steve is the 1 i would pick,van is a lieing uglyass skank,liz is just a pos that laughs and talks through her nose and well steve he is just dumb and talks to himself to much.

  6. Your all Right! Yes Venessa has been ok strategic player! She has gone way overboard with what I would also call intimidation. And. Bullying! I’m sure they want Vanessa to win to promote her reality show Poker Face coming on in the fall??? She is. Worth millions this is so not right on many levels! Go. Steve

      • I search and search an it’s all a lie.Vanessa got alot from this show and is very rich with her little dogs. Cbs missed the mark putting this talented poker player to win bb17!

      • The whole season missed the mark. But us fans take the good with the bad and suffer, and tell ourselves its going to get better. This year’s slogan “well, there’s always next year”.

      • Vanessa has been enough for me to want to see the return of the audience voting for the person evicted.
        It would’ve been nice to see the early exit of Austin and Vanessa.

      • This season really sucked the big one. It was rather boring b/c everyone was Chicken S%#&!!! Hope its better next season On to Survivor.

    • Instead of the Poker Face rumor, I wish someone started the rumor that the show is rigged and it was God who predetermined that he wanted Vanessa to win!

      Come on, she reads his book, he must be a fan of hers and wants her to have the money to go along with the rest she already has. Is it not obvious, God is the one behind the rigging. ;)

      • Sorry but I believe that Vanessa did the lowest by bringing the bible into the mix of her game play. She has no shame.

      • The time she said she was so bored that she was reading the f—g ….I honestly find it hard to write; it was so disrespectful.

      • I may have not watch the full season because I do not remember them doing this. If anyone does with this type of behavior, it’s shameful

      • I may have confused what you said. I have read of Vanessa being disrespectful and saying bad things about the bible. If that is what you are referring to than Dan and Derrick did not do that. If you were referring to Vanessa using the bible as strategy then it is a different story. It was a major portion of Dan’s game both in season 10 and season 14. It was also what cost Derrick Jacosta’s vote. Vanessa is certainly not the first. It has been done by at least 1 player in every season normally multiple players.

    • She has won millions gross before deducting buyins, taxes and sponsor cuts. You don’t know how much money she is worth.

      There is no show called Poker Face coming in the fall.

  7. Sigmund and Roy the lion tamers.
    Best line of the season. Well That … and “YOU RUINED MY LIFE”. LOL

    • Forgot about Austeeen-ah’s line … Love that one too. Further down I mentioned the Sig. Freud interchange was the Oscar winning statement for me this season. Love it, love it, love it!

  8. I want van to win. She played the game. Liz played fingerpuppet . Steve is annoying. Coco the bear should win over him.
    I’m guessing he’s autistic. But we had that winner already.
    How about get regular people instead of these lame fame whores like JU@$$.

      • Vanessa’s been very mean! We all have some quirks! Steve is coming out of his shell a lot! Maybe. He was just playing the game all along?

      • I think the show is good for Steve. Hopefully he can take in stride all the negative comments about his personality and realize that they come out of ignorance and immaturity. He is super smart and is already anticipating negativity. He is more self aware than any of these commenters on here. I hope he reads this. Good luck Steeeeve!

        It’s one thing to bash someone’s bullying behaviour and slutty behaviour, which they can control, but quite another to attack someone’s heart and soul.

      • I think Steve has Asperger’s, more than just quirks. Just my opinion. I think he is awesome. I hope he wins now that JMac is out.

    • Reeeeegular people need to save up three month’s worth of LOA’s from work if they want to spend those 100 days inside a house in isolation.

  9. Vanessa is wack. Look at what she said about Steve. Who is this mad person? ??

    Vanessa says Steve came in the game having lost his mind and now has lost more marbles.

    • I shall revisit my grade school days and respond to Vanessa (with tongue out, thumbs in my ears and fingers wagging): it takes one to know one.

    • She is tacky like that .Her and I would have been in each others face from the get go.She is so Wack + Wackoooo! Please don’t let this b i %#& win . Go Steve! Hell I will even take Liz even though I thought the twins talked pretty dirty about everyone when they couldn’t run the house so No respect there either.

  10. I hope Steve pulls it out. Who ever thunk it 90 days ago we would be pulling for a guy who roamed the house at night talking to the cameras.i mean the guy was a little mysterious ,but then he came out of his shell and got sick to his stomach when it was looking like a jjames vs meg eviction. So I say good luck and go get that check ET, I mean Steve.

  11. best case scenario for me is Steve winning HOH and telling Liz he is taking Vanessa, then at eviction time send Vanessa out the door and we get a fabulous shocked Vanessa look. just can’t remember the time gap between win and eviction. I just want Steve to play Vanessa like a fiddle so she feels super safe.

  12. Hope it’s just a rumor ! She has enough money millions! I don’t like the way she bullied people! Go Steve ! Johnny for. Favorite houseguest!

    • At first, John really got on my nerves with his yelling in the diary room and just kinda whacky persona. But he really grew on me, with his funny commentary on Shelli and Clay asking him to throw comps and not use his veto, and the game in general. I really hope he wins favorite houseguest.

    • She has won millions in the past. Nothing recently. Lost her sponsers and has spent a lot. Have NO idea of what she might have now.

      • John is most likely greatly in debt. A dental education in the US with books, supplies costs over $100,000. His parents are teachers so they are not rich. As he is just starting out, he would have a lot of student debt. I admire someone who is serious about an education. That said, the prize is for the favorite, end of story. Don’t make it into something it’s not

      • I don’t believe it should be based on need either, but if Vanessa should be disqualified for being a wealthy poker player as the poster opined, then John should be disqualified for being in a high income career.

      • Most of us don’t think finances have anything to do with it. Don’t make it into something it’s not.

      • I wasn’t speaking to those of you who think finance have nothing to do with it. I agree with you. I was speaking to the people who say Vanessa shouldn’t be allowed to play because she’s wealthy.

      • Here’s more about John:

        Big Brother 17 houseguest John McGuire, aka Johnny Mac, Rockstar Dentist, is just 27-years-old. It’s difficult to imagine that the awkward, loud talker is a professional dentist. But it is true. According to PAHomePage, McGuire works at Keystone Dental Center in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

        McGuire says he wants to win the $500,000 to help pay off his college loans. He earned his BS in Finance from Penn State University in 2009 and his DMD from Temple University in 2013. When not on the reality show, McGuire lives with his parents in Jefferson Township, PA.

      • Agreed, financial need doesn’t enter into it, but there is no way that JMac will make the kind of money V makes by dentistry alone…if he gets his own tv dentist comedy show then that’s another story. Read up on her on wiki.

      • Dentists do really well, and far better than nearly any poker player. My friend and her family live in an 8 million dollar home with no mortgage from her dentistry career. It depends if he gets into his own practice or not and if that practice is successful.

