Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 11 Friday Highlights

Derrick Levasseur wearing a jester hat

The Big Brother 16 houseguests had a pretty eventful day, but we didn’t get to see any of it. The feeds were down a lot today as Jeff and Jordan stopped by the house to film their engagement surprise segment set to air Sunday.

Also Frankie made his nominations even though we know they’ll all become void as the HGs hit the rewind button. Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, September 5, 2014:

10:20 AM BBT – Wake up call is over, but the HGs are still sleeping.

11:55 AM BBT – HGs are still asleep.

1:22 PM BBT – Feeds cut to fish then highlights.

2:30 PM BBT – Feeds return.

2:45 PM BBT – HGs are up but they’re only talking about cleaning the house.

3:20 PM BBT – Feeds cut to highlights.

4:34 PM BBT – Feeds return. HGs talking about Jeff and Jordan showing up. Jeff proposed to Jordan in the backyard.

4:40 PM BBT – HGs still talking about the engagement.

5:05 PM BBT – HGs talking about annoying stuff they know nothing about. Like how much everyone must love this season and how the next episode will be the highest rated one of the season because Jeff and Jordan get engaged on it.

5:16 PM BBT – HGs talking about Christine boos. Frankie said he’d need a psychiatrist if he got booed like that.

5:23 PM BBT – Derrick babbling on and on about how Jeff is basically co-host of Big Brother and the face of the show.

5:29 PM BBT – Frankie talking about when Caleb refused to play the Battle of the Block with Frankie. He says he’s over it, but it doesn’t seem like it.

5:48 PM BBT – Caleb tells Cody that he thinks Derrick will be in the Final 2 because they can all beat him. Cody knows he’s going up but tells Caleb he trusts him to not send him home.

5:55 PM BBT – Frankie called to DR for nomination ceremony. Feeds cut shortly after.

6:49 PM BBT – Feeds return. Frankie nominated Cody and Victoria.

7:38 PM BBT – Frankie says he doesn’t think Zach is mentally strong enough to play the game.

7:44 PM BBT – HGs cleaning the house. Jeff told them it was smelly and disgusting when he was there earlier.

9:13 PM BBT – Derrick and Cody finally talk about the game. Derrick asks if he wins veto, should he take Cody down and put up Caleb or should they keep him to go after Frankie? (Sounds like Derrick is trying to figure out if Cody or Caleb should go this week). Frankie, of course, interrupts.

9:54 PM BBT – HGs wondering if Andy will come host the veto competition.

10:29 PM BBT – Derrick got the Team America mission and is sharing it with Frankie. America voted for the rodent mission. They have to convince the HGs there’s a rodent in the house and get them to stay up all night trying to catch it.

10:35 PM BBT – Frankie thinks the mission is an easy one and that must mean that America doesn’t hate them after all.

11:20 PM BBT – Everyone is talking about the HGs that went before them. And of course more Jeff and Jordan talk.

12:00 AM BBT – HGs were bored and hoping for a shunning ceremony for Cody’s dino costume. Cody returns from DR and says he doesn’t have to. HGs plan something for tomorrow anyway.

12:15 AM BBT – HGs wondering what happened to the blue hat Cody has been wearing. Victoria secretly knows Nicole took it back to Hayden since it was his.

1:00 AM BBT – Rewind button speculation continues. They wonder if it’ll be a BotB style comp with the two noms switching places with the two “safe” HGs.

1:15 AM BBT – Derrick and Frankie going over their TA mission and the best way to convince HGs to stay up all night with them to hunt for the rat.

2:00 AM BBT – Frankie having some bonding time with Victoria. He discusses how similar they are with all their shared interests. Frankie could just be working on some vote support or Jury management.

2:05 AM BBT – Victoria tells Frankie that Nicole’s target was Christine, not him, and that Nicole liked Frankie. Frankie sounds surprised.

3:00 AM BBT – Victoria reveals to Derrick that Nicole has the blue hat and she knew all along.

4:30 AM BBT – HGs finally going to sleep after a long talk of silly topics. They’re worried it’ll be an early morning Veto comp. (Not that it’d matter.)

Houseguests are still worried about the Rewind button but continue on planning their week. If someone tries to make a surprise move they could be out’d by the Rewind when it hits on Wednesday night.

