Big Brother 16: Donny Tells Nicole He Expects To Be Evicted

Donny Thompson and Nicole Franzel sit stop the target list this week and there’s no question about it. As soon as the HoH comp was over we knew who’d go up and the Veto comp finalized the week’s nominations. Now we’ve reached a level of acceptance by the house’s main target.

Donny Thompson and Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 16
Donny Thompson and Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Last night on the Live Feeds, Flashback to 9:15PM BBT 8/26 Cams 1/2, Donny and Nicole walked the perimeter of the house while discussing the upcoming vote and their expectations.

Donny is frustrated with how the HGs treat their targets with the weekly “shun” and wishes they could treat each other like people. He notes how he’s tried to be friendly with everyone and how even Zach advised Donny to vote against him (Zach) last week to avoid being more of a target.

Nicole and Donny agree that the HGs have already made their decisions and it’s pointless to fight it. Nicole explains that she’s going to everyone for the optics of it rather than the impact. She worries that if she did not it could be used against her as an excuse down the road.

When Donny tells Nicole he hopes she wins the next HoH she reminds him that they do not know who is going home this week. He agrees with the concept, but says he believes this is his week.

“I think I’m going. You may think the same thing, but this time I think I am,” Donny says. “You think you are more this time than you were last time?” asks Nicole. “Yeah, but last time I didn’t know until [Julie] read out the things I really didn’t know,” adds Donny.

Both agree that you never know what could happen and Donny points out Zach’s last-minute save over Jocasta a few weeks back. He’s right it could shift, but I just don’t see it this week. Neither Donny nor Nicole are a big boost to anyone in the game so I doubt someone will have a revelation of need to keep one over the other.

I’m sticking with my prediction of Donny Thompson being evicted from Big Brother 16 this week and heading off to the Jury house. We’ll have to see if Nicole can pull off an HoH win to create the power shift that’s pretty much evaded us the entire season.

In honor of Donny’s pending eviction, here is the song he asked to hear this morning for the HGs’ wake-up music. “Free Bird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd for its line “If I leave here tomorrow, Would you still remember me?” Hopefully Big Brother made that happen for him.


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  1. I am really pissed that Donny has to go to the Jury house this week, I want him to stay.

      • Very boring and predictable season. No fun twists, no blindsides, no power shifts, but, hopefully one is coming this week…go Nicole! But, I have been a fan of this show since the first season and you have to take the good with the bad!

    • I look at it a bit differently. Even though I’d love for Donny and Nicole to be F2, one of them is going this week. (Unless there is a BB twist that saves them both.) Nicole has a slim shot at making it past next week, even if she doesn’t win HOH. Each week gives her a better chance at the finale. Donny would have to win every other HOH/POV for the next 4 weeks, which is improbable.

      Since Donny is going to be sent to jury sooner or later, I’d rather it be sooner. The sooner he goes, the sooner he is reunited with friends and no longer ostracized and lonely. He has Nicole this week, but if he stays, he’s back to no one again.

      • I agree with you, redroses. IF either one has any chance of actually getting someone to turn, I would think moreso Nicole. I don’t believe anyone would do it for Donny. I think between the two of them, Nicole would have a better chance at an endurance comp, also. Not saying he has quit, but Donny’s spirit is low.

      • Nicole is one smart cookie. Besides her 6 wins, 3 of them HOH, her social game is good. She’s already got several HGs talking to her again and all but Christine/Frankie view her as a non-threat. Her sweet, cute, innocent act is paying off and I think both Christine and Frankie are jealous.

        I wish I could say her social game was great, but she had major issues trusting the wrong people earlier. Her “bff” Christine stabbed her in the back repeatedly. Her alliance with Derrick/Cody was fake.

        I think she has a real chance at F2, especially if she can pull off a big move in the next 2 weeks. If she makes it to F2, she has a shot of winning.

      • I agree. She has a better shot of making it longer than Donny would. She has made friends in the house while Donny still hasn’t figured out that waking up early and going to bed early leaves him out of social and game play conversations. Nicole needs to start playing the card of “No one will want someone who was voted out to win, because their game wasn’t good enough the first time around.” Its a bit of a longshot but it could work.

      • I agree redroses, it makes me tear up to see Donny being ostracized by the other HGs. I don’t understand why they’re so mean to him, especially Christine. At least in the jury, he’ll have 3 great friends. Also. I hope the crowd gives him
        The loudest cheers we’ve heard this season (in the case he’s evicted) so the HGs will at least hear how much Donny is loved by America.

  2. Time for old Donny Boy to go! this season is a dream for me. About time the house is doing what they need to do. I would have rather had Zach come back instead of Nicole. Season will get interesting even more after Donny and Nicole are gone! Donny is too country.

      • LOL KSJB, Cyril, redroses: Unfortunately Donny’s ‘little bit country’ is a tad bit obvious for his own good. But how could anyone possibly hide that accent? ~ or for that matter, want to? I wouldn’t if I had it.

