Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 2 Friday Highlights

Devin and Caleb start to argue
Devin and Caleb start to argue – Source: CBS

The Big Brother 16 Houseguests didn’t settle in to bed until Friday morning after 8AM BBT thanks to the overnight Nominations Ceremony and Battle of the Block competition. But once they were back up things got very crazy overnight as Caleb and Devin finally went head to head over Amber. Oh yes.

Read on to find out about what else happened on the Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Friday after the live show finished and we got to look back inside the house again.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, July 4, 2014:

1:15PM BBT – Houseguests finally getting their wake-up call after a very long night.

1:45PM BBT – Caleb is crying. He later tells Frankie the 4th of July makes him emotional thinking of his military background.

3:30PM BBT – Big Brother starts an indoor lockdown. HGs inside chatting away the day.

6:20PM BBT – Devin goes to Donny and they again discuss Devin’s paranoia. Devin apologizes again.

7:05PM BBT – Devin confirms to Derrick that Paola threw the Battle of the Block competition. Devin had promised her he’d Veto her if he won it.

7:25PM BBT – Zach volunteers to Devin to be a Have-Not if he needs someone. Ugh, that’s such a bad idea.

7:40PM BBT – Donny and Zach discussing keeping Brittany. Donny is for it, but Zach thinks it’s too early to go against the house. Zach has to be playing here as he suggested this plan earlier.

8:55PM BBT – Feeds return and HGs have a 4th of July cake and booze.

9:20PM BBT – HGs watching the fireworks on TV.

9:45PM BBT – Paola and Brittany talking game. Pao says she’ll have Veto if it’s mental & Britt has it if they go physical. Brittany was frustrated about being tied to the anchor of Joey.

10:15PM BBT – HGs get the backyard open again.

10:20PM BBT – Derrick fills Cody in on Paola having thrown BotB.

11:55PM BBT – Victoria is upset after being teased by the Jocasta and Nicole. They were giving her grief over her lack of saying “please.” Shocking, I know.

12:15AM BBT- Amber treading in to dangerous territory again with Caleb. They’re talking about winning 1st & 2nd. Caleb says she has to buy dinner if she wins, but she jokes he’ll have $50K to spend so it’s on him.

1:00AM BBT – Discussion over the bed shortage. Devin won’t share a bed with a woman. Victoria won’t share a ROOM with a man.

1:15AM BBT – Jocasta talking with Zach about his dislike for Victoria. She warns him to not be so bold with his words about Vic.

1:55AM BBT – Devin and Christine talking strategy. Devin reminding her that he brought her in to the BS and Caleb didn’t want that. Dang, I’m impressed with Christine. She is positioning herself very well in this game.

2:10AM BBT – Derrick starts to work Caleb over using Amber as his leverage. Wants to know what Caleb would do if Amber wanted Britt to stay while Devin wanted Britt to go.

2:30AM BBT – Now Amber telling Caleb that Devin is rough in talking to her. Oh goodness her and Derrick are working Caleb over using Amber. Caleb says it won’t be long before he is at odds and fights with Devin. Not long at all.

2:50AM BBT – Derrick coaches Brittany to keep her head down at least until after Veto is played out. He doesn’t want her to add fuel to the Devin fire.

3:07AM BBT – Devin comes outside & Caleb tells Devin HGs think he put up Brittany for purely personal reasons. Devin says yes, he clearly stated that as his motivation. Caleb warns Devin there are likely more votes to keep Britt than send her home. Now Devin is telling Caleb that he’s “love struck” and Amber is throwing off his game.

3:15AM BBT – Fallout from the Devin-Caleb fight continues. Frankie and Devin go upstairs. Devin is upset and blames Amber. Devin comes back down, pulls Caleb over, and announces the alliance is done.

3:35AM BBT – Frankie warns everyone to back off Devin for now. Worried that if they push him he’ll expose their Bomb Squad alliance.

4:00AM BBT – Caleb and Amber talking over Devin’s reaction tonight. Trying to come up with a plan.

4:35AM BBT – Frankie and Christine talking game. Frankie getting Christine up to speed. Frankie later outs his F2 deal with Zach and says Zach is an idiot. So I guess that F2 deal is fake.

5:40AM BBT – Zach and Frankie discuss possibility of Caleb being a renom if Devin has the chance.

6:00AM BBT – HGs still up and hanging around outside. Amber looks over and says “aww, the sunset, y’all. She quickly corrects herself.

6:30AM BBT – Lockdown called. PoV construction should be underway and the comp later today.

Wow what a night. Jump on your Feeds or get the Free Trial and watch the house go nuts last night. This season, seemingly more than most recent ones, is on fire late in to the night so you can use the Flashback feature to catch those late night events.

We’ve still got the Veto comp to go today and that will decide a lot as HGs were fighting over a situation that they didn’t know for sure would even last. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

You can watch all of these Big Brother 16 events using the archives flashback, the DVR-like feature of this year’s Live Feeds which means it’s always live, even when you missed it! Sign-up now to get the free trial to watch it all live & uncensored.

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