You can watch all of these Big Brother 16 events using the archives flashback, the DVR-like feature of this year’s Live Feeds which means it’s always live, even when you missed it! Sign-up now to get the free trial to watch it all live & uncensored.

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      • If there’s a certainty perhaps and they’re still speculating on different scenarios. They don’t know what’s really gonna go down or else they would have prepared themselves with a mindset that it will be a wasted week this week.

      • I don’t think they know for certain so have stopped speculating…I’m sure before Wednesday arrives, they’ll bring it up again.

  1. I hope Frankie has a psychiatrist on retainer as he is going to need one when he gets booed like Christine his own words

      • Frankie would never see a psychiatrist/psychologist … Getting booooed, Hey it’s someone else’s fault, I (Frankie) didn’t do anything.

      • Check your local cable listings ~ here in New England BB is on TV38 when there’s a scheduling conflict (i.e., the President speaking)

    • I really don’t think that will happen. I don’t think casual viewers hate him the way people who watch live feeds do. I think his reception will be like Devin’s reception with cheers.

    • After the audience reaction to Christine they will almost certainly stress to the live audience NOT to boo when they are walking out. I will be very surprised if there are anymore “boo” reactions to any of the house guests. Only because production will make sure of it.

      • I wasn’t a fan of Christine’s..but, I thought those boos were really brutal. On the other hand, Frankie deserves the boos and everyone knows why. But, I am sure CBS will make sure it doesn’t happen again..especially with Frankie.

      • I’m not so sure about that Hoosier ~ I think CBS will stay outa this one and let the live audience have their say, especially when it comes to Cody and Frankie.

      • I love e v e r y second of it! The louder and longer the better, only hope that Cody and Frankie’s boos top Crustine’s

      • There should be one that hates him enough and don’t care what if they get kicked out of the studio. Unless they tape every studio audience mouth lol

      • I’m not sure why production allows loud cheering and clapping but not booing. It’s a live show and should reflect how people actually respond to a person, not how production tells them to respond. These HGs chose to be on the show and have seen from past seasons how the audience feels and reacts to certain guests, so I have little sympathy for those who choose to put their life on display but can’t handle the reaction to it. Part of the experience.

      • He will get booed just like the ones from last season.Production want ask them not to boo.Hell they might supply the audience with megaphones.Boo plus Frankie equal ratings.

      • I’m hoping Cody gets his proper amount of booooos (the loudest), and then Frankie gets what he so rightfully deserves.

    • If that happens the ‘Humping Pervert’ will switch to his arrogant personality and will claim that he doesn’t give a sh!t what the audience think of him. Don’t forget that he (in his delusional mind) is this celebrity mega mogul with millions of adoring fans!

    • Unfortunately we will not witness his breakdown demise right in front of our eyes because Obama is speaking on TV Wednesday at 8:00 PM.

  2. Would anyone like to hear something new? Sorry…It’s the same old crap..Frankie groping the men. Read on Jokers where, not only Caleb had to physically remove Frankie’s hand from an inappropriate touch, but Cody did also. Where are the real men? If you can’t punch his face because you’d be sent out, then at least make his groping little hand be in pain from a quick, hard slap or how about grabbing those little feely fingers and bend one back to the point that everytime he moves it for a few days he remembers why it is sore. Better yet, tell the little creep, freak(talking about his “gaping hole”)..”Don’t ever do that again.” in a stern voice. I’m beginning to think these men like it. If that was my husband, $500,000 or not, his first instinct would be to either break his arm or punch his lights out in real life. Now if he was in the BB house, he would give the guy one warning and it’s be on like Donkey Kong. Muscles are not any indication of a real man.

    • I think they have let this go on too long while trying to stay safe- started out hugs, little rubs and such -now Frankie is trying to see who he can have sex with. He needs his azz beat down for the way he touches them.

      • People like Frankie need some boundaries set, up front. I’m sure the HGs didn’t realize just how bad Frankie would get and I bet they are wishing that someone would have stood their ground with him at the beginning. But it still baffles me how they let it get to this.

      • They’re afraid to ruffle his feathers … he’s been winning more than his share of comps. He’s filled with venom and will bite anyone who challenges him.

