Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Blackout Due To Eviction Schedule

Due to the upcoming special eviction episode on Tuesday night the Big Brother Live Feeds will go down starting on Monday afternoon until at least after the Tuesday broadcast.

Big Brother Live Feeds
Big Brother Live Feeds – Source: CBS

While Wednesday’s show will be live the Tuesday “special” eviction is actually pre-recorded to accommodate a fast paced series of events and competitions necessary to be completed quickly ahead of the live eviction show the following day. This gives them an extra day to get the work done.

Monday morning the HGs will get up and Big Brother will record a few hours of them pretending that it’s nighttime to be used Monday night for After Dark. This is intended to try and trick BBAD viewers in to thinking the footage is actually at night. It’s ridiculous, but that’s what they do. HGs might get booze and they’ll be on lockdown so you can’t see the sun. So stupid.

Starting sometime later on Monday the Feeds will cut and the next eviction will take place but unlike regular evictions there will not be a public audience. CBS will bring in employees to reduce their chances of leaks. Fans hoping for the next evictee to receive a Christine-like wave of boos may be disappointed.

Back inside the house the remaining Final Four HGs will face a new HoH competition, but of course Caleb, the outgoing HoH, is not eligible to participate. That should get things down to a face-off between Derrick and Cody, but with little impact on the resulting nominations.

A nomination ceremony will be held where we can expect Victoria and Caleb to be put up on the block. Though Derrick is worried that might scare Caleb & he could turn on them if he wins the Veto. The nominations don’t really matter as the real power to evict lays with the Veto.

The Power of Veto competition will likely also be held before the Feeds return and when we learn what’s happened that should tell us whether or not Caleb makes it to the F3.

Once the Tuesday episode is over on the West coast the Feeds should return and we’ll get a FLOOD of updates and spoilers to get us ready for the Wednesday night live eviction show where the F4 is cut to the F3 and we’re off to the season finale with the Final HoH 3-round competitions. It’s going to be a wild week so don’t skip a beat. We’ll keep you posted on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates.


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  1. I have a question for Matt, so I hope he sees this, but being site admin I think he will. First off, thank you for this website every year, I like to see what happens before it happens. Now, having said that, out of all the BB fans out there, how many would you guess don’t know what has happened before it has happened. As in when they watch the show that’s the first they have any knowledge of what has happened? Just curious.

    • Thanks, I appreciate the kind words and am glad you’ve enjoyed the site!

      I would guess a majority of BB fans don’t check to see what’s happened. With ~7 million fans watching each episode there are probably a large chunk that haven’t read spoilers online.

      We get an incredible amount of traffic, but it is still just a portion of the audience. In August we had 1.42 million individual users (not visits or pageviews, that number was much higher) stop by the site. Now we are by no means the only site, but we are a large one & highly ranked with search engines, so I think our saturation is pretty good with the online BB fan market. But say there’s another million online readers who do not visit us. That would be about 2.5 million online fans getting spoilers and would be only about a 1/3 of the viewership.

      With all that in mind I’d guess more than half of the TV viewers are TV-onlies, but of course that is just a guess based on the data available to me.

      • Thanks again Matt, I figure a lot of people avoid spoilers, but sadly I cant be one of those. I know my mother is one who avoids it so she is always shocked and texts me saying “show is rigged” when Frankie wins on comps geared towards him..I agree, but yes I know its not always rigged! ;). Just wish we had a live audience to boo Frankie, but again once he comes down off his cloud, if he ever does. I’m sure he will be in for a surprise on how much American really hates him. Can we assume his sister will be there when he gets evicted?

    • BB is actually the only show that majority of the people I know watch. My parents, brother/SIL, sister, cousins, best friend all watch the show. And out of everyone that I know, I am the only one that watches feeds, and looks at spoilers.

  2. Leave it to liberal CBS to protect the guilty!! He may not get booed now but hopefully someone will rip him a new one at the finale.

    • I agree, it 100% sucks we don’t get to see Frankie get boo’d, the one that deserves it most! However there is the finale where perhaps he gets a taste of what Ameruca thought about him as a HG!

  3. I wonder if Big Brother made the following offer to Derrick if he would be tempted to change his vote to keep Frankie: There will be a final Team America task that requires both Frankie and him to accomplish. This task will be worth $75,000 if they complete it. I wonder if Derrick would take the bait.

      • Let’s see…that would be $75,000, plus the $50,000 offered if a Team America member makes it to the final 2, plus the money he has already won for accomplishing a few Team America tasks, and the $5,000 he went for during a competition. Derrick is already convinced he will win Big Brother’s grand prize of $500,000 (no blood, remember?) so I believe Pig Snout would be greedy enough to want to add to that amount.

  4. Matt, what makes you think that they will stock the studio with a CBS employee audience, instead of no audience? It’s always been no audience for taped evictions in the past. Do you know something that we don’t know?

  5. Did anyone else notice they showed Christine walking out of the toilet with something in her hand on last night’s episode after the luxury competition? I think it was production’s way of letting the live feed watchers know who scratched out Victoria’s name on the back of the toilet door, without actually talking about it.