      • “According to The Richest and Celebrity Net Worth, Vanessa’s net worth is worth over $4 million. That’s a lot of money. To give you an idea of how much she’s raked in during her poker career, Vanessa won $700,000 from the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker, and earned $1.2 million in 2009.Jul 28, 2015”

        She’s also a lawyer in case she needs a back up.

      • She’s not a lawyer; she never graduated from law school, although she was in the top 5% of her class while she was attending law school.

      • Certainly not your fault, after all Vanessa led us all to believe she was a lawyer. The HGs just never had the opportunity to check out the facts about her. We know a lot more about her than they probably will ever know.

      • She has told us that she’s won over $4 million in poker tournaments. That is not the take home. The take home is well under 50% of that once taxes, buyins, and sponsors are paid off. That site is not correct. They’re going off of publicly available information and basing that number on her winnings, which is not correct.

  13. “Life in Pieces”…piece of crap. There is no point to it…talking about sex does not make a show…we can watch nature channel. We’re better than that. I’ll take Frasier reruns any day. It’s insulting.

  14. One finally episode. It’s been fun talking and reading with along with my fellow BB posters. Here’s to hoping they find a few more gamers for next season. Oh, and Van deserves to win (hate that she already has millions, maybe she’ll donate it). Don’t want to see her win but Liz and Steve don’t deserve the win

    • It was great posting here, my first year. I am sure I’ll not watch next year because it’s a contractual year and could be just as bad, if not worst.

  15. Steve to Liz: I real located your Wheaties. Do you know what that means?

    Liz: sure, you reassembled the Wheaties.

  16. Liz has not waited to trash Austin. The show is not over. She doesn’t want the tie die shirt he made for her. Austin should have stuck with the girl friend whose a sure thing.

  17. Donna Del Porto
    Steve heard production giving Liz the answers in the 2nd round for HOH and was irate. Who would blame him when CBS has it all scripted for Vanessa to win. Cheaters….all lies, not a reality show, I’m done big brother!
    9 minutes ago

      • Liz didn’t understand the production answers and lost that round but she told Steve about production and he was really mad….I don’t blame him, all cheating so Vanessa will win to help promote her new show “Poker Face” on CBS this fall. I wouldn’t watch it or any other CBS reality show, they’re all scripted….faked….how sad!

      • There is no show called “Poker Face” on CBS this fall. According to Matt there is no truth to that rumor at all.

      • She already has celebrity status which they might want to build on in future…”Rousso has appeared on Million Dollar Challenge. She is a celebrity judge on Bank of Hollywood where she helped award some of her own money to contestants.”

      • Doesn’t matter. Liz told him what they did and since the game is in large part mental, it could add to the growing paranoia in the house. Her talking about it IS a factor.

      • What?? BB was trying to help Liz in the comp and she rats them out to STeve? Is she an idiot…never mind. :D

      • The point is they helped her. Regardless of the result is that a one time occurrence? The fact that they did that and she told Steve could spook him…it would me.

      • I agree. The only thing I can think is that production was so PO’d with her accusing them of intentionally asking something that she wouldn’t know, that they defended themselves by throwing back in her face that not only was she there, but the question was based on a competition she had actually won. (You can just hear the unspoken words from production aimed at her: “you stupid idiot”.)

      • They are running a show that spends and allocates a lot of cash so they should be more professional. They can call her a stupid biatch when they hit the bar later.

      • No question. From our standpoint, production should not have intervened at all. It just gives more credence to the belief that production intervenes way too much and in ways that they shouldn’t.

    • interesting development!where did you hear this? Read this? Is this in fact 100% true? Or just gossip?… All of that, so many people are saying it is fixed and saying Vanessa is giving drugs to help and have her performance however, not one of those people who have said that have answered me back on how they know for a fact! I want facts! And if somebody can give that to me (all of us) then clearly I will believe it! But until that happens, I call BS! I want proof! I am so tired of reading is that this game is fixed and that Vanessa is given a drug to win comps! It’s outrageous and it’s a very huge accusation to be throwing around without anything to back it up!!
      clearly I do not know if what people are saying is true or not! So I am NOT saying you are lying! I just rely on facts, not gossip so if you can provide the actual evidence, I would love to see it!

      • It’s all over the place including Joker’s after the last comp where she admitted it to Steve and his reaction got fished. She claimed she couldn’t answer the question because she wasn’t in the house at the time (implying Julia was) and the producers told her it happened during her HOH…BLATANT!

      • Don’t know about the performance enhancing drugs (although she has been taking muscle relaxing drugs with alcohol), but production helping Liz after Steve had already won R2 is true.

      • I haven’t heard much about this yet so I’m a little confused. Did BB give Liz an advantage by providing this info? I haven’t had time for the feeds and Jokers.

      • From what I understand Liz had already passed Steve’s time (so therefore could not win R2) when she stated that something she was being asked had happened while Julia was in the house, and therefore she could not know the answer. Production jumped in and said no, it was Liz who was in the house and the competition in question was one Liz had won. Steve overheard production “helping” Liz (and she admitted it). They’re getting away with it because it was after the fact, but the point is production did help her.

      • Ok, so if Liz’s time had run out BB was probably just trying to speed things up since she had already lost.
        I’ll have to see the comp Wed. to understand what’s going on and whether or not the total amount of time decided the winner.

      • They each had to complete it in 90 minutes total. If production hadn’t stepped in, she’d have still been there well over 90 minutes. :-)

      • I guess you also missed JMAC asking Vanessa if she took Adderall and she admitted that she did???
        No conspiracy theories here sweetheart, and it’s time to face reality about your good friend Vanessa.

        *Edited to add LOL!

      • All you have to do is tell me these things if you want, you don’t need to send me a rude message! I can admit when I am wrong! And I do not agree with cheating whatsoever! And if this is all very true I can eat my words, I can admit I was naive! Oh and a side note, I meant Jmac not Steve in regards to the conversation you just told me

      • I’ve been telling you these things for awhile now tinalee and it was akin to talking to a brick wall – you denied all the facts I gave you were true without bothering to check it out yourself but demanding others provide proof. Surely you can see how frustrating trying to reason with you soon became as you continued to insist Vanessa was just having a bad reaction to her Adderall if she was even taking the drug, refusing to believe all evidence to the contrary.
        But I’m glad you’ve finally seen the light and are no longer naïve about Vanessa.