      • And that mouth seems to always be agape ready to chomp. Ever noticed how, when the show is live,as Julie finishes talking and goes to the HGs, Frankie always makes a quick adjustment and opens his mouth trying to draw attention to himself, like he is saying I’m here, I’m ready, I know you are dying to speak to me. I’d like to superglue his pie hole shut…..just for a while…venomous!

      • Yes, I’ve seen his face light up, he changes his position on the couch to face Jule with his mouth smiling open ready to pounce. Superglue sounds perfect!

      • If he were pawing at a woman like that, it would be considered assault! He’s lucky those guys are extremely tolerant.

    • I suppose they think Frankie might be the “reeper” possessed! Geesh! My own baby brother was gay and he never would have groped a straight man, thinking he might be able to change them! So I just find Frankie doing this going way too far and why the others allow it without saying anything is beyond me! My brother once told me a straight man would have punched his lights out or have warned him if he did it again, something would go down that wasn’t favorable to him. But then again, my brother would never have attempted it in the first place.

      • It’s called dignity, respect for others, having boundaries and not feeling entitled,just for starters. Frankie could use a healthy dose of reality.

      • I think these guys are trying to win the money and this could just one way for Frankie to get the guys out of the way. Groping them and seeing if he can push their buttons enough for them to punch him in the face and get kicked out.

      • You might be on to something. I have seen Caleb and Cody move his hand when they felt he was getting too close. Cody even said no once (think it was the night he was drinking) and moved his hand. Production should NEVER have allowed this to go on.

      • I don’t think production will stop it as it’s part of their “social behavior” test of trapping all these people in a house with no outside contact and probably have expected something like this sometime after the 40th day together. Frankie believes they’re all really close friends and probably wouldn’t mind the touching – in his mind he thinks this because that’s how he reacts.

      • exactly and he is so delusional that he thinks he is ‘ALL THAT’ and that everybody loves him, and any mistakes made is somebody else’s fault, I so want him voted out just to get his boo’s too!!! but like Christine and last years HG, they made excuses like what they said was taken out of context, etc… none of them admitted they had done wrong, NONE OF THEM!!! just like Christine’s excuse of ‘playing’ with cody, why didn’t she ‘play’ with the other guys??? zingbot told them what was being said about their actions and they choose to ignore it, I think cody will get boo’ed also for acting that way with a married woman, there were others he could have snuggled with that didn’t have a husband!! BB HG will always justify their behavior saying it was my ‘strategy’ for ‘$$$$$’

      • You know, Carol, when I was young, accountability was taught, sometimes with loving words, sometimes with not so loving words, sometimes with a paddle and even a switch. But it takes attention. People disagree these days about methods of punishment and that is not up for discussion by me. But I had loving, attentive hard working parents for examples. I have always been accountable for my actions. My point is, having accountability doesn’t seem to be important to people like it use to be. That’s my observation anyway.

      • It definitely hasn’t by those that claim “spanking a padded butt” or flicking their bare leg was wrong, therefore, not ever used when it should have when it was called for. Some take discipline as abuse, don’t know where to draw the line because they’re afraid they’ll get arrested. I found ways around it to apply to my own children and was glad for it because my children have grown into the kind of adults I wish many more kids’ parents had taken the time to endorse the proper discipline I had. I never whipped or belted my children and never spanked them when I was angry either. That was key to disciplining bad behavior. I also comforted them with humor rather than hugged them right after punishing them and I never apologized for punishing them either as I’ve seen so many parents of today do. Some of these adults in the BB house could very well have lacked the adult supervision and/or discipline in their youth. I could be wrong about that, but something was amiss that should have been implemented so they wouldn’t behave as such in their adulthood. My children, ages 28 and 21 have both thanked me for teaching them that there are no entitlements in life and not to rely on others for their own happiness! Knowing they actually listened was a joy to my ears! :-)

      • so true, and I was raised the same way!! AND the majority of the young folks worked in the tobacco patch, we were raised to work hard — not so much today! when time comes to get out they get a rude awakening to the Real world! and the education system SUCKS, they are not taught to spell, nor know the definition of words like accountability, they learn early how to make excuses, and to justify what they do or don’t do!!, wow off my box now!!

