Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Who Was Evicted Last Night? 09-16-2014

Tuesday night’s special Big Brother episode will bring a surprise eviction for the HGs, but thanks to a Live Feeds leak today we saw who we believe was evicted from the house last night.

Julie Chen has Big Brother 16 surprises
Julie Chen has Big Brother 16 surprises – Source: CBS

After the Power of Veto events played out in the house the final nominations were settled and the HGs prepared for a big vote. Would they finally zero in and eliminate a dangerous threat to their chances of winning or back down yet again?

According to a few minutes of Live Feeds leaked just before 12PM BBT we saw Caleb, Cody, Derrick, and Victoria all preparing for the Power of Veto competition as expected. One HG not shown? Frankie.

It now appears that yes, Frankie Grande was evicted from Big Brother 16. We saw this confirmed during Tuesday night’s special elimination episode.

What do you think of these eviction results? Did the HGs make the right choices? Who would you have voted out if you were a BB16 Houseguest?


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  1. I found out that CBS did not allow the audience to boo Frankie. This was leaked by someone who was at the taped eviction. Check his FB page, everyone is sending their boooooo’s there.

    • That totally sucks…What a joke and unfair to everyone else.
      I say send your boo’s if you feel that way to his FB page!!


      Let someone that needs the money AND deserves it win it.

    • I knew there was a reason for this special eviction – a regular audience would have booed louder than for Christine.

    • CBS cheated the fans for the one exciting thing that has happened all season. Fans should have been able to boo Frankie. They have done everything that they could to try and help him win the game.
      If they love him so much they should give him his own show, and they would see how much we as the fans dislike him. He would not have given the winnings to charity, and we all know it, and since he says he doesn’t need the money he should have appreciated how these other players need the money for the families and their future.
      They don’t have a famous sister that will support them.
      He was so silly with Julie last night that I wanted her to slap him and tell him to act like a 31 year old man.
      If CBS gives him the AFP award, that is it for me and Big Brother, and I have watched since day one, season one. I have never missed an episode, but I feel cheated this year and if I want to be lied to this much, I’ll watch the Kardashians.

      • Frankie out on his ass. And not even close to America’s Choice. Donny had over 5 million votes, over 50% of the votes cast. I think several of the house guests are in for a big surprise now that they’re out. As you saw on the last night Frankie was never in the limelight and Arianna was no where to be seen. The Grande family have a lot to answer for. She’ll just become another Miley C. showing her skin everywhere for publicity. When will Disney learn.

    • While I am a Donnie fan, I think not winning challenges was part of Derrick’s strategy. He won only when in his mind he had to win to insure his game. Those that are HOH are usually targeted for ‘getting blood on their hands’. He strategically made recommendations to those who were HOH and every single time they did what he wanted to be done. He was never pushy… it is the cop in him which is a bit of an unfair advantage.

      I just wish CBS would have let the audience do to Frankie what they did to Christine. Such bull crap.

      • HAHA! After reading all the comments about this it does seem that Julie waited awhile after Derrick made his decision to give him time to react to the audience dismay.
        Derrick was always the last one to make his choice as if he planned on listening to the audience’s reaction in the first place. Who knows?

      • I rewatched it again and it was so obvious. Then today in the HOH he was telling Cody and Caleb did you hear the crowd react when I changed my answer. Well he twisted the truth. He changed his answer after the crowd reacted.

  2. Now that anyone, but Frankie can make it to F2, I no longer care. I cared that they got Frankie out of the house before F2. The rest doesn’t matter to me. Fast forward through this week to the finale. I can’t wait to see Frankie’s reactions. I’m also looking forward to Caleb’s reactions.

    After all of the cheering, jumping, hugging, clapping, smiling, holding, high fiving and unnecessary “Love you Julies”, the fake hopefully did go home.

  4. GET OUT THE DONNY VOTE FOR AFP! Don’t let Ariana sway the vote in Skankie’s favor by getting her fans to vote for him. She’s working hard for Skankie. We need to show her and Skankie, he’s not even close to AFP. Donny’s fans are many more in number and we should take the time to vote 20 times every day until Monday, September 22 for Donny. Skankie cannot win AFP. PLEASE! Use the link above and blow up CBS with Donny votes!!

  5. Ok, I’ve used up my 20 votes for Donny. Actually 19. My mouse slipped and accidentally cast a vote to Christina. Damn !..she was above Donny.