      • honestly I never read anything aside from the comments about Vanessa and the drugs and the game being fixed. sure there is so much speculation but, I never personally read anything whatsoever to make me think the show was fixed. I admit I do not read a lot of the feeds and what not however I do read some everyday and nothing ever raised a red flag to me. I haven’t had a chance to go to that other website to read Vanessa actually say she is taking the drug to cheat. so, hopefully I will get a chance to read some of the actual conversations between the house guests & see it as facts or taken out of context. but if Vanessa actually admitted she does not need to take adderall at all, then that’s enough proof! therefore I would be wrong! & I’m okay with being wrong.
        I know I was like a brick wall but, you have to understand Vanessa is so dislike and I have had so many people attack my personal character and no one could ever back up there claims of cheating (of course no one owed me anything but when having a debate, I would think these people would provide facts or atleast point me in the right direction therefore I just figured it was (is) haters hating and making up things, speculation, taking things out of context, twisting things around and whatnot! because I have read some pretty outrageous things, people have been very nasty to me JUST b/c I am “TEAM VANESSA” & I defended her mental state & her true character & for the most part, the people I have disagreed with or at least tried to defend Vanessa character to them have been very nice however I have had a handful of people who literally stalk me on here & attacked my character, put me down daily, people completely insult me & people accuse me of working for CBS/BB (those ones were really funny!) & even 1 death threat over a month ago! (LOL) and I will not apologize for defending Vanessa personal character and trying to tell people what she is really like! yeah, I am sure if the roles were reversed and I was in the house, I doubt Vanessa would be defending me but, she has much more of a life than I do lol…. &, I don’t ever take anything personal because this is simply mindless entertainment for me! people hiding behind their computers insulting me honestly does not bother me one bit! It shouldn’t bother anyone! Just some people take this way way way too seriously and I have no interest in entertaining those people! however, I am a big fan of big brother and if in fact the game is 100% fixed and if production is giving Vanessa adderall to enhance her performance and if in fact production is giving her the answers then I will be extremely disappointed and I will admit my “ignorance” but I will not apologize for defending Vanessa character outside of the game and if in fact she is cheating, I will be extremely disappointed! extremely! And I will apologize to you and anyone else if in fact big brother has completely manipulated the game and given Vanessa drugs and answers and I will apologize for being naive about what was really going on! but until I get concrete evidence (whether that is by someone showing me these facts or I read it for myself, I will not apologize for being me and standing up to the “bullies” on here! I really, really I’m going to try my best to read what you all have been reading, on Joker? Or Big Brother online? (Big Brother online I do read a few times a week) & see is what everyone is saying is actual facts! And at this point, I really can’t say either way if I am wrong or right until I read the stuff. fair enough?
        I still have yet to be convinced that BB is fixed for Vanessa to win and that Vanessa is cheating and being “fed adderall by production.” I haven’t read the conversation yet between JMAC and Vanessa when she admits she is taking the drugs to cheat and if in fact she said. Or said something along those lines then I will eat my words! I will be very, very disappointed not only in Vanessa but also big brother! I will not have any interest in watching this “Reality TV” show/game if it is fake. It completely defeats the purpose of the game. But again, you have to understand where I’m coming from, initially I was just defending Vanessa as a person! I was defending her character and telling people she is not a bully and telling people she is not a crazy lunatic and so on! Then all this talk of the game being fixed and Vanessa being fed drugs by production started and I just figured it was just haters hating! I assumed people were just making up rumors (which I am still convinced a lot of people are doing that) and/or truly thinking it’s fixed just because things were not going their way! Make sense?
        Like I said, I can admit when I’m wrong! & I will be very disappointed if this is the truth! But I have yet to read anything (aside from the comments on here) that have raised red flags for me. But again, I don’t read much of the feeds, I read Big Brother network and the comments in here but rarely go elsewhere. so I guess I really should read a lot more so I can fairley judge.
        and, (I I’m sorry this is so long but I will quickly wrap this up lol) I just do not understand the purpose CBS/ BB “fixing the game” & “giving Vanessa drugs and answers to further her game.” it just does not make any sense to me why they (BB/CBS) would do that?? (give answers, give drugs, fix the game for a certain person to win?) when clearly they are going to be caught doing it because everything is live and so many people watch the feeds 24/7 therefore they will be caught, busted doing these things they are being accused of!? they certainly are not dumb therefore they had to have known that people like us would find out because it’s on 24/7!! With no delay?! so they clearly knew they would get caught in a huge lie. It just does not make sense to me! you know what I mean? Again I’m not saying it’s not true or it is true but if in fact it is true then this is going to be a huge scandal! Giving a contestant drugs alone is bad enough!
        & I know all of the hgs probably sign a very lengthy and ironclad contract and they are not allowed to speak about production but, there has to be a way around those contracts and if people like Steve who are super fans are playing a game they know it’s fixed then I can only assume is those people wanted they could somehow get the word out there even though they don’t really have to because apparently it’s all over the internet already with “facts.” personally if I was in the game and I found out I NEVER had a chance to win I would be furious and I would do whatever I could do to bring this to everyone’s attention Plus I would have my lawyer dissect my contract and find a way to sue CBS for fraud! A lot of these people who played big brother give up a lot to be there! So if they found out it was 6, I would assume they would be pissed definition.
        again I’m sorry this is so long lol I really do try and keep it short and I know I get repetitive lol so I do apologize, I just wanted to get back on the same page as you and let you know my feelings and thoughts and what not! And I do apologize about our previous conversation, this is mindless entertainment for me as I’m sure it is for you and I didn’t mean for our friendly debate to turn sideways! For the most part, I do respect most people comments! everyone is entitled to their own views, opinions and thoughts. Anyway blah blah blah blah blah lol sorry for being so repetitive and, I will try and read some of the old feeds and see for myself the apparent cheating going on that others have said. & I will be the first to admit when I am wrong! and I still hope I am right not only because I would hate to think Vanessa is cheating but also because I am such a huge fan of BB (& BB Canada) so I would be extremely disappointed to find out it was all a lie! for a very long time I suspected manipulation, I knew producers (well I assumed I mean) tried to manipulate certain situations but I never ever thought the game was fully fixed and I never ever thought they would allow anyone to take a medication of any type they were not supposed to be taking so I do truly hope you are wrong but not because I want to be right, I just simply want to believe big brother is still as real as I thought it was! Take care, nice talking to you again :-)