      • OK, you got me soaping now; education. I am literally horrified that our schools don’t just allow, but expect kids as young as 8 yrs. old to use calculators in math. None of our children and grandchildren will never really learn math when the calculator does all the ciphering for them. I’m through..loved your post, Carol.

      • and politicians and the powers that be want to keep America dumbed down too, would take lots to convince me otherwise!

      • Really don’y want to get me started on politics. But I definitely agree. The more unaware people are about the truth, the easier they are to manipulate…take the BB house for example.

      • Well, reality will soon be his next demon more than it probably ever has before in his life because he will be made accountable with the proof that the “live feeds” will provide and he won’t be able to edit the originals that have already been uploaded (not by him)!

      • As Frankie has so often said: “It’s not my fault” … he’ll never be accountable for his actions because he probably wasn’t taught accountability… I do feel sorry for him.

      • but the ones from last year just kept saying what they said was taken out of ‘context’ lol, all still delusional, as will the ones this year, with time things will be forgotten and life will slowly go back to usual.

      • If it was a woman doing that to the men, and she had been politely rebuffed over and over but was still groping and making advances, I wonder if something would have been done already?

      • You can bet that if Caleb had been this sexually aggressive with Amber he would have been either made to stop or asked to leave.

        I think the difference is societal perception. Men are not viewed as vulnerable, therefore, it is assumed that if they truly didn’t want these advances, they could make Frankie stop at anytime. However, women are viewed as more vulnerable and more at risk, and therefore, need to be protected.

        Thankfully, Caleb was mostly creepy from a distance. He never went this far. But if he did, I have no doubt that production would have stepped in.

      • correct and Caleb only ruined Amber’s game because like usual men do not know the meaning of the word “NO” it is just not in their dictionary!

      • I only ask hubby for the funds for furniture and/or new counter tops because they’re expensive but if they weren’t required, I wouldn’t press him. The one thing hubby can’t vote on is the color or pattern…he happens to be colorblind! LOL

      • OK, it just dawned on me, didn’t Frankie go to the DR earlier in the season complaining that Victoria was doing the same thing, even giving him an erection at one point. This, I believe was about the same time that Zach and her got a little closer and also about the same time that Derrick started to protect her. She got called into the DR and came out crying, someone should complain on him or at least production should call him out on this.

      • Yes, that did happen! She would cuddle just a little too much with Frankie, Hayden, and (I believe) Zach. BB called her out for it.

        But didn’t someone complain to production about her? I’m not sure… So, maybe the difference is that none of these guys have let production know that Frankie is a problem.

      • It always seems it’s different when it’s done to Frankie but not the other way around when he’s doing something inappropriate.

      • The incident happened when the HGs were having to share a bed. It was not so much that Vicoria was groping them… It was that she would “cuddle” to hard and close when sleeping with somebody. She was not used to sleeping with another person. Victoria got upset when she found out that somebody complained in DR. She was crying and I believe it was Cody that tried to comfort her. She meant no harm and did not realize she was doing it…

      • Yeah I thought it was something like that and Frankie was just one of the people to complain, in his own words “She gave me an erection”. I found that unny because he is gay and maybe he was dreaming of Zach then realizing it was Victoria beside him.

      • Unwanted touching to a gay or straight man is harassment. I am sure many a gay men wouldn’t want Frankie touching them. He is such a little creep/pervert.

      • I hope somebody sues after the show. We have NO idea if they have complained in the DR or not so it’s highly possible they have and production is not doing anything about it.

      • I think it is still ok in America for a straight man to be appalled, repulsed,and to even get mad if an entitled gay freak touched him inappropriately.

      • The law would say that they should walk away if it’s an encounter that didn’t occur at the workplace. Seems everything or everywhere else is a free for all?

      • I wander if the situation was reversed if a guy was doing that to a woman if then production would say something

      • my son is gay and he is disgusted with Frankie’s actions!! I think they were afraid in the beginning to ’cause a stir’ afraid they would be voted out, then his claims to fame made it even worse for them to say anything, I think they draw the line at his wondering hands!!!!!!!!!!!

      • If my gay brother were still alive (bless his soul) he’d have had a word or two about this type of behavior as well!