  6. The wicked old witch (b) at last is evicted. Gee, where were all the boooooooos? CBS you’re as bad as he is.

  7. I wish the guys stuck to final four with Frankie. He is the reason I watched the show this year. Victoria doesn’t deserve to make final four. Caleb may regret losing his closest ally. Derrick is the best player. I hope he wins.

  8. I think if Derrick does not win HOH he will be the next to go. Caleb will get rid of Victoria in a second, but I don’t know about Cody.

  9. I almost gagged listening to Frankie’s eviction interview with Julie. He has no idea what an a** he was on the show. He did try to exit in a way as not to let his disappointment at loosing be apparent. He is so over the top it is nauseating. On media there are still lots of ppl who seem to love him so I guess Frankie will go on to shine like a Frankie. Not allowing a real audience who would have given him a standing and prolonged booing was a grave injustice.

  10. My favorite player is Derrick, but I vote 20 times for Donny because I know that it the person who is most likely to win over Frankie and I wanted to push more votes away from Frankie. It’s so bogus that there are 20 votes per day. They should be honest and make it one per day, but they want to be able to inflate the numbers on finale night to make it sound like more people voted.

  11. Notice how before the eviction Julie referred to him as “Ariana’s brother” ? This is the most trumped up special treatment of a HG ever! Plus he got a very positive and lively reception. *sigh* oh well, once he’s out in the REAL world he’ll find out the truth.. it is inevitable.

  12. Watching the Jeff interview with Frankie. Wow! He actually said that if he had made it to F2 he would have won because he played the best game, and being on Team America screwed him (paraphrasing). He went on to say that he would have taken Derrick to the end, because of TA. He really has no idea who is playing what game in that house. Oh to be a fly on the wall when he finds out ….. On another note, he also tried to connect himself to Kathy Griffin by self-identifying as a comedian.

  13. Frankie, as he was leaving the BB house, became the definition of bitter. Those attempted low blows at the other housemates (especially Cody and Victoria) show what an ungracious loser he is, and is just one of the reasons why he is overwhelmingly considered one of the most hated contenders.

    As for that “lively exit interview with Julie Chen,” I was horrified. Not because I wanted Frankie to have tomatoes and fruit thrown at him while begin heckled, but because I wanted to see a little bit of ACCOUNTABILITY. At his best he’s been arrogant and quite heinous about other houseguests. At his worst he’s made rape jokes and spoken intricately (albeit jokingly) about murdering his other houseguests. This kid hasn’t earned “most hated” for no reason.

    I wanted to see that look, like the one we saw on Aaryn Gries’ face when she heard some of the things she’d said. The look of regret. Whether feigned or real, it still shows a bit of humanity, or awareness at the least — of what’s right and wrong. I really would’ve liked to have Frankie redeem himself, because the fact that he is so unrepentantly the person who he is, is quite frightening. How does someone like him, deserve an army of 14 year old Arianna Grande fans to influence and guide.

    Instead of a remorseful antagonist, we saw the sad villain we expected, so obviously overwhelmed with what he thought was America’s love (when the audience cheered), that he melted into that interview seat and was reduced to a slew of higher-than-thou lies and blatant fabrications. He played his game with honor and stayed true to his values? He wasn’t the main one who wanted Donny eliminated? Either he thinks very poorly of America’s intelligence, or he’s quite delusional.

    Julie Chen, embarrassingly, was right there, hand feeding his already morbidly obese delusions of grandeur. I can’t fathom how she found it appropriate to blast Christine in an interview for “making a fool of her husband,” but had nothing but love and admiration for America’s most hated houseguest. She made it clear, right then and there, that on Big Brother, houseguests without a famous sister and a large social media following are Second Class Citizens, and will be treated as such. Social Media Moguls can enjoy a nice edit and severely extended camera time, among other things.

    This season’s been quite tough to swallow, and last night didn’t make it any easier. I don’t care that Frankie was “good entertainment,” because those who refuse to ask him to show some responsibility just because he makes them chuckle a few times are absurdists in their prime.

    Seriously TL;DR, I normally wouldn’t, but I’m from California and legally medicated… if you catch my drift. And an episode like this calls for it, so all explains itself :/

    • You are so right about everything. I was not so disappointed with the crowds reaction because I knew it was filled with CBS employees. What shocked me was Julie’s questions. Talk about kissing someone’s butt. Better wipe your lips off Julie because they’re full of Skankies crap!

    • You are so right about everything. I was not so disappointed with the crowds reaction because I knew it was filled with CBS employees. What shocked me was Julie’s questions. Talk about kissing someone’s butt. Better wipe your lips off Julie because they’re full of Skankies crap!

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