      • Just to be clear I never said the BB producers were giving Vanessa Adderall since that’s illegal. Only a Dr. can prescribe Adderall for Vanessa and I think it’s safe to say she’s been taking Adderall for a long time and didn’t just discover this wonder drug that gives its users an edge in the comps. I did say it was the same as taking speed so this might explain some of Vanessa’s tears, bullying and manic behavior as well as extreme paranoia.
        Vanessa is not the first but I do hope the last HG to enter the game with an Adderall Rx and they all behave the same way if you recall Amanda and Devin and the foot in mouth Aaryn.
        Now any facts I’ve ever given you have come from sites that give live feed updates on what the HG’s are saying and doing. Jokers is a credible site that report 24/7 what is happening on the feeds. If you read it at Jokers you can 99% believe it and if there are errors in reporting they tend to correct them. But if different people watching the live feeds keep reporting the same thing over and over again why would you not believe them?
        If you really want to know what’s going on in the BB house you need to read live feed updates or credible articles here at BBN from people who watch the live feeds.
        So you can see why several people reporting to you how Vanessa was behaving by watching the live feeds or reading the minute by minute updates would become frustrated when you wouldn’t go to these sites to verify anything and keep insisting everyone else was wrong and you were right. So you have to take a little responsibility for your actions as well. You refused to inform yourself of what was going on from credible sources while arguing with those who had gone to the trouble to find out the truth when they tried to enlighten you.
        I think you seriously need to consider that the real Vanessa is the one you are seeing in the house this summer. Just be very careful around her would be a good idea too. Before you know it she’ll have you funding her next poker tournament :D
        You will need to watch the live feeds or read updates before you can decide if BB is rigged or not. I never said it was rigged because that seems impossible but there have been suspicious instances as you would’ve noticed if you watched the feeds or read the updates.
        Since we have no idea what is really going on in the DR we have no idea what is really happening in there do we?
        Former HG’s have alluded to things happening in the DR but fearing legal consequences can’t be specific of course.
        So keep on enjoying BB and if you want to comment on various sites you do need to keep informed as to what is going on if you want to have a pleasant experience commenting about what’s REALLY happening in the BB house and not just watch the edited TV version.

      • and what you said is fair! But in all honesty this all started with me just defending her character, long before people started talking about it being fixed and the Addrell so, generally the people I had spoken to about that were now firing off big accusations of cheating and what not therefore I just thought haters were hating! Make sense?
        I have read a lot of the site, Big Brother online I think its called with a lot of minute by minute conversation and I guess I just miss the good stuff. and it’s not like I haven’t believed, it just seemed too outrageous to believe. I just don’t see it as being fixed and I honestly cannot see BB allowing someone to take a drug to enhance their performance, that’s all! And really, when most people sent me messages they were not talking maturely, they were throwing around all types of accusations that made me question them. people were out to get me personally! Yes some people like you were really just trying to make me see what you guys are seeing but I think at point all the messages I was getting from people we’re getting ridiculous therefore I just marked everything up as haters hating. Again makes sense? There were some of you that I did not doubt (like you) however

      • I see, you were new to comment boards this season and had a big shock – but you’ll get used to things if you continue to comment. Some sites are very rude and I avoid them but BBN has always been my favorite.
        Like I said before, when you are talking to rabid BB fans who watch the feeds and have noticed suspicious producer behavior in past seasons and you aren’t as well informed as they are; why would you want to talk to them in the first place and tell them they’re wrong about everything?
        If you just want to tell them that you know Vanessa personally and found her to be a great person that’s fine – but don’t argue about FACTS that hundreds of people saw or heard on the feeds.
        You are still defending Vanessa saying she doesn’t take Adderall or cheat but common sense dictates that anyone taking SPEED (Adderall) before competitions has a huge advantage over the other HG’s to win competitions.
        Do you also think athletes doping at the Olympics is ok? The Olympic rules say this is cheating but if one of your friends happened to be in the Olympics would you think it was fair for her to be the only person doping because she’s a nice person?
        JMac asked Vanessa if she took Adderall and she admitted she did.
        BB can’t take away her Adderall since her Dr. prescribed this medicine for her to take; the same way BB wouldn’t take away her blood pressure pills if she took those as well.

      • yup yup big shock! I just don’t know what to do with myself! People are saying mean things sniff sniff what will I ever do with myself?! I appreciate you giving me the pep talk on these professional feed readers an all….but I’ll stick to reality! good luck to you!

      • Oops accidentally hit post already before I was done lol…. Anyway, there were people like you that were believable however, I felt so strongly that it didn’t matter what Vanessa did people were going to criticize, judge and twist things she says around because it was already happening so I just didn’t believe it. I still can’t say I want hundred percent agree with it, I don’t know! I will have to read it from myself. I know you are not a stupid woman therefore I know what you are telling me you believe, I just need to read it myself. Like I said, initially I was just defending Vanessa as a person! she may seem crazy to a lot of you but she is not! I don’t think the house was good for her, and she will have to deal with the consequences but, I do know her as a good person and I do know a lot of people who are very good friends with her and they will all tell you she is a very good person so I’m just telling you the facts that I know about Vanessa personally.
        I think I first started really doubting all of the negativity about Vanessa when a lot of people took Vanessa $10,000 comment to Julia and twisted it around and / or took it out of context. & I still strongly stand behind that whole situation. I do not believe for one second Vanessa was trying to buy Julia out of the game for $10,000! she was simply reassuring her, we all do it all the time just in different contexts! And I do believe Vanessa would have given Julia $10,000 but only because she would have felt guilty if Julia went home as Vanessa pawn. I do not believe for a second Vanessa was trying to pay people off to leave the game. anyway, that’s kind of where it all started from me defending Vanessa personal character to me defending Vanessa because it didn’t matter what she said, people were going to twist what she said around or take it out of context! So from there I guess I just put up a wall and accepted haters for hating! and I guess to be fair to some of you, I should have done more investigating in regards to what you were telling me instead of shooting you down and for that I apologize!
        but still when I read people calling Vanessa a “C U next Tuesday” or a “psychopath” or a liar and cheater, make fun of her looks and what not that is what bothers me the most! I think Vanessa is a beautiful girl! why people have to go to that level is beyond of me, it’s not how I operate! so, I just don’t agree with that stuff! And I’m sure you agree with me :-) I will do my homework :-)

      • I don’t know how you can still think Vanessa is a “good” person after watching her all summer – but that’s right, you don’t have the feeds or read updates so you don’t really know how she really behaved, much different from the edited broadcast show you’ve been watching.
        Take it from somebody who did keep up with her antics all summer that nice and/or good people don’t act like Vanessa has been acting.
        Are you still not aware that Vanessa has been trying to bribe people with monetary gifts or scheming to get them to invest their winnings in her poker playing prowess several times all summer which is strictly against all the rules and is flat out dishonest since she’s probably lying.
        Since you don’t watch the feeds or keep up with the updates you really don’t know anything about it so please don’t try to spin the story to me, I know what happened and you don’t.
        Compared to how Vanessa has been treating the other HG’s all summer I don’t know why you aren’t upset about that instead of a few people that call her dirty words.