    • That’s what I was thinking, if it was my husband there, frankie’s already got punched. Surprisingly he’s not that to donny, Derrick or hayden so he really is just hitting on the hotter men.

      • I think they were the only 3 that said NO. The 3 mentioned would give a quick hug then step away. He used to try to get fresh with Derrick more at first, so I believe he told him to back off. Caleb only wants a shot at music industry and hoping to use Frankie. Caleb doesn’t understand Frankie won’t speak to him when they leave.

      • I think Frankie is in for a world of hurt when he leaves the game. Caleb is very sensitive and emotional. Can you imagine when Frankie starts ignoring and tells him he only made those promises because of the game. Then Tells Caleb he is an idiot to believe him, oh boy. Beast Mode Whoop Arse! He may not physically attack him but I think life is going to be pretty rough for Frankie. His reception when entering the real world is going to be tough. He is going to need to escape to his dance school in Africa.

      • When these “men” come out of that house and see their friends( gay and straight) back home, I guarantee you, there is going to be a reckoning!

    • Isn’t what he’s doing sexual harassment? Why haven’t BBC stepped in to stop him. Frankie is gross.

      • I know, but I think the HGs would have to actually ask BBC to help. I’ve thought that it is possible that at least one of the guys have just mentioned it and if so, were most likely asked if it they wanted to officially put a complaint in about it(or whatever they do). If the HGs felt that it had the possibility of interfering with their win,they probably would have second thoughts about it. I’m just speculating, but it is hard to believe that there hasn’t been a serious discussion at some point.

      • Wouldn’t/shouldn’t production be worried about this? Regardless if they complained or not, I am sure they see the touching and groping are unwanted. Turning a blind eye with this double standard could cost them (doubt it will but it is not a good look). The other guys are clearly uncomfortable with Frankie, they/Production needs to have a serious discussion with him.

      • Production thinks telling Victoria to wash her hands after going to the bathroom is more important. Which she should, but, other things have taken place they just didn’t care to address. Since they didn’t address that horrible “rape joking/zingbot incident,” that tells me they really don’t care.

  3. Everybody plays for Veto. Their will be only two votes, so the HoH may or may not vote. I thought it was funny in the Good-byes how Christine told Amber Caleb was going next. Caleb still in the game and they are both out.

  4. The word “reset” was never mentioned by Julie. The hg’s know only that its a button that they pressed and the word “game” changed to a countdown timer. In matts interview with christine he asked her about the “reset” twist… how would she possibly know it was a reset to have asked her that question ????

    • She Christine that is was sitting on stage with Julie when Julie revealed it. If I remember correctly Matt refers to how she knows when asking the question

      • Julie did mention it when Christine was on stage and Christine found it quite interesting, but she didn’t know who would be the HoH it would affect most! She claims in the interview with Jeff that Frankie was so smart, manipulative and could possibly go to the end and win since backdooring him didn’t work or attempting to when they should have never happened.

  5. “5:16 PM BBT – HGs talking about Christine boos. Frankie said he’d need a psychiatrist if he got booed like that.”

    Umm…I know a guy. I’ll give you his card, Frankie.

      • Lol. I miss her too. “Shalamdalamdasldididsham!” Jocasta, I am not making fun, just miss yah gurl. Lol!

      • Emma! I’ve been missing the fun you add. When I was young,8-10, part of initiation into our little stupid and innocent clubs was touching an electric fence. With that “gaping hole” Frankie spoke of early this AM(read it on Joker), if there was any shock treatment involved, I’d hate to see the mess.

  6. Don’t ya’ll remember last year they had CBS employees several times because they didn’t want the audience acting that way. Want to bet they will again now that they have seen how they reacted to Christine.

      • I don’t think they knew she would get booed, but they knew her or Frankie was going. Production watches feeds too. I think they got flack about that last year. Maybe they decided to let them react how they wanted. LOL I hope so, I want to see him booed twice as bad.

    • didn’t they do that for the safety of the HG leaving?? I think there were threats last year but not sure

  7. Frankie will be booed louder than Christine (if they don’t restrict it) He said he might need to see a Psychiatrist if he gets booed like Christine? lol …No need to be admitted as an in-patient.

  8. This morning Derrick got it right then dismissed it… he said “the button is not a reset button but a nom will get power” so close and so wrong at the same time

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