    • Ratine said from the first day of the BS Squad that she intended to be the only girl left in the house. I’m sure she “hates” Victoria.

    • Really… I mean after she was booed at her eviction and learned she clearly isn’t well liked among her fellow jurors, why in the world would she continue acting so immature and hateful??? Just hold your head up, admit your game sucked, and move on!
      I guess Zingbot kind of showed how good she is at picking up on others’ perceptions of her behavior and modifying accordingly though… Some people just don’t learn.

    • I missed it… why is Christine so mad at Victoria? I’m sure she’ll hate Nicole later when she finds out that even Cody prefers her to Christine.

    • I thought that was strange that Christine walked out of the bathroom! I didn’t see what was in her hand and I didn’t put it together until I saw your comment. I thought that was really low to have scratched out a players name from the door. I am glad to know that it wasn’t Zach and not surprised at all that it was Christine. It sounds like a neat tradition. After watching Jocasta ransack the house I feel she may be harboring some bitterness. lol

    • So am I. Maybe BB thinks he’d have a breakdown and wouldn’t go to jury. Stable is not a word I would use to describe Fakie.

    • yeah.. me too : ( I’m hoping he gets boo’d on Finale night though. Then the second he gets a chance, he will jump on the BB forums and see how much everyone loathed him and that Donny got an acting gig on B&B. That will really burn his butt.

      • I think he’ll jump on his family’s social accounts first. That will give him the skewed view of being great. He’ll either skip over all the negative press or have someone weed it out for him. He’ll just call them “haters” and point to his family’s account to say “see how loved I am!” Both Ariana and Joan are doing a huge campaign.

        Personally, I think that his family is doing him a huge disservice by shielding him. If they sat him down and were honest with him, he MIGHT be able to grow up. As it is, he’s going to stay the delusional man-child for a long, long time.

      • Yeah, when he’s evicted and Ariana and his new manager his family hired for him are waiting for him with open arms, I’m sure the manager will have already deleted, blocked anything negative towards Frankie from any of his accounts.

    • Me too! But, I just wasted about half an hour of my life checking out his FB page. Unless someone gets on there soon to delete it, he will quickly learn how much his is disliked. I think what I am most curious about is how, if at all, he will address his comments he made while in the house. I really hope that after all the chaos of the season dies down he falls back into the shadows. I really don’t want to see him on TV hosting fashion shows!!!!!!!!!

      • Very true! I was thinking about that when I was writing it. I won’t see him either, but I also don’t want him to end up “winning” by getting any type of spot on TV! I just couldn’t think of anything I watch where I’d actually see him!!!! lol

  6. Although I hate being out of the loop with the feeds down, for what will feel like an eternity, it’ll be fun feeling like a TV watcher only when the information is given to us all at once. I think I’m looking forward to this small portion a bit more than I have the rest of the season. Too much excitement I can’t handle it!
    Also, just a quick thanks to Matt for keeping us updated on the things that we miss and all of his excellent write ups (especially during family vacation where feeds are not allowed). I hope that when Derrick gets out of the house you can figure something to do with him for next season as a type of correspondent of sorts. I know he has given a few “hollas” to BB sites and the feedsters this season.

  7. Hi Matt: I too would like to thank you for all your inside information. I truly enjoy your page and the way you’ve analyzed the game. It’s a real shame that Skan…oops…Frankie pushed your readers, including myself, to post such hateful comments. What’s is even more shameful is that he’s being somewhat protected from the real world’s view of his actions in this competition. I think it’s a disservice to him because he will learn a very painful lesson when he’s not chosen AFP in favor of Donny, and when he finds out that Donny was also offered a TV spot. Plus, if there are fans waiting OUTSIDE the studio when he leaves to join the jury, the producers won’t have the power to further protect him BTW, have you heard if there will actually be an America’s vote for AFP? Thanks and Great Job!

  8. Does anyone remember from previous seasons if the F4 HOH comp is endurance or will we find out on tomorrow’s show? Hoping for a quiz- based comp, otherwise those of us in the east will have to wait a while for the results

    • From what I remember, isn’t it the “before/after” quiz? I remember there being only three people, standing inside a circle cut in three. Julie asks a question, and HG step on before or after. And most of it is filmed from above so you can see all three of them at once.

      • Thanks, I thought they usually do that during the DE b/c it is a very short comp; now I don’t have to wait til 3am

  9. It’s a shame Skankie won’t receive the cacophony of jeers, boos & insults he so deserves live.

    He’ll have to wait until after the finale to realize from social media that we 100% despise & loathe him. Very sad we don’t get immediate gratification.

    Fairly sure even his family will show disdain privately. I’d love to be a fly on the wall at that moment.

  10. I have question: Has it ever happened before in previous seasons with livefeeds cut down until after the airing in West Coast?Or this is something new?

    • Yes, it has. It will take probably until 1am in the East Coast (about 9pm in the West) before feeds returned with new info on who’s HOH.

  11. I thought that they let the outgoing HOH compete in final four. I’m pretty sure that’s happened in the past. The producers must really want Derrick to win.

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