      • Oh Firefox… don’t get so “fired” up! Just kidding :)
        yes, I am new to posting in here however just to set the record straight, I have been for many years now following the Big Brother network site and reading comments. This is just the first time I have made my own comments. in regards to me defending Vanessa, I am just defending her outside of the house, the Vanessa I know, the Vanessa a lot of my friends know very well. I do not know this Vanessa at all! and I do not agree with her cheating whatsoever! I do need to read the feeds, & I will try to read them more however I do go on other sites and I do read other comments and just because some people who are avid feed followers doesn’t mean they do not take things out of context. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure what you’re telling me is the truth! It is facts! & I did just read how Steve is angry because apparently production was giving Liz answers during the second comp and, I believe it! And I am super disappointed! I know certain situations are manipulated, it’s been obvious for years however I honestly did not think they were actually cheating! I didn’t think it was actually set up, I assumed there manipulation of the game was talking to people in the diary room trying to sway them to vote the way they wanted them to or getting an HOH to put up certain people, I certainly never thought they were giving them answers! I still will defend Vanessa character outside of this house, and I do not understand why she is going along with the cheating! I guess $500,000 will make a lot of people do a lot of things out of character! the whole adderall thing, I’m just not going to go there simply because even though Vanessa said she is taking adderall but does not need it, I have no idea if that means she is taking it to cheat! She could have said that for numerous reasons but on the other hand you are right and it is I mean it has been used by many people to cheat in Olympic, sports like hockey and football basketball and cycling…. Lance Armstrong! But I’m just not going to go there regardless, I hope that’s okay with you! Again, I am NOT saying you are wrong I am just not going to go there. I do understand what you are saying about a lot of these people are die hard fans and watch every second of every day therefore they have way more knowledge than I do but I have a life lol…. It’s hard enough for me to stay on top of this lol but I will investigate further and I did a little bit earlier, that’s when I read about Steve and Liz talking about Liz getting answers whispered to her by production! and I did read a lot of other things with a lot of people defending Vanessa, there is a lot of talk everywhere good and bad! But again, I do believe you! So many things have happened that I no longer can stick up for lack of better words for big brother or Vanessa or CBS because frankly, I do not know the truth! The one thing aside from defending Vanessa character outside of the house, the one other thing I will defend is Vanessa telling Julia she will give her $10,000 if she goes home and you know why I see that as nothing but someone reassuring someone so there’s no point on me talking about that again.
        I am not aware of Vanessa bribes, scheming and whatnot because again, I have not read the feeds but I do not doubt you.
        you are right! & I am wrong, I guess! Lol…. I can’t say for sure if I believe absolutely everything but, I have read some things and I am extremely disappointed with Vanessa and with big brother! this has taken all the fun out of the game for me! If it’s really as fixed as people are describing it then it is in no way what it used to be! And that sucks! I don’t know if this is the first season people have said this, people have speculated or if they have speculated on other seasons this was also happening however there was not as much proof? The bottom line is, I was wrong! & I am okay to admit it. I am NOT going to back down on defending Vanessa character prior to this game and Vanessa as a person! Like I said, $500,000 is a lot of money even for her so I guess she’s sold herself to the devil! that’s really really shitty! I will definitely try and read some more feeds, I wish there was a site that instead of me needing to read hours and hours and hours and hours of dialogue, a site that pinpointed everything to draw the conclusion of the game being fixed and people being told answers and whatnot! it would make my life a whole lot easier lol………….. So I eat my words! I was wrong and you were right lol do you feel better now? And I’m not being sarcastic! I’m being real! I can admit when I’m wrong like I said several times so made defending certain things were obviously wrong of me! I should have backed up my findings but I was just speaking on a personal level, not game and I still do believe a lot of what vanessa has said and done has been picked apart, twisted around and / or taken out of context! I honestly do however again, I get it! I finally get it lol and the only thing left to say is ….
        A- I hope when I do find the feeds to read that, there still are really know facts to what people are saying and really it’s still just speculation! but I do know for a fact that I did read Steve and Liz talking about Liz getting answers but still losing and Steve being very angry! so I guess tomorrow night we will see if Vanessa wins or does not. I am curious though, if Vanessa does not make it to final 2, then what?
        And B- these hgs clearly sign ironclad contracts therefore they are liable for spilling the beans on anything so, I can only assume Vanessa, Liz and Steve Plus Johnny Mac and some others are going to be in a lot of hot water, potentially sued? I don’t know what happens to them if they break the contract?? They all clearly have because they all have been talking about production & the feeds caught BB in a huge scandal now! The house guests have busted big brother for cheating! Will there be another season? Did this type of conversation happened last year? Did it seem as fixed last year? Did the house guests from last season talk about production and go as far as these three went with saying production gave them answers and what not? Or is this the first season there have been solid facts said by the house guests? I’m just really curious now if this is going to make the headlines for lack of better words lol it’s really late, way way way past my bedtime! Lol I can’t think straight. anyway blah blah blah… I hope you do not pick up what I said and get angry at me again because you think I am still defending Vanessa. If in fact the game is fixed and people have been given answers and Vanessa is taking adderall when she does not need it and if it was set up for her to win and she know it then I will be super pissed! I just think I am may be in denial lol… Big brother has always been my favorite show, but now if it’s all fake and the media rips it apart, is that it’s all over! Maybe? does anyone know what will happen? I seriously want to know!will this make big headlines? Will this bring down big brother? My questions are for real just so you know! I know when reading, you don’t or you cant always tell if I’m being serious or not, but I am being deadly serious! I have been defending Vanessa all summer so if she is cheating then I not only have to eat my words but I am seriously going to be serious! And for the past few weeks I have been defending BB and CBS so again, now I look like a big loser lol so I hope you all are wrong lol hahahahaha :-) be nice to me lol

