Diary Room: Big Brother 16 Week 9 Player Rankings By Adam Poch

So, is anyone still watching Big Brother? Based on the internet chatter – it sounded like everyone was gonna stop watching if Zach was evicted. Wait, you are still watching? Yeah – you know you are – just like me, you’re addicted to this 13 week roller coaster ride.

Big Brother HG - Adam Poch
Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Credit: Greg P Photo

Sadly though – most of this season has been a merry-go-round rather than a roller coaster, but I have been saying for weeks – the bloodbath is coming, we just have to wait ANOTHER week. Let’s take a look back this week and see who has earned their bacon – and who is forced to eat tofu!

Christine – 3 strips of Tofu – Christine seemed to be upset that the person she stabbed in the back came back in the house – and I have yet to see her try and mend that relationship with Nicole. She has complained over and over that everyone in the jury house hates her. When the opportunity presented itself to her to do a power shift in the house (again) she let it fizzle out – and that’s been pretty much her game this season. She is worried about not having the votes at the end – but we all predict she will not even be in that position.

Frankie – 2 strips of Tofu – Frankie dodged a bullet this week as he could have easily been one to go up on the block as a renom if Donny or Nicole came down. He continues to think that everyone loves him, but the whispers are getting louder every week. That false sense of security could come back to haunt him. However he has shown he can handle the pressure, and is a strong competitor. For him to haveany chance of being handed the big check, he will have to rely on his physical game, not his social game from here on out.

Donny – 1 strip of Tofu – I really do not want to give him Tofu – but for a HUGE Big Brother fan, not knowing what happened on what day cost Donny the HoH this week. OK, I know that when the challenges happen – adrenalin is pumping, and its tough to concentrate – but Donny’s been grace under pressure all season, so watching him blow that comp was disappointing for him (and even more so for us!).

Kudos for him trying to get Team America to create a task where they would shake things up in the house – but it never went anywhere. Now it looks like he will have a date with Julie tomorrow night, and he will be chilling out in the jury house with all of his friends. This will not be the last we see of ole Donny Thompson, he is all but a lock to be asked back when BB does their next installment of All-Stars! (oh great, any slim chance I had to come back is now gone… he probably took the spot reserved for Enzo, Casey, Chef Joe, Spencer, or myself!)

Caleb – 2 strips of Bacon – you know its a slow week when I give someone bacon who has not really been around / involved much in the action this week. But Caleb doing the ninja stuff and then falling on his ass during the Sunday night CBS episode was hysterical. I usually replay over and over when someone slams hard during a challenge (think Chima BB11 getting smacked with the diploma) – so this was a treat for the 12 yr old in me.

Derrick – 4 strips of Bacon – still the frontrunner to take home $500K worth of bacon this season Derrick has been great at keeping his finger on the pulse of the house. He is still letting other people take the blame for his actions. His lack of trust with Donny was exemplified this week when a seed was planted to keep Donny around one more week. As Donny said to Team America a few weeks ago, that he was here to play for all the marbles not just the TA $5K tasks – Derrick is also playing for the win first & foremost.

Derrick knows that Donny at the end of the game would be tough to beat – and now he can get out a threat to his game without all the blood on his hands. His jury management is second to none in the history of Big Brother. Yeah, I said it – go ahead Dan fans – take a shot at me. But if you break it down – you know it’s true!

Nicole – 1 strip of Bacon – Nicole won the battle of the jury members and earned her way back in the house. It has taken a few days but she is now fully back in, and starting to rebuild the friendships she had before & even made a new friendship with Victoria. While her winning the HoH this week would have been amazing – if she can pull it off next week, she will get that house scrambling like never before this season. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE win HoH!

Victoria – 1 pint of Glucose – I cannot give Victoria bacon or tofu – as she has almost gone back to “who” status this week gamewise. But she scared the house & us when she was dehydrated & passed out in the bathroom. I never want to see anyone leave the game without getting voted out. I will give her a break, and hopefully next week she can actually do something worth commenting on.

That brings us to the Tofurkey of the Week… and for the first time ever – the HoH & POV winner – who holds all the power – is a Tofurkey. The last time Cody won HoH, he was too scared to make a big move and put Caleb up on the block. He sat around afterward whining that he was too chicken to pull it off. So now was his big chance to show the world as well as himself & his fellow HG’s that he was the man! And what does he do? Makes the safe nominations, does not use Veto to get out a threat, and spend the rest of the week cuddling with a married woman.

If you have been reading my columns all season, you know I am a Cody fan from day 0 because he’s a Jersey boy – but his game is all bark & no bite. How many times have we heard him say how mad he is at people and how much he wants to bash them in the face (or something like that) – but everytime he has the chance to do something – he puts his tail between his legs and runs back behind the safety of Derrick.

IF for some reason he gets to the Final 2 – unless something changes in the next 4 weeks – he will have zero shot of bringing home the bacon! I still hold hope that he can bring the $$ back to Jersey, but at this point, I’d say Caleb has a better chance of getting a date with Ariana Grande than Cody has to win BB16.

OK – there we go – another week in the books. Speaking of Bacon – I will be making some appearances the next couple of weeks at Bacon events

Sat August 30 – Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs game – Fan appreciation day – http://www.milb.com/index.jsp?sid=t1410

Sat September 6 – Pig Island – Brooklyn NY – http://www.pigisland.com/ – Judging the dishes with Rob Burmeister from Chopped & 2014 winner of Cutthroat Kitchen

Sat September 13 – Bacon Bowl – Bentonville AR – http://www.baconbowl.net/ – Judging the dishes with Spencer from BB15

If any of these events are near you – come on out – I will give you bacon & not tofu!!

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