The Big Brother 16 Live Feeds are pretty mild during the daytime hours this season, but there’s always at least one hot topic every day. Today’s hot topic is flipping the house back to save Zach.

Most of this planning went down last night, but Derrick started working on Victoria today. They don’t even need her vote, but he did let her know that if things change, she won’t want to vote wit the minority.

1:09 PM BBT – Victoria asks Derrick to talk in the Bee Hive room. She says that Zach told her that if he finds out that she voted to evict him, she’s done. Derrick tells her that there’s something going on and that he’s waiting for Frankie and Cody to wake up to figure out what the plan is. But he starts planting the seeds about Zach staying.

“The thing that sucks about Zach going home is … he’s the biggest target in the house” so if the goes, someone else will have to become the target, Derrick said.

And “Zach has told me straight out that you’re not his target,” Derrick continued.

Victoria says she just wants to know if he’s staying because she needs to vote to keep him so he doesn’t come after her. She says they have to be in the majority or they’re f***ed. Derrick tells her not to say anything and just to look pretty. She tells him “You’ve got work to do.” When she leaves, he looks at the camera and asks “I have work to do?” Then shakes his head.


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