      • Jokers just reports what’s happening on the live feeds, these reports do not include opinions or anyone’s POV. You have to go to another section if you want to leave comments. So there’s a big difference between reporting events in the house and commenting on house events with your thoughts and opinions.
        It’s one thing for JOkers to report that Vanessa is once again bribing somebody with hints of gifts and other good things to come and suggesting the HG’s invest their winnings by sponsoring her in a poker tournament as a “good investment” lol. It’s quite another for someone to leave a opinion here on BBN that Vanessa cheats so do you see the difference? People interpret what they see and read in their comments while Jokers just reports the facts. So if the majority of feed watches say Vanessa is cheating that is their interpretation of Vanessa breaking rules in the house by bribing the other HG’s to give them incentive to take her to the end. If the majority of feed watches continue to tell you that Vanessa is cheating why would you argue with them if you don’t watch the feeds? If only one person suggests she’s cheating then by all means check this out but if 99% of the feed watchers have seen her cheating that to argue with them is futile and to insist they are just interpreting her actions incorrectly borders on ridiculous. If you are not an expert don’t argue with the experts.
        NO need to denigrate the BB “experts” by saying you have a life and suggest that they don’t. It’s ok to be a rabid BB fan and get together with other experts to talk about all things BB. If you don’t understand their fandom that’s fine but the fact that you are here suggests otherwise doesn’t it? So no need to raise yourself above the hoi polloi here by indicating you’re above all that. Being a snob won’t win you a lot of friends here either.
        Reality show fans usually find people fascinating to watch and try to figure out what’s going on inside their heads. So people with years of experience watching BB are harder to fool that the regular broadcast watcher. You can learn a lot by listening to them.
        Some people are so greedy they will do anything to win the half a million – lie, cheat, backstab, betray you name it. I don’t necessarily find this to be admirable behavior but I have to watch Vanessa in horrid fascination at the depths she will go to in order to win. It’s ok for BB fans to get together trying to figure out what makes Vanessa tick because most of us haven’t seen this type of person in real life and how they operate. I’ve read about them but if I’ve met one in real life I didn’t realize it at the time.
        Whether or not Vanessa was just bribing Julia with the $10,000 “gift” it is still against the BB rules and therefore cheating.
        I’m fine with you defending Vanessa’s character even though I think you’ve been conned personally but you have to go with what you know or feel in your heart. I have no problem with that at all. I’m just saying if I were you I’d be very wary in the future.
        It’s always disappointing to find out reality shows just might not be reality after all and perhaps a little manipulation and riggage is going on. I understand the producers are under a lot of pressure to produce a show that will be a ratings winner or they are out of a job otherwise. But after watching the last 3 seasons I’m almost ready for them giving the eviction vote back to the audience. Otherwise it’s just becoming too frustrating to watch. It might also lessen the temptation to rig the game. If the fan faves remain in the game ratings should still be good. I bet the ratings would be a lot higher if this was a JMac/James finale tonight.
        Every season different HG’s will be discussing production or their DR sessions and over the loudspeaker comes the voice of BB saying You are not allowed to talk about production or your DR sessions. The feeds are cut instantly as well. It happens all the time and nobody has been sued yet. A lot of people have sued BB though lol. So don’t worry about court cases and the cancellation of BB even though Vanessa has been cheating and breaking the rules all season.
        I am not being unkind to you by saying this; I’m just cutting to the chase as I have a tendency to do.

      • LOL…….somehow I missed these last two comments from you lol….. Thank God! I really did not feel like entertaining you any longer than I had to. good for the people who don’t have a life! They are lucky! And, I’m not a snob lol you are very judgemental are you! Lol….. You are very opinionated about people you know nothing about! I have tried and tried and tried to appease you! the game is over there for my entertainment with you is also over! You have fun now! Don’t take life so seriously. I can’t imagine what your life is like when you get so fired up about some reality TV show game lol maybe you should be taking some adderall! Peace out! Please, block me or tell me how to block you because I have zero interest in reading what you have to say because frankly, you have blindfolds on and I cannot help you any longer! You keep believing what you want to believe in! Stay strong lol

      • well since adderall is clearly being taken by Vanessa only to cheat, then clearly what you are saying is BB is allowing it! There’s no way around that one! She’s is eothrr taking it because she’s supposed to or she’s taking it to cheat! It can’t be both! if Big Brother is aware of one of their contestants cheating even though their doctors prescribed it, they are allowing this to go on according to you! Regardless if her doctor said she needs it or not, many other people have been caught taking this prescribed medication from their doctors when they did not need it! So why is Vanessa so special? And fancy that, she did not win! Not really really really weird hey??? I thought the game was fixed for Vanessa to win! Weird how that happens! Strange strange strange!

      • Please stop putting words in my mouth. If a Dr. has prescribed Adderall for Vanessa it would be illegal for BB to NOT give her the legally prescribed drug, even though she is using the drug as speed since she obviously doesn’t have ADD or ADHD. I see you’re not a lawyer or you would be able to understand this simple and obvious fact. BB is legally obligated and open to litigation if they refuse to give Vanessa her legally prescribed Adderall meds. Why is this so difficult to understand??? Why are you still trying to blame BB for all of Vanessa’s problems. All you need to do is walk into the Doctor’s office and complain about being scatterbrained and how it’s affecting your job performance and he will write the Rx and send you on your way.
        Come on tinalee, no need to be bitter about Vanessa’s loss although I do find this amusing.

      • really hey! Well if that’s the truth then Big Brother sucks! And if they are cheating, they will be busted if it is actually being talked about on feeds but again, I ask is it facts or speculation? Have people said we are acting? Have people said Vanessa is given drugs to beat us all? And on and on and on! Lol you know what I mean :-) I’m just curious as to what actual conversations on the feeds were said . and if it really did happen, if they are really talking about the game being fixed and Big Brother is airing it then not only are we as the viewers going to be extremely pissed off, production could sue all these people talking about all the cheating producers are doing! pretty crazy, can’t wait to see what happens! I wish I could read all of these feeds people are talking about, see if it is actual truth or again just speculation.

      • Tinalee, the feeds are live. People actually hear these things then report it here. I know it’s hard to believe but if I actually heard it, I would tell the truth. I do not watch the live feeds. Moreover, when hgs start talking about what production does or says, they are immediately given a warning “to stop talking about production. “

  18. I have to admit, Steve has a very good speech prepared if he needs to evict Vanessa! He is right! If he was to take Vanessa to the end, I doubt he would win because he has been Vanessa “puppet” for most of the summer but then again, its up to the jury and we all know this season has been yes very predictable however very different! Will the Jury respect Vanessa gameplay?? (& look past her tears, paranoia, and 24/7 gameplay) & give Vanessa credit where credit is due??? OR will they choose Steve because of maybe wanting revenge on Vanessa? I strongly believe Vanessa regardless of who she is next to if she makes it to final 2 should be the winner of Big Brother! Yeah, I know she is not a fan favorite however, (unless you believe this game is “fixed” and/or that Vanessa is being “drugged” LOL) aside from all the speculation and gossip that has no merit, Vanessa does deserve to win! Just based on HOH wins alone! so it would be smart of Steve not to bring Vanessa to the end! I really really hope she wins the third round! Liz or Steve winning BB 17 would honestly be a travesty! I admit steve has pulled up his socks & put his big boy pants on! Steve has been playing a better game for the last few weeks however, he is still listening to Vanessa! He has followed her lead all season so the only thing that would give him a boost for votes is if he does have the balls and does not take Vanessa! and I honestly think if Steve wins he will not take her, unfortunately! Because she deserves to win & he knows it!
    His only chance of winning is if he takes Liz (sadly!)
    and of course if Vanessa takes Liz, we know Julia and Austin will vote for Liz so we can only hope the rest of the jury knoes big brother and knows you vote for who played the best game!!!

    • You must not have live feeds then. He’s stopped talking game to Van and keeps changing the subject about the two of them telling Liz they’ve had a F2 deal since 2nd week. Van has changed her mind (maybe?) about taking Steve to F2 if she wins last comp…and told Liz she’s going instead! Liz doesn’t believe her, though!

    • If Steve is Vanessa’s puppet then that little puppet could still win half a million. Everyone is giving Vanessa too much credit. Everyone plays their own game. If part of your game is to sponge off someone else’s game play then who’s to say which is the better player? Taking advantage of her scheming by getting himself this far is no small feat.

      • tinalee says Vanessa is a wonderful person and friend and that Vanessa is just acting on BB – this isn’t the way she is in real life lol. I don’t think Vanessa deserves her as a friend either.

    • Yes. Vanessa should win even if no ones liked her game play. She mind screwed them all !!! Have to admit that. I just can’t understand, with half a million on the line, why no body in that house ever once put her on the block.

      • they put her on the block but she convinced them to keep her! Lol… And other than that, she’s never really been on the block because she talks her way out of it and points people in other directions which is brilliant! she clearly is good at getting herself out of sticky situations! I love her GAME!! aside from a few stupid things she said and did, she has played an amazing game! Everyone knew she was a huge threat but they still did not evict her, or better yet backdoor her when they had so many opportunities! Don’t get me wrong I really like Vanessa so I’m glad she was not evicted :)
        she played an excellent game! She fully deserves the money, so I really hope she wins the next and final comp

  19. Good night all. One night only, one night only, then we will be delivered from this madness.

    It’s been great my first and last time here.

    Now my word is good ya’ll.

    No more listening to Liz chomp!

    • It’s been good chatting with you. Please reconsider coming back next year. Season 17 was not completely symbolic of seasons past, nor will it probably be of Season 18. We’ll only know when the time comes. Anyway, we’ll be back and just as charming as we’ve been this year!

      • My sister hasn’t had a conversation that included a lot of substance for years! I just don’t tolerate vain or superfluous people. Told her when she’s ready to be a sister, she knows how to contact me. Otherwise, I don’t want to be included in her drama! :-)

      • Oh, I’m sorry. I can relate although in a different way. My sister told me I’m as shallow as a saucer and have never said anything worth listening to. The only time she contacts me is when she wants me to do something for her.

      • My sister’s told me I’ll never amount to anything yet she’s the one in debt up to her eyeballs and I told her my well is dry! :-)

      • Funny thing about that … It’s difficult to understand how I’m the one who graduated from college with straight A’s. Her response to that was, “aren’t you lucky you went to an easy college.” I went to a private college and studied my butt off. Nothing easy about it.

        But you already know … the best revenge is to live healthy, happy and as debt-free as possible. Users hate it when that happens. Good for you.

      • You got it!!! I’m very happy and content with who I am, where I’m at, practice what I preach and help where I can! I only surround myself around positive energy. I try my best to make others happy and when I cannot, I walk away! :-)

      • You go, girl. I love to surround myself with people like you. Life is way too short to bother with too many of the other kind.

      • That’s how I feel about my sister!! She’s the vainest person I know. Make that other than my stepmother.
        My sister is a redhead who actually thinks I believe that at 55 she’s not coloring her hair(nothing wrong with that), but why lie about it? She thinks I believe shes pulling them out one by one, Lol!! She had to admit to the fake boob job though.

      • I’m 56 and have yet to color my hair. Us redheads go white, but much later than most other colored type haired people. As for a boob job, nope…still got what God gave me…pancakes with gumdrops! LOL

      • Be proud of what’s natural!! My grandmother was a redhead and it just seemed to fade much like my blonde has!

      • People no longer ask me if my hair is naturally red anymore. But when they did, I told them to take my word for it because I was not pulling down my pants to prove it! :-)

      • Right no pants down to prove it!! I’m only not for the fake boobs because they’re not healthy in long run and should be replaced every ten years.

        I guess Jmac or James will get AFP.

      • Good to know. Curiosity is going to kill this cat. Supposedly satisfaction brings it back. When BB is over I might get more sleep.

    • Indeed, it was nice talking BB with you. my first season as well lol its been interesting, in fact its been more fun on here with you guys than actually watching the show. you take care and I hope you had fun! only kind sentiments and oh I’ll be good, not sure for how long. but I’ll be good, see you. ^^

      • We ended up glamping…due to gobs of rainfall the next day. If my granddaughter wasn’t there, we’d have been okay to stay. But since she was and if we couldn’t find a cabin available, we would have gone home early! Granddaughter had a blast because I brought toys with me she’d not ever played with before! My daughter had only brought a truck and some books…like that was going to sustain a 21 month old for long! LOLOL

      • Does she know the muppets are coming on the tv again? When I kept mine 10yrs ago….she loved the muppet reruns.

      • She’s more into Disney themed movies! I gave her some other “featured films for family” animated movies that I’d not ever opened up in my daycare (forgotten I’d had them) and she loves 3 of the seven of those. I’m saving the 3 Disney ones for her upcoming birthday in December!

      • I thought my Sarah would wear out the Aristocats!! She moved that and 101 Dalmations. Disney rules!! I’m in Orlando and you would think since my girls went about twice a year growing up they would be tired of it, but book…they sneak off just the two of them and go! Thank all the friends who give them free entry.

      • Thank you so much Duran. It’s been a pleasure, especially because I just moved to a new city, know few people, and you guys have made my nights so enjoyable.

        God bless you and I’ll consider next year, making no promises though.

        Be good.

    • Just want to say I’ve enjoyed your entries; well-spoken, insightful and sometimes funny! Hope you’re back next year.

  20. Regardless of whether or not the game was fixed, or if her tactics included bribing houseguests, they brought in a ringer of sorts…

    “Rousso had her own April 2009 poker instructional camp in South Florida. The camp related poker-playing and strategies to the strategies of military conflict in Sun Tzu’s book, The Art of War. She called her camp “Big Slick boot camp” and charged a $399 participation fee. The camp’s website makes the analogy of the Art of War and the Art of Poker.”

    I’m reverting back to my own OCD ways…get me off this roller coaster…lol.

  21. question….. :-) I have been reading over and over and over again outrageous accusations not just towards Vanessa but also CBS and Big Brother!
    Accusations re: “the game being fixed,” “Bullying Lying, cheating,” as well as Vanessa apparently “being drugged in order to enhance her performance” as well as all of the HGs being “actors” or being “paid” and/or the HGs are supposed to “follow a script and listen to whatever Vanessa tell them to do!!” And so many other outrageous accusations!
    HOWEVER not one person has replied back to me (when I have asked for evidence because honestly, if there is any I would truly like to know it!) and given me actual evidence! Speculation, yes I have received those replies but I have yet to receive any information whatsoever based on a”Actual facts” that Vanessa, CBS and Big Brother are involved in a huge conspiracy, the game being fixed, Vanessa given a drug she does not need to be taking and is only given so she can win! and so on! And on and on and on!
    I honestly don’t know what the truth is! (& of course no one owes me anything!) but I have yet to be given actual facts! what makes Vanessa so important? Clearly (from reading a lot of comments throughout the season) Vanessa is not well liked therefore I don’t understand why big brother would want to keep her in the house if people dislike this season so much because of Vanessa and are not watching it therefore I can only assume the ratings are down!
    What makes Vanessa so important? Last season Frankie was also not liked by many, and he was much more of a celebrity because of his sister then Vanessa will ever be therefore why wasn’t Frankie given special drugs to enhance his performance? and why didn’t they fix it so Frankie made it further? Or fix it so Franky won? Why is Vanessa more important than Frankie?
    I truly do want to know if there are actual facts that big brother is completely fixed and what not! Truly I do because I have been a fan since season 1, & I know so much has changed over the season and I do think some situations are manipulated by production however, I do not believe the game is completely fixed so that Vanessa wins, & I do not believe all the hgs are in on! Is it just this season that is fixed? Or have other seasons been fixed as well? I’m not being sarcastic, if there is actual evidence/facts then as a fan I do want to know!
    I read on someone’s comment tonight that apparently Liz was given the answers to the second to last veto, apparently Steve said it! Yet Liz did not win!? So how does that make any sense?
    For the past month or so I have read like many of you so much gossip with no actual facts to back it up! If people like Jason, Jason, Audrey and so on had remained in the game longer the season could have went and would have went completely different! We never know what the season is going to be like, just like Big Brother Never Knows because none of us know who will be voted out earlier on and who will stay longer! or has it been fixed since day one and Jayce was supposed to be the first person to be evicted? If so, he is a really good actor! Really really good!
    I honestly do not know what is the truth! There is so much speculation regarding the game being fixed however there are never any facts to back that up so, I can only assume it is just gossip! if Vanessa was voted out earlier on and let’s say Audrey, clay and Austin where the final 3 would people still assume it was fixed? May be fixed for a transgender to win this season? I can guarantee Big brother did not think Audrey would be evicyrd as fast as she was! So, the first transgender woman to ever be on Big Brother was voted out early on, even before jury! I think if the game was “fixed” Audrey would still be in it! In my humble opinion! :-)
    trust me, I know reality TV is not what it used to be! I know certain situations are manipulated however, I do not think reality TV shows like Big Brother and Survivor are fixed! But what do I know, I’m just a fan! with my own thoughts, views and opinions!

  22. & just something I observed on Sunday night’s episode. When Vanessa, Steve and Liz where talking about all the evicted HGs it was very obvious to me they were following some sort of script. no big deal! It wasn’t about the game, it was just about previous HGs.
    What I noticed was how terrible especially Vanessa’s acting skills were, it was very obvious she was trying to stick to some sort of script they were given in regards to talking about previous HGs.
    I don’t know if anyone else noticed it? But, that speaks volumes on how Vanessa is not following a “script and acting!” Because all season she just spoke how she spoke normally but last night’s episode I could tell she was somewhat acting, following a script or what have you! As well as Steve and Liz seem to be following somewhat of a script, and the only one who did an ok job was Liz lol Vanessa was terrible! Go back and watch it if you don’t know what I mean. You can see for yourself she cannot act!
    and of course, last night was fine to follow a script, no big deal! Just wanted to point that out!! Did anyone else notice that? So Vanessa cannot act lol AND SO the plot thickens! Dun dun dun

      • but you are missing my point, I meant Sunday they were clearly given some sort of script to follow when talking about each houseguest. there’s nothing wrong with that! It just looked forced and bad acting so, it shows you that Vanessa especially cannot act therefore this season does not appear to be fixed in that way to me because it shows me Vanessa acting skills lol and they were not good!
        unfortunately you missed my point! I’m not saying I agree or disagree with you, I just have yet to seen anyone give me facts ORread any facts myself, all just speculation. and as far as I know anyway

  23. I don’t think her time on the job is going to net her as much as she thought it might. 50k isn’t a lot of money for the performance she gave. But, wow, what a lucky gal, she still has Austin…maybe.

  24. Vanessa is favored to win ,because she has a show in the fall with cbs, and feeding answers to Liz ,shame on you producers.SMH 10 out of the 16 houseguests were recruited by producers ,things that make you say hmmmm.

    • so there is in fact a scheduled TV show with CBS with Vanessa in it this fall? True story? Where did you read that?I would like to read it

  25. It really amazes me how many people say they won’t watch again & most of them turn around & do watch the next season … hey … if you just stop watching they’d get the hint!!!!

  26. Why remove my comment? Is it not true vanessa has a show in the fall with cbs? And production fed clues and answers to liz? And 10 out of the 16 houseguests were receuited by producers?

  27. I hope it isn’t rigged for Steve to win the Final comp. Vanessa out played everyone in that house and deserves to be in F2.

  28. Has anyone who is making comments about hating Vanessa ever watched a past season of Big Brother??? Vanessa has played a very strategic game and lucky for her she wins a lot of comps. She is a little too emotional for me but has managed to maneuver her way to the final 3. You don’t go on a show like this to make best friends with everyone. At some point, you have to lie and make alliances that will help take you to the end. There’s a reason Steve doesn’t want to take Vanessa to the final 2 because she has a very good chance of winning. She is responsible for sending a lot of the jury members out of the game. I say good luck to Vanessa!!!!

  29. wish I belonged to mob….would put a “hit” contract on V —- regardless of outcome…..V has shown to be self centered, completely corrupt, worlds biggest liar — comes naturally —- has had lots of practice thru out her life….anyone trusting her from here on out is a fool

  30. I can’t even stand to hear Vanessa talk anymore!! She is soooo annoying!! I don’t care who wins as long as it’s not her!

  31. I’ve read a few articles suggesting that Steve might “chicken out” on backstabbing Vanessa and end up taking her to the F2. Why would it be considered chickening out? After tonight he doesn’t need her alliance so why should he care what she thinks? If he does end up taking her (although doubtful) it will be strictly strategic, in large part knowing for sure that he is two votes down automatically if he takes Liz. The jury doesn’t hear all the things we do but each and every new jury member has a lot to share with the others and it could turn very personal against Vanessa, more so than personality votes in past seasons. If Steve takes Vanessa to the end it won’t be because he chickened it…it will be for strategic reasons…this chickening out thing is annoyingly brought up about Steve…what about Vanessa chickening out? Steve is a master student of the game. It doesn’t mean he will win or lose…you can’t get inside everyone’s head and see what they are thinking. I think out of the three that he played the best game (no genetic or romantic alliances, and no career in strategies and wheeling and dealing). He got this far with his integrity intact and that’s a winner all the way. You go Steeeeeve!

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