      • Hey, Cuddles, where you watching when they showed the interview with his family? I think he is 100% genuine, but can I say I’m 100% sure. No.

      • Yes KSJB, I saw the interview with his mom, dad, brother,and Kristine (his girl friend) … They are real country … the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. I, for one, am 100% sure!

      • that is a true North Carolina accent,there is no way to hide it,just like people that are true New Englanders like Derrick he has an accent too but not as much as Donny whom i really like

      • Derrick is from a new england state,maybe he sounds different than someone from Boston or New Hampshire but he has a New England accent none the less.

    • I atleast think that while you are not a nice person, you are honest. A lot of America has disdain for Southerners and Southern accents. Pretty sad. LA/NY types are usually that way, as well are most large city people. Im a large city northerner, but your attitude is all too sadly common.

      • Thats because they think their crap don,t stink,and that they are better than anyone else,at least the ones i know think that way.Which is why i left California in the 1st place,NY is the same way which is why my daughter hates NY.

    • He will be too ashamed to have taken the money to mention it to the other HG. It goes against the image he’s been trying to portray himself as, the put-upon country innocent.

      • Believe me, he’s not embarrassed to take the money. But he’d have to cop to the HG about doing things behind their backs for money confirming their belief that he’s sketchy and something he’s not while all the time claiming the moral and ethical high ground. He would be uneasy confessing to them that he had an advantage that wasn’t available to them. Once the game is over and all is known, that’s different, but I’m sure he would want the remaining HG to think the ‘saboteur’ is still in the house, not going to jury.

      • He is moral and ethical. I don’t know who you’re watching. We are the ones that voted him for TA. We are the ones that gave him tasks to do. The one that has no morals is Derrick.

      • Get over yourself. I realize that this is your little pond, big fishie, but you have done a terrible job directing Donny’s game. Derrick would never think of outing his TA teammates. He is too moral and ethical.

      • he should mention the other 2 also so people know exactly what liars they have been and are,it might create an uproar and maybe people playing the game FINALLY and not playing Derricks game for him

      • So Donny should admit to being a big fat liar so he can call Derrick and Frankie liars? Once he’s out the door they will just say he was a shady liar.

      • Matt I don’t remember the card saying he couldn’t out the other HGs without losing the money. Can you check on this for us? I think he will tell Nic something on the way out the door. He told her he would tell her something important and if Nic knows but the others don’t that could be very powerful especially if she wins HOH and uses it the nom speech.

      • I don’t think Donny does have or will have anything to be ashamed of. I do think he could be shooting himself in the foot by exposing his involvement in TA as he leaves. The present jury members will see it on his eviction tape. There is a possibility that someone could resent that enough to let it impact Donnie’s ability to persuade them of anything if he chose to try. Money does weird things to some people.

      • That may be true but he still could out the whole TA thing without dropping names. Just another way to put doubt’s in the minds of who is not in the TA alliance.

      • Could he say “Good luck Cody, Caleb, Nicole, Victoria, and Christine, but I’m rooting for Team America to win.”

    • I have been thinking about it and I would love him to say, ” I want to thank America for voting me their player this season. I hope I have done everything to your liking”. Spread some paranoia. Would love it.

      • Love it and it sounds like him! Wish he’d say “one of their players” and “we” have done everything to your liking. Adding a little “we” might help the paranoia. :)

  3. I disagree that are not a boost to anyone’s game. Derrick just found out last night that Cody’s true alliance is with Christine. Derrick kept telling him that Chris needed to go next and Cody would shift to Frankie. I think Derrick dumping Cody’s A and doing a secret alliance with Nicole would be great. If she does become HOH then Cody and Crusty can sit on the block and if one comes down theirs faky to Vic to choose from. Nicole could be a boost because she wins comps if the guys would stop their sexist attitudes and come into the 2014.

    • Cody’s true alliance is with Christine? I didn’t know that..thought it was Derrick. If he were smart, he would take Christine to F2..he would beat her hands down..but, I don’t want her getting 50 grand.

  4. If anybody think Donny has been ‘shunned’, watch Zach’s exit interview when asked about Donny. He says when talking with Donny he gives you nothing, he doesn’t talk game, and trying to get him to share anything is like pulling teeth. Donny talks about playing a nicer game but he has never been on the other end where he had to make decisions about who to cut or manage an alliance, so we really don’t know how he would have been. He’s played the game he was forced to play. Were the shoe on the other foot he would be just as cutthroat as other HG in the past who go from the outhouse to the penthouse..

      • That was due to his special forces and Intelligence training in being able to resist torture of the enemy to give up any information … Ha!!!

      • While this can be a good strategy, it also bit him in the butt. In the end you just say, well I have no idea what Donny is thinking, which is dangerous. GOTTA GO!!

    • Sorry Obsid—-, ‘cutthroat’ is a bit harsh, especially for Donny. If he were in power, he’d weigh everything out, and treat people with dignity and respect regardless of how they were treating him. He would still be ‘himself’ ~~ Hasn’t he proved that?

      • Sorry Cuddle—, He just never got the opportunity. He knows how the game is played, and ‘dignity and respect’ have very little to do with it if you want to win.

  5. christines face makes me vomit…cody spends the entire time hawking loogies and farting…frankie’s lizard tongue, gross hands and the way he sniffs his nose is revolting…derricks gurgle voice makes me have to hit the mute button,,, and after seeing the lump in calebs boob i can’t look at him without getting the williies….. if good looking donny boy leaves…. i will have to fast forward my entire live feed……what a WASTE………

  6. Do you guys think that anyone from this season would be considered for an all stars? I think it would great to see Donny and Derrick again. Donny because he was a competition beast and maybe if he came back, people would want him on his side. Derrick because I would love to see how he handles everyone knowing he’s a cop.

    • What make you think Donny is going to play any better… Better sharpen up his social skills if hes coming back with the best of the best

    • It would be a very different game for Derrick going in with the HGs knowing he is a cop. I know after watching this season, if I was one of the HGs, I’d be targeting him. I think Donny would be the same person but with a different game.

    • I’ll answer this question based on a combination of player strategic levels, popularity levels, and ratings levels… Derrick, Donny & Frankie (lo and behold Team America)…

  7. Don’t worry Donny no matter wether or not the houseguests remember you most of America and Canada will remember you fondly

  8. So sad. If Donny leaves I’ll stop watching until the finale. There’s nobody else left worth watching. :(

    • What will be worth watching is when they all turn on themselves and the backstabbing and nastiness are turned on each other

      • That, hopefully, will make watching these weeks of boring predictability worth it. It’s been like potty training a toddler. Sit them on it, they talk, they sing, they cry, but no real movement. Do the same thing over and over… happens..and it stinks big time, but it thrills everybody watching and waiting.

      • I doubt Victoria will be ‘potty trained’ by the finale … she’ll still be wearing her little pink diaper.

      • thing is these idiots seem to think that they will all be going to the end once Donny goes,they all think that nobody will put them on the block,Christine thinks the boys will never put her up because she honestly thinks she is the hottest female in the house,but she is ugly inside and out,she hates Donny with a passion she is jealous of Nichole,and thinks Cody is her boy toy

    • Like Donny or not, have to admit he was boring tv for Production .. though, made a good underdog storyline, in his POV Beast Mode Competitor ..,

    • I just don’t get these comments. While I love Donny, he’s the most boring hg. Not even gunna notice he’s gone.

    • I Love Donny but he is not made for big brother…. He is a great person but sucks at this game…period

  9. I love donny, I will hate to see him go. The way he is being shunned in the house is bullcrap! I would think they would no that donny will repeat everything that has been going on in the house. Maybe they should realize he will be a vote for one of them. Maybe he needs to persuade them to vote for Victoria., after all it it hard to be a tick and be carried to the end.

  10. I would love it if Donny in his exit speach ratted out the Team America, mentioning Derrick & Frankie as his co-horts…without him it doesnt exist anymore so what does he have to loose…lets see how Derrick explains that away!! how much do you think his TRUST would be questioned after that…ooooh if only

    • Once Donny is out the door all they have to say is that he was lying. The HG will say “See, he’s not who he said he was”, “I knew he was sketchy”. Will Donny admit taking money to mess with all of them?

      • you are probably right…but, its nice to think about Something shaking up the house…and it might get some of them thinking…hmmmm

    • Donny loses his TA earnings, if he rats out Derrick and Frankie. He can only talk about his own involvement.

  11. Lmfao@ all the people that are saying that they are going to quit watching the live feeds because Donny is getting evicted… What a bunch of spoiled brats….Quit because you cant have your way…LOL

    • Let’s hope they quit posting on the forums then too. It’s a game, not the Crucifixion.

  12. I hope Christine’s husband has her bags packed and on bb door step’s waiting for the mean witch

  13. So, on tonight’s BB, Donny and Nicole are ganged up on in a pre-arranged strategy to win veto. Also, we get to see snarky comments in DR from the houseguests as they screw Donny over. EXCITING TV. zzzzzzzzzzzz Do we now see why America hates everyone besides Donny? The polls aren’t even close. Frankie will have a rude surprise to see how liked Donny is, and how hated he is. Frankie doesn’t do gays a favor in the way he is portraying himself.

  14. so tell my why this season is any different than last. Last season it was the racist comments. This season it is a total lack of humanity towards a human being. The horrible comments made about Donny are ridiculous.Like him or not, is their choice, but the Donny bashing is just plain inhumane to me.

    • most of the people bashing Donny are the maggots who love pink haired boy Fakie Frankie because he hates Donny,but fakie is the second biggest liar in the house and only wants to be a damn camera hog.,hiding behind his sister,because by himself he is a NOBODY.

  15. well stated gerald, but do not leave out the shomance couple of christine and cody, oh wait, nothing going on there. wink wink

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