Diary Room: Big Brother 16 Week 8 Player Rankings By Adam Poch

Big Brother HG - Adam Poch
Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Credit: Greg P Photo

Well, here we are again, another week with Zach on the block and all signs point to him going home… again. Last time it took a miracle & who knew Caleb would be that miracle – even though Derrick took credit for it. Anyway – that was then, this is now and looks like Zach will be heading to a quick date with Julie. OR… as he goes to leave, they will tell him to go to the backyard. I hope there is a comp just for the first 4 jury members to come back in – and then they get to battle it out for HoH. BUT FIRST – lets see how everyone played this week and did they earn bacon or tofu.

Cody – 3 strips of Tofu – it hurts me to keep giving Cody Tofu since I really want him to win & make it back to back Jersey Boys winning Survivor & Big Brother. But Cody is just playing other people’s game and not really setting himself up for a win. Cuddling with a married woman & getting called out by the Zingbot was his biggest move this week. This is the first time all season he ended up on the block – and even with the odds in his favor, lost the BoB, It’s part of every players BB Bucket list to survive an eviction, and he looks pretty good to check that off his list, but not because he is saving himself.

Caleb – 2 strips of Tofu – While Caleb was not a big fan of picking skittles to determine the nominees – he went along with it anyway and with Cody as a partner, they figured it was an easy BoB win. Yeah – how’d that turn out? Caleb almost earned bacon for his part in the neighborhood watch – until he was caught trying to overhear conversations around the house.

Zach – 1 strip of Tofu (& a half strip of Bacon) – Zach’s game is just about over, not so much for what he did this week – but what he has done all season. You can only stir the pot so many times before it starts hurting people’s games. Sadly his unpredictability is the reason he will be gone but not forgotten. He gets the half strip of bacon for blowing up Frankie’s game to Donny, giving Donny some ammo, and I am hoping he comes right back in the house on Thursday and they form the new Power Duo – #Zonny!

Victoria – 1 strip of Bacon – Victoria is finally getting a backbone and standing up to people – especially Zach who has been a constant nuisance to her. It’s funny to watch when she gets worked up as she has a Mean Girl inside her. Most of this season has fallen in her lap & now she is seen as the “why waste an HoH on her” player – but some of these people that don’t will be sitting in the Jury house while she is on her way to 50K.

Derrick – 2 strips of Bacon – even though Derrick’s plan to stay HoH was wiped out – he did manage to not follow in Nicole’s footsteps and go from HoH to out the door. He once again kept himself safe & despite people perhaps figuring out he is playing the best game, he keeps working the soon-to-be-evictees for their jury votes. He even told Zach to stop telling people that he will vote for Derrick. That is the worst thing you can do in the game (trust me, I know!)

Frankie – 3 strips of Bacon – Frankie won his 4th HoH this week (in 8 chances) and won Veto as well giving him all the power. While he could have pretty much gotten anyone out of the house this week, he turned his sights once again on his “best friend” Zach. The only reason he has not earned more bacon this week is his cannot stick to one story – and is really setting himself up as the next biggest target once Zach leaves. The whole house has a feeling an evicted jury member is coming back, yet Frankie is not doing enough to ensure that whoever comes back will not come right after him. BUT… he has shown he can win competitions (6 total) and can save himself once the numbers get to 6 when everyone can compete in the Veto.

Donny – 5 strips of Bacon – who knew week 1 that a 42 year old groundskeeper would be Public Enemy #1 for just about the entire season, yet the rest of the house keeps trying to figure out a way to get Donny out. And the rest of the house keeps failing. This is the 6th time in 9 “weeks” he was nominated, and the 4th time he won a challenge to keep himself safe. We should start calling him Houdini the way he gets himself out of trouble. This week he pulled a Frankie by basically winning the BoB 1 on 3. Zach spilled a lot of info to him about how Skittlegate went down, and Donny put that info in his pocket, and saved it for late. Just about every other HG in there would have blown up. Donny still has a lot of game left to play, but he would for sure earn all 9 jury votes if he can somehow navigate his way there.

That brings us to the Tofurkey of the Week… this week’s honors go to Christine. She was sooooo bad at throwing the BoB competition, I mean, how many wrong sized bones did she give the other team? Fans all season have been comparing her to Britney (S12) – by letting the guys drag her along. As a “superfan” she should remember this – and not let it happen to her. Instead implementing the “flirting with Cody” strategy will probably cost her the game, and get her a long talking to by her husband when she gets home. Christine was in such a good spot for weeks, but it’s just a matter of time before the guys cut her. Her only hope is the guys will all go after each other first – and she can slide through the cracks. How amazing will it be if Nicole is the one that comes back. You know she will go Medieval on her ass!

We will have a very dramatic Thursday night show – and the rest of the season should be fun watching greed get the best of these HG’s as they get closer to the money. Frankie said last night / this morning – this is the last week of the backstabbing… something tells me there are still a few knives left in that house – and no one